Ghost Story


I have read many of the stories on this site, believe that they are entirely real, and finally feel comfortable sharing my own. My name is Kay, and I have had some very striking experiences. I have found that I am clairvoyant, and when I was eleven years old I had my first premonition. It was a bit ironic, because it was a premonition that I would start seeing spirits and, well...having more premonitions. One thing that confuses me is that, even though I had never really "seen" things per se, I knew when I woke up that morning that I was "different", and was not concerned by it at all. I was raised Christian, and my parents only told me about demons and angels. My mother frowned upon me having any sort of dealings with the paranormal, as the thought that it wasn't "safe". My father, however, has had many experiences; he's had spirits walking behind him, step for step, seen prescences shove his mother out the door and into the yard, felt entities grab him, etc. Therefore, I felt a little more comfortable telling him, as I progressed through my twelfth year, that I was having more dreams of things that would occur a week or so later. All he really said was that God was probably going to use me for something later in life. While I found my premonitions and deja-vu's of deja-vu's of deja-vu's interesting, I didn't really put much thought or energy into them.
Later, during the summer of my thirteenth year, something...changed somehow. Not only did I continue to have prophetic dreams (which were truly terrifying when interspersed with nightmares, as I didn't know how to distinguish the two from one another), I started seeing, hearing, sensing, and being touched by very unnatural entities. None of these things helped with my teenage insecurities and consequent faltering mental stability. Hearing evil, mocking laughter wake you up in the middle of the night when you already dislike yourself and suspect that you're losing your mind is NOT comforting in the least. At thirteen, and then fourteen years of age, I was very emotional and felt estranged from my parents and everyone else, save my friend Jeff. My terrifying experiences with the paranormal finally drove me to a deathwish.
It is a little difficult to share this, but I do so with the hope of being an encouragement to others... After many, many attempts to end my own life in ways that did not work (due, yet again, to supernatural forces), I went out and hanged myself. As I was losing consciousness and slipping away, I became aware of a presence enveloping me. It was a great, dark shadow, exceptionally beautiful on some deep, subconscious level- I say dark, but it was not in any way evil. I felt this cool, stale, smoky shadow of a prescence wrapping itself around me- like an embrace, only more enveloping. I knew in that moment (without knowing how I knew) that I was lingering on the edge, about to die, and that my visitor was the Angel of Death (referred to in the Bible as such, and also as the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost). I panicked, was miraculously able to undo the rope, and passed out on the ground. What struck me the most vividly was the emotion of the entity- he was unbelieveably sad. It was as if he was holding me gently, enfolding me against his body, and telling me "Please, don't do isn't right. It isn't your time." I remember that my friend Jeff was very shaken by the story, and that that was the beginning of the end of the most awful period of my life. I found out that Jeff also had had very vivid, striking experiences with the supernatural, and we began to share with one another and embrace our abilities. My experiences also begain to become more vivid from then on.
Long since the rougher parts of my life, I have grown to love life, the spirit realm, and my old friend; Jeff and I are now happily engaged. I have discovered, over time, that he is considerably more clairvoyant than I; therefore he sees and experiences more. One of his more recent experiences was very intriguing, and happened while he was on the phone with me late at night. He was sitting in his father's mechanic shop, which is a few hundred feet from his house. On the desk he was sitting at were an old telephone and a desktop computer, both unplugged. I heard him inhale sharply and then become very quiet. I asked him what was the matter, and he informed me that the unplugged phone had beeped and started making static noises, and that the "on" light on the unplugged computor monitor was blinking. He felt the presence very clearly, and told me that it was female. Then, he realized that the blinking computer light was morse code. The ghost, through blinking morse code, told him her name (her last name he recognized as belonging to a family that lived down the road), and asked him where she could find his uncle. He tapped morse code on the desk to tell her where to go, and she touched his hand and left. Jeff has also had seemingly random experiences where entities will enter his bedroom and touch him on the hand or shoulder, or linger outside his window and make music come from nowhere.
My own most vivid experience, besides my encounter with the Angel of Death, has occurred recently in my own room. One night I was awakened by a sharp cracking noise. The thought "poltergeist" entered my mind, however, I have become quite comfortable with most prescences and figured that I would go back to sleep and check on it in the morning. When I looked around that morning, I found that a framed drawing of mine was lying undamaged on the floor about eight feet from where it would have fallen. I expecially noticed its location because I had not heard it roll or bounce- it was one, sharp crack. I was slightly concerned, since its place on the shelf was nowhere near a vent or anything that could have knocked it down. However, I merely placed it back on the shelf and passed through a couple of nights with no further occurrences. However, two or three nights later I heard the same crack of my picture hitting the floor. I ignored it and went back to sleep.
