Shadow Person

 A Visitation of a Black Apparition

By Mark E. Grant

   11 July 2009.  A few nights ago – I don’t know if I was awake or if I was asleep but I had a scary dream or a scary experience and I don’t know which of the two it was even now.  I had rather think it was a dream than think it wasn’t but here is what happened… I can’t say even now for sure.  Background information, I am a recently retired Army Officer with nearly 25 years of active duties.  I work in Iraq as a DA Civilian and live in a metal building called a containerized houing unit that is something like a trailer.  If you look at it from the front it has a door on the right and a door on the left

– these go to two rooms – one for me and one for another guy and in the center there is a bathroom we share in the center and each of us have a door to that.  My room is on the left.  When you go in my room straight ahead against the back wall is a sink and mirror.  To the left of the sink against the back wall is my full size office desk, to the left of that against the back wall is a wardrobe, and to the left of that against the back wall  and also the back corner is a small refrigerator.  On the narrow wall sort of to the left of and in front of the refrigerator is a wooded chair I built and then against the front wall on the far corner is my bed and it runs along the length of the front wall almost all the way back to the door.  That is to say that the foot of the bed is just to the left of the door when you enter the room.  The whole room is about 8 feet x 12 feet.   Well a few nights ago I was asleep and either I dreamed I woke up or I really woke up and standing at the end of my desk next to the wardrobe was a black shadowy figure.  The room of course was dark so all  I could see was a darker shade of darkness.  It looked to me like the shadow of a woman with long loose hair in some sort of long flowing gown or robe.  I was laying on my back and I opened my eyes and I saw or thought I saw this figure standing there and it didn’t move until I got startled and then it sort of quickly rose up and dove right into my wooden chair and disappeared.  I reached up and turned on a reading light I have mounted on the wall over my head and of course nothing was their but it gave me such a start that I had to stay awake for a few minutes to clear my head of it.   I hope it was just a weird dream. The figure on the right of the hat man is more like what I think I may have seen.  When It dove into the chair it seemed to me like the feet stayed on the floor and the body arched forward – long hair or something trailed out behind the head – and then as the head would have reached the chair then the feet end of it  came up off the floor and followed in the arch to the chair. I have not been bothered by the apparition since nor ever before this one incident so I don’t know if I was dreaming it all or not.



Silly Shadow Man




This happened around December of 2008. My Husband and I were watching TV late one evening. I fell asleep in a recliner. My Husband put a blanket on me, and turned the lights and TV off. He turned a small light on over the kitchen sink, and went to bed in a bedroom in the basement. Around 3am I woke to my Husband coming up the basement steps. The family room was dark, except for a dim lighting that came from the kitchen.The recliner I was in, faced the front door. The front door has a small nook, where you can hang jackets etc.. As my Husband is stomping up the stairs, I see a very dark shadow of a man, standing in front of the door. The shadow man, did a one step jump, into the nook area, and disappears from my view. I just raised my eyebrows, and thought what the heck? My Husband is now in the kitchen. I hear him in this weak, frustrated shaky voice say " Honey? are you awake? I said yup. He goes well, are you going to come to bed? " I say, slowly yes" There is this few second silence and he goes, " I just have the creeps right now""I do not like sleeping down there by myself" I didn't dare say anything about the shadow man at that moment. I could see my Husband was stressed. So we both go to bed. The next morning I asked my Husband why he felt "creeped out" He said he woke up, and felt like someone was standing near him. He said he tried to brush it off, but then he swore he saw a shadow of a person standing, on the other side of the bed. He said at that moment he actually got ticked, kicked his blankets off, and stormed up the stairs to get me. I then just realized that where my Husband saw this shadow man, is exactly under the front door, where I saw the shadow man. I have no doubt, that when my Husband got up, and came upstairs, this shadow man, said to itself, "oh no, I  really angered this guy, I have to get out of here, and floated straight up, threw the floor, and tried to hide from my Husband as he came upstairs. This is when I saw the shadow man, as he jumped into hiding, by the coat rack. Its hard to explain, but it was almost humorous. My Husband, is a good person, but he has a short fuse, This ghost, and that leap, was hilarious. I had no fear when I saw it, I got the impression, this shadow man was quite a character in his time.



