Belleview Biltmore Resort/Spa





On the weekend of May 1-3, I had my 45th High School reunion at the Belleview

Biltmore. Several of us were sitting on one of their porches Friday night and a

window on the 4th floor happened to catch my eye.  Lights in that particular room

went off and on about every 15 seconds during the whole 2 hours that we were

sitting there.  The lighting seemed more like a glow, starting with a soft light and

ending with much more intense light.  It was almost like it was playing with us....if

I said, "Now it's on", it would immediately go off.  If I said, "It's off again",

immediately it would go on.  When I mentioned it the next day to a couple of

employees about what we had seen, they both paled and asked me again exactly on

what side of the building were we were sitting on.  They both then said at the

exact same time, that the electricity to that wing we were looking at up on the

4th floor had "been turned off getting ready for our renovation".

At the beginning of this month (June) the resort has closed at least for the next

30 months or so for their $100 million renovation project.  With all of these major

disturbances now going on for a couple of years, should really get the paranormal

activity going!  Wish I worked there...... :)




Pasadena High School-Pasadena Tx





I attended Pasadena High school from the years 1997-2000 and have witnessed things in the auditorium that are in line with the information that you have already.


If you are in the catwalk (the catwalk has since been reinforced to prevent accidents) adjusting the lights, a faint hand will tug you from behind to ensure you do not fall. (there are only two operators at a time on the cat walk, nither near the other) If you are in the sound booth alone, you will hear whistling of "old macdonald" or another childrens tune. There are also instances of machinery not working properly and lights being re-directed from the catwalk. (The catwalk is mostly machine operated now so students do not often go up there)


Back in the early 40's-60's, the girls dressing room was on the basement level and the boys was upstairs. During performances, we would find costumes and makeup kits missing from the dressing rooms. When located, the articles would be in the opposite dressing room. (The high school is now surrounded by a perimiter fence and requires photo identification and permission to enter.)    If you walk alone or with a small group (no more than 3-4 people) and are really quiet, you can hear the girl tapdancing and humming a song. You also see the props behind the rear stage move on occasion. (This may be the janitor) There are also times where the floor would be wet as if just cleaned when no one is there for cleaning. 

Another place that is supposedly haunted is the Richey Elementary school, (now the Lorenzo De Zavala 5th Grade center). Rumors of shadows where no one is, and whispers when you are alone. Supposedly, when the hurricane's hit the area in the 1900's A child drowned in the flooding in the basement and can be heard giggling. (*This school is fenced in and requires permission to enter.)

Also in Pasadena, there is a chemical plant (Was Phillips now Conoco/Phillips) that has had several accidents. A friends parent worked in the area that exploded in 1998-1999 that killed several workers. There are employees that say that if they are working a teardown at night they see shadows and have tools dissapear at random and show up elsewhere when there is no one around. (**This is a secure area, tresspassers will be arrested**)


A Lighthouse in Maine





Last year 15 teachers from across the United States met on an island off the coast of Maine for a week of education, exploring the geology of the area and marine life.

 Two nights before we left we were all in the main house and two teachers had gone down to the dock about 9 PM to see the night skies and stars.  Two other teachers, myself and a principal decided to have a little fun and try and scare the two would be star gazers.  Mind you , we both are men and thought we would not scare easy and never gave it a second thought.

 We walked quietly down a drive through a heavily wooded area in the dark so they would not see us.

Suddenly without warning we both who were about 15 feet apart were surrounded by spinning whispers of white light, when we would turn they spun around us even more.  There was no harm but I must tell you we were so frightened, we began yelling and shouted to get out of there immediately.  We ran up the hill and the orbs were directly behind us, we never stopped yelling until we reached the main house, ran in and bolted the doors. 

 There were other teachers sitting in the lounge and they were astonished as to our looks, our faces were beat red, we were hyperventilating, scared, they all knew something was wrong.  We told them our story and each looked at the other in amazement, none of us slept well that night.

 The two teachers returned from star gazing and asked what was wrong as they heard yelling and such, we told them the story and the next day they themselves were confronted with suitcases just moving by themselves in the upstairs dorm.

 The night before we left our director who is a wonderful, informed instructor told us more of previous classes that had seen, encountered, or heard of these occurrences.  She said she was always reluctant to tell the guests as to not scare them off.

 The island has a lighthouse that has been there for over 200 years and the tales from that era need to be documented.  I had been a skeptic all these years but have an open mind, personally no one can ever tell me different from that night on, they do exist.....................we are all sane and educated people, there were no drugs or alcohol involved to enhance any of these happenings. This is the flat, unadulterated truth.






