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The Haunting of Tilly Bend Settlement


By: anonymous


About forty years back I became interested in tracing my family's ancestors.This is how I discovered the Tilly Bend settlement.Situated in the Appalachian Mountains it really is a beautiful place.The Toccoa River flows down from the high mountains winding it's way into Blue Ridge Lake.Tilly Bend Settlement is nestled back in these same mountains.One must cross the Toccoa River and travel down a one lane dirt road that takes you deep into the forest.As you drive along one begins to notice(windows rolled down) how quit the deep woods becomes.This was my first impression of this area 40 years ago.This place has been lost in time because it looks the same now as then with the exception of the renovation of Tilly Bend Church.I have been here many times,many,many times over the last 40 years.I suppose you could say I'm drawn to the mystery of this place.

I will only share a small portion of my research,however you need to understand this Tilly Bend church sits right in the middle of this haunting.This church is not part of the haunting.This church is the house of God and services are held there on a regular basis and demands the respect as being the house of God.

In 1756 the Creek Indians lived in this area and got along quiet well with the white folks that came to this area from North Carolina.There are census records showing that the white men intermarried with the creek women.The Cherokee did not get along with the creeks and forced them out of the area.The intermarried creeks did not leave and neither did their customs.In 1820 the Stanley's had formed a settlement over the mountain in a place known then as Stanley Gap.This being told,I can now share with you what I know as fact.

Searching for my great,great grandmother's grave I ended up in Tilly Bend Cemetery.At this time the church only had services on decoration once a year.The church building was very old but still in fair condition for it's age.There were no glass windows only wooden shutters and that was common in the days before air conditioning.The doors to the church is what I remember most about this old country church.There was in both of the old doors what appeared to be like someone had shot the doors with a riffle of some sort.My first impression was that someone had done this out of pure meanness.

I then proceeded to walk around the side of the church and walked up and peered through one of the cracks between the shutters.Of course with the shutters closed and there being no windows the inside was dark.I could however make out the old home made church pews and the pulpit.I also noticed the high ceiling with the rafters showing.Yes,I thought this church is old and the welcome sign out in front of the church stated the church was established 1858.After I looked the old church over I then headed up the hill to the cemetery.

I noticed there were a lot of field stones marking the graves which is not unusual for very old grave yards.Right in the center is a very old and large Oak Tree.The only tree that is in this grave yard.I started looking around at the grave markers for my great,great grandmother's grave.Well to my surprise her grave was also in the center of the grave yard and her grave was the only one under the oak tree.The name on her marker is Elizabeth.So I'm looking at this grave yard thinking it looked as if no one wanted to be buried anywhere near her grave.I then wrote the information from her marker down and that is when I noticed the head of her grave was facing west.Which is very of odd because all the people here bury the dead facing to the east because the Lord will return in the eastern sky.I finished getting the information and I caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of my eye.I did not hear a car come down the dirt road and there were(are) no houses close by.I turned very quick to see who it was and there was on one.I laughed at myself thinking"Yeah I am jumping at my own shadow.You see I didn't believe in ghost but I did believe in mean people.As I started back down the hill I noticed another grave Mary.The birth date was the same as Elizabeth.They both died on Oct.26 Elizabeth died 1905,Mary died 1906.I thought "boy somebody messed up on the dates.

I reached my car at the foot of the hill and as I got in I looked back up towards the cemetery and at the tree I saw what appeared to be a woman.Her dress was long and black.She had on a hat that I can only describe as a granny bonnet.I thought "you have got to be kidding".Then it looked as if she stepped back behind the tree.I was curious so I went about half way back up the hill and shouted "Hello"of course no answer so I walked all the way back to the tree and there was no one there.I hurried back to the car and left.

A couple of weeks later my grandfather ask me if I had went to his great mother's grave.I told him I had and ask why her grave was facing to the west.My grandfather said well she was a witch.I laughed and said"really grandpa why is her grave turned around?He went on to tell me this,She was Creek and also a witch doctor for the Creek Indians.The whole settlement was afraid of her.Now she had a daughter to marry a Tilly and another daughter to marry a Stanley.There had been a family feud between the Tilly's and the Stanley's.So the two sister's became enemies because of their husband.The feud escalated and on Sunday morning the Stanley's went to Tilly church and started shooting through the doors of the church.Killing the preacher(he was a Tilly) and several others in the church,including the one sister who married a Tilly.

Now the Tilly's did not let this go and one night they went to Stanley gap and killed some of the men while they were asleep.Now the sister that married a Stanley,her husband was killed that night.A few months later she died having a baby.Elizabeth Bradley vowed revenge on both the Tilly's and Stanley's for the deaths of her two daughters...After that every baby born to the Tilly's and Stanley's died at birth.I said "come to think of it, there was a lot of little baby graves.Rows of them"my grandpa said"Well after a year of this the Tilly's went to Elizabeth Bradley's house and got her.She was then taken to the center of Tilly grave yard and hung from the old tree.They cut her down and buried her right where she fell.Right before they hung her she told them she would come back

Now after a few months the little babies started dying,all at birth.People in the Tilly settlement started claiming the witch had come back and had taken up residence in a very old and mean woman. Elizabeth Bradley's sister in law Mary.So on the anniversary of Elizabeth Bradley's hanging,the men went and got Mary Tilly Bradley.They hung her from the same tree.They would not bury her facing west because she was after all not at fault because the witch came back through her and she was a Tilly.

I said "grandpa that didn't really happen.He said'you saw the graves and I'm telling you it did happen and the older folks here will tell you that it's true.He said"and I'll tell you you something else that's true I saw one of them witches one time when I was a small boy.My grandpa went on to say that when he was about 9 year old he went to decoration at Tilly and he described the very same woman that I had seen.

This happened 40 years ago and my grandpa has been gone for many years now.I have seen a tin type(old picture)of Elizabeth Bradley and I have also seen Elizabeth Bradley at Tilly Bend.I have kept a record and I have seen her 8 times the last 40 years.There has been two occasions that I have heard a little baby crying as I walk up the hill.Of course it quits when I get to the tree.Strange how one would think you only see ghost at night.I have only seen her in the daytime.Coure I don't go there at night and I never will!





"the man"





I've always believed in paranormal things! I've had many encounters with ghosts and it's never really bothered me. My daughter was born in 2006, around the time she was 1 1/2 we moved in to a nice older house. The first night in our new house we were camping out downstairs because our beds hadnt been unloaded from the truck yet around 2 am i was woke up because you could hear the sounds of someone walking around in her room above the kitchen. I just blew it off as an older building and such.  I walked upstairs when it continued to find her closet doors open and things scattered around her room like someone had been in the boxes, again i just blew it off as my kid brother playing a trick before he left.  The next morning we were setting up her room and I noticed her sitting there acting like she was playing with someone.  It sort of gave me chills because she was actually talking to someone.  I just ignored it, but later she started mentioning the man.

