Pirate Ghost


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When I was Little my mom and brother lived at my grandmother's house for a short while.  I would sleep on the couch and my brother would sleep on the floor sometimes.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and see a pirate ghost in full collars.  I usually ended up under the couch cushions until day break.  I still remember waking up and being so scared that I'd dive under the couch cushions.  The Pirate only watched me, he never tried to hurt me at all. I just did not know why he was there.  Some have told me that they think that he was my guardian angel there to protect me.  He would always stay at the door just looking at me. sometimes I'd get a little brave and look over the cushions to see if he was still there, and of course he was just staring at me. Then about a year ago there was two big ghost dogs in my room on my bed, they were very friendly, but that is another story.


Predicted His Heart Attack


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well. i dont know if you would cal this something in supernatural or entity or something like that, but in 1996 my grandpa had a dream. he was getting open heart surgery and my grandmas sisters husband was giving it to him in the dream, the funny poart is that he was wearing something similar to a butcher apron and it ha dsomething written of a local deli. he woke up and asked my grandma if my great-uncle had worked as a butcher and she said yes. almost a year later he had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery. we have always said in the family that he had predicted his heart attack.i have had 1 other unnexplainable yet scary dream i was at my grandmas house, the same as above and was working upstairs on my computer. i felt a hand brush my shoulder, i felt a little bit alarmed because they were out shopping (in the dream anyway) and i thought maybe it was just the cat since they had one, but it barely moved since it was extremely old so i went looking for whatever had brushed me and when i had reached the top of the stairs, opposite side then they are supposed to be (in the dream) and i saw this old lady she was probably in her 70s just standing there,  i tried to get her attention and also ask her why she would be in the house and her eyes turned evil red. i screamed, and i probably did outside the dream as well and then i woke up. i kind of forgot the dream until later that day i was littler then about 8 when i saw it and i dont know if anyone believed me. if anyone has any weird other dreams send them to me.


Native Americans, a little boy, and a Friar


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Hello! I've put up a couple of stories here before, and I thought I might contribute a few more! As a little kid I saw ghosts a lot, but as the years went by I lost the ability to see them, though I can talk to them and feel them. Any ways, now that I sound completely crazy, I'll tell you about a few of the ghosts I interacted with as a kid.   When I was about five or six years old I lived in a one bedroom apartment and shared the room with my little sister and mother. I had the top bunk and both my mom and sister slept like the dead. One night I was just getting ready to settle down, my cat fruitloop had jumped on the bed and was curled around my head as was his habit. I was petting him and getting tired when I heard a 'psssst! Hey!' in a quiet whisper. My eyes snapped open and I sat up. A boy about my age (maybe seven?) was leaning over the foot of my bed. His skin was blue, his hair black. I didn't think much of it because the way the lighting in the room was, it made everything look blue and black. The boy asked me to come out and play and I told him it was late and mommy wanted me to sleep. The boy said "just for a few minutes. Come on, lets go!" I told him I could, but I would play with him tomorrow. He said "ookaaaay" and then climbed down. I remember leaning over the side of the bed watching him leave the room. It wasn't until I was older and looked back that I realized he'd gone half way through the door, because my mom has this habit (even today) of leaving a door more than half closed, so that you can't slip all the way through (even as a kid) without bumping it or opening it to make room. I remember the door never moved.  A few years later, when I was 9, my school went to the San Juan Capistrano Mission, in Southern California as a school field trip about our local history. As my group was looking around I trailed behind and began to wander around by myself--figuring I could find them again. I walked around a trail and found myself at the ruins of where a part of mission had crumbled in one of our larger earthquakes. I got this bad feeling and something in me said 'go away right now' I remember running and then being scared because I couldn't find my group and I was completely alone. I looked around and there, standing beneath a bougainvillea (or roses...all I know is the flowers were red) was a monk. Brown robe, rope belt, and balding head. I was very relieved (and also a very talkative and outgoing child) and walked over to him. I remember saying "Excuse me, do you know where my group is?" And he nodded his head and pointed. I followed the point and saw he was pointing beyond a turn.  "Oh, they're over there?" He nodded and pointed again. I smiled and said thank you and skipped my way around the corner and almost slammed into my teacher. She'd been searching for me for the past ten minutes and was a little more than frazzled. She told me not to wander off like that, that they'd almost left without me! I said I was sorry, that I had gotten lost, but that the 'nice monk had helped me.'   "What monk?" She'd asked, annoyed.  "The one by the roses (They WERE roses! I just remembered!)."       She told me that there were no monks here, and to not make stuff up. However our tour guide pulled me aside. I remember what she looked like because her hair was early nineties fantastic, permed and blond and hair sprayed in a high pony tail. She asked me if I'd really seen the monk. I tearfully told her yes I had, as I was very upset my teacher thought I lied. She smiled and put a hand on my shoulder and leaned in close and said, "Honey, you just saw a ghost." Needless to stay I was stunned. "Your a very lucky little girl you know, he doesn't show himself to every one. He must have really liked you." I was so happy to know that, that I didn't even mind when my teacher told my mom I needed to listen to instructions a bit better when I got home!     The very last time I physically saw a ghost was when I was 12 years old. Sadly, it is not as friendly or funny as my last two stories. I was up at what my dad and I call 'the ranch', which is a 20 acre piece of property we own at the base of the sierra mountains. My dad was building a deck so that we could look over the pretty river of which we own a portion. I was off towards the stream, just barely out of view of my dad. I had gotten it in my head that  I wanted to be a native american (I had honest to goodness hand made moccasins a bow and arrows, and my dad had been nice enough to teach me how to track animals), and that obviously, native americans caught fish with their hands, which is what I would do too! (Obviously, they didn't do such things, but I was young and reading Beaver Creek...). I was leaning over the stream trying to catch minnows when I felt some one staring at me. I turned my head to the right and there, standing upon a slightly dirty white-ish horse was a native american boy about 16 to my 12. He had bucksking leggings, but no shirt, and his hair was actually short, coming to his jaw line. I smiled and said 'hi!'. He narrowed his eyes at me and frowned. I remember being surprised because normally, people liked me. I told him my name and started to stand a little from my crouch and he narrowed his eyes further and drew from his back an arrow, which he deftly knotched onto his bow. I remember thinking 'he's not going to SHOOT that.' I started to get nervous when he trained it on me and I realized he was very serious. I remember standing up then and screaming "DAAAAD!" and just as I took my first step I heard the 'thwok' of an arrow being released and I screamed.      I came tearing through the small bank of trees and met my dead half way, crying. He asked what was going on--thinking I'd been bitten by a rattle snake--and I cried that a native american ( i said in 'indian' at the time, but I know better now! Thanks high school!) had tried to shoot me. My dad looked dubious and told me to show me where. I took him back and told him of how he was on a horse and all that had transpired. He looked for tracks but none of the fallen leaves was disturbed and he only found deer tracks. He didn't tell me I was crazy or making it up, but he didn't quite believe me either. It took me nearly a week before I would go back down to the creek/river, and I have never seen him again. Thank you for taking the time to read these!



