A Big Scare

By: catofgreen2005@yahoo.com

Hello everyone this story happened to my dad years ago but he told me not to long ago. Well many years ago my dad use to work th grave yard shift so he would go to work from 10pm to 4am. He is not a big believer in the supernatural and he is one of of those guys that put on a strong man vibe. What happened to him that  really scared the daylights out of him was that he work getting out of work one night and to get to were we used to live you have to pass a avenge size cemetry. His truck never gave him any problems beforeor after tha happened but while driving along the cemetry something strange happened is truck turned off by itself. He tried turning it on but it wouldnt. But the weird thing about that was he kept on moving and when it pass the cemetry it turned on by itself. My dad who also fixes cars check the truck over and over again and found nothing wrong with it everything was fine. He never was so scared like he was that night in is whole life and never as he was that cemetry ever again.


By: patfad@hotmail.com

I will start with my time on Guam. Once my wife and I moved into our house on Guam we set up the rooms, my son got his own and we picked one right next to his. After we set up and finally got situated, we got this feeling from on our sons room, like somebody or something just wanting us out of that part of the house. So being normal adults we just ignored everything. But our son would not want to be left in the room, kind of like he was in pain or being scared, but once we left the room he would relax and return to his normal 3 month self. Anytime we would be in his room the feeling came back I would pass it off as new house gotta get used to it, I never got used to it neither did my wife or son. The presence in the corner of the room started to take over his whole room. Anytime we would walk past the room from any direction the feeling would come back kind of daring us to confront it. Finally we got orders to leave. And we were happy to get off the island. Fast forward and we get our house in New Jersey, my wife is at her moms house, it’s me and my son in the new house.  I get the house set up. We had a baby a couple months be for we left the island so she gets her own room with the same crib from Guam. The first night my son and I finally get to relax we here a sound like boxes shifting and scrapings on the floor, my son looks at me and says uh oh, so I brush it off as something fell from a box. When I go up to the 2nd floor room I open the door (right across the door is a window) and in the reflection is me and a bald guy that is smiling. I shut the door and thought it was my imagination, so I opened it again to make sure and there was of course nothing there it freaked me out. I went back downstairs to shake it off and as I sat back on the couch I saw in the reflection of the entertainment center glass door the same bald guy just sitting on the stairs looking like he wanted to come down and hang out. Well I shut my eyes and opened them again and he disappeared. Later on down tour time in the house my kids started complaining of a bald guy walking in their rooms scaring them making them wake up. They come to us wanting the bald mean guy to leave them alone. So I told them if he comes back and scares them too tell him to go away and leave them alone. So I woke up one night to the kids yelling go away we don’t like you and that was the last of the bald guy scaring the kids. But I think that was the time I boxed up the crib from Guam and got rid of it.

Darker Than Night

By: Jamie.Ponce@xfab.com

My parents bought a house on the south side of Lubbock TX I don’t know how old the house was but I know in my bones that it has a history because my brother and I were always kind aware of the feeling you get when your in the back rooms, you just don’t feel comfortable at all. My very first haunting experience wasn’t very scary things would fall you would here a noise not to loud, but one night when I was sleeping at 2:30 am I woke up feeling this high energy in the room I looked around at everything noticing that buy my desk there was this black mass buy the chair. I thought to myself what could it be I thought I left something hanging on the chair but just a few seconds of staring at it, it stood up, I mean you talk about a scary situation it was about my size no features and black, darker than night itself as it jumped towards me the adrenaline rush kicked in and I jumped from the bed to the light switch and that’s quite a distance. I couldn’t believe it I couldn’t sleep at all I would stay up as long as I could on school weeks it was getting ridiculous this thing would appear in my room and there was nothing I could do about it. Even while I was awake it would hit the door making it shake if I was awake with the lights on and it wasn’t the air conditioner it was a force like someone throwing a fist at the door. I never had an experience like that ever since I left that house but my dad does on occasion. He tried to make my room into his extra bedroom on those loud snoring nights but he saw this thing the first night. He was down praying on his knees when he turned around with that feeling of being watched and this black mass was behind the closet door and it dove under the bed that’s when he decide to make that room into a study instead. I believe that shadow people do exist after my experience who wouldn’t. There are many more stories to be told but I’m glad to put this one out there and soooooo glad to be out of that house.