Three days into living there is when things started happening.  Her room has never been warm, i can turn the heater up to 75 degrees, I have bought a space heater, the landlords have came and checked the windows and insulation, everythings normal.  Her closet doors open at random times by themselves.  Now at almost 3 she still talks about the man in her room.  She's informed me that the man tells her she can do things, be bad and do things after shes told no. She still sits around and talks to noone. We lived 14 months with just little things happening all around 2 am, her bedroom door slams shut and you hear stomping down the stairs.  The laundry room doors open and slam shut, the water in the bathtub turns on by itself.  But lately things have become more aggressive and frequent.  I decided to decorate her room, I put new curtains up, her new blankets on her bed and hung clothes in the closet. I walked downstairs leaving all the lights on but shutting

the closet doors, i was down stairs maybe 5 minutes. As i entered the hallway i noticed her door closed, nothing new, but i opened it and there was this rush of cold air, again nothing new, the light was off and you could feel someone in the room.  It was an angry sort of feeling, like someone was glaring at me.  I ignored it and turned the light on, the curtains id just hung had been ripped off the rod and lay in the middle of her room, her new blankets and sheets were off her bed and her closet doors again wide open.  My daughter refuses to sleep in her room now saying the man scares her,That he yells at her. I've placed crosses and went as far as to have my house blessed and nothing.  In the last 2 months I've been woken up to someone screaming in my ear, the sound of my front door opening and slamming shut and my bathroom shower turning on, all in the 2 am hour and on nights my daughters at grandmas house.  




Airport Field in Wisconsin Rapids Alexander Field





One evening just before dark my wife was walking the dogs on the west side of the air field when she saw a dark figure at a distance since it was getting close to dark and she was kind of spooked she crossed the trail and started to run to the truck the opposite direction some how the figure reappeared in between her and the truck. she knew this was not possible because there was only A thin strip of woods between her and the road but some how it got in front of her again, now as she got closer the figure appeared to have no head  it was weird looking not clear in the fading light . now she was in total panic and so were the dogs she ran as fast as she could around the area and got the hell out of there. I told my dad this story waiting for the laughs, my father was born and raised on the edge of this field and told me that after wwII there were reports of  a dark figure walking the edge of this field it was a prisoner of war camp. it kind of made my hair stand on end after that I told some other locals and most said that a young vet on leave was also killed in the same spot a year before . No matter  how you look at its kind of spooky. we call this place headless trail now and we don’t walk it  in the dark!




My Friends and Families Stories






These are some stories that my family and friends have passed on and I think you may find them quite interesting

I am a great fan of your website. I have some stories that I have heard from family. Here is one that my Grandpa encountered, his father had recently died in 1993, and the night of his funeral, he was awoke by something. He didn't know what it was he was just awoken by whatever it was. He looked over and his father was standing there saying I am okay, please do not worry. My grandpa got a drink of water and his father left, he went right through the door.

Then I have one from family friends. This was when friends Steve and Rita had moved into a new house, they had seen several apparitions, that they have not really explained, but really just blobs, then here comes the scary part. Here are 2 stories that I have also inquired from this same person.

Rita and her husband and 2 friends were in the family room in the middle of the day talking and all 4 of them saw a shadow jump from the balcony slide across the family room and go under the couch. Steps have also creaked and toilets have flushed for no apparent reason. This was also a new house, with no history of violence on the property.

Now for the second story, a couple of nights later, Rita was sleeping and woke to feeling like someone was sitting on top of her trying to choke her, Steve woke up to Rita's screams and flipped the lights on, she told him there was a man with a plaid shirt in the room trying to choke her, no one was in the room, she got up out of bed, and went to the dresser, looked in the mirror, and he was behind her, a lumberjack looking man in a plaid shirt standing behind her.

This also might sound kind of queer, but my mother Bernadette, lived in a new neighborhood, when she was little, outside of the development was a field with a very small house almost a shed, whenever my Mom took a walk with her grandma, a little girl would come running out of the house/shed and talk with them. She was always dressed old fashioned with a dress on. She resembled a little girl like Shirley Temple. she said her name was Judy. My mom saw her several times, her grandma also did too. Years later when she mentioned Judy to her mother, her mother said, nobody had ever lived in that house, it was used for storage, a shed, and said my mother was making it up, and that it was a story.

We have never figured out if it was a ghost or not. My great-grandmother remembered her too.





Don't Invite It In





My name is Rodney and I would like to share a story with you that happened to me and a friend of mine. First I will give you some background.

It's the early 70's Enon, Ohio, my friend Mike and I were very close because of both of our parents had gotten divorced around the same time when we were in our early teens. We shared similar interest in Magic and Trickery and the Occult.  We used to save our money and either buy magic tricks from magazines or make magic tricks from plans that we would buy for our act. We appeared on a local after school show for kids a couple of times and in doing so we got to meet a local Famous person named "Dr Creep". He had a Saturday night show where he would host and show scary movies and he also did magic.  Dr Creep was really knowledgeable and had a lot of contacts. He told us of a local magic shop in Dayton and gave us directions. We couldn't drive at that time but I would beg my older sisters to take us there. Discovering that magic store opened us up to a whole vast world of new tricks and illusions.  The shop also sold paraphernalia for smoking and it had a lot of what we now refer to as "Goth" type of clothing and jewelry. Well as we were getting a bit older the movie "The Exorcist" came out and we thought that what a neat idea it would be to put some drama and stage production into the act to make it more of a "Show". We both attended a vocational school so there were a lot of talented people there and we found a couple of girls that liked to dance.  We added dancing demon girls to the beginning of the show using black lights, dark jump suits to conceal the girls under the sheets. The music was Mike Oldfield's Hergest ridge (I think that was the title) The stage was very baron when the show started, only a small table with a dimly lit candle and the dancing girls could be seen.  The dancing girl's dance ended with them meeting in front of the table and big flash exploded and as the lights slowly illuminated they would reveal a transformation in the whole look of the stage. There was now 10' X 12" painted dragon silk tapestry hanging behind the table and two silk banners of Beelzebub artistically lit with eerie lighting and I would be standing where the dancing girls had disappeared in my cape. Most of our tricks and illusions were dark in nature.