Silver Springs Shores Hotel


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Hello,I live in Ocala,Florida,and I was browsing your website looking at the haunted places in my town.One of them caught my eye.The old Silver Springs Shores Hotel.I am not too sure where it was located,as info on the hotel is hard to come by.However there is an abandoned parking lot off of Maricamp Road(464).It is very overgrown.I believe this is where the hotel once stood,but I am not sure.My dad used to live in the area,and we would sometimes pass the abandoned parking lot on our way to a local ice cream shop.I was about 13-14 back then,and I remember everytime I went by there.I got this feeling of uneasiness.I didn't want to be near that lace.There was one occurence were we passed by there at night,and I felt like something was watching me from the overgrowth in the distance.The uneasiness was much worse at night.I drove by there a couple months ago myself,and got the same uneasy feeling as I did before.I'm not sure if it's the same location,but it seems to relate.I had these experiences before I even knew there was once a hotel in the shores.There is definitely something about that parking lot,whether it's where the hotel once was or not. I loved your site,and found it a great resource.Keep up the good work!



Supernatural Sleepover


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* Sadly we experienced all this stuff around the ago of 13 , 12 , and 11 *Me and Sister was having a sleepover at my house  with our 2 best friends ..Courtney and Hannah .  Sadly my little brother Kyle was home and me and my friends had to babysit him  .  So we ended up watching him and eventually ( after many hours ) he feel asleep.  Me and my friends were soo happy. LOL. So we decided to lay him down on his bed .  When i walked in my brothers room i felt uncomfortable in a way , like i was being watched or something.  I decided to ignore the feeling and put kyle on his bed immediatley. All of a sudden a cold breeze entered the room.  And thatg was very unusual because our house was very hot and humid that night. And the A.C. wasnt on.  I got scared and once kyle was on the bed i immediatley ran out the room. That room had a very unwanted presence.  In genral it wasnt a good feeling at all. Once i finally reached my sister's room with Hannah and Courtney ,  they noticed  that i was basically terrified. They all were concerned for me. So ofcourse they started asking me questions like  '' r u ok ? ,  u look like u seen a ghost and ...ect. '' I didnt want the girls to worry so i just told them that i saw a bug and  got scared.  They laughed and we went on having fun . Then a few hours passed , Nearly midnight and i went to go check up on kyle.  Once i entered  the room it was warm at first. But as i got closer to kyle i noticed that he was twitching and shivering.  Then again i started to get that Being watched feeling again. And this time i was terrified.  So i decided that i wasnt goona leave kyle there. So i tried to wake him up , but no matter how much i shook him or  how loud i yelled or screamed he wouldnt wake up. This is very unusual for my brother because he is a VERY light sleeper.  As a sister i got worried and took kyle in my arms and walked to my sister's room again.  The girls saw kyle in my arms and were mad that i brought him there. I layed kyle on my sister's bed right beside me.  I told the girls everything and they all agreed that we should keep kyle beside us at all times.  So we took the party into the living room. And we forgotten that kyles bedroom is somewhat attached to the living room.  Again i layed kyle down as he continued to sleep. Finally it had reached midnight and this is were the trouble begins.  As soon as the clock had stuck 12  that being watched feeling was present again. A cold chill stretched across the room.  And this time it wasnt just me. I looked at my brother to check on him and again he was acting weird.   So i told the girls and they were all like '' Oh my god !! Whats up with ur bro''? He was twitching ,  shivering , turning blue/purple , he was iced cold and was talking in his sleep.  Courtney my friend was terrified  i guess looking at my brother like that brought out her motherly instinct , and she wanted to hold him so i let her.   And she did. Then we all felt a chill again. We were all cold. Then me and my friend Hannah was like feeling scared,  like from out of nowhere we got scared. I didnt know why but i felt like something was watching me and was going to hurt  me and my friends , i somehow knew  that we were all in GREAT danger.  While Courtney was holding kyle she  started acting weird.  