Ethel and the Whale    An unusual story you will enjoy






First things first.  Ethel was my husbands sister and my best friend.  She and I went whale watching every chance we got.  She was my traveling buddy and was always ready to go when I was.  She passed July 26, 2002.  After she passed we decided to make a tribute to her.  I had kept 2 small 6 oz. jars of her ashes to scatter a pinch here and there in the Islands.  And every time we did this, we would write a small, 4 lined poem of where we were. Then we would take pictures.  From the 19th of April to May 2nd of 2003 we scattered her ashes on Kaui and Maui.  Close to the end of our trip, my husband, son, daughter-in law and my self went on a dinner cruise in Maui.  We were told that the whales hadn't been seen for about a week so we weren't expecting any sightings. When everyone was up stairs getting ready to eat, I slipped below to the port side of the boat to scatter a pinch of her ashes. When I turned around a Humpback whale was spy hopping right next to the boat.  I could see his eye looking at me.  I just smiled and said hello Ethel.  Then I went upstairs in utter astonishment. And of course the camera was up top deck with my husband. So I ended up painting what I saw.

This is how the tribute went that very unusual evening.  Every time I say it, read it, I cry. 

We took a dinner cruise the last night we were here: But what we didn't know, was the humback whales were near.

The whale watch tours had been cancelled earlier today. Everyone thought they were gone, and now far away.

As the sun was setting, I took a walk below; It was time again to let a little of you go.

As soon as I released you into the breeze and into the sea; A Humpback Whale spy hopped, close enough, as if to see.

It was incredible; He was so close you see. It was like he took a moment to come and spy on me.This was something special, a gift you might say.  Or maybe it was a sign to let us know that you are okay.

We believe to this day that she is ok and it was a sign. 







Family Came Home or Not?





I just read other accounts on this site, that reminded me of my own experiences.

 When I was young and home alone I usually just stayed in my room. I would hear the

garage open, my mom and dad walking around, keys clinging, chairs being pushed in. I would finish  what I was doing and go out to say hi. Only when I walked into the other part of the house 

no one would be there. I would be so shocked, because I swore I heard them. This didn't

 stop when I moved either. I can recall so many times doing laundry in the basement and

 hearing one of my kids yell down the stairs to me. I would yell back " I will be up in a

minute" Then I would remember they were not even home. Another time my one daughter and I

were  home. We were in the family room. We both got up and left the room together. My one 

daughter went into the bathroom off the kitchen. I went in the kitchen and started to pre-

 pare food at the counter. I heard my other daughter come home, she stood outside the 

 kitchen door and said " hi mom" I answered back "hi". I finished up in the kitchen and re-

 turned to the family room. My Daughter who was in the bathroom joined me. We were

sitting back down and the door opened and my other Daughter walked in. I looked at her confused and said "what are you doing" she said "what" I said you just came home a minute ago. She  said "no I just came home now" my other Daughter scrambled to me and started saying mom I am scared I heard her say hi to you before when I was in the bathroom. My Daughter was  grabbing me and shaking. I was speechless we both clearly heard her but she was not in the house at the time.

Also one winter I recalled my kids and Husband went up north for the weekend. I stayed

home because I had a litter of puppies at the time. It was about 7pm this one evening. I

was sitting on the floor in a back bedroom. I had the puppies with me. Out of no where

I hear this voice of a young girl go "w-h-e-r-e-s  Z-o-e-y?" That was the name of one of my 

Daughters. I look up, an the puppies even turned their heads towards the door, their little 

ears go up and they slowly look at me like what the heck is that. I was home alone. The 

windows were closed it was winter and I had no TVs on either.

The last episode we had at that house happened one weekend when the kids were at 

Grandmas. I fell asleep on the couch my Husband was sleeping in a bedroom off the family

room. He got up and went to the bathroom at the end of the hallway. I woke up when he

went past the family room. He gets in the bathroom, he has the door open. I hear a little

girl go "Dad". There is just this dead silence my Husband comes flying in by me. He sits right

next to me and whispers "did you hear that?" I started to whisper back and my Husband 

goes shhhh.. we both sit there and then we hear in this bizarre in stereo sound of a little girl

talking very fast and happily it lasted about 6-8 seconds and stopped. We huddled real

 close and were whispering back and forth "what the heck is that" we never could tell what 

this little girl said but it was from the x-files literally.



