An appearance


I slept in the same room with my mother, my brother Jeffrey had the room all by himself.  It was the dead of winter in upper New York.  We had all went to bed, when all of a sudden I woke up and screamed.  Standing smiling at me was my brother Keith.  He was illuminated, just so lit up, wearing a white t shirt, with one hand on his hip, a sleepy smile on his face, one leg crossed over the other, looking at me.  When I screamed, my mother woke up.  I told her what I saw, she assumed that Keith was killed.  That is the only way that he could have appeared to me that evening.  My mother was so upset she reached his commanding officer, and was told he was alright.  He was alive and well.  I really believe in the astro plane and believe to this day he came to me to say that he was alright.  Just to close up this happening, Keith was still in the Navy off the coast of Viet Nam.  A few weeks later he came to visit mom.  I took a picture of him in this chair that we had in our bedroom.  He's sitting in the chair and wearing a white t shirt as I saw on him when he appeared to me with his same sleepy smile that he always has when he's tired.  I still have that picture to this day

Kay's goodbye

This happened several years ago in Sacramento 1992. It was a little after 1 o'clock on a Wednesday morning.  I couldn't get any sleep.  I was tossing and turning and hearing all of these voices in my ear.  Whisperings, pssss, pssss, whispering, talking like a whole lot of whisperings voices talking to me all at once, in my ears.  It sounded like a hundred little voices talking all at once. And when I sleep I usually slept in the nude and was uncovered because it was a summer night.  All of a sudden I felt something in my room.  I looked around in the dark and felt a presence.  I couldn't touch it or see it, but I felt it.  I actually felt my bed sag like it does when someone sits on the bed to talk with you.  I pulled the covers over me and felt the hairs stand on the back of my neck and asked "who's there".  I had to cover myself, it felt as if someone was watching me. I couldn't stop the feeling that someone was beside me.  After a while I fell asleep, but was kinda scared to be in the dark.  The next day I couldn't shake the feeling of the last nights experience.

Anyway, two weeks later my ex called to tell me that our best friend Kay had died.  Kay and I had become really goods friend when my husband and I lived in Oklahoma City for a year.  She was like my mother.  Since my mother lived in New York and I was in my twenties, Kay kinda of took the now position of mother to me.   My ex had kept in touch with Kay, because when we divorced Kay was always under the assumption that I would return to him.  I never did.

He told me that she had died in the early hours of a Wednesday morning.  All of a sudden I knew that my friend had come to say goodbye to me.  Even now as I'm writing this experience, I still feel like crying. It was Kay who was with me when she passed!!!  Those voices were angels talking to me.  I knew something to, but didn't know why.  I asked my ex if he had received a letter from Kay. He said that he had and that the letter was received on the afternoon of that Wednesday.  I also asked him if in that letter she had stated that she had hoped that we would get back together.  He said, yes, how did you know?.  I said I just knew, that's all, I just knew.  Although at the time I did not know what the presence was, it was just this knowing that she had cared enough to say goodbye.  I cried for two weeks knowing I lost my best friend.




A Story




A few years ago my best friend and I were driving around in the local cemetary looking for a relatives gravestone. Mind you this was in broad daylight. Anyways as we are driving around my friend says to me "Look at those beautiful flowers, we should steal them." She was just joking of course, but as we tried to leave the cemetary the car kept stalling and wouldn't go anywhere. We tried like 10 times to leave but we couldn't. Finally I looked at her and said "You know maybe if you apoligized for that remark they might let us leave." I too was actually joking , but she voiced an apology anyways. After apologizing to the "ghosts" we again tryed to leave the cemetary and low and behold the car was fine again and we were able to drive off. I don't know for sure what happened that day, but it was really freaky.               Tina 



Elizabeth Town Hall(Old Hospital)-(Elizabeth, La) and Fort Jackson(Buras, Louisiana)




Hi, I just wanted to share some personal experiences with you.  I grew up about 7 miles from the Elizabeth Town hall and went in every month,  Instantly you get a creepy feeling rather is from the stiff air or the smell who knows.  I have been in once, and could here men talking up stairs when noone was up there. and everytime I pass by it the fartherest window on the left in the second row always seem to catch my attention and you can see shadows.  I have also lived next to Fort Jackson for about 5 years visiting as often as i could.  The moment you walk over the bridge you begin to feel strange,  story goes two watch soldiers fought on the bridge, one feel over and drowned.  One halloween my boyscout group spent the night with our parents, the next morning i woke up to use the restroom and  behind me in the mirror was a soldier starring at me.  Sad to say I haven't been back since the hurricanes but i cant wait to get back.



Friendly Ghost





In 1971 my wife and I bought an old brown-stone row house in Brooklyn. It was built in 1898. The house had been bought in 1929 by a family of unmarried brothers and sisters named Walsh. The three women were all school teachers, the two brothers were both policemen. None of them married nor had children. They were a devout Irish Catholic family.

By 1971 the five of them had all passed away and the house was left to the local Catholic Church. We bought the house as an estate complete with the contents. There were crosses and portraits of Jesus and Mary all over the place. In the personal effects that we found in the dresser drawers were rosaries, mass cards, mementoes of trips to Ireland and the Vatican. There were even a couple of framed certificates from Pope Pius XII commemorating Papal audiences for a couple of the family members.

Being Jewish ourselves we really didn't have use for this stuff. BUT, we felt it was sacred and important to these people and should be treated with respect. We donated a lot of the religious items to the church and set up a kind of shrine in one of the unused bedrooms. A large portrait of Jesus sat in the center of the room's fireplace mantle. We flanked it with statues of Mary and Saints Anthony, Francis and Christopher. We placed other smaller items on a lower shelf. It all looked very church-like. (We are kind of kooky that way being artists) Even as a Jew, I got a good feeling whenever I went in that room.

We lived in that house for eleven years and I can't help but believe that the spirits of those five brothers and sisters looked after us for treating their sacred items with respect. Right there in the heart of Flatbush with soot from the nearby building incinerators (they were still using them in those days) and the noise and hub-bub of Flatbush Avenue a block away, our little backyard was like an oasis. Everything we planted grew beautifully. We had hanging planters right outside the kitchen window and I often saw humming birds hovering around the flowers. We had all kinds of beautiful birds you would never expect to see in a Brooklyn backyard landing and feeding in our bird feeder.

We had our first child when we lived there and we made life long friends amongst our neighbors.