Strange being





A close friend of mine grew up in Cherokee, Oklahoma. I have her permission to share her experience. She feels it might bring bad luck for her to tell the experience herself. It was summertime and she was sleeping over her grandparents' house. It was about 8:15 or so in the evening. Her grandma had  just put her to bed. She was around 5 yrs old and it was hot and she wasn't sleepy. She got up and sat by the open bedroom window to look outside. There was a pasture near the house. It was still fairly light out. She saw what she thought was a man in an animal skin. He was close enough to the window so she could see him well. He was tall and slender and had fur on him. He was chanting but she couldn't make out the words. He turned and when she saw his profile she thought it was very odd.. He had an animal's head! She said he had a long face like a deer and large ears like a deer. He was covered in fur..She described the fur as similar to a shaggy cow or horse in the winter time. It was brown in color. He had a dead crow in his "hand". He had long claws instead of fingers. He lifted the dead crow skyward. As she watched, he faded away. He didn't walk away, he just disappeared. It was still light enough for her to see that he didn't walk away. There were no trees or buildings to obstruct the view! Her grandparents were in another room. She ran to tell them what she saw. Her grandfather told her not to worry, that they couldn't hurt her and she was protected. She asked who the man or animal was. Her grandfather told her he would tell her when she was older and could understand better. The next morning there was a dead crow where she saw the being. Her grandfather burned some herbs, said some prayers and buried the crow. She never asked her grandparents who or what she saw. They have since passed away. Her mother grew up in the same house and had paranormal experiences there but never saw this strange being. She didn't know what it was either. I read a lot of ghost stories and have heard a lot of experiences from friends. This is one of the few that really frightened me!



The House in Bingen




It is amazing how many people here have had more than one experience with ghosts.  I believe that once you have experienced it, it never leaves you and you always recognize that feeling again.  Anyway, I posted a story about the house in Bingen, Washington a long time ago.  We were Mexican migrant workers and traveled from place to place looking for work.  We always were given the worst places to live while we worked the fields – one room cabins or old broken down trailers –but one summer, in Bingen, to our surprise we were given this big sunny beautiful house –big picture window with a view of the Hood River.  We soon found out why…  My middle sister and I shared a bed.  We would always laugh and talk under our breaths until we fell asleep.  One night we were giggling away quietly when we felt something come in.  We pulled the covers over our head terrified.  Our cat hissed!  My throat was seized like and I could not utter a sound even through I tried to scream.  I could feel my sister trembling in the bed beside me.  The thing came in the room and I felt the edge of the bed go down like a person was sitting on it.  It sat there a bit, then got up and left. Our throats were released and we screamed and screamed.  My dad and brother came in with a shotgun we were screaming so loud!   Do not ask me why but I believe to this day it was female, a sad dejected woman.  I also believe she murdered her children in that house.  Why?  It’s a long story, but I’ll try to be brief.  I was babysitting my littlest brother and sister – then about 2 and 3 years old.  I had put them in the bathtub and was looking out the window when I heard them singing this little song – kotchie kotchie kotchie and making little sawing motions on their baby necks with their fingers, then rubbing pretend tears from their eyes!  Maybe she came into the bedroom where my sister and I slept because she missed her children??  I can’t explain why I believe this, it is just what I feel.  Something tells me it was a woman who murdered her kids.



he Neighbors Dog




When I was a young girl, I just loved animals. I preferred to hang out with my pets, more then I did my friends. Our neighbor had a brown and white hunting dog named Corkey. They had no children and worked alot. They would leave Corkey outside during the days while they worked.I would go over and play with Corkey everyday, and try to teach him tricks. I just loved that

dog. Corkey lived to be 12 years old. I was now 16 years old. It was a cold spring day. I put my robe and slippers on, and went to grab a soda off the back patio. I opened the back door and saw Corkey sitting in his usual spot. I called out " hey Corkey" the dog, never moved. He just sat and starred at me. I said "oh Corkey, what's the matter?" the dog still never flinched and just kept looking at me. I took the soda and went inside. I was getting a glass out of the cupboard, and my Mom walked in. I made the comment that it sure is cold out today, and I cant believe they are leaving that poor dog out all day like that. My Mom goes, " Corkey was put down 2 weeks ago, he had cancer, and was suffering." I said, "no Mom I just saw him a few minutes ago" my Mom who was stubborn and never wrong, says sarcastically " the dog is dead, I talked to her, [meaning the neighbor woman] she was very upset about losing him" I being sure I was right, walked over to the window and looked out, and now saw that Corkey was not outside, wondered myself. I re-thought what I had seen out there. I remember feeling that it was odd that Corkey never wagged his tail or moved when I called out to him, I also remember seeing his chain, hanging down from his neck. There was no chain even out there anymore. It really shocked me. i couldn't believe it. Then it started to make sense. That feeling I had when the dog did not respond, it was that odd feeling, like in the back of your head, something isn't right, but you brush it off feeling. I have read and heard others tell stories of seeing a ghost, that appeared to be alive and solid. They all say the same thing. " They had no expression on their face, you could not tell what they were feeling at all" what I think about the most is, that I called out to him twice, and he never responded, just sat and starred at me, if someone else would have been next to me, would they have seen him? or did I just look like a crazy person, calling out to a non existent dog? Its just so bizarre I clearly saw and spoke to a dog that was not alive.


