Embassy Suites

by joe_martinez@hp.com

Embassy Suites, Room 832, Little Rock, AR.

I checked into room 832 on Tuesday, August 11th. At about 5am on the

morning of August 12th, I heard a loud knock on my door. I awoke and

upon not hearing anything else and thinking that it was a prank, I went

back to sleep. As I started to doze, I heard footsteps on the carpet

and saw a shadow come into the bedroom and touch the blankets along the

edge of the foot of the bed, as if to wake me. I wanted to ask who was

there, but the words would not come and I couldn't make a sound. After

a few minutes, I got out of bed and looked around the room, checked the

door locks, and assumed that I had been dreaming. It's now about

5:10am. Again, I went back to bed. I had requested a wake-up call at

6am. About 5:55am, I was half awake when I felt the presence again,

this time it got into bed with me and I thought that I could feel it's

mass next to me. I immediately jumped out of bed and asked, "who's

there?" After not getting a response, the phone rang, it was my wake-up

call. I showered, shaved, and packed with no further incidents. I went

downstairs to breakfast to meet some associates. Upon returning to my

room, I had totally forgot the incident, much like one might forget a

dream, and all of a sudden, I felt a chill and got goosebumps. I

retrieved my briefcase and suitbag and I was out the door. As I was

checking out, there were three employees speaking at the front desk.

The young lady asked me if I was checking out and I said yes. As she

was processing my checkout, I mentioned to all three that something

strange has just happened to me. Without any additional information

from me to the trio, one of the other employees asked seriously, "What,

did you see a ghost?" I said, "Funny that you should mention that...why

did you ask?" He indicated that other guests had experienced strange

things in that room. I asked if anyone had met with a fatal tragedy in

that room and they said no. I repeated my entire experience to all

three. After recounting my story, the young lady employee and the third

employee, were really spooked and I left without further incident.

My Grandfather's Mother

by Salora2t2@aol.com

My children and i lived in my great-grandmother's house during 1985-87. She had died years ago just down the hill from her house. She had a heart attack in her car going home and went off the bridge. During the time we lived there we saw her many times. We had to rearrange the furniture in the living room because people could see her reflection in the window glass. At first we all thought she was outside trying to get in. One night i realized she was inside walking right past us. We saw her reflection in the windows. She formed a bond with my oldest son, i would hear her at night talking and go into the boy's room and my oldest son; who was then 4, would be awake and i would ask him who was in there talking to him and he would tell me the red-haired lady. Eventually we moved out of her house and we moved back in with my mother. Not long after that i heard my son talking to someone. I went in their room and asked him who he was speaking to. He told me the red-haired lady. She had come with him. Many of my friends here have seen her as well she is quite a prankster. she likes to stick her hand and arm or one of her legs out of the wall in the hallway where it can be seen in the living room. Some people don't find that funny but we all do. We have about 4 others here as well but none so remonstrative as my great grandmother. I know she is here to watch over the boys and protect and help them. We are okay with that. My oldest son is the one she talks to. He quit talking to her for a while and she became much more noticeable. He has since started acknowledging her presence and she feels much happier now.

My Mother's Visit

by rehehnly@epix.net

From the time that I got married, in 1972, I held most of our family

holiday dinners at my home. We all would get together, my parents, my

in-laws, my sister and her family, and my brother and his family. Over

the years the family diminished with the break-up of my marriage, the

deaths of both of my parents, and the estrangement of my sister's

family. Eventually, our holiday group became myself, my sons and their

families, and my brother and his family, a much smaller group than was

originally. As the family grew smaller, and then larger again with the

grandchildren, nieces and nephews, we continued the tradition of

gathering at my home, at which times we would reminisce about holidays

past and the happy memories of years gone by. Naturally, there were

always stories involving my parents. Every gathering became a bitter-

sweet recollection. I had been very close to my parents, especially my

mother, so obviously these gatherings were, and still are, extremely

important to me. Over the years, I've had many, many dream encounters

with my mother and my dad, sometimes as a warning of things to come, and

sometimes as a solution to a problem. Well, the most memorable event

happened a few years ago, on Thanksgiving. As it turned out, my oldest

son was out of state, my brother's family was unable to join us for

dinner, and the whole day was basically a "loner". I did speak to my

brother on the phone several times that day, but it just wasn't the

same. Since I work nights, I took my usual nap that evening, and got up

at my normal time to get ready for work. I was in the bathroom, doing

my hair, and looking in the mirror, when I remember saying out loud,

"Your eyes have never looked so blue before". As I stood there

transfixed by this, my mirror-image turned into the face of my mother.

She was radiant and smiling. I kind of shook my head, and the image

returned to my own face. At this point, I didn't yet realize what had

just happened to me. It was only after I got into my car to go to work

that it hit me. I cried out "Oh my God! That was really Mom!" Then I

remembered the warm feeling that enveloped me during the apparition, and

I realized she was just trying to tell me not to feel so bad, that we

were indeed together for Thanksgiving,and that she would always be there

for me. My only regret was that I didn't understand sooner, and try to

communicate with her. However, the warmth of her smile will always

remain with me. Ironically, until that time, I was never able to

perfectly envision her features so clearly, as if I had erected some

form of a mental block after her death. Since that time, I have no

problem "seeing" her whenever I think of her.

Mum Didn't Leave

by ayzi@cybergal.com

Although I have never had any first hand experiences I have still had many people tell me their first hand experiences. I am only 18 years old but have had a deep interest in the paranormal (ghosts) since I was about 8 years old. I am going to try and write as many stories as I possibly can but bare with me as I have to change the names to respect peoples privacy.