My friend Mike moved to Houston a year before we graduated High school. He got a job at the "Galleria" mall in the "Fun Shop". After I graduated I moved to Houston and stayed with Mike at his mothers house. I also got a job at the "Fun Shop". Eventually we pretty much ran the place and again we found a lot of new outlets for Magic and the Occult. We eventually moved into an apartment together as room mates. Our interest in the occult grew but only out of curiosity and it gave us Arie of mystery to other people.  As we made more friends and our reputations as being a little "different" spread we decided to really mess with people. Mike's bedroom had a huge closet and being young he didn't have a lot to put in there. We decided to dress it up and make it look like a Devil Worship Alter with the banners we had and with skull shaped candles and the magic tricks.  Our plans were when friends would come over we would show them that and freak them out.  The very night we did this at about 12:00 I awoke to a pounding on the wall between Mikes room and my room. I sat up and yelled "what are you doing over there! The pounding continued unrelentingly. I got out of bed and went over to the wall and yelled "knock it off, I'm trying to sleep!" The knocking got louder and didn't show any signs of stopping so I went over to Mike's bedroom door and knocked and said "Mike, stop it". The pounding continued so I opened the door to see Mike setting up in his bed looking at the closet. My eyes went across the room toward the closet and as my vision passed his dresser I saw the doors slowly closing. I asked Mike what he was doing banging on my wall. He said it wasn't coming from the wall between our rooms, it was coming from the closet. I continued looking on to the closet as as I saw the door it was "breathing" and jostling as if someone was trying to get out. Then it stopped suddenly. We were scared witless!! We gathered up enough courage to both walk over and we pulled open the door with ease. The closet was freezing, we looked around saw no one or thing.

The apartment we lived in was brand new, no one lived next door. Our neighbor downstairs was gone for the weekend. We asked the people behind us the next day why they were banging on the walls and they said that they hadn't and that they didn't hear anything the night before. We immediately started ripping all the decorations down.

I'm still very much fascinated with the Paranormal but I will not invite it in. I have another story I will share with you later.




Ghost Haunting





My parents own a lake house in Northern Indiana and we used to have a neighbor named Mr. Cambell. Sadly, Mr. Cambell was quite old and depressed and one day he left a suicide note and enough food and water to last his dogs at least a week.

He said his body could be found in the lake. I can not remember if it ever was found though. This story has many parts, all leading to the same conclusion. Mr. Cambell's ghost haunts his property but he seems to be quite calm and docile.

The first Incident:

Well a rich man, Richard, bought his property, tore the home down and built a 2.5 million dollar house. Richard was extremely nice and was always coming over for dinner. One day he told us that he thought his house was haunted. He had an entertainment system installed that requires him to climb a ladder to fully turn it on or off. For that reason he always left it on and left the ladder in the garage. One day he had guests over and was going to put on the Indy 500, but the system was powered down. He said he had watched TV the night before and no one else had been in the house. At first he just assumed it was a power outage or something. He got the ladder and turned on the system, however all of the settings were messed up. The volume was turned down very low and the radio was on and set to a 50's station. The TV was off, because of the radio. When he turned on the TV, it was tuned static rather then the Discovery Channel Richard had been watching the night before. He said he played if off as an accident to his guests but that it kind of spooked him. Later, after this happened again Richard assumed Mr. Cambell wanted to listen to music but didn't want to distrub anyone, because no one ever heard the music.

The Second Incident:

Richard also had a "roommate" James (the thought is they were lovers, but no one really asked). Richard would travel to Chicago a lot and James would be home alone. One night my sister and I were watching TV in her room and saw lights shining outside and heard men talking. We looked out her window and saw about 3 police cars and about 6 police men walking all over the house, looking in windows and knocking on the door. We went outside with our dad to see what was going on and the police asked if we had heard or seen anything suspicious. We said no, "why?" They told us someone had called 911 from the house but only breathed into the phone for a couple minutes and then hung up. We told the police that Richard was gone and usually when he was gone James would visit his mother down the street. My dad called James cell and he was at his moms for dinner and a movie. He said he was planning on leaving soon anyways and came to talk to the police. James let them in and they searched the whole house but no one was there. However, in the kitchen a burner was left on high. James said he had made pasta to bring to his moms and must have forgotten to turn off the burner. After the police left, James said he sometimes got a strange feeling in the house, like he wasn't alone when he knew he was, but that he was never scared. It was more like being watched over then stalked.

The Third Incident:

My sister and a friend were sitting on our screened in porch one Friday night after we got to the lake house late. They saw a man walk from the pier to Richard's house, and my sister called out "Hi, Richard! Or James..whoever it is, haha" But the figure didn't stop or reply. He just walked up to the house and disappeared. The girls said a light never came on and they never heard a door open. The next day Richard was doing yard work and my sister mentioned the night before and jokingly accused him of ignoring her. He told her had not been home last night and that he had just gotten back from Chicago early that morning. He also said James was in NC for the week for his sisters wedding. My sister and her friend were confused because they had both seen the man and they were worried they had seen a robber. Richard asked if the outdoor lights turned on and they said no, why? He said he has motion dector lights so if there was a person by the house, the flood lights should have come on, and his alarm didn't registar entry last night.

The Fourth Incident:

I was home alone one night at the lake because I was tired of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. The rest of my family took a moonlight boat ride. I was watching TV in the living room with our dogs and everything was fine. We have an alarm system and every door in the house has a sensor. If a door opens or closes it beeps. This way when our little cousins are up, we'll know if someone goes outside just in case one of them wonders away. Well I was sitting there and the beep went off, but I didn't hear or see a door open. Then the beep went off again. The dogs have grown accustomed to the beeping and tend to ignore it. They didn't move and I yelled out, "Hello?" No, on responded. I grabed the phone and dialed my parents cell, as it was ringing both of our dogs looked up and their heads followed the same path. From the front foyer to the kitchen and then to the back door. The beeping went off again. I was quite spooked and told my parents to come back. I told my sister what had happened while waiting for them to return. The dogs were still staring outside at our screened in porch, heads coched. They remained like this until my parents boat was back, then they got all excited about my family being home, haha.

The Fifth Incident:

Richard had to move to Chicago because it had gotten to be much for him to constantly be driving back and forth. He bought a flat in Chicago and put the house up for sale. James left too. The new owners are really quite annoying and full of themselves, so no one ever told them about the possible haunting or the houses past. One day Janet came over and asked us if the house had a story. I asked why? She said she had been in the shower when she saw an old man staring at her. She screamed and he just disappeared. We told her about Mr. Cambell and everything and she sort of freaked out. They tried to sell the house but couldn't. She still says the old man watches her every now and then. The housekeeper says she has never seen the old man while she was showering but that she thought she saw him one day while she was cleaning. He was in the entertainment room, listening to music. She also said the five dogs will all stare at the same spot for several minutes on end, tails wagging, as if they were being talked to.


