Farmer With an Axe Handle; A Haunting Encounter
I have a friend of mine whose been metal detecting for over 20 years and he'd shown me some interesting artifacts he discovered. Many of the items of were found on an estate in southern Vermont that dated back to the Revolutionary War.  One day, during the late afternoon, we had the idea to lay out the stuff on a white blanket on top of a rod iron patio table and take a picture. Both of us are very interested in history, and this expresses itself in his propensity for metal detecting and my interest in the paranormal. The variety of objects--old coins, a cannon fuse holder, an old toy, a dagger from the Civil War, a gold snuff box--and their historic nature really struck me. On at late August night around 11pm, my friend and I were standing around a campfire in his backyard. I had wanted to visit the estate where he discovered most of the artifacts because he told me about being ‘helped along' by a ghost when he was metal detecting. This took the form of a helpful hand on his back. "No way, you've been touched?" I said, a little too exuberantly. "Oh yeah. It was like I was walking in a line of people. I paused a moment, and felt a hand on my back, like it was encouraging me to keep moving." My friend isn't scared of ghosts, but he is very leery. Of course, he is wise to be cautious. When you've seen full-bodied apparitions that have spoken to you, ended up in a line of ghostly revolutionary war soldiers, and have been metal detecting and found a ring still attached to skeletal hand and arm--then re-bury it, ring intact- he had every right to be wary. So, after nagging him for about a year, he finally indulged me, and we hiked down the road and crept up on the big estate during the full moon. We stuck to the shadows as we edged up to the well-manicured lawn and looked toward the house-an old New England estate that even had a photograph of some Civil War soldiers standing outside the residence hanging in a frame above the fireplace. This photograph could be easily seen-I had glimpsed it one during the day-if you could get close enough to peek inside the large bay window looking in on the living room.  I had kept telling my friend that I wanted to run up and look in the window. He said that he didn't think that this was a good idea. My friend had permission to be on the property to metal detect whenever he wanted, and we weren't worried about the police arresting us for trespassing as both of us are the trust-worthy sort. The house wasn't abandoned by any stretch of the imagination, though we knew no one was there at the time. Well-taken care of by a caretaker, it was an excellent example of an old New England salt box, with an old red barn on the property. Considering the historical nature of the location-and with all the artifacts that had been discovered-the place was something we definitely treated with respect. We had crept to the edge of a lilac bush, next to a big tree, across an expanse of lawn from the window that I planned to look in. Being a fledgling paranormal investigator at the time, I had a vague realization that this isn't really how you should do that sort of thing, and wasn't prepared in the least. With this thought in my brain, I made a break for the house. I ran to the northwest corner, and hid in the shadow of a rhoderdenron from which I could inch my way up and peek in the picture window. I moved forward very slowly. The sound of the crickets and other insects was very loud. I got to the edge of the window and put my hand on the frame, pulling myself forward, just wanting to gain enough of an angle where I could seen the picture hanging above the mantle. Suddenly, there was a knock on the front door. Two solid knocks. I paused, and had the distinct feeling that looking inside the house wasn't such a good idea. I turned and ran back toward the tree-across the open yard-to where my friend was standing. At the same time I saw a shadow rush out from the door to the barn, which was closed. At the same time, my friend swears he saw a farmer in overalls moving quickly from the barn toward the house, with something like a shovel or axe handle in his hand. By the time I had made it to my friends location, the apparition had disappeared. He stood underneath the tree, trying to comprehend what had just happened. "What the hell did you do?" he asked. I had no answer to his question. We crept slowly along the edge of the shadows to the road, then walked home. Something I have learned is to respect the paranormal. And intent is everything. If we hadn't been sneaking around like we were, perhaps we would've had a completely different experience. My feeling is that we stirred something up, and it reacted to us. And, whatever it was, it wasn't messing around. Instead it appeared to be protecting the location, ensuring that the property was safe from two people who hadn't made their intent clear. In all my years of ghost hunting, this remains one of the strangest and most unsettling experiences I've had, and it's not one I intend to repeat. Now, I go in with an open mind and announce my intentions, ensuring that whatever spirits I encounter don't misconstrue my curiosity for something else.

My Story


my name is amanda and i am 28. i am very fascinated with the paranormal a but havent had many experiences. although i have a gift where ghosts come to me in my dreams and dream of the future. my first dream happened when i was 14yrs old. when i was 14 i had the same reoccuring dream of bein raped. let alone i didnt know this was gunna happen. when i was 15 i was date raped and relived every aspect of my reoccuring dreams. i have alot of deja vu and didnt really think anything of it. then recently acouple years ago i had another dream. this time a spirit would appear in my dream almost every night. i imet my husband 2yrs ago and moved in with him. when i moved in i experienced something i didnt know i would. i came home and set my purse on the dining room table. as i turned around my purse flew off the table like someone just knocked it off the edge pretty hard. my heart raced. then acouple nights later i started to see this little girl spirit in my dreams in the same house but was set in an 1800's setting. i then described to my husband that this little girl in my dreams. she was about 6 or 7. african american looked like a slave or servent. in my dreams im assuming it was her mother that would appear with her as well. but when i described her my husband said ya u were  visited by theh little girl spirit that lives in our home. and she likes to play games and hide things. so everyday that i was there id get a visit from her every night.  7 years ago i moved to hays kansas. one day i drove by this big beautiful rundown house that had no address and i was drawn to it. i looked to see if i could find an owner but couldnt find one til recently. i have been having dreams about this house for the past 7years. in my dreams i dream of  a family in the 70's. i only get bits and pieces of the dream tho. but next after i see the family they disappear except for the man of the house. in him i feel loneliness and watch him commit suicide by hangin himself upstairs of the house. this reoccuring dream made me want to know more and wonder why im having the experience. so i finally got ahold of someone who knew the owners in the house. apparently the house is haunted and they wont let anyone in. so i asked her what had happened in the house. but first i told her let me tell u what im dreaming. so i told her and my dreams of that house are true and she was astonished. i still dont know what the spirit wants from me. id like to go and investigate and find out but the owners wont let me. but i repect their decision. but i still dream the same occurances of that house but not everyday tho. and it still have my curiosity and urge to find out.