The Smell of Roses




The summer of 2007 had to be one of the hardest times of my life. I owned a home for 17 years. This home had been my Grandpas. The home had many fond memories. I brought all 4 of my Daughters home from the hospital to be raised there. I had got caught up in a refinancing scam, and along with poor choices on my part, had been served with foreclosure papers one afternoon. That day I spent crying, and in allot of despair. There was no way I could save the home. I knew it was over.

I fell asleep on the couch that night, just frazzled and in complete mourning. I wondered where we would go. What is going to happen to my family. I felt like I had let my Grandparents down, by losing this family home. They were deceased but always loved this home, and wanted it to be kept in the family.

I had awoke around 1am, on the couch. The house was dark, and everyone was fast asleep. I started to smell the scent of roses. I lifted my head and looked around. The smell got stronger. I sat up, and now, I thought maybe one of my kids had gotten into a can of air freshener. The rose smell became over bearing. I stood up, and turned on a light. The smell was permeating the family room. I walked threw the house trying to find a source for this smell. Everyone was sound asleep. I walked back in the family room, and it was just gone! I could smell nothing. I could not understand how a scent that over bearing one moment could just vanish the next moment. It never faded out, just disappeared completely. I did a second walk threw of the house, there was no source, to cause the scent. I even put my face in a clean towel and took several deep sniffs, and then smelled the room again. There was no sign of the roses. I then just shook my head, and laid back down on the couch. I decided to turn the TV on low, to take my mind off of everything. I just pushed the power button on the remote. I didn't care what was on TV. I just wanted some background noise to fall back asleep to.

I close my eyes, and then I hear on TV, a woman starts to talk about the scent of roses and angels. I bolt upright. I turn the volume up, and it was a 30 minute show, on phenomena. This story was of a woman, who lost a parent, and was laying in bed one night grieving the loss. She then began to smell roses in her home. Her story was very close, to what I just described to you. She never found the source, and it disappeared as quick as it came. Her story has a different ending. She was touring a very old church, after her rose incident. She saw something in the church, about roses. She spoke to the Priest, regarding her encounter with roses. He told her, when you have the experience of the rose scents, its a angel presence. They have come to guide you threw a difficult time in your life. They are there to tell you everything will be ok. I couldn't believe what I was watching. What would be the odds of having this experience, then turning on the TV and seeing this very unique documentary, at that very moment. I think I have 300 plus channels, and I happened to turn the TV on, just to that show at that moment. I have no doubt in my mind, that all of that evening, was not a coincidence, but someone or something, trying to help me threw such a bad time in my life. I believe in my heart, that there is such a thing and the scent of roses and guardian angels. If anyone else has info, or stories that pertain to this, please email me, or share them with everyone on here. Thank you.



Turn on the Lights




When my Mom was sick with cancer I would take several trips from Dallas to Chicago to go visit her and my Grandma. We knew that she didn't have much time left when we would hear her in the bedroom talking to Fluffy her dog, her Dad, her Grandma, and our favorite Aunt. But all these people had been dead for quite some time now. She would always make us leave the bedroom light and lamp on always. We could go in after she was asleep and

turn them off, but in the morning they would be on again. After she passed I stayed in Dallas to try and make it on my own. I had gotten a one bedroom apartment, my first ever alone. So I was working alot trying to keep my mind occupied, sometimes working 12 - 14 hour shifts. One afternoon I come home after being at work since 6 that morning, make a sandwich, shut the blinds, and pass out. After a few hours of sleep, Im woken up by a light shining in my face. I get out of bed and every single light and ceiling fan was on in my apartment! I snatched my keys off the table by the front door and leave my apartment. Even though I felt like it was my Mom, I was still very frightened. It hasn't happened again, but I think maybe its because after that, I got a night light.