We still talk to Richard and he has told us many more stories about the house, rearranged pantries, the entertainment system being changed mulitple times, and other various things. We think Mr. Cambell haunts the home because he can't move on. My mom says my experence must have been Mr. Cambell trying to get away from Janet for awhile, haha. (That incident was before the shower, but Janet was already in the home with her husband)

We still hear the beeping every once and awhile, and we all just say, "Hi Mr. Cambell, you can visit as long as you like." The dogs stopped staring and following him after about the 10th time. They'll look up just after the beeping and just before we hear him leave.

I am a bit of baby so I still get creeped out when I'm alone at night, even though I know he has never done any harm. My parents are the last people I think would believe it but with so many incidents, we think he is there living out his days watching others. Maybe he regretted killing himself or maybe suicide keeps you from moving on.



Grammas House




wand 3 years ago i was at my grammas house alone in my great grandfathers favorite room. he served in world war 2 and won a purple heart, he also built my grammas house that she lives in today.  well anyway out of nowhere i was walking into the room and i saw my great grandfather in his rocking chair in his army outfit and he waved hello to me and started to walk towards me thats when he disapeared and i ran out of the room and told my gramma and my mom what happened at first they thought i was crazy then i told them what he looked like and what he was wearing. then we took a look at his picture next to his purple heart and what i had described was the exact figure in which i saw.  i have also seen white balls of light called orbs floating around throughout the house but i haven't encountered him since but i do get chills and strange emotions and feelings when im in the house its almost like i cant control myself.





Guardian of the Forest





I've been looking for a site for a long time wherein I can outline an experience that I had back in the 80's.  It remains extremely vivid in my if it happened only hours ago.  Last year, while camping in Vermont, I related the story to a couple who was camping next to us.  They were from Massachusetts and told me about Freetown State Forest and what was going on there.  She also told me that what I had described was what was disturbing people there.  She called it a Pukwudgie. (Guardians of the Forest.)

Lets go back to the Story.  I am now 48 and I live in Valley Forge, PA.  My great-grandmother on my father's side was full-blood Lenni-Lanape.  When I was younger, I lived near Philadelphia in a town called Flourtown.  I used to practically live in Fairmount Park, (Wissahickon Creek), within the boundaries of the city of Philadelphia.  The park is about 20 miles long and about 6 miles wide at the most.  You'd never know that you were in a major city when you are in there.  It is a steep valley and there used to be a ton of mills there.  The park has a long, historical past and had involvement in the Revolutionary War.  It was also sacred land to the Delaware tribe of the Lenni-Lanape.  There is a Counsel Rock there, among other things.

I had been there many, many times and there are many great places.  There is "Devil's Pool" where the Native American legends say the the Great Spirit defeated the Dark Spirit and an imprint was left on the rock.  There is the Ledge, which is a great fishing spot, secluded and out over the water. One of my favorite spots is called "Mom Rinker's Rock."  It is a finger of rock that sticks out from a hillside deep in the park.  There is only one way on or off and the drop on all sides may not be sheer, but they are steep and treacherous.  On the top of the rock is an old statue of William Penn.  Engraved in the plinth is the word, "Toleration."

One night, during the summer of my 26th year, 4 friends and I went to "Toleration" before it got dark.  We sat on the rock until late, talking and enjoying the peacefulness.  All of the guys with me, I knew well.  One, (named Stan), was always seeing stuff and it was a joke of sorts.  One, (named Andy), never believed anything unless he could touch it.  Anyway, we were out there for a while and Stan came back from relieving himself and announced to me that there were eyes in the bushes.  I was talking to Andy and was closest to the land side of the rock.  I laughed, but eventually I looked.  Sure enough, there were two human-sized points of greenish-yellow light.  After about 10 seconds, they blinked, twice.

I asked Andy if he saw him and he said, "yep."  About 15-20 seconds later, the owner of the eyes stepped into the moonlight.  I'll tell you, I never saw this before and never saw it again, (except in dreams), but have been trying to figure out what it was since that day. 

It/he was about 3.5 to 4 feet tall and he was squatting.  In fact, he walked in a squat.  He moved that way until he was about 12-15 feet from me, then he stopped and just stared at us.  I could see the shadow he was making on the ground, in the moonlight and he wasn't transparent, (although at times he seemed to shimmer..)  He looked wet.  His hair was long and damp-looking.  His face was human, but his nose was long, almost over his upper lip.  I couldn't see any teeth.  His eyes were greenish-yellow.  He was wearing a shirt that looked as though it was made of sticks and I think he was wearing a loincloth of sorts.  (It may have been his skin too.)  His feet seemed bare, but there weren't any discernible toes.  His hands were human, but his fingers were very long also.

One hand was held like a fist, with a stick in it that only protruded from the bottom of his hand and there were beads and feathers hanging from the end.  The other hand was empty and he kept opening and closing it.  He didn't make any sound at all, not even on the dry ground.  I have no idea how long we were there like that, but I do know that he was looking at me, because my friends, (including Andy), not only commented on it later, but they were looking from him to me while we were in the "standoff."

After a while, he left.  But he didn't walk away.  He moved to his left, (our right.)  The path that he chose was directly off of the rock, but he didn't descend, he just moved through the air and we could see him passing through the trees until he was out of sight.

Needless to say, none of us moved for a very long time.  When we did, no-one wanted to lead or be in the back!

We eventually made it back to the car without incident.  (Although, just before we got there, a shadow moved across our path.)  No-one was frightened at all on the rock, only afterward.  We never went back there at night again.  I had dreams about it for years and did some research, but never found much.  I went there, with a friend, on the summer solistace this year with my camera.  I had saved some soil from that night and brought it with me.  Nothing appeared, although there seemed to be a "theme" that day.  Everything that we saw had red in it. Leaves, fungus, stray debris, and a passing balloon on the wind.  We even saw a Scarlet Tanager, (which is a very rare bird for our area..) 

I took allot of pics and checked them all.  When I got back and displayed them on the PC, one had orbs in it. Strange during the day.

