The Ghost who loved me

By: Anonymous

The Ghost who loved me.

  I never thought I'd be writing about a supernatural experience, but I am now. I've experienced things that I never would have believed before, but I believe them now. It's March 4, 2009. These things started happening back in Nov. 2008. They started happening after the death of my friend, James, (not his real name), whom I loved very much. And if I could tell people one thing to believe in, it would be that there is an existence for us past our deaths. That we go on as a spirit. This is really the truth, as I have experienced he touch of a spirit, who was a man that I loved. So what I write now is the absolute truth. Whether you choose to believe it, is up to you.
  James died from cancer in Oct. 2008,and I was devastsated by his death, and have been trying to heal from what I see as a horrible wound. I have cried everyday for him, and I mean everyday. It has been tough for me.
  I'm not sure what day the first thing happened, but I think it was a couple of weeks after his death. I have a job working with horses, and have a little office in the barn. One day when I was in there with the door locked, I heard someone rattle the door knob, like they wanted in. I thought it was my husband, because he has done this many times. So I unlocked the door, but he didn't come in. I got up, opened the door, looked outside, and no one was there. I walked out into the driveway looking, but no one was in sight anywhere.
  The next thing was the light in the cupola on the other barn. It hasn't worked for five years. I could never get anyone to fix it. One day it was just on.And I felt at that point that James was trying to tell me that he was ok. Tom, a man who works here, saw it too, and asked me if I had climbed up there to change the bulb. I told him, no it's haunted. And I was right.
  The light stayed on for a couple of weeks, then went out. But then one day it was on again. The light stayed on for a while, about a month I think, then went out and has never come back on.
  I came to know after a while that things happened when I wasn't looking for them. I never saw the beginning of an event. I was always looking some other direction, or busy doing something. Then  I would notice it.
  Then other things started to happen. One time the electric in our house went off, messing up all the clocks. One day I left work a little early, so I could watch the Oprah show at 4:00. I looked at the microwave clock when I came in the kitchen, and it said 4:40. I knew that was wrong, so I told my husband that he had set the clock wrong, because I knew that I did not set it. He said that he had not set it, and we argued over this, and he got a little angry with me, so I believe he did not set this clock. It was exactly one hour ahead..
  Then one evening we got in our car, and the interior lights would not come on. My husband was trying to figure out what was wrong. Turns out the dome override button was pushed.  The lights are all automatic, you never have to turn anything on, your hand never goes over to the light switch. I guess it could have gotten bumped, but I don't think so.
  After that, there was a time when I was sitting at my computer, and something actually shoved my chair ahead.  It sits on carpet, and is very hard to roll.
I used to sit there making get well cards for James. I sat there alot, crying as I made some of the cards, because he was dying.
  There were two different times when I felt a little vibration coming through my foot, just like I was standing on a little buzzer. It would only last a few seconds. I am sure it was not some kind of nerve thing.
  There were other small things, like a door hanging open, that should never have been open. No one was around it of course. My alarm clock going off on a Sunday even though I am positive it was not set. A clock in our motel room getting changed to read 20 minutes fast, and a porno staion coming on the tv for 10 minutes, that we had not requested in any way. I know these are small things and could have had other explanations, but I see now that they were leading up to something bigger.
  One morning when we got up, my husband asked me if the cat was over bothering me, because he saw something by me in the pre-dawn hours when he woke up briefly. The cats were both shut downstairs. I slept so good that night, that I thought maybe my ghost had his arms around me.
