Bodi Ghost Town




It was at bodi ghost town. I had taken my phone with me because I didn't have a camera and decided to take some pictures. But apparantly there were some things extra in those photos (unfortunately I no longer have that phone that posesses those photos.) when I took a picture of the saloon. Nothing that was living could be seen in that room. But when I took a picture and looked at it there seemed to be a black cat at the top of it.      Another interesting picture was taken in a random house, this picture was of a babies cradle. Again nothing living but me was in there. But after I took the picture there was a small transparent hand visible on the ledge of the cradle. A baby hand.     The last photo had been taken through the window of the sheriffs house. Nothing had been done to distort the photo but when I looked at it it had swirled up into a blur. I was trying to take a picture of the desk but when it swirled the blue was white and all around it was brown and the white seemed to look like the shape of a human silhouette.     One thing though I could not get a picture of. This was a poltregeist I found in the steeple. I was looking at the church organ at the back of the room when all of a sudden the bench moved back.


Bedroom Ghost Golden Valley Minnesota




About a year ago I slept over at my friend Clay's house.He had a 3 bedroom 2 story house connected to another house, looked about 20-30 years old. He had only one roommate so one of the rooms stayed unoccupied except for one of his two dogs which he would cycle betwwen his room and this unoccupied room every three months.But anyways there was a good sized bed and some fish tanks, a real kicka** guestroom.    Well Im sleeping in this room one night.I wake up out of a deep sleep.I can remeber wondering where the hell I was but after about 2 minutes the sound of his fish tanks reminded me of my location.I stared at the wall wondering how many more hours left I had to sleep(I had work in the morning at 9am)and assured myself I had plenty of time in which to get a good sleep.   I decided to start getting busy sleeping and repositioned myself to my right side.When I did, I see this person standing at the side.I stared for about 2 or 3 seconds trying to recongnize who this was, almost beginning to smile and be like,"what the hell are you doing?" but I quickly realized that this was a complete stranger.I remeber this person had shoulder length blond or grey hair,glasses, a multi colored robe or something and a wide sinster looking smile.Just this expression that it was enjoying the situation.  I quickly panicked cause my instincts told me something horribly bad was going down.I screamed at the top of my voice,"GET THE F*CK AWAY FROM ME!!!!" as I jumped out of bed and threw a right punch at this person and right as i did, it just vanished.     I sat there in bed wondering what the hell just happend to me.I went through every possible explanation. Plus i was a little embarrassed for screaming so loud at 3 in the morning.....I stayed awake til the sun came up.every now and then I'd start to slowly nod out, but i was so scared when i did, i would throw a punch wildly out of fear this person would be messing with me.I even accidently hit his dog as it was placing ita head at the edge of the bed...............think about this every night as i go to bed.always looking over my shoulder........




Glowing Lights




Ok, so I love your website. The stories are cool. My cousin and I have sent a couple in,anyway I have two stories that I would like to include to your website both relate to one of your stories about a glowing ball in Mesa cemetery. It was not in the same place, but related only because they are both of glowing ball experiences. These are true as verified through family members, anyways as for the stories. My grandmother and my uncle were driving home one night, I forget where from, but I think it might have been his friends' house, as they were going through the swamps to get to their

house, they saw this glowing green big ball in the sky, it might have been classified as something that was in the swamp, they left and it was gone. The second incident with a different color of a ball that was orange, my grandma just got home from a garden club meeting, my grandpa had said he wanted some iced tea, so she went inside and saw a ball in orange in the sky, she went back outside with the iced tea and didn't see it, she went back inside and didnt see it, so she asked my grandpa and he said he didnt, as I said this is entirely true. 



Displaced Spirits





Its been 17 years but it still happens to this day.  It happened on a summer night on the back road connecting Mt Clare to West Milford...known to the locals as Alfie Hill.  The area had very few houses at the time and one house stood out...a brand new gorgeous home  right at the crest of the dirt road.  The man who lived there built it for his wife and they had a daughter who was I believe around 8 years old at the time.  I remember traveling the road (  more of a cow path really) and watching the home being constructed. Once it was finished  it always looked so pristine and happy.  But  one night I was coming through  this pitch black stretch of land and saw the mother and daughter in the middle of the road both in what looked like night gowns in a mudd puddle.  I could see them standing there as I approached  and the moon seemed to shine on them alone.  When I got to them  they disappeared in front of me.  I was not alone in the I asked did anyone else just see that and everyone just sat there too scared to answer.   By the light of day, early early  I was crossing back across the hill and saw 6  maybe 7 police cruisers and an ambulance...crime scene tape everywhere and one covered figure in the grass by the house and several officers crouched by the road  ...beside where the mudd puddle was the night before.  Apparently the man had long suffered from depression and killed his wife and daughter before returning to the house and killing himself. The officers said that they speculated he had committed the act  the night prior to them being discovered.  Still on summer nights  you can see the girl and her mom looking down into the puddle in their night gowns.



