Residual Energy




A lady mentioned earlier that her husband had experienced paranormal experiences at a hotel in Maryland that I stayed in 30 years ago during a blizzard.  I was driving from Westchester County NY back to my college campus in Towson, MD when I started getting disoriented in a terrible snowstorm.  I stayed at the Hampton and if it is the same one she is talking about I am curious to know if some sort of “energy signature” could be left behind by someone who is still living.  Like me.

It was a terrible trip.  Before I left New York I had gotten stranded at a bus stop after my car ran out of gas in a previous snowstorm.  All the traffic stopped:  cars, buses, trains.  I actually got picked up about midnight by a lone Checker Cab driver who just happened to be out looking to do a good deed.  I would have literally frozen death if not for him.

I thought the weather was clear when I left for Maryland; it was mid-January and as I said another bad snowstorm forced me to get off the highway because I couldn’t see where I was going.  I stayed in Room 417 and kept having nightmares of going off the road, getting turned around, getting lost, the car breaking down and getting stranded, etc.  I thrashed all night long, waking up in a cold sweat with my heart pounding.  I had knocked everything off the bedside table, including a glass of water.  I had thrashed all the covers off me several times.  Early in the morning all the howling winds had stopped and I left long before checkout time.

Is there a possibility I could have left something behind me as a result of that bad trip?  Some sort of “presence?”  I was in my 20s back then and I’m in my mid-50s now.  I’ve always been spiritually sensitive.




Kansas Farmhouse





will never forget the summer of 1956 just southwest of jarbalo, kansas while living in an old farmhouse.  as usual, a hot summer night, sweating like a thief under interrogation from the humidity and listening to my sister in the other bedroom suffering from an asthma attack.  well, mom stayed in the room there and things calmed down but i always had heard varying noises both inside and outside the home at night and always had the feeling of someone being just around the corner of the next room.  there was total silence when sis went back to sleep then; i began to hear footsteps, i counted 12 to the landing, two more up from the landing and 6 down to my room and this was not simply the squeaking of an old farmhouse and i was terrified, i let out a scream, ran to the light switch, flipped it on and absolutely no one was there.  my sister used to also make regular treks downstairs in her sleep, mom would find her in the kitchen, crying and then she would return her to bed and she had no knowledge of it.  very strange old home on a hill with a beautiful view, overlooking a beautiful valley but i have no doubt there was a demon inhabiting the home.  this was formerly known as the Enoch home, later the shoemaker home, shoemakers later being local auctioneers in tonganoxie, kansas.  had a scary old cellar off the old kitchen which scared all of us to death and we kept nothing down there at all. to this very day i still wonder about that situation.  i was able to count each and every step and the location as well but nothing and nothing such as that ever occurred again.

previous to this i had heard unsual screams on a couple of occasions outside my upstairs window which terrified me but these stopped also.  the demons are still doing their dirty work around the entire earth and hopefully, soon, jehovah will put a stop to all the badness they cause.









Hi my name is Donna, and I would like to tell you my story about a ghost hunt we had just last week.  A friend of mine asked it I had ever been to dogsloughter in Corbin and I stated that I had not, so we dicided to go and have a look, my friend knew that I,m a sensitive as are my two aunts that live in In. So we went there and they said that they have gone there meny times and every time they have heard things, so this time I went with them and what happened was something that scared them a lot, we got to the trail that leads into the woods, I,m not sure where it gose, but we crossed a little bridge and that was as far as the others would go so I stopped on the other side of the bridge, that is when I heard footsteps in the woods and asked the others to please quite down and they did, just as I was talking to the footsteps I took a picture and when I got back in the car there was an orbe in the middle of the path just right where I was talking to the footsteps, my daughter took a pic, right at the start of the trail and there is a lot of mist in the pic were as all these pic were talken one before we heard anything and one after and the only pic to catch anything was the one in the middle. So if you every wont to see anything try going there at night, but let me worne you take a good flashlight becouse the battiers may not last long. If you would like to see my pics let me know, I would be glad to show them to you.




Puerto Rico




Hi. I live in Puerto Rico and I remember two experiences that I've had when younger. I'm 17 now and the first one happened when I was 14. I was in el Morro, the old fort in the capital of the island with my cousins at night. The old national cementery is right next to it and you have a clear view of it from one of the guard posts. I had just come out of the post and decided to look down at the cementery. I then saw what looked like a man dressed in traditional jibarito clothes sitting at the steps of one of the mausoleums with what looked like a lit torch. I turned around to tell my cousins about it, but when I looked down again, the man was gone. I looked around to see if I saw him wlak away but I didn't. And on the ground in front of the mausoleum I could tell that there was an object that looked like an extinguished torch.