  After that I heard a voice in the night saying, "right here in this room." It woke me up, as I am a light sleeper. It was James voice. The night before I had been thinking about him before I went to sleep, and crying about him too. I am positive this was not my husband speaking.
  After that, one day when I was in my barn office, I thought I heard someone call my name. I thought it was someone who works here. I went outside, but there was no one there.
  Then the really big thing happened. This really convinced me that I had a ghost. I was in the bathroom, putting make-up on, getting ready for work in the morning. Behind me I had 2 curling irons plugged in over at the sink. Both electric cords were hanging down together, over the side of the sink. I heard a noise, and turned to see both cords swinging back and forth. I didn't pay much attention, as I was in a hurry. I turned and continued with my make-up. Then I heard the noise again, it was the sound of the cords hitting the wall. I watched them  swing back and forth for about two minutes. There was no one there, there were no cats there playing with them. I was alone. I knew all the other things were real, and done by my ghost, who was trying to get my attention.
  Two days later, I went down to my basement to exercise. I heard a tapping noise in the corner of the basement, which I think was the wind blowing something outside. Then I turned and saw a wooden sign that I had hanging from a shelf swinging back anf forth for about five minutes. No one was around, but me of course.
  Later that night I dreamed of him. I dreamed that I went looking for him, walking down a dark corridor, not totally dark, there was light from some windows. There were other people walking along there too. I came out in a yard, by a pond; there was lawn furniture, round tables, and chairs. There were people sitting around, while others were walking around. It was all black and white; no color anywhere. I remember saying, "Where's James?" And someone said, "He's right there." And he was sitting at one of the round tables. I walked up to him, and I saw a little look of surprise on his face. And I started to kiss him, then I was back in my bed, instantly. I could see his face in my mind, I knew my eyes were shut, I knew I was in a light sleep stage, and I was very aware. Then I heard his voice. He said, "Close your mouth." I remember that anytime I kissed him, he always had his mouth closed. I felt his fingertips on my mouth, as he closed my mouth with his thumb and index finger. I felt his touch, I knew which fingers they were. I heard his voice, soft and clear. I felt like if I opened my eyes, that he would leave, so I kept them closed. He kissed me then, for a minute. I felt it, I knew he was kissing me. When he stopped, I smiled at him, I knew I was smiling, and I was ready to open my eyes, so I could see him, then I was right back in my dream and someone told me that James had left. Then I woke up, scared,  but got calmed down, and went back to sleep. Now I am wondering if this was some kind of out of body experiece, and I went to where he was, then he brought me back, because I wasn't supposed to be there.
  I did forget to tell you about the broom standing in the barn. I was talking to my husband on the phone, laughing about something, and this broom went flying, bouncing on the floor, like someone had kicked it. I put the broom back, and couldn't even make it fall.
  So today is March 5, 2009 and I'm waiting to see if anything happens. I'm beginning to think he has moved on, that I kept him here because I loved him, and couldn't let go. I read that sometimes this is the case. So I released him, I actually talked out loud to him, and told him he was free, and not to worry about me, that I'd be ok, and that I would always love him, and remember.
  I loved him, and only ever wanted the best for him. I never understood that a soul could get stuck here because of someone's love for them. I was not even sure there was an afterlife, until now.
  He was gentle when he kissed me, and touched my lips; it was like the touch of an angel. I know he was with me there. I know it deep down in my own soul that he was right there.
  I know James would never hurt me or scare me. All the things were just to get my attention, so that I would understand that he wanted to go on. And why the kiss at midnight? He was saying good-bye, and thank-you, and that he loved me.
  I don't know if he's gone, or if he's coming back, but I never knew in real life when I would ever see James, so I think he's probably the same old James. And I will have to wait and see if he shows up.

