My Roommate


My ex and I bought my house in 1974 from the original owners. The father was a German

immigrant who died in one of the bedrooms.That room became my husband's study but since the stereo and stuff was in there i would frequently enter. But enter carefully.Everytime I had to go in that room I got a spooked feeling. I would run in on me tip-toes, grab what I needed and run back with an eerie feeling.

That room had a lighting fixture on the ceiling that was original (home built 1950) and for 27 

years that light bulb never burned out. While remodeling a few years ago i had to take the fixture

down due to faulty wiring and if it had been kept there believe  that same bulb would be

burning. The fixture in the kitchen has a bulb that is kept on 24/7 and has been burning at least 10 years (i never paid any attention to this until the other one was taken down). It is a two bulb

fixture where one bulb burns one in a couple of weeks while the original bulb still glows.

I've decided i live with the spirit of the previous owner who I call Herbert He loves to take my

car keys. One time i came home from work and put my keys in  their usual spot. However the

next morning they were gone. I spent almost 2 hours searching for those to the point I felt like

taking the wallpaper of the wall to see if they were there. Bye bye keys. About two years later I

was setting up my Halloween decoration for the season (the front yard becomes a cemetery.) As I started digging a hole to put up the fence section I hit something metallic. There were the

missing keys. Another time , while changing clothes I heard my keys fall out of my pocket and hit the floor. Being lazy I figured I would get them later. However they were not there. The had to be in a space about 3" x 5" but they were gone. About one year later I came home and those keys were sitting in the middle of my living room floor.

The final key adventure began when I went to get something off my computer desk and knocked

my keys off the desk. No biggie,  I'll be leaving soon and get them on the way out. Once again

there was no key. My desk is about 6" from my bed. I looked everywhere. I emptied and

move the desk, moved and emptied the night stand, moved everything in a space about4" x

6". there was nothing there but hardwood floor. 

The other mystery is my black cat Lucy. She is at 19 because I remember having had herher

spad in 1990. One morning as i was leaving for work I saw a dead black animal in the road

ahead. I got out and sure enough it was my ulcy. She had been dead for a while due  to rigor

setting in. Since I hate burying my pets I called the city to do the honors. After a miserable

day at work I walked in the house and sitting on the sofa watching TV was LUCY.

After this adventure one day Lucy decided to run away. I looked for about 2 weeks before

giving up. About 6 months later i pulled into the drive and sitting on the grass  was LUCY.

This was on a Friday night and on Monday morning she was gone. This went on about

every sic months for a period of 6 years then one Friday she  came to visit and has been here

every since





My School




i was in the bathroom washing my hands and i see a stall door open all by its self so i turned and looked at it and it close fast like if something in there did not want me to see it so i get a paper towel and try my hands and i feel something pulling my hair so i run out of their and now i dont go in that bathroom





Shadow People


  After my brother died in his home, my family gave it to me to live in. It was an older mobile home. One day while on my pc which faced the same wall that my door was on, in fact, my desk was next to the door. My desk is huge, and a bigger desk top than most kitchen tables are. So sitting at my desk I could see part of the hallway while reading, typing or whatever on my pc. One day I just happened to look up at the door, and there came a figure of a man. I could only see his shadow on the emergency door and wall outside my bedroom. He was either bald or had very short hair. I just sat there and stared for what seemed like several minutes, waiting for him to either come into my room or say something. It finally turned and seemed to go into the bathroom which was on the other side of the wall, or went down the hall towards the kitchen and living room area, they are both open with no wall dividing them.  I was there alone except for my dog chewie who is very large ( over 160 pounds ). I got up to check it out, because from what I saw as a shadow didn't look like anyone I knew. I walked by the bathroom peering in, and he

wasn't there, so I kept going. When I got into the kitchen I saw Chewie on the couch looking out the window at the kids who had just gotten off of the school bus and were walking home. He would have barked even if he had known whoever the shadow was. He never made a sound. There was no one there, not even in my sons bedroom. I checked everywhere. If he had gone outside, I would have heard the door open and close. The only time my brother had short hair was when he was in the Marines, the only other person who ever had no hair or short hair was my father before he had died. The chemo and radiation treatments for cancer had done that. And both were dead for about 4 years, both dying about 4 months apart. So far this has been my only encounter with a shadow person or ghost. I never really knew they could or would show up like this.   This past year my daughter who works in a nursing home was telling me they have seen shadow people there. They seem to only show up on this one hall section. I believe she said it was where the patience who weren't doing so well stayed. One patient even complained about being there on that hall. He said THEY kept bothering him and wouldn't leave him alone.When they moved him to another hall, he quit complaining. He did eventually die several months later.  I did see this happen on Ghost Hunters too, where they saw a mans shadow like figure on a locker.  They have mentioned Shadow People a few times on there too.

