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Haunted Elementary School






Well, I went to a K-3 school a few years ago, and you heard footsteps behind you in

the hallways and stairwells, and in the autotorium, you heard people walking up and

down the rows, the curtains would sway with no draft, and you even heard the

squeaking of seat-hinges. All of us kids would feel chills up our spines at the same

moment, and seconds later we would hear footsteps or knocking. We thought it was

posessed by John Young Dater, students who had died there (it had earlier been a

high schools), John Y. Dater's dogs (We aren't sure if he had dogs, but we've all heard

the barking, and rumor has it that one was at the school and killed a boy who was in

the girls' bathroom, and only liked girls, but this could just be children's gossip to scare

each other), and people who's funeral services were there (it was also used as a

funeral parlor, then they were buried at a local cemetary, because there was no other

building suitable.)

It, sadly, was knocked down in 2006, and then another school was built at the site (4-

5 school) and I attended that one as well. If you sit in the schoolyard, you can still feel a

chill throught your bones and hear the faint whispers of people.

The site is John Y. Dater School, Ramsey, NJ. Almost anyone who went to the

school can tell you their own stories, and I'm now in sixth grade, and still trying to find

things from the school. It was built in 1912, I believe, and the town had been

established in 1908 I think.

There are many local stories, but most very infamous because we would all be

judged as "crazy" and promply placed in a mental institution, so these are not shared,

but between children and friends, in hushed whispers to scare one another.

Not a fantastic story, but quite eerie if you spent four years, plus the four that you were

just there because you had trouble-making older brothers,




Haunted House Story




I am a great fan of your website. I have some stories that I have heard from family. Here is one that my Grandpa encountered, his father had recently died in 1993, and the night of his funeral, he was awoke by something. He didn't know what it was he was just awoken by whatever it was. He looked over and his father was standing there saying I am okay, please do not worry. My grandpa got a drink of water and his father left, he went right through the door.

Then I have one from family friends. This was when friends Steve and Rita had moved into a new house, they had seen several apparitions, that they have not really explained, but really just blobs, then here comes the scary part. Here are 2 stories that I have also inquired from this same person.

Rita and her husband and 2 friends were in the family room in the middle of the day talking and all 4 of them saw a shadow jump from the balcony slide across the family room and go under the couch. Steps have also creaked and toilets have flushed for no apparent reason. This was also a new house, with no history of violence on the property.

Now for the second story, a couple of nights later, Rita was sleeping and woke to feeling like someone was sitting on top of her trying to choke her, Steve woke up to Rita's screams and flipped the lights on, she told him there was a man with a plaid shirt in the room trying to choke her, no one was in the room, she got up out of bed, and went to the dresser, looked in the mirror, and he was behind her, a lumberjack looking man in a plaid shirt standing behind her.

This also might sound kind of queer, but my mother Bernadette, lived in a new neighborhood, when she was little, outside of the development was a field with a very small house almost a shed, whenever my Mom took a walk with her grandma, a little girl would come running out of the house/shed and talk with them. She was always dressed old fashioned with a dress on. She resembled a little girl like Shirley Temple. she said her name was Judy. My mom saw her several times, her grandma also did too. Years later when she mentioned Judy to her mother, her mother said, nobody had ever lived in that house, it was used for storage, a shed, and said my mother was making it up, and that it was a story.

We have never figured out if it was a ghost or not. My great-grandmother remembered her too.




Pomona California






Our family moved in this house in the 1960s (House built 1938 I believe)

Things that would happen is lights in certain rooms would go on and off, water in the bathroom sink would turn on.    Voices heard in the attic above the garage.  I last lived there from 2001 to 2002 to take care of my father before he passed away.   During that time while living there again there were voices that would call name, or my roommates name...  Every now and then it would feel like someone was pulling the back of my hair, or blowing smoke in my face...   The light and the water thing still going on too.. 

One time when my mom and dad were watching TV a picture from the shelf flew off the wall hit the front of the TV and landed near my mother..  (she had just said to my dad I guess our spooks are gone now)  There were lots of things but my folks never wanted a bunch of people coming in to investigate things.  I am not  sure who owns the property now, as we have sold it when my dad passed away.  There is an apartment building next to the house and in the one apt that faces my dads old house,  2 different people have hung theirselves in the closet.

The picture below was taken my last trip to Calif in 2006, they have done lots of remodeling since I left.