Fox and Hounds Restaurant in Hubertus,WI




The description of the Haunting of the Fox and Hounds Restaurant is so very true.  I worked at

the restaurant back in the early 80's.  Footsteps would be heard, stainless steel salad bowls would be strewn about when no one was around and candle wax would drip from the ceiling, but no candles. We would also see someone looking out an attic window late at night after the place

was locked up for the evening and no one was in the building.  Very creepy.  Your website states that the place was torn down which is incorrect.  The restaurant was bought by a person who used to park cars for the place.  He did some remodeling but he kept the original "history" of the place in tact. The business is open and thriving.










A few years ago, I had gone out to garden very early in the morning. I was all alone on my hands and knees planting these barley plants. I couldn't figure out which end was to go in the ground.

They were these odd looking roots.

Out of no where I hear a mans voice say "what the hell is that?" I looked up real quick and no

one was any where in site. It was so odd. I mean it spoke right in my ear. I think something else

was as confused as I was, on this plant.





Grandpa Hansen is upstairs




I just want to also say I love this site. I come here on and off threw years and just love

reading everyone's stories.

I am really surprised when I read that people have only had one experience. I am 40 and

have had this all my life. As I read these I like to post some of my most memorable ones.

This one happened when I was 12.

My Grandpa Hansen had died. He just came home from running errands, sat on the front

step and had a heart attack.

My Grandparents lived in a small house, just out of Milwaukee. The downstairs of the house

was very small. The house had a loft upstairs, that was their bedroom.

My Dad told my sister and I to go visit Grandma one Saturday afternoon. She was not fairing

well after her Husbands death.

It had been about 3 months since his passing. We went over and sat down in the family

room with Grandma. We were chatting for probably 30 minutes, when I heard the ceiling

creaking. I looked up and over at my sister her eyes were like saucers. The creaking

became more and more obvious. I mean you could hear the foot steps going across the floor

up in that bedroom. This went on for about 10 minutes. My sister and I looked at my

Grandma, her hearing aid is beeping and she's fiddling with it. She is crying saying I miss him

so much, this dam hearing aid and on and on. While she is doing all of this, the foot steps

just keep going on and on. My sister and I were speechless. We just made that eye contact

like do not say anything to her. It finally stopped and we decided to leave. We kissed her

good bye. When we got in the car my sister and I just both started saying holy cow Grandpa

Hansen's upstairs, I can not believe this. My sister goes look up and see if he is in the

window, I am to afraid to. I did not see anything as we drove away. My sister and I grew up

in that house. This was no boards settling this was my Grandpa up there. I just sit and think

about Grandma. She lived 10 years after him. She cried over him daily. If she only knew he

was just right upstairs the whole time.

A final note. The day before my Grandma died, she told my Dad that she has to go make

lunch for her Husband he is waiting. She then asked him to get her a new dress. She fell

asleep and my Dad had left. He got the call the following day.




Story to Share



These events happened to me last month, May 2009. I've

hesitated to share them til now but I feel I should. Maybe someone knows more info and can

help me understand what I experienced.

I decided to make an overnight trip to Santa Ynez Valley above Santa Barbara, CA on a

Wednesday in May. I have some comp play to use at their local casino, Chumash, and I want to

see some other attractions in the area. I woke up extra early and couldn't get back to sleep. I

decided to go ahead and leave early from my home in So Cal to miss traffic. By early I mean just after 1am. I drive up listening to George Noory on the radio. The time goes by very fast.

I pull off the 101 freeway at Buellton about 4:15am and pull into Tom's Gas (open 24hrs) to fill

up. It's dead quiet out and very dark. The sound of the keypad beeps on the gas pump sound like it is echoing for miles. There is also a fog or mist hanging in the air. It's the marine layer that rolls in off the ocean. No one else is out or on the road. I can't get over how quiet it is up there that time of morning.

I pull out of the gas station and continue on to the Danish Village of Solvang a couple of miles

up the road on Highway 246. I get to the edge of town about 4:30am and slow down to about

10-15mph. The highway, or Mission Drive as it is called through town, is lined with hotels so I'm

trying not to disturb anyone. I get about 1/2 way down Mission Drive, about where Best Western

King Frederick's Inn is located on the right, and I see a young Hispanic man run from the middle

of the parking lot to the side of a building and disappear. He looked to be about 16-18 years old,

about 5'7", thin build and was wearing a long white t-shirt and light blue warm up pants-like

basketball players use. He had a shaved head, like with a #1 or #2 razor. When I first saw him run I thought *that's weird(that anyone is out this time of morning)*. There were no cars in the

parking lot and no one else around. He just ran to the wall, stopped at the edge, bent over with

his back to me and his hands on his knees, and vanished. I looked back a couple of times, not

believing what just happened. Remember I'm driving very slow. All I can think is *Ummm....that

didn't just happen...*, but it did. The parking lot and sidewalk next to the wall of the building

were pretty well lit. I saw it all in unbelievable detail. I continue driving on to the Chumash