We moved in 1982 because although the house and our block was great, the surrounding area was not fit to raise kids in. We moved to the suburbs. We've had a pretty good life since then. But, neither of the two houses we've lived in since that one in Brooklyn had the same calm and serene feeling. The friendly ghosts of the Walsh family really gave off good vibrations.



Ghost Story


By: Anonymous


Mary (as we will call her) and her son had moved to the US from Mexico to be with Mary's husband, Jose (as we will call him).  Mary and Jose were elated at the approval of the work visa and even more excited when the company Jose worked for assisted in getting a permanent work visa and green card for Jose, thus allowing the family to stay in the US.  Jose's job transferred him to Alabama.  Since this was a temporary position expected to last two years, they opted to rent rather than purchase a home.

Since they knew no one and needed a place rather quickly, they signed a three-month lease agreement on a quaint trailer on an acre of land.  The trailer was clean and in exceptional shape even though it was a few years old.  On their first night, her husband awoke screaming and in a cold sweat from a horrible nightmare.  In a panic, he ran down the hallway towards the room where their son slept.  Jose would not tell Mary about the dream other than it was about their son.  For the next three nights, Jose slept in the living room directly adjacent to their sons room.

After their first week, Mary was getting breakfast ready when her son walked in to the kitchen and said, "Momma, there is a mean man in my room."  Mary, thinking it was nothing more than her three year old sons imagination, asked "How do you know he is mean?"  To which he replied "He looks mean and stares at me with a mean face."  Mary, trying to ease her son said, "Well, the next time you see him, tell him that you aren't scared of him because you're a big boy and that he needs to go away and scare someone else."  Her son looked at the floor and said, "But, momma, I already told him that he scared me and he laughed."  Mary hugged her son thinking it was his childish imaginations in a new home and told him to try what she was telling him and the mean man would go away.

The next night, Mary was startled awake by her son standing silently by her bed, staring at her.  He only said, "Momma, the mean man came back and told me that he wasn't going away."  Mary put him in bed with her and went back to sleep.  Shortly after that, her husband again awoke from a nightmare screaming and again he ran down the hallway.  Mary and their son followed close behind him and stopped him in the living room of the trailer.  When Jose saw their son, he cradled his face in his hands and said, "from now on, you sleep with Mommy and Daddy.  You don't sleep in that room."   He looked at Mary and said, "Don't you dare put him back in that room." 

He never explained it to her even though she asked.  Not long after that night, Jose began to have fitful dream.  He would swing his arms around like he was fighting someone.  Once he blacked Mary's eye and busted her nose flailing his arms around.  After that, he gave them the bed and slept on the couch in the living room.  Mary would wake to the sound of her husband tossing and turning and arguing in his sleep.  He had began to sleep walk into the room where she and her son slept. She became fearful of him. 

Her son was still complaining of seeing the mean man at various other places in the home and yard.  One morning, Mary awoke to her son crying.  When she asked him what was wrong, he said "Daddy was playing with the mean man and the mean man hurt Daddy's hand."  Later that day, Jose came home from the doctor's office with his hand in a cast.  He had not gone to work, he had gone instead to the emergency room.  Somehow, he had broken his hand during the night but he couldn't remember how.  Mary was getting very scarred. 

Mary called her family back in Mexico once a month.  They had already lived in the trailer for over a month but the last time she talked to her family things were fine.  Now things weren't fine and she wasn't sure if she should even tell them about the odd events and ask them for help.  Since they were back in Mexico and she didn't see how they could help, she decided to keep the odd events to herself.  But, when her grandmother began asking Mary about her son and her husband and hinted that she knew things were not well, Mary felt sick.  She tried to keep the appearance that things were fine but after her monthly call, she was even more concerned than ever. 

Fearing that she was going through this all alone, she contacted the nearest catholic church (which was 26 miles away).  She spoke to a priest who focused in quickly on the mean man.  He told her that it sounded like this may be a demon type of haunting.  He sent her a bottle of blessed oil and told her to take the oil, pray a cleansing prayer in each room and anoint the doors and windows in each room with a  the oil in the shape of a cross.  While her husband and son slept, she did just as the priest commanded her.  It was instant relief, so much so that they signed a full one year lease when the three months were up.

For the next year, things were wonderful.  Her husband stopped having night terrors, he was no longer sleep walking or having the violent sleep experiences and he started sleeping with her again.  Her son stopped complaining about the mean man and began sleeping in his own room.  Everything returned to normal; even her grandmother commented on the relief she heard in Mary's voice. 

Then, Mary's landlord came to her and told her that they were going to be taking the trailer to another lot and placing a larger, nicer trailer on that lot.  He extended the offer to stay in the current location at the same rent when the new trailer came or to move with the old trailer to another lot at the same rent.  Mary and Jose decided to stay at the current location with the new trailer.  The new trailer was much larger and nicer, they watched anxiously as the workers set it up.  For Mary's then 4 year old son, it was magical. 

That first night in the new trailer, Mary had difficulty sleeping as did Jose.  Their son came running in to the room just at 3 AM.  He was crying and said, "Mommy, the mean man is back.  Why did you take the crosses down?"  This floored Mary because she never told her son or husband about blessing the house and anointing the doors and windows with blessed oil in the shape of the cross. 




Ghost Wanted To Play With My Dog




My boyfriend and I have a dog in Brooklyn and while takes the dog for walks in the morning, I take him out in the evening. I only walk around the block, but at a certain house/drive-way I would get a feeling that someone was walking behind me. On one evening the feeling was so strong I turned around with a gasp. my dog is too interested in the next tree to notice anything.

On another occasion when i was feeling very sick with a cold during the winter, my dog paused at the driving to do his business. Our walk was nearly over so i wasn't in a rush (my dog had been pulling me most of the way). All of a sudden I hear a clink. I look over and I see that the other end of the leash is on the sidewalk. My dog and I look at each other for a second before he takes off down the pitch black driveway. He would have been impossible to catch for the next 20 minutes. The entire time i am chasing him behind a row of houses I feel a presence around watching me. the presence was strongly male, but I couldn't tell if it was an adolescent or adult.

After that, I wouldn't walk on that side of the street. I wouldn't even look in the direction of that house. When my dog paused on the street across from that driveway, I ignored the feeling that someone was around. My dog and I started to walk away and something bangs loudly against the metal parking sign. I ignored it however, refusing to be antagonized. From then on, I chose a different route to walk my dog.