Personal Experience with a house we lived in







It used to be an old train station.  You could smell bryl cream, the styling cream they used in those days.  Orbs were everywhere.  Balls would bounce out of draws upstairs.  Electronic toys would turn on by themselves.  Dining room chairs would be pulled out.  Blinds would be raised.  And I swear that I saw an old man, with a cowboy hat on sitting at the dining room table looking out the window with the blind up.  My husband and I tried to remodel the home, but more strange happened as we stripped the wallpaper off and found a dark green paint over the horse-hair plaster used.  We could not get the green paint covered with Kiltz.  It was like the walls didn't want to be changed colors.  My husband said "when pictures fly off these walls, we are out of here".  He no sooner got the words out of his mouth, and a giant picture that was hanging on the wall for over four years came tumbling down.  Needless to say, we moved out!!!!








One time I was in Portland, Oregon where I came upon several old abandoned Victorian mansions. I enjoyed walking through them. I decided to go  down to the basement where I came upon many doors laying flat on top of each other. I’d never seen so many doors with glass knobs. Then there was a crack on the side of the building which allowed  these beams to come through. Suddenly I heard an old man’s voice that asked “Are you the owner? Am I trespassing?”  I looked  and there was this man with long dirty fingernails and a straggly long beard. He had absolutely no color to his skin. He looked like a wax figure as had a yellowish tinge to his skin. He was lying on top of several newspapers and was eating Peanut butter and jelly with an old rusty spoon out of some jars. I told him that I too was trespassing and not to fear me. I asked who he was  and he told me that he was  a mountain man who had died on the mountain close by. I said “If you died, how can you be talking to me?” He replied that he had been dead for several days and that he had opened his eyes and he saw a tiny woman on a cloud who spoke to him and told him that he would be given another chance to live. She told him he’d have to leave the mountain immediately. She asked him to stand up. He told her that he was very weak and doubted if he could do so. He said that he then felt some type of heat running up his legs and he stood up and was able to walk down the hill. He found out he had some money in his pocket so he stopped and bought some peanut butter and jelly. He was very hungry. Then he came upon these abandoned houses , so he came to find this basement as sanctuary. It all seemed really freaky to me, but I  promised him I’d return the next day with some sandwiches. He asked me to make sure the meat was tender, because he had no teeth.Anyways,  I woke up with this urgent desire to take him the sandwiches. I bathed and hopped on a bus to the location. When I went down to the basement  I was amazed that there was absolutely no trace that anyone had ever been there. It was really spooky. The hair on my arms stood up and I got the hell out of there. The place was extremely dusty but there were no newspapers on the ground and no empty jars left around. I remembered that there was a large trash in the yard, so I went to check it. It was full of water but no garbage. I was convinced I’d been talking to a ghost or apparition. It was very spooky. I’ll never forget that experience.



Sunrise Village





My husband (Steve), brother and myself were staying in a condo at Sunrise Village in Killington, VT to go skiing. It was in April of this year and there was a special on the Fox news channel entitled “Does the Devil Really Exist” or something of that nature.  It must have really affected me as I later dreamt that my husband and I were before the devil and he was going to decide which one of our souls to claim.  I was making an argument to spare Steve and take me instead.  I remember waking up as ‘someone’ was grabbing my left calf and tugging on it.  I looked around and saw my husband was just coming in the bedroom from the bathroom and he saw my distress as I was waking up and shouting for  him to turn on the light as I was waving my hand around me to see if I could detect any ‘cold spots’ (I enthusiastically read all I can on the paranormal)  I VIVIDLY recall the hand (fingers and thumb wrapped around my left calf- it was a warm hand) and know without a doubt it wasn’t my husband’s (he was in the bathroom) or my sleeping brother on the living room couch.  I was sleeping tucked in with the sheets and blankets tucked under the mattress.  I think whatever it was, was trying to wake me up from a horrible dream!  Perhaps my father who passed away five years prior?  Don’t know. … What I do know is that my husband believes it was a dream and he won’t accept any other explanation.  This infuriates me to no end!  I know it was real!  Thanks for listening and keep up the good work on your website- it’s great/




My Story




just a few months ago me and a friend of mine(whose name i will protect) were outside at 3 am. i take residence in a thickly wooded area with very few neighbors. my dog started to act up and backed away. we heard noises coming from the woods so we went to investigate (with arms). not long from here we heard a shouting  of some man about a mile away. it wasnt drunk or happy shouting but you could tell it was distressed. and in a strange pattern the dogs across the country side started barking very loudly and violently. it seemed to be in a circle around the acres of farmland. the noises became louder and closer (crashing)and faster. we both took shelter for the night still with weapons. the next morning we went to the woods where we heard this and discovered a strange trail of damage and destruction. i do live in a very strange area and i eliminated the possibilities of a human or animal. im very paranoid every day and i feel like somethings still there. that is my story and i thank you for allowing me to tell someone