Now I suppose your wondering if I were scared. For some odd reason, I wasn't at all. I just wish I knew who it was. I know dogs have a 6th sense too, and I still wonder why my dog didn't seem to know he was there. Chewie had never met my brother or my father. Even if he knew them, he would have barked at being excited someone came to visit.




Tallahasse Scares


I was just about 10 years old we moved to Tallahasse Florida. Just beause my dad changed

work. we lived in a large house that was paticularly  spooky. My room was across the hall

from my sisters. and ashe would tell me how she'd see creepy shadows and hear weird noises

but I did'nt believe her because she was only 6. That was until My dad had went to work my

mom was out shopping for summer clothes and me and my siblings were home alone. Me and

my sister were having a tea party to past time by. So we had just got everything ready except

the cookies and finger sandwiches.I began to roll the doe on the pan and then i heard it. The most quivering noise a person could ever hear. "GET OUT'' yelled a voice i began to shake my sister didnt hear anything i was just me which made me think i was crazy. i didnt mension this to my parents.another time was just after my grandma pasted i saw a gloomy image of her in my mirror I was sooooooo terrified. I will never go back 2 tallahasse .



The Ghost Who Wanted to Play




I have long collected ghost stories from friends and find that nothing sparks a dull dinner party than spooky tales, no matter how slight they are.  Unfortunately my story is slight. I was terrified of my childhood home. My parents and I lived in a wooded part of Gary, Indiana, at night the darkness was complete.  Anyway I was playing by myself in my bedroom one night, when just at my ear I heard a child’s voice babble something in toddler-speak.  It was over in an instant, but it was unmistakabley outside of myself, a sound in my room.  I froze with terror and started screaming bloody murder.  My mom ran in and calmed me down.  She told me it was probably our neighbors, a motorcycle gang of thugs, who were probably outside my window trying to scare me. I’m not sure why this was supposed to be less scary than a ghost, but I was comforted by the falsehood. I was so scared of the dark as it was!  Years went by before I experienced anything else…but when I was prepubescent and stuck at home by myself I had some pretty typical ghost things happen.  Small hand held games, Radioshack

versions of arcade favorites like Gauntlet, would turn on by themselves. They would just go beep out of nowhere as they idled on the coffee table. I remember the buttons were pretty hard to push,too. In the end I thought it was the crappy manufacturing, but it sounds like a pretty typical ghost thing.  It didn’t scare me as much, and it only happened on sunny afternoons.  So that’s my haunting!  Centering around toys. I read a woman’s story on this site, she thought her miscarried kids were haunting her son, and it turned out my mom miscarried in our house when I was a kid, so maybe it was my kid ghost trying to play with me! Nothing too malevolent, or ominous. At any rate I hope I’m too self-absorbed an adult to have a similar experience now!  I’m a total scaredy cat! 






Baker City in the 60s




We moved into a house on Washington St.  (cannot remember the address)

The house was recently painted yellow as my daughter took a picture of it and sent

it to me.

We were going to buy the house, but just one winter in it and we moved.

I had 4 kids and they were in school and their dad was at work.  It was 10:15 a.m.

And I was sitting by the fireplace writing a letter and all of a sudden it sounded

like all the beds and dressers were being thrown over the banister.  There was a

door to the entrance so I couldn't see anything.  My little Chihuahua's hair stood

up along her backbone and she growled.  I opened the door and there was nothing. 

Tinker, the dog, put her front paws on the bottom step and growled.  I was brave

and went up stairs and looked in the 4 bedrooms and there was no one and nothing

at all being disturbed.  I cannot remember if the dog followed me up there. 

I was scared, but just went downstairs, again, and sat down and started to write my

letter, again.  Within about 15 minutes, the whole thing was repeated. 

Another time it was about midnight when the whole family was woke up by what

sounded like a ceiling falling in.  My husband checked the bathroom on the main

floor and I checked the dining room...I then went up stairs to ask the kids if they

heard anything because it sounded to me that it came from up there.  Our oldest

son said that he heard the noise, too, but it sounded to him that it was from


I walked down the front stairway to our bedroom and checked the other bedroom

next to ours and started toward our bed when I heard someone run up or down the

back stairs from the upstairs to the kitchen.  That really scared me and so I jumped

into bed and then heard something scratching on the wall or ceiling.