Torrance CA


My name is Anthony, when I was younger like 12, 13 me, my little brother, and our friend were walking down I belive it was gaylord street in Long Beach CA. It was about 3 blocks of factories that seemed abandon. My friend called it the haunted street. What I first noticed was odd is that is surrounded by a busy street on either side but when we enter and I looked down the street both way you could see no cars on the main streets. As we walked further we were along a abandon factory that looked wierd. As we walked along it we peer inside a window and saw and old looking grenn lightbulb hanging. It flickerd on suddenly and noone was inside the room. We were startld and ran down the street were we saw a gated fence, when we were running past we looked inside and saw a shadowy figure zip past so we ran faster and at the end of the street were the other busy street was a payphone was ringing, my lil bro answered it and I went back and pulled him back with us and we ran to my friends house, when we asked my lil bro what he heard he said it was jus static on the phone. The place had a very ominous air to it from the start. I haven't been back there since its been 5+ years and I'm not sure what has become of the place, I forgot how to get there but I belive it needs to be investigated and I'd love to be able to see it again though it was a scary experience. Let me know what u think this may be and if its worth investigating please, thank you very much =]

Haunting I Have Had


Most recent was back in 1998 at Glenwood Springs, CO Hotel Colorado.
My wife, at the time, and I stayed at the hotel. We took our bikes for riding some of the trails. A worker will walk you down to the basement to store your bike and give you a little lesson on the hotel. He showed me the old escape route that Al CaPone had dug out to the back of the mountain. The route has been bricked over but you can still see the defined archway. Since the man mentioned that the place was haunted, my wife and I stayed up late to walk the halls. There were many very cold spots and at around 1 am you could faintly hear a small child running around. We went to our room which was just below one of the honeymoon suites. At 3 am you could hear furniture being moved and slid across the floor. At checkout the next day, I asked the desk clerk who was moving the furniture around so late. All they could tell me was that the room above was haunted and that was normal for the room above. They made a note that they needed to straighten the room out again. If you walk around by yourself, late at night, you can definitely feel the presents of others but there is no one around.
A friend and his wife stayed in the east tower room. His wife was getting a bath ready and someone pushed her into the tub face first. Her husband came running and she thought he had done it. She broke her arm in the fall. She mentioned that who ever pushed her did not touch her backside but rather pushed her from her shoulders and forward.
In Tulsa, OK there is a cemetery that is haunted. This is at 91st and Harvard. I have personally seen some of the ghosts and they are of a middle aged man and a young woman. They are not harmful but they definitely let you know that they are there. There was an albino grounds keeper there that would scare off the kids that tried to get into the cemetery.
My parents house, built in the 1930's, Tulsa, OK,  was haunted. I used to walk around the house late at night and see many ghosts out of the corner of my eye. I was home alone one evening and followed one of the little shadows to my parents room. I saw the shadow dart under my parents bed  and stood there and demanded that the spirit leave. The little shadow slowly moved to the window and I never saw this again. This happened in 1978 when I was 12.
At the Remington House in CA, I took the outdoor tour all alone. There are beams of light that trigger a sound system to kick in when you break the light. After the first one, I started looking for the triggers and each time there was one, the recordings would start just before I reached the triggers. Very odd. In the fountain area, the little garden cove, I had the very sense that some one was watching me. I looked up into the window and for about 1 second I definitely saw a man looking at me and then he just melted away. One thing that I did not mention is that on my solo walk of the grounds, there was someone walking with me that was not there.

Monks In My Driveway

I've read a few stories on your page involving monk entities, and thought I'd share my experience.
When I was about eleven years old, my cousins came to my parent's house for a visit.  This was in Montana in the middle of summer, and it was one of the hottest nights I can remember.  My cousin and I stayed up late, joking around and watching TV in the living room with the doors open because my bedroom was too hot.  Eventually, my cousin fell asleep and I turned the TV off.  We were both laying on a large sofa in the living room, his feet near my head and my feet near his.  The sofa sat against a wall, perpendicular to a very large picture window, and I was facing towards the window, looking out across the front yard and driveway. 
We lived near a lumber mill, and beyond the treeline outside the window, the smokestacks were visible with the lights from the mill lighting up the huge plumes of steam that rose from them.  I was laying on the couch, watching the shapes the steam made, just kind of in a meditative state of mind waiting for sleep to come, when I noticed something moving in the front yard.  I looked down and across the right side of the yard was a monk, about four feet tall, dressed in a heavy dark cloak with the hood up and hands in a "praying" position.  It was slowly moving across the yard, towards the left where the driveway was.  The strange thing about the way it moved was that it didn't "bob" up and down like a human would when it walked.  Instead, it just sort of floated in a straight line.
Now, to this day, I still try to recall the events as they happened, to discern whether or not this was a waking dream of my young imagination, or if it was reality, and I distinctly remember opening and closing my eyes, rubbing them, pinching myself, looking away and then back out the window to see if I was imagining things, and each time the monk was still there.  So the monk was drifting towards the driveway when I noticed another monk waiting for the first one, identical to the first one, standing in the driveway, to the left of my field of vision.  They met, stood facing each other for a moment, and then began "hovering" in concentric circles about eight feet in diameter - one moving clockwise and one counter-clockwise. 
They moved at a steady pace at first, then faster and faster until they reached impossible speeds: they looked like two blurs frantically circling each other.  Faster and faster they went until suddenly, the one that was moving counter-clockwise shot out of the driveway and down the road, disappearing in a bright blueish white flash of light, leaving a streak of light in it's wake.  This is a corny description, but it looked a lot like the car in Back to the Future when it disappeared.  The monk moving in clockwise circles, which for the record, was the first monk I saw, began to slow his speed until he returned to a normal 'floating' speed, and then he stopped, standing in the driveway, facing me. 
Then, the scary part happened.  Slowly, the monk began to approach the large picture window I was looking out of.  I began to scramble backwards into the couch, trying to scream, but I was so frightened no sound would come from my mouth.  I was flailing my arms along the wall, searching in vain for the light switch with my hand, all the while trying to hoarsely call my cousin's name.  The monk kept approaching the window, getting closer and closer, until it was right up in front of the glass, pressing it's hood against it.  Just when I thought I was about to see it's face, my hand found the light switch on the wall and the room lit up, turning the large window into a reflective surface (like when you light up a house from the inside at night and the windows become like mirrors).  In that instant my voice came back.  I started screaming at my cousin, pointing out the window, hysterically trying to explain what I saw.  I was pretty shook up for a few days after that, and my whole family tried to convince me it was just a dream, but I still haven't had a dream or an unexplained experience that was as vivid as that. 
My Aunt mentioned something about monks being the "Gatekeepers of Time" but I'm not too sure what she meant by that.  If anyone has any insight to this experience please let me know.  Thanks!