Evil Land

By: leepere@comcast.net
I would say this is a story of a haunted house but it isn't! Until about 10yrs ago it was just a haunted house in my book. I met my husband over 30yrs ago. He told me about a house that he used to live in that had some very strange things happen in it. It was local but he never wanted to go anywhere near it. He said that it was very old and had been built by a young groom who had some of the wood and granite that made the fireplace sent from Ireland. Anyway The story is that when he married his wife she came with her mother ( a real shrew).She harped at him and distressed his wife to the point where he went mad and killed them both, then ran screaming that the demons of the house had made him do it. My husbands family moved into the house in the early sixties During the years they lived there The heard doors closing and footsteps on the stairs as well as the smell of coffee and frying bacon in the middle of the night. His mother was quite a gardener but could never get flowers to grow in the yard. He said the whole family was quite uncomfortable in the home and eventually moved. We had been together for a few years when we heard that the property had been sold for a mini storage lot. We were talkin about it one evening with my sister and some friends when my husband told the story the friends asked to see the house. I had never seen it to this point and I'll admit was more than a little bit curious. We finally talked him into going and away we went. When we turned onto the street it was on I got a really creepy feeling but when we pulled up to the house I was terrified. There was not a living blade of grass or anything else on that lot. We live in Washington State and this was March! The house was dark and very ominous I refused to get out of the car so did my sister. The guys (three of them including my husband) took a flashlight and headed around to the back of the house to see what they could see. After a few minutes we saw a flashlight on the second floor. A few minutes later we saw the front door open but no-one came out. Afer a few minutes more they returned to the car. We comented on the fact that we had seen the light and they told us they had never turned it on! Then we asked them wy they didn't come out the front door? They told us it was locked and that they had tried it before going around back. I was always skeptical about the stories connected with the house but after they tore the house down the mini-storage was plagued by problems and eventually went out of business. The property sits abandoned and barren (still nothing lives there) and it's still as creepy as it was years ago!

Ghost Puppies

By: HarleyCal7777@aol.com

Well here goes. My experience started late last fall. It started when as I lay in my bed, I felt something walking, I didn't see anything, nor did I feel anything other than the weight on the bed. At first I was very scared, I didn't know what to think, I was afraid that it was a spirit of a person or whatever. This went on for about 2 weeks off and on. So I started to talk to this spirit, and started saying names, of people.  I got no response, and then I figured out that it had to be a dog. The only dog that I actually had dealings with that died, was my neices dog, named Astro. I called his name and he came to me.  This went for a couple of weeks, then one night as I was laying bed something came and laid my lap, this freaked me out. I called out the names of pets that I had, and low and behold it was my cocker spaniel that i had when I lived in St. Charles MO. I did not know how or when she died. I had her with me for about 5 or 6 years. She is with me anytime I am in my bedroom.  She comes over to my chair, pawing at the chair, for me to go back and lay down on the bed. LOL a week or so after Pepper came, there was another puppy. This time it was my other cocker spaniel, that I had in MO. He stays on the bed at all times, he never gets off the bed, nor does he go wherever the other dogs go.  I have no idea how these dogs found me. Last year my girlfriends dog passed away, he was chow by the name of Spanky.  I never met this dog, and only saw a picture of him one time, but; one night he came and joined our little pack.  There is next to my bed on and inside wall a place that is ice cold, this wall should never be this cold and never was until Astro came. I don't know what to think, or do with these puppies.  They are with me always as long as I am in my Bed room. I was a little upset, because at first I was the only one that new they were here. But my girl friend came over  and laid on my bed, and nothing occured. Then as we sat on the side of the bed, I told her to call Spanky, he was here dog for over 10 years.  When he came to her , her eyes opened wide. I think she didn't really believe me at first.   Now she is encouraging me too find out what is going on, and why they are here.
I know this may sound strange too some of you, but; it is real.  Thank you for your time and if anybody has any ideas please email me.