She started saying things like. '' I wanna die, I want my mom , Im scared, Let me die''. And she started crying very badly ,  she was basically crying her eyes out... And thats when i knew a ghost was with us. I knew the ghost was making her do this.  Hannah immeditaley called her Witch  friend..... And she said to help protect us  we had to spit 3 times over ur right right shoulder.  And me , my sis, and hannah did that. But courtney refused to.  She was crying and crying that she didnt want to , and she wasnt acting like her self .  As if she was a totally diffrent person. I was her best friend and i knew i just had to help.  I sat down next to courtney and told her that if she wanted to be safe she had to do this.  She was crying and i wrapped her in a blanket with me to comfort her. Immediatley my eyes  widen and they changed color i completley blanked out. I couldnt see for a sec which was odd.  Except for the ghost... it was a man and he was laughing as if he was a demon or satan.  I told the girls that he is making this happen to us and he was laughing. If courtney didnt spit over  her shoulder we all can get killed. Finally Courtney did. My eyes turned back to normal and everything  was back to normal. Kyle woke up and immediately got up and without saying a word hugged ashley.  After that i knew everything was gonna be ok. Courtney stopped crying and hannah and i smiled.  We continued with our slumber party and a few hours later went to sleep. It was the strangest and best  sleepover ever. After that day , every weekend we all agreed they would spend the night. It was truely a strange night for us all..but somehow im glad it happened. It made us all closer to one another.  We are truley Best friends.




The Cold Room


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While traveling to visit my parents in south Texas, I stayed at an older hotel/Inn in town due to their better rates.  I'm a believer in you get what you pay for, but the cheaper rate was just too good to pass up. After I checked in, I noticed the hotel clerk put me way in the back, with no one around me.  I liked it that way, but then again I didn't.  Let me start off by saying that I MUST sleep with a cover.  Always have, always will.  Even in the summer, I have to have a sheet to wrap myself with.  Also, I Iive in Europe, so we have no A/C in our home. When I got to the room the A/C was kicking cold air like crazy.  The room was ice cold.  I turned the A/C down, and got ready to go out with some old friends.  When I came back to the room, it was still ice cold.  I checked the A/C, and it was cranked up all the way again!  I figured maybe the maid did it.  I went to sleep in boxers and a t-shirt, and covered myselft with the sheets and comforter.  At exactly 3 a.m., I woke up freezing and noticed the blankets were taken off of me at a perfect angle.  I mean perfect.  There is no way I kicked those covers off.  No way!  It was freezing cold, but I was too lazy to get up and turn the A/C even lower.  So, I covered myself up and went back to sleep.  At exactly 4 a.m. I woke up again, and the covers were off of me at the exact same angle as before.  Perfectly pulled back in an angle.  As if someone grabbed the corners and pulled them back.  I freaked out, and ended up sleeping with the light on until morning (even though the room had a light tint at night due to the parking lot lights).  Nothing happened again until the night before I was to check-out (I stayed a total of 8 nights there).  The same thing happened again!  I woke up and I was shivering.  My eyes were saucers, looking around the room for something that wasn't there. For some reason, I was very calm.  I sat there in bed and asked if anyone was in that room with me.  Silence.  I felt weird.  Not really scared.  Just weird.  Like I was being watched, but by more than one person.  I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night, and just tossed and turned until morning.  When I checked out, I asked the Hotel clerk if anyone had ever told her about strange happenings in that room.  She said no, never.  I asked if the maid would turn the A/C up for me, and she said no.  If anything, she told me they are instructed to put the A/C down to it's lowest level to save on the electric bill.  Why was my room freezing cold all the time?  My father came to my room once, and he commented on how cold it was.  Before I left town, I was telling this story to a good friend, and she told me that someone had gotten shot at that hotel and died.  In fact, she told me that several people had died in that hotel through the years.  I had no idea.  It was just too weird.  I know it happened.