 The other one happened in my home a year later. I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom with my back against the wall, facing my younger sister who was sitting on the bed. It was daytime but we had the room in darkness to see some glow in the dark items. I suddenly looked at the corner of my closet and I saw a black mass coming straight at me. I quickly got terrified because I felt threatened and I started kicking at the air and screaming cuss words at it for it to get away. At the same moment my sister felt someone come behind her and grab her shoulders. She says she felt at first calm, then got a sensation to cry. She quickly turned on the light and the feeling was gone. Afterward our mother did a prayer and hung a crucifix in our room. Since then I had not felt anything. I've had other experiences like seeing what I've assumed is my mom's guardian angel, sitting on the sofa next to the main door when she's been in the hospital waiting for her.It's also been proven because years before I was born, another woman who worked with my mom told her that there was a young boy with her, and she saw like a young boy run into her room; the boy was described as the way I saw him: blond, light skinned, and wearing old spanish clothes.  I've also felt the presence of a young indian girl with a white dress, who I think is my angel. My sister has also felt the presence of a young spanish girl, wearing the same dress as mine, but with a black ribbon around her waist. There was also the presence of a spanish soldier, who I had also seen the reflection of on themicrowave door. I double looked and I didn't see him again. But ever since mom put the crucifix everything is calm and we haven't felt any presences or seen anything.




Grand Forks UND Haunting....






I was doing some messing around on your website when I came across the information on the haunting at West hall on the UND campus in Grand Forks North Dakota.  This caught my attention, because ten years ago my former suite mates and myself had a very strange experience in this dorm.

I was a resident of West hall during the 1999-2000 school year, where I lived with five other guys in suite 212, myself and one other living in room 212B.  Now 212 is the closest suite to the east entrance to West hall from the Wilkerson parking lot, just inside the door, up the stairs and directly on the left.  An important aspect of my story is the layout of West hall.  The dorm is set up with each level and each wing having a centralized Commons area surrounded by suites.  Each suite has a front door much like an apartment that separates the suite from the common area.  Each suite then has to double rooms and one on each wing has a single room, which typically houses the floors R.A..  Our suite had two doubles and a single, though we did not have an RA living in our unit.  Now most of the time we leave our bedroom doors open, only shutting them when we went to bed, or when no one was in our rooms.  Now 212b the room I lived in was farthest from the suits front door to the common area.  In order to get to our room you need to walk in the front door, pass by 212a and 212c.  The resident of 212c kept to himself and was not social with the rest of us, but Eric and myself (yes, and Erik, and Eric living in the same room...go figure)  but Ryan and Nate in 212a where ALWAYS there, and ALWAYS had their door open. 

Now its been so long I don't remember the exact day that this occurred on, but I know it was early second semester, I am guessing mid February.  It was about 5:30am and I remember Eric had just shut off his laptop at his desk and climbed into his loft.  The room was quiet for just a few minutes when we hear a loud pounding on our dorm room door with a voice shouting "let me in" repeatedly.  I don't remember what I said in response, but I know I was thinking that it was a friend of ours named Jackie who has been known to be a bit annoying after a night of partying.  At any rate, the knocking and yelling had not stopped for three seconds when our phone rang.  It was our suite mate Ryan, Ryan had been drinking in his room with his roommate Nate, with their door open when all this occurred.  Eric answered the phone and immediately hung up and jumped down from his loft, flinging open the door to the dorm room.  We met out in the suite and Ryan and Nate explained to us that a girl had just appeared seemingly our of nowhere and started pounding on our door wanting in.  At this point the four of us left the suite and went into the Commons area looking for this girl that Ryan and Nate did not see come in or leave.  On the west end of the commons area there was a group of guys playing card at a table and on the right was the heavy steel door that lead to the staircase that led to the east entrance.  The door that is at the end of the Commons area that leads to the staircase is very heavy, and can be heard opening and closing without any sort of problem, in our suite(as it was closest to the door) and throughout the Commons area.  The guys that where in the Commons did not see anyone walk past them and definitely did not hear anyone go through the door leading the the stairwell.  At that point we all thought it was strange, but just chalked it up to that. 

It was not till a year or two after I lived in West hall that I learned about the girls Death and the subsequent haunting of the tunnel and dorm.  Now I am not convinced that what we experienced was this same phenomenon, but It would be virtually impossible for someone to open the front door to our suite in full view of Ryan and Nate.  Then walk in and walk by Ryan and Nate's room to get to ours.  This person again would have to walk by Ryan and Nate's room, walk out into the Commons area and either exit by walking by the guys playing cards, or though the loudest door known to man. 