When an aunt suddenly died of cancer the house in which she used to live began to have strange things occurring. At first everything was quiet until the youngest son became very ill. His temperature became extremely high for a case of flue. As he lay on his bed having difficulty breathing, he saw his paper aeroplane which, was hanging in the hallway rapidly start moving at high speeds in all directions. You may think that this doesn't mean anything but when there was no draft around at all then there is something for the little kid to be frightened literally half to death.

Putting that down to some not present wind, The family tried to continue with 'normal average family life'. One of the daughters went to hospital for a minor operation and when she came home to recover, she awoke in the middle of the night and felt very thirsty so was going down to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. When she got into the kitchen she was filling her glass from the sink when she heard her name being called. When she looked up at the window directly above her head, she saw an image of an old man. It was a very old man with white hair, a long white beard and long fingernails. He was calling her name and using his hands to call her towards him. She frantically started screaming as he was floating about a metre or two above the floor and he knew her name. The image was moving backwards as if to vanish slowly into the background hoping that she will somehow follow. She screamed and screamed until her other sister woke up and helped her to get up and away fr!

om the kitchen. When she later told the rest of the family what it was that she saw nobody believed her. They all thought it may be a delayed effect of some medication she had previously but she was adamant that she saw it in full consciousness. (Another friend of mine, totally unrelated to this story and family told me once that she had seen a very similar man once who nearly frightened her half to death too. This happened when she was taking the rubbish out in the daytime. She saw the image of an old man on the garage door, floating above the floor. The description of the man, and what was happening i.e. the fading and repeatedly calling her name for her to follow him, was very similar to what I have just said. This girl was in a different city totally although it happened at maybe around the same time.).

Although you may be thinking that this must be a one off happening for the previous family, Many other unexplainable things happened. For example, when in the kitchen listening to music alongside cooking, the music would suddenly change. The tape of old songs would not even have to be in the system but old music would still be heard coming from it, until the stop button was pressed. This old music would be of the type their deceased mother would listen to. Also when the front-room remains closed for a few hours during the day especially, on walking in to it you can smell a sweet rosy smell and also the room goes from stone cold the instant you walk in to a warmer temperature.

The few times I had visited and stayed over prior to knowing about any of these experiences I only felt a sense of fear. I, for some unknown reason was scared of looking in the mirrors upstairs as I felt I was being watched. After finding this out it may have explained a little bit but it didn't make me feel any better.

I am really sorry if this is not as frightening as a lot of the others that I have read here on this page but I felt that I should contribute. If anyone else has had any similar experiences, or has any comments or explanations then please do mail me at the above address. Also sorry if it is a little long!

Ghost of the Gym

by firemike@pe.net

In San Bernardino Ca. I was employed by Nautilus aerobics plus.After working there for a short time the other employees stared to tell me of the ghost who would come to play raquetball at night.The story was that there was a member who used to play everyday at the club ,he never missed his raquetball game.

I was never sure if he actually died at the club or on his way to the club but he had a massive heart attack and died.shortly after the floor in the court he always played in started to warp for no reason . lights started to blow up in the sockets,electricians came in and could find nothing wrong with the lights. The court was court number five his friends bought him a plauqe with his name on it and had it placed on the wall outside of his court .

someone decided to change the court numbers around in hopes of stopping the events. the lights and floor stopped having there occruences but others started.It was said you could hear him play ball at night.I myself never doubted the existence of ghosts I always said if I had proof one way or the other I would then decide. My friend and I decided to go in late one night and find out for sure.My friend,his wife and myself went to the club one saturday at about midnight and waited . The hallway to the courts had two red doors that were closed at night we went upstairs to thee overhead observing areas and waited. After about 10-15 minutes we heard the doors open and close, we thought our boss had come by to see what was going on so we went downstairs turned on the lights to see. No one else was in the club but us.We then turned the lights back off and went back upstairs.There were seven courts,after about 4-5 minutes we heard a ball hit one time through each court.He seemed to be selecting a court. he chose the 3rd court.He then set his can of balls down and proceded to play.Being a raquetball player myself I know what the ball sounds like and this is what we were hearing the distinctive sound of a raquetball being hit.you could hear his sneakers squeak agaisnt the wooden floor and his raquet making contact with the wall. I strained to "see" who was in the court but I knew it was empty of any "body".From that point on I was a believer.The remainder of the time I worked there I heard,felt, and knew George was there. He would roam the halls play ball and ocassionally turn off the lights on employees. I thank you for this opportunity to relay my story to others who share in my and our beliefs and I hope you enjoy and can use my story.

My Sister's Haunted House

by oldersha@netscape.com

My oldest sister, husband and their three kids used to live in your

average Silicon Valley suburban home. They planned on upgrading to a

larger home as the number of children outgrew the number of bedrooms.

They soon found the house of their dreams, and proceeded to move into

it, leaving their old house up for rent. I was living at home at the

time, and my other sister of mine suggested that we rent the house out

together along with her boyfriend. It was a three bedroom, 2 full bath

house...and the possibilities of me being out on my own were very

exciting! He and I would primarily be living there full time, while she

was away at college. We went for it! We took in a third boarder and

proceeded to settle in.

My sister would come down on the weekends, and we would have a great

time BBQ'ing and bonding...you know the types of things that you do when

you're young and on your own. One Saturday evening, we decided to all

go to sleep at the same time. We had shared a nice big meal, watched a

movie and then proceeded to our separate bedrooms. That night it was

just me, my sister and her boyfriend. The boarder was out of town that

weekend. My bedroom was directly across the hall from my sister and her

boyfriends room. Down at the end of the hallway, was a bathroom. The

hallway was a beautiful polished wooden floor.