The Girl


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I had an experience with a female ghost or spirit one time.  It started when i was in the backyard and i was just target shooting with my BB gun, i was out of ammo and decided to search for more lying on the ground.  When i started looking more and more, went on searching under a big,tall pine tree that is really old to say, when i looked up, i could see something in white, sorta like a pajama dress from those older days, but the suns gleam were blocking my view so i stood up, and there what i couldn't believe in sight was a crystal clear image of a little girl about 11 years old, crouching on a branch about 30 feet high. I was startled to see a girl so high in the air that i didn't know she was a spirit, also the way she looked like a living person except in a faded skin. I then said "hey, what are you doing there", she didn't even bother to look or even move, like she was ignoring me or was deaf. I then yelled but nothing seemed to help. She was looking straight ahead of her like she was so determined or waiting. I then went to go tell my mom. When i quickly brought my mom to the scene, she was completely vanished, like never there! My mom just said i was seeing things and i got furious, i knew she was there. About the next day it was raining decent but not that bad. I went to the same place and and at the same time. I waited and waited...i was deciding to give up until i looked over and there she was again! At the same time as yesterday at 7:29. I went back and yelled at her saying if she was ok but nothing shrugged her attention. I brought my mom out quickly and showed her the little girl ghost. She was there that time and and as noticeable as a bright color. But things never turned out as i thought...My mom never saw her...I kept yelling at my mom and clearly pointing where she still was but my mom said she couldnt see a thing. It was crazy but the most stangest thing that happened during that scene was the way the storm reacted with every time i said something about the ghost. The storm was raining harder and the wind was blowing like if hell was sruct loose!!! And if i thought i seen it all, i was in for something that i would remember that summer. The way the ghost disapeared was she just dived straight into the ground on the other side of my neighbors house!! It was like she killed her self plunging straight into the ground. When that ghost went away, the storm became calm and not a storm anymore. It was like one of those movies that end wierd in but in a good way. What really scared me was why i could only see it and not my mother... But that was not the only time i've seen a ghost...I started to see more ghosts or spirits at different places i never been to after i seen the ghost on the branch i called "The Ghost Of The Pine".



The Old Loper Mansion in Corona, CA


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Back in the early 90's, a wealthy family who lived in Corona owned 2 homes.  One large home they owned was on the south side of Corona overlooking the 15 freeway.  The other home, used later as an office, was in the old-town district on Corona's famous Grand Avenue.  As the story goes, before the husband and wife met and got married, the husband lived in the large house on Grand Avenue.  The house had once been a funeral parlor and almost nightly, the husband would hear talking and other noise coming from the room next to him.  He would check the room only to find it silent and nothing out of place. After he met his wife, they purchased the large house on the south side and turned the Grand Avenue mansion into an office.  One of the children of this family went to my school, and he claimed that their family had experienced all kinds of strange phenomena in the old mansion.  One instance, a soda can was completely knocked off of a night stand right next to a bed that he was sleeping on.  And constantly, they would hear footsteps upstairs.  The mother once said she was in the bathroom and the door suddenly flew open (all of the windows were closed eliminating any chance of a draft).  Another night, the family drove past the mansion, as they often would to make sure it was secure-- remember, nobody lived there at this time. It was used only as an office.  As they drove past the house they noticed every single light in the house was turned on.  They went in, turned out the lights and left.  They checked with everyone who had a key to the house,  and everyone assured them they had not turned on the lights.  It is claimed that the atmospheric pressure in the back yard is different from the rest of the area.  These stories were all interesting to me, but I still had some skepticism, until...One year, the family was going to go on vacation to visit relatives in Texas, and they asked my mother and me if we would watch the mansion for them while they were gone.  Keep in mind, neither my mother nor I knew anything about the house, including the strange phenomena.  So Monday morning, we got to the house and settled in.  My mother, a school teacher at the time, was grading some homework assignments and I, only about 5 at the time, was fast asleep on the couch.  My mother got thirsty, so she stacked the homework assignments in a pile, went to the kitchen for some water, came back only to find the papers strewn all over the table and on the floor.  I was still fast asleep, and there were no open windows.  Later on that day, she was in the kitchen again, and she heard (me) crying in the other room.  She ran in to see what was wrong, but again, I was fast asleep.  I did not appear to be restless (as if crying in my sleep).  Later on that week, we would both occasionally hear footsteps walking around upstairs.  It is a very old house as you can see from the attached photo, so naturally, the floors are very creaky.  These were definitely solid footsteps.  We constantly went upstairs after hearing the steps only to find the place empty.  After the family returned from their vacation, my mother had mentioned to them the phenomena we experienced.  They laughed and explained to us that it happens all of the time.  They describe the entity as a friendly ghost who likes to play pranks on people (hence the bathroom door flying open).  The family eventually moved to Texas and sold the mansion to somebody else.  I never returned to ask the new owners if they have experienced anything.  Perhaps somebody around this area might want to.