Mount Pleasant-Central Michigan University Ghost Haunting





Recently me and my roommates have been having strange occurrences in our room.  We live in Cobb 410 in the towers (which are dorms) and have run into numerous unexplained events.  One event that sticks out deals with my roommate.  He wears stud earrings in both ears and never takes them out.  One morning after we woke up for class he asked us if we knew where they were because the backs were still stuck to the back of his ear.  To our shock both earrings are sitting in the middle of the floor right next to each other as almost they have been placed that way.  We couldn't think of any explanation because of the placement of both earrings and the backs still being stuck to the back of his ears.  Another occurrence that we encountered twice is the shower turns on unexpectedly in the middle of the night.  Again, we all sleep in the same room so we would know if it was a roommate.  Loud banging noises have also come from the bathroom at night.  Thanks for reading my email about our experiences because we found it really strange that we saw there was another haunting on the website also in Cobb.



My Haunted Home




We have owned our home since 1981 in Ladson, SC. The first few years we did not feel the presence of a ghost. I saw the young man as I sat on my sofa and he was standing within the kitchen door frame. He just stood there and then vanished. The back bedroom had always been very cool either in summer or winter with air or heat on. Over years, children and grandchildren have lived in that room and witnessed a person or felt a person or were helped by this person. I have seen him often and perceive him to have red hair, a young teen with broad heavy(not fat) build. Sometimes he smiles, sometimes he just stands and stares. Sometimes when something comes up missing, (I named him Philip) I ask him to please return it and it reappears in an obvious place within minutes. I have seen him ONCE outside beside the house by our garbage fence. I called to him and he disappeared. He is not really so mischievous nor is he malicious or scary at all...none of my family feel distress with him and we take him for granted.


What Happened to me, =I Glenn Dale, MD.




Well Shadow Lands, since you insist I type this I will do best to keep it short.

Some time pre-'94 I was travelling down Glenn Dale Road and had taken my eyes off of the road momentarily to switch out and reload a CD. Not being familiar with the road it has swung to the right, however I continued straight because I was not paying attention!

When my CD started to play I then had turned my attention back to my driving and suddenly I had to stomp my brakes because I almost ran into the structure. I was truly disoriented because I had no idea where I was, how I got there, I had never been down this road before, and when I turned to back I could not indentify anything remotely close to allow my to figure my way out of where I had come to?

Suddenly I was lost, not scared, but disoriented because I could make out where I was and had no idea how I got here and it was maybe 10 seconds my eyes were off of the road at about 40 mph. Seconds later my car stereo completely shut down, puzzled I then opened my driver door to get out to marvel at this lovely structure, a mammoth, and it feels like a whole new world I have stumbled into... As I step out of my car, it cuts off on me, this too grabbed my attention and I did pay both of these strange happening mind, but caught up in the moment I just keep staring at the building in awe and amazement. What is this and where am I?

SIDE-BAR: This was before I could afford a digital camera so I have no pictures of this, being an explorer as a youth myself and some close pals always were climbing through abandoned building and homes and so I was not scared, I was excited, but still I had no ideal how I got there so this took me for a loop.

On your website you typed of this thing called a radio, I have what you would call "a good radio" as I walked around but remained close to me car, I could feel small people not around me, but in the windows looking at me, small people. I have never detected a small person before. I can feel your size the size of your manifested energy (I am so sorry if I am freaking you

out) but I can. I can feel everything, but these were small forms of energy, several small forms, maybe 2 or 3 large were near, but in the windows were all small energy and they were looking at me. I could detect curiosity as if whom I was, none questioned why I came, just looking at me like a newcomer and wondering where I came from suddenly. I spoke, I spoke to all of those around verbally, I detected no upset, I apologized for my disrespectful entrance, I detected the apology was accepted and all was forgiven. I promised that if I ever returned again, I would not disturb them as I did before and I was not aware of their being. I went to then look over my car, I spoke aloud to all my new little energies quite happily and presented myself as a comfortable person and so no upset with my presence was detected I continued to speak aloud (not yelling) at a normal tone as I looked under my car, under my hood, I could find no reason why my car stalled, it was dealer maintained and this had never happened before?

At the time I had a competition car stereo built with all Alpine electronics, Ohio Generator alternator, Jacob's Accuvolt, Esoteric Audio/STREETWIRES, as well as Audio Control components and this car was fully prepped for IASCA events and competed under Circuit City's badge (at the time a local car stereo retailer) this car competed for 4 years. With all sponsors logos ON THE CAR this is why it had to stay garaged and when I did drive it and not for competing I could not leave it unattended for fear of theft of the entire car, this WAS a competition car so from that standpoint, THIS STEREO HAS NEVER SHUT DOWN AND TOTALLY POWERED OFF AND BLANKED OUT PERIOD, IT HAS NEVER DONE THIS I TRIED TO TURN IT BACK ON BY PRESSING THE KNOB TO CLICK, IT DID NOT POWER ON... Then I exited the car and it cut off too? It did not scare me, I just knew that I was playing with something strong or a heavily manifested power of many energies to do this.

So I was correct!


So after looking at this HUGE building and not having my 35mm, or my boys I said I would not enter the building. I did maintain constant 360 degree surveillance of my position because without my team, my cell phone, and my camera... Trust me, where I was and at that time this was the place where if somebody rushed up on you and killed you (like some dope addict, or sick person, NOBODY would ever find you once they dragged your body into the building and there was a few garage-like places where a person could raise a door and drive your or my small car in there and you could just disappear!!!! Like that! So I had to keep constant lookout on everything and stay close to my car and it was soooooo quiet there. A different kind of quiet, a flat-line quiet

As I got back into my car and with my vocalism to all, I detected all were at peace with my presence. I actually desired to re-visit, but I was unable to. My car started up just fine and my radio turned back on like normal but it takes maybe 5 seconds to go back to the last volume level so I quickly turned it off to retain the silence and still kept my eyes moving and turned my car around and drove to reverse the way I got there and viola I was back on Glenn Dale Road! SWEET! Also this happened maybe between 2-3 pm in the afternoon on a weekday and on the side with the big smoke stack like brick chimney & garage door next to it, I guess this side is called the crematory?

My only guess is they did not know whom I was, and why I came, but I did disturb them so they accepted me but did not care much for the extreme noise. I would love to re-visit, but something happened and after that I just said forget it. If a group ever plans I could ask the authorities if this is possible to allow/permit people to just see the exterior maybe?


=I Glenn Dale, MD. p.2




when I first stumbled on his place I was new to the area. However it would be my normal route of travel because I lived and worked in the area called Greenbelt Maryland. Well at some point in the late nineties I was driving through there and had seen SWAT, & DEA posted in the front lawn with guns, sharpshooters, and other posted in remote locations all around the one building that is closest to the street but on the same side as where I was but again the one small house-looking like building close to the street.