Best Western in Whitehorse, Canada


I've got another experience I'd thought you might find interesting.  In October 2006 I got orders to move from Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska to Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. My ex wife and I decided to drive because we didn't want to get to the next station and not have a car. We spent the weekend with her relatives in Wasilla then made the drive to Haines Junction and stayed the night. We really didn't sleep well that night the room was rather uncomfortable. So we left at like 0500 and began the trip into Canada. We took the ALCAN (Alaska-Canada) Highway and pushed into the Yukon Territory, stopped and had a rather awful lunch, but my daughter (who was a year old) needed to get out of the car for a while. We pulled into Whitehorse around 1800 and decided to stop for the night. We chose the Best Western hotel (mostly due to the military giving us a list of which hotels were best for us to stay in, and that was one). As we were checking in noticed a rather cold spot by a cartoony statue of a Canadian Mountie, mind you this was October and things were getting cooler but not that cold. I believe we had a room on the 6th floor and let my ex wife and daughter get settled while I brought in the things we needed for the night. While I was making the trips to the car and back to the room I learned that this Best Western was once a saloon/brothel, I had mentioned the cold spot to my ex wife and she had stated that when she had made the trip to Alaska in '02 (this was two years before our marriage and I did not know her before '03) that she had stayed on the 4th floor and experienced similar cold spots and orbs.  Well we decided to have dinner then turn in we'd been in the car for over 12 hours and we sorely needed a rest after the awful night before.  My ex wife said she had forgotten something in the car and for me to get it as she was going to give our daughter a bath and put her to bed. I went out from the restaurant in the hotel, and as I was walking to the entrance of the hotel I kept feeling cold spots in various places, I also felt like someone had brushed up against me, and like a hand on my shoulder, of course no one else was around except the front desk clerk.  It got stranger as I came back in after getting what it was (I have since forgotten) and got on the elevator again I got this feeling like I was being watched or something was there with me, now I was the only one in the elevator, but for some reason it stopped on the 4th floor, and when the doors opened an odor of tobacco filled the area (this is a non smoking hotel) and what can be best described as a wet dog smell filtered through the hallway.   When I finally got back to the 6th floor, those cold spots seemed more spread out then before, and I swear I saw some floating orbs in the window overlooking Whitehorse (by this time it was around 1930-2000 at night) of course when I looked again nothing was there, I also heard something that sounded like someone banging pots and pans, obviously there was no one there and you weren't allowed to bring such things into this hotel. I got back to our room and told my ex wife about it and she said she had a similar experience in '02, without the pots and pans banging noise. We slept the rest of the night without any further disturbances and decided to head out at 0630, while I was loading the car (it was still kind of dark outside) I swear I saw what looked like a prospector from the latter part of the 1890's of course when I looked up he was gone. When I went back into the lobby near that cartoony Canadian Mountie statue the cold spot really intensified and when I got to the area where the elevator was I saw someone out the window and I thought nothing of it but once I got closer to the elevator I noticed that person was wearing Victorian Era clothing, he passed by the window and disappeared. Again I told my ex wife and she by now was picking up on animal spirits as she called them, and she was telling me it was time to get moving. But she noticed the intense cold spot by that statue as well and like our trip to Rika's Road house in Alaska back in '04, she was quick to get out of the hotel with our daughter and get to the car, while I checked out and brought the bags out. Again I felt something brush against me and something touch my shoulder, however this time the hand felt cold and clammy almost, of course I turn around and no one is there, just that cartoony Mountie statue. We got out of there okay without any further strangeness save for a feeling of sorrow, then of course I had found out it was a Saloon/Brothel from the Alaskan-Canadian Gold Rush of 1898, which could explain several things, but it was the first time I actually feared spirits/ghosts, and that was because of my daughter who was a year old at the time. Again my ex wife and I would talk about that till our divorce, it was probably the first time I've ever felt animal spirits.