Ghost Stories

By: meera.moran@yahoo.com

Curiosity lead to unknown spirits following me home
Up until the past few years, I became a true believer. I have always felt that I had a special gift, where I could sense energy, esp waves, and other sorts of things. I have had countless moments where I have thought of something random that was about to happen, whether it was a thought, feeling, song...whatever, but aside from that, I know that there are several unexplained factors of this earth, such as life after death. Many of us feel as though we know everything and are so easy to dismiss that ghosts/energies/spirits exist. There is so much outstanding proof that there has to be paranormal activity on this earth we roam...along with the dead.
Anyway, I have visited some "haunted" sites, and one of them is in my hometown, and that's a whole different story. But this one time I went to a place called, Dudley Street in Bedford Mass. Supposedly there were nuns that practiced witchcraft there about 100 years ago. These nuns were chased down by some guy who hung some of them and others slit their throat. Legend has it, that there was a house deep in the woods where these nuns practiced their witch craft. Ever since these nuns murders, the house started sinking into the ground. The second floor of the house is now at the ground level. The street begins very normal and thickly settled with nice houses and fields, but as you keep going, the road gets darker and narrower. As you keep going, you get this creepy eerie feeling. Ever since I felt as though I was followed home with that fear. I have seen a few strange things happen there, but not so much until I got home.
 About two summers ago, I was relaxing in my room until I got this overwhelmingly uneasy feeling. I knew I wasn't alone. I tried to ignore this feeling and go to bed. Right when I was laying down *my bed faces the window* I see this huge orb, the width of my fist, floating around my window, then darting in through my room. Too big to be a fire fly. I knew it wasn't a car. I knew it wasn't a reflection. I am not the type of person to blow things out of proportion, I tried to debunk it but I couldn't. I freaked out, after staying completely still in my room.
 A few nights later, it was about 3:00 am, and I felt this coldness come over me. I suddenly woke up and I looked around my room, then I looked at the corner of my room, and there was a tiny black shadow hovering remotely. It wasn't a shadow of anything, because there is nothing near that corner. I turned on the lights, of course nothing was there. Then I switch the lights back off, and no more shadow. I knew I was wide awake when I saw that shadow.
Many times in the night, the room will originally be warm, but I will feel something stroking my hair and a bitter coldness blow against my skin.
I have seen images in my mind and in my room of angry faces that weren't just my imagination, just before I'm going to bed. I sometimes hear very very soft voices conversing, I know it's a womans voices, because I thought it was my mom, who was asleep.
It was later when I found out that also according to legend, once you visit Dudley Street, you feel as though you're followed home. This is according to your website too. I didn't know that...but know it makes sense. These occurrences are still happening today.

Ghostly expericence

By: Anonymous

Hi there..I used to live in Kahuku Hawaii. It's on the north shore of Oahu. Growing up I have experience personal ghoslty activities in our home.At night you could hear the sounds of drumming off in the distance.Some would say it was night marchers. There would be knocking on our home as if someone was running around it knocking on your siding until it stops at the back door. Once there the sound get harder and louder. We could also hear whisper outside of our window when someone would check no one was there.our fencing would shake and shake.The water faucet would turn on,the toilet would flush on its own. the front door would open on it's own. Sometimes my daughter walker roll own its own the music would turn on. We could never explain where or how these noise would come from. Later the entities did not seemed friendly but more sinister of some sort. My friends who lived nearby had similar experiences in there home.


By: duque-ale@live.com

my aunt owned this restraunt and we were always welcomed specially since most of the costomers were just trailors since it was located in belpre, kansas, very lonley place. that day she decided to do this event for adults only, some sort of dance. so of course no kids around. so we were send to her house.
the houses there are like kinda far away from each other and very hidden too, in between the few trees there are. so her house was big and nice at her entrance door she had this big statue thing of the virgin mary with canldes lit up all the time.
i was around seven years old. it was my cousins my younger sisters and i, we were around 10 kids in the house, with 3 "adults", they were just my aunts who were around ther late teens. getting ready for the dance in the restraunt so that meant they were all over the mirror in the room. which was the only room with the light on, we didnt bother to turn on the light of the living room because we got some light from the room. we were all in a circle trying to figure out what to do since were all too bored!! then suddenly we heard some foot steps coming from the kitchen, which we could not see into cuz it was that dark plus the entance was like a door size. we got so scared because it was that loud. we all froze then my cousin who was a guys about the same age as me at the time ran to my aunts to warn them some one was in the house. they thought we were playing a game on them but checked anyway and the steps get on going but only in the kitchen. they freaked!! more than the kids there. one of them told me to reach in real quick to try to reach for a knife, of course i said no then the same to my cousin but he said no too. so she had no choice but to reach in herself as quick as she could she reached for a knife while that was going one of my other aunts went into her room for my uncles gun. all us kids were right behind then since they were scared. then my aunt with the knife in her hand said im gonna count to 3 and turn on the light to the kitchen, which again meant to reach in quick.the footsteps never stopped until the light went on. there was nothing, nobody. my aunts were so scared they called my grandma and aunt to go pick us up. once they got there us little kids started telling the grown ups what had happened. they never believed us, they didnt even believe my aunts, they got in trouble instead for grabbing the gun!!!!!!!! till this day i renmber it so well. when i finally got a chance to tell this story to ma grandma in a more personal place, she wantd to believe me but like she didnt. she wanted me to stop the story so she told me that probably it was my grandpa who wanted to visit us, since he had passed away in a carr accident and never met any of his grandchildren. i guess ill never know.