I heard rumored about town there were drug traffickers using this old building to store, process, break down, bag up drugs. Not sell it there, just using this place to store and process/prepare them and then at night move them out to distribute them to people to either sell or use?

DEA got a tip, as it was rumored to me, SWAT got involved and so they planned a bust and it happened. From that point either government police or Maryland State Troopers set up a trailer like office on the opposing side of the street and have been monitoring ever since...

I cannot attest to the truth of that text above as I heard it through the vine regarding drug dealers, but I can attest to physically seeing the DEA, SWAT, sharpshooters, and other government cars everybody in bullet proof vests w/helmets and vans all around that one building one day and actually they were there for maybe 8-10 hours that day because I went through that portion of Glenn Dale Road several times transporting supplies back and forth.

Like I typed before I cannot attest to the truth of drug activity in that small building because I heard it through the vine, but I did see SWAT & DEA on the back of the bullet proof vests and they had that one building swarmed like bees and SWAT and DEA will not come out in those great of numbers to remove 5-6 hobos from a abandoned building so my guess is there is some truth to what I heard rumored?

But from there and after is has and still does have a police trailer there with unmarked cars 1-3 at a time there 24 hours.





The Entity




This did not happen to me, but to my mother-in-law and her cousin. To set this up for you, their grandmother had just died a few months before, and my mother-in-law had been recently visiting her cousin in the country in southern Illinois. In that area of the country, some strange things had been happening. A hitchhiker dressed in dark clothes had been appearing, and after drivers picked him up, he had been disappearing from the car – things like that.

It all began with the cousin, Michelle, hearing strange noises in the house. She would hear noises and see a shadow figure outside. One night she came home from work and found a pan with onions in it on the stove. She had a cold, and she was startled to see the pan because her grandmother who had just died used to take the liquid from cooked onions as a home cold remedy. These kinds of things went on for awhile, and she contacted my mother-in-law, and asked her to come over to help her get to the bottom of things.

The day my mother-in-law arrived was uneventful until the evening. They started hearing noises, and were going to leave. As they approached a window near the door, something invisible outside hurled itself at the window and scared them out of their wits. They stayed in the house, and  my mother-in-law said she knew in her mind that if she tried to get in her car and leave, it would have met her down the hill on the road.

When my mother-in-law went home, she contacted a woman with contacts to the church about what happened. The lady came and gave her scriptures and prayers for her and her cousin. She confirmed it was not the spirit of her grandmother, but a non-human spirit that they had caught the attention of. She said once the entity is gone, do not talk about it, or it might come back.



The Statue




on my dads birthday my grandmother gave him a statue of a knight on a black horse about 7" tall and it was made of cast iron my grand mother was in to witch craft and Ouija boards at the time. We lived in our house about 3yrs and everything was fine until that thing entered our house. my dad was proud of that statue and put it on his dresser. that night he woke up to see a 5ft black figure at the foot of his bed holding this statue, my dad was afraid and all he could do was pray. The figure put the statue down and walked out of the room. the next night he turned over in his bed to see this black figure standing next to his side of the bed and way to close to him so he kicked at it and it ran out of the room. (he never shared this info with us till later years). the next morning he asked me if I had been in his room, not knowing what he was talking about I told him no and he kind of looked at me strange and never said another word about it. at this time the statue was in the garage, i wondered why but never asked. but from there on weird things would happen our front door would swing wide open slamming against the wall for no reason no wind no matter what kind of lock it had on it, we went through several doors over the years. I would see this dark figure come in to my room at night and walk towards me as if it was going to harm me. it would bang on the walls and doors. We could here foot steps run through the hall and into my room. it wasn't until i moved out that my dad shared with me what he had seen and i told him my experiences my mom hated to talk about it. after i got married my wife and i ran into financial trouble and had to move in with my parents, i all ways spoke to my wife about the weird things that would happen in that house but i don't think she believed me. one night i was asleep on the love seat i had in my room while my wife and 1yr old slept on the bed when i got that feeling that i always got before something crazy would happen in that house, all i could think was I'm to old for this, how can this happen now my wife is here for crying out loud. Just then the door flew open and crashed into the wall and this black figure came into the room stopped and walked right out I stayed still looking down the hall way as it exited I stayed awake from 3am to 7am just watching the hallway hopping this thing wouldn't come back. at breakfast my wife asked me if my mom or somebody came into the room last night she had heard the door hit the wall and was to scared to look up. and i was so relieved that it wasn't just me who experienced it. I told her what it was and she was freaked out, needless to say we moved out within the month. I know she believes me now...



The Tall Dark Figure





I must start this (true) story with a quick prequel: The house I grew up in the central valley of California was haunted. My mother, three out of six brothers, cousin, and uncle all experienced paranormal activity in the form of apiritions. The house had witnesses many 

unfortunate activities, all of which my family was responsible for.  

To give you an idea, there was a time when alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse and basic moral corruption took place in the home. With that, my expirience occured when I was 17yrs old. I was up at dawn getting ready for a cross country meet and my dad was going to take me. I was going to get some water and passed the bathroom where my dad was shaving his morning beard. As I passed my father and headed to the kitchen, something caught my attention in the living room. I turned to look and saw this massive dark figure sitting on the end of the sofa. 

Because it was dawn, the living room was still cloaked in some darkness. The worst came when the dark figure called my name ( actually my nickname, what my family calls me). I suddently felt this horrible dread and fear engulf my whole body and the hair was standing straight up on my arms. I then ran back to my father to see if he was still in the bathroom, which he was. He and I were the only ones in the home ( by this time my mother divorced my dad and moved to a nearby city). This experience still haunts me because it was so frightening and traumatizing. I truly believe that when people behave immorally and destructively, they are capable of introducing evil spirits or negative energy in their home. My father still lives in this home, but he claims to never have experienced anything.




Haunted Farmhouse in Waseca, MN




This isn't the same farmhouse listed in your index; in fact, I don't even know for sure that anyone realizes it is (or was, I haven't been there in about twelve years) haunted.

I don't remember when we moved to that farmhouse, but we lived there until I was about seven. It was a great place, for the most part. Our landlords lived right next door, and they loved us kids. They had cats and dogs and she grew gorgeous flowers. I loved it, and I had the coolest room with a huge closet and a set of shelves on either end of the closet the perfect size for a 5-7 year old and her friends to pretend were bunk beds and sleep on.