Our Dedicated Homeowner



Close to 20 years ago we bought a home in an historic neighborhood. We went to see it on a lark, thinking we could never afford a home on St. Paul’s famous Summit Avenue. But for some reason, this home was not moving, and the owners had dramatically dropped the price and it was now in our range, at the tippy top of our range, but in our range. It had everything on our wish list and more. I told my husband Jim “you go back and sell that other place, I’ll wait here until those people get out of our house.” The first thing I did after closing was to put a cane next to the fireplace, reminiscent of the scene in “Miracle on 34th Street” when Susan (Natalie Wood) gets the house she had seen in her dreams.  It is a 1922 Georgian Revival, masonry construction. It needed some TLC, but with leaded glass windows and walnut woodwork, craftsman tiles, etc., we could come up with TLC. Someone had made some very bad decorating decisions in the 1970’s. Dark oak kitchen redo, peachy wall to wall carpet. Well, let me say, after 20 years, we’re on year 3 of the 5 year plan to fix everything. More on that later.  We moved in Dec. 10. Shortly after, maybe a week or so later,. Jim came to me to ask if I had noticed anything odd around the house. I had but I asked what he meant. He said, he didn't know if he was having eye problems, but he kept seeing "dark lights" dashing around corners and under things and out of the corners of his eye.  To which I said "you too!" I hadn't said anything because I thought he would think I was crazy.I said that I thought maybe it was a refraction from the leaded glass in the windows. But it was happening day or night in various rooms with different fenestration. Other visitors to the house during that time also noticed them. For example, there was the day I was meeting the next door neighbor when one went by us. I ignored it, assuming it wasn’t really there, but was amazed to see her follow it with her eyes and turn her head to follow it to the next room. “Do you have a Scotty dog?” she asked. “Uh, no,”  I stumbled, clearing my throat. “Black cat?” “Uh, no, I’m not sure, there, well, we’ve seen those flashes, we think it’s a reflection from the windows.” “I don’t remember anything like that when Rick and Angel were here” the neighbor added, “I’ll ask Angel when I see her.” My sister came to visit shortly after we moved in and also witnessed these events. When I spoke to her about this recently she said “I never believed in any of that crap, but then I ran into one of those dark things at the top of the stairs, and it really creeped me out.”The “dark lights” were one thing. Then the medallions started.  There were 5 or 6 Saint Benedict medallions plus one miraculous medal. It happened each time in a different room of the house, spread out over the course of about 2 weeks. As either Jim or myself would be leaving a room the person would hear a coin fall, well, here a coin hit a hard surface, turn around and find a medallion. This even happened in rooms with wall-to-wall carpet where it could not have made the sound that was heard. The first medallion was very worn and we could barely read it. Each successive one appeared newer and newer. The final one was the miraculous medal. We got some water in the basement & I was down there vacuuming it up. I had gone over the same spot over and over like you do with water. I put the hose down, pull it back, & behind the hose, where it should've been sucked up there was something shiny. I picked it up and it wasn't shiny, it changed right in front of me. It was a very very old, tarnished and worn miraculous medal.  When the previous owners came by to get some mail that had come for them we asked if the medals were theirs, thinking that somehow they had just been knocked loose somehow from someplace. They said they never saw them before.  I went to the Roman Catholic church down the street and asked a nun about the family