This evidently irked the entity, because at around six that morning I was awakened by very loud thumping, knocking, and glass clinking. On my dresser, I have a painting leaning against the wall at the back, and lots of candles, glass vessels, little boxes, and curios. Immediately after I woke to the sound of all my things being moved around, I saw the painting fly up in the air, flip over, and land on a pile of laundry on the floor. I let out a surprised yell and began fimly commanding the prescence to leave my room in the name of God if it was malicious. The movement stopped, and I turned on the light- however, I was aware that it hadn't completely "gone away". About two thirds of all the things on my dresser were scattered on the floor, my top dresser drawer was open, and I was very irritated. The main cause of my irritation was that I had had a very delicate wax-adorned bottle on my dresser that was a gift from my fiancee. I was worried that it had been damaged, and I couldn't see it either on my dresser or on the floor. I got out of bed to look for it and found that it, along with my most fragile candle holder, had been neatly placed, undamaged and out of harm's way, in a box that I have at the base of my dresser.
When I realized that the entity had some courtesy, I felt bad for lashing out at it and apologized. I then prayed and asked the Lord to execute His will- if the prescence was evil, cast it out, and if not, let it stay. I made sure to leave everything just as it was, so that later I could make sure that I had not been dreaming. Surely enough, later in the morning when I woke up again, everything was just as it had been- strewn over the floor. As I was picking my things up, I noticed that I could not find one of my white taper-candles. I looked all over, and finally found it hidden underneath a bag of sewing supplies on the other side of my dresser. That evening as I was leaving my room my door, which always swings open unless I latch it, stayed closed behind me even though it was unlatched. I took note of this, and also of the fact that when I returned and pushed the door open, there was slight pressure against the door at first, which had never been there before. I was overjoyed that the entity had stayed. Over time, I have gotten the impression that it is a small child, and have named it Angel.
A few nights ago, I think that I may have seen him/her. (I am confused as to the gender because, for whatever reason, I cannot feel this presence like I can feel others- it is extremely subtle and nearly impossible to sense until it makes a physical manifestation). I had been making something in the kitchen area that night, and had gone to my room to get something. What I saw was so fleeting that I would have dismissed it as my imagination- except I had not even been thinking about Angel (or anything involving ghosts or the paranormal, for that matter), and therefore wouldn't have fabricated the sighting in my own mind. I look at the ground when I walk, so as I got to the door of my room I saw the legs of a little child, probably between five and seven years of age. The image was so fleeting that I did not have time to look up and see the top half of the child. However, what I did see were old-fashioned white stockings that reached up to the knees; and unfortunately (Angel seems intent on remaining unspecified in terms of gender), I did not have time to tell if the legs were clothed with knickers or a knee-length skirt. I want to say that they were knickers, (I keep getting the faint impression that Angel is more like a boy than a girl), but I cannot be sure. Whatever Angel is, he is certainly not malicious in the least. I am always comforted, knowing that I have company, and also feel a fondness for the spirit. I am very maternal and nurturing by nature, and I find this spirit-child's playful habits to be very endearing. He will sometimes move my things around, as if trying to see whether or not I will notice or be able to figure out what he moved. He also makes tiny scratching noises on the wall above my headboard at times, while I am reading or on the phone. I now think of him very much like a little brother, nephew, or son.
The general area around my home seems to be haunted by strange prescences as well. I have had visions of spirit-wolf creatures in areas down the road. After investigation and psychic communication with them, I found unusual canine tracks in my dirt driveway that led to the spot where I had psychically reached out to them. There were also more canine tracks that appeared out of nowhere, led up to my gate, and then went down the road that leads to the places that I had had visions of. The tracks led to the middle of the road and then disappeared. I have also heard these creatures wailing, howling, shrieking, and moaning- they have upset several neighbours' dogs and cattle very much. These sounds, as well as the visions of the wolves, are always the strongest and clearest at the full moon. I wonder if they are connected to Native American culture- I know that people of that culture always used to believe in and encounter spirit-animals. The strange thing is that I live in Florida, and we do not have any wolves in the area. They are fairly friendly, with very intelligent faces. They are all grey, and have black (or extremely dark brown) eyes. I got the distinct feeling that they saw me, too, and I have felt them nearby, watching me; however, I do not physically see them. It is as if they are on a different dimension or similar such thing. The only physical evidence that I have of them are their tracks, as well as their wailings. I have also heard one of them growl at me from about ten to twenty feet in the woods (and believe me when I say that I checked and confirmed that nothing tangible should have made that sound. There was no animal there, and no sort of machinery that could have made a sound like a growl). By all means, let me know if you have any thoughts on what they could be.
Thank you so much for reading my stories! If you wish to talk to me about paranormal experiences or sensetivity, or want encouragement, I will do my best to help you. I can be contacted at . Just make sure you put "Ghost Stories" or something similar in the subject line. Thank you for your time, and Blessed Be!