Please let me know If you can use this for your site..  Thanks  



Invisible Best Friend...or Ghost.?




Just like every other child growing up, I had an imaginary friend. I named her Elizabeth, but sometimes I felt like I should call her Emily or Liz. I treated Elizabeth as if she were a real person; I pretended to put clothes on my bed for her, get her an extra plate for dinner, buy a toothbrush just for her. My grandma was obsessed with taking pictures. This was when things began to become strange. I was on the swings at this local playground. I saved a swing for Elizabeth. As my grandma started taking the pictures, the swing started shaking, as if someone was on it. It wasn't windy, and it wasn't me swinging it. My grandma, a bit frightened, decided to leave and go to Wal-greens. After we picked up the developed the pictures, the cashier gave us a discount. Her words were, "Miss, the price is cut in half. Apparently the little girl on the right swing is faded, and we can't figure out why." My grandma freaked; so did I. I was on the left swing, not the right. I looked at the picture, and I realized that it looked EXACTLY like my imaginary friend. My grandma told my mom, who then decided to take random pictures of me when I was playing with my "friend". In almost every picture, my imaginary friend somehow appeared to be next to me, the exact way I pictured her in my mind. My grandma and mom couldn't think why this was happened; they thought their minds were just messing around. My great-grandmother in Europe was sent several pictures of me, because she never saw me before. She called my grandma on the phone and asked why she was sent pictures of this little girl Elizabeth Emily Zargic. Apparently, Elizabeth Emily Zargic. was a young girl killed in the Yugoslavian war. She was mistaken for a Croatian man's daughter. Elizabeth was planning to move to the United States to start a new life, to be free. My grandma asked what the connection was; her mother had an affair with my cousin, who disgraced the family. Elizabeth Emily was actually a cousin of mine. I was born on the day she passed away. My imaginary best friend was not imaginary; she was my guardian angel.



Bytown Museum Ghost Child


By: G Brown from Ottawa



I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and there are several locations in this city that have reported hauntings.  Before Ottawa became Ottawa, it was called Bytown, after Colonel John By, who built The Rideau Canal in our city.  On the banks of the canal, near the downtown core, there is a log building that was used for the men and their families who helped build the canal.  Many of the men and their families died of plague and other similar diseases.  This log cabin is now The Bytown Museum, so you can imagine the kinds of things that must go on there, with the sadness that surrounds it's history.  It is also one of the oldest buildings in Ottawa.

And so my story begins.  I have always been fascinated with the paranormal.  There is a haunted walk that takes place in Ottawa, that takes you through many haunted downtown locations and the guide gives you a history of the place as well as the reported

hauntings.  I have done the walk many times, but this one occasion was very different.  My sister in law and her friend really wanted to go, so I decided to tag along.  One of the stops was The Bytown Museum.  There are many reported hauntings there and one of the reports was that of people hearing children crying.  The group I was with that night was comprised mostly of women.  I forget now which floor we were on - it was the floor with the children's display.  It is full of artifacts that relate to children in those days, clothing, toys etc.  The guide said a couple of times that this particular floor is her least favorite and that it creeps her out and as a

result, she'd like to tell the story and move on quickly.  So...after she explains the history with the children in this museum, we move on to the next corner on that floor to discuss.  The three

of us are standing at the back of the group.  I keep hearing tiny footsteps behind me, as if they are running around a display case directly behind me.  I chalked it up to my imagination, since we had just discussed children.  I don't know how to explain what happened next...but I will never forget it.  I still play it over and over in my mind to this day.  All of a sudden, on my right and next to me, I heard a child's voice, as clear as a bell say "Is that you mommy?."  Well....I was completely freaked out...and to make matters worse, my sister in law, her friend and two other women all heard the same thing I did.  We all looked at each other and said...did

you hear that??  My sister in law, who is in between being a skeptic and believer says "yeah right, if that was anything, it'll do it again...".  Before she could finish her sentence, it happened again...this time it said "Mommy?..." and started saying something else but stopped suddenly.  I was completely freaked out.  I have had many experiences, but nothing as concrete as this and with other witnesses to boot.  I did some research...asked the front desk if there were any children in there you have a sound this a trick?  She looked kind of annoyed when I said this.  It is a really old building made of wood...getting a sound system hooked up in there would be pretty difficult. 