Haunted House in Wisconsin

By: pfatmama@hotmail.com

When my sister divorced her husband about 12 years ago she had very little money and two small children. She wanted to stay in the area she lived in so when a big old house was offered for rent she took it. Over the years things have happened in the house that can only be explained as paranormal.
The activity level increases in spring usually right around Easter.
For example:
One night while watching tv an oil lamp on top of the tv went flying off of it. Both of the kids and my sister witnessed it.
The dog: my sister has a rescue dog from the local animal shelter. Sounder the beagle has some issues...one being you cant touch his back near his tail. On many occasions he will stand in her dining room looking into the kitchen and just bark. During one of those barking sessions he spun around as if someone had smacked his hind quarters. There was no one there.
My niece, whom most of the activity revolves around: her room is a hot spot. Things (especially coins) will go flying off of her dresser. Noises...creepy feelings....all caused her on many occasions to leave the room and go sleep in her mom's room. Recently, as of this past Sunday, she was using a curling iron in the bathroom and the plug was yanked out of the wall so hard she couldnt believe it. She plugged it back in, proceded to go down the steps and as she approached the bottom of the staircase a stack of plastic cups sitting on a little bar at the base flew out across her path. She picked them up and put them back. NOTE: her friends have been in the house when things happen....
The cat: my sister found it in a corner, haunches up and spitting /hissing ...no one or thing was there.
The fiance: my sister's fiance was not a believer until right around Christmas he had a travel alarm on a bedside stand and woke to see it go flying off of the stand.
Me: I've never seen anything move in the house and prior to knowing about the activity when I'd go upstairs to use the bathroom have an uneasy feeling like I'm being watched. I never venture down the halll..thats right...never. I've never seen my sister's bedroom in her house and only have been in my nieces room twice. The feeling is very strong in the bathroom which is next to my neice's room. Another sister has felt the same thing and all the years we'd go to visit neither one of us ever said anything not wanting to sound like we were nuts. Our experiences came out on a road trip...and when we talked we both felt the same way about that area of the house. The feeling of something bad is so overwhelming at the top of the steps by the bathroom I dont use the bathroom unless it is absolutley necessary. Last Sunday after I heard about what went on prior to me going over there I didnt go up to use it even though I needed to do so. I drove 1 hour 45 minutes having to go....home to use my bathroom.
There is a room off the kitchen that has such an overwhelming bad creepy feeling to it that my sister keeps the door closed and a table in front of it. She doesnt use it, no one goes in it.
There are alot of unexplainable noises like things falling and when you check...everything is fine.
The list goes on....
My sister seems to think its the spirit of a little boy as no one has ever been hurt and it seems to center around my niece. I dont tend to think that way. I think its something bad.
She is getting married and will be leaving that house this October. I am happy and releived.