My Chicago Ghost Story


Hi, my name is Richard, let me start off by saying how much I love your site, I've been visiting your site for several years now, and it's amazing, on to my story now. Back in winter of 1995 I was around 20 years old, I was living with my mother in South Gate California, I was unemployed and going through tuff times finding a decent job, so my moms sister came to visit us from Chicago and ended up promising me and a cousin of mines which came from Mexico and was jobless also jobs at the O'Hare airport, and as she had just purchased a house, me and my cousin would help her finish up her move. So once arriving in Chicago as soon as I walked into her house I felt as if something just wasn’t right, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. By the way, the former owner of the house was a disabled gay man who died of aids, I don't know if he died in the house or not, I never asked. So anyways, this is an old 3 story house, or should I say apartment building  since the apartments in Chicago seem to go up instead of long ways like back in California, my aunt lived in the first floor, the second and third where vacant at the time, let me describe the floor plans of the first floor so you can have a slight idea of the house layout for when I get into the freaky part, once you enter the house there is a small welcoming room where you hang your coats and stuff, turning right is the huge living room, turning left you can see the full length of the house, its like a long hallway that leads to the rear of the house where the kitchen is, so once you turn left in the living room and stare down the hallway, all 3 bedrooms are on the left hand side, the first room is my cousins room, in front of his room is of course the living room, next is my room, and directly in front of my room is the dinette, then next to my room is a small hallway with a door on the floor that leads to the basement, across from that is the rest  room, next is my aunts room and directly across her room is the kitchen, I hope my description of the house was understandable. Ok, so since the entire first floor had been repainted before my aunt moved in, all 3 bedroom doors where removed for painting, they were all missing so you can walk down the hallway and look into all the rooms since there weren’t any doors, ok, so in my room the little bed my aunt provided for me was in the opposite corner of the room from the door against the wall. Well one night I was trying to sleep and just couldn't, I usually had this problem, so I would just turn in different positions until I eventually fall asleep, I was in bed facing the corner wall where my bed is when all of a sudden I started hearing faint footsteps coming from the entrance of the house as if someone was running coming down the hallway through the entire house and into the kitchen, the footsteps got louder as the got closer to my room, so when I  heard the footsteps about to pass by my room, I turned my body around to face my doorway, as I did, I seen a black shadow that seemed to be that of a man pass by my door way and I could hear the footsteps growing distant as if they reached the kitchen area or maybe the restroom, at first I thought nothing of it, I thought it was my cousin that had gone to the kitchen for a very late night snack or the restroom, so I just waited and after about 5 minutes realized, I never saw him pass by again to go back into his room, so I grabbed my little flashlight and went to the restroom and kitchen just to find no one there and all the lights where out, no noise or anything, so I back tracked past my room and peeked into my cousins room just to find him sound asleep, so I started freaking out and went back into my room, got in bed and pulled the blanket over my head, didn't hear anything for the rest of the night, eventually I fell asleep. The next day I asked my  cousin if he had gotten up the night before to use the restroom or to munch out in the kitchen and he said no, so I then knew what I had seen was a ghost. I didn't stay in Chicago much longer after that, about 4 months later I was back in California. So that’s my story, sorry it was so long, thanks for reading my story.

The Ghost Of My Late Husband.


My husband died Febuary 12, 2009.  He had lung cancer.  He passed away in Colorado Springs at the hospital there.  On the 13 of Febuary I was getting ready to take a shower and I just happened to look in the mirror.  There he was looking back at me as I was looking at him.  I was to scared to say anything.  Then my son a few nights later was sitting in the chair where Bill my late husband always slept.  He happened to look up and he saw Bill walk from the bathroom to the chair where my son was sitting.  He stopped looked at Keene my son and Keene looked at him for awhile.  He was also too scared to say anything.