To my knowledge the experiences have all taken place in the tunnel that links the Wilkerson complex, but what we experienced that night was at the very least strange.  Take from it what you will but the proximity to the location where this girl supposedly froze to death (much closer than the tunnels to the location) and the fact that there where numerous witnesses, and two who would have surly seen someone coming or going out of our suite, all that really makes this hard for me to explain.

Just thought I would share,





Hauntings in my House





i live in connecticut and in my house  alot of things are happenings, like lights are turn off,and in the garage i seen this old  man sitting in my car, when im sleeping somebody smoke in my bedroom like at 3 in the morning. you can see orbs all over the yard because i have a security camaras and i even have videos.i go to church and if i sing in my house they shut off my music and tell me to shut up. they shut off my tv. we are not scared even  when in my living room during the day i got a picture of my grandson but when you turn the lights off is a man in the picture that nobody knows so we call him charlie, is like part of the family, when people enter my house and ask me  if that is my father  we answer  that we dont know him but we call him charley.  i invite my pastor to my house buy he doesnot belive in ghost. the second floor of the house we have like 4 children and we seen like 60 or more orbs we donot want to tell them because they are not going to understand. now when something happen in the house we tell charlie to stop and he stop i guess for now he is respecting the house rules.






Joe and the Others





I've been wanting to send my story in for several years now and finally getting around to doing it. I have been sensitive to spirits as long as I can remember, however I haven't really cultivated it, because emotionally it can be draining.

The most recent experience went on for 6 years. My mother and I are both from Chicago, however in 2000 she deiced to buy a place in Southern Illinois and move down there. She moved to a town called Golconda located in the National Shawnee Forest. She bought a commercial building that was built in 1894 and was located on Main street. The building had been many things, hardware store, supermarket and when she bought it, it was a art gallery up front, with a second story and had a one bed and bath apartment in the back. The first time my mom took me there, I didn't feel anything in the front, but felt something in the apartment in the back and upstairs. We went upstairs and there was a bathroom and shower up there and just a few pieces of small furniture. I walked around and I got a picture of a woman in my head, dressed maybe from the 30's or 40's with red hair. I said to my mom "there is a woman up here and she wants to know what we're doing up here?" "Can't you feel her presents?" I asked my mom. She said she couldn't feel anything. Well as I was explaining what I was feeling, there was a big picture that was leaning against a counter (one of those pictures that have a persons body and the face in cut out, so a person can put their face in there and take a picture) and the thing slid halfway down the counter. Startled us and we left.

My mom moved in and opened up a gift shop up front, had antiques upstairs and lived in the apartment in the back. After a month my mom started telling me that the stereo in front had a bad habit of turning on in the middle of the night. She put new cabinets in behind the counter in the shop and she would find them opened when they had been closed before, and she would hear furniture move upstairs while the shop was open.

In 2003 I moved down to southern Illinois, thinking I would be there for a year (so far its been 6) and my mom ended up moving upstairs and opening the back apartment as part of the gift shop. My mom and I lived upstairs and it was basically like a huge studio apartment, needless to say it was pretty cramped. I remember my mom's friend came over and they wanted to go to lunch, so she closed the shop for an hour and I decided to take a nap. I heard all this noise, as if my mom and her friend decided to move a few things in the shop before they went to lunch. I thought "what the hell are they doing down there, I thought they were going to lunch?" Later I asked my mom if they were moving things around and she she said "no", they had left right away. 

Weird. I night I would feel if as if something was laying on my legs or some sort of pressure on my legs. I thought it was my cat, only to find out she was across the room from me. Not only did the stereo have a life of its own but the computer in the back of the shop would turn on by itself. We thought customers were turning it on. Why would they do such a thing, how rude! Only to come back from being gone all day and it was running.

Later I ended up opening a cafe down stairs and my mom and I put in walls, a industrial kitchen, major changes in the place. Things started to get a little more interesting. We did fined out who was haunting the us down stairs. It was a guy named Joe, he was shot in the back room in the 1940's. Apparently when the place was a hardware store, Joe's uncle owned the place and he was working there. I was told Joe wasn't the sharpest tool in the shack, lived with his mother and was ransacking places all over town and stowing it away in his mother's garage. His uncle started noticing things missing and but there was no breaking and entering. He decided to stay late and wait to find out what was going on. Joe was coming thru the skylight in the back and leaving thru the back door. While he was yet doing another break in, his uncle shot him on the spot not knowing who he was. Joe died right there on the floor.