Ghostly Experience


Hi I have afew ghost experience I would like to tell you and hopefully get some answers from them too.
By the way, great website, I've been fascinated by the spirit world for a while but I don't believe in trying to contact any spirits and I will never try so I don't know why this happened to me but here is my experience.
I was in the house I grew up in, I lived there with the family years ago with (mum, younger brother and sister) for about 15 years, now have moved out and they had some other people in there renting the house then they moved out and I moved in with my boyfriend, and afew times in the night when me and my boyfriend was in bed I would hear footsteps on the carpet walking down the passage, and into the bedroom
Also while my Boyfriend was at work, one night I was home by myself around 11:00pm I got up and went into the kitchen to make myself a coffee, and I was in the process of making it when I could feel a tingling behind me I kept putting my hand up behind my head thinking nothing of it, it kept doing it and again and again I would put my hand up to feel the spot where it felt strange, then, I looked up on the wall for some reason, and there on the wall was the shadow of a hand with slightly pointed fingers the shadow was so solid and so dark against the brightly lit wall I knew it wasn't my shadow I spun around to see if anything was behind me, nothing, I looked back at the wall and the hand was gone, by this time I had my back to the wall I was so scared a wave of shock or something came over me I went all hot in the face and was shaking realizing that it wasn't me but something else really scared me, so I left and went to my mothers as soon as I got there I cried.
Now I have moved out of the place and am renting somewhere else, I don't feel afraid but more curious about it now can you give me some answers? Whether it was evil or not or maybe trying to tell me something? But what?
Anyway hope to hear back from you.



Hello, my name is kiely. I wanted to add an experience i had for your post of the maple valley highway in renton. When i was younger i remember having dreams of places i have never been. I drempt of a place with a long road. this road elevated at each end of me so i only saw the small stretch of road i was standing. this road went through dense woods, and in the distance i could see mountian like hills. I, for some reason, was always in a vehicle of some kind. I was too young to drive when i first got these dreams so i know i was not driving but the car was moving. As i pulled up to and opening on the right, there was a misty building off to the right hand side of the road. At this point in my dream the car i was in would come to a stop. This is when i got out. Now something bad and dark was always coming for me causing me to run. Most of the time i would run to this circular, tube like piece of machinery. The bad thing would turn this on, it would rotate and i would wake up. Sometimes i would run inside the building. It was really dark, even though i knew it was dark outside, the inside of the building always seemed too dark. I would wait in a corner in this verson of the dream and then i would wake feeling as though i was there all night and not in my dream. Now this is where it gets freaky. Many years later when i was a softmore in highschool, we moved to the renton highlands. I drove from here to my school in covington. Usually i took the freeways, but then my aunt showed me a highway. Then next monday i woke at 4am and my brother and i took this new highway. I freaked out when i passed this streatch of road where i saw this mill that produced some kind of saw dust. This was the place i dremt about so many times. I drove by that place for three years. not even now will i stop at that area. it creaps me out. i never saw a women on the side of the road but i have experienced the old house with the lights turning on and off. almost in morse code. but mostly i have had double takes where i swear i see something, but on second look there is nothing there.
thankyou for listening and if you are curious feel free to e-mail me.