Additional Information to a Haunted Location

By Anonymous

I was driving home to Maryland on Sunday from Florida when I stayed for the night at a hotel in Richmond Hill, Georgia.  The hotel was a Days Inn, but the receipt still had the Scottish Inn letterhead.  I could tell that it was an updated interior inside an older motel type structure.

Richmond Hill is just off I-95 about 20 miles from Savannah right on the Oceegee River.  The intersection is a primary road leading into Savannah, and has a very nice bridge crossing the river.  Upon a local's recommendation, I ate at the Love's Restaurant just across the river right at the other side of the bridge.  This is a very established "fish camp" seafood place where they filmed scenes from Forrest Gump.

Anyway after supper, I settled down in my room for the night with the TV on as I like to do drifting off to sleep after an hour or two.  I will continue with what happened next in my narrative for the intended entry for the New Haunted Place.


In Room 111, I was woken up out of sleep by something unseen rapidly pushing on the bed next to me like someone was intentionally trying to wake me up.  As I woke up, I felt a cold atmosphere slowly flow into the room.  As I was startled by this, I hesitated for a few seconds to roll over to see what was doing this, but when I did, I saw the mattress shaking.  I turned my head back, and saw a bluish, globe-like, object floating in the air at the foot of the bed. that was slightly opaque.  The orb lasted for about ten seconds until it dissolved near the ceiling.

I had heard knocks and noises throughout the evening since I checked into the room, but put this up to noise from the other rooms.  Now, I am not sure of this.

I have lived in California earthquake zones.  The shaking of the bed was not unlike some earthquakes that I have experienced.

This occurred on June 8, 2009 in the early morning sometime between 1:00 and 3 AM.

So as to not startle myself any further, I turned on the light, and watched TV until I fell back to sleep.  Also, I purposely did not look at the clock when this happened.  I am sure if I saw the time, I would forever be wary of something scary happening at this time if ever I was awake.

I intend to contact this hotel to see if anyone else has ever had this experience.  I would like to investigate further, because I suspect being right on a major river near the coast this could be old Indian territory.  Also, since this is a major road to Savannah, I would like to know if this is where Sherman came through from Atlanta during the Civil War.

Although I am interested in the paranormal, this was the furthest thing  from my mind that evening.  I only wanted to get a good night's sleep before heading back home to Maryland the next day.  I feel kind of lucky and satisfied - not spooked at all.





My Story




In January of 1979, 1 weak after my birthday, at around 3 a.m. for some reason i woke up and i had a bad feeling in my stomach. Kinda tight, cold, and tingling. I looked to my right and i saw a dark figure moving towards me and i noticed it had no legs and its arms were reaching out. I'm not sure what it was reaching for but i had to get out of there. I got up and ran for the light, i turned it on and saw nothing. but it still scared me.     3 days later i was sitting in the doorway to my room playing and i gt that same feeling and so i turned my hear to the Right and i saw a young girl standing at the foot of my Kott. She was wearing a white dress that looked quite old. like something out of little house on the prairie. she was standing their looking at something in her hands and she looked sad. I only saw her for 20 seconds but that was long enough. She stood their for a bit then looked up in the same direction the other ghost was and she disappeared, i never saw her again. but It has always bothered me, who was that little girl, she looked like she was 5 or 6?     for the next 14 years i had been haunted, from shadows to footsteps to creaking sounds. My mother had the best experience in that house. she came home from work and went upstairs to her room and laid down in bed to relax. after a few minutes, from what she said she herd the front door open and close. she then herd footsteps on the stairs, then the door to the room opened u and then closed. she didn't open her eyes she just assumed that it as my dad. she herd footstep's threw the room and then it sat down on the bed and then laid down next to her. that's when she turned her head to say something to her husband and all she saw was in indentation in the bed tat rose up when she looked at it. she got out of their in a hurry.       the last thing that happened to me their was in 1992 before we moved out. I was reading a magazine and i was thinking to my self i could use more light and suddenly i got some.Well i was wondering about the light so i looked up to the curtains and they were pulled out to let more light in and as i looked at them they were let go. recently my wife and i had a few experience's in our old apartment on sterling in Independence. She had seen a few dark figures walking past the door and i herd shuffling footsteps on carpet. then i saw the ghost walking around my side f the bed. that's the last thing i experienced.      to this day I'm still wondering who was the Little girl at 8600 e 86th st in Kansas city mo. I don't know why but it is really on my mind and i wonder what her name was and what happened