Mom Rinker was a tavern owner in Philadelphia during the British occupation in the 1770's  She used to listen to the British officers talk in the tavern, then she would pass the information, (in balls of yarn), down to Jacob Levering who was camped in the creek area.  That is how the rock got its name.  In later years, the rock was also the scene of a report from a mill owner that stated, "Mom Rinker was a witch and he saw her there on the rock in the moonlight using it as the place where she would start her broomstick rides."

This could very well be a typical report of what I saw, except from a man in the 18th century.  Anyway, I've  shared my story with a few people over the last 22 years, one of whom was in Vermont.  I was staying at Jamaica State Park there, which had its own reputation with the native Americans and the massacre there.  She told me that I had just described a Pukwudgie.  That was the first time that anyone had the slightest recognition of this guy, much less a name.  I would like to know if anyone else has had a similar experience and/or knows more about this.  I didn't really want to start a discussion thread unless the people on it were serious.  I've attached some pics.

I've always been pretty much in tune with things since I was very young.  I've had more than a few experiences in various places including Gettysburg, and some of the Revolutionary sites around here.  But that is another story....



Haunted Place





Hi there. Great site.. I was reading through the activity spots in my home state of Michigan and was surprised to see a mention of Lincoln K-12 school in Warren, MI. I was a student at Lincoln myself for a couple of years in the mid 80's, and I had almost forgotten about the stairway accident your poster mentioned, in light of two other brutal deaths that happened while I was enrolled. The accident to which the other poster refers happened somewhere around 1980. The story as I heard it was that a boy had fallen down the stone stairwell leading to the second floor and suffered severe head trauma, dying a gruesome death on the hallway floor. I was always glad I didn't have to go upstairs for classes because that stairwell just freaked me out. Then, in late 1985 or early 1986, a boy with hemophilia was running around the fifth grade classroom and horseplaying with other students while the teacher was out making copies. He took a nasty spill into a desk and bled to death internally before help could arrive. There was always something eerie about that room after that. I had to go there for math classes, and it always made me feel very claustrophobic. A short time later, maybe spring of 86, a man was shotgunned to death at close range and in broad daylight just across Federal street, which borders school property. Another man pulled a car over to the curb and shot him, apparently for sleeping with his wife. I was in the third grade classroom at the times of both incidents, and the murder scene was maybe 50 feet from where I sat. The spot where the hemophiliac boy died was maybe 20 or 30 feet away from my seat, with the stone stairwell maybe 20 or 30 feet beyond that. I haven't really thought about any of these things in a while and it never occured to me to connect them in my mind, but.. there might be something to it.


I've seen my Grandfathers Ghost




I don't have any childhood memories of my mothers father, however I do remember when he died, a family friend looked after me and my brothers and sisters so she could attend the funeral.  My cousion had his birthday party at my Grandmothers house, family members were there his parents, sister, two of my other cousions, my mums two sisters, brother, my grandmother, and two great aunties.  I saw my grandfathers ghost sat on the television in front of the television, he was wearing a dark brown long coat.  I didn't talk to him, or tell anybody because as a child I was very withdrawn and isolated.  I have mentioned seeing my grandfathers ghost in a book I've written, my mum told me that he did have a dark long brown coat.





Marsh Cemetery in Glendive Montana





My name is Jen I am 17 now but I was only 14 when I had my experiance in marsh cemetary. I have I was born and raised in glendive. A couple friends and I had been told by our parents about the cemetary. And all the weird stuff that happened there. We wanted to see for ourselves. So we drove our there and brought some sleeping bags and flash lights. We didn't stay very long though. It seemed like right when we got there stuff started happening. It was a pretty warm night but the tempiture dropped in not even a min. As we sat there freezing I looked over my right shoulder and someone or something was staring at us from behind a tall headstone. As soon as I got up to go see it was gone. We were scared but decided to stay a little longer. We were all sitting in a circle when we heard this voice. It said in a muttered voice please don't. We decided it was time to get out of there. As we were walking out we saw a younger women sitting on top of a headstone  powdering her nose and she looked over at us as if she were terrifed and vanished. It was a very terrifing experience. We have tried to make people believe what we encountered there that night but they don't. We know what we saw was real and that's all that matters.




Metamora- Blood Road



Two friends and I decided to go down Blood Road one night. The road is dirt and turns into a narrow, one lane, Nature Road taking you down into a swampy area. While driving down the road all of the cars lights started to flicker off and on. The farther we drive the more the lights stayed off till they would not come on at all. No headlights, dash, or interior lights at all. I stopped the car and got out to check things out and heard noises in the woods. Branches snapping and sounds of someone walking in the woods nearby. We never saw anyone around there but heard a lot of strange unexplainable noises and felt a very eerie presence that we were being watched. My friends were screaming hysterically to get out of there, so I got back in the car, turned it around and headed back out. The farther we drove out the more the cars lights flickered and came back on. I have never had a problem with the cars lights before or after that night and there was no problems found after inspecting the vehicles electrical and lighting system.




My Friend Peggy






 here is another story that I thought I would share that happened to me.  I went to high school with a girl named "Peggy" although we never knew each other in high school, I just knew who she was because she was a cheerleader and hung out with the cool crowd!  Anyway, years later we met through an employer.  I only worked with her for about 7 months before she became ill.  We had become close friends.  It was only the 2 of us in the office so it's kind of hard not to.  Peggy had become an alcoholic after her divorce because her husband was not a very nice man.  What happened is that her kidney and liver basically started shutting down.  We were both only 42 at the time.  It will be 3 years this September since she has been gone.

The first odd thing that happened in the office was my boss and I were looking for a file and could not find it anywhere.  I knew Peg was working on it before she went to the hospital and my boss thought maybe she took it home but I knew she hadn't.  We gave up looking for it that day.  A couple of days later I was in the same file that the missing file would have been in.  The phone rang, I went to my desk and answered it and after I hung up I went back to the file and there to my surprise was the file we had been looking for standing straight up!  I know for certain that my boss and I both looked in that drawer several times.  When I saw it, I just looked up and said "Thanks Peg". 

Another time I was sitting at another computer which looks out into the main office and into another room.  If I'm not looking at it directly I can still see the other room (kind of hard to explain!)  Anyway, I was typing and looking at the screen (I am on the same exact computer right now) and I swear I saw someone walk by into the other office very fast!  I actually got up and said "hello?" It really freaked me out, as a matter of fact I have goose bumps right now.  I can't say that was her again, but I know she helped me with the file!