The Neighborhood


This story took place in January and February of 1985 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
In 1985 I and a friend (Phil) worked as security guards for a small company. One of our contracts was an apartment complex called the Neighborhood. The Neighborhood consisted of twelve apartment buildings and is located just west of Academy Blvd.
This complex was built in the late 70's early 80's and during construction a contractor was killed when a wall fell and he was crushed to death.
My experience and my friends began in late January when a resident called and stated that the apartment above hers had strange noises. My boss didn't pay much attention to it and told her to call the Apartment manager and file a complaint on the people that lived there.
The apartment was unoccupied and no one had been able to stay there for more than a couple of weeks before they asked to move to another apartment or just break their lease agreement and move out of the complex.
The resident who filed a complaint was told that no one lived in the apartment above her and that it had been empty for about six months. The resident stated that she was hearing strange noises and also could hear the toilet flushing and the water being turned on.
The resident who complained was female about 40 years of age and had two teenage children, a boy and a girl.
Prior to the resident contacting my company, she had to have her bathroom repaired ceiling because of a water leak. Apparently the faucet to the bathtub had been turned on and left running which flooded the bathroom and caused the floor and to cave in on her bathroom.
Well, things got worse from there, she and her kids began to hear odds sounds, which they as described a ball and chain being dragged across the floor.
Phil and I were then assigned to spend a night with to spend to the night with her and her kids. We were given a master key to the upstairs apartment. We arrived about 8 p.m. and did a check of the apartment upstairs. We made sure that every light and faucet was off. There was nothing out of the norm to cause any suspicion.
This was a Friday evening and for a few hours everything was quiet. We played board games with the family since nothing was happening. Each hour we would go up stairs and check it to see if anything had happened.  Nothing.
Around 11 p.m. we began to hear heavy footsteps, Phil and I ran upstairs and found that the bathroom light had been turned on. but the front door and patio door was still locked. We checked the apartment out and returned downstairs. Within 15 minutes all hell broke loose. We soon heard what they had complained about.
The sound of a heavy chain was heard and the sounds of heavy footsteps stomping around were also heard. Phil and I were both armed and drew our service weapons this time as we entered the apartment, knowing that we would find a person.
As we entered the apartment every light had been turned on and all the faucets were on. We spooked us was that we could see a shadow of a person near the bathroom. We called out to this person and got no response. We slowly worked our way towards the bathroom thinking we have him and there's no escape.
Once we were about two feet from the bathroom door which was open we heard movement, like someone was scratching the wall. Still trying to be quiet as we advanced we saw the shadow disappear. I looked into the bathroom first and saw nothing, Phil came in behind and then we saw something that really spooked us.
On the bathroom wall, which was yellow, we found scuff marks going up the wall, there was nothing to climb into in the ceiling, but there were boot marks and we were able to actually remove the scuff marks with our hands. For the rest of the night we heard the sounds over and over. We stayed until 7 a.m.
The following night we returned and experienced the same thing again. This resident moved out on Monday.
The next week became even stranger. While I was on patrol I had a resident stop me and informed me that he had seen a man climbing the balcony of an apartment, which he pointed out. I called me dispatch and asked for another officer and to also notify city police. About 5 minutes later CSPD sent four units and my co-worker Phil also arrived. Phil and I waited in the parking lot while the police officers entered the apartment.
From the parking lot we could hear the officers yelling at a suspect to stop and don't move. Phil and I went up the stairs and stood in the doorway while we watched the officers take a position at the bathroom door.
The officers gave more orders to open the door and then there was a loud bang. Like someone dropping a metal can. the officers kicked the door open and only to find scuff marks going up the wall.
There is no other way out of the bathroom and this amazed us all, Phil and I told the officers, some of whom we knew personally about what had occurred at the other apartment.
After a few minutes of gathering our senses we went back to the parking lot and the officers began taking a statement from the witness who reported the "break in".
Then the witness looked west and screamed "There he is!" I took off running with an officer towards the suspect, I was faster than the officer and was able to catch up to the suspect. I was about three feet behind and reached out with my right hand to grab his shoulder when the suspect did something really bizarre.
As I was about to grab him the suspect vibrated, like a something being shook extremely fast. He then split in two and one image of him went to the right and the other went left. This scared the crap out of me and I nearly killed the officer as I ran back to the parking lot.
I told everyone what I saw and before I could finish telling them, their police radio's were dispatching a fire in the same location as we were. We looked to the building on the south side of the parking lot and saw the suspect jump from the balcony and disappear.
CSFD arrived and made an forced entry into the apartment and dosed a small fire. What was weird was that Fire dispatch stated that the call originated from this apartment. The apartment had no phone in it. And had been unoccupied for months.
The Captain on the engine told us this was the fifth fire reported in the same apartment and that the number given was not an active number.
The suspect I saw looked like Epstein for the tv show "Welcome Back Kotter" later we found out from the apartment manager that the man who died in the accident looked like our suspect and that's what he co-workers called him.
For the remainder of January and February strange reports kept coming in from residents and the fires continued. I left that company in March and until I moved to Salt Lake City in '87, the Neighborhood remained a spooky place and for fun my friends and I would go there at night and were still able to witness Epstein climbing the balconies of empty apartments.
But if you plan on going there it's best to go at night and I will tell you which buildings had the activity, when I go home in a couple of weeks to visit my parents.