Casino a few miles east of Solvang. I get there, grab some coffee and try to put the

experience out of my mind. It must have been a real person, I tell myself. A trick of the light is

the explanation, or something like that. I continue on with my day, touring the countryside and

stopping in here and there, thoroughly enjoying the scenery.

 Later in the afternoon, I'm sitting in my hotel room Day's Inn Buellton "The Windmill" (made

famous in the 2004 movie "Sideways"). I started getting hungry. I had planned to eat at a

favorite steakhouse "A.J. Spurs" but I picked up a menu for a local pizza place in the hotel lobby

and it looked good too. I can't decide where to go. I see a story in a travel mag I picked up for a

local Mexican food place. It looks good and is very close to the hotel. I decide to go there

instead. Call it fate for what happens next...

 The Mexican food place is called Rudy's. It is located in a shopping center just behind Tom's Gas where I stopped in the morning to fill up. It's a small chain that operates in the Santa Barbara area, about 6 locations total. I drive over and park in front. it's about 3pm and I am the only customer there. I walk in. A tall Hispanic man is the chef working back in the kitchen, looking very stern and professional, wearing a chef uniform and a tall chef hat too. A young Hispanic lady works the front counter. They are the only people in the restaurant other than me. I order my food and a Pacifico beer and grab a table in the front. I sit down and notice a fresh salsa bar toward the back on the right. I walk back to check it out. They have 4 kinds of salsa and 6 kinds

of hot sauce. Nothing is labeled. How can I know which is which or which to take?

Since there are no other customers in the restaurant and the 2 workers can't see me, I decide to

slyly dip a finger in each sauce to taste it, thinking no one will see me do it.  

After about 3 tastings, I look up to the right and see a young Hispanic man staring right at me.

His reflection is being reflected off the polished or chrome mirror finish of a large box-like piece

of equipment on the front counter, I think it was a counter top convection oven. All I can think is

"Oops...I'm caught!*. He looks away smiling. The face was normal life size. I look straight ahead

for an instant then back to the right again. His image was gone.

I walk back to my table in front thinking it must have been the chef...but he was in the back and

this reflection had to come from the front. I sit down and the chef and lady are exchanging

words in Spanish about something....We are still the only three living people in the restaurant.

I realized the face in the mirror finish was not wearing a chef hat. That he was younger than the

chef too. A lot younger. That he had a shaved head with just very short hair. That he was

wearing a white t-shirt. That there was no one else in the restaurant. That the chef and lady were having an argument when I saw the face smiling at I'm really freaked out. I take a long drink of my Pacifico and look around. I then realize the connection with what I saw

in the early morning. This Hispanic teenage ghost is messing with me, playing with me. Not in a

malicious way, but in a mischievous way.After I eat, I drive back to my hotel just in a daze. Wow, there was no denying what had happened today. Someone wanted me to see him and I did. Twice! Totally unexpected. Totally out of the blue. Both times.

I f anyone can shed some light on these events, I would love to here from you. Maybe someone

knows some back story or of other experiences people have had involving a spirit on Highway

246 between Buellton and Solvang.

Thanks for reading.




Woman with no Face






my grandmother my aunt noah my aunt alexa  my aunt gigi and

my greatgreatgrandmother adriana lived in one house together

andd every night they would hear like a body walking on the top

of the roof and at some point drop on the roof and roll of by this

point every body had been n their beds with the door closed then

they would hear a person walking in the whole house knocking

on all the doors but at some point people grew less scared but

then may i remind you i was a old time so they had servants but

no they were not rasist although there servants were white they

were treated like family any ways one night maria (a servant)

was out side using the garden bath room with the door open i

dont know why though any ways the person was a old

woman with no face just a dark pitch black hole she screamed ! later on

they all had seen her and as a baby my tia gigi would say wake up mimi

(grandmother) and she would wake up mimi play  no sleep so she would put

her across her shoulder and she said the old woman would stand behind her

and scare the crap l out of gigi and she would say ahh mimi ugly and

thats how she would know the old lady was there well eventually they moved

but not of being scared just of wanting to move.