Concerning One of the Postings




I'm writing, cause I don't know when the last update was to the site. I live in Apopka, FL. I noticed that the last name of the Capt N Cowboy was still up there. It is now called Highland Manor. I have been there to eat since the restaurant reopened a few months ago. There has been remodling done. The chef's from what I was told called Ghost Hunter's from Sci-Fi to disprove or prove the hauntings. They have had strange occurences happen since they have reopen from everything I have been told. When I was there to eat the glass the waitress was going to grab and put down on the table came off of the tray I was watching the whole time. I made a funny about it to make her feel better and say "Oh it must had been the ghost'. I got absolutely no response out of her like she new nothing of anything at all about the ghost. I thought this was strange. Anyways just wanted to write you guys with some updated info about that resturant. Also too Coon Hill has had it's gates locked while remodeling, because they've had more vandalism. Im in Pace visiting my family and I was suppose to go over there to investigate. I don't know how long this place will be shut down for, but I was really sad about that. Everyone I know who lives up here has claimed to had some type of experience there. Have a good day.



Explainable Events in the Cemetery

By:    Anonymous


Here goes my story. Recently

I was out to dinner with somone I had actually broke up with,because we get into too many heated arguments. I just give in everytime I seem to get stalked by this person.Either way, we went to dinner. I have a friend who had died in a car wreck some years back. It had been a while since I had been to the cemetary where the plot is. I decided to go, while my ex who went to dinner with me, was still around. I have always had psychcic abilities, so the events that followed,were self explanatory to me, and prooved what I already know. I have always been able to communicate with the friend of mine that passed away in the wreck. Many other psychcic and mediums tell me he is there to watch over me, which I already knew.We were like best friends. Anyways, I went to his grave site,it is always peacful there.However I  usually go alone. Less than 5 minutes after I got out of the car, my ex that was with me,started to argue. One thing my ex learned after this, is never to start an argument with me (being a psychcic), while visiting the gravesite of a best friend who is also watching over me. I became upset and started to leave,and asked my ex to stop. I started the car and began to pull off,and my ex did not stop arguing. The car,which was as new,and never given me any problems, shut of over 4 times, before we left the cemetary.Before and after that,the car has never given me any problems like this. I knew why the car cut off.My best friend and spirit guide,made the car shut off, to get my exes attention to stop arguing.If that woudldn't be a lesson learned I don't know what is. Thanks for reading.



Ghosts in my Basement




The other day my lifelong friends Chris and Sam came over for band practice.After Sam left, me and Chris just jammed for a bit beside my dad's train set when one of the mini cars rolled off the road. When we stopped playing the room started to get colder than normal. The next day Chris and my other friend Tyler came over. we all went in the basement so we could play for Tyler. when Chris played the first note it repeated itself over and over even as we ran up the stairs. I was behind everyone and when I looked ba ck the door slammed on it's own! This all happend today. Later I heard foot steps like claws hitting tile- the footsteps of my dead cat Elsa.





Haunted House




On Palmer Lane in Winston-Salem there is a house that a good friend of mine used to live in. His name is Joey. We went to high school together and all through school he told me his house was haunted. Of course, I always told him he was full of crap. We graduated in 1999, but stayed friends. I was visiting him one night in 2002. We sat on the porch for a while and talked about different things-cars, trucks, guns, 4 wheelers(typical guy stuff). It got late and I left to go home. I only lived 5 to 7 minutes away. As I was pulling in my driveway, my cell phone rang. It was Joey. He told me that if I wanted to see what he had been talking about all these years to come back to his house NOW. My brother and I went, fully expecting him to be sitting on the porch laughing because I was dumb enough to drive back over there. When I arrived he, his mother, his sister, and his uncle were all standing in the living room. Joey told me that as soon as I left they started hearing moaning and banging. I still figured he was jerking my chain, but I played along. Joey, his uncle, and I sat in the kitchen. My brother sat in the living room with Joey's mother and sister. After about 2 minutes, Joey's mother called for us. When we got there she said she'd heard tapping in the fire place(which was never used, and boarded up). My brother confirmed(he looked a little scared). We stood there a minute or two. Nothing happened, so I, along with Joey and his uncle, went back to the kitchen. Now-when we were in the living room, NOONE left. I am 100% certain of this, because we were engaged in conversation in sort of a semi-circle around the fire place. However, when we returned to the kitchen, all drawers were pulled open, all cabinet doors were standing open, and the chandelier above the kitchen table was pulled down from the ceiling and swinging back and forth from the wiring. I stopped dead in my tracks when I walked through the entry way. My heart started RACING. I was SCARED. As all of us were standing there discussing what had happened, Joeys sister leaned on the wall. She immediately jumped back, wide-eyed. She said the wall "felt weird". I layed my hand on the wall and it seemed to be vibrating. I pressed my ear against it. I could hear what sounded like a voise murmuring something but couldn't make out what it was saying. After about 5 seconds, the wall pushed me back! I couldn't believe it and thought it was just adrenaline or fear or whatever so I tried again. I layed my arm against the wall, and it pushed again. It was just enough that you could barely feel it. After this we all went outside in the yard. We were terrified. Joey said that it had never been like this before(usually just little noises and such). My brother and I left to come home after we all calmed down. Joey and his family moved from that house within a year. Joey says that the house never got that frightening again. But I can assure you-that night it put on a show.