Madison Middle School

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I have something to add to your madison middle school in richmond ky haunting I was on a Halloween tour of the school a couple years ago they had just finished telling us about the girl who was killed in the bathroom me and the tour guy walked ahead of the others and was making our way down the stair going to the autuim or how ever you spell the big plays where they have plays I stated to the tour guide that it seems like everyone in the group had a mind set to where even that littles noise would make the scared the second I said that something tried to push me down the stairs.I turned around and looked everyone else was still infront of the girls restroom and me and the tour guide was alone on the stairs i have no idea what did it I just know something tried to make me fall down those stairs by pushing me




Was Haunted Casino


By:    theks@bbwi.net 

The casino outside of Powhattan, Kansas..known as the GOLDEN EAGLE CASINO...I use to gamble there a lot especially to play bingo. There has been  a couple of times I remember that had me a bit scared. I was in the restroom on the north side of the bldg and as I was  about through using the porcelain throne..it flushed by itself. I, at the time thought it was just a malfunction..until others told me that it happened to them and the faucets would turn on w/out any motion under them. Another time...I was cashing in some coins from a machine and I sat my purse upon the counter by the cashiers window. As I awaited for her to finish using the coin counter...I, all of a sudden felt cold and just for a split second..I felt I was gone..it is hard to explain..it was if I was dizzy and just as I was coming around my purse went flying off of the counter and across the floor. Being in awe over the incident..I looked at the cashier and bluntly asked..."WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" She replied with a smile..."They usually just bother the machines." I realized that an apparition had passed through me and then proceeded to knock my purse on to the floor. Many have quit working there from being terrorized by these apparitions and have seen them and have been touched and a woman claimed to have been raped by one. They even had an Indian spirit guide woman do a ritual to get rid of the ghostly beings..but no luck! The stories are endless of this place...beware if you go gambling there!



Gibbs Bridge

By: tylerpk101@hotmail.com

I have been to Gibbs Bridge twice and we have seen something everytime. The first time the signs kept changing, there would be a lot of writing on the signs or none everytime we came around. I looked back and thought that someone was messing around with us and I saw a figure standing along side of the road ran by the guard rail and disappeared. Then I kept seeing something black out of the corner of my eye. My cousin was with me and she started to scream and me and her both heard moaning over her screaming. Then it was me my sister and her friend, the signs again kept changing but only a few not all like last time. We took pictures and got orbs. Then we saw a figure again by the sign and disappered. We went all the way down the street and turned aroung and saw big bright light. I told my sister it was probably a car, so flash your lights to let them know that you are coming she did that and the light was gone. I kind of looked like a motorcycle light with handle bars. I know the whole story about it. Then we turned around again and saw it again. It was not the street light at all because we turned around going back to the bride about 10 to 15 times and only showed up about three times. The wierdest part of that night was we left and my sisters phone was in the center console nobody was touching it. Somebody that we know called us and wondered why we called, nobody did it was in the center console the whole time. My sister looked down and saw her phone hanging up and they said we left a message. it was alll three of us talking and and it was muffled. Tell me what you think and go out there some time agian.



Paranormal Experience

By: woloent2007@hotmail.com

Im 28 years old now. The paranormal has always interested me, but only recently have I started to research it. I have come to believe, now, that some things I experienced as a child were probably more than nightmares.  I believe my encouters were with that of the paranormal, edited with a touch of a childs imagination.  Contrary to what you might believe, I think "my touch of a childs imagination" is what scared me the most.   I have decided to share with you thoe experiences that could be considered nightmares for your entertainment, but also those that I truly believe were paranormal.
 At the age of 5-7 ( I cant recall for sure). One night I was lying in my bed, asleep, I felt something moving at the bottom of my bed, and the next thing you know I felt like I was being dragged out of my bed. My covers had tightly wrapped themselves around my legs so tight that I couldnt move my legs.  I yelled "my bed is eating me, help! Mommy Daddy My bed is eating me.  HELP!"  by the time it stopped and parents got into the room, half my body was hanging off the side of my bed, while the other half was hanging on for dear life. You know what my parents' response was..."That's what happens when you don't fix your bed every day! Your bed eats you!"   No, really?  I still never fixed my bed after that.  I disproved that theory fast. It never happened again.
I look back now and realize that what ever was in that house had a weird and somewaht morbid sense of humor. Check it out.
 Several other times I woudl wake up from a rather deep sleep, turn over and open my eyes, as if something told me "wake up Stef", sure enough I would open my eyes and 1 of 2 things would be sleeping next to me...a) Bo Duke (he was like a hero to me at the time) or b) an orange mummified witch with a cone shaped hat and empty eye sockets.  Now you would think waking up next to Bo Duke saying "Hi Stef" would be cool as all heck, but no.  I would freak out, jump so high I would fall off my bed THUMP, and run to moms room screaming "BO DUKE IS IN MY BED! HELP!".  It was way more dramatic when I saw the witch. 
Now here is what really makes me think it was actually a spirit playing games with me. As I got older, about 10 years old I would say.  The occurances were NOT so graphical.  I would still hear a voice say "Wake up Stef" I would open my eyes and see a pitch black silohuette of a man standing in the far corner of my room, about 6' tall. I would blink my eyes a few times; he was still there; I would pull the cover over my head and then peep out; HE WAS STILL THERE! Of course I then freaked out and and ran to mommys room screaming the BOOGIE MAN IS HERE TO GET ME!  HELP MOMMY! THE BOOGIE MAN IS HERE!" This would happen several times a month for a good year or so it seemed. 
 The last occurance was years later, when what believe to be the same silohuette mentioned above, ran across my room.  First I saw a blur run down the wall to my left and stop in the middle of the wall near the footboard of my bed.  It took a moment for it to take shape, but it was definately the silohuette of a human.  I started to dart, and the moment I moved, it darted toward the other wall and vanished.  I freaked out and flew to my dad and told him that there was someone in my room. 
 Years later when I was old enough to understand, my dad told me of the ghost of an old lady that dwelled in the house.  She was a nice, but sometimes grumpy old gal.  However, that doesnt explain the Man that was in my room. 
 I still cant figure out if the Bo Duke/Witch thing was truly a nightmare, or a spirit messign with my head using the "touch of a childs imagination". 