Rebuilt Property






When i was only a year old my family had an old abandoned house torn down and rebuilt over top of the property. We later found out that our nieghbors dad died in the house that stood before ours. Now from the very beginning of living in this home strange things would happen. My brothers room was the first room as your entered the hallway and in the middle of the night one night he ran to my parents room crying, He told them that he heard old music coming from the walls. My mom went to see what was going on and she also heard the music. She explained it as being very old music, maybe from the early 1900's. She put her ear up to the wall it sounded like it was coming from but when she did it would move to another wall. After that night, it kept happening. This isnt all that happened in this house either. When we would take showers we would often feel someone touch our backs, or shoulders, but when we turned around, we realized that nobody was there and after  awhile we got used to this. My mom was up late one night alone and i was back in her room asleep which was at the very end of the hall, She was watching t.v and something standing beside her room door caught her eye. She described it to look like an older man, he was wearing a black suit and his face was blurred, she said that she couldnt make a sound or even move during this occurance. Around 10 years later we finally had to move out, so when people came to inspect our water strange things would happen, The water would be clear and fine early in the day, but when the inspectors came to check the water, it would turn a rusty color, it's almost like the "ghost" didnt want us to leave, so we went around the house and said, we have to move now, you cant keep trying to keep us here. And after that, our water was fine!




My Story




I have two stories both involving the family dog both eerily odd but neither scary.  We had a german Sheppard collie lab mix we got from pet-co adoption.  Her name was Meka best dog in the world (as we all love our animals to be) writing the story I will admit makes my eyes water to this day anyway.  One night home alone, I walked down my stairs and as usual in passing my dog I ran my hand across her head, to her back and grabbed her tail lightly as to let it slip through my fingers as we crossed paths.  About an hour later my parents came home and Meka came rushing to my room as if she hadn’t seen me in ages which made me question my parents.  “Mom did you take Meka for a walk?”  “Yes honey” she replied and I told her about my experience then she believed it to be the essence or spirit of Meka just watching over me letting me know she cared.  The other is after we realized she needed to be put down, I won’t go into detail for my sake but I drove home from the clinic as I was the only one not in tears, or in the room (I’m not sure if I regret it or not honestly) after returning home my emotions got the best of me and I broke down.  Later that week I had a dream about Meka, or at least it seemed like such in the half awake-half asleep state where reality and your unconscious mind meet and magic happens.  As Meka often did crawled into bed with me and shuffled her way up to my pillow and laid her head on it, then on my and gave me “the look” (If you’ve ever had a dog, you know the look) the “I love you and am so happy with you” kinda look.  I put my arms around her and stroked her soft short hair with tears filling my eyes as they are now writing this even years later.  I gave her a kidd on the bridge of her nose or her head I am not sure which and told her I’ll miss her and love her, then I woke up with the tears running down my cheek, again as they are now.  I’m not sure if it was a ghost or a dream or a combination of both, again like I said the state of mind where magic happens.  But for days when I was alone, I would feel my eyes well up and whisper softly “Please come say hi” she never did.  I think it was her way of checking up on me making sure I was ok, and letting me know she was ok too.   Thanks for letting me share.




Oooooo  Ghost Story!




okay so; i used to live on some really old house, no idea how old it was, though. when everyone in the house was asleep, id go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and id see shadows passing by me. they were really dark. id feel cold chills all the time, and i actually felt a tug on my hair. i could hear the kitchen counters getting knocked on, but nothing was there. i went to lye down on my bed, and i faced the ceiling. i saw figures passing on the ceiling, and i got fraked out. i decided to go to sleep. while i was asleep, i dreamt about a demon that looked exactly like me. it was scratching, biting, and tormenting me. i woke up sweating and crying.. after we moved from the house, i stopped having these dreams.




Old Spaghetti Factory Haunting




This is the first time I've visited your site and was taken aback by the story of the Old Spaghetti Factory in gastown vancouver.

A strange thing happend to me about 2 years ago there that I never could explain:  my family had gathered at the spaghetti factory to celebrate my parents 35 yr wedding anniversary.  Our table was right next to the trolly car. I was sitting on the very last seat basically touching the car.  We had finished our lunch when suddenly I heard my name called clearly. Everyone was busy in conversation and I was sure it wasn't anyone in my family.  Suddenly I started to feel very cold and nervous.  I excused myself and walked to the woman's bathroom in the back of the restaurant.  As I was walking , I felt like I was being followed by a prescence and a feeling a dread fell over me. By the time I got into the bathroom I was having a full blown panic attack. I didn't understand what was happening to me. I drank water but felt frozen with fear. When I came out of the bathroom, my husband asked if I was alright. I said I was and then he tells me that I was in there for 20 mins!!!  I have no recollection of being in there for so long, all I remember was the cold enveloping me and the fear...  I've never been back to the Old Spaghetti Factory since that day... and now I read this story on your site!!

Im positive there is something paranormal going on there.




Someone Help Me!





We live in Catoosa Oklahoma and live on a farm back in the woods.  My husband has lived here since he was little and has always said he has seen and heard things.  He said when he was younger he was playing near the woods and suddenly heard a woman shrieking.  He looked up and saw a woman in a red victorian style dress running and screaming, then he saw another woman running after the other in a long black cloak.  She caught up to the lady and cut her throat with a long silver knife and ran off.  He says his mother's music boxes have gone off all at once with noone touching them.  We at one time were living in a small mobile home and one night we suddenly heard banging on the outside of our home.  It sounded like something was hitting it on all sides very hard.  I finally got the courage to look out the window and saw nothing. The banging noise stopped soon after that.We have both heard a man scream for help out in the woods over and over.  We have asked neighbors if it was them and all said no.  The man says over and over HELP ME SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE! It always seems to come from the same spot in the woods.  I have taken pictures and have many with weird images, bright lights, orbs, including one that looks like a young boy looking around the corner at me while I was taking the picture.  We have a spare bedroom that you can heard noises in sometimes.  It sounds like the cabinets opening and closing, someone scraping something across the desk and banging on the wall.  I have also gone in there to find the lights on even though i had turned them off and noone goes in there, the closet doors wide open and things moved. Its a very spooky place!



Strange Happenings




This was a story my grandmother told to me. This story was about my great grandparents and I feel you will find this interesting,

After my father died, I was lonesome for him. On my way to the kitchen to get a drink in the middle of one winter night many months later, a strange thing happened. As I walked by the piano where there was a music box sitting, "You light Up My Life" began to mysteriously play. No one wound the music box.  It just started playing.  I made me feel warm and happy because he always sang that song to me.

My mother died a few years ago after my father had been gone for some time.  After her death, I did feel her arms around me sometimes.  The feeling was very cold, but it warmed my heart.  She also came to me in a dream on the next Mother's Day after she died.  She was walking toward me and said something like "everything is wonderful and do not worry about me at all." 