Strange things started to happen when I opened my cafe in Sept. 2004. 

The first thing that happened was one of the most bizarre things ever. 

I will have to explain the layout of the cafe. The front was known smoking and the middle room was a wine room, were we had bottled wine and gourmet foods and the back was part of the kitchen and the other half was the smoking dining room. In the middle room to the left was the door way to the kitchen, from the doorway was a small hallway and to the right was the opening to the kitchen. Across from the kitchen doorway was the door way to our special little 2 seater dinning room called the "Bella Room". Beyond that was the smoking area. I had bought a dry eraser board that was a calender, one that had stickies on the back and you can place it on the wall and its supposed to stick (it didn't). I placed it in the hallway leading to the kitchen. This thing was alway falling, it drove me nuts! One morning I woke up and went down stairs to the cafe to make coffee and start prepping to open. I walk to the kitchen and in front of the door way the dry eraser board is laying face up stuck to the floor. The night before it was on the wall 6 feet away. It would normally fall straight down right below were it was hanging and fall face down. How did get from 6 feet away and stuck to the floor? My mom later told me she had heard some noises that night, but didn't think anything of it. Small things would happen, orbs were always showing up in our photos taken upstairs and downstairs, huge orbs at that!!

When I hired my servers, the night before we opened my mom and I was doing some last minute training. My mom was with our servers rolling silverware and telling them about Joe, when the stereo, which was located in a storage closet, started to play one of the CDS. They thought I went in there to turn it on, when I came out from the kitchen. They asked me if I had turned it on and I told them I had been in the kitchen the whole time. I think Joe like playing jokes on both my servers. One night one of the servers, Blake blew out the candles lit on the tables in the back, 5 minutes later they were all lit again as if he had never blown them out. On another night Tina my other server was working and closing up. All our customers had been up front in the non-smoking area, the only people that had been back in the smoking area was Tina, two customers looking back there and I. I was showing these two people the back and then they left and I went to clean the kitchen. On all the tables I had olive oil and parmesan cheese for dipping french bread, so each night they had to be taken off the table and put away. Tina asked me to come and look at something. On one of the tables in the back one of the parmesan shakers had been unscrewed, cheese had been poured over the table and the shaker was placed right next to it. Tina swore she hadn't done it, she said she had been in the front the whole time. Many times I would see shadows in the corner of my eye, feelings of being watched while I was alone in the kitchen, sometimes I felt my hair being gently pulled, and one time I saw two blue orbs flash before my eyes in the dark. Several other people have told me they've seen shadows, as well as my husband when we first started dating. Joe was very much a prankster and as time went on he became less active, although it seemed that there was more activity during the fall.

I have other stories but not so much of a big deal. When I was little we lived on 57th and Archer Ave in Chicago, a couple of blocks away from Resurrection Cemetery, being from Chicago  every one knows about 

Resurrection Mary. My mom had to drive past the cemetery everyday and  

I would drop down to the floor of the car and ask "Did you see her mom? Did you see her!?" She'd say no, you can get up now. It was kind of a joke.

Later, we lived in a suburb of Chicago, a town called Villa Park. The library was known for being haunted. I heard  there was a catholic church on the lot were the library was built. I always felt as if I was being followed while looking at books. A very distinct feeling. I had a paper due in class and needed to type it out. This was a time where not everyone owned a computer, the college was closed so I couldn't go there, so the next choice was the library. They had a very small room were they had 2 type writers. I was the only person in this room, with the door closed, and all I could think about was this feeling of someone behind watching me type. I kept looking behind me to make sure no one was there. It was actually more irritating then scary. I finally finished the paper and got out of there! I know it was long but thanks for reading!





My Ghost Story




I am 49 yrs old and have had paranormal experiences my entire life. When I was very little my grama told me it was just my imagination and there were no such things as ghosts. For many years I tried to explain things away but have finally accepted them for what they are.  When I was 9 my parents moved to a new house which was about 70 - 80 yrs old at that time. Many freaky things happened in that house and to this day my brother, sister and I all refuse to be in that house alone as we believe it to be haunted. Here is just one of my experiences:

When I was 17 the rest of the family went to my Gramas in WV. I stayed home because I had to work. I was standing at the kitchen sink washing some dishes and heard shoes falling down the wooden steps going upstairs. (We normally put our shoes on the side of the stairs). I figured the cat was running up and down the stairs playing as I knew I had not let him out and we had no doggie door. I put the shoes back, called "kitty, kitty", but he did not appear. Went back to the sink and again the shoes came tumbling down the stairs. I went back to the stairs, put the shoes back, called for the cat who did not come, then went back to the sink. When I got to the sink and looked out the window, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. There went my cat, running across the yard. I slowly turned around thinking someone was in the house besides me. I searched the entire house only to discover I was alone but it sure did not feel like it!  I will send more of my experiences later, thanks for letting me share.