A Few Stories


Hello, my name is Matthew and I currently live in Owosso Michigan. I have read your stories about Owosso and have actually been to a few places. Before I get into what I know let me first say that enjoy your stories and am happy that you bring write these for people to enjoy, however with that being said I am a true skeptic of any ghost story. I do not believe in ghosts whatsoever. Ok now let me talk about the Pink Bridge, I myself have visited this bridge many times by myself and with my children, they seem interested in it more than me. We have visited it during the day and late at night and have found absolutely no going ons with the exception of an occasional teen smoking pot. This bridge is definitely not haunted.  I have also visited Curwood Castle numerous times. In one instance I and two friends were allowed entrance after closing it was not late at night but was well after 9pm. During this visit we went upstairs and downstairs and seen nothing, heard nothing and smelled nothing. However, when you were in the stairway leading upstairs there was a very overpowering feeling of anxiety by all of us, and in the basement we all experienced the "being watched" feeling, but other than that nothing. As far as Dedics Bar I have been in there only 3 times in my life and it was during a retirement party and two teen dances when I was younger and nothing ever happened except once when I was a teen no one told their parents to pick us up and my friends and I were forced to walk about 10 miles home. As far as Roseaver woods are concerned I do not know where this place is? If it is the little park outside the Castle then I would have to say that it is not haunted either, but if it is the park down by the soccer fields which I live rather close to then I would be leery of venturing there by myself. When I was a teenager around 19 me and some friends were hanging out there and seen some stuff in the woods but couldn’t figure what it was. The next night we went back and seen some more stuff in the woods this time we got out of the car and tried to figure out what it was. We never did figure it out but every time since then that I have been to that park something "strange" has happened. Just little things like when we had a picnic there for mother’s day stuff that we knew we had unpacked were missing, or strange noises in the woods during broad daylight. I did not always live in Owosso, I grew up in Chesaning where you have a nother story listed about the Market Street Square, and we just call it the Mini Mall. I would frequent the mini mall often as a child and teen and if you ventured in when most of the stores were closed it definitely had an ominous feeling. There used to be a video store in the front of the building and it would always be the last store opened but you could still walk to the back of the building. Lights would always be low and you were very uneasy about back there. Also some stores were just uncomfortable to be in as you were constantly looking over your shoulder. Also on one very memorable occasion my friend and I were coming in the side door and looked across at the other door in time to see a man with a beard dressed totally in black look directly at us and smile just as he was closing the red door that set directly across from the other door. When we questioned a store owner about this he told us that door isn’t used and simply leads outside. When we looked at the door it was obvious that it hadn’t been opened recently and being midday any opening of that door would have let in sunlight and not blackness as we had seen. Also on a more recent note my Church is getting ready to move from our current building and buy the mini mall and it will become our new church. I do plan on doing more investigating before we move in. That is all I have for now, but I would like to reiterate that I do enjoy these stories very much.

Washington State


I wanted to tell you about a house I lived in for several years, off and on, in the little sawmill town of Klickitat, WA..
My father and stepmother lived in this house for two years starting in early 1974 and my father witnessed a silhouette of a man in a doorway one night. My stepmother witnessed the front doorknob jiggling although the glass storm door outside was locked.
When my ex-husband and I bought the house and moved into it, friends of mine and I all experienced paranormal activity on numerous occasions, including a detailed full-bodied apparition of a young man which appeared to me. At that time, I named him "Robert". A  close friend also accidently walked through a partial apparition. There were other sorts of activity at that time, too.
We eventually rented the house out and moved next door, but the renters also experienced activity. One renter became the county sheriff and found his handgun collection would not stay on the bedroom wall where he was displaying them. His wife reported she couldn't keep plates in the kitchen cupboards, either. Later, another family moved in and experienced shadows in the hallway and the sound of someone coming through the back door and through the kitchen to the dining room, but no living person showed up.
When my husband and  I divorced, I moved back into the house and was slapped one night on the upper right shoulder and cheek by something. Another night, during the winter, a horrific screeching sound as if the house was being torn apart woke me and I found my woodstove had overheated. I believe "Robert" did this to wake me in time to close the stove's dampers and prevent a fire.
I moved out in early 1987. A friend whose father bought the house along with another on the three-house block, says that there has been no reported activity since I left.

Ghost Story


My name is Caitlin Yerington. I'm 19 years old and this is my ghost story.
On the country roads aound the small town of Letts, IA there is a house that has been abandoned for years. I don't know how many to be exact. It was Hallowen about 5 years ago and my mom, my cousin Becky, my cousin Brian, my cousin lacey, and I decided that we were going to drive around and look at some of the local scary areas. We started in the Greenwood Cemetery, went to Kincade Hallow (i think thats how you spell Kincade), and wound up outside the house.
The man that owned this house, I'll leave him nameless, had fixed up this house for his wife. It was a beautiful house, white with two stories. It had a circular driveway that ran behind the house. When my Cousin Brian was a teenager, he is like almost 30 now, the man's wife either died or ran off, I can't really remember the whole story. This devistated the man. He sealed up the house and left it the way it was, completely ready for his new wife.
As we were driving around the drive way, Lacey, Becky, and I  all looked up into the second story window at the back of the house. All three of us saw the same thing. A little boy sitting in the window with his head resting on his hands. There was even fog on the window from his breath. I don't know why there would have been a little boy in the house whether he was a live or a ghost. We al let out a gasp and started talking all at once. My mom and Brian had not seen the little boy. We left as fast as we could. None of us wanted to stick around and find out what else was in that house.
To this day we have not been back out to that house. I don't know if it is occupied or not, but I don't think I'll ever go back out there.