Kindred Spirits - a ghost story


Shortly after moving from London to a 17th century farmhouse in a rural South Norfolk village, we were visited by a psychic friend. Mike has communicated with those on "the other side" since he was a child; he doesn't go looking for them, but it seems they seek him out with messages for those they've left behind. He sometimes feels he has to go and ask a stranger in a pub whether they know who "X" is, and whether some information about "Y"
means anything to them. Inevitably it does and, even if initially sceptical, people are always amazed and grateful in the end, for the communication.
I've always been fascinated by ghosts and the supernatural, but nothing like this had ever happened for me. This hot summer evening, though after a sudden storm had lit up the fields behind us with wild forks of lightening and crashes of thunder, Mike gave a slight shudder and said, "Lucy, there's someone here and he wants to talk to you. "
Over the next forty minutes, Mike relayed what he was hearing from a man who claimed he had lived in our village, had been accused of a crime he hadn't committed and had to leave under a cloud around the year 1945. He was pleased and  "tickled" that I had come to live in this house - which was not a place he had ever lived, though he had possibly worked here - because he knew I was a writer and researcher. He wanted me to tell his story and "right the wrong"; clear his name of the false accusation.
In fact he gave his name quite clearly, and the nickname he was often known by, and told Mike (though some of the information came in pictures and feelings as well as words)  where he could be found in the churchyard. But he was much less clear about the incident that had caused him the trouble.
In response to my questions, Mike was told there were still people around who would remember him, that people from the church were involved, there was a definite World War Two feel to his story, but not much other useful detail.
However, this man had wise words for someone who had moved to the country with the hope of becoming a fiction writer. He told me I should move my study from the attic down to a room with a wide bay window overlooking fields and the church, because this would be my "window on the world" at which I should write. He told me his story was a gift to me.
I wasn't too sure what to make of all this - at the time I only had three abandoned chapters of a London-based novel in a drawer somewhere and an idea about writing a factual book on moving to the country. The next day, though, I took the dog for a walk past the village church and decided to take a look in the graveyard. To my amazement, there was a small plaque, exactly where he had described it, with the name of my ghost and dates that showed he would have been a youngish man in the Second World War.
Despite this somewhat shocking confirmation, finding out any more about him wasn't straightforward. I couldn't find any older residents of the village who remembered him, but I eventually found a record of his daughter attending the village school (where my children go) during the early 1940s, their address and date of departure in 1946 because they were "moving to London". I tried to find the daughter, but with no result. Eventually, having forgotten that he said people connected to the church would help, I put my ghost story and a request for information in our parish newsletter - and within a week his son (who lives abroad and was on a very rare visit
home) and nephew had both rung me, and prompted by her brother, his daughter wrote to me.
They had all been children in the 1940s, and not aware of any crime or indiscretion that their father or uncle had committed. But from their different accounts I pieced together that my man had been a frequent visitor to the village before the war, staying with his uncle and aunt at their farm. During these visits he had met the daughter of one of the village's most prosperous families (they owned a shop, the mill and much surrounding farmland), they had fallen in love and eventually married. She already had a son and then they had a daughter themselves. When he was called up to fight, she and the children went to live with her mother and helped run the shop.
He moved in with them when the war ended.
His son and daughter remembered my ghost as a great father, loving and committed husband, but a "failed businessman" - someone who always had lots of ideas for making money but never managed to bring any to fruition. His death certificate (which I sent up for), describes his occupation as a driving instructor - perhaps the last resort of a failed businessman. They couldn't think of anything he might have been accused of, though told me that a milestone in their lives was when their grandfather (his
father-in-law) had unexpectedly died in 1944, leaving no will. A family row meant they had had to leave their house and go to live in London. This had been very upsetting to the two children who had been happy at their schools and their country environment.
The nephew recalled his uncle in slightly different terms: "a wheeler dealer" and "a spiv"; someone who liked the ladies was how he described him.
He remembered that when his grandfather had died - intestate - the estate had been much smaller than expected, money and goods apparently missing. His own father had been a strange, reclusive man who been in the RAF, lived apart from his wife and child and didn't think much of his sister's choice of husband.
That was it - the information trail stopped there. The son and daughter, polite though they had been to someone claiming to have been called on by their father's spirit, suggested I should leave well alone. Mike received no return visit from our man and doesn't "call up" his visitors.
In a last ditch attempt to find out the facts, I went to a friend who is also a professional psychic and asked her if she could contact my man. I gave her his name and the wartime date, but she wanted no more information.
At first there was no response to her efforts to tap into the spirit world, but then a charming gentleman in a demob suit and trilby appeared to her - "I want to call him a spiv," she said - but he said nothing. As she was about to give up, another man "came through". This gentleman was in RAF uniform, a very upright, establishment figure who had taken part in WW2.
The session was taped and this is what she said, verbatim:
"This gentleman has some regrets. This gentleman. there is a lot of emotion with this gentleman. He said he upset some people. He said it was never his intention to upset. He was, in his words, he was "rather a selfish person".
He said also he realises now he was harsher than he should have been. He realises now that he was difficult. He thinks that people might have misunderstood him sometimes. He was blunt. He said what he thought, and often without thinking about others around. But he was very stubborn and although he knew he had said things wrong, he would not give in. That was not good. He would like to apologise but it is so late. I feel this person has... that he did mellow somewhat in his later years, but it was like he was two people. He says he is sorry, he would like all that to be gone, but he knows it's not, because he never realised there would be repercussions and there were so many repercussions."
Sometime during this quite long drawn out set of events, my first novel was published. "Blood and Water" was set in London's Crystal Palace district; the present day heroine had a psychic gift that took the reader back into the history of the place and the palace. As soon as that book was finished I knew where my second plot would come from.
"Kindred Spirits" combines my experience of moving to the country with that of a Land Girl who comes to the same farmhouse in 1939. She works for the Jackson family, whose eldest daughter, Emma, falls for a charming wheeler dealer who visits the village called Henry Tinker. Both Londoners find kindred spirits in their new rural environments - and spirits of the supernatural kind. As it says on the back cover:
"Mo Mozart, with her GP husband Jack and two young children, moves from Crystal Palace to rural Norfolk in pursuit of the perfectly balanced lifestyle. Their idyllic farmhouse, though, holds dark family secrets that date back decades - to when Dottie Hammond moved from London to become a World War Two Land Girl on a farm surrounded by Norfolk's RAF/USA Airbases.
Mo's happy country life starts to unravel when Jack is accused of abusing a young patient, she starts having flashbacks to the 1940s and her daughter, Lily, develops an imaginary friend from the same era. With help from both town and country friends, experiences of past and present, Dottie's wartime diary and a community production of "Hamlet", Mo uncovers the unresolved events that have haunted the village of Great Haddeston for seventy years.
In the process she sorts out her own complex family issues that revolve around Jack's adoption and his glamorous birth mother."
I can only hope that, while the story of "Kindred Spirits" is entirely a work of fiction based around some historical events, the character of Henry Tinker captures some of my ghost's spirit - his personality and charm, and that the unravelling of the plot I have woven around him goes some way to vindicating him from what he may have been accused of all those years ago.
"Kindred Spirits" and "Blood and Water" by Lucy McCarraher are on sale through,  and can be ordered through any bookshop (for "Kindred Spirits" quote ISBN: 1849231729). For more information, go to .