These were strange happenings and very real to me.  I am happy that I connected with my parents like this.  I miss them so much.





The Blue Baby




I had my some experiences about ghost story.  In 1978, I was 6 years old as little boy.  My parents, my little brother and I lived in our old house on Earl Avenue in (Wrigley area) Long Beach, California since my father bought our old house in 1976.  Our old house built in 1938.  It has a large family living room with big mirror, big dining room, 2 big bedrooms with walk in closets, 1 rich pink bathroom with mirrors, middle yellow kitchen, laundry room, garage along driveway, very large backyard with biggest garden beds, fruit trees and desert plants area with 2 palm trees.  It was a very lovely home. 

About the late August or early autumn of 1978, my father worked at the fish factory.  In the afternoon, at my old house, my little brother slept in his crib at the living room.  My mother talked with her phone at the kitchen.  I stood at the hallway.  I walked toward my parents’ bedroom, and then I noticed and saw a shadow wandered and moved on the floor at my parents’ bedroom.  I said, “Who is this?” at the shadow on the floor.  A shadow looked alike small child crawling.  I felt windy by itself.  I checked up and saw no one there on the floor, but a shadow was gone.  I was very confusing.  In few minutes later, I told my mother about who was a shadow was alike small child shaped-up.  My mother nodded, “No, there was nothing,” to me. 

About late autumn of 1978, the weather was rainy, my mother and I sat and watched TV at the living room.  At the kitchen, a frame flew off the wall to fell down by itself on the floor.  (Crash noises).  My mother got scared to what happens.  My mother and I walked quickly to the kitchen.  We saw to find a frame was on the floor.  My mother put back a frame on the wall.  We didn’t know. 

In the early December of 1978, in the middle of the night, I slept and dreamt.  I walked slowly in the living room.  When my mom was very sick, and had her green fever.  I worried about she’s worst ill.  My uncle and people laughed at me.  Then I saw a blue baby crawled from the corner.  I was very freaked and scared.  The blue baby doesn’t have eyes, nose and mouth as faceless and looked blue skin.  A blue baby wore small cloth pajamas.  The blue baby looks alike Casper shaped-up about 18-month-old.  I screamed, “AAH!”  The blue baby started coming quickly to grab me.  I woke up and the blue baby clung my right leg on my bed about 20 seconds.  I felt very eerie and panicked as my hair stood up and my right leg felt very chill cold spot.  The blue baby left from me, and then a blue baby hopped and hopped noisy around my bedroom caused noises made me scary.  I felt noise and shaking on my bed and smelled a strange odor like taco scent (bad smell) of the blue baby.  When I felt continuing shook up on my bed.  I screamed and yelled, “Mommy”.  In few seconds, my mother ran and turned on the light.  Short time, my mother saw and worried at the blue baby held the top corner walls.  The blue baby flew quickly into a closet door.  I hugged my mother because my nightmare was worst.  But my father went to working early.  About 5:00 AM, I sat on my bed and my mother cleaned up the closet.  The blue baby faded away.   My mom turned off the light, and then I was trying to fell asleep and felt my bed began shaking again.  I woke up and felt uncomfortable, and then my mom turned on the light.  I told my mom about my bed shook.  She nodded, “No.”  I was calm down and waited until sunrise morning. 

The next day, in the late afternoon, the weather was hazy.  My father cooked meats on his BBQ.  I rode on my little bike at the front yard.  Then I smelt quickly a taco scent (a strange odor) and freaked out.  I ran to my father.  I told my parents about bad smelling there at the front yard.  My parents laughed at me.  I thought about the blue baby will come back?  My parents said, “not sure.”  I was quietly.  It was weirdest. 

In few days later, in the evening about 6:30PM, my father went out with his friends at Queen Mary cruise boat.  My mother and I stayed home.  My mother sat on a chair and I sat on the floor to watch TV.  The floor began to knock noises to annoy me.  My seat felt noises (heavy footsteps) on the floor.  I was panicked to tell my mom about noises something...  My mom nodded, “Yes.”  We didn’t know that.

In the mid February of 1979, in the early morning, I slept and dreamt. I walked on the long hallway.  I sat on the table.  I smelt a taco scent and saw a blue baby appeared by the door.  The blue baby chased me on the hallway.  I ran through the hallway.  I screamed and fell down.  My bed shook again.  I woke up.  My mother ran and turned on the lights.  My mother said, “What happened?” to me.  I told her about another nightmare.  My mother carried me to my parent’s bedroom.  My father said, “You sit down,” to me.  I sat and lay on our big bed.  I talked about blue baby with small cloth pajamas with a strange odor like taco scent smelling.  My mother talked to my father.  My father understood fully to me.

In early December of 1979, in the middle of the night, I was sleeping and had good dream in my bed.  I awoke.  About 10 minutes later, I laid in my bed but can’t sleep to look at the dark bedroom what happened to next, I saw many white small orbs appeared in the bedroom.  Many white orbs look size about less than 2 inches round.  I was afraid of many orbs, and then I yelled, “Mommy.” When many white orbs slowly disappeared.  My mom came suddenly to turn on the light and said, “What’s wrong?” to me.  I told my mom about many white small circle thing in my room.  She said, “Nothing there.”  I puzzled that.

On December 31, 1979; New Year’s Eve, in the late afternoon around 4:45pm, my family were staying quietly home.  I saw the tall Christmas tree was beautiful.  In one hour later, I took into the shower at the bathroom.  I was bathing and sat in a tub.  My father sat and watched TV at the living room.  My mother washed dishes at the kitchen.  Around 6:00pm, it was dark evening.  What happened to next, a blue-purplish orb appeared and flew around the living room but my father ignored an orb.  An orb became a blue baby came into the living room.  My father heard heavy footsteps.  My father glanced to look at the blue baby was sitting on the floor there.  A blue baby stared at my father.  My father got mad, and yelled, “GET OUT,” at a blue baby still on floor but blue baby won’t go away.  My mom scared to hear at the kitchen.  Really, a blue baby chased around the living room.  My father’s leg hit the floor, and shouted, “Get Out.”  I was still in the shower and I was scared of heavy noises few times.  I didn’t know about it.  My father threw his shoe at the blue baby.  My father shouted, “Please get a wood spoon,” to my mother.  My mother picked a wood spoon, and then she gave it to my father.  My father held his wood spoon to check up around the living room against a blue baby might hide.  My mother didn’t know to happen.  While, I came out from bathroom and walked into my bedroom.  I took my pajamas.  My mother said, “Please quiet,” to me.  I don’t understand.  My mother told me about a blue baby with small cloth as a same ghost was here from last year.  I was very shocked and panicked.  My little brother was in the crib at my bedroom but my brother and I were safe.  But I felt smelling as same as taco scent to spread around my house.  My father saw and kicked at blue baby by a couch.  My father hit with his wood spoon at blue baby faded quickly away.  My parents puzzled that...  My parents told me about blue baby was gone and it was over.  I told my parents about smelling a taco scent.  My parents nodded, “Yes.”  I can’t believe that.  We were ok.