More Haunts




one day my mom was driving to the store on a road in her grand prix car, she was pulling up to an intersection when three kids drove up inside of a ghostly looking truck, my mom tried to get away, but when she would turn they would follow her, she saw an intersection to an alley and finally escaped. when she looked back the car was completely is another one that my uncle passed onto me.  it has been told to different people in our family and i thought i would pas this onto day my uncle and his friend Kurt were driving home from another friends house in my uncle's s10 pickup truck... they pulled onto a road, and saw something glowing as they approached the glowing object that went identified they noticed it was a house, although this house was in the middle of the road and was like glaas, you could see through it, and there were two men on the front porch, they were yelling at them to pull up and come inside, this scared them, they drove back to my grandma and grandpa's house to tell them and they said that someone should come and see for themselves, when they went back to the location, my uncle and Kurt identified the house as the one they had seen there but it was further out on the road, and that house had been abandoned for years. my father has told me this story, he was at work shutting down the place when everyone had left. the phone had rang at the desk, and he answered it. all he heard was breathing on the other line and when he looked at the id the room was the conference room in the place he worked at that time. he went to that room, the phone cord was swinging, the only other people in the building were the night guards, and they were outside where they couldn't have reached the phone that fast from the back of the place to where the front of the building is.




More Haunts I have


I have another story, again I'm not sure which ones that I sent before are correct as my cousin used my email to send them.My grandma (same as in the other stories) had a friend named Shannon, she had some jewelry that was given to her from her grandmother or her great aunt, I cant remember which, and one day she woke up and saw the jewelery on her bed, the drawer was open.There was no sign of forced entry and there was nothing to indicate somebody was in the house, but just her.Also, I don't talk about it because some people think it is childish or something, not sure if it was

a sign. Ok, so one night I was walking into my bedroom (in a dream) and saw boots on my bed. I thought it was weird and yelled to my mother to come. I saw tboz chili and lisa lopez otherwise known as left eye from tlc walk into the room. I was little it was like in 98 or so when the band had just came out I think.I went into her room and saw a couple of people that I knew as backup singers of the band Its just what i think,  then in 2001 I think it was Lisa died. I got the dream back in my head.  I'm not sure if this was a sign but since then I haven't liked the group that well


More and More Haunts


I have not verified the last story as being true because I let my cousin on the computer because he had one.  Here is another one that came passed on from my great grandma, she was born in 1920 and so if you picture the time, she was born right in the great depression times, she never really new about it, but her parents did and having 3 kids in that time didn't really help, as everyone was low on food in that time. Since I'm 17 I haven't really verified or researched that term, so I don't know.Anyway one time she was at her friend Linda's house. This house was really old, and she had heard that someone had died in the kitchen from getting in a fight and getting stabbed. She was sleeping in the attic and she was next to her friend, she heard steps coming up the ladder, and run back up to where she and her friend were sat located. This scared her, and she immediately asap, got her friend up. Of course, of all times for it to stop it stopped. Just suddenly, and none of them knew where it might have come from or if a person was in the house at all or something. There was no sign of forced entry or anything so they didn't assume that. Then linda mentioned the thing about her uncle getting stabbed downstairs, and she had known what she heard.


Music and Noises Come




i was at my grandparents house, the same one as the one i have sent stories about, the house that was in the dreams the butcher dream house, and the one where my grandpa claims he saw his dad after he had died.i was on the deck drinking mtn.dew and we started hearing please dont stop the music, you know the rihanna song. it would not stop and was constant, we yelled since the music was medium in volume and the person playing the music would stop playing it so loud, but no response, as we headed over there to where the music was coming from the music immediately stopped, there is only one house near, and it's the elderly neighbor's i know it can't eb them because i don't think they are the type to listen to that kind of music. i got the chills when i heard that, when we had passed. as we walked back to the porch of the house, the music started once again this time crash into me by dave matthews. one day it was pitch black, it was night at like 2 am and i was over with my sister, and my dad at their house, i heard people talking, i know my families voices, and could have sworn it was not them, they couldve so i asked them, they said they didnt, there is no way to access the property as the people next door and across the street have electric fencing as there are farms on both sides.  they were the ones that built that house, and know the history nothing has happened there.