Another time I woke up in the middle of the night and it sounded like there was a

party going on in the living room.  No voices, but lots of noises like things

being thrown around.  I tried to wake up my husband, but I could not move.  I

finally fell asleep and in the morning everything was normal.  There were a few

other things, but too many to write about.  We did find out that when we moved

in that the neighbors were taking bets on how long we would stay there. 





St Patrick's Cemetery in Wadsworth IL




I was just reading your entry on this location and remembered I had visited that place once (I’m 99% sure it’s the same cemetery).  It was probably 5 or 6 summers ago.  I remember the visit fairly well as it was the night I became open to the possibility of ghosts or spirits.  It was around 2 or 3 n the morning when me and 3 friends walked through the wooded area around the cemetery.  I remember hearing sounds I couldn’t identify and random chills in the middle of June.  And at one point seeing a shadow near a tree.  We didn’t investigate the shadow to see if it was another person exploring.  We took it as a cue to leave. 

That was my last supernatural experience until last December.  I was at my fiancés apartment in Skokie IL while home on leave for Christmas and New Years.  I woke up in the middle of the night and herd movement in the apartment I looked out the bedroom door (it was open about ¼ way) and saw a shadow of head and shoulders walk past.  I assumed it was her roommate until I remembered he was out of town.  I quietly got out of bed thinking it was a robber.  I slipped into the hallway still hearing noise in the family room.  As I came around the corner the family room was empty.  I checked the front and backdoor both were still locked from the inside.  I had heard from her, her current and past roommates as well as from other friends of other occurrences in the apartment.  Such as lights turning on and off by themselves, cabinets opening and closing on their own, shadows reflected in the TV or seen for a split second in peripheral vision.  My fiancé has also felt breezes in her room when windows and doors are closed and her cat can be seen from time to time walking around looking u as if following someone when no one is there to follow.




Shadow Person




Hi, let me give you a little background. I have always been a big believer in the paranomal and

am always interested in hearing stories about other people's experiences. My mother use to see

her parents (both passed away before I was born) in her dreams and sometimes in her room. She would tell me stories about her time in Vietnam (she was born there, came her in late 70's) and how haunted it was, which I believed turned me into a "fan" I suppose. Anyway, as much as I believe it, seek it, read about it, research it, etc....I have never had an experience. And I figured if I ever did, I wouldn't let myself be afraid.

Well, I had an experience. About 2 years ago, my boyfriend's boss' father lives in a studio that

used to be a barn. Well, it's located in the older parts of the city we live in. We were asked to

house sit one week. So I came over a few nights. Each night, I KNEW someone else was there.

There was no doubt in my soul and mind there was another person watching me those few nights

I stayed there. My boyfriend shrugged it off because I "think everything's haunted." Besides, the

boss' father had two golden retrievers to protect me. Maybe.

It was the third night I slept there. It was around 2 or 3 in the morning. I was tossing and turning

because I couldn't shake the fact someone was watching me. At this moment, I layed there

awake, casually looking at my boyfriend wondering how he could sleep so well. I closed my eyes

for a brief moment when someone touched my cheek. I opened my eyes and brought my hands

to my face because I thought it was a spider that landed on me. No, there wasn't anything

crawling on me. So I glanced at my boyfriend, thinking he was awake but he was still asleep. I

leaned back and thought "You're paranoid" when suddenly I noticed a figure standing next to

me. I am still laying down so I look up and there is a shape of a head, shoulders, and a body. I

start thinking "Hmm, maybe it's the boss' father wondering who I am....then why isn't he saying

anything? Maybe it's the neighbor? No, I would hear the door open...OMG, it's a break-in, he's

going to try to rape me!" And at that thought, a car passes by and light streams into the window

hitting this man's face, which should have scared him away or revealed his face. Instead, the light

shined on a dark mass...with no face/features. I panicked. The figure started bending closer and

closer to me. I kept looking at it and screaming at my boyfriend to wake up because some guy

was in the room trying to attack me. My boyfriend took FOREVER to wake up and when he

did, I took one moment to look away at the figure to look at my boyfriend. My boyfriend looked

at me and said "I don't see anything." I glanced back and it was gone. It took a few hours before

I could go to sleep again, but that feeling of someone watching me NEVER went away. I didn't

go back into that room again. My boyfriend wanted to believe me. He's convinced whatever it

was didn't intend harm on me and was just curious about me. He thinks if the dogs didn't react,

then it couldn't have meant any harm. 