I still can't explain it to this day.  It was THAT REAL.  You don't expect something this huge to happen and it seems so impossible, you need to explain it away, because how could that possibly be?  But it happened.  If you're ever in Ottawa, you should check it is a neat place with lots of history...and lots of spooky happenings to go around.





My First Paranormal Experience




When I was about 9 years old, I had my first paranormal experience..  My bedroom was in the basement of the house I grew up in.  I have three younger sisters, and we lived with my parents in a three bedroom home-so my dad make-shifted two rooms downstairs for me and one of my sisters.  Well my sister who stayed downstairs with me was afraid of her room—it was cold and she said it felt like someone was always watching her—so for the first couple of months we stayed down there, she stayed in my room with me.  Well, I got sick of sharing, so I finally kicked her out.  Soon afterward, I would hear scratching on the wall between our rooms (from inside her closet) and soft talking/whimpering.  I figured my sister was being dramatic, and told her to shut up and go to sleep.  After a few nights of this happening, I finally got fed up and barged into her room.  Well, I scared her, because she woke up and started screaming from the noise I made.  There was no way that in the time it took me to get into her room she could have climbed out of her closet, jumped into her bed (without making noise) and pretended to fall asleep without breaking her leg on her way over there through all her clothes and stuff on the ground.  I didn't tell her why I barged in because I didn't want to freak her out even more.

My mom and other sisters each had their own experiences, too.  One day when we were all at school and my dad was at work, my mom was in the basement doing laundry.  There was storage under the stairs, with my sister’s bedroom blocking one side, the other side was open to the laundry area.  My mom heard shuffling noises coming from under the stairs, and when she turned around, she saw an arm and a hand lying on one of the shelves-the hand was sort of drooping over the side. 

The middle of my younger sisters never willingly went into the basement, because she could hear someone whispering her name down there if she stood by the open door. 

My baby sister (lol she’s like 20 now), anyway, when she was 3, told me she didn’t like the lady who stood at the top of the stairs.  We didn’t have a TV when she was a baby, and she was extremely sheltered, so I was convenced she was being honest.  The other day when we talked about it, she described it in better detail—when she walked through the kitchen towards the basement, and turned the corner and the basement door was open, she saw the side of the lady, and as she moved closer, the rest of the body appeared and the lady was staring at her…She told me that she stood on the second or third step down and her body was turned forward, except for her head, which was turned toward my sister and looking down at her.  She looked like a live person, only silent and of course creepy…

Well, thanks so much for letting me share my stories!  I've had other experiences myself since i've moved out, but I'll save them for another time. 




Odd Things





This all started in I think 1987 or 1988. It all started our first night in this house I was the one

who picked out the house. We looked at a few different houses and this one just stood out for

some reason. The first night we moved in here was definately interesting I was laying in my new

bed and looking around the room. We got a new grandfather clock and that started to strike

midnight. I have no idea why I remember that but as the clock started to chime this black

apparition walked from the hallway into my room, walked across the room and exited out of the

wall. It was pure black and was about 6 foot tall or so. I also remember it had a hat and I think a

trench coat on or atleast that I could make out. I didn't sleep in my room for a few years after


There were other things happening too. But that was the only time I saw a full figured apparition

in the house. My mom, dad or anybody else that lived here has ever said anything but I think my

mom or dad saw something. My mom and I saw flashes of white light on the corner of our eyes.

I got pretty mad I remember and said to knock it off. and it stopped it did start up again a year

or two later but only lasted a month which I did tell it to stop. My mom,dad,brother, and I were

watching tv one evening and I turned my head and for some reason looked at a hat that was

laying on the fire place and it suddenly lifted up about 6 inches and dropped. I yelled out holy

crap what was that, Nobody believed me.

 the first two or three years in this house things would like to fall off shelves. I remember seeing

some paper plates that were in the middle of the table and a few minutes after I walked by they

dropped to the floor. It wasn't the wind or anything like that the plates would have had to have

been pushed or one side of the table had to have been lifted pretty high. It seems that the activity will just randomly start up for maybe a few months then stop.

I have heard talking coming from below my room there was nobody down there I could never

hear what the voices would say I could just feel the vibrations but it was a man and a woman.

 I can't think of any pictures that have caught something weird and there have been tons of

pictures taken here. The activity is still here last summer for about a month weird things would

happen. The apex of it was I was home alone and I started to hear what I thought was furniture

being drug around in the room below mine. I also heard what sounded like the phone ringing and somebody leaving a message and I heard my name. I checked the recorder and nothing nor was there anything on the caller ID. I'm probably missing a bunch of stuff but alot of odd things have happened here.