Henry Ford - Dearborn Michigan

By: katematsondesign@aol.com

Hello , My name is Kathryn. I have always wanted to share my story with someone and I am pleased to find your web site. I always wondered why no psychics have done any investigations on Henry Ford's Property in Dearborn Michigan near Detroit.
My story began when I was a very small child. Henry Ford owned many farm homes. The people who lived and loved the and grew produce to feed a hungry developing car industry.
I was not born yet but my parents had 4 growing children. My late Mother was searching for a dining room table. She saw an advertisement in the Detroit News and went to a sale on Cherry Hill Road. The area at the time was very rural. She approached the home which was run down and hidden by trees and overgrowth.
Once she got inside she discovered the home was for sale. It was one of Henry Fords farm homes. My parents purchased the home and moved in.
Well in 1958 I came along. The youngest of 5 children and late in my parents life. The house was very eerie. It was a 5 bedroom rambling home on 9 acres.  This home was always know as the Haunted House On Cherry Hill Road.
Ever since I can recall I have had the gift along with many other members of my family. I was second generation of northern Europeans. My Aunt's had the sight even through devote Catholics.
Being very small a huge old house can seem overwhelming to a small child. I recall laying in bed and watch what is known as shadow people now walk around my room and down the long hall.
There was a passageway that circled all the upstairs bedrooms. Having older brothers they stored a lot of there toys and such inside the passages where I would play at times. I know this was not a dream as it was in the afternoon. I was under there and all of a sudden many dolls started to talk to me. One was a clown which was evil. I ran screaming..
As I grew I discovered that the woman who lived in the house in the period that Henry Ford was alive hung herself in our massive kitchen.
Over all the years I lived there , many family and friends would see her throughout the home. You always had the feeling you were being watched. In the basement was a well . I never liked the basement at all.
When I was a teenager , I was the only one left at home so I had my choice of bedrooms. I had a television and stereo comforts a lot of my friends did not have. I can not tell you how many times at night when my parents were asleep and I would be up watching a television show I would wander downstairs to the kitchen to get a snack. I would have my television on along with every light in the room including the hall.
I would he heading up the stairs and here every thing I had left on was off. I brought this to the attention to my Father who was a non believer at the time. He found nothing.  I would beg with whom ever was there after a time to please not do this as It frightened me.
The paranormal activity was consistent throughout the entire time I lived there. Doors opening and closing before my eyes , specters appearing in front of me. My Mother had many experiences also. None of my friends would spend the night at my home.
Upon graduating from High School , I was heading to New Mexico. Two night's prior to my departure I went to bed as usual. I had heavy antique furniture and a lot of it. It was on that thick shag carpet that if you dragged anything on top of it you could see the lines.
I woke up in the morning and to my shock ( that is an understatement) here every piece of furniture was twisted , turned and pushed up against the west wall , There were no lines at all.
It was if every piece of furniture was lifted off the ground.
I ran downstairs where my parents were having breakfast truly upset yelling at my parents what a fighting joke to play on me. Now they were the only one's in our home along with me and the remainder of my family were well grown and had families of there own and did not live with us.
My parents returned to my bedroom with me and their mouths dropped. I never slept another night in that room again.
It was apparent the ghost was upset at my leaving.
My parents sold the home and the night prior to them moving further north, my parents were in bed. My Father who was this non-believer
was woken at 3:00 a.m.  Here was a haggard woman sitting next to him shaking his arm. Apparently he freaked out and jumped out of bed never to sleep another night in that room.
It was funny because this did not wake my Mother who was sound asleep. He did not tell her of this experience until years later.
I do believe strongly in ghost's. Over the years I have come to believe that now that scientists have discovered our universe has dimensions
then so do we on this planet.  Maybe when we cross over we go to a different dimension. That is why we see events that have occurred in the past.
I now live in Redstone Colorado. A high mountain town that started as a mining community. The place where all the marble for the monuments in Washington D.C  came from.  We have a castle , a very old Inn and a town which is so haunted.
Not long ago , I was alone at a friends home and stood at the kitchen sink. In the corner of my eye I saw a figure. I turned my head and here was a full body apparition of a man walk from one end of the room right through the wall. I know what I saw was real . I was clear minded. It freaked me out for a short time but due to all my past experiences I knew how to deal with it. I have had so many that I could go on and on.
I believe and think we have the ability to hone in and fine tune our gifts. As children we are open . Our minds are not all boggled up with problems and disturbances. That is why when we are little we have more experiences.
Michigan has many haunted locations. In Northern Michigan you could be walking through the forest and find an old dilapidated house left long ago by it's owners,a long forgotten Indian cemetery .. There is a lot of history as is all across the country. 
I have wanted to but have not dabbled with EVP's. We have a lot of very old cemeteries in my location and this summer I plan to attempt some work. I do not to try it in my home , just as a speaking board you can invite the WRONG spirit into our homes. They can and will trick you in believing they are someone they are not.
I have also wondered why no physics have ever investigated some of the Indian Ruins in Utah , Colorado, New Mexico and so on. I have been to places off the grid in Utah which housed long gone tribes. I have caught on camera orb's and strange faces on my digital camera.
Well Thank you for anyone who reads these and a place to discuss our experiences. 