Well, a year later, we were asked to house sit again. I came over only twice. My second stay was

the last time my boyfriend and I stepped foot in that place. We built a fort in the living room and

slept with the kitchen light on because I was still feeling, for the lack of a better word, freaked

out. I made sure one dog slept above my head, the other dog sleeping on my left, and my

boyfriend on the right. Well, in the middle of the night (unsure what time it was), one of the

dogs started growling. I woke up immediately but stayed still. I looked around the room and did

not see anything that could upset the dogs. The dog laying next to me started growling even

louder. The one at my head was on his feet, staring at the front door/hallway area. I turned to my

boyfriend to wake him up but he was already awake. He looked at me and said "We're getting

the %^&* out of here now!" We both jumped up and turned on the lights. We started getting

things together to leave. Both dogs are now sitting in the hallway staring at the wall by the front

door. I started taking pictures. Now, I know what people call "orbs" are actually sometimes

pieces of dust...but what I saw in one pictures was NOT dust. I took five pictures, one right after

the other, of one of the dogs staring at the wall. Only in one picture did an "orb" show up. 

Other people have house sat since and none have had any experiences. Until one day, about 5

months after I last stayed there, another female stepped into the home and decided right then

and there, she couldn't go anything farther. She said she felt uncomfortable and didn't like the

feeling she was being "watched." She never heard of my stories, in fact, we didn't know each

other then, when she came to that place. I'm just glad someone else knew what I was talking





A Little in Tune




Okay so I have always fancied myself as to be a little in tune with the

paranormal. I had an experience this weekend which sort of confirmed this as

my daughter was with me and experienced the same thing at the same time, so I

know I was not imagining this.

A little history first. My grandfather's sister passed away at the age of 93.

She still lived in the house that was purchased by their father (my great

grandfather) in 1903.  It is on the historical registry in our town a very old

beautiful home which has been in my family since then. She was born and raised

in this house, married and lived in this house until the time of her death

about a week ago. Her father was killed in a train accident and her mother

also lived in the house until she died.

After the memorial service my daughter and I went over to the house to get the

food ready for family which was coming over after the funeral. We were alone

when we walked into the house and I immediately got a feeling of a presence

with us. My hair stood up on my arms and I really felt like somebody was in

the room with us. My daughter looked at me and asked if I felt that, I said

that I did and confirmed it when we both stopped talking and closed our eyes,

you could really feel it. We got really spooked and I told my daughter that if

it was someone with us, it was indeed family and that they would not hurt us.

About that time, an overwhelming scent of Lilac perfume permiated the air. It

was the weirdest thing. My daughter smelled it as did I and we just looked at

each other in disbelief. It lasted for about a minute or so and then


At this point I was really freaked out. I called my aunt in Texas and told her

what happened. She told me that was most definitely my great grandmother as

she wore that type of perfume and was indeed a real lady who had tea on the

porch every day at 2. It was about 2 when we entered the house. She also said,

it would make sense to her that she contacted me as I was the oldest female

heir to the family name!  

I know now that there are things that cannot be explained, but this has really

got me shaken up. It just makes me wonder what she was wanting to tell me. A

side note is that her son has recently mortgaged the family home to pay his

mother's hospital bills and they could possibly loose the house.

Do you think she was maybe trying to contact me for this reason. Guess I will

never know! 





Grown into My Experiences




I've always had paranormal experiences, ever since I was a child, but as I have grown

older I have grown into experiences rather than out of them.

2 Years ago I flew the nest and moved in with my fiancé, now husband. I felt that I left

behind the spirit of my dead uncle, who had died in a motorbike accident years before I

was born, and so it was a hard day for all of us. 2 months later we got married and

went through honeymoons et cetera, and we started to settled in to our normal


 Early the next summer, just after the anniversary of his death, we'd spent the day with

my parents and came home late in the evening, around 9:30pm. I went to the

bathroom, and took our dog with me because he'd been acting strangely all day and

didn't want to be left alone even at my parents house. I started washing my face and

realised that the door was moving, rocking slowly open and closed. I glanced down and

the dog was cowering against my legs, making a whimpering noise (this was unusual to

him - he very rarely made any form of noise). I heard the door slam and looked around

to find the door shut tight, and this surprised me because the door was very difficult to

slam shut due to the towels on the back of it.