that built the house, we live in an historic district and had some information. They weren't from that parish. I told the nun the story and she started humming the twilight zone theme.  I did discover that the original owners, the wife actually, came from a family closely associated with the Benedictines. They had several family members who were members of Benedictine orders and they had also founded two Benedictine schools in Saint Paul, a women’s college and a girls’ high school.  In the spring we started some repair and restoration. We found that in many ways the house was tremendously overbuilt, complicating needed repairs. Like needing air hammers to dismantle the 2 foot thick reinforced concrete garage roof/deck that was leaking. That's when I saw the figure on the stairs.  I was just putting something in the hall closet then walking a few steps into the master bedroom when I saw Jim coming up the stairs out of the corner of my eye. I said something to him and there was no answer. So I stuck my head out of the bedroom door and I see a man in tan pants and a white shirt at the top 2 steps of the first flight of steps round the corner at our little mezzanine, and as he goes to mount the second set of steps he disappears through a sharp dividing line like a pane of glass.  I had done some research on the property abstract and saw that the people who built the house, the F's passed ownership to their daughter (her married name was given) in 1958. I looked up that name in the directory and called. Unfortunately the daughter had passed away, but her husband was thrilled to hear from us. He said it was a shame he just tossed the blueprints from the house not long ago, but he had all the family pictures, many of the house when it was new. And of course, pictures of Mr. F. Yes, that was the man on the stair.  For the most part the house has been quiet. We had one other episode where we were having more work done on the garage roof and three season porch. It has been a constant headache that has had to be rebuilt 3 times so far. On the second rebuild, I awoke in the middle of the night and thought I saw my husband leaning on the dresser as if he were sick. I saw him very clearly, bracing himself like his stomach was killing him, but he was dressed, in a white shirt with a square hem and tan pants. I started to get up on my elbows and realized Jim was in bed beside me. This was the only time in all these events that I felt fear. I’m embarrassed to say, I dove under the covers! I stayed there, afraid, trying to figure out what to do. When I peaked out again the apparition was gone.  Mr. H. said that his son was staying with his grandpa, Mr F. overnight when he was 8 and called home in the morning saying “grandpa’s asleep on the bathroom floor and I can’t wake him up.” He had died of a heart attack during the night, but, he had gotten out of bed to go into the bathroom because he wasn’t feeling well. Like the apparition I saw.  Mr. H, the son-in-law, said Mr. F would periodically be walking through the house, stop, slap his hand on the woodwork or somesuch and say "nothing but the best." The house was his pride and joy, his crowning achievement. It's sad to think of someone so tied to a material thing, although we love it too. When we were replacing the awful 1970's kitchen flooring with a more period-appropriate tile, only half-joking I held one up and said "is this ok with you Mr. F?" It must've been, because things have gradually settled down.  It's been more than 16 years since Mr. F put in his last appearance, RIP. Jim and I were not the only ones who had seen the "dark lights", guests had also and there is general agreement that they are gone also. Curiously, when you look at the property abstract there are owners who are "short timers" and "long timers". I suppose we passed the test and Mr. F. trusts us with his pride and joy.  The real test came last summer as we had our 3rd rebuild of the garage/porch area, the most extensive yet. We discovered that the metal roof apron that surrounded half the house did not have appropriate support and should have been replaced the first time out. After one of the most extensive rebuilds to date… well, no Mr. F. this time. Maybe we fixed the roof for good? Was that what he was after? Mr. H. had also told us that the porch area was a constant headache for Mr. F. also. Did he just want someone to fix that darn porch the right way for once and for all?  I should also say that after all this time I have just learned that St. Benedict medals are sometimes used in exorcisms and are used for protection from evil, demons and haunting. Were we being given these medals for protection? By whom were they given? Had the medals originally been placed around the house by a living human to hold Mr. F. and the “dark lights” in place, and we somehow disturbed them and set them loose? If so, why did things quiet down?Your answers are as good as mine or anyone else’s.



Youth Hostel




When I was in middle school we went on a youth hostelling trip to Welsh Bicknor in Herefordshire, England. The youth hostel was an old rectory and stood right next to a beautiful old church. Of course we'd all heard stories from the year above us about the place being haunted, so we were already setting ourselves up for a few days of ghoulish fun! As soon as night fell on the 1st day the girls in the dorm above us said they could hear voices, their room was freezing cold all the time and they refused to turn out their lights. The next night we had a campfire in the field next to the old church and did the usual singing of songs and munched on marshmallows. When the time came to return to the hostel we began to walk up the bank next to the wall/hedge of the church, all of a sudden several of us saw 'things' crawling along next to us up through the hedge into the church yard. There were loads of them and the best way I can describe them is that they looked like bigger versions of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Emaciated men, all skin and bone, crawling through the grass. It wasnt a split second thing either, they were there for a few minutes. It was so long ago I don't remember how any of us reacted, I think I was stunned into silence. The hostel staff said they couldn't see anything. At that time one of the girls was 'into' Wicca and although all she did was place some gemstones on a gravestone and said a prayer, I'm wondering if this angered any spirits? Another strange experience I had was when I bought a book called 'The A-Z of British Ghosts', I always felt weird when I was reading it...duh you're reading ghost stories and freaking yourself out I hear you say...but wait...the room always used to turn freezing cold when I read the book and I'd get an overwhelming feeling of being watched, but the scariest thing that occurred was after I photocopied some pages for my friend who lived around the corner at the time and already had trouble with a spirit in her home. As soon as she took the pages into her house the haunting intensified, she saw a man in mirrors, heard things being pushed down the stairs, remote controls vanished and always appeared under the cushions on the sofa, she even claimed her mother became possessed on several occassions. It wasnt until she burned the pages that things quietened down and they eventually had the house blessed. They moved soon after. I daren't open that book any more. My ex and I used to go ghost hunting frequently. One day he and his friend went to our usual spot to check it out in the day time as we sometimes did. As they were driving they noticed cottages and lots of land that they didnt recognise. Their other friends, one of whom was a skeptic, were waiting for them in the car park, but when my ex pulled up there were no other cars there, yet when they rang, the others were insistant that they were indeed in the car park to the mansion smoking methols. After some shouting and swearing my ex and his friend got out and began exploring the area. After a while my ex rang the others again and told them they were going to the garage nearby to get cigarettes and to meet them there. Again, on the way back they noticed the same cottages. When they got to the garage their friends were already there (neither group saw the other pass on the roads) and swore blind they were indeed in the car park. They suggested they all go back to the mansion. When my ex and his friend were driving along the country lane they were amazed to find that the cottages they had seen on their way there were many more in number and the fields were completely different and sure enough on the floor of the car park were several menthol cigarette butts. My ex was convinced they had experienced some kind of time 'warp' for want of a better word.  Thanks for reading!!