True Story




my husband and myself and my brother were all watching our mothers house while she was out of town on vacation. we had been there for a few days and all happened to be in on this particular evening and night.well we had finished dinner and we were all just hanging out in the living room watching t.v. my brother said he was just gonna sleep on the couch and my husband and i said goodnight and went to bed in my mothers bedroom because thats where we had been sleeping.we kissed goodnight like usual and turned off the bedside lamp.i myself just cant close my eyes and go right off to sleep so i was just lying there looking off into the darkness trying to wind down. suddenly i noticed a very, i mean very dark black mass by the bedroom door. i blinked my eyes a few times trying to make them adjust to the darkbetter but realized they already had because i could make out the mass that was so much darker than the dark. i began to feel afraid when i saw it moving.i laid there and watched it approach the bed

over our bodies, it looked larger than it had by the door. ibegan to nudge my husband but i decided to lay there a little longer to see if it continued to move or get larger.i lay there and marveled at its denseness and its extremely dark color as opposed to the regular was pitch black and just floated there above us. unbelievably i fell to sleep. the next day at lunch my brother said 'hey, last night i saw the weirdest thing when i was trying to fall asleep a large black mas was hovering above my head and scared me half to death! i stuck my hand in it and it was freezing cold!" befor i had a chance to speak my husband said"me to! i thought i was seeng things"i spoke up and said i saw it as well and was frightened by it , they both said wow i wonder what it was.ihad read somewhere that those could possibly be evil.needless to say we did'nt spend the night there again.








sally  was a niece of Mrs.Thornton who lived in the carter mansion. it was then called the Thornton place.

while visiting her aunt, sally became very if. possibly the flu. she died. they buried her on the property there at the Thornton place.

Mrs.. Thornton rented out rooms later on, and one night sally appeared standing at the foot of a man's bed. she told him the storm had knocked ther tombstone over and wanted him to come and fix it.the next morning the man told Mrs.Thornton about it and they went to see and sure enough the storm had toppled over sally's tombstone. the man left.

she also disliked smokers. she would throw ashtrays in the rooms of those that did. empty them also.the Thornton place sold to a developer and the graves were moved. they built houses on the grounds there. but when the decorators were fixing up the mansion, sally did not like it! she would throw the accent pillows about; the next day the women would come back to finish the job only to find even the furniture had been moved.

the Thornton house is the club house now. I guess they have named it the carter mansion.

when I was in high school, we would park in the church parking lot and walk through the woods to her grave. it was said back then that she didn't like anyone with the name Nancy and if you wore a pearl you would not have it when you returned to the car.

other people who stayed in the Thornton house, had reported seeing and passing a young woman on the stairway. when inquired about her they were told it was just sally and the guest would leave! hope this has been insightful. I was born and raised here in Huntsville.



Bernie is in the Hallway


By:     Bernie is in the hallway


I'm a nurse and run our family's assisted living and recently we had some

strange things happen in our care home. I understand with caring for the

elderly sometimes strange things occur in doing this for almost a decade.

Recently I had a resident that started to decline at the age of 93. One night

after helping her get into bed she asked me if Bernie (her husband, who died

10 years before) knew where she was. I reassured her that he did, it caught me

off guard since her mind was intact and she was not forgetful. A week went by

and again I assisted the woman into bed, she said to me, "I hear Bernie in the

hallway. Can you tell him that I'm in here?" I told her to call for him and he

would come in. She refused and asked me to, so I went out to the empty hallway

and said, "Bernie, E. Is in here if you would like to visit with her." As a

nurse, sometimes you do things out of the better judgment for yourself as long

as it helps your patient. Later that night I heard the lady talking to no one

quietly. I have had some odd things happen in my personal life through the

years since childhood, but that is another story. I was once told by an older

japanese woman not to talk to the dead or invite them into my home.

Another week goes by and my resident took a drastic turn for the worse by

refusing to eat or drinking fluids. After a week stay in the hospital she

returned on comfort cares and hospice. The end was near and we knew it.

However, while she was in the hospital I got a frantic call from one of our

nursing assistants asking if I would please come back to work because she was

really scared. When I got to work all the lights in the house were on and she

was sitting on the couch with her back up against the wall. When I asked what

was wrong she told me wide eyed and pale that she had seen a mist down at the

end of one of the hallways and was hearing weird popping noises coming from

the residents room that was in the hospital. After checking the entire house

and silently saying the 'Lord's Prayer'. The house felt calm. E. spent her

last days being pampered and shown caring and compassion from staff and

family. Many of the staff came in on their days off to sit with her including

myself. The last couple days of her life she was sedated for pain and

hallucinations. When no one was in her room and she didn't know we were

checking on her she was reaching upwards towards the ceiling and mumbling. The

day before she died we had xm music playing on her tv all the time. A couple

of the nursing assistants were performing her evening cares when the tv

changed to CNN for 30 seconds and turned back to the music by itself. The tv

remote was on top of the tv. Since our favorite lady passed away things have

stopped for the most part.