Indiana Ghost Story



 When I lived at my old house in North Liberty IN, my friend and I stayed up

late. It was exactly 1:00AM when we saw a rather weird sight in the parlor. We

saw what appeared to be a 4 foot see through figure wearing an extremly bright

neon yellow shoulder pads. I saw it first and I told my friend to look and she

saw it too. It was floating about 2 feet off the floor and it floated there

for about 5 seconds then it said shhhh and it tucked its head down and turned

into mist and went into the dining room.

 I stayed up until 1:00 the next night to see if it would appear again, but I

never saw it again downstairs. I was it the attic a few weeks later alone and

I had a feeling that I should get out. Right when I began to leave the power

to the section I was in went out! I heard a shhh sound again but it sounded

like someone was laughing. I ran out and the next day I checked the light but

it did not burn out and the breaker did not trip.

 The house was a little over 100 years old, but I moved to a new house.







Short Happenings





I have a few short "happenings" that have gone on around me and my mom (individually) since

before I was born.

1- My mom and her sister and cousins were playing with a Ouija board at my great-aunts house

one night. Of course, the whole thing happened where it began to move, and each one blamed

the other for moving it, while each one denied having done so. This was back in the day when

indoor plumbing wasn't available, and my mom had to go use the restroom in the middle of the

night. She walked to the edge of the porch and looked out at the outhouse- standing behind it,

looking right at her was a black shadow of a man...a really large man wearing a wide brimmed

hat. Needless to say, she didn't make it to the restroom.

2- (Backstory-When my mom was pregnant with me, she would watch horror flicks all by

herself- one was the Exorcist)

   So, my mom and dad lived in a tiny single wide trailer when I was first born, and my bedroom

was down the hall from theirs. One night I was crying and my mom got up to check on me.

When she walked out of her bedroom door to enter the hall, she saw a lady all in white- white

gown, white flowing hair, etc floating horizontally between her and my room. Despite her fear,

she ran through the apparition to check on me, and I, of course was fine. She never again let me sleep alone in that room the duration of our stay in that trailer.

3- There's nothing really "ghostly"  about this, but when my mom told me, it really freaked me

out. Her and daddy took me to the zoo when I was a couple years old. Everything was going

great, until we passed the cage with the black panther in it. Mom said that it stopped and stared

at me. When we would walk past it, it would turn and follow, never taking it's eyes off of me. If

we turned around and walked the other direction, it would do the same...again never taking it's

eyes off of me. I don't know if that means anything or not, but it's scary to hear after all these


4-Finally, when I was 6 years old, my papa passed away. He had been sick for a long time with

mouth and lung cancer, and he passed away in the den of my nanny's home. For the longest time though, he would sleep in the bed adjaccent to my nanny's, because he was so sick. So there were always two beds in her room for as long as I can remember. Any time I spent the night with her, that is where I slept. One night, we were sleeping, and for some reason I just opened my eyes. I looked over at nannys bed, and I saw my papa standing there, looking down at her. He never said anything. Then he turned and looked at me, smiled, and simply disappeared. To this day I wonder if I was dreaming that or not, but it felt so incredibly real to me.




Small Figure






When I was 25 I was alone at home in bed talking on the phone. I had all the lights off except for the bathroom light. I had the bathroom door closed but I had it open just a crack so I could at least see the outline of the things in my room. I don't like complete darkness. Anyway I was in deep conversation then all of a sudden I felt something brush against my arm. It caught my attention, but I just figured my hair had fallen off my shoulder and brushed against my arm. I had very long hair. Then I remembered I had just cut my hair to shoulder length that day. I turned and looked. I saw a small figure almost like a shadow standing between my bed and my door. Then it ran out of my room. It scared me so bad that I couldn't even talk. I just sat there and couldn't say anything. I believe it was a spirit of a little girl. After that stranger things happened, but I wasn't afraid anymore. I tried to keep it from my 6 year old daughter, but She figured it out too. She had been playing with her Barbie's in her room I came and got her so we could go to the store. When we got back she went back to her room and then came straight back out and said " mama did you put all the shoes on my Barbie's?"I though what? Since when do you have all the shoes to your Barbie's?? I figured it was time to tell my daughter about the spirit. My boyfriend at the time was abusive. I was stuck in an abusive relationship and was in despair. One day he was leaving for work and he couldn't find his wallet. He had put it were he always put it. We found it in the bottom of a drawer. A couple of times he would be missing one shoe and we couldn't find them anywhere. I realized that this little spirit did not like my boyfriend at all. She was deliberately messing with him. I actually grew very fond of her and was sad to leave that house.  I have so many more stories. Some are too scary for me to repeat. I have seen many things, but I have never been touched like that.