An Unexplained Coincidence






 My parents bought a house in New Bern, North Carolina in 1970.  It was a brand new home in a new neighborhood.  I lived in this house  with my parents and younger sister until I went to college in 1994.   The house was a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath ranch with a carport.  Before I was born, my father enclosed the carport and turned it into a large den.  The original steps, carport door frame, and window frame remained and led up into our kitchen. It was an interesting layout because you could look through the open window frame from the kitchen and see into the sunken den or visa versa.  The bedrooms were on a long hallway at the back of the house.  The hallway could be reached by two doorways, the kitchen and living room (actually one big circle).  The first bedroom on the hall faced the street.  The bathroom was next, another bedroom, and then my parent's bedroom at the end of the hall.  The room next to my parent's room was mine until my little sister was born (I was 5 years old).  I was moved down to the first bedroom.  This room gave me the creeps.  The closet door would slide open a bit on its own (which my parents said was probably a draft from the heat or AC).  However, after someone broke into my bedroom window while I slept and stole a few things from my room, I never stayed in there again...usually sneaking into my little sister's  room and sleeping with her or sleeping on my parent's bedroom floor.   I constantly slept with the bathroom light on and a bright night light or lamp.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear odd noises that made me feel paralyzed and cold all over.  One would think these irrational fears would subside with age, but they seemed to intensify over the years.    One recurring incident that still bugs me occurred in the kitchen/ den area.  Whenever I would be sitting on the couch watching t.v. I would see the silhouette of a person walk by the window frame from the old carport.  I would assume it was my Mom or Dad because the shape was tall.  What would scare me to death was the fact that no one would appear at the door leading to the steps after I would see the shape walk by.  Many times I would call out to my parents thinking it was one of them, but no one would answer and then I would walk up the steps and look into the kitchen.  There was never anyone there.  Most times, this would happen when I was home alone.  On numerous occasions my parents would come home to find me sitting on the front porch steps or sitting in my car with the doors locked.  This went on for years, and I was very excited when I moved out to go to college!    Years later, I went to visit my little sister and stayed with her in her college dorm room.  We were telling ghost stories with some of her friends when I told my accounts of the "shadow".  I was in mid sentence when my sister finished my thought and described the incident in perfect detail!  I had never told my sister about this because she was much younger and I didn't want to scare her.  eedless to say, we were both shocked and had goosebumps!  We compared stories and it seems we had very similar experiences in that house.    My parents eventually built a new house about 10 miles away and sold the house.  I wonder to this day if the new owners have ever experienced any of the oddities that my sister and I did.




Blood Point Road

By:  kittkatt5511@yahoo.com


This is our experience. Please read it all.
This all happened between the times of 12:15 and 1:30 A.M.
We just got back from Bloods Point Road and we are all pretty freaked out. We sat on the bridge for about half an hour and were in neutral. Nothing happened but two trucks kept passing by and trying to run us off the bridge. They would get close to the car, rev their engines, get really close, and then suddenly swerve. We ended up following one and it turned onto a phantom road, its lights disappeared, and it was gone. We went back to the bridge in the opposite direction, put the car in neutral, and waited. WE saw swerve marks and two of us went out to investigate and then suddenly a loud clear train whistle sounded and immediately following big rig lights lit up and it started coming towards us at high speed. The two ran back towards the car and got in, I turned the car around quickly and sped off. We turned off on a side road and waited for the big rig to pass. However it never passed and the lights were gone. On the way home, a cop truck was sitting on the side of the road waiting for us to pass. As we passed we noticed there was no driver and when we passed it, the truck sped off back towards Blood Point Road. Sadly we have no pictures because the camera died while we were on the bridge. All the electronics started acting oddly on the bridge. The GPS was turning on and off and told us we were parked side ways off the bridge when we were clearly on the bridge going the right way. Also the car became icy cold before the events even though I had the heat on high to defrost the windows. We are sorry if you dont believe but 1'oclock is the magic time for us and we all believe what happened was real. Seeing is believing and we saw it and heard it. Experience it for yourself because it is a long story.