I was terrified, and it took me nearly a minute to get the door open - it was like it was

wedged shut. It did open, and I left the room with my dog and waited until my

husband got in from the garden before retrying to wash my face. Nothing more

happened, and we went to bed early because my husband had an early start the next


He left for work at 6am the next morning. He said goodbye to me and left, and I slept

until around 8:30pm when the dog woke me up. I got up and went downstairs to make

some tea, and found that the loaf of bread we kept on top of the microwave was spilled

all across the kitchen. There were 8 slices all scattered over the floor, and the

packaging that the rest of the loaf sat in was sealed up with a rubber band, just as we

had left it the night before. My husband got his breakfast on the way to work and so

didn't go in the kitchen at all that morning, so he couldn't have spilt the bread, and my

dog wouldn't scavenge for food (and couldn't have resealed the bag anyway).

 Since then there hasn't been any activity except the odd strange noise or unexplainable

feeling that I get, except one day when we came home to find the back door handle

was standing upright, when the spring inside should have pinned it down once it was


 I'd like to think that my uncle followed me from my parent's house, but I don't know if

this is possible. There's never anything malicious in the actions, but they are a little





An English Pub




I have read a lot of the stories from the Website and have found them very interesting, so i

thought i would share my experiences in the hope that other people find them interesting.

When i was about 15 years old my Dad became the manager of Pub, i wont say the exact Pub as he does not run it any more. The Pub is located near Sheffield in England and is on a Country road. The pub is a converted from a farm house and barn. To get to the pub you come off the country road and follow a small track only about half a mile until you reach the car park.

 The first night we stayed there we all slept in different rooms as the pub was also a small hotel

with about 6 rooms spread over 2 floors. The first night i stayed in room number 3. When we

started to go to bed, the family dog wanted to come into my room and it lay on the carpet and

would not move even when my dad was shouting at it to leave, the dog did eventually leave to

go and sleep in the corridor, but soon after my Dad closed his door i opened mine again to let the dog in. Now this dog is a Rottweiler with a head as big a boulder, but the poor thing could not get any closer to me and really did not want to be on its own.

 I should mention that my parents divorced and at the time i only saw my dad at the weekends.

So the next time i went to stay there i stayed in room number 4. Just to set the scene, if you come out of room number four to the right is an emergency exit with a push bar to open the door which leads to the fire escape stairs and to the left leads to a staircase which leads to my Dad's room and a spare room that was not being used at the time for little more than storage. I was not comfortable at all in the room i did not want to turn the lights out and tried to keep watching TV as long as i could, eventually around 3am ish i turned the TV off but kept the lights on. My Dad had started leaving the Dog in the pub area downstairs and blocked the door leading up to the bedrooms i think he didn't want dog hair in the bedrooms as he wanted to start letting guests

stay in the rooms. Anyway the dog was going crazy, barking non stop, i was far too scared to go

down and see what was up. I then started hearing the emergency exit bar on the door outside my room rattle as if someone was trying to open it but they were not pushing hard enough to open it. The next thing i heard footsteps really loudly running down the stairs from my Dads room and i saw shadows pass under the door of my room. I felt relieved i thought my Dad had come down to go and see what the dog was barking at. The next day i asked my Dad what the dog was barking at last night when he went down, and what he said sent shivers down my spine. He said he had no idea he never heard the dog and never went down stairs at all during the night. After some research i found out that a woman many many years ago had slipped on those stairs and fell down them breaking her neck and she died instantly.

 Sorry if I'm rattling on i just want to share my experiences of the Pub all in one go, feel free to

stop reading.

 One time My Dads partner, her son and I came home one night and the pub was in darkness

which frequently happened, the lights would go out all by themselves, and my Dad

who previously was an Electrical Engineer and more than capable of re-wiring a house on his

own could not figure out why. Anyway we came home i cant remember why the pub was closed

but it was and we just had a quick scan round to check no one had broken in (don't forget pub in

darkness, no lights) and right at the back of the small restaurant area we could see a man sat at

one of the tables just staring at us, he was just solid black, other things started to get lighter like

the flowers on the table and the chairs but this figure remained solid, we panicked and ran

upstairs and stayed in one of the rooms till the lights came back on. It was not a burgualr, the

next morning we check everything was still there and all the doors locked.

The Kitchen area of the pub was a big room which was the old barn. And that was the worst

room of the house you could constantly feel someone watching you and walking past

you. Whoever was watching felt angry as if they were annoyed because you were there. No one

wanted to be in this room alone, my Dad had a few waitresses and bar staff leave because they

felt uncomfortable working in there. Again after a bit of research we found out that the farmer

who lived in the farm hung himself in the barn, which is now the kitchen, and to be honest i don't

think he left. Objects would constantly go missing, spoons would turn up again bent out of shape and the whole kitchen was cold even when we had the cookers on we still had to wear jumpers in there.