When I lived in a Duplex




My story is not very long it was just when i was younger we had lived in a duplex. Over our time there we had ended up living in both sides, and it started in the first side. We only had one experience in that side, and by we it was just me and my mom. One day we had come home and my mom always had a clock radio in the bathroom to listem to music in the shower. So we came home from school and work i was about 5 or 6 at the time and the power chord had been ripped out of the radio but it was still plugged into the wall and the radio hadnt moved at all. It was on a small ledge so it would have fallen off if somethin had bumped it. That was the only one in that side but when we moved to the other side we had alot more experiences. And i have always been into thoes ghost hunter shows and most haunted shows. So one night i was layin in bed watchin tv and i heard the bathroom sink turn on and i thought it was just my mom in there so i looked up and there was no light coming from the bathroom so i went in my moms room and she was still asleep. I went and shut it off and went back to my room and prolly about 10 or 15 minutes later it was back on again. After that i just left it, another time my mom and i were both sleeping and the living room tv turned on. It was downstairs from us and the volume was turned all the way up but it wasnt on a channel just static so we went downstairs and turned it off then it came back on and shut its self off about 3 or 4 times. The final one was my mom had just got out of the shower and went into her room to get dressed for work and i was still sleeping. She opened her closet door and all her clothes were on the floor hangers and all we had no idea how it had happened i wasnt even tall enough to reach the rack. After that we had deciced to move out of there i am now 19 just moved to idaho and i have a facination with ghosts, haunted places etc.. so if you know of any around idaho coeur d'alene or spokane area let me know about them please and i hope u like my story 




Nursing Home Hauntings




I worked at a local nursing home as a CNA for about 3 months before I was put on a night shift which runs from about 10 p.m. till 5:30 a.m.. I had never worked the shift before and was very new to the job. I had started my first rounds at midnight when the first insident occured. On the night shift there is one LPN and two CNAs. I had put my linen cart at the far end of my hallway so that I could do bed checks and pass linen at the same time. I had forgotten my check off list at the nurses station so I walked back to get it. At the time we had a resident in the process of passing away and when I got near her room I began to hear a radio, or so I thought. I went to investigate to see who had turned on the radio or TV, I went room by room and found none on but still could hear people talking as if through a radio. Not a single person was up or conscience when I went checking. I never did find the sorse of the voices, but when I neared the dieing womans room they would stop. Finally I gave up and went to get my paper. I asked the nurse if she had ever heard or saw anything that could explain the sounds I heard and she hadn't.

I had been talking to my nurse for about 5 minutes when the second insident happend that night. My linen cart at the far end of the hall suddenly crashed and flew about 5 feet down the hall. I thought a resident had gotten up and tripped on my cart, so I rushed down (as well as my nurse) to the end of the hall and we found no resident or any evedence that one had even woke up. As my nurse and I started cleaning up the now dirty linens off the floor, we both heard the strange disconnected voices coming from an unknown sorce. I whispered to my nurse that that was what I had heard before. We both got up and searched this time thinking that one of the residents was pulling pranks on us, but again we found no sorse or anyone from which the occurances came from. By this time I was so freaked out that I wanted to go home. I even asked the other CNA to come help me finish up so that I was not alone. We both heard the voices several times throughout the night.

After that night, I rarely would work the night shift when someone was passing away. It seemed that when they were, something was there. I had, however, worked a night when a woman suddenly died when I was giving care to her. This was my first sight of death. When the woman passed, I called my nurse in and started preparing her to be taken to the morge when all of a sudden her pictures fell from the bureau and the curtains started to flutter. The nurse helping me jumped up and opened the window and the russlening stopped at once. She later explained to me that what had happend occured frequently if the window wasn't open to allow the persons spirt to leave. After that night I refused with my full power to never work nights again.