Groveland Cemetery


I worked as a groundskeeper at the cemetary for two summers a few years ago and believe it is haunted. It was always different phenomenon in each section, I also know several people buried there including my grandfather. I was 20-22 while I worked there so the people I did directly know buried there were fairly recently deceased by 10-15 years, with the exception of my grandfather that died when I was 6. The newer section where most of the I people I actually knew are buried is the "newest" section. Many times while mowing or weed whacking there I heard voices, whispers, and definately many times heard "thank you" uttered. Keep in mind I did have ear muffs on for using the loud equipment. The first couple times I experienced these voices I removed the muffs because I thought someone was nearby, like my boss or a visitor, every time no one was there.
In another section across from there is where people died well before my time. In this section I also heard MANY whispers, all womens voices. It felt like they were discussing me.
The area in the very far back of the cemetary to the left had me feel that I was being watched the whole time. It was always cold there. This particular part is also down a slight hill, making one hard to see when back there working. I saw many shadows out if the corner of my eye too. I was always looking behind me because it felt like I was being followed.
The oldest section you mentioned in your article never "spooked" me. In the last row of stones that runs along the treeline there is a tombstone of a young man who's name is John, I can't recall his last name, but he was young, in his 20s. I often found myself stopping at the stone and looking at it and feeling great sadness.
All if these experiences occurred during the day 7am-3pm, never at night. I have never gone there at night, nor am I sure I ever will because of the strong things I felt during the day. All in all I never felt threatened, I believe they knew I was there to keep the grounds trim and neat, I usually picked and cleaned their flowers as well, whether I personally knew them or they had died 100 years ago.
Thank you for reading my experiences.

Haunted House


About 11 years ago, MY husband and I went to a New Years Eve party at a doctor friend of ours.  It was an old farmhouse in Greensburg, Westmoreland County on Route 119.   At about 2:00 am, my husband and I went to sleep in a third floor bedroom.  Early the next morning, I woke up to go to the bathroom at the end of the hall.  I had on my husbands T-shirt, so I peeped out the door to see if anyone was there.  I stepped out, and looked down the huge staircase,  and at the first landing was a young man,  with blondish-red hair, with bangs wearing a long black housecoat.  I yelled oops!! and quickly turned into the bathroom.  I went back to bed and my husband asked why I yelled.  I said that I walked out in your T-shirt and sure enough someone saw me!!  I said that it was a young guy who must have also stayed the night. 
When we woke up and went into the kitchen for breakfast,  I was asking if there had been a young man who had stayed the night on the third floor.  It was odd, because everyone at the party the evening before were in their 40's and 50's and no young people were there at all.  The doctor and his wife just looked at each other very odd and both said "CLARENCE"!!      She saw Clarence!!!   They proceed to tell the story of Clarence.  First, she showed my a very old picture of a family who had owned the farm years ago.  I looked at the picture and picked out  the young man that I saw on the stairs.  It was Clarence!!  He was a nephew of the family,  who was a farm hand, and he died in a farming accident when he was just a teenager.  He was considered "slow" and they hired him to do chores around the farm.  He was laid out in the dining room for viewing and then buried.  The doctor and his wife along with a maid, had many encounters with this spirit.  The maid quit because she was too afraid to go into the cellar and do the laundry!! She would fold laundry and put it in a bushel, and Clarence would flip the bushel over! They had found the picture inside a wall when they were renovating the house. She also did some research on the family and farm at a local library. 
I had asked her why she didn't tell us about the ghost before?  She said, then no one would ever come and visit us!!!  They have since moved from the house.  We still drive past the house,  and I wave hello to Clarence!!  It is has become a bed and breakfast as far as I know.  We always want to stop in and tell the story to the new owners.  Maybe, if I get enough nerve up I will!!
Thanks for letting me tell my story!!!