We said our goodnights, and both shut the doors at the same time. No

sooner had I shut off the lights and settled into bed, I heard footsteps

coming up the hallway from the bathroom. Creak....creak...stepping

slowly...but in the silence of the night, it was very clear that

somebody was walking from the bathroom up the hallway. I listened until

the footsteps stopped at my doorway. I laid in bed wondering to

myself...rationalizing...maybe it's my sister. Perhaps she went out of

her bedroom and down the hallway when I wasn't paying attention. Why

would she use that bathroom when she had her own in her bedroom? I

waited for a moment thinking...what is she doing just standing there and

not moving. At the very moment I piped up to say her name...she called

out my name from inside her bedroom. We both jumped up out of our beds

and opened the door at the same time. We stared at each other in

disbelief, as we both had heard the same thing. We were shocked. She

was listening to the same footsteps and wondering why I would just be

hovering outside of her door without saying anything. This just clearly

proves that these were very audible, clear footsteps. Not a settling

house...but footsteps. We both kind of nervously laughed that off and

went back to our beds.

The next morning, we all woke to the sound of the hallway bathtub being

filled with water. I figured that the boarder was home and running

herself a bath. 7:00 am on a Sunday morning was rather odd I

thought...but who knows. Since I was awake, I decided to get up. I

immediately noticed the door wide open to the bathroom and moments later

that her car was still not home. She wasn't there! My sister got up

too to see what was going on. Neither of us had turned on the faucet.


O.K...now here's where it gets really interesting. We decided to tell

our older sister and her husband what happened. They both had these

really sympathetic looks on their faces and proceeded to tell us of what

happened while they were living there. Their youngest daughter who

slept in the same room that I took, used to wake up in the middle of the

night screaming "lady, lady, lady, lady!" This went on night after

night. She was very young at the time and couldn't elaborate what was

actually frightening her other than "the lady." When she got a little

older, she finally was able to tell my sister "lady say's my house...I

say no, daddy's house." Well, you can imagine...my sisters blood ran


They would periodically wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds

of a muffled radio. When her husband would check around, he would find

that he radio in the garage had been turned on. On an on...strange

things would happen like they would wake up in the middle of the night

and their bedroom light would be on. This completely freaked my sister


She finally asked a neighbor if anything unusual happened in that house

before they lived there. Well...as you guessed it, both the husband and

the wife died in there (at different times.) The lady of the house was

apparently a very eccentric woman. Very short...had very long hair that

she piled high on her head, wore long dresses only, and had unusually

long nails. Sounds scary already.... can you imagine her ghost! Well,

as you may have already guessed, when my sister asked her daughter what

the lady looked like, she described her to a T!

Things got bad for my sister and her husband and they realized that they

had to give up their new home and move back into the one that we were

renting. (By that time I had already moved out.) Anyway, things

started happening again. Now my sisters husband was a skeptic...but by

this time, he was starting to wonder what was happening. I think he

finally decided that there was an unexplainable aspect to it. My sister

knew the whole time, that it was a classic haunting. I spoke to a

psychic friend of mine and told her what was going on in their home.

She said that there was "something" in or on the house that still tied

it to the previous owners. Unless they removed this "thing" the

hauntings may never stop.

So....clean up day arrived. They went through the attic, the

underground space, the garage, the side yards...the entire house, top to

bottom. Nothing. It did however prompt a major spring cleaning to the

point where they had rented a large industrial garbage dumpster out

front. Then, as my sister and her husband were walking up the to the

front door, they noticed a hanging plant that they had for years, had

died. Disturbed to lose it, my sister hesitantly reached up and took it

down off of it's hook. What she saw made her go white. Behind the

plant...for God knows how many years...was the previous owners name, in

black iron letters, nailed to the house. Her husband quickly took it

down...broke it up in to many pieces and threw it away. The hauntings

stopped almost immediately. They have since moved from this house, but

we will never forget the hauntings that went on there.

My Mother-in-Law and a Sad Little Girl

by Sc jingles@aol.com

This happened in Memphis. (I wish people would at least tell the state where there stories take place. It makes it more interesting to me.)

I've had a couple of different visits over the years. I'd like to relate two of them.

The first happened in 1977. My ex-husband and I were having a great deal of problems in our second year of marriage. The biggest part of the problem lied my feet at that time.

His mother had passed away when he was three years old. I think the things that took place at this time were her being there for her son. She wanted him to know she was watching over him.

One night, I was in the living room watching t.v. He was taking a shower in the master bath.

When he was finished with his shower, he came into the living room still mostly wet and a towel wrapped around his waist. He was smiling and asked, "What were you trying to do, scare me?" I asked what he meant since I had done nothing, I had not even gotten up off of the couch since he started his shower. He continued........ "Next time, throw bills." Now I was REALLY confused. I giggled and asked what he meant. He opened his hand and in it he held three brand new shiny pennies. Again I asked, "What are you talking about?" He told me that I had thrown the pennies in at him during his shower. I giggled again. And again he told me to "throw bills next time." At that time, I saw that he was serious, that this had taken place. I told him, I promised him, that I had not thrown the pennies in at him. It took a few seconds, but it sunk in......I had not done this. He knew if I promised that I was telling the truth. Nothing much was said about this after that night.

Not too long after that, we had a serious argument late one night. We had gone to bed, but we were trying to get it straight before we fell asleep that night. We were really afraid we were not going to make the marriage work. We both said some pretty hateful things that night. I took my wedding band and engagement ring off and tossed them about two feet. They hit the wall. When they hit, we both started to cry. We really started not only to get THAT argument straight, but we fixed the marriage, too. It lasted another nine years.