At first, the only bad thing about that house was the basement and the stair. The basement was where the laundry was, and it was the scariest basement I have ever been in. The lights were dim and liked to flicker, and no matter how much we cleaned it it was always dirty. I cried every time I went down there. It just had this nasty aura. Then there were the stairs. The stairs leading upstairs connected to the first floor living room, and were hidden by a door. They were narrow stairs, and at the top was a type of banister. My mom had a clown that she sat there, and to this day I won't look at it. While part of this is going to be a little girls imagination, I can promise that the evil feeling in that stairway that me and ALL my friends felt, was not. We always attributed it to that clown, but once we moved out of that house the clown lost it's evil feeling. It was such a feeling though that I won't touch that clown even now. While these were daily occurrences, nothing scared me as bad as two incidents: It was bedtime, I was about 6, and I was lying in my bed. My room was the first bedroom, right next to the stairs. As I was lying there, I noticed...something. There were several pink ballerina girls dancing on my dresser...but they weren't touching it. They were about the size of a figurine that you might have sitting on your dresser, but I didn't have anything like that on mine. I preferred cats and horses over ballerinas. Now, these girls didn't scare me so much, they seemed nice enough. But then a much bigger, life-sized on appeared in the air. She danced and twirled and wore blue. There was this aura of sadness around her, terrible sadness. And then it changed. It changed to fear and anger and evil, and a man-sized figure appeared, wearing a tux. He looked at me once, and that was all it took. I hid my head under the covers and prayed and cried. That was the only time I saw that man, but I saw the beautiful lady several more times. I never told anyone, because my parents didn't believe in ghosts and I didn't want my friends to stop coming over. One night, a friend was over, and she had to use the bathroom. The bathroom was across the hall, and she didn't want to go alone. It was always cold in there, we had a spaceheater in there year-round. We opened the door and there was this huge, huge rat sitting on the tub, with mean little red eyes. We stared at it for a moment, and it leaped at us. We slammed the door and ran and told my mother. She came looking for it, but we never found it. The door was shut when we went to the bathroom, and it was shut when we left. There were no holes for a rat that size to get into the bathroom. From that night on, no matter how bad we had to pee, we waited till morning,

A few years ago I was talking to a friend of mine, and she mentioned that old farmhouse. We talked about the basement and the stairs and I told her the story of the rat (this was a different friend) and she said, "I have something to tell you." She told me the story of why she only spent one night at my house, and never came back. She recounted the story of the Ballerina Lady and her partner. It was exactly what had happened to me. The same feeling of sadness and fear and anger. She said that man made her think of the devil himself, and that lady made her want to cry. I'd never told this friend about what I'd seen that night, and she never told me until that day several years ago. None of my friends liked that house, and I am so glad we moved out soon after I saw that man.






Wollaton Park Area


By: Anonymous


Description of Haunting: The English would describe this home as a semi-detached bungalow, Americans would call it a duplex. The neighbourhood is across the road from the Wollaton Park Golf Club. It is a quiet, established neighbourhood considered by some to be a better place to live in Nottingham. I lived there for two years in the early 2000’s with my husband. Upon moving in, I soon felt spirits, especially near the front door and in the kitchen. I felt strongly that there was the spirit of an old man and his little dog that was usually in the foyer.  I often noticed him and his dog leaving for walks. The living room had a clear view of the foyer. One night we had guests, six friends who had come over. We all sat around the dining table and at one point, everyone at the table who faced the view of the foyer noticed someone moving about there. We were asked, ‘Who was that in the foyer?’ We’d seen a man with a little dog on a lead heading out of the front door. Our friends were convinced it was a living person.

I was afraid of going into the kitchen at night because there was the spirit of a man that seemed to spend a lot of time in there.  He was dressed in a long black coat and boots. There was a connection to an early style motorcycle; he may have ridden one in the military. He was of the World War II era. He was possessive about the kitchen, giving me the mental impression that the ground right there belonged to him. He did not try to intimidate me, but he had an air of strong masculinity about him. This spirit did not confine himself to the kitchen.

Once, as my husband made a repair to the floor at the front door, the spirit was there during the whole process, very curious as to what was being done.  We had a female guest who slept in the second bedroom and reported having been awakened all through the night by a man in spirit; he wanted to make himself known. I spoke aloud after being told about the incident and asked that he please not disturb guests who sleep in that room. To my knowledge, after that incident, he did not make further disturbances in there.

The most memorable incident I had with that spirit happened late one night in my bedroom. My husband and I woke up and were in the midst of making love when at the same time we turned our heads toward the corner where the bedroom door was located. We were certain there was a man standing there watching us. We didn’t say much, but realized no one was actually there and continued our lovemaking. Within a few minutes, we felt a shocking, cold breeze pass between us, over our chests. We looked at each other, surprised by the sensation, but did not stop what we were doing. I instantly noticed my husband making love to me in a way different than what I knew, like it was not him. I felt I was having sex with another man, a stranger. When we finished, my husband lay beside me quietly for a little while. I was still quite shocked by the sensation of a stranger. Out of the blue my husband said to me, ‘I know what you’re thinking, and it was him.’ 




Ghosts of Loved ones,dark and white figures and bad vibes?!:





In 2002 my fiance' shot himself in the head in our townhouse. He had been severely depressed and was taking some medications which changed his personality and I knew there was a lot of controversy about these medications and did not like the thought of him ever taking them,but I didn't find out that he had been taking them again(because he had stopped months earlier)until after he passed away. I found the almost empty bottle in the hall closet. He had told me months earlier that he hadn't needed them any longer because I made him so very happy and he had been since he had met me, he said.

I was still living in the townhouse where he had shot himself. It took me awhile to get the nerve to go back,but I had to. I missed the place that we had gotten together and the memories we shared. I wanted to feel close to him again,so I returned home. The bloody mess had been cleaned up thoroughly except for a spurt of blood on a box near where he died,which was behind the couch near the front entrance. When I went back I felt this horrible deep ache in the pit of my stomach and it felt so dark,lonely and foreboding in the house now.