My step brother and a family friend where staying in room number 7 the storage room i

mentioned earlier. During the night one of them (Neil) thought that the other (Jim) had gotten up

and was leaning over him as if to check he was ok. And to make it a bit more confusing Jim had

thought the Neil had gotten up during the night and leaned over him. They both said that they

were half asleep but through their haze could see a figure standing above them looking down.

Neither of them fully woke up but in the morning after comparing stories they both said that they

did not get up at all during the night.

A few other things happened such as a football came rolling down the length of the pub, to

where me and my step brother where sitting, it literally then stopped on the spot about a foot

away from us. No one else was in the house.

 The back door to the pub was locked at night, but every morning we would find it open but the

lock was still in the locked position, the actual bar that locks into the socket was still sticking

out. There is no way it could have opened the lock was new and undamaged, but this kept

happening. This started happening about month before my Dad moved out.

Anyway my Dad eventually gave the Pub up, his partner did not want to stay there. The Dog

was never the same it became a very tame dog, but it did start to get a little better after my Dad

moved out.






Belleville Ill Ghost Tracks




Im am from il and have been to the tracks many times the tracks were removed

yes but the sign is still there and the tracks are still mapped its also

believed to be 2 albino twins that were killed by bein tied to the tracks

because of a illness that took over the small railroad community once there

and it was thought by those superstitious people that these boys were the

cause.. I have been there a few times as I said but this time last time was

alittle different... We turned off the vehicle shut off all the lights put the

car in nuetral and the car started to go back up the hill over where the

tracks once were as this happened I got the most cold and dizzy to the point I

thought I was going to pass out I have ever been it was totally unexplainable

and I had never felt that way before the only other way or closest I can get

to explaining it is if u have ever been put to sleep by the docter and and u

start counting backwards u get that feeling of dizziness? I dunno its as close

as I can get to explaining it. Since then then and have yet to go back.



New Years Eve Encounter




I am a 33 year old woman living with my son and husband in Perthshire, Scotland, U.K.

I have never seen a Ghost.  I'm not someone who looks to the paranormal as an explanation

for a strange noise, or a movement out of the corner of my eye, or a door opening by

itself.  I blame things like that on the neighbors, tiredness and the wind!

I've only ever experienced something that I know to be paranormal once, there was no other


The encounter I had happened when I was 13 years old, it is still very vivid to me even after

20 years, and it still brings me out in goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes.

My Grandmother Elsie used to come and babysit me ever Saturday night, so my parents

could go out, for as long as I could remember this had been the routine.

It was New Years Eve and my Nana was there as usual to babysit, even though I was

probably old enough to be left alone, it was nice for my Nan to come over to see us.

My friend was also staying the night and we were watching movies, eating junk, the usual

sleepover stuff.  Just before midnight my Nana told us to go to the door and open it at

midnight to welcome in the New Year.  My friend and I went and I opened the door. 

The second it was open I felt something that is very hard to describe.  It was a very heavy,

very strong feeling of dread.  It felt like there was something evil stood on the doorstep. 

We literally froze to the spot and we couldn't move.  It was icy cold which is nothing new in

the North of England (where I lived at the time), on New Years eve, but this was a strange

type of cold.  It was a feeling of evil that took your breath away, terror, fear, dread, I can't

really find the right word.  I think we looked at each other as if to say, what the hell is going

on.  I could tell that she could feel it too.  She managed to say "close the door, close the

door".  I think the reason I hadn't done it straight away was the fact that I was in shock, I

couldn't get my head around what was going on.

I shut the door and my friend ran upstairs and started to be sick in the toilet, I was just

shocked.  My friend really wanted to go home but I begged her to stay because I didn't want

to be in my room alone that night.

We didn't speak about it again, it was too strange like it couldn't possibly be real.

28 days later my Nana died suddenly of a stoke at the age of 64.  My friend, came to see

me after the funeral and said she new my Nana was going to die after we opened the door

on New Years eve.  She said "Did you see it"?  I was surprised because I didn't know there

was anything to see, I thought it was just a feeling.  I told her I hadn't seen a thing, she said

she had, and did I want to know what it was.  I said no, and then asked a few questions.