Mudlick Hollow

By: mazurheather@gmail.com

 I wanted to submit my experience with Mudlick Hollow in Brighton Township, PA. My friends and I were out for a night of paranormal investigating, we actually found out about this road from your sight. We began the evening at Gretchen's Lock in Ohio, but after we finished there we moved on to Mudlick Hollow. We drove all the way to the top of the road just to scope out the area. We then came back down the road. We were unsure of where the actual accident took place so we took pictures all the way down the road. It was really easy the road never gets any traffic, so we were able to travel at about 10 mph and snap pictures all the way. Halfway down the road I was actually hanging out the window trying to get better photos and I noticed two red eyes, come to find out it was a possum. About eight feet of the road that followed we were able to get great pictures of orbs. After the eight feet the orbs just stopped and never reoccured again. We are very confident that this is where the accident took place. It was very cool to us that the story on your sight stated that the couples buggy was run off the road by a small animal and we experienced the possum right before the orbs began to show on the photos. Well thats all for our adventures for now, but we are heading out this weekend to do investigating in Altoona at wopsononock, fort roberdeau, and horseshoe curve. We are eager to see what we can encounter, I will let you know what we find. We hope to hear from you regarding our first findings. If you are interested in photos please let us know they show the orbs very well.


By: johnjoann304@gmail.com


My Haunting

By: sugar.junkee@yahoo.com

It really hasn't been long since the strange happenings started, just a few months. And it started with just simple things; insignificant stuff -- items being found in places I did not put them, the DVD player my grandfather left behind turning on and off as well as the TV. (These incidents we just blew off as me being too tired to remember, since I was taking care of my newborn twins, and we told ourselves that maybe the TV and DVD players just had a timer). One day the DVD player turned on by itself then turned off, I called it very creepy and scary and after that it didn't happen again. One night, my son woke up around three or four in the morning and I was so exhausted that I just turned him on his back and propped the bottle up in the crib and laid back down, waiting for him to cry to be put back on his stomach so he could sleep when he was finished (which was very normal). I assume I drifted off to sleep at some point and woke up the next morning around seven. I jumped up and ran to his crib, expecting to see him sleeping on his back without a blanket but found him on his stomach sleeping, blanket tucked around him and the bottle beside him. I was completely freaked out and wondered if I had gotten up without remembering but I knew there was no way I could be standing up for the amount of time it would've taken to rock him back to sleep without remembering it. I asked my mother if she had come down but she said that she hadn't been in my room. Though it was strange, I put the incident behind me and went on with my life until a few weeks later I was washing clothes. I left the clothes and went upstairs to go about my business and when I went back to check on them, the washer door was wide open. It was strange but I didn't think much of it until it happened again a week later. Soon after I started noticing that my twins, specifically my daughter, would smile and laugh at the ceiling when I put them on my bed. They would baby talk and give huge smiles to nothing in particular which was especially strange for my daughter because she only smiles at the people she knows very well (we joke and say she's a baby with attitude). The most recent experiences were the most confirming for me though. My son has a musical toy that has a switch. You can either move the switch from the off position to turn on the music, next is nature sounds, and the last position is supposed to sound like a heartbeat. When the sounds go off you can press either the "Next" or "Volume" button to restart the sounds as long as it is not in the off position. As usual I turned on his favorite nature sounds and rocked him to sleep and went to lay down. I awoke a few minutes later to his semi crying and  I noticed the nature sounds fading to an end. I walked over to his crib and pressed the button to restart the sounds... then I pressed it again... and again. Nothing. I checked the switch and it was in the off position, which I knew there was no way it could switch to that position on it's own.
Today I was smoking outside on the porch. I had used a candle lighter instead of a cigarette lighter since mine wasn't working. After a few minutes I felt something strange in my pocket and the next thing I knew the candle lighter hit my hand and knocked the cigarette out of my hand. I looked around for the cigarette everywhere but couldn't find it anywhere. This is what ultimately made me decide to research hauntings online.
I don't really feel threatened right now, my guess would be that it's my grandparents who just passed away only months apart last year right before my twins were born. The DVD player was my grandfathers' before he died and grandmother was a heavy smoker for most of her life and ultimately died of what started out as cervical cancer that spread to her liver. Everyone finds it odd that my grandmother and grandfather passed away right before I had a twin boy and girl. Maybe they're watching over me closer than I thought.