Though I stopped working nights I still had encounters durring the day. They were less frequent and no where near as frightening, but there none the less. I took care of a resident who was very sick off and on, who on her bad days would sit in her room and swivel her head back and forth calling out to the angels that stayed in her room. At times she would shreek out saying that there were ones who told her they wanted her dead. At first I thought this was just a product of her medications, but one day when I went to comfert her. I sat on the edge of her bed near the middle of the bed when suddenly I felt every hair on my body stand up and turn extreamly cold even though the whole building was nearly 90 degrees. The lady turned her head to me and politly asked me to move further down so that her sister could continue speaking to her. Her sister had died when she was 15. I quickly removed myself from the room and did not enter the room for several hours. There were also the unexplained cold areas all through the place, many would shift if you brushed near but most froze you to the spot.

I know that these will not be my last experiances being a nurse. I have worked at several nursing homes in the last years to know that I will never get over the sudden scary chills when I see someone from the corner of my eye, or feel the sudden chill pass through me, but these are the most unbeliveable experiances I have so far.







School Ghost Story





I don't know if I'm crazy or not and I'm not sure about what I saw, but from what I've been told

it was a ghost. I'm a junior at a really small high school school in Illinios. My school is really old

and it used to be a boarding school for little kids. It is currently used as a high school and there is

a convent where many nuns live in the north wing. My teacher knows I'm interesting in ghosts

and stuff, so she always tells me about her experiences inside our school. My teachers office is

right next to the bathroom where my sighting occured. She told me stories about kids who were

in here class. She said that two of her students who were working in her office with her felt

tappins on their sholders; when they turned around, no on was there. One girl even screamed one

time and the other teachers came running into her room. When my teacher is in her office, she

says that she always feels like someone is standing behind her and that someone is watching her.

Now to my story. One day, about 4 weeks ago, during a boring physics class, I decided to go to

the bathroom. I didn't really have to go, so I decided to do my hair. While I was looking in the

mirror, I saw a white puff of smoke comming out from above one of the stalls. As soon as I

turned to get a better look, I heard a quant sneeze comming from the direction of the stalls. Now,

this bathroom is very big, there are about 15 stalls in a row. I thought someone might be smoking

in one of the stalls, so I decided to walk down the row of stalls and look in each one. No one

was there. Now I started to remember what my teacher had told me about how she thought the

school was haunted, so I walked by her classroom. She didn't have a class at the time, so I went

into her room and told her what I saw. She said that the bathroom that I was in used to have

bathtubs in them so the kids at the boarding school could take baths. She isn't sure if something

happened in the bathroom, or in a room near the bathroom, but she said that there shouldn't have

been smoke comming from the stalls. There are no vents above the stalls and no windows above

the stalls. There is, however, a door at the other end of the bathroom. One door lets you in the

bathroom, one door leads to the teachers office, and the other is where the maids to the nuns

laundry. (My school also has a convent at the other end of it. A priest fell down the stairs and

died in 2006 and many nuns have died in the school, but we don't believe that this is the ghost of

the priest or the nuns.) The only explanation that we could think of for the smokey object was

steam from one of the washers/dryers, but my teacher checked and they weren't on at the time.

I'm not sure if what I saw was a ghost or not, my dad did see a ghost in my old house so I am a

believer, but I still can not go into that bathroom alone. I always get the chills when I walk by

that 3rd floor bathroom by myself. 

Thanks for listening.. or reading I guess.




Spirit Experiences


By: Anonymous


I grew up in Memphis but now live in Atoka, TN. I have had several “ghost  experiences “  the first when I was 4 or 5 years old. My parents were older and my grandparents were deceased prior to my birth. However,  I suffered from nightmares and one night I was awakened by someone sitting on my bed. When I opened my eyes I saw a man in a plaid bathrobe and silver hair. He was just looking at me. I looked back and was not afraid until he stood and vanished as he walked from the room. I screamed and it took my mother hours to calm me after I told her what I saw. Many years later we were talking about my childhood nightmares and this one came up. My mother got very quiet and when I asked why she told me that the man I saw in my “nightmare” and had described to her at such a young age was her father who had passed when she was 23 years old. I  suppose my grandfather just wanted to see the youngest child of his youngest daughter. He was of Scottish  descent and loved his plaids. She said I described his favorite robe that he wore in the last years of his life so she knew for certain it was him.