Dead Mother Calls My Cell Phone




My mother passed away June 5th 2007. Me and my husband was in New Jersey at the time

waiting to get unloaded( we drove a 18 wheeler for a living). My sister had called me the day

before and told me that my mom was in a coma and the home health people said she only had

about 24 hours to live and that I needed to come home. So I called our dispatcher and said we

needed to be routed back to the chattanooga terminal so that I could see my mom before she

passed. He said no problem after you and  your husband has those tires put on, go pick up that

load and head for chattanooga. Well while they was putting tires on our trailer we decided to get

some sleep. The cell phone rang and it was my sister. She told me that mom had come out of it

and was sitting up eating and laughing and talking to everybody and that she was ok. So I called

my dispatcher and said we don't have to go home we can do one more load out here. so it was

late that night when they finally got the tires on the trailer and we decided to just stay there in

the parking lot til morning so we could get some needed sleep. We get up that morning and pull

out. As we are heading down the highway my cell rings and it is my sister just crying like I ain't

never heard before and she tells me that mom passed away that morning early.So to make it a

little shorter our dispatcher gets us home thirty six hours later. Now  at this time we are at my

mothers house and she has already been picked up by the funeral home before we got

there.Sometime later that day my husbands cell phone rings while we are nowhere near it to

answer it. So when we do pick it up to see if our dispatcher has called it shows we have one

voice mail and no number,so my husband listens to the voice mail and it is my mother the day

after she died.(the message said)- Connie this is your mother call me! We checked to see if it was a delayed message but it wasn't I even took it the cell phone company and they said it was June 6th at 1:25 in the afternoon. My mom died June 5th 2007 at the times between 1:00Am-3:00Am. It really has bothered me that we missed that call even though she was already dead,she might have been trying to say good-bye to us.



HWY 2 Red Box California


By:  Anonymous

 A few nights ago a friend and I took a drive up

Angeles Crest Hwy, it was a clear night and wasnt too cold.  As we kept going

up the highway there is a parking area called "Red Box".  This is the parking

lot that is basically on the corner of Mt. Wilson Rd. and Angeles Crest HWY. 

As we entered the parking lot we noticed there were no other cars there as I

made a U-Turn in the lot to face the small building there we saw a man

walking.  What got my attention was the fact that my headlights shined bright

on the building yet we only saw the person from the waist down.  The rest of

his body was a shadow, the man was walking around as if here were looking for

something, it appeard he had a flashlight in his hand the way he was moving

but there was no light coming from it.  The closer we got to him the smaller

the image got, when I shined my brights on him it looked like he went down a

small hall way, even then we could not see his upper body.  We went back the

next day to see if we could find anything, one thing we did notice was the

hall we saw the figure walk through was now a wall.. Not a wall that was just

put up but one that looked like it was part of the structure since it was




Iwakuni Japan




In 2005 we deployed to MCAS Iwakuni Japan.  We lived in building 1687 where

the haunting already takes place.  A friend of mine was listening to a laptop

in the hallway on the third floor when he said it was slammed shut, turned off

and then shoved across the floor at him.  In disbelief I told him to show me. 

So he set his computer back up and started playing music again.  Almost

immediately the laptop was slammed shut, turned off and shoved across the

floor again.  The computer would not turn back on again until it was taken

into his room. 




Middle Tennessee Medical Center




Three separate spirits are said to walk the halls of the soon to be abandoned Middle

Tennessee Medical Center hospital in Murfreesboro,TN as a new more modern hospital is

being built across the city.

In the older section of the third floor one room is said to be haunted by the ghost of a

mental patient who jumped out of a window in the 1960's in the psychiatric ward thirty years

later in that section administrative offices were constructed and employees reported hearing

running down the hall of someone with bare feet and a light outside the room where the man

was said to have jumped turns on and off periodically on some nights. The switch that turns

on that light can be found only inside the room which was not even in use at the time. When

the lights were checked by maintenance they seemed fine. Later some orderlies enjoying

lunch on that same floor reported seeing an IV stem being rolled up the same hallway. They

left their food there and didn't return.