I was so very heart broken after his death and found it very hard to cope with. I basically shut out the outside world and became a shut-in for awhile while i grieved. I was so grief stricken. My kids who lived part time with their dad(full time while I grieved) came to see me sometimes,but I didn't want them to see me mouring so much. I wanted to wait until my mourning period was over. My family was very worried about me and I had been losing a lot of weight because I couldn't get anything past my gag reflex except water or juice or something,so my sister would bring me nutrition drinks by to make sure that I got some. One evening when my kids were over,I was laying on the end of the couch with my legs over the end/arm of it and my head kind of in the middle(i am pretty short) My daughter was sitting on the other end of the couch( it was a huge,long couch) and my son was over on the loveseat on the other side of the room. So we were watching tv together and I felt a hand brush across my forehead. I couldn't really see my daughter because my head wasn't really facing her,so I assumed she had reached across the couch and did it. I felt this several times and totally thought it was her! I said "Please don't touch my forehead anymore hon I am trying to watch the show!" and she said "Mom I did not touch you on the forehead!" I said "yeah right,please just stop!" and she started crying and was very serious about having not touched me. I also looked and she would have had to reach way over to do it and she was way on the other end and I would have felt her move down by me to do it. I smelled cigarette smoke all of a sudden too and my fiance' smoked. I didn't allow smoking in the house ever at all. I kept getting these brushes across my forehead for months after his death and I figured it was an angel telling me that everything would be ok because I was so grief stricken and sick or that it was him letting me know he was still around and that he loved me and was checking on me to make sure that I was ok before he moved on maybe.

One night nobody was there but me and I was drifting off to sleep in my bed upstairs and something grabbed my foot and tried to pull me down off of the bed toward the bottom! I was terrified!! I was stone sober and had not had any medication or anything and nobody was there but me! Later that week one night I was coming out of the bathroom upstairs into the dark hallway with just the downstairs light and outdoor lights lighting up the hallway and a dark figure floated towards me and would have ran into me had I not backed up into the bathroom doorway. I didn't feel that it was threatening to me though. I got this telepathic message from it letting me know that it was not there to harm me and was not there for me and it had gotten what it needed or something like that. It wouldn't look right at me and it was almost like it was afraid of me or afraid of my being spiritual and believing in God. I knew that I had always felt protected by God all of my life.

Months after I moved out I had about 120 pictures from various films developed at the local drug store. The pictures all turned out fine. Most of them were of the bay and sunsets that I had taken,but I took a few of our townhouse where my fiance' had died. My fiance' died right behind the couch near the front entrance. I took pictures of the house because I wanted them to look at later for memories sake. I took pictures of the bedrooms and kitchen and everywhere. I decided to take pictures of the front entrance also. I only took two of those. Out of every picture in that film only two(the ones that I took of the exact spot that my fiance' passed away)had flames shooting from the floor up into the air! It looked like the flames from hell I am serious! It looked like a portal to hell! I still have the pictures and get the heebie jeebies whenever I look at them! Our neighbors next door were devil worshipers and I was wondering if maybe,just maybe they conjured something up that got ahold of my fiance' that night when he took his life! I mean remember the dark figure I told you about also and something grabbing my foot in the bed?! I think something evil was there in the house. I felt that feeling of something dark when I went back that I couldn't put my finger on. I left about 2 months later,because I couldn't stand it any longer and just had to get out of there! It was a very opressing feeling! It made me have thoughts of suicide as well and that was not even like me to do that ever!

I don't know what to make of these things,but I know that they were real.

Months later my sister passed away and i almost perished from grief and weight loss. I always felt a hand patting me on the head for months after she passed. One day i felt that I would lie down and die I was so grief stricken,because she was my best friend and we were very close...In fact she helped me get through the grief from my fiance's death and she was there for me so much. I was so grateful to her for that and always will be. I got on my knees on the floor one night and felt the life almost leaving me.  I knew I would lay down and never wake up again! I begged God for strength and told him "I can't do it anymore...I give up...I don't have the strength left to go on!"

All of a sudden I had the strength of a thousand men it felt like!! I got up and I just knew it was all going to be ok. I didn't have any strength left in me so God gave me his! I know he did! I felt it in my body! I was on the verge of death I felt it! I felt him breath new life into me! He helped me cope after that and things got better and I got better. I miss my sister and fiance' dearly,but I know they are always watching over me. Once in awhile I feel a little brush across my forehead or on my head and I know.

God wasn't ready to take me when I almost layed down to die. He made me get up and move on!

I have seen a couple of ghosts in my life before that and since then. Once I saw a military man in uniform in my house years back and I also not long ago saw ghosts(white mist-like forms) in my living room in an apartment where I lived that used to be a retirement home and tons of elderly people had died there. My camcorder was battery operated and would go on by itself and my burners would turn on and light bulbs would blow out for no reason and my tv and computer would turn off and on by themselves. After awhile it settled down because I am sure that they just wanted me to know that they were there,but they were not evil or bad,but good. I just felt it and knew it. So we lived together after that with no incidents after awhile. It is weird that I knew they meant me no harm,just like I knew that dark figure didn't. It's like they communicated telepathically with me to let me know. I wonder is that how everyone on the other side communicates? That is what I have read about and have heard before. I wonder if it is true.

I also have this gift. I can tell if someone has taken the life of another person. I just feel it. I get these horrible vibes off of someone who has. I know,because I got these vibes from a guy that I kept seeing and later got to talking to him. I always felt this overwhelming feeling that he had killed someone and found out later that he did. He was in prison for 6 years for involuntary manslaughter for being in a fight and hitting a man who was beating his wife. He hit the guy in the temple to hard and it killed him. He said he never meant to kill the guy at all. My mother said I have a "gift of discernment". I felt this feeling only one other time about someone killing someone and I am sure that they did. It was that overwhelming! I get bad vibes off of people who are very evil as well and mean to harm others. It just gets very overwhelming to where I just know it to be true!

Thanks for reading about my experiences!



The Adoption


By :

Although, I have seen what might have been a ghost, or felt something that might have been out of the normal. I never took any of this for real or even seriously, for that matter simply because if you think about it or even tell anyone what you saw, they would think you’re out of your mind or going nuts.

However, on one particular night all of my doubts were shattered, when I confronted something out of the normal, which brought me to realize that the paranormal does exists.

It all started a long time ago, and we had just finished building are new house on a location I don’t really want to specify. Life was great I had a beautiful wife and a daughter, who I could be proud of just like any father would be. The years rolled bye, and soon we had another daughter, which was as to say full of woo. However, not long after that for some reason our marriage started to break down.

Fights, arguments, screaming shouting you name it and it happened, until finally I left home.