My Paranormal Experiences






 I'm just a young girl in high school who believes strongly in the paranormal and spiritual experiences. I feel that spirits are around us, even I have had my fair share of experiences. The most recent one, which frightens me is of a young girl. I merely had to record a video for an english project, and a friend of mine told me the location of this old building that would be perfect. He said it was haunted, and I doubted this since he does like to joke around at times. But, ever since he told me, I've had dreams of walking on a dirt road with a young girl following me and causing me pain. Not only that, the day we went to make the video was unbelieveably real and exact as my dream. I had 3 friends with me when it happened but there was a red room in the building. We didn't go to the upstairs like 2 of my friends had previously done but there was a red, almost blood colored room. I would've investigated to see what was up with it but I felt as if I was under the spirits grip. She wouldn't leave me alone, as if she was trying to possess me or at least cause me pain. When we were leaving, I saw the same little girl from my dream in the windows. She watched as I was walking off and after a few minutes of walking, I turned to find her following me. I haven't slept so easily since for she likes to pop in all of my dreams, even if it doesn't involve the house or dirt road. I'm unsure if this could be classified as paranormal but to me, it was an experience of the after-life trying to communicate with us.





My Personal Ghost





The story is somewhat lengthy so I’ll shorten it a bit. If it strikes your interest, you can contact me for more detail.

Many years ago, when I was a small boy, I had a most unusual experience  which makes me ask is there such a thing as ghosts?  I was born at 2309 Summit and in 1948 my family and I moved two doors down to 2317 Summit. The two story, five bed room  home had been built around 1914. There was a full walk-up attic on the third story. Many times I played up in the attic when the weather didn’t allow me to go out. Now that I think about it, the attic was a dark old place. It was a fully floored attic. There was one window that had metal blinds that were rusted  with time only partly opened. There was a single naked light bulb strung from the ceiling.

Nothing appeared to be unusual at the time we moved there. There was a large attic fan that was used to cool the house in the summer. Nothing foreboding, just a dark place to place for a little boy to play on rainy days. Oh yes, there were two boxes the size of old wooden coffins.  We put our winter blankets and stuff there. The  other one? Well, I never found out. It was nailed shut. Dad said he thought that many years ago the house either used it as a vent or there was pipe organ in the house. Neither explanation satisfied my curiosity. 

It wasn’t until the mid 1950s that something unusual occurred. It began late one night when I was in bed that I heard something or someone walk across the floor in the attic. The next morning I told my dad. He advised that since large oak trees grew close to the house, it could possibly be a squirrel that climbed into the attic. I reasoned in my mind that “squirrels make a jump, jump sound or maybe a scratch, scratch sound” not a walking sound like a human. A few nights later I heard it again. I again told my dad. He set a trap - the result? Nothing was caught.

I began to have repeating dreams. In the dreams I would wake from my sleep and go up into the attic. There I met an ex-Confederate soldier. He was friendly and we would sit on one of the boxes and  visit. These dreams continued for a number of nights. Then one night as the dream was ending, the old  soldier said; “ Well, it’s time for you to go back to sleep. I won’t be seeing you again  for a long time. Be a good boy.” I said, “So long.” Then I walked to the stairs. At that moment I woke up. When I woke I was standing in the door way of the attic, with my back to the door and the attic door  was open and I held the door knob in my hand.  After that incident, the dreams stopped.

To this day, I don’t know if I was dreaming, sleeping walking,  or was it real? 




Update on a Boise Idaho location




Hello i've been reading your site off and on for many years beings i've lived in alot of places 1 was N VA DC area so i used to go up to Gettysburg a few times a week at all hours of the day and night and saw a few things-People-and heard the guns/cannons many times and also heard footsteps walking towards me in the leaves where the 20th maine had their battle and everytime i turned my head they stopped.

But i'm writing to tell you i'm back in boise idaho,The Field you are speaking of at Firview and Milwaukee is no longer there when i visited family here a few years ago there was only 1 field at that location but now there is a walgreens drug store there i've been in it but have not heard anything or heard of anyone hearing anything even tho i didn't ask.