State Hosptal House
By: finch5000@yahoo.com

This story takes place around the time I had my youngest son. (2005)  I was having financial issues and staying with some people I knew.  To give a little background, this house was about a block away from an abandoned asylum.  It was in row of huge beautiful houses built for the doctors who worked there.  I believe this hospital was one of the largest in the state. It was several blocks long, fully self supportive. It even had its own farm and power plant.  It’s the Traverse City State Hospital, if anyone wants to look it up. 
Anyways, all of the buildings, including the Dr’s homes are connected by underground tunnels.  In the lowest level of the house I always had a chilled feeling and later found out that was where the tunnel had entered the house before it was closed off.  It was also where the dr who owned that house’s wife hung herself, so as he walked through the tunnel to get home after work, he would find her body.  I didn’t know that stuff till after I began complaining about that hallway.   I had to go through the hallway often to be able to smoke outside on the patio.
One night, after I had been there about 2 weeks, I was standing outside smoking in the middle of the night, probably between 1 and 3am.  At first I was sitting in a plastic chair, but felt eerie.  So I got up and moved closer to the door.  I was facing the building and suddenly had this feeling like something was out there with me.  For some strange reason, I had this feeling and a thought process telling me not to have my back to “it”..  I really wanted to finish my cig, so I stayed out there . 
The whole area was closed in by a wooden fence, with a large open gate.  I started walking toward the opening and suddenly I was overcome by panic and fear.  I started backing up, back to the house with out turning my back to it. I felt like I being watched and stalked, kind of like something was about to attack me.   Then I’m not sure why, but I felt CHASED.  I was either super pregnant or had just given birth, so I was not supposed to be moving fast, I remember.  I through my cigarette and ran up two really long flights of stairs.  (this place was an enormous older home from maybe 1850’s ish, gorgeous)  To get from the bottom floor to the 3rd floor, you had to go up the first flight of stairs and through the house to the set going up to the next floor.  Usually when coming in I would actually stop on the main floor for a minute before walking up the next flight of stairs.  I probably have never moved that fast.  I ran in, up to my room, slammed the door behind me and jumped up to the top bunk, covered up and put a pillow over my head like a little kid.  I felt this thing right behind me till I got most of the way up the second flight of stairs. It was almost like I could feel it touching me.  I never saw anything, but it felt “ugly”, whatever that means.  It’s the best word in my vocabulary to describe the feeling.  I saw nothing, but for some reason kept having visions of something evil, almost like a mix between a vicious animal and something whitchey.  I waited what seemed like an eternity to take the pillow off my head.  I rolled over to my side to “watch the door”.  Just as I looked at it, it popped open.  I stopped breathing, laid face down, replaced the pillow and hoped for the best. 
Then I felt like it was gone a few seconds later.  Like out of nowhere I was safe or something.  At that point I jumped out of bed and switched on the light.  I kept it on all night.  My arm hairs are standing up as I am writing this.  I am not an easily scared person and often take my kids “ghost hunting” and whatnot.  I get scared when I drive by this place.  I don’t feel like whatever this was, was associated with the house, but the hospital grounds.  I spend a lot of time exploring other parts of the grounds and never experience anything more than the feeling of being watched.  I’ve heard some evil stories about that place, true things from people who worked and visited there. 
Also, whenever I would bath my newborn in the upstairs bathroom, I’d always feel really sad and have visions, like someone drowned a baby in the bathtub.  I always felt like someone was watching me through the window when I would use that bathroom too.

My Experience

By: JCookJourn@aol.com

My husband and I tried small town living for three years, moving into a massive (3,400+ square feet) Queen Anne Victorian in Stillman Valley, Illinois, 12 miles south of Rockford. We experienced numerous ghostly encounters while there -- voices saying things like "mom?" and "stay." There were also footsteps when no one was there. One night, my husband and I heard very distinct footsteps coming up the grand staircase and walking on the hard wood floor just outside the master bedroom door. Neither of my step-children had gotten up, however. Both my husband and I had extreme difficulties sleeping in that house, as did my dog who later died. We would wake up between 3:00 and 4:00 am every night. One night, my husband became extremely bothered when he felt an entity trying to get into his brain. My husband does not spook easily, by the way.
I can provide more information upon request. FYI: The house is currently on the market because we just couldn't stay there any longer.