 A few months down the line, we both decided to give it another go and I moved back into the house and it felt like things were all back to normal and we ended up having a son which completed our family to the full, until the arguments started all over again. I never suspected that this might have had anything to do with any kind of paranormal influence, or anything else for that matter until one Christmas we decided to hold Christmas dinner at our house. My sister asked me if she could bring her dog with her for the day. Well I loved that Labrador and said “yes why not”

However, for some reason the dog that was normally quite a laid back animal, would not settle in our house. It kept on barking, running up and down the hall way and even scratching at the door, until my sister decided to take her dog back home. Even still this never brought anything to mind, I just thought that our marriage was on the rocks just like lots of marriages are; it seems that our house was just not a happy house full stop. Naturally our three children felt the tension within our house and I thought I would get them a cat, to go with the budgie and hamster ECT. Well as everyone knows kittens do bring some sort of happiness to the children and even to me. However, by this time our marriage had ended up in court, but we still remained living in the same house together until the final judgment was taken.

The months went by and we both did what we could to maintain  some sort of peace treaty between my wife and I, and even the children which for some reason always fought beteewn themselves. and as for the cat well it grew up to be like most cats, fat a lazy  and would sleep on my lap just to get warm. However, sometimes our cat would be asleep while we were watching television and for some reason would jump up on all fours and stare into the hallway. Her eyes would move as if they were following something but nothing was there. On several occasions she would run out of the room and dart down the hall way. I sometimes thought she saw a mouse and ran after it. Only there was nothing at all. This occurrence started to become more frequent, even though it never brought anything to mind, that there was something out there, which only our cat could sense or see.

As the months went by our separation finally came through, and we put our house on the market and found a buyer just before the market started to crash, Which gave us a 6 months period before we had to all leave our beloved house and start a new life apart, something we were all looking forward to do however, that’s when things started to happen and showed me what was living with us.

November 2008, winter was approaching and a storm was brewing up. Late that night I woke up to the sound of a window banging down stairs in the bathroom. I decided to get out of bed just to close the window. I am not scared of the dark, and often walked down stairs without switching on the lights, like I did that night. As I reached the bottom stair, our cat came running across the hall way. She startled me and I said” shit” to myself. However, as I turned to face were she had run from, something caught the corner of my eye? A dark shadow moved into our living room! A cold chill went down my spine, at once I thought that an intruder was in our house and hit the light switch, only nothing was there. I search all down stairs only to find nothing or no one. I closed the window and went back to bed.

The next day the thought dawned on me at what I was sure I had seen, but said nothing to no one. A month passed by and the arguments in the house got worse, however, when we were out of the house together, no one argued? A month had passed by since I had seen the shadow and I had almost forgotten about it, until one evening I laid restless in bed, tossing and turning. I glanced towards my bedside clock and it showed it was 3.30 in the middle of the night. I made one last attempt to try and sleep only it was pointless, and as I turned around in bed I saw an oval light lingering upon me. It looked like tinsel from a Christmas tree twisting and glowing, the whole thing was about 1 foot in diameter, within the circle was a shadow of a sunken face. I closed my eyes tightly just to make sure I was not dreaming, however, as I opened them the glowing circle with its ugly face was still there. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes, to no avail. This thing just stayed were it was, I was not afraid and gathered my strength and shouted” go away and leave us alone you do not belong here” and pushed my fist through the golden circle and almost at once it disappeared.

The next morning I told my now ex wife about the shadow and the thing on my bed, only see thought I was mad or seeing things. I later on phoned a friend of mine, a counselor who works within a religious pray group. For some reason he believed my story and gave me a phone number of a priest who deals with enteritis and demons? I could not believe what I was hearing here! the church knows about the paranormal and ghost ECT. What! This is crazy I said to myself. However, I never phoned anyone because I wanted to see more and I did.

From that night onwards I would wake up, in the middle off the night and walk around the house in the dark hoping to see something, only I saw nothing... Two weeks left before we left the house and by chance I woke up again late at night, and there in the corner of my room hovered the golden light. Only this time it was twisted into the figure of eight. I stared at it for a while as it just stayed there as if it was afraid to come closer. At the same time I glanced into the hall way since my bedroom door was open. To my surprise I saw the dark shadow move passed my bedroom door? What two ghost this could not be happening only it was.

One week before we moved for good, and by this time the house stood nearly empty since we had move most of our furniture. The rooms sounded hollow, as we spoke and would echo around the house. One night my son only 11 years old came to my bedside and woke me up saying he had a bad dream. I told him to get into bed with me. Only when he looked up towards the ceiling he saw the round circle hovering there. He started screaming and I looked up and saw it as well. My ex came running and all of our house hold woke up wanting to see what was wrong. My son told his mother what he had seen. She looked at me and with her eyes she knew at once that what I had told her before was true. That night we slept in the same bedroom because by now everyone was scared except me.

Two days left before we moved house, everyone was still afraid, to stay in the house and we did what we could to move out fast. Although, I knew there were at least two ghost or spirits in our house, none of them did anything to harm us so to me it was not a big problem. The next morning I woke up at around 5 o’clock in the morning and went into the kitchen and put the kettle on to make myself a cup of coffee. I heard the front door open, it was my eldest daughter 21 years old who had just come back from a late night out. She walked into the kitchen said good night and went off to bed. The kettle started to boil by this time and I tuned of the gas, stirred my coffee and tuned around to sit down and drink it. Only when I turned around I saw a young boy dressed in Carchi colored clothing sat at the table, holding his face in his hands. This young boy although did not make a sound but I could tell he was upset and crying. I stared at this persons for awhile then he vanished into nowhere. I felt sorry for this child for now I know why he was in our house; he must have lost his family years ago and adopted our family to be his own. Only we were living and he was not.

 I told my ex wife what I had seen, a tear came across her eye, since she had lost her family at a young age and so had I. we both knew what this ghost child was feeling, why he was still here we do not know.

That day we moved out of our house which brought great sadness to us both. But it was time to move on no matter what. I often thought about what I had seen, and why this had happened to us. There was no way that this ghost child could have caused us to argue and break our marriage. Even so it was over.

A week had pasted since we had left the house, the ghost child still taunting my mind. I am a family man and the thought of just leaving a child even though he was a ghost,  made me feel guilty for some reason I do not know. i still had the keys for our old house, since we still had some boxes to collect and the new owners were going to tear some of the house down to do renovations. So one night I decided to go back and face this child ghost once more.

 It was around ten in the evening, when I opened the door to our old house, it was silent and memories of our children playing and running up and down went through my mind. I walked into the dark corridor and stood there silently in the dark. Only I saw nothing. I decided that this was not going to work only before I left I shouted out” son you do not belong here. Its time you moved on and found your real family.” Silence prevailed. I walked back towards the front door and was just about to close it, but decided to take one more look into the hall way, hoping to surprise something or someone. As I looked down the hallway a dark shadow moved towards the stair way. I walked back outside closed the door; I knew that this was not the child ghost, but some other spirit form, that I did not want to confront.