I got up to look for my rings. The wedding band was no where to be found. We never did find it. We about tore up that corner of the room looking for it. We even pulled the carpet back. No wedding band. I vacuumed the carpet and then emptied the bag and sifted through its contents........ Nothing! We had no pets that may have gotten hold of it. There was no logical reason for us not to find it, but we never did. We looked again when we moved.......no wedding band!!!! So, to mark the beginning of us starting over, we got new bands.

In between the shower and the ring occurrences, I saw a filmy figure float down our hall. I followed it and it vanished when it got to our bedroom.

As I said, I fully believe it was his mother watching over her son. At that time, the problem lay almost solely at my feet. After we fixed our broken marriage, she never showed again. Our next set of problems, the one that tore us apart, was strictly him. I assume that is why she didn't show up then.

Then, in 1982, we moved into a huge two-story duplex. I loved the place. It was a big comfortable home.

After we had been there about a month, I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, recounting the days events.

I heard a child crying. It was about 1:00 a.m. and had been going on for a good 10 or 15 minutes. I knew no small child should be outside for that length of time at that time of the morning. The duplexes were separated by carports, no connecting walls. So it was really like two separate homes. So it certainly wasn't anything I was hearing through the walls. My husband was asleep. I saw no reason to wake him over this. He had to get up and go to work.

I lay there and listened. It was very faint at first. It got louder, but only a very little bit. Just loud enough for me to realize where it was coming from. That place was our closet. The child sounded scared and oh, SO unhappy. The cry itself didn't allow me to distinguish whether this was a little girl or a little boy. I just knew in my heart that this was a VERY sad, VERY lonely little girl.

For some time, that is all that took place. She would just cry each night in our closet. Mark (my ex) never heard her and thought I was quite possibly going of the edge. That did not bother me. I knew what I heard each night. It was heart-wrenching, knowing I could do nothing to comfort this poor child.

If I remember correctly, the next thing was the "cold spot" in the hallway upstairs. She never left the upstairs part of the house. I could always "feel" her when I was upstairs, but never on the lower level. Anyway, our laundry room was up there in the middle of the hallway. I was doing laundry and backed up to fold a towel. When I did, I stepped into a spot that felt like someone had opened the front door on a slightly cold winters day. It was at that time that I started "feeling" her with me whenever I was upstairs or in the attic.

The next thing, which I think is so cute, was her waking me up each and every morning.

I have lupus. I tell you this so hopefully you won't get the wrong idea about my sleep habits. It causes extreme fatigue and you need more rest than some. Anyway, I would come downstairs each morning when Mark would leave for work and go back to sleep on the couch in the den. (I'm afraid in any two-level home fearing an intruder and I wouldn't hear in time if I'm asleep upstairs) And, as I said, this place was huge.

It started about two months after her first sad cries from the closet. She would knock twice on the ceiling above my head each morning at exactly 9:57. I guess she felt I'd slept long enough and I had to agree with her. I always got up then.

I would talk to her. It got to a point that I felt as though she were my own. I loved having her there with me. I never saw her, but my sister did.

She was visiting about six months into all of this. I took her upstairs, showed her the closet and the cold spot (which she felt). She could "feel" her presence as strongly as I did.

When we were through, we went downstairs and sat at the bottom of the stairs, about 3 or 4 stairs up. I had a full length mirror at the bottom facing the stairs. We sat there and talked about the "whys," the "maybes," the "could be's" and "what if's" of this child. I was in mid-sentence when my sister grabbed my leg and said, "LOOK." I turned and looked up the stairs instead of looking in the mirror. I saw nothing and asked her, "Look at what?" She said "oh, she's gone." She had seen her in the mirror. She told me she had long dark hair, about four inches below her shoulder. Very, very sad and dark eyes. She didn't have her head tilted to look down at us, just downcast eyes; sad, sad eyes. She had on a blue dress from around the 1890s- 1900s. The little girl did not move an inch. But my sister looked up the stairs when I did and when she looked back at the mirror, she was gone. That was the one and only time she presented herself. I wanted so badly to see her. I don't know if she lived on that land or not. There was a cemetery about 700-1000 yards back behind the property. I would love for someone to tell me how to go about finding out what has been on that land. I know it may sound silly, But I know NOTHING about how to do this. I still feel such a connection to this child. I was hoping she would come with me when we moved, but she stayed in her home.

I'll tell this one last thing and then I'll close and keep my hopes up that maybe someone can help me.

I had the feeling for the longest time that she died in a fire and the feeling was a very strong one. Then I had a dream one afternoon while napping on the couch. I dreamed I was asleep on the couch. The floor of the lower level of the duplex was on fire. Now the fire was strange. It looked like 1000s and 1000s of pilot lights about 3/4 of an inch high. The flames had yellow, blue and a pinkish-purple color in each one....... Not assorted colored flames. I could NOT move. ALL my energy was completely zapped. My strength----------GONE! And on top of all of that, I could barely breathe. I never saw her in my dream, but she was there.....near to me. I knew I had to help her. I tried and tried. I fought HARD to get up off of the couch......trying desperately to breathe. I could not even manage to sit up. There was no crying, no talking, not a whimper. Not a sound at all from her, but I knew she needed my help. I was running completely out of air and felt as though I was very near death when I woke up. I had a hard time being able to tell the dream from reality since I was really napping on the couch and dreamed I was napping on the couch. Also, I had NO strength, No energy, And could barely breath when I woke up. I had to fight for air. I could not get up off the couch for a good while. When I did manage to move, I was only able to roll off the couch and land on my knees where I remained for about 15 minutes before being able to stand. My lungs ached. It was a LONG while before I felt normal, I know it was a good 2 hours before I could breath and move normally.