Also in Caldwell i used to live there and went out there the other day to find where the Saratoga hotel used to be it was on the corner of 7th and main streets till it burned down from arson back in the 70s now there is yes a parking lot with a strip offices namely a parole office.

back in 1905 the former governor of idaho hope i can spell it right Steinenburg was at the hotel,he used to go there alot,well on dec 30th 1905 he left to go home it had been snowing that day and around midnight he walked home his home used to be on 16th/dearborn sts and as he was opening the side gate it exploded and blew most of his body apart but managed to still live for about an hour.

His home too was set on fire in 1908.The man responcible for planting the explosion was staying at the Saratoga and when he got back the waitress noticed he was trembling really bad and told police and he was arrested,i'm not sure if he is the preconse or cold spot/noises people used to feel and here in the restaurant,he was hired by the mining union to do the job and he was given a pardon but he refused it and wanted to stay in prison and died in 1954.

I went up to the old penetentuary the other day but didn't go on the tour so didn't see or hear or feel anything unusual but will be going back in the next few days.



Sensitive to the Supernatural




 Since about the age of 6, I've been very sensitive to the supernatural. This started with visions of my aunt's early 20th century home in ballard, Washington- then progressed to actual sightings in a cemetery near my Port Orchard home. This is the cemetery where several family plots dating from the early 19th century are located, and I'm sure I've seen at least one figure dressed not of this time in this cemetery, and I'm sure it's no teenagers playing jokes on us. Although it's yet to be proven, I also think that there is something not of this world inhabiting a riverfront home that I visited during the summer, which belongs to a close family friend.

It is liekt he others on the road near the beach in Ocean Shores, washington- secluded by trees and water, a small boat dock out in front, next to a river. The floor plan includes stairs, which leave the livingroom and go up to a small loft (Where the other younger children and I stayed for the time we were there) which looks over the living room and some large windows looking out at the river.The kitchens and other bathrooms and bedrooms are on the ther side of the house, not visible by looking over the edge of the loft, which had no windows, walls or doors seperating it froom the rest of the house, except for a small wall to keep people from falling over the edge of the loft.

Anyway, the house is about 30 years old or so, and I'm not sure if anyone owned the house before her family did. But since we knew nothing about the history of the house, there is one thing I'm sure of- there has been many boat crashes along the river since the beginning of socioty's reign in this area. Most have not been fatal, though I'm sure a few were- tthe river is quite deep, and I'm sure at least 2 or 3 people must have drowned. But back to the story.

It was about 12:30 pm, and most everyone was asleep. I had stayed up to finish reading, so I sat up in the loft along with the kids. I was just getting ready to go to bed ( I was exsausted from a day of shopping and boating, ironically) when I heard a puttering, like a motorboat engine. I sat in silence for a moment, cursing the fact that I didn't bring earplugs to block out the noise of the boat, which was becoming louder, as thiugh the boat was coming closer to our dock. I was surprised to find that I could hear muted bits of coversation, though none of it I remember. I'm sure of this next part, though- as I snuggled into my sleeping bag to try and sleep, I was overcome with a terrible sadness- a horrible feeling of hoplessness. I heard a sickening crashing noise, something falling into the water- then silence. The puttering noise of the boat was gone in an instant, and so was the feeling of sadness. I walked slowly to the edge of the loft, to look out at the lake, in case anyone was out there who might've needed help. But I was confused and slightly worried when I looked at the dock and saw nothing- no boat or person.

The water near the dock is filled with mud and about 3 ft. deep- nothing someone could get their boat out of within 3 miutes or so, and certainly not enough to drown in. But I'm sure that during some time in history there was enough to drown a person in.

The next morning, I walked to the breakfast table and asked anyone if they had seen or heard anything last night. Everyone said that they did not, and though no one else had seen it, I know that i was neither asleep or imangining it.

If anyone can help me with this, figuring out who or what was at the house that night, please contact me ASAP.



Breathing on Me




 My mom and dad where down stairs watching tv. i was laying down and i fealt  that someone was breathing on me and  i ran down stairs and i fell on  the floor because  the person that died in my house triped me. my parnets  went to sleep and i went to sleep and on that same night we woke up and pinched eachother to see if we were dreaming that the doors and windows were opening and shuting but it was not a dream.







To Young To Die




I have been looking around your site for nearly 2 years now. Im 14 and i have moved from 4 houses.

We moved into a house in Blaxland, Australia. According to our no-life neighbours, a couple had lived here before us. Now the mans fiance had breast cancer and in hopes of fighting it, she lost and died at Nepean hospital (date unknown). They had been living here for over around 5 years. The widow sold and moved away.

Our lease of the house is nearly over and I am totally miffed about some of the happenings my family, friends and I have encountered.