 Since that day I never went back to the house only during the day time. I have never seen anything else in my new apartment and nor has any of my family.  As to what has become of the boy ghost I do not know. As for the dark shadow, well! I don’t want to know. My advice to anyone who has an experience similar to mine is, confront the spirit show it that you are not scared, it’s most probably more frightened then you are.




I Didn't Used to Believe




 its funny how a lot of people don't believe in ghost well i never really did i aways thought it to be my imagination. until one day i was watching a program in Malta. which sent a chill down my spine?

when i was about 10 years old. we lived in a flat in a place called sliema ( Malta) i remember my mother had gone shopping and my brothers and sister and i were playing hide and seek. well i was the one seeking. after searching nearly ever room a stormed into my mothers bedroom hoping to find someone. however, all i saw was a lady with long brown blond hair looking through the window with the curtains blowing. being young i thought i was my mother because she also had long hair" opps sorry mum" i said then ran back out again. i few minuets later i remembered  mum had gone shopping. when my mother came back i told her what i had seen she said it was my imagination. and i thought no more of it. until 20 years later i was watching a programme in Maltese call hauntings in malta. and several people were going on about the young lady with long hair who was seen on different occasions in diffearant houses. in our street at that time .well that brought a chill and my mind flashed back to the day i saw the same woman.

 it so happened she had lost her son in an accident and was looking for him??????

will send you another one later on. only this took place in london?








 The next story happened in London when i was about 16-17 years old. here it goes

my parents had broken up, my father lived in the southern part of England and my mother lived in central London. i well i stayed in Malta to finish my school and to enjoy the sunshine. one year i decided to moved to England to try my luck with a job and moved in with my dad. every other week end i would travel up to London and spend a few days with my mother.

one evening i was watching TV  late at night while my mother was asleep. decided to call it a night had a wash went into my bedroom switch the lights on and changed into my bed clothes. i then  closed my bedroom door turned the lights off and got into bed. moments later i could hear foot steps and the floor boards squeaking in my room? i sat up hoping not to see anything and i did not. however,  the foot steps continued.suddenly the light switch clicked on and the lights came on all on there own the foot steps had stopped and i just froze?????? remember my door was closed at the time so who or what switched the lights on. and what was walking in my room.

this is only a minor incident and i found as i get older i see more weired stuff. my next story took place back in Malta when i was about 19 years old. only this is not the last one it gets better.

oh just to let you know i am a business manger, and work in sales i also have 3 kids and at the age of 45. so take this seriously



Malta 2




Hi it’s me again Steven from Malta. I hope I am not boring you with my stories? Well anyway the next event took place back in Malta when I was around 19 years old. We had been living in a big house, in a place called SAN Gwann.

It was during the beginning of summer, and we had only been living in this big house for just a few months.

I shared a big room with my brother, and my bed was next to the window.  Well living in a hot country naturedly I slept with the window open to allow fresh air into our bedroom.

One night I was fast asleep when out of now where I could hear something in my head telling me to wake up and to get out of bed fast. For some reason I woke up and rolled over onto the floor. At just that instant a big cockroach flew in from the window and landed onto my pillow? What woke me up?

A few weeks later, again I was lying in my bed late at night. I kept tossing and turning till eventually I decide to get up and go down stairs to make myself a cup of tea and have a cigarette. I was laying face down at the time. However, when I tried to move I could not. I mean I could not even move my arms or legs. It felt like something was holding me down I started calling to my brother who lay on a bed at the other side of the room... Although he was way out and did not wake up. I used all my strength to try and force myself out of bed only I just could not move an inch. I was scared like hell, and started to recite the, our father and prayed for him to help me. Suddenly I was free and jumped out of bed and ended up sleeping on the couch.

I explained what had happened to my mother and the next few days a priest came to bless the house with incents. It so happened, the pre owners of the house had to boys and the woman had died in the house from cancer. After the blessing nothing else ever  happened again. Well not in that house anyway???





Residental Haunting





My name is Mark and my family had a ghost in our home when I was growing up.

The home is located in Birmingham Al. My parents had the home built in 1965, about 15 acres of wooded area behind the house. Soon after moving in we noticed that the front living room windows would be open every morning, there were 3 of them. At night I would here a snap and apparently the window sash locks would unlock and the windows would spring open. My parents tried everything to keep them shut but to no avail. They even tried to put sofa cushions against the windows to block the air , only to find them back on the sofa the next morning and the windows open again. I was only 6 years old at the time and I didn't understand what was going on.

Later when I was about 9, a terrible storm had scared me very late one night. My father and I were in the den waiting out the storm when a bolt of lightning lit the sky. I saw a man in the back yard walking to the left, but he was only ankles up. He had no feet! I yelled at my dad to turn on the lights but there was no man there. Dad told me not to worry about it.

4 years later at 13, my first real experience. My parents played cards with friends on  friday nights. Their daughter and I were downstairs when behind her back, one of my toys moved from a shelf to the left in midair over to the right. The girl saw my face and asked what was wrong with me, I couldn't speak. She turned around to see the toy in midair and screamed, that is when it fell to the ground. We ran upstairs as fast as we could to get safe and tell our parents. Of course they thought we were nuts.

My mom worked 1/2 days Monday through Fridays. During summer breaks I was alone. One particular day I had gone to the basement and the door was locked when I came back up. I went outside to find an unlocked door but there was none. My neighbor had a key so she and I came back to the house to unlock the front door only to find that the front door was unlocked, I had just tried it! She really freaked out and called the police. They found that all of the exterior doors were unlocked in the house and there was no one inside.

Before my wife and I married, she would hate to be at my parents house alone. She heard noises and felt cold places and was always ill at ease. I always thought it was me but apparently not since she married me 24 years ago. She and I started talking about the weird stuff going on at that house and my daughters were listening to it. My parents moved out of state 13 years ago and for some reason my oldest daughter asked my Mom about the ghost. My Mom freaked out, to that point my family just knew there was something wrong but we at no time discussed it. Wow, I only knew of my experiences, the rest of my family knew of many more.

One last thing. As the property was developed behind that house, they had to stop building a road to move a grave site. The land was a farm in the 1800's and was owned by the Jeffery Family. The last Jeffery that lived there was a sweet little 80 year old lady that went to church with us. She lived in a truly old log cabin with an out house but with running water. I can only think that the ghost was some farm worker of that family.

This is as true as I can state.

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