That never happened again (thank the good Lord). But to this day, if I voice the dream to anyone, I go through the breathing problem all over again. It is not to the extent of the dream or what I went through upon awakening, But it does cause difficulty in my breathing. Even though, I do not like to speak of it. But, I do wonder if this was how she died and did her mother have the problem that I did and was not able to rescue her beautiful little daughter.

This is the first time I've told this to anyone outside of very close friends and family. Not because I don't want to talk about her, because I would to anyone that would listen. But I know there are a lot of people who would not believe and I don't have the time to try and explain that it is fact. I don't owe this to anyone. But I would love to speak to anyone that does believe. I miss my sad little girl. I wonder if she is still wondering around sad and lonely or has she found her way to a happier time and place. I wish her well..........I wish her the happiness that she most greatly deserves.

Again, thanks in advance to anyone that can give me the information I need.

Rainbows to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ghost with Braids

by krista@earth2mars.com

I don't think that this story is really interesting enough to put on

your web page, but I thought I'd send it nonetheless.

I have always been intrigued by the supernatural, and yet I have always

been terrified by it (yes, I am 25 years old and still sleeping with a

night light.) I can clearly remember seeing shadows run across walls

when no one was in the room, hearing strange sounds and seeing things

from the corner of my eyes...but nothing was ever as strange as this...

About 4 years ago, a few people in my college dorm experienced something

we could not explain. It started with me sitting on my bed talking to

my roommate. She was wearing a tight, scooped neck t-shirt and she was

standing in the center of the room alone. While she was talking, I

suddenly saw her shirt get pulled down off her shoulders and then get

pulled back up (there was no one around and it was impossible for her to

have done it to herself with me right there watching) - just as I saw

this she stopped talking and let out a loud scream. We both ran out of

the room when suddenly from upstairs we heard another girl yelling. We

went upstairs to see what was going on, and found our friend

hysterically crying in her bathrobe. She said that while she was putting

on her makeup she saw a face appear in the mirror in front of hers. SHe

could still see herself through the other face because it was

translucent - and it appeared just as she heard my roommate's and my

screams. She said the face had long black braided hair, and she thought

it was a woman but she could not really be sure.

About two years later, while visiting my sister at the same college

(although she was living in a different dorm) I heard stories about

students seeing a tall black man with long braids walking through the

halls of the campus buildings. Two of my sister's roommates were

foreign exchange students from another country (I don't remember exactly

from where) and they believed in the supernatural and often held seances

and used Oijui boards - yet after trying to contact this spirit, they

became so spooked that they moved out of the building. They wouldn't

even tell us what they had learned about the ghost.

....weird enough for me....

Haunted Room

by Gandalf183@aol.com

I'm 15 years old, and my bedroom is haunted. We moved in two years ago. The last owners daughter died in a car accident about a mile or two away. So I get to live in her room. Many things happen in my room

1: Lights flicker. When I am in my room alone the light bulbs fall from their sockets or they go on and off.

2: Closet door wont stay closed. Even if I put my dresser in front of it, it will be open in the morning

3: Strange light. At night when everyone is asleep (even me) a strange light darts across my room. That wakes me up and then it disappears

4: Figure. A young girl looks at me. That really creeps me out

So that is why my room might be haunted. The ghost is not evil but she is not good either.

The House in Toronto

by tkip19@hotmail.com

First off the bat,I like to state that I've never experienced ANY

paranormal events in my life so I'm somewhat of a skeptic but I've heard

some really interesting stories over the years.Mostly from friends but

some from family as well.And its the family experiences that I'll

relate. When I was

eight years old my brother,mother and myself lived in a detached 2-floor

house in TORONTO for a couple of years.During that time,my mother says

some....strange things were going on.Apparently voices were heard in

rooms were no one was in.In fact,it wasn't unusual for friends to come

over and comment about who was upstairs as that they could clearly hear

someone talking or moving about.I can only imagine the looks on their

faces when my mother explained that we(my brother and myself)were out

for the day and that there was in fact NO ONE else in the house.Besides

them of course. Footsteps were occasionally heard and my

mother says that my brother saw a man one night when he woke up from

sleeping who was standing at the foot of the bed watching him.Said

brother to this day denies the incident never happened but(and theres a

big but here)he becomes uneasy whenever the subject ever comes

up.Also,he doesn't like talking about anything dealing with the topic of

paranormal activities.You figure it out.I never did see or hear anything

out the ordinary but who knows?The thought of living in a haunted house

is very appealing to me.More stories to tell but will leave them for

another time.

Haunted House

by heaven@intrepid.net

My house is haunted by at least two spirits . My mother saw

one and I saw one . She was sleeping one night and felt someone watching

her . She woke up and saw him . An Indian Chief in full dress . She said

that she was not scared and that he did not speak or move towards her . He

disappeared and that room is now mine but not for that reason . I have

never seen him , but I have felt him . The air gets very thick and still .

I have talked to him a few times . I have asked him what he wanted , why he

was here , what I could do to help and sometimes I became very irratated ,

mostly when I am very tired , and I yell at him . I say things like " if

you want me , here I am and that he should just get it over with if he was

going to hurt me . After this , a sudden feeling of sadness washes over me

and the air gets chilly . Then I get very tired , very and it is very easy

to sleep . I have also seen a young indian warrior . One night I was having

a camp-out with a few of my friends and we were roasting marshmallows , I

looked out over the fire and saw him . he never looked at me just stared

into the woods and continued to move slowly yet cunningly . I have not seen

him since . I have felt other things and cannot explain them . The Indian

cief does not frighten my mtoher or I but i would like to know what he may

want and how I could help him .