Adams House Birmingham Michigan




My friends were  former owners of Adams House in Birmingham. It is now torn down.   I am from Ohio..  A few times that I visited and stayed over  at the Adams house I had  some very strange experiences.    No one was home that day but my friend ( the Owner of the house and I) We got to talking about " The Lost Books Of The Bible"  after having breakfast and over coffee..  She happened to mention that her son ,who collected books, had these books that we were talking about. She invited me up stairs where he had his book collection.  We were thumbing through the pages of a couple of books.. When we heard the down stairs door open and footsteps walking across the floor stopping at the bottom of the steps.. She called out thinking it was her son who may have come home. No answer. So we hurriedly left his books and went down the steps.. There was no one to be found in the house!  Another time I was visiting her and family she was in the kitchen and I was helping her with the dish's.. After we were done I excused myself to go to her bath room which was located in the kitchen. It was a very small bathroom with just a commode and room enough for a sink.  I was washing my hands when all of a sudden I felt the floor sink out from under me.. The sensation was like going down in a elevator and then  back up . It was all very sudden.. I came out of that bathroom shaken and told my friend what had just transpired.. She said I was not the only one that experienced that phenomenon. She said she had herself and also a couple of other of her friends that had used her downstairs bath room.. I had used her up stairs bathroom but never experienced anything there..  They built a small addition to their home which functioned as a Library for their collection of books and also served as a guest room for out of town guest such as me.  I always kept a light on in that room. It had an off effect . It felt cold all the time plus along with the previous experiences I had there I felt  a little unsettled in that room.. After visiting and late hours I was very tired and thought nothing could awaken me.. I closed my eyes and snuggled in only to feel my covers being lifted up or so it seemed.. When I opened my eyes to look nothing was there.. Finally I drifted off to sleep to suddenly awaken to the light going on and off in the lamp.. I got up and checked to see if the bulb was in tight and it was!! Needless to say I had a sleepless night that night....  The former owners of the house had many more experiences there.. They have many stories to tell about the Adams House...



Alaska Ghost Story




I have an interesting story to share, maybe it can be added to the Alaska section? I've had some experiences before, growing up in Northern Virginia most of it had been with Colonial and Civil War era spirits and occurrences, I have also been to the Winchester house in San Jose, which in it's own right is very very disturbing. However this story is probably the most disturbing one in recent times, that I have been involved with. Back in 2004 I was stationed at Eielson Air Force Base which near Fairbanks, Alaska. During that summer is was really warm and my wife at the time was pregnant with our daughter (we've since divorced) and recommended we get out of the apartment for a while. Seeing as it was a down day and we really had nothing better to do I agreed, though I was still being cautious about going out due to the fires we'd had since May, and the smoke was hanging overhead so it looked really really overcast outside. I asked where we should go and she said let's drive out to an area called Delta Junction, which leads to the ALCAN (Alaska-Canada) Highway. Well we noticed there was a Gold Rush era (1898) house and what looked to be a tool shack, the name of this tourist attraction was Rika's Road House, as we soon found out, it was originally a boarding house for prospectors and later became a farm, now it's just an Alaska tourist attraction to show what "Last Frontier" life was like in 1898. We decided to get some snacks (beef jerky, slim jims and soda) then come back and check the place out. We first walked about the boarding house itself, and I noticed cold spots in various places, mostly in the gift shop. My ex-wife said she had felt someone or something brush by her when there was only, myself, the cashier, and her in the gift shop. I was on the opposite side of the room from my ex-wife and the cashier was behind the counter. One of the windows that overlooked the Delta river (I believe that is what it called, I can't remember) I noticed that my reflection in it seemed to stay still, yet I was moving---kind of freaked me out. So we bought some minor things to send home to my family in Virginia and decided to check out the grounds. Before leaving the house itself I swear I saw an Alaskan native out in the field, but when I looked up again no one was there. Now here's where it gets really odd, we walked into the "tool shack" my ex-wife got about half way in and turned around and left, she said she felt something that was not right at all. It took me a little longer to feel it, but I did, now mind you it was like 90 degrees outside and where I had stepped in this old tool shack felt like it was -10 degrees, and this was in front of what looked to me like a harvesting tool of some sort. Anyway, I lingered in there about 5 minutes longer than my ex-wife did, and I began to smell one of the most pungent odors I have ever smelt before, it was border line nauseating, my ex-wife told me in the car that she had felt a sudden feeling of sorrow, all I had felt was the cold spot and the smell. I did not notice any ghost lights or anything...though with the 24 hours of day light in the Alaskan summer I doubt I would have been able to see them, though I will say it did feel like something was in that shack and it wasn't very nice. Needless to say we never went back after that summer, but it was an experience we did talk about till our divorce.