My Experience




Here’s my story, and it’s true. When I was 17 I was in a car accident and bled so much that by the time the paramedics got there, I had bleed to death, no heart beat, lips turning blue, cold to the touch, the whole 9 yards... One paramedic wanted to try and revive me with electric shock, the other paramedic said it was too late and it wouldn't work. Luckily the one who wanted to revive me won the argument. They got a pulse the second time they shocked me and rushed me to the hospital. I was in a coma for over a month.  I had a near death experience that I believe was real. Here's what I remember immediately after the car wreck... I was on my way to my mom's house when I got in the accident. After the accident, I remember walking through my mom's front gate and approaching the front door. I wanted to knock, but couldn't for some reason. I tried a few more times walking up to her door to knock, but I couldn't knock on the door, or even figure out why I couldn't knock, so I just gave up and went away... The next thing I remember is being in what I can only describe as a place without 3 dimensions or time. I was somewhere, but ten miles away and two feet away seemed like the same distance. And there was this eerie lack of time, I don't know if I was in this place for 1 minute or three days...There was no 'light' as we know it although I wouldn't call it dark...Sorry, but trying to describe this to someone who has never seen it for themselves is like trying to describe the color green to someone who was born blind.  I don't know how long I was there, like I said, there was no sense of time. But after a while I saw three figures in front of me. They didn't look like angles or demons, more like silhouettes of sexless naked human forms made of pure light, with auras around them also made of light. At first they didn't talk, then, the one in the middle said, "Why are you hear?" I've always been a smart ass in life, and I guess death doesn't change that aspect of your personality, because I replied, "BECAUSE I'M DEAD!" I knew the three beings were talking amongst themselves, although I couldn't hear them talking so much as feel them talking. Finally, the one in the middle said. "You have to go back." All of the sudden I felt like I was being sucked butt first through a giant vacuum cleaner tube (Sorry, but that's what it felt like). The next thing I remember is a nurse screaming for a Doctor. A Doctor came in and stuck this bright little flashlight in my eyes. It hurt like hell, and I was trying to tell him to get that flashlight out of my eyes! I couldn't understand why I couldn't talk. It was because I had a tube stuck down my throat.  After a couple of really confusing days went by they removed the tubes and I could talk.  Now here's the part that freaked me out...My mom came to visit me in the hospital as soon as they would let her see me. We talked about what happened, and when I told her about the part where I was walking up to her front door trying to knock on the door, she turned white and I thought she was going to pass out. I asked her what was wrong and this is what she told me... On the day of the accident she started feeling weird, like something had happened to me. (I was going to surprise my mom by stopping by her house, so she had no idea I was on the way...). She was sitting in the living room looking out a window that showed a full view of the front sidewalk all the way to the front door. She said she saw me walking up the sidewalk to the front door 3 times, but every time she would get up to go open the door, no one was there. That's when she knew something had happened and started calling the police and the hospitals. When she first called the hospital I was in, they told her I wasn't there. (I wasn't carrying any ID when the car wreck happened, so they admitted me to the hospital as a "John Doe". The hospital didn't figure out until 2 days later who I was, so the next time my mom called to see if I was there, they told her I was.  I had never been a religious person, but after that experience I wanted to find out what had really happened to me and if anything like this had happened to other people. This was about the time the Internet was just getting started, so you couldn't just sit down and 'Google' stuff. So I spent years studying theosophy, theology, parapsychology, and the occult looking for answers. I found similar cases from religious and non religious people alike, and the similarities in what they all saw was amazing.  My experience didn't cause me to 'get religion' or anything. IMHO all religions are full of too many contradictions to be remotely believable. However, the experience I had was over 24 years ago, and as I'm writing this, I can still see the memories of what I saw then as clear as if it happened an hour ago. The place I was in was not heaven or hell. It felt more like a place in-between life and death. I never got all the way to the other side, so I have no idea what it’s like. But no matter what anyone tells me, there is something after death. I know, I was there. If you have any questions about my experience, you can contact me via e-mail. Thanks for reading this. Even after all these years, sometimes it feels better to talk about it once in a while.