Morristown Haunted


My (Ex-)Husband and I rented a house on Panther Creek Road in Morristown for 45 days (starting December of 1996, I think...we moved asap) I don't remember the exact street address, but it was on the left side of the road just past the boat dock curve (going away from town). It was red brick and white and had, like 4 or 5 out-buildings. I had the scariest experiences there. For some reason the whole time we lived there we were always losing the craziest stuff. Mostly, ONE of a pair of shoes. My (toddler) daughter's birthday pics that year she's only wearing ONE patton leather shoe because we couldn't find the other one! I can't remember HOW many times I was late for work looking for just ONE shoe out of a pair. This shoe thing was happening all the time! One morning, she said that a lady had talked to her the night before in her bedroom downstairs off the living room. That creeped me out. One early evening while I was waiting for the phone company to come out and check the telephone lines because they said "everything on OUR side is fine, I don't know why you can't get a dial-tone." (you know how they give you a 5-hour window...) I fell asleep in the living room and when I woke up, I was missing ONE SHOE and my CAR KEYS! I tried to turn on all of the lights in the house to no avail and it was PITCH black and very cold outside. I sat there and had to wait for my husband to come home and I would absolutely swear someone was standing either right beside me sometimes or definitely in the room with me. I even called out a few times... What made it even worse was the old oil furnace had been converted to propane heat hooked up to the central HVAC system and shook the floor when it came on & off. When my husband finally arrived at like 11pm, and saw my car there and no lights on, he became very suspicious and tried to come in through the locked front door. I FREAKED OUT and started screaming which scared him even more! When I finally realized it was him, I let him in and he walked right in and turned on the lights. EEK! Even more, the whole time we lived there, the BRAND NEW refrigerator never would freeze ice cubes or even keep the milk cold. When the landlord (who lived in Chicago!) called the repairman, he said there was nothing wrong with it. When I was telling my friend who grew up on PCR where I had moved she said "That place is HAUNTED!!!" She said that a long time ago (?) a lady had killed her mother in the house and cut her up and put her in the fireplace in the kitchen and burned the body. Guess what the refrigerator was sitting in front of? An old bricked-up fireplace. EEK! After that, I never stayed in the house again and we moved to Talbott! We even moved in a U-haul in a HORRIBLE snow/ice storm just to get the heck out of there.
When we told the landlord were were moving and he could just keep our security deposit, he replied, "No, no, I'll give you your deposit back..I just can't seem to keep a renter in that place more than 60 days for some reason."
Things that make you go....hrmmmmm?
Ever since then I'm a believer.

Phone Ghost


Okay, so have you ever heard anything like this?  My husband and I were watching a spooking documentary on TV about two guys who tried to spend the night in a haunted hotel in Nevada. We went to bed that night a bit spooked (as I am sure everyone else did who watched the program), and before we drifted off, my husband said, "I hope no ghosts come to visit us tonight."   Well, at 5:45 am our phone next to me started making a bell sound, a sound we have never heard in the 14 years we have lived in our house.  Well, we laughed about it and joked it was probably our ghost calling to say hi.  So now it's two weeks later, (we were out of town last week)  - same night of the week, and we're heading to bed. Once again we joke and wonder if our ghost is going to come visit.  Well, what happens? At exactly the same time as it did two weeks ago (5:45 AM) we wake to our phone making this strange bell sound.  Is this weird or what?  (The noise stops once we answer the phone.) Next week we are going to unplug the phone, and if it does it again, I think we might have someone trying to get in touch with us!! 

S.A. House


Hi, these are some stories my family have told me about their (true) experiences.
First you need to know my families history. My family are from South Africa.
In South Africa most houses are very young with an old house being around a hundred years old, unlike here in England where a vast majority of buildings are over 100 years old.
My family were forced to move house in the '80s due to the recession, the only house they could afford was a very old converted farm (or hospital, not sure). The house had a very claustrophobic feeling, like you were stuck in small spaces constantly and had little room to breathe.
As most people did in South Africa, my family had a Doberman Pinscher call Cesar. Dobermans are dogs that don't take crap from anybody, so it was surprising to find Cesar would not enter the house, he had to be forced in from the back.The cat would also watch things that weren't there and run and hide randomly.
While my dad was falling asleep he suddenly felt like something was sitting on him, putting pressure on his ribs so great he could he could hardly breathe, unlike other people on this website he wasn't paralysed with fear or anything like that so he quickly rolled of the bed and onto the floor, the claustrophobic feeling immediately took over, so he opened a window.
A similar thing also happened to my Auntie, although she saw a face and woke up her husband but he didn't see anything.
My Nana also swore she saw a figure in a white dress walking through the hallway.
BTW, the house had several brick outhouses which had no feelings of any kind, and were where my dad used to fix and refuel/ change the oil of his bike. another odd thing happened in the garden as grass would not grow in certain places, being constantly dead and yellow, though this may be spilt engine oil from the motorbikes. (this would contaminate the soil and stop anything growing.)
Now for my (brief) story, when i was a baby my great granny loved me a lot and loved to take care of me but she died when i was 2. soon after i had a dream with her in, though i cannot remember what she said and/or did.
Well that was my story hope you enjoyed it,
P.S. love the site and scare my self to death reading your stories! :)

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