Was it human?  Was it evil looking?  I can't remember what she said.  I still don't know what

she saw to this day and I speak to her all the time.  I think we might have talked about it

twice in the last 20 years, but never in depth, just a passing comment.  To be honest I think

she would rather forget what she saw and so would I.  I sometimes wonder if I should ask

her, but I don't want to put an image to the feeling.  This "thing", came for my Nana, it

wasn't good, so I would rather not know.

Just to clear up any confusion my Nan was a good woman, very religious and a loving kind

and generous person.  It was also the year of the first gulf war, so I am hoping that the

"thing" that came was more a omen of a bad year and not something that actually came and

took my Nana.  Or a passing "thing" that felt death and came to have a look???

If anyone else has had any experiences on New Years Eve, I would be very interested to

hear, or anyone has any ideas about what this could have been.

Thank you for listening. 




My Grandmother




My grandmother died along time ago. The last thing she said was don't let the kids forget me. 3 years later my brother, my dad, and I were alone because my mom was still at work. Our house is split so our neighbors live in the same house but next to us. So we were sitting down and we heard stomping on the porch. So my dad opens the door and no one's there. That happened about three times. When my mom got home she said she saw my grandmother sitting on the porch. The next night at like 2:00 in the morning my stereo goes on really loud to like Leona Lewis. I'm a girl so I like her music. So my dad goes in to turn it off and it was so cold by the radio, that he pulled his hand away and he had Goosebumps all up his arm. On my grandma's birthday, music started playing on my mom's computer. One day before school I heard voices and I said to my brother, do you hear that? he says yes and he's littler then me, like 7 and he assures me it was nothing. when we got home, we found out it was my dad's radio.

Christmas music started playing on my mom's phone out of the blue one day. My grandmother's favorite room was my room so at night I get a like weird feeling like all of a sudden I get Goosebumps on my arms. My cats move their head across the room like they are watching something. My mom just put this bode statue by our wood stove and I feel like it's watching me out of the corner of my eye right now. i told my friend about the stories and she slept over to see what i mean. the tv went on and off. then we decided to investigate. so we went into my mom's room and as soon as i got in there i felt weird. so my friend says if your here turn on the lights. nothing happens. so then her face goes white and she says did you here that? i was like what. and she said there it is again. and it sounded like something was over by the tv. we ran as quick as we could out of the room.



Great Aunt Acknowledging Me?




I'm not sure if this is an actual experience or an extraordinary coincidence.

You be the judge.  My great aunt passed away some 20+ years ago leaving her

son living alone in the family home.  He never married and kept the home

basically in tact the way his mother left it. (Even the Christmas presents

she'd purchased as presents that year were still hidden in various hiding

spots in her bedroom, but I'm gettig ahead of myself.)

I asked a friend to join me in the project of cleaning this 3 story, very-very

unkept and cluttered, home. When we entered the home through the front door we

stood at the bottom of the stairs and were just sort of making a game plan but

not speaking.  The house was very still.  We both looked up the stairs and

this little peice of paper comes floating down and lands right on the bottom

step, not a foot from me.  It was face down.  Obviously I had to pick it up. 

When I turned it over and recognized it immediately-it was a small newspaper

clipping showing my Mom, sister and brother winning an award in a talent

contest.  I smiled and called back 'Yeah Aunt Marie, it's just me we're here


My friend and I looked at each other and went to work.  Didn't feel unwelcome

or anything, just acknowledged.



Guardians of the Forest






I've been looking for a site for a long time wherein I can outline an experience that I had back in the 80's.  It remains extremely vivid in my if it happened only hours ago.  Last year, while camping in Vermont, I related the story to a couple who was camping next to us.  They were from Massachusetts and told me about Freetown State Forest and what was going on there.  She also told me that what I had described was what was disturbing people there.  She called it a Pukwudgie. (Guardians of the Forest.)

Lets go back to the Story.  I am now 48 and I live in Valley Forge, PA.  My great-grandmother on my father's side was full-blood Lenni-Lanape.  When I was younger, I lived near Philadelphia in a town called Flourtown.  I used to practically live in Fairmount Park, (Wissahickon Creek), within the boundaries of the city of Philadelphia.  The park is about 20 miles long and about 6 miles wide at the most.  You'd never know that you were in a major city when you are in there.  It is a steep valley and there used to be a ton of mills there.  The park has a long, historical past and had involvement in the Revolutionary War.  It was also sacred land to the Delaware tribe of the Lenni-Lanape.  There is a Counsel Rock there, among other things.