The first encounter was about 1 month into our lease. I was looking after my 2 sisters. My folks had gone out to a party and where due back in half an hour. I went to bed at around 12 after watching Predator on 7. As I was dozing off, the screen door outside slid open and as did the sliding door. I knew it was my Parents. So i got up to say Hi. To my shock, there was no one there, the cats where looking menacingly outside and my little sister was up completely oblivious to what had happened. I told her to go back to bed. My parents came home 10 mins prior to that.

My second encounter happened under the same circumstances apart from it was later at night. Around 3 i awoke to my cat meowing histerically at the same sliding door. my mother got up and let him out. i heard her curse and run back to bed. then my father came out with my mother and i heard her say: ' he was right near the bike'. I asked my mum about it and she said it was nothing.

My third and last encounter happened when my mate James was sleeping at my house. We were asleep around 10pm and i woke up to feel footsteps on my bed. I thought it was my cat but alas nothing there. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. I awoke later to hear James mumbling at me. He pointed out towards the shed that is right opposite my room. There, standing over there was a ghastly image of a woman. She was young and pretty. I only caught a glimpse when she dissolved into nothing.

It sounds naff, but I swear this is true.



The Case of the Haunted Courthouse Clock




Hello - I wanted to submit a very credible and true story of a haunted courthouse clock.  The Desha County Courthouse located in Arkansas City, Arkansas is haunted by a man nicknamed "Willard".  As the story goes, around 1900 or so a man lost money gambling in a hotel in the city and was, supposedly, so enraged he set fire to the hotel and other buildings.  He was arrested, tried, and convicted of arson and was ordered to be hanged on the courthouse grounds.  He declared his innocence and stated that as proof of his innocence the new courthouse clock would NEVER keep time again.  He was executed and now, more than 100 years later,  this clock still does not work properly.  Sometimes it runs fast other times it runs slow.  Sometimes the long hand reads the hour and the short hand reads the minutes.  The hour chime also malfunctions regularly.  Sometimes it doesn't chime at all and others it chimes but not the correct number of times or at the correct time.  One night a few years ago, the hour chime started ringing constantly and kept the town residents awake for hours until the current judge was able to shut the clock off completely.  The town has tried many times, in vain, to fix the clock.  They switched it from a weight driven system to an electric system, the current judge has worked on the clock personnally many times, and they recently hired a clock company in Florida to completely clean and refurbish the clock, however, it still does not work.  Another interesting note is that the tower clock is not the only clock that doesn't always work.  The modern courthouse staff phone system clocks will often either show the wrong date or the wrong time.  Also, the courthouse itself has had reports of slamming doors and footsteps etc.  Maybe "Willard" was innocent afterall!

This story is so well known and publicly witnessed that it was recently featured in our state newpaper "The Arkansas Democrat Gazette".  While the reporter and photographer were there to do the story the clock gave them "proof".  They stood outside the courthouse with the clock in view and were interviewing the current judge.  As he relayed the tale of the clock, it chimed one loud and firm chime - it was 11:57 am - three minutes later at 12 Noon - it was supposed to chime twelve times - it stayed silent!



Tewksbury, MA Tragic accident with Fire!!





I have been here and this is worth hearing.  Chrissie Lamothe Tewksbury, MA ( Livingston Street)

Everyone in our town seems to try and cover up the tragic accident that occured in the 1800's on Livingston street at the Tewksbury State Hospital. The Hospital was originally built as a pshych ward and the Doctors who treated the patients also lived on the street in 3 specific houses. The place was a lock down and it tragically burnt down and nobody could get out and most if not everyone died. They buried the people still on the same road right behind the corn fields in the woods.

They I'm guessing could not identify anyone or had no clue of who was who exactly, they are buried with chrome headstones with no names just numbers sadly there must be like 200-300 of them if not more for I've trespassed this private property to see for myself. The Hospital has been since rebuild. No one can build on the land where the doctors houses were located for a poltergiest supposably haunts them, I know for sure one of the houses are for it was in the paper years back that the Deacon at our church Deacon Bill went down to the houses to try and send the spirit or spirits on their way but failed. The houses are boarded up and are now State and private property with No Trespassing signs everywhere. So sad so tragic who were these people and why No Names?

This outta be checked out by Paranormal Investegators if you ask me.



Starfyre shop Dubach, LA




A ghost of unknown origin seems to enjoy playing around in my shop. While people are sitting in the back of the shop, objects in the front of the shop get tossed around. It also enjoys messing with the bathroom door... you can leave it open and sometimes it will stay open, but other times, it will slam shut on you. There have been multiple reports of someone whispering in my customers ears and of someone playing a piano next door at the old theater (which has been closed since the early 60's). There was also a report where my business partner spent the night up there and woke up surrounded by 4 ghostly figures who quickly disappeared before his eyes. At night, when the customers are gone and while we’re in the front of the store getting ready to close, you can hear footsteps and a door slamming in the back of the building.