Piano Ghost

by CCrum3@aol.com

My family inherited a really old house last year, its an old plantation. When we moved in we found a piano in the upstairs, it was a baby grand but in very bad shape. We fell in love with the piano and had it rebuilt. We put it in the downstairs parlor and there I would practice on it every day after school, one night after i went to bed i heard the piano start playing..at first i thought it was the cat walking across the keys because it was a jambled up mess of notes, but then it turned into a classical peice...and it kept playing and playing. I was the only one at home and i thought it was a robber or some theif, so i didnt dare go downstairs, i stayed in my room for about 30 minutes, but then i got really really curious and decided to risk it and take a peek to see what was going on...when i stepped out of my room the playing stopped and i went downstairs to see a really old book on the stand that i had never seen, i played the first couple notes and sure enough it was the first notes of the song i had heard..I than felt this really wierd feeling and it got real cold so i put the book back on the stand and went back to bed....the next morning i told my brother and my parents but nobody beleived me, so i went to get the book and it wasnt there, Ive never seen the book since, but there was a tear of a page that had some of the notes on it from the song, i showed them and they STILL didnt beleive me......OH well, i still play the piano, and i dont know if the Ghost does or not.

Shadow Man

by zbazz@mail.teleport.com

For a long time I hesitated to write about these experiences. I

was afraid that by thinking about them too much, I might somehow start

them up again.

First of all, I've read the other stories that have been submitted

and some of them have very similar beings to the ones that I and members

of my family have dealt with. The information that I have on this large

shadow who likes to stand around and scare everyone might be of some

interest to those who know who I'm talking about. Also, if all he's

done to you is stand around and peek at you from a distance, then you're

lucky. He did a lot more than that to my mother when she was growing

up. Pardon the the bad pun, but he is so to speak, a real creep.

The other thing that I'll say before I get into the story I have,

is that I believe that hauntings tend to evolve around certain people or

families...not just in certain houses. Often times ghosts tend to

follow a person or they are inherited like from mother to daughter.

Then again some of us have the interest in them naturally and they are

attracted to us because we know when they're around.

When my mother was about 8 years old she live in Florida. I don't

know much about the house except that it was located next to an old

grave yard. That may or may not have anything to do with what

happened...we don't know. She doesn't remember when it started but she

remember being woken up by something jumping on her bed. This happened

to her every night for close to a year. She told my grandparents who of

course thought she was only dreaming.

Every night for that time period she would wake up to a huge shadow

(it often would change shapes) of a cat or sometimes a man. He would

jump up and down on her bed and do little "dances" on her walls. For a

while this was all that happened.

One afternoon she had a bunch of friends over to play. They were

out on her front porch standing around. My grandmother was watching

them from the kitchen window. All of a sudden one of her friends spoke

up and told her to "Look out!". They all witnessed a very large shadow

of a man step toward her and violently push off the porch. My

grandmother saw it too and ran out to make sure she was all right. To

this day my grandmother denies seeing anything. It scared her. After

that the night time shadow just became more and more persistant.

Finally, my mom being the strong willed person that she is had decided

enough was enough. One night she jumped up out of bed and caught the

shadow and as she put it, strangled him. After that, he never came


It may sound pretty far out there but my mom is one of the most

sane people I know...she's a councilor, has a college degree and is very

intelligent. If she says it happened, I believe her.

My story is less violent but for me, frightening in it's own right.

When I was 20, I left for college. My mom had always warned me

about messing with Ouija boards but I'm curious. I'm drawn to things

that I can't expain. Using the Ouija, with a couple of friends I met up

with a guy named "Zo". Imediately he became Very hostile with me. He

called me things that I won't repeat and then he said something that

caught my attention...he spelled out "Pushed mom off porch". None of my

friends knew anything about this story and they had no idea what he was

talking about. Then he told me about my uncle who is a priest. He told

me about my boyfriend at the time. He told me that "J" would marry

Lori. For the record, one year later "J" married Lori.

Then one of my friends did what your not supped to do...she asked

him to prove he was there. Starting that night I saw strange shadows on

my wall. For a long time I slept with my light on at night.

One afternoon I came home to find my stereo turned way up, and my

window wide open. Both things I always checked before I left my room.

When I walk in the hall way my best friend came out of her room and said

"I thought you were home..I heard talking in there and your music is

on." My door was locked and there was no one inside.

At this point I told my mom and she yelled at me for having messed

with the Ouija. I did what I had always heard worked on spirits and lit

a white candle and asked him to leave.

For the most part he didn't come back. To this day though, every

once in a while I catch something out of the corner of my eye. It's

like he just likes to make sure I don't forget him. I am no longer

afraid of him. I ignor him and from what I've read he doesn't care too

much because he has other people to pester.

About "Zo"...he will go by many names but it is always him. From

what I was told but someone who knows about these things..he's a pest

because he's never been alive. He's attracted to us because he doesn't

understand us. Knowing this may help some of you. Light a white candle

and ask him to leave...it might help a little.

House Ghosts

by Charwancs@email.msn.com

We moved into a newly built home in December of 1997. We have lived in the

house now for 7 months. The house is located in Central Florida in a new

subdivision. The 1st thing I saw was a tall White Ghost, holding what looks

like a large White pillow over its head. There have been on occasion Ghost

coming into our bedroom from the familyroom, they come in and go right out.