In what was the pediatric area the ghost of a redhaired girl in her early teens in a white

hospital gown has been spotted at one point by a nurse who also had long dark red hair

when the room was used for pharmaceutical storage. She claimed to see the spectral image

of the girl staring at her through the glass observation window of the room. The nurse was

also a red head.

Finally the third spirit has been chronicled by the hospitals own sad history and has been

spotted in the newer section. A young nurse who had just started was leaving for the night

to go out with friends as she hurried down the stairwell she dropped her purse over the

guardrail but lunged too far and fell down the center of the stairwell landing on her head.

She died three days later due to massive brain trauma. Ironically one of the hospital

employees who had the task of cleaning up the bloodstains was the son of the woman who

had seen the red haired girl's ghost as her family worked in the hospital. It is said that

sometimes you can see the girl repeat her fatal fall.




My Early Encounters





I have many stories to share with you, But I'm going to start at the beginning. I grew up in Laurence Harbor, New Jersey. From the time I was a very young child I knew that something was not right in our house. Our House was the last house on a dead end street that faced the marsh. In the winter you could see Hwy 35. The surrounding woods were as equally disturbing. I was the only girl in our neighborhood, all my friends were guys...they were like brothers to me. I was a tough kid, and I did not scare easy. However, Being alone in our house, and going to sleep at night frightened me to death. My father died when I was a baby, and it was just my mother, brother and myself. There was quite a difference in age between my brother and I. For years I kept my experiences to myself because I thought it was my imagination, and I also thought that if I told my mother and brother, that they would think I was crazy too.

It took a long tome for me to realize that I wasn't crazy, it was not my imagination, and the hard part was that, I was a "gifted" child, whose family could not relate to me on that particular level. These are my experiences while I lived there. My mother and father bought the house in 1962, and I was born in 1963. We owned the house until 2005. To this day the events are burned in my memory. From the time I was about five years old there hardly was a time that the house was at peace. I would lay awake in bed at night and watch orbs dance across the walls and ceiling...then I could feel someone sit on the corner of my bed. It was not a faint feeling either, in retrospect as an adult,  you could actually see the corner of the bed being pressed down. My heart would pound in my chest so loudly that I couldn't hear anything else, and I could feel every hair stand up on my entire body. I would pull the covers and pillows over me in such a way that only my eyes and nose would stick out...even in the summer with no air conditioning.

Shadows were common place every where in the house. You could smell flowers in the middle of the winter as well. Then just as I would start to fall asleep, I would be jolted awake because something pulled the covers off of me so violently that they were on the floor at the foot of the bed. That would send me screaming out of my room to my mother. There wasn't a time that you didn't feel as though you were being watched, or that you didn't feel that something was following you from room to room. If you came home and put your car keys down, turned your back for two seconds they were gone...and then after searching the entire house, they would suddenly reappear where you originally put them in the first place...and you were the only one home the entire time. When I was in high school I would come home and shower because I played sports. I would always locked the bathroom door. Every time I would pull the curtain back when I was finished, the door would be wide open, once again no one was home, and

our interior doors had no keys. Until now I've been very vague with you about my experiences, but now I will tell you in detail my most frightening experience...

I was engaged to Mitch. We were both just out of High school. My mom was out and so was my

brother. Mitch and I decided to go to my house and watch TV and eat some pizza. From the time we entered the house I could feel that something was really wrong, really out of sync. The air seemed electrically charged. It was as though us being there had interrupted some unseen gathering. I ignored it even though I was goose flesh from head to toe. Even with all the lights on my mothers house always seemed dark. Mitch was sitting in the living room watching television, and I went into the kitchen to heat some frozen pizza. We were having a conversation as I did so. My back was to the living room as we were talking and I was placing the pizza on the baking sheet. I heard what I thought was Mitch leave the living room and walk into the kitchen. I became aware that he was standing directly behind me as I was still talking. I turned around to ask him something, but to my shock and horror it was not Mitch standing

there.... I felt all the blood drain from my face, my knees went to Jell-O, and I gasped and screamed at the same time. Standing face to face with me was a huge black solid apparition. I could make out a head and shoulders, but the rest became more see through as it went towards the knees and feet area. It felt like slow motion. I think that when I turned around and screamed I scared it as much as it scared me. As I stood there screaming, the black figure literally whooshed through the kitchen wall. Mitch ran in the kitchen. I was shaking and white "as a ghost". It took me a while to collect myself. I shut the oven off and we left and went to the local pizza place, where I told him what had happened. We / I did not spend much time at my mothers house after that. This is just one story out of countless stories that I would be

glad to share with you. I am now 46 years old, my entire life has been one foot in this world and the other in the spirit world. Years ago I had contacted "Sylvia Brown" who told me that my mothers house had many spirits in it, but two stood out... there is the ghost of a baby and its mother. She also said that I was a medium and a physic, and she was right, that is what I now do. I'm no longer afraid. It gives me pleasure to be able to connect grieving people with their departed loved ones. I consider this a wonderful gift that I would not trade for anything. Thank you for listening.