Letting her Go





 When I was twenty-three years old I was attending ultrasound school. About three years prior to this my foster mother had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is a cancer that has a very poor prognosis. Although, she had went into remission she later had a reoccurrence in which the cancer had spread throughout her body. Well to make a long story short I was very broke in school and did not have a phone, and I had not spoken with them in a couple of months. I attended school in the evenings, and was up studying late frequently, and on a random night at about one in the morning I felt a need to stop what I was doing and write two different poems telling her I knew I had to let her go.  The next day when I came home there was a note on the door from the sheriffs department. Before I even looked at it I knew that my foster mother had died. After speaking with my foster father he told me she had died the night before around one am. This may not be a ghost story, but yet it was an extraordinary experience that no one could ever convince me was coincidence.



The Island Hotel


By: Anonymous


 My fiance Robbie took me to this B&B, The Island Hotel located in cedar key, FL to propose to me this past New Year's Eve.  Because I was taking medication (antibiotics) for the flu, I couldn't drink that entire weekend, so therefore this was NOT some drunken vision.  This place is really haunted.  Although I have loved "haunted" and ghost stories all my life, I didn't expect to have an experience there...  There are a number of supposed ghosts there at that hotel based on what their site shows, but I dind't expect anything to really happen.   I was getting ready for our big New Year's Eve dinner.  My hair was up in rollers and I was standing infront of the mirror.  They all popped out at once and fell to the floor!  This happened several times; every morning of our stay.   After my hair was set (I don't wash it but once a week) the shower spirted water in my face every time I said to my fiance, "Is this place really haunted" or something along those lines.  See, it had been a brothel at one time and the ghost of a prostitute was supposed to "live" in our room.  Since I was taking a shower, he would come in there too, and chat with me.  The shower spurted me in the face every time I said something about the hotel...   The scariest thing is that there is supposed to be a ghost of a soldier standing guard at the top balcony doors, leading outside on the 2nd floor.  It's only visable at dawn and lasts a few seconds.  I didn't see him, but I did get up at dawn to see if I could.  I didn't, so I went across to the bathroom which was located (seperately) across the hall from our room.  The light bulb turned off!  I was scared to death.  it just turned right off.  I "didn't finish" and ran back to our room!      Another experience that happened to us both was that we had gone out for the day and decided to nap before dinner.  He woke up before I did and apparently was too arfraid to say anything, because I woke up and there he was, saying, "wake up, look!  It's turning all by it's self!"  he was talking about the door knob; it as one of those old, blown lead glass door knobs that creek.  It was very, very slowly turning back and forth.  We laid there, watched it and tried to see if there was a shadow of feet under the door frame, but there wasn't.  We just laid there and watched the thing turn...   There are a ton of ghosts supposedly seen there, but the aforementioned were MY personal experiences.  The ghosts are supposedly:1. The former owner who was poisoned during a dinner he'd arranged to meet with his hotel manager for allegedly going against his wishes and building a liquor still illegally in the structure's attic.  The manager, fearing the loss of employment, poisoned his boss. 2. During the 30's, it was s speak-easy and brothel.  The ghost of a prostitute lives in room # 27 and she will supposedly appear and kiss the hotel guest on the cheek then disappear in a smokey haze.  This was actually the room that we stayed in.3.  Back when it was a post office and general store, the mean-sprited manager yelled at a young boy whom he had witnessed placing something in his pocket; assuming the boy was pilfering something.  In fact, the boy wasn't, however he was so afraid that he ran out the door, was never heard of again.  Years later when the water tank was being cleaned and re-painted with lime, the remains of a young child 9aprox. the same age as the boy in question) was found.  it's assumed the boy became so afraid that he hid in this tank and accidentally drowned.  This tank and area is accessed in the hotel's back roon via a trapped door.  It's VERy dark back there, so dark they say that it's "as dark as the inside of a lack cat."  We walked back there, trying to see because it's said this ghost still hides back there and is often seen by guests.  We didn't see him, however it was very cold in comparison to the rest of the hotel even though it's located right off the main back bar area toward the opposite side of the restrooms.    Out on the 2nd story balcony, you can stand there in the middle of January and it's quite warm in some areas, however it's very cold in others.  it was so cold in one spot that I as standing that I had on my fiance's leathers but still, I couldn't feel parts of my body, as though I was frost-bitten.  he was standing a few feet away and was talking to a guy and his wife who were from another area, also on vacation.  Both men only had on sweaters and were warm and comfortable and the man to whom my fiance was speaking removed his outer layer because he claimed to be warm!  I, on the other hand, nearly froze.   You can hear and see out of the corner of your eye, all over the hotel, things "move."  it's as though people are walking by, all times of the day and night, going about their business but when I looked over, there was no one there but my fiance or no one at all.  When we asked the barkeep and the owner, they said that "it's claimed," but wouldn't elaborate.  I think that they didn't want to cause alarm, however there are ghost stories to read online regarding that hotel as well as on their own personal hotel site.