I had been there many, many times and there are many great places.  There is "Devil's Pool" where the Native American legends say the the Great Spirit defeated the Dark Spirit and an imprint was left on the rock.  There is the Ledge, which is a great fishing spot, secluded and out over the water. One of my favorite spots is called "Mom Rinker's Rock."  It is a finger of rock that sticks out from a hillside deep in the park.  There is only one way on or off and the drop on all sides may not be sheer, but they are steep and treacherous.  On the top of the rock is an old statue of William Penn.  Engraved in the plinth is the word, "Toleration."

One night, during the summer of my 26th year, 4 friends and I went to "Toleration" before it got dark.  We sat on the rock until late, talking and enjoying the peacefulness.  All of the guys with me, I knew well.  One, (named Stan), was always seeing stuff and it was a joke of sorts.  One, (named Andy), never believed anything unless he could touch it.  Anyway, we were out there for a while and Stan came back from relieving himself and announced to me that there were eyes in the bushes.  I was talking to Andy and was closest to the land side of the rock.  I laughed, but eventually I looked.  Sure enough, there were two human-sized points of greenish-yellow light.  After about 10 seconds, they blinked, twice.

I asked Andy if he saw him and he said, "yep."  About 15-20 seconds later, the owner of the eyes stepped into the moonlight.  I'll tell you, I never saw this before and never saw it again, (except in dreams), but have been trying to figure out what it was since that day. 

It/he was about 3.5 to 4 feet tall and he was squatting.  In fact, he walked in a squat.  He moved that way until he was about 12-15 feet from me, then he stopped and just stared at us.  I could see the shadow he was making on the ground, in the moonlight and he wasn't transparent, (although at times he seemed to shimmer.)  He looked wet.  His hair was long and damp-looking.  His face was human, but his nose was long, almost over his upper lip.  I couldn't see any teeth.  His eyes were greenish-yellow.  He was wearing a shirt that looked as though it was made of sticks and I think he was wearing a loincloth of sorts.  (It may have been his skin too.)  His feet seemed bare, but there weren't any discernible toes.  His hands were human, but his fingers were very long also.

One hand was held like a fist, with a stick in it that only protruded from the bottom of his hand and there were beads and feathers hanging from the end.  The other hand was empty and he kept opening and closing it.  He didn't make any sound at all, not even on the dry ground.  I have no idea how long we were there like that, but I do know that he was looking at me, because my friends, (including Andy), not only commented on it later, but they were looking from him to me while we were in the "standoff."

After a while, he left.  But he didn't walk away.  He moved to his left, (our right.)  The path that he chose was directly off of the rock, but he didn't descend, he just moved through the air and we could see him passing through the trees until he was out of sight.

Needless to say, none of us moved for a very long time.  When we did, no-one wanted to lead or be in the back!

We eventually made it back to the car without incident.  (Although, just before we got there, a shadow moved across our path.)  No-one was frightened at all on the rock, only afterward.  We never went back there at night again.  I had dreams about it for years and did some research, but never found much.  I went there, with a friend, on the summer solistace this year with my camera.  I had saved some soil from that night and brought it with me.  Nothing appeared, although there seemed to be a "theme" that day.  Everything that we saw had red in it. Leaves, fungus, stray debris, and a passing balloon on the wind.  We even saw a Scarlet Tanager, (which is a very rare bird for our area.) 

I took allot of pics and checked them all.  When I got back and displayed them on the PC, one had orbs in it. Strange during the day.

Mom Rinker was a tavern owner in Philadelphia during the British occupation in the 1770's  She used to listen to the British officers talk in the tavern, then she would pass the information, (in balls of yarn), down to Jacob Levering who was camped in the creek area.  That is how the rock got its name.  In later years, the rock was also the scene of a report from a mill owner that stated, "Mom Rinker was a witch and he saw her there on the rock in the moonlight using it as the place where she would start her broomstick rides."

This could very well be a typical report of what I saw, except from a man in the 18th century.  Anyway, I've  shared my story with a few people over the last 22 years, one of whom was in Vermont.  I was staying at Jamaica State Park there, which had its own reputation with the native Americans and the massacre there.  She told me that I had just described a Pukwudgie.  That was the first time that anyone had the slightest recognition of this guy, much less a name.  I would like to know if anyone else has had a similar experience and/or knows more about this.  I didn't really want to start a discussion thread unless the people on it were serious.  I've attached some pics.

I've always been pretty much in tune with things since I was very young.  I've had more than a few experiences in various places including Gettysburg, and some of the Revolutionary sites around here.  But that is another story....

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