Negishi Military Housing Yokohama, Japan




I lived in Negishi Housing from May 2003 - Jan 2005. within those years My wife and I had several unexplained incidents, to many to list, but here are a few. I lived on Negishi Dr. within the housing base. As you go through the middle gate, take the first right. My house was the only unit that sat backwards and below the street level. I was base security there and met numerous civilians who have been there for years and told me hundreds of stories about Negish, Ikego, and yokosuka. I plan on putting them all on this site eventually. But here is a few to start off. 1st experience:         I was sitting in my living roomwatching TV, my wife was in the kitchen cleaning dishes, and I had just put my almost 2yr old daughter down for a nap. When I heard a noticable sound behind me. It sounded as though someone was drawing on a chalk board. I looked over and saw my 2yr old daughter drawing on the wall in red crayon. At first I was pissed, and walked over to her. She didn't pay any attention to me. I shouted to get her attention while I was approaching her and she just kept drawing. Not until I grabed her shoulder did she look. She had a half asleep look on her face, and dropped the crayon. I looked at the wall and there were 3 perfectly simetrical faces drawn on the wall. I can't draw this good, never mind a 2yr old that can't collor between the lines. The face on the right was a profile view of this  really demonic lokking man, the face on the left was the same man's face, as though he was looking straight ahead, but the picture in the middle was undoubtedly the eriest one. It was the same man looking straight ahead, but something about it felt like it was actually looking at me.  Immediately I went to grab the camera, but when I returned I found my wife crying, on her knees, scrubbing the crayon off the wall. My daughter went back to her nap as quiet as could be.  2nd experience:          According the the Japanese, if you have for example an entertainment center placed in the corner of your house at an angle with the actual corner of the room empty behind it, that is considered a "Dead Space". It supposedly attracts spirits. My Daughter would go the the side of the entertainment center and talk to the corner for hours. She would not leave.  I would put Elmo on TV, give her a snack and she would take the snack, bring it to the corner and offer the corner portions of her snack. The entertainment center stayed in that corner for 3 days. 3rd experience: While some of the base contractors were at my house making a retaining wall in my back yard, my wife and my daughter went outside to give them some lemonade. In my backyard we had a bench sitting below the kitchen window. My daughter stood on the bench looked into the window and said "Oiday, oni-chun, ikoyko, asobo" Which in japanese baby talk means Come outside friend (male) and play. There was no one in the house! 4th experience:         When I first arrived in Japan, I co-worker of mine tried to scare me by telling me all these gohst stories about the bases. I didn't believe them at first. One was about two military police patrolmen that were patrolling Negishi base on foot in the summer of 2001, about 6 months before I got there. At that time Negishi Housing had no fencing around the base, so frequent checks needed to be conducted, especially of this one area the "hundred stairs". Supposedly these two patrolmen walked down the hundred stairs at about 9pm to check the area. When they got to the bottom they turned around, looked up and saw an old man sweeping the stairs. They walked back up the stairs and proceeded to tell him that he was on base property and would have to leave, when one of them noticed that this guy had no legs from the knees down and was floating there. (yah yah yah I said) About a year later I was patroling Negishi base with a newly arrived partner. I told him the same story about the hundred stairs just tring to scare him. At about 230am we decided to conduct a foot patrol of the hundred stairs. Not beleiving in the story both of us proceeded to walk down the stairs. We walked out and around the block of the queit neghborhood, and then proceeded back to the stairs. Just before turning the corner to the stairs, we both hear a loud sweeping sound coming from the stairs. Felt like I was gonna pee my pants. With the only way back to base being a 3-4 mile walk around we built up the courage to turn the corner to the stairs. As we turned the he was a real person, we galloped past him and up the stairs. We must have ran those stairs in 5 seconds. When we got to the top the old man had disapeared. The only way he could have gotten out of our sights that fast is if he had jumped the railing about 20 ft down. At the top of the stairs we noticed a small graveyard next to the stairs on a cliff. Very weird spot for a graveyard. Never went back to the stairs again. More to come................


Orb Encounter





One day i was just laying on my bed letting my mind drift when i saw a orb on top of my curtain rod. I could see through it. It slowly rose and drifted down to a painting and into it. I knew i had a spirit in my house because i could see it out of the corner of my eye but when i turned around it was gone. My girlfriend also said she would see something as well. I prayed over the house and asked it to leave and don't come back. I also blessed the house door frames with Holy Oil. It never came back. It was my first incounter with a Orb. I have moved since.

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