Smoke in the Kitchen


I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. Particularly with a smoke like ghost. No features of a figure or face. Just a small column of smoke with a curl like a cigarette smoke would curl.
When I saw it at 8:30 am nearly a foot away from my stove I figured I had a fire. So I had to quickly pass through the smoke to get to the stove and found no burners on and no sensation of heat. No people were in the house. When I turned back to see the smoke it had gone, all within 15 seconds. There was no smell but possibly a coolness to the smoke. It is quite unexplainable to me.
My twin had died 10 months to the day, prior to the happening with the smoke. But what is also very strange is that her daughter delivered her first baby girl that same day. I feel that my twin could have reincarnated into her granddaughter and on the way to planet Earth she stopped by to say Hi to me.
I'm sure this sounds pretty weird to most people but my twin and I were raised with metaphysical beliefs so I was just curious if there were other similar examples.
Thank you for listening.

Ellensburg, Washington

In Ellensburg, before it was torn down the dorm Courson had many paranormal moments on the 7th floor. In a room that was empty you could hear the hangers banging in the closet, voices, and knocking. Knocking on the doors, and nobody was there, shutting the door and then there would be a loud bang like somebody kicked it, lights would flicker, tv's would turn off and on, Bedroom lights were on from the outside of the building and when you got back to your room, the light would be off. One time two corkboards fell and landed at the same time as if they had been pushed down. Closet Doors would open and close. Bedroom doors would also even if the window wasnt open. Whispering and strange noises in your room, and white orbs could be seen.. Very Very eery! The only thing we could think of was that the ghost from Kamola was coming over to visit. One of our grandfathers died that same year as well.



I was the bar manager @ the Piccadilly Pub/ Formerly the old Vincent's Steak house about 10 years ago.  We used to keep  excess beer stock in the basement under the restaurant.  One night I was down in the basement counting stock and  I saw movement  to my right side.  I saw the dark image of a man  about  5' 10" tall about med build. The image was one  I had seen before in the attic portion of the building.  I was never afraid, but  "he" made me aware that "he" was there. And when all was quiet later at night while I was closing the business, I could hear footsteps above my head in the attic portion of the building. One night I went up there to see what I could see, and I swear in the middle of the summer I could see my breath. I was never afraid. There was nothing to fear.



when i was about nine years old i was in the woods riding my horse, indy, and i was going a way i'd never gone before. i came to a creek that i couldn't get over because my horse was not a jumping horse so i went back and put my horse away then got my dog and went back into the woods. when i finally got back to the creek. i was about to jump it when i saw a girl about 12 floating off the creek about three, four feet. she had black hair, wearing a night gown that was a old fancy hight gown, she was holding a teddy ear. i only saw one glance aat her but i still remember it. then a few weeks later i was at my friends house down my road and the same woods were in her house to and i was telling her about it and she said she had a friend over they were playing 31(game i tought her) and then they went in to the forest and they came to a creek(same creek as mine) and they saw her,too

Haunted House in Orangevale, ca


Between 1966-1969 We (my large family of 12) lived in a house that we had heard was haunted. We actually received a letter (before we bought it and moved in) from someone who stated that they lived there and it was diffidently haunted. But my Dad and Mom did not believe in spirits. The sightings began almost immediately. On several occasions my parents saw a man and a woman together standing over there bed. On one occasion they heard a woman scream in our house and ran out to find the front door open. My sister saw many spirits that she only shared with my parents. And then one night I woke to a woman dressed in an old fashion dress covering up my sister with a blanket. It looked like she was covering her head and I didn't know who she was so I sat up in bed and she turned around to look and be and disappeared. I told my parents and my sister and that's when i found out about the spirits.

My Cat's Visit


In our former residence, one night I felt a cat jump up on my bed.  This was not unusual as we have had many cats in the past and had five cats at the time.  I felt the cat walk around me and ending up at the top of the pillow.  When I reached up to pet the cat and  to determine which of our pets had decided to grace me with their presence, I found nothing. I had not heard the cat jump down and when I turned on the lights, still no cat.  I got up and checked the couch in the den  which was their favorite late night roost. There they all were looking at me with sleep filled eyes, wondering why I had disturbed their sleep by turning on the lights.  I realized I had just been visited by a former pet and went back to bed with no fear, just curiosity. 

Premonition Message


This happened to a group of us about 22 years ago when I was in the Boy Scouts.  One field trip we took was to Wright-Paterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  It was the off-season, so there were hardly any (if any) other visitors so we had the run of the museum (a collection of various aircraft on display housed in large hangars).
One of the aircraft was JFK's actual Air Force One jet, which you could enter and walk around.  We entered and looked around the plane then exited and stood on that platform atop those stairs the President is always shown waving from when he gets off or on.  Due to the vantage point, we could see out over the whole hangar.  My eyes were suddenly drawn to what appeared to be a modern commuter-type craft (red and white) rolling near the back of the hangar, silently taxiing.  I called for the others to look and said something like, "look, one of the planes got loose and is going to crash!"  We laughed and went down the stairs and ran down the center aisle where the plane should have been to see the mess and looked around.  No plane.  No open hangar door, and really no room for any sort of plane to be rolling freely at all.  The plane was simply gone.  We all looked at each other in total disbelief.  I still remember the wide eyes and open mouths.  This  wasn't funny anymore, but didn't really seem scary.  It was just plain weird and totally unexplained.  To date, this is the only paranormal experience I have ever had.
I told this story to some coworkers recently when the subject of hauntings came up.  One of them said, "maybe JFK was trying to give you a message about his son."  JFK junior was killed almost 11 years ago when his commuter plane went down in the ocean.