Our bathroom is connected to the bedroom and the large ghost stands in the

doorway to the bathroom. About 4am I got up to use the toilet, there inside

the toilet area was a woman dressed in clothing of the 1800s, as I entered

the room she disappeared. Later I went back to the room again, there was a

different women dressed in 1800 style wearing a hat, as I entered she too

disappered. The next morning I started to enter the room and saw a man

dressed in bib overalls standing in the same place the women had stood, he

also disappered as I started to enter the room, later I went to the room

again and there was a different man there who also disappered as I began to


The large White Ghost remains standing in the doorway enterance to the

bathroom and only disappers when the daylight comes.

Haunted House

by JoeKool85@aol.com

In Opelousas,Louisiana, Brittany,my sister's friend,lives in a haunted house.Her house is in front of a graveyard that has a grave that glows every night.The name on the grave has been erased over the years because it has been aging.The ghost of that grave lives up stairs,where Brittany's bedroom is.Brittany has seen the ghost shoving her stuff off her dresser when she was done putting it up there and the ghost also unplugs her radio at night.Now,the ghost doesn't show up as much,but it's grave still glows.

Also,in Opelousas,Louisiana,there is a house that me and my friend ride to alot.We liked exploring the house until we noticed that the attic started to make sounds like someone was walking around in the attic.We both didn't want to see what it was,but I was curious and wanted to see what was up there.I asked my friend to give me a boost and she did.I saw a greenish colored light in the shape of a man.I told my friend what I saw when I got down and then she looked and saw it,too.We still ride bikes on the street and pass in front of the house and every time we do,we see the ghost staring at us through the front window.

Also in Opelousas,my friend,also my neighbor which is the one who I saw the ghost with,has a ghost problem,but not a person ghost ,but a pet ghost,a pet that I knew.Her dog,Buster,was a little,black dog that she loved very much.She even put a basket on her bike to put Buster in.Well,anyway,Buster got runover and was still alive for awile,just enough for him to make it to her back door.When he reached her back door,he just fell over,dead as a doornail.Frances,my friend,cried the whole day.About a week later,me and Frances were playing in the backyard until we heard a crash in the barn.It wasn't any rat because the mess could only have been done by a little dog.When we left the barn,we saw Buster running toward us we knew that that would have to be impossible because Buster had already been burried in a box that was nailed shut.As Buster was running toward us,he was disappearing into thin air,but when I left,she called me on the phone just to talk and while we were talking,a small dog was barking up stairs.I asked her if that was a new dog and she said that if she got a new dog,that would be the first thing she'd tell me.As years passed by,the dog left,but would come back on the anniversary of his death.

Even at schools there are ghosts, just like my old elementary school,Grolee Elementary,which is also in Opelousas.In the 1800s,there used to be a cemetary where the Grolee building is.Now,the ghosts of the cemetary are haunting Grolee.I don't know if they still are because I don't go there anymore,but I will find out.Well,back when I was in the third grade,We used to haev freaky things happening in the class.Once,all of the doors and windows in the classroom shut all at the same time.In the fourth grade,my principal's picture has a mysterious shadowy type person standing on his right side in the picture.This was announced on the intercom one day at school.Also,on the playground,I saw a shadowy figure of a girl hang by a rope from a tree.In the sixth grade,everything on the top shelf flew off the shelf and shattered all over the floor.For everything,there was no explanation except that the school had a poltergeist problem.

The Bell

by patricia@wcrtc.net

my mom passed away recently. I have always been a ghost buff, so I took all kinds of pictures at her house and my aunts. I have some preety good pictures. also my mom was a buff on glass bells, she was buried with the one she loved the most .my dad has a shrine set up for her with a bell sitting at the desk ,well yesterday me and my husband and my grandson and my dad were all sitting at the kitchen table, and low and behold the bell on the desk in the other room started ringing without being moved?

What Can it Be?

by MayLily10@aol.com

My name is Bette and I live with my mom in Connecticut. We live in a house that was built around 1920. My whole family has experienced some very strange goings on in this house. It did not start until my dad was killed in an accident at work. My parents were not even married a year. They worked together at the same factory where he was killed. My grandparents came to live with us after it happened, my mom took it really hard. The nights of the wake is when it first started. My grandparents were sleeping in the living room and I came downstairs because I could not sleep. I cannot remember the reason why. I layed on the living room rug, nanna on the couch, Grampa on a roll away. You could here someone walking across the floor upstairs. I asked my grandparents if they could hear it too, they told me not to worry, it was just my dad. The weirdest thing was there is no floor above where we heard the walking. Part of the living room was extended out from an old sun portch and what is above the ceiling is just the outside roof that just slants down. That was only one thing. Another is within that year my grandmother went in the hospital with cancer. My grandfather was getting ready to go see her. he was in our bathroom.He had a heart attack and died on the bathroom floor. My mom found him. During the days of his wake, I woke up from a sound sleep only to feel the end of my mattress starting to go down as if someone just sat down. I was petrified and ran downstairs crying. Sixteen days later my grandmother died in the hospital. My mother and father used to have this thing when they gave each other cards at the end they would sign it 4:00a.m.. It was something they shared between them. I can't tell you how many times my mother has heard either a solid knock at her bedroom door which she keeps shut at night or someone tapping her shoulder all about the same time . My mothers old boyfriend died on the living room rug(alcoholic).I sleep on the couch at night (disability reason). One night I had the pillow on my stomach and I was wide awake and something yanked on the pillow really hard.My cat sits on the back of the couch and will stare at the corner of the wall and the ceiling for 15 min. at a time then his eyes will move like he is watching something that is walking up the stairs. Before I became disabled, I would not sleep upstairs anymore. I just was overwhelmed with this god awful feeling that still scares the hell out of me! My nephew who was14 at the time he moved in with us(2 years ago) has had his own scares and also has had his own experiences upstairs. We both went to bed and the 2 rooms are side by side. We both laid in our beds listening to some strange knocking sounds.Joey is his name.One time he stayed at his mothers when my mom was in the hospital. I was sleeping upstairs.A loud voice(male)yelled my name as plain as day,woke me right up. I started screaming for my mom to come upstairs. I guess I was in shock because I forgot she was not at home. It was that day since I did not sleep upstairs anymore! I had a party at my house 6 years ago. I brought my friends down cellar to show them my weights and exercise equipment. There was this one kid Frankie that was suddenly so quite and then out of nowhere says this house is haunted and wanted to get back upstairs. He did not know about anything that had ever gone on in the house. I found that to be disturbing. There was also one time we were gone all day, the cat was alone in the house. When we came home and unlocked the door the cat just about clawed his way out before we could open the door. He booked like he was scared out of his witts!! He was never a very timid cat, but now the slightest movement or loud noise sets him off. I don't know what is going on here and I'm not sure I want too, but if it was just me that has seen or heard it, I would probably dismiss it as an over active immagination, but it is not. I know this is gonna sound strange but would it have anything to do with my Dads untimely death? Or the deaths in the house? I even went as far as thinking it was because our house number is 66 and we are the 6th house on the right. My mom is very level headed and old fashioned. She now would like to know if there is something going on? We don't say too much to anyone about it because Joey is under our foster care and we don't want to loose him because people might think we are losing it. I don't think my cat will ever be the same!