Haunted Place Pomona, Calif

By: miakoda@charter.net

Our family moved in this house in the 1960s (House built 1938 I believe)
Things that would happen is lights in certain rooms would go on and off, water in the bathroom sink would turn on.    Voices heard in the attic above the garage.  I last lived there from 2001 to 2002 to take care of my father before he passed away.   During that time while living there again there were voices that would call name, or my roommates name...  Every now and then it would feel like someone was pulling the back of my hair, or blowing smoke in my face...   The light and the water thing still going on too..  One time when my mom and dad were watching TV a picture from the shelf flew off the wall hit the front of the TV and landed near my mother..  (she had just said to my dad I guess our spooks are gone now)  There were lots of things but my folks never wanted a bunch of people coming in to investigate things.  I am not
sure who owns the property now, as we have sold it when my dad passed away.
There is an apartment building next to the house and in the one apt that faces my dads old house,  2 different people have hung theirselves in the closet.

Haunted Places

By: MedSurgNurse67@aol.com
In our residence, we hear several noises at night.  My husband use to constantly wake up at night and step outside our bedroom door because he heard what appeared to be footsteps in our hallway.  You can hear them pacing back and forth at night.  We use to think it was the house settling, but everynight?  Nope.  I remember as a teenager, I came home from a night out with my friends and my dad asked me what I was doing.  When I told him I just got home, he thought I was lying, because he said he had heard me walking up and down the hallway for a while.  Apparently, before my parents died, they heard the same noise in the hallway that we hear now.  Also, when I came home one night, I opened the front door into our livingroom and saw a woman sitting in a chair in the corner of the room.  It was an apparition of a woman, dressed in the late 1800's or early 1900's clothing.  She was wearing a gown and her hair was up in a bun.  She was sitting there rocking back and forth and knitting.  Freaked me out!  My brother was asleep on the floor and I kicked the crap out of him trying to wake him up, only for him to not see what I had saw.  Figures!  Anyway, we hear the noises EVERY night and they still creep me out.  I won't go to the restroom in the middle of the night unless my husband wakes up first.  I'm in my 40's now and no matter how much time passes, I still can't get use to the footsteps.

Haunted spirits

By: hammerbestbull@roadrunner.com

I live in South Pymatuning Twp. My home is built where an Indian Village once stood.  My daughter on our breezway walked into someone, and there was no one there, but actually felt them bump against her.
My home always has someone walking in the rooms, if you go to the cellar they are walking all through the house and I live alone now.
I have found many arrow heads in my yard and found a stone head I imagine used by a child that they prob. Had dressed and used as a doll.
It is very haunted.
I've grown used to the spirits now.


Haunting at Fairfield University

By: ryan.jillian@gmail.com

I lived in Dolan Hall at Fairfield University in CT my freshman year (2001-2002).  One night, I was across the hall in a friend's room when my dad called.  My roommate came to give me the phone, and a few minutes later we both went to go back into our room, but we were locked out.  This was impossible, because the doors are old and you can only lock them by using a key from the outside.  Once we got an RA to let us back into the room, we heard strange gurgling sounds, which ended up being the coffee maker.  It was brewing hot water right onto the bureau (there was no pot because we never used it), and it was also unplugged.  Our room was converted into an office a year or two later.
A few weeks later, two girls down the hall got locked inside their room, and the fire department had to come to get them out. 
I also spent a night alone in Dolan Hall over spring break, but nothing happened that night.  Probably the bravest night of my life though!

Plymouth, NH haunt

By: hwelchsr@metrocast.net

The location is on Smith Bridge Road out in West Plymouth.  It is haunted by a harmless man thought to be William, probably because there is a tombstone in the cellar with that name on it.  The cellar is paved with tombstones though no one seems to know their point of origin.  They have been there at least since the 1930's.  He can be heard at night wandering the house and looking into rooms, ostensibly to see that all is well.  He has only been seen three times.  First time was when a woman was home alone, lying in bed reading.  She thought she heard something, lowered the book and saw a man standing at the foot of the bed.  She closed her eyes for a few minutes and he disappeared.  Second time was when a seven year old child was in an upstairs bedroom talking to a man, then came down and asked who he was.  No one was found.  Third time was when a couple were sitting on a couch in the living room talking and suddenly both of them saw a person in the dining room.  Moments later he disappeared.  William has been known to open or shut doors, rattle door latches (house had old fashioned latches instead of door knobs) or simply to pace the floors and stairs during the night.  Family dogs would not go down into the cellar, but would stand at the top of the stairs with raised hackles.  The house passed out of the hands of the family about 1976 and soon after, the barn and attached ell burned to the ground.  Only the house was saved.

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