Weird science


I have posted here before and as I've said before, I have always been spiritually sensitive.  I posted the lonely little ghost girl post while I was living in Massachusetts and the trip I had from NY to MD in a snowstorm and stayed at the Hampton Inn near Elkton, MD.  But I have had many other spiritual experiences in my childhood that by themselves don't mean much but collectively are kind of disturbing. 
For some reason, all of these started with toys - either of my own or toys belonging to other kids.  They would do weird things when I was around and everyone - including me - would be totally freaked out.  I was playing ball with another guy down the street, Don, when I was about
8 years old (this would have been around 1962) and his kid sister had one of those big beauty parlor dolls that could have her hair washed and styled as she sat in a swivel chair and put under a hair dryer.  She was up on top of a bookshelf across the room from me.  Her legs were spring-jointed at the knees so she looked real when she sat in the chair.  She was all dressed in prissy pink and I thought she looked dumb.  Even the hair dryer was pink.  I hate pink to this day.  Don went upstairs to talk to his dad a minute.  No sooner had I looked at this doll and formed the thought, "Jeez, what a STUPID doll!" then there was a sharp =BANG= and both the doll's legs shot out of their sockets and flew across the room like a pair of flesh-colored missles.  Absolutely nothing else happened other than the doll was now a double amputee.  My explanation of  "the doll broke herself" didn't work.  I got my butt kicked by 2 sets of parents.  At another kid's house we were playing Army in his basement and HIS kid sister had a Little Miss Echo.  This one was a big doll that had a "magic bow" at her throat that you turned one way and talked to her, then you turned the "magic bow" the other way and she'd repeat what you just said.  So we were having a good ol' time on this rainy day hollering and making sound effects and explosions while our armies were beating each other up when Little Miss Echo went 'bleeeeeeep' all by herself on the other side of the basement.  She was standing on the floor facing us and I got creeped out.  "What was that?"
I asked him, staring at the doll.  "I dunno," he said.  We kept playing for about 5 minutes and again Little Miss Echo went 'bleeeeeeep' but then started playing back all the things we'd just been saying and doing while our armies were beating each other up.  Another kid had a huge Remco "Mighty Matilda" aircraft carrier that would move along the floor, pitching and rolling like it was on the ocean.  It had really cool weaponry, alarm bells, signal lights and scale modeling.  It would seize up and stop working for no reason when I was around.  I had a really cool diesel locomotive that blew its whistle and had 'bump and go'
action that would work fine for my other 3 brothers, but it would always turn and come after me!  I had a McDonnell-Douglas DC-6 that would idle all 4 turbo-props like it was sitting on the runway; it would start rolling in a straight line, pivot slowly in a half-circle as the cabin light lit up and the stewardess came out of the galley and went down the aisle between the passengers.  The cabin light would shut off, the engines would rev up faster and faster, it would shoot forward a couple of feet like it was going to take off and start all over again.  But there were times, for no reason at all, it would just go around in a circle and do nothing else.  Then I'd shut it off and leave it alone until I thought it would work right a day or so later. 
There were other things like this going on with me around toys:  passive toys like puzzles and mechanical toys like an erector set or clockwork toys that wound up didn't "act up" with me.  All the problems seemed to revolve around toys that worked on batteries.  So I always took them apart (to the exasperation of my parents) to see what made them work; I'd heard about "bugs" in machinery and wanted to see if there were any bugs in my toys.  I'd also heard about "gremlins" making things go wrong but I had no idea what a gremlin was until I saw the Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner - the one with the gremlin on the wing of the DC-6 he was a passenger on.  I was terrified  there might be gremlins doing things to my toys when I wasn't around.
To this day I still do weird things without trying.  I can't wear digital watches; I "short them out" and they stop working within a matter of weeks.  My cell phone will do really weird things like chime for no reason when I don't have the alarm set or ring in an incoming call with no one there.  I will receive unexplainable electrical shocks of some kind under all circumstances, even during rainstorms and soggy wet weather when static electricity is supposed to be at its weakest.
My house barely missed getting hit by lightning about 15 years ago and to this day weird electrical things happen, starting with my daughter's toys turning on or talking in the middle of the night before a thunderstorm hits.  Lights will turn off and on that didn't do that before the lightning strike.  And all my life I have noticed things move, fall off shelves or fly across the room when I am extremely tense or agitated.  I was helping a guy do some woodwork years ago; he was using his battery powered drill and set it down.  It started up all by itself and shut itself off again.