Bloods Point Road, Cherry Valley, Illinois:




I went to Bloods Point Road and at about 1:00 am or so with a couple of friends and was chased by a white car. (Just confirming that it does indeed happen.) It showed up right when my friend decided that she was going to get out of the car and take pictures of the graveyard. Also, my three of my friends went before that and were chased by three other vehicles: A black big rig, which turned off the road into the woods and disappeared, a white pickup, and another white truck (like for emergency rescue or something, with the big lights mounted to the top and the like) None of the aforementioned vehicles had license plates either. Also, another thing you can add to Bloods Point is that you may get a chance to hear a train whistle while on the bridge (if you are outside of your car) sounding like it's coming from right beneath you, even though the tracks are no longer in use. [When my friends went the first time, this happened to them. Two decided to get out of the car and look around the bridge and they heard the whistle, while the one who remained in the car heard nothing.]




My Sons See Something




my son is three he keeps talking about a little girl wrapped in a yellow blanket huddle in the corner of our hallway by his toy box he has talked about her like three times and he says she grabbed his arm and sqeezed it very hard 2 times he was getting toys out of his toybox but she was a happy girl . any thoughts . Also growing up we lived at a house at 623 juniper in walla walla washington . 3 months or so before we moved a man shot himself in the back bed room which was my moms room at the time of his death he was on the phone fighting with his girlfriend at night sometimes the phone would go flying down the hall way from the room and our animals refused to go in there at certain times and after we moved out a women who moved in got taken out by amblulance cause she said the house was haunted and went crazy to this day the house is empty tenants never stay long .



Old House Getting Torn Down Soon




My Grandmother's house that is well 100 years old is going to be torn down.  When I was a young girl, after my Grandmother died, we all moved in and I never liked the house.  Not uncommon to hear footsteps, things go missing, rapping on the windows to get our attention, goes on.  I and my family moved out, put a mobile home next door as it was getting pretty run down and unsafe to live there.  Today I was going to replace an old curtain upstairs and was looking for some hooks in an old cupborad on the back porch.  I have a vise that I cover over as the roof leaks and I put the sand bucket on it and started looking for hooks.  I was fumbling with the cabinet door and out of the corner of my eye, I'm only 4 feet away, the bucket just flung off the vise and I just said out loud, "Ok,  I'm done...I'll come back later on" and left.  I always announce myself and tell "them" what I want or need or just say hi.  The air is "heavy" and I got my son and hung those curtains upstairs and I was talking to them and said that was a funny you did to me and I felt the lightest touch on my hip.  I got out quickly and I don't like going in there at all.  The house has seen my Grandmother die there, Grandfather, Father, aunts,and others I was told about years ago.  It's a house that has seen alot of death.  I wonder if any one would like to go through this house before it leaves us?  I forgot to mention that John, my husband, got his name called out so loudly while lying down upstairs one day, that he thought it was me needing help.  No one was home.  My Grandfather's name was John.  It was spoken twice, he said.  So, it's been an experience, to say the least.  I'll be 60 soon and I've lived in this house many years.It doesn't seem malevolent, but, every hair on my arm stood up today and those goosebumps.  My husband said I got back pretty fast.  We joke about it, but, I'm curious. 



Passing Grandmother





Our Grandmother had passed away about 2 in a half to 3 months ago. She had died in the nursing home where she had resided at due to my grandpa not being able to handle all her needs. She has been through a lot and had never died. not saying i wanted her too... well she was barely breathing and my grandpa and uncle were there. All it took was my grandpa to say i love you and she passed. A few years back she had told him if he brought home another woman she would haunt him. Well he had met a woman from san antonio and she had stayed a few nights. Stuff in his closet fell but he blamed it on rats when i knew he doesn't believe that. she plans on moving in soon soo more on that later. But My mom was laying down in bed and she couldn't sleep, She went into the living room to watch tv but didn't turn it on, she had the remote in her hand deciding whether to or not but it turned on itself, freaked her out so went back to bed. When she went to sleep my grandma asked her in a dream ,....whos that lady in my house? My mom replied nobody ( you know how ya cant really control what you do and say in dreams at times...) and my grandma would say.. yes there is Donna i see her.. and mom kept insisting there's no one there and she keeps insisting there is. Well that's all the story i got from my mom/grandpa/cousin.. But when that woman moves in i know more is going to happen. Will Keep yall updated

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