Many years later I married and moved to Atoka to a new house built on land that was  fields and pasture. I have had  a few encounters with a shadow type ghost in my home and the feeling of being watched. Once in daylight I was at my sink looking out side and thought my husband had come in the house and was standing behind me to wash his hands as he is prone to do. When I spoke to him nobody was there. I went outside to ask if he had just been in the house and he was under the car changing the oil and thought I was joking. Needless to say I said a few prayers although I never felt any danger I want the spirits to have peace. My son-in-law is interested in Indian lore and has found out that the area we live in was at one time inhabited by Indians and he thinks the building of the neighborhood has bothered them in some way.In the 11 years since we moved in either I have adapted to them or vice/versa because I have had fewer experiences as time passes. My husband still teases me about “my ghost”.



A Healing Hand






This story took place just about 9 years ago, and I distinctively remember over here in malt

there seemed to be some campaign about cancer awareness, especially breast cancer amongst


I would not say that Malta is a backward country then again it is not one of the most advanced

regarding these matters. And how I remembered the events that took place? Well how could I

ever forget them?

I remember one evening, while I watching the TV with the wife and kids there was some

woman who was sharing her cancer experience and how important it was for women to have

regular screening, or self examination when it came to checking for any signs of breast cancer.

Well just like anyone else, this kind of stuck into my wife’s head and after the program

My wife thought it would a good idea if she went for an examination, just to be on what you

might call the safe side?

Over a week had passed bye and I had forgotten all about that evening, only when I got home

from work that day I found my wife in the kitchen looking quite worried about something.

 Well naturally I ask her what was the matter; she hesitated then told me she had found quite a

large lump on the side of one her breast. (Well this may sound funny or kind of rude, but really

it’s not something anyone in their right mind would want to joke about)

The next day we made an appointment, to see our family doctor, who also happened to be a

woman which kind of brought some sort of relief to my wife. However, after a careful

examination the outcome concluded our worst fears, that there defiantly was something there

and my wife was referred to a specialist in our local hospital. Were he also concluded after

having an examination and a mammogram, that they would have to perform a biopsy, just to

see if the lump was cancerous or not, and to take matters from there.

 Well that was all we needed to hear even though the doctor did his best to try and reassure us

that this could just be a harmless cyst and not to jump to conclusions. Then again I guess it does

not really matter what someone tells you, because you always hear of these stories were

someone went into hospital just for something normal, just to find out they that their results

came back positive for cancer.

My wife’s minor sugary was scheduled for two weeks time and every evening she would check

to see if the lump at the side of her breast was still there, forever hoping it would just vanish on

its own. However, this never happened and I felt helpless, sorry for her and gave her whatever

kind of support that I could. Only what can you say or do but then again I knew I had to do


It was the night before she was due to go into hospital and I could hear my wife crying in bed

frightened from what the outcome of tomorrows surgery would be. I did my best to comfort her

until finally she fell asleep and as for me well thoughts went through my mind. Should I pray to

god? But then again I am not religious so why if he did exist would he listen to me, when I don’t

even go to church and can’t even remember the last time I even said a pray for that matter.

However, just the same I thought I would give it a try anyway.

I placed my hand just underneath, where the lump, cyst whatever you want to call it was. I then

closed my eyes and cleared my mind, I ask god to help me to heal my wife and to remove her

suffering and at the same time focused on transferring my strength to her. I brought pictures

into my head of the energy flowing through my body, down my arm and to the palm of my

hand. I could feel some strange sensation; a glow of warmth came upon me. All of this lasted

for barely 3 minutes. And for some reason I felt exhausted and fell asleep.

The following morning we arrived at the hospital and my wife was taken into a large ward. I

was told since it was not visiting hours and the doctors were scheduled to make their rounds

soon and that I could not stay for long. So I gave my wife a big hug and asked the nurse if she

could phone me if anything happened or for whatever reason that might have came to mind.

 Well after just a few hours the phone at home rang, it was the nurse from the hospital and she

told me that I could come and collect my wife?

Wow that was quick I said to myself and drove straight to the hospital which was not that far

away. I had only just reached the main gates and I could see my wife running towards our car

with a big smile on her face. I pulled over to the side to let her get in and asked how it all went.

Well to my surprise she said “it did not go any were the doctors examined me and even took

another scan only they could not find anything?  I was dammed sure that last night before I

went to bed that I could still feel that the lump was still there. Now isn’t that strange she

continued saying?” And since that day I have never told her anything about what happened that

night . And as for believing in god, well I guess there are some strange forces working out

there, only whatever they are only god knows who ever that might be?