I have had one experience when I was around  20 years old. I was parked at a graveyard with my future husband. We were smooching lying in the front seat when we both heard a creaking noise. The weekend before this, a county sherriff had driven up behind us and told us to go as there had been drinking going on there. So, our first thought was this was happening again. I was the first to look behind through our rear window. I saw an outline of what I thought was a man standing there. It was a very good moonlit night. My boyfriend also turned to look as I said yes there is someone there. He put his foot on the brake and turned th keys to start the car. As he did this I was still looking at the figure and it disappeared in front of my eyes. This was when I lost my breath. He drove out of there very fast. We stopped a few miles later where a drive in burger place still had outdoor lights to look at the car for handprints. It had looked like the guy had his two hands on the back of the car and it was a dusty road. There were no handprints there. We to this day believe we saw something supernatural. We went back with a friend the next day in day light to see the location. We wanted to see if a tree branch could of been what we saw. There were no tree branches that would of been in that view we saw the dark man. It looked like the outline of a real man that was until he disappeared. We both described the same thing later to each other as to what we saw. This was in the late seventies.

My Guardian Angel

OK this is my first time ever emailing you guys, so im little bit nervous.  I've actually been hesitating whether or not i should send u my story.  But n-e-ways......
And ive lived in my current house for 8 years now.  Now this story might be a little "amatur-ish" becuz its just a little story that isnt even that drastic.  But I thought I'd come on here and share with you the little ghostly experiances that ive had.  So lets get started.
Ok so like 10 years ago in September of 98 (I was 5), my grandfather passed away of throat cancer.  Now let me tell you, when i was born, he loved me so much that he wanted 10 of me!  I was his favorite grandchild!  Shortly after he died, things started 2 happen.  For example, when he was alive, everyday around 2:15p.m., he would call my mom and ask her if she needed n-e-thing from the store.  So about a week after he passed away, my mom started getting these weird phone calls from the number that he use to call her from.  When she would answer the phone, nobody would be on the other end.  She saw it was from my grandfather's house number so she freaked out and we went over to him and my grandmother's house (The house that i currently live in)to see if n-e-one was there. So when we got there, no one was in the house!  My grandmother was at work, my uncle was at work, and my two cuzins didnt have a key to the house. 
Then when christmas time came, another incident occured.  And may I might add that his birthday was on christmas day.  So a week or two before christmas, me and my mom were decorating my grandmothers christmas tree.  And we had christmas music on and everything.  So me and my mom were dancing together to the christmas music when my mom fell and hit her head on the T.V.  She was ok but when she sat up she just stared at the corner of the little corridor that leads to the front door.  She would not stop staring so i said "Mommy what are you looking at?".  She wouldnt answer, she just kept staring.  So i said it again "Mommy what are you looking at!".  She still didnt answer me.  So i shook her and i yelled "MOMMY!  WHATS WRONG!  WHAT DO YOU KEEP LOOKING AT!"  Thats when she finally looked up at me and said "Oh my god.  I think I just saw your grandfather."  So she got up and went to my grandmother and told her what happened.  She said she saw like a white outlining of my grandfathers body peeking around the corner.  That scared the "you know what" out of my grandmother and I. 
Make a long story short, me and my mom moved into that house to keep my grandmother company (Also because my mom and dad got a divorce and we left my dad). Then a few weeks later, my mom was sleeping in her bed, which was originally my grandfathers bed.  It was early morning and the sun was already up.  She woke up to the sound of my grandfather yelling "Sylvia!" (Thats my moms name).  It sounded as if something was wrong or like he needed her for something.  She said she heard it so loud that jumped and woke up.  When she woke up, nobody was there in the room.
Shortly after we moved in, things started to happen to me!  Let me first tell you that when ur in the middle of our living room, on your right is the hallway leading to all of our bedrooms.  So all the time when i would be sitting in the middle of the living room watching T.V., at the corner of my eye I would see a fuzzy oval shaped dark cloud standing at the end of the hallway.  Sometimes the cloud would be brown, then it would be black, then it would be gray.  This would go on on a daily basis.  My grandmother would see the same thing, too.  She would be sitting on the couch doing her bills and she would see a white cloud peeking around the kitchen corner.  This went on for a few years.  Then it just stopped.  I stopped seeing that fuzzy figure.  Or maybe i did but i just didnt notice.  But then just recently, it started up again.  Things started to happen about a year ago.
Last January of 2008, things started to happen.  But the weird thing is that they would only happen to me.  No one else would have these experiances.  So one day last January of 2008, i was home alone.  I was in my moms room (Originally my grandfathers room) just watching T.V. and i had the door closed.  As i was watching T.V., i heard someone outside the room clear their throat.  Then i began to hear things moving around in the kitchen and in the living room.  So i just thought it was my mom and grandmother coming home from the store.  So i thought that my mom was gonna walk into the room at n-e second.  But she didnt and i thought that was kinda weird so i went to the bedroom door and opened and i just stood there because i didnt hear n-e-thing n-e-more.  I was just waiting for my mom or grandma to walk by but they didnt.  So i just closed the door and continued watching T.V.  But then i started to hear it again.  Once again i started hearing as if somebody came home.  So i muted the T.V. and went to the door and opened it again.  I didnt walk out to check the house like n-e other stupid fool in the horror movies would, no i just stood there waiting for my mom or grandma to walk by.  Nothing happened.  So i closed the door and just stood there staring at it.  Then i put my ear up to the door to see if i could hear n-e-thing.  And you'll never believe what i heard.  I heard someone walk pass the door 3 times!  And you know that sound you make when you walk across the carpet?  It was that sound.  Because all we have is carpet in the house.  So yea i didnt hear footsteps, i heard shuffling as if someone was walking pass the doorway.  So i totally freaked out and ran to the other end of the room, hid under my grandfathers old desk, and called my friend and told her what had happened.  I was hysterical.  Then finally my mom and grandmother came home for real.  I told them all about it.  My mom believed me and said that it was just my grandfather.  But my grandmother was trying to make sense out of it and said that it was probably jus the air conditioning making all that noise.  
So from that day on, on a daily basis, everyday and everynight, i would feel as if someone was watching me.  Even when i would be alone in my own room.  Like right now as im typing this, i feel my grandfathers presence.
Make a long story short,  4 months later in May, his twin sister passed away.  And ever since she died,  i havent been feeling his presence that often.  I still do but just not as often as i use to.   Now remember earlier in this story, i mentioned that we would get these weird phone calls?  Well a month after his sister passed away, i got a phone call at 2:15p.m. from an unknown caller.  I picked it up and no one was there.  Once again, that happened when i was home by myself.  
Then just two weeks ago, i think i might have saw him.  I was standing in the kitchen wit my mom and our roommate of 5 months, Emily.  This was at night time.  And at night we turn off all the lights in the living room but we leave one on in the kitchen.  Now from where i was standing, if u looked to your left, you could see the living room.  So i was talking to my mom and Emily.  Then all of a sudden my eyes twitched and i was like blinking really fast for like two seconds.  When this happened, i saw a white flash go across the living room.  Then i looked and nothing was there.  I started freaking out then i started crying. 
I dont know.  Maybe hes just my gaurian angel.  I hope he stays with me my whole life.  Im sure he will.
But n-e-ways, thats my story.  These are the things that  have happened in our house over the past 10 years.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