By:    keiristinshaylin@yahoo.com  


I would like to share an experience me and a few friends incounterd last year on Christmas night. We were on our way to Texas just driving killing time being typical teenagers, when a friend of  mine said "I have some friends in Texas, lets go see what they are up to". So off we went into Texas when we finally arived to his friends house they were loading up in the car, so we asked where they were going they simply replyd "BROWSPRINGS". We aren't from around that area, so I wasn't sure what to expect...! So we finally arrive and one thing i might add is my friend who just graduated had got a new car, so we pull up, by this time it is about 12:30 or so she is driving im in the passenger side seat by boyfriend and his bestfriend are in the backseat everyone get out but me, I can't open my door, all the doors are unlocked, like i said this car is brand new right off the laught! So I ask her to unlock it with the keychain so she unlocks, I'm still not able to get out! So i crawl in the back and get out through the backseat by now I'm already kinda creeped out! We get out and we are walking around we walk to see the spring when we see something solid white not sure of what it is, I stand back and let them find out. They walk over and find a solid white horse all cut in pieces, no blood stains or anything just in about ten or twenty pieces, So they look around to see if their is any one around and all they find is a bloody knife by the shore to the spring. We get in the car and leave as fast as we can. We decide to go back a few weeks later in day time, thought maybe we might have a better look at the place. When we arrive we get out and walk around when we notice all these tiny pieces of paper all over the ground. We start to look around and pick up these paper pieces, we try and put them together somewhat like a puzzle. We didn't find all the pieces but what we did find was disturbing. It was a suicide letter. This lady was talking to her husband who had been locked up for life. As soon as we read it we got out of there as soon as possible! We havn't been back since.

I have told my story to a few but not many. I have also heard that BrownSprings is an Idnian burial ground. I'm not sure what the place is but one thing i'm sure of is there is paronormal out there!!



Hallway Ghost


By: kristolspears@hotmail.com


One early morning I had been sitting in my family room, reading the newspaper. It was a very quiet morning and I was all alone. The sun was coming threw a bedroom window off the family room, and shining down the hallway. It was one of those extremely bright sun rises. The kind where you see dust particles floating threw the air. I glanced up as I was turning the newspaper page. I then saw in the sun rays, the outline of what looked like a man. It had a light black to grey color. It had no details, just the outline of its body. It was about 3ft off the floor, and had no legs from around the knees down. I could see the arms. It had no hands either. I just remember telling myself, wow its a ghost, take it all in. I told myself to not turn my head or blink. The ghost appeared to be looking into the bedroom. It turned its head slightly to the right. At that point I had to blink, my eyes were drying out. When I did that it was gone. I then got up and put my hands threw the spot where it was. I guess I wanted to see if it would be cooler or something but it was the same temp. I just stood there in amazement of how cool that was. I also need to ad, it was no ones shadow, and its hard to describe but it was not a shadow, I could see the dust particles going threw the figure, and the figure was in the middle of the hallway. It was three dimensional. It actually looked like a hologram. I really love those rare ghost encounters.



Letting Her Go

By:    angelultrasound@aol.com

 When I was twenty-three years old I was attending ultrasound school. About three years prior to this my foster mother had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is a cancer that has a very poor prognosis. Although, she had went into remission she later had a reoccurrence in which the cancer had spread throughout her body. Well to make a long story short I was very broke in school an did not have a phone, and I had not spoken with them in a couple of months. I attend school in the evenings, and was up studying late frequently, and  on a random night at about one in the morning I felt a need to stop what I was doing and write two different poems telling her I knew I had to let her go.The next day I came an there was a note on the door from the sheriffs department. Before I even looked at it I knew my foster mother had died. After speaking with my foster father he told she died the night before around one am. This may not be a ghost story, but yet it was an extraordinary experience that no one could ever convince me coincidence.


Received a Favor

By:  kristolspears@hotmail.com


It was one of these dangerously cold nights. My kids fell asleep in their room with the TV on. I woke around 2 am, and the TV was so loud in their room, but I was so relaxed and warm under my blankets I just did not want to get up and turn it off. I tried to fall back asleep, but the TV was just so annoying I could not ignore it. But I still could not bear getting up and turning it off. I tossed and turned, and all I could think was that dam TV. Then all of a sudden it shut off. My head lifted up, and I thought what the heck? now I jumped up, went in their room and turned on their light. They were fast asleep. My kids and I were the only people home, and they didn't shut it off, so who did? I even checked the next day, to see if it had been on a sleep timer, but to set it, you had to do all this screwing around to set it. I know my kids were not capable of even accidently setting it. I felt like someone, was trying to do me a favor that night.