My Story




My name is Suzanne and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story. I have actually in my life lived in two haunted homes and am currently working in an office that has a spiritual presence. The second haunted home I lived in was the most frightening. I had just turned 20 and had moved to Portland, ME with my best friend from high school. The entity made its presence known immediately but through a way that was easy to dismiss, at first. What happened was this: If you were on the phone and even when you were not, and this would occur everyday, many times a day, and at all hours of the day, you would first hear a click, then a static like sound like when you are watching a TV channel that you do not actually get (watching a "snowstorm").Then it would happen. At first it started as a loud piercing ungodly scream. It was a blood curdling scream. If you were on the phone the person on the other end could hear it too. If you were not it would permeate the whole apartment. It always started the same way. Once you heard the click and static you just had to brace yourself. It was like nothing I have ever heard before or since. It would chill you to the bone. After about a month the entity went from just screaming through the phone to screaming the words GET OUT. The voice although unlike anyone or thing I had ever heard before I associated as female. My roommate and I were friendly with the neighbors across the hall and directly below us. We asked if they had a similar problem with their phones too. They of course, said no, but also told us that they from time to time could hear screaming and a strange loud voice from our apartment. We contacted the phone company about it and they told us that we must be picking up feedback from another line. We never believed that to be accurate. After about six months we moved out. Some time after that the building burned down. Some people have theorized that we were being warned. I do not believe that. The feeling I would get when I would hear the screams and "GET OUT" was that of fear the likes of which I have never felt before.

I do not talk about this or my interest in haunted places much with anyone. Unless someone has actually lived through it or experience it first hand they really just don't understand. It is not real to them. In the years since I have studied a lot of occurrence and locations. I have seen a lot of commonalities within these occurrences.



My sister Dawn




back in 1966 in Addison IL. when I was 8 yrs old my two sisters Vicki 13 and Dawn 12 were walking along Lake Street with two other girlfriends when a car full of teenage girls who had been drinking ran off the road and hit only one of the four girls my 12 yr old sister, the 16 yr old driver was from a prominent wealthy family and had only been driving for 2 wks , the witnesses said the girls were passing around a bottle of liquor on that hot August night when they saw my sisters and their friends walking on the side of the road, the driver being the unpleasant person she was decided to try to scare the girls and drive onto the gravel when she struck Dawn sending her into the air and onto the hood of their car, the girls were walking to a amusement park named Adventure Land. we moved from our apartment and into a new house because of the bad memories and people, and childhood friends of my sisters said that a young girl resembling my sister was seen wandering from apartment to apartment looking for her family. Dawn was the neighborhood babysitter and would teach the neighbor children how to cross the road, they say they have seen her on the curb looking both ways as though she was trying to cross. I myself would see and hear her in our new home she would appear at the door and the foot of my bed, sometimes the front door knob would turn and you could look out the window outside at the door and no one was there. I would hear footsteps on the stairs and cold air rush past me in certain rooms. I have since moved to Missouri and wonder if the home we had is still haunted by her or if the old amusement park still stands where people have said that they swear they saw her standing in line at the rides.



Ghostly Family





I was a young little girl.  One nite I got up in the middle of the nite to go to bathroom.  As I was about to leave my bedroom and I stopped cold and saw the family.  There was a father, mother and a little boy who waved and smiled at me.  I ran back to my bed and cover with blanket.  The next morning I asked my mom to see if she knows anything about it on my grandfather's property.  She doesn't know.

From that time on I will never forget the family.




Crosby Milford Manganese Mine




Last june my friend andy and i went to manganese, there are many sidewalks covered in grass, where city blocks used to be, foundations lie naked, no floors or walls, walking through the old deserted town felt eerie, andy said there was a graveyard somewhere where we were walking. we couldnt find a thing. just very old antipue cans and things.

After an hour of searching we decided to go back to the car, it was dark. andy locked his keys in the car. thats when i heard a loud noise in the woods next to us where a foundation was, i looked..and there where the noise came from was a glowing figure!! we both saw it and freaked out! meanwhile he's frantically searching for something to open his car with. then we saw conveniantly placed next to us was a heavy guaged wire. i took a stick and wedged it in the door. the figure looked like there was two people in one. kind of dancing up and down. it was so scary!! we eventually got the door open and drove off as fast as we could. havent been back since.

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