My Great Grandma


My great grandmother was a great lady, she was very old, I was very young.  We used to sit side by side in her Lazy boy chair and she would read to me.  She made these great cinnamon apples, I loved them.  In 1980 when she was 80yrs old she moved off of the blue grass “which was a road her house was on”, into town.  She moved into one of those senior citizen high rises.  You know the kind that you have to call every morning just to let them know you are still kicking.  They left her alone as long as she called in.  One day she had some light chest pains so she called my Grandpa to come and take her to the hospital.  The doctor said she had a mild cardiac episode and normally would have just sent her home but being she was now 98yrs old that he wanted to put her in a nursing home for a couple of days just to keep and eye on her.  She had a sister" I really don’t know much about her", just that she lived in a nursing home in Chicago and had lived there for many years.  I think she was mistreated by the staff or so my Great grandma thought.  She told the Doc that she would not be going to any nursing home.  The doctor told her to sleep on it.  My Grandfather was get ting ready to go home for the night and my Great Grandmother told him good bye and that she loved him very much.  “she had not told him that in 50yrs or so”.  I believe she had decided that she had lived a good long life and at 11:30pm that night she gave up that ghost.  That is a interesting story but what gets me is 700miles away at 11:45pm Great grandma’s sister who had been in the nursing home in Chicago died.  I believe Grandma went to Chicago and got her and they went home together. I loved my great grandma. 

Night time encounters


For countless nights I have experienced some mild but unexplainable things.  For example, there's a T.V in my room and one night, while I was talking to my brother about ghosts, it suddenly turned on by itself.  I wasn't really sure if ghosts had anything to do with it because that kind of thing probably happens to everyone.  Anyway, one of those nights, when I was by myself, I was sleeping when suddenly I found it hard to breathe;  I do not have asthma.  Then I felt as if someone were on top of me.  I realized what this was and began to pray to St. Michael the archangel in my mind.  The weight lifted a bit...then came back down, heavier than before.  Then, I felt as if there were paint brush strokes on my face and invisible hands were gently stretching out my face, making it an easier surface to paint on.  On other nights, I felt hands near my feet.  When I reached down to brush them away, I could definately feel that there were hands... a man's hands; one night it grabbed my ankle.  But whenever I felt the hands, it was weird because it didn't feel solid, but I could feel there was something there.  One night, I felt as if I was being kissed.  Weird.  And on rare occasions, while I was having trouble breathing, I felt my mouth being forced wide open.  And then I began to shake uncontrollably for a few seconds; but I wasn't cold so they weren't chills and I'm not epileptic.  I tried to cry out but I couldn't make a sound.  On another occasion, I felt as if I had just been whipped in the face with a jacket with a zipper.  It didn't really hurt but it caught me by surprise.  And after that, I felt as if a fist was pushing down on my teeth and gums.  The pressure on my teeth didn't subside till about a minute later.  It happened on two separate occasions.  Recently, not much has happened.  Sometimes these things happen for consecutive nights.  I sleep with a crucifix near my head and another one on top of the T.V but I don't know if that makes a difference..  Although these things don't affect anyone else in my household, I'm not really frightened by them.  Instead, I feel a sense of calm overwhelm me whenever they occur.  However, I still insist that my door be left ajar.   

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