The Rocking Chair and I



It was one long night in 1999 when i had just woken up from the worst nightmare.

I was only seven years old at the time.  I didn't know if ghosts were real or not and i honestly didn't even care, the word ghosts just never went through my head.

slowly opening my eyes i hear a very but very thin squeaking coming from the living room, so as the little girl that i was i sit up and climb down my bed,  but just when i did that i gasped and almost turned purple because this time i started to hear my mom's old rocking chair screech in the living room.  So there i go back up my bed to grab my favorite pillow, and get down and walk all the way to my door. 

I open my bedroom door and look straight up at the hallway and its all pitch black i can't see anything. But i soon as i peek out to the right of my bedroom to checkout the living room the squeaking sound completely disappears. I screamed my mom's name but she wouldn't wake up, i wasn't able to see anything so what i did was that i put the pillow that i was holding in my hands on my right side of me thinking that no one or anything could harm me.  So i start walking across the hallway towards my moms room and thats when i started to hear that old rocking chair squeaking again.  This time i was so tired and scared that i just threw my pillow on the floor and forgot about my mom, so i started walking towards the hallway again and turn left to the living room and i stayed still.  There is nothing again no noise, no squeaking ,no rocking chair.  I felt that something was just playing around with me,  and thats when everything for some reason starts getting easier to see, everything either started to get clear or my vision got really used to the dark.  I actually started to feel happy instead of scared.  The rocking chair  appeared out of the blue again and moved slowly and then moved at a faster paste and it felt like it was calling me to get closer and closer.  The closest that i would get the faster the rocking chair move,  and it made that weird noise again.  I stopped getting closer and i was already in the middle of the living room and as soon as i stopped getting closer is when the the chair completely stopped and almost flew up and towards me.

I really don't understand how there was so much noise going on and no one heard it but me.  That was actually a very cool experience it didn't feel too scary and whatever it was it didn't try to harm me at all for except when the chair almost flew over me, but it didn't so it was all okay.

The next day i didn't want to tell my mom because i was scared that she wouldn't believe me, and because i was little i was only seven so i ended up telling my little sister about it.  My mom heard me telling my sister  and she got mad and told me to stop telling her lies that would scare her.  I got mad but till this day she still doesn't believe me and its been more than ten years that that happened to me and i know for sure that it was real and not a dream.  So all those people out there who have stories and their family and friends don't believe you its ok because there are a lot of people in this world that go through similar situations and some people just don't believe until they see or experience.  AND THAT'S OKY DOKy!!!










Weird Occurancies


Hi! I have read most of embedded stories in shadowlands and i decided to share with my own. I

have lived in old train station house for two years. In this house one man was burned alive and

one have commited suicide or killed (no one knows excatly). When my family and i moved in

most of rooms (there were three rooms) were messed up. It took while to clean and sort them up.

One room where previous dweller lived who has burned alive was damaged an from first day

when i went in this room i had that strange feeling of being watched and feeling of uneasiness.

My mother told us to walk through all rooms with smouldering juniper branch in hands to clean

the rooms spiritually. We did that. Two months later i had my first weird occurancy. I forgot to

mention that we lived in second floor. Below us was one big room and two smaller ones. It

happened at 4:30 at night. I was watching tv when i heard strange noise in 1st floor right below

me. In our kitchen we had one broken faucet (it couldn`t be turned shut totally so water is

dripping about 1 drop per 2 seconds). That noise sounded like someone was banging to the

ceiling in first floor. Banging was almost sinchronized with water dripping. Banging lasted about

2 minutes and then it stopped. Of course i got scared and turned tv volume louder and tried to

go sleep with my tv on. In the morning i went down to investigate, but i quickly realized that

door was locked and key was being kept by my neighbour who lived next to me so noone could

enter in 1st floor. I got the key and went to take a look. In first floor noone has entered for 2

years. All was dusty and abandoned. I couldn`t see any footprints on the floor. And ceiling was

at least 4 metres high. So it turned out that it is hard to knock to them. Only way in (excluding

doors which was locked) was through windows, which were intact. I`m sure that was some kind

of haunting.

P.S. I`m from Latvia. All mails which i read was sent by americans or other country inhabitants

so it may turn out that i`m first one who has sent a mail from Latvia :) 


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