True Stories to add to the Shadowlands

By: davidbrouca@hotmail.fr


Hi my name is David, I am a French student and I wanted to share some eerie things that happened to me and to some of my friends with you readers.
What happened to me:
My grandfather died last year. He was a total atheist and believed that supernatural was just some bullshit and that people who got interested in it were pitiful fools. What's more, he was a convinced internationalist communist and often led some speeches against God and the Church. I was the contrary of my grandfather: a conservative christian loving God and Fatherland so this situation often led to arguments between my grandfather and me, as we were obviously on a different wavelength. But it didn't matter. He was my grandfather, I was his grandson, he loved me and I loved him as well and we would often laugh together. Well, as a Christian believer I believed (and still believe) in hell and I feared that my grandfather would go there after his death because of his resolute anti-God feelings so I said a lot of Rosaries so that God would put him on the right way.
One day, as I went back from the university I got a phonecall from my mother. She told me that my grandfather had been sent to the hospital in order to cure a little pain on the knee but when the doctors started to inspect his general state of health, they found out that my grandfather had a generalized cancer and that is why he felt so tired. I got so upset hearing that, that I rushed to the church and put a candle to the Holy Virgin so that She would get the forgiveness to my Godless, communist grandfather. I went to visit my grandfather in the hospital where he was sadly ending his life and I could notice no changes in his mind and moral. And his calvary in the hospital bed lasted for months. Here is the moment when my story becomes interesting. In my prayers, I would always ask the Holy Virgin to save him and let me now by a sign that she had taken him to the right place, near to Gad and far from hell.
It was an ordinary night. I was reading in my bed with my bedlight and listening to the outside noises as usual, and I closed my eyes to sleep afterwards. Oh God, I can never forget what I lived this night ! It was about 5am, because it happened just a moment before I woke up. I had a very powerful dream and it looked so real that it is still sculpted in my memory. I dreamt about a giant curtain of red velvet with a portrait of my grandfather hanging on it. I looked at this picture and my eyes looked leftwards and saw that the curtains were open like on a theatre. Behind these velvet curtains I could see the sky filled with orange clouds lit like on a wonderful sunset, or dawn I don't know. And suddenly, I saw a boy kneeling in the darkness in front of this scene. And I recognized myself. I can't figure out why but I know that the boy in this dream kneeling was me in person. A short moment after, a young woman went out from behind the curtain, from the lit side. She had a blue dress and a blue veil, both were blue, one dark, the other clear. She looked like Raphael's Holy Virgin in the painting. I remember her peaceful face that made me feel peaceful and tranquil. The lady sat in front of the kneeling boy (me) and started talking to him. I would see the lady's lips moving but no sounds coming from her mouth. And I remember her beautiful eyebrows that reminded me those of an oriental princess. After talking, she showed me something behind her. It was a ladder. A beautiful multicolour ladder that went in the orange clouds. The ladder went through a hole in the clouds and this hole had an ncredibly powerful light coming right from it and it throwed rays of lights and was noisy like a storm, though not frightening at all, at the contrary. My dream stopped with this vision of delight. 
I had forgotten the dream on the following morning and went downstairs for the coffee. My mother was standing in the kitchen and her eyes were painful. As I held my cup, she told me that my sister called from the hospital and that my grandfather passed away. I was waiting for this event with pain, but I got psychologically ready. Anyway, tears began to go out from my eyes and I began to cry and go in the garden to think. And as I was walking through the trees of my garden, I suddenly remembered that strange dream of the night. And I was thinking that it was the sign I was waiting for and that I beseeched the blessed Virgin to send me. I was so grateful, I went to the church and told the Holy virgin Thank you, but I wasn't expecting such an intervention ! But another prayer of mine had been made. After the funeral (I couldn't attend it as I was having an examination at the university at that time), I asked my grandmother how it was like. The answer let me voiceless. My grandfather had returned to God before he died, because my grandmother asked him how he wanted his funeral to be...and he said that there would be a mass at the church and the coffin would stand in the church. It was his last will, him who lived as an atheist communist all his life.There I want to tell you guys, trust God and ask him a lot, for he listens and have mercy for all of us.
What happened to my friend:
I got a good friend named Gennie who is a catholic christian worshipper, just like me, and her son has lived supernatural experiences as he was a little boy. It began a day when he started to tell things to his grandfather about his deceased grandmother. The grandfather got impressed and told Gennie that his little grandson was freaking him out because he knew things that he couldn't normally know, as the grandfather had never talked about it to anybody, not even to Gennie. One day, Gennie could know that her son had visions of his deceased great grandmother. He was only three years old. On an early morning, Gennie, as usual, went to get him out of his bed to go to school and she discovered her son behaving different. He wasn't grumpy and tired as usual but smiling with an incredible expression of joy in his eyes.
"I saw granny ! I saw granny !"
Gennie asked him "when, how". And the little one suddenly showed the ceiling with his finger. Gennie looked up but of course, saw nothing. She looked back at her son and asked how is granny. Her son showed the ceiling again and said "But she is there above on the white cloud ! She is smiling ! Can't you see her ?!!"
Gennie looked up again but she definitely saw nothing but the dark ceiling. She questionned her son again. "Has granny told you something ?" and the little boy answered "Ya, she gave me a flower and she told me to care about it all the days of my life". Gennie afterwards noted these words on a paper. But how could such a little guy invent such stories ? It let me charmed anyway. The other world may not be so hidden and cares about us.
Don't hesitate to write to me if you want to,guys,I love to share my experiences.

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