My Paranormal Experience


All of my life I have had reoccurring experiences of the paranormal .Starting at age 7 (as far as I can remember) when my father died . I used to believe the experiences where dreams , or imagination ...until recently .I was telling my fiancé of my experiences..I.e. ;Voices , mists , noises , makes on my body , being touched (shirt tugged on , hair pulled etc) ...etc ..His suggestion was that maybe I am a sensitive . So I started thinking about this possibility , and decided to explore it further...My fiancé and I had previously tried going to paranormal meetings , which would go on "ghost hunts" , there was one in particular that appealed to me , and we signed up .The building the group was going to was in New Castle Pennsylvania , at an old building the was previously the Elks club , built in 1914. This information was given to us by the "leader " of the hunt. When we arrived we went into a room to get the speech about which rooms to be careful of , they would be marked by the yellow tape .Nothing else was told to us about the history of this building .But as I stood there a name entered my mind , and it kept repeating itself "Sarah " "Sarah " Sarah " over and over again . Well as the group entered the basement , we divided into small groups of 2 or three , my fiancé and I were in a small room in the back and I felt nothing so we decided to head out into the main part of the basement

, and just as we stepped out of the room , a main that was on the tour with us ( who has been there before) said " Sarah if you are here with us , give us a sign." I was flabbergasted!! I looked at my fiancé and explained the utter shock on my face , and we continued in to other parts of the area ,I had entered a room just of the entrance of the basement and instantly was bombarded with intense sadness , so much so that I got tears in my eyes . I informed the group leader and they took pictures around me ...BUT by this time I already knew that what they were searching for in the building wasn't correct , I KNEW that what I was feeling was the past , and the Child Sarah intended on proving just that to me . She (in what I would call it) attached herself to me , she started flashing images in my mind about what the building was before the

Elks had built there . It was her home . It was a beautiful Victorian with a large porch , parlors , a library , you name it she showed me . She told me that she was sad because of the remodeling that was about to happen in the building . She got her point across by telling me certain rooms did NOT belong . I also picked up a persistent man in a room on the first floor , I was flashed a image of a podium and people sitting and listening intently to this man . In the ballroom I was given images of people dancing  ( only black shadows of such) And at last the third floor I approached the end of the main hall and was shoved by something not seen , I took a moment and continued on into a grand circular room with benches attached to the circular walls , and had the feeling of being watched , and I kept saying "this feels like "judge and jury " . It was like you were being persecuted , watched and they spirits were getting angry . So I wanted

to step out of the room for a moment and I took a step toward the door and received a sharp blow to my middle back on the left hand side , I went out of the room and was telling the group about the incident and decided to give it another try , and as I entered I again got another blow to the right side of my back that point I wanted out of there FOR GOOD ...So the group agreed to leave the third floor and as I entered the hallway again I got pushed in the same spot as the first time , which happened to be in front of a very LARGE window.

 The interesting part as I said before was I knew nothing of the place ....BUT when we were leaving I told the owner all the stuff Sarah had told me , I told her of the man in the room that in my mind I seen the podium , I told of getting pushed and hit in the back.....Well she surprised me , not only me but many in the group as well .....come to find out that IS where Sarah's home was , the rooms I was seeing were the rooms in her home , the man at the podium would have been the black preacher that occupied that room after the elks club closed down...

That night I came home exhausted , I fell asleep and dreamt of Sarah , in the dream she told me her last name , so I searched her on the internet , I then found something more shocking , not only did I find her , the year she was born , BUT I also found the names of her parents . Well I had spoken with someone that has been to the club and knows tings about it , but they new her parents names , which happened to be the same names I came across . And a as far as the room on the third floor , the owner informed me that this room was the judging room for the Elks members and where they would hold their remembrances to the dead brothers , and Women WERE NOT allowed in this room , and also that a EVP was picked up stating " You are being judged "!! ....

 So needless to say I am now no longer doubting my ability , and am more open to my experiences ...which have been many since that night .....

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