My Other Experience

by Heathe5447@aol.com

I have always been a little sensitive to things sometimes its bothersome but other times it just becomes somthing I have learned to accept.... One of my stories is on this site but this is the newest experience.

Recently we moved into an old home out in the country not far from were I was raised. Now I will add before I go further that I have not had experiences with "ghosts" if you will in a long time My "gift " manifests itself in other ways most of the time... Anyway the other night got a phone call from a relitive as I almost always do I started to go outside with the phone to have my smoke ( bad habbit ) Anyway it was about 9ish at night and the door was closed As I went to turn the door It was as if Someone or somthing was pulling on it from the other side Like it was locked or somthing!!!! Try as I would it just would not open! Just as I was about to give up and ask my husband to open it....I looked down and the knob just turned! Then I tried the door agian and it worked!

I thought nothing of it, in fact as I said before you become used to it that is till I started to remmber back to a night a few weeks back when we were all out on the front porch ( we being my husband his buddy and I ) anyway.. We live on a main road .. we were relaxed just enjoying the summer night and getting a little drunk when we started to talk of ghost's and such I mentioned at that point that I got the "feeling" that a man in his mid 30's or so was across the road, My husband knows me so he didnt make fun of me but his friend was telling me to tell it to give him a sign you know "I dont belive it if I cant see it person" well being in the present state I was not about to toy with it not having my wits with me and besides I DONT MESS WITH THINGS I DONT UNDERSTAND PERIOD! so I just blew it off but i could not shake the feeling.

Back to the present, I was at my neighbors house telling her about the door and she turned and yelled to her husband "hey!! How old was that guy who killed himself on the road??? "He answered late 20's!!!!! Now here husband has lived here in the area since childhood I guess some guy about 20 years back or so ran his car into a tree going about 80 mph ! so hard was the impact that it knocked the headlights intact right out of the car!!

It was at this point all of it kinda feel into place, Now I dont know if that was the guy I was "picking up on " nor do I know if thats who did not want me to go outside.. but little things have been happening ever since and I know being that had not ever heard that story ..... I grew up a good 20 miles from here!

Oh well not as interesting as the other one but I thought you would enjoy it :)

Holiday Inn

by Sup CD@aol.com

I am a believer of spirits, ghost, as well as God. I've had a couple of experiences myself. I remember one, in Jacksonville in Florida. My family and I were moving into a new house from NY (and we just moved back to NY about a week ago) and we were staying at a Holiday Inn in Jacksonville until we could find a house to live in. We weren't there long, I think about 2 or 3 weeks. Anyway, I remember waking up one morning, it was 6:24am (I remember looking at the clock), and I saw my parents and siblings were sleeping. Then I saw some light next to the bed, and it was still dark outside. After a couple seconds it took a figure. It looked like an alien-shaped figure to me. It was a blue-white glowing color, and you could see through it a little, but it was mostly solid. It had a weird shaped face, with a big head and big eyes..I've actually seen the face on some books written about aliens. It had 4 or 5 fingers..very long fingers. It lifted up it's left hand and it seemed to be waving to me. Me, being terrified (I was about 9 years old), put the covers over my face. About 10 seconds later, I peaked a little, and I could still see a glow. So then I prayed that God take the ghost away, and then I peaked again. I didn't see anything, so I took the covers off my face, and it was gone. Then I jumped in the bed my mom and dad were in, and went to sleep there. Looking back, I'm not sure why I didn't scream, or wake up my parents and let them see it. My mom says she also remembers waking up one night and seeing one of the pictures hanging above the beds glowing. Since I've been 12 I've been wanting to see another ghost, and try to talk to it and help it if it needs it. I haven't had any encounters since. I really don't know if that was a ghost of a human, or maybe a ghost of some other kind of being, or maybe a hologram of an outer-space creature. I also remember a siting..when I was being baptised at my church when I was 6 or 7, I remember looking up right after the water was put on me into one of the windows, right in front of me. I saw a black spirit, holding something in it's hand..looked like some kind of knife or a dagger. I saw my shadow, and it looked like it was trying to stab into me. Like it just got kicked out of my body and it was trying to get back in.

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