About in mid spring of 1981, in the early morning about 4:00am, I awoke but can’t sleep in my bed.  What happened to next, I felt when ghost began to touch and play alike forth…back…forth…back on my feet with cover blanket on my bed.  I was very patience until sunrise morning.  Before go to school, I told my parents about strange touch my feet last night.  My parents said, “Oh, maybe just bad dream.”  The next night, I fell asleep when ghost continued to touch and play on my feet many times.  I was so frustrated.  Every night, a ghost continued did on my feet many times but can’t stop.  I was very patience myself but my sleeping was normal.  The ghost stopped to play on my feet about in late summer of 1981.

In early September of 1981, in the middle of the night, I slept and dreamt enough.  I woke up when I saw many white small orbs there in my bedroom.  About 2 minutes later, many small orbs slowly disappeared when I was trying to fell asleep and had good dream.  About 5:00am, I woke up I saw many white small orbs again there in my room.  Many small orbs watched over me.  I didn’t know, in few minutes later, orbs slowly disappeared.  I fell asleep again.  About 6:45am in the morning like dim room, I woke up I saw many white small orbs again there as 3rd time.  Many small orbs faded away.  I thought that orbs look alike friendly.  It was weirdest.

On August 23, 1982, after all day, my adult friend and I had fun a lot at L.A. Zoo.  We went to my old house in the evening, 6:30pm, my friend chatted with my mother.  What happened to next, I walked on the hallway.  My legs stepped on a solid ball at the floor of the hallway.  I almost fell down at the hallway toward my bedroom by bathroom’s door.  A solid ball was gone.  I was checking and looking at the floor of the hallway.  There was NO ONE on the floor looked nothing.  I was very confusing about it.  I told my mother and friend about a solid ball alike as weird thing.  My mother was frustrated and said, “Stop it,” to me.  I felt uneasy and worried about that.  I believed that a solid ball was like kind of ghost.  Ghost solid ball rolled on the floor as possible as a ghost small child did play with a ball.

Two years later about the mid August of 1984, I was 12 years old, in the evening, around 7:00pm, my mother and brother were outside at the large backyard.  I stayed and watched TV alone in my old house.  I was surprised few strange objects and dark purple little figure child rolled and passed by TV at the living room.  I was confused and turned to look at the living room.  I saw a blue-purplish orb flew around the living room.  It faded away.  I felt freaked out alike haunting.  In 3 hours later, I went to bed to say, “Good night,” to my mom.  I was smiling at my mom.  Few seconds, an invisible ghost blew at my head.  I felt weird windy in my bedroom but all windows closed.  My head felt to appear cold spot of an invisible ghost.  I said, “I felt windy,” to my mom.  My mom said, “No, you are just dreaming,” to me.  I didn’t understand.  My mom turned off the light.  I slept. 

Following another one year later, mid August of 1985, in the morning about 10:30am, the weather was sunny and hot.  My mother and brother went to store.  My father and I stayed home.  My father walked outside the driveway by my old house all the time.  What happened to next, I walked into the living room, and then I felt uncomfortable and uneasy toward the shelf.  I sat slowly down on the floor.  I was trying to pick one book on the shelf, and then my hand touched into cold spot air (gray invisible ghost) by the shelf.  An invisible ghost slapped and flew around me.  I felt very eerie windy.  I saw gray haze object.  I GOT SCARED and freaked out.  Suddenly, I dropped a book on the floor.  I ran and got out of my old house.  I told my father about haunting.  My father helped me show and walked into my old house.  My father checked up the shelf with many books at the living room.  My father laughed at me.  My father said, “Nothing there, you had just dreaming.”  Later, my mother and brother got home.  I told my mother about haunting.  My mother surprisingly believed, “Oh really,” to me.  My mother thought you had just dreaming.  We didn’t know.   

Finally, few months later, in the evening about 8:30pm, it was dark.  My parents watched TV in the living room.  When I walked on the hallway was very dark when I felt uncomfortable and uneasy.  A ghost small child’s hand touched and pulled my pants, and then I almost fell down the hallway.  I screamed, “AAH.”  I got scary and ran to told my parents.  My parents surprised to hear me about another haunting.  We still not know.  I believed that my old house is haunted in Long Beach, CA.  The blue baby was a little friendly ghost.  It was very scary and sad.  It was a very incredible story and mysterious.  I believed maybe it was Long Beach earthquake of 1933.  Was it true?  I don’t know.  My family and I moved into our new house in Lakewood, CA since January of 1986.  Because of our old house had some haunts and weird noises as like footsteps at times.  It was very interesting.  Thanks for letting me share with you.



Wallingford Tilcon Quarry





I am from Virginia and have been working at this quarry all winter. On April 9 2009 a worker told me it was haunted. Three of us worked there and were there late at night. The generator on our truck has a idle position. It should idle back up when you start a power tool, but it does not work. So we never use it. Three times this winter (2009) I was using power tools and it idled back down and I went to go see what was wrong and it was switched down to the idle. Two of us were working around the truck and my buddy was in the bucket in the air. The other guy was working up in the screen tower. I did not think anything about it at the time and ask him if he changed the setting and he said no. Thought I would tell you just weird.          





Work Place





I work at Woods Services and on many different occassions you may hear or see something that is a little funny. I was in the basement of a Residential Unit one night before leaving and heard someone call my name. I yelled upstairs to see what they wanted and no one answered. I continued to do the stock on the shelves and get supplies for the next shift when I heard someone call my name again. I turned and walked towards the stairs and yelled upstairs to the staff again to see what they needed and still no response. Just as I walked towards the shelf again I heard someone say my name behind me again this time....needless to say I ran upstairs and asked if any of the staff were calling my name and they said no one was upstairs.

Another time in a classroom a teacher, staff and client were in the class doing work. The bathroom door opened up the client looked over at the door and then closed on its own. If you know the doors in the classroom they are heavy and big. The teacher walked over to the door with a ruler to open it and when she opened it there was no one there.

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