Burst of Light


I was 23 at the time, and had just lost my Father very suddenly. I started getting panic attacks that were unbearable and quite freighting. I started seeing a Psychologist, trying to learn how to cope with this anxiety disorder I had developed. At one of my sessions, I confided in this Doctor a experience I had. One night I had gone to bed. I had drawn the blinds and shut the bedroom door. I settled into bed, laying on my right side. I just couldn't fall asleep. I started tossing and turning. At one point while I was laying there, I got the impression that one of my Children had come into the room, and was standing at the side of the bed. I rolled over on my back and brought my body up by my elbows. I sat up right for a few seconds, with this feeling that someone was standing right next to me. That's when this bright flash of light went off above my head and to the left. I looked right at it. The light was exactly as if someone three feet away from you in the dark took a picture of you. It was just like a photography flash, I even heard this noise that sounded like when you snap a polaroid camera off. After that flash, the room just went absolutely silent. Even the atmosphere felt wrong. I jumped up and walked out of the room and into the kitchen. I was stunned and frightened. I asked my Doctor, what caused this. I had fears that I was going crazy. The explanation he gave me really didn't make sense. He believed that when a person is under extreme stress, the mind will go into a defense mode, where it will attempt to distract you as a way to alleviate the extreme emotions you are having. I said so you are saying I am hallucinating? he said no, your mind is actually working just fine. He told me other patients under extreme stress or trauma had made claims close to mine. I asked the Doctor what was he taught in school regarding dealing with patients that make claims of the paranormal. He said that they are to take a stand that it does not exists on any level what's so ever. There is a scientific reason for everything. That was 17 years ago, I have never had a experience like that again, but when ever I think about that event, I still find it fascinating. What ever happened that evening was very real to me. I felt, saw and heard this.

Caryville Wi.

By: Anonymous       

Now I know this isn't much of a story, but it happened to me and I thought I would share it with you. Anyone who is familiar with Paranormal Wisconsin should be familiar with Caryville. Yes, the little unincorporated village on the outskirts of Eau Claire is home to many a folklore and paranormal activity. Some of which has happened to me and my friends personally. So in Caryville, there is a supposedly haunted schoolhouse, children's cemetery, boat landing, church, bridge and even a lesser known house in the middle of a corn field. Yes, all this in a village of like 20-30 people. They are actually quite accenting of one another, the haunted activity and the size of the town. Anyways, before I go off on a rant, let me brief you on a couple of the items as mentioned above. As for the church and schoolhouse, there is rumors that a boy died in the dead of winter in the schoolhouse, in the seat he sat in class. Supposedly, if you sit in the exact same seat that he died in, you'll feel a rush of energy go through your body. And the church right across the road is rumored to be haunted by a minister who supposedly hung himself in the bell tower many years ago. As for the bridge, it is said to be haunted by the phantom car of a prom queen who drove off the bridge one drunken night. It is said that if you drive over the bridge on cold winter nights, you'll see the headlights of the car in the river and hear screams for help. The boat landing is kind of tied in with that story as well as it is said that the same prom queen, drowned in the Chippewa river right by the boat landing. Now, no one knows exactly where this prom queen died that fateful evening, but recent events have spawned stories of paranormal activity at both locations. You never can tell, but perhaps the prom queens ghost could be haunting both spots as it is not uncommon for one ghost to haunt multiple locations in this area. What I am referring to here is the ghost of "Blackie" who supposedly watches over the children's spirits at the children's cemetery and has been rumored to haunt the old schoolhouse I mentioned earlier. There's also stories about "Hellhounds" and a crazy mad professor's ghost that haunts the area, but I won't bore you all with details as I have never experienced anything in any of these locations. What I am writing about is something that did happen to me...a couple times. That other stuff is just my prelude to this story. (I am also very much in the Halloween spirit right now and my fingers just ran away on the keyboard...sorry.) But anyhow, I would like to talk about that abandoned farmhouse that is located in the middle of a grove of trees, a cornfield and is a stone's throw away from another cemetery. I know, it is hard to picture this scenery, but I swear it's like that. Only in Wisconsin my friends. Me and a couple friends were out ghost hunting one night in the Caryville area and we had heard a few days earlier of an abandoned house just six miles away from this village, so like all curious lads, we went with our instincts and decided to pay this house a visit. When we got there, the first thing I thought of was..."This is so Texas Chainsaw Massacre." And I say, just think back to the 1970's, cult classic, directed by Tobe Hooper and think of what that house looks like and you got what we saw that night. It was almost a replica. But we knew it wasn't an old movie was a real house that was really abandoned. So we unsaddled from the minivan we were in and cautiously approached the house. (The area is also known to have squatters A.K.A. "Homeless folks" who inhabit abandoned buildings. And we didn't want to mess with that.) So long story short, my buddy Paul and I went into the house and the other two guys went into the barn. When Paul and I got into the kitchen, we stopped to listen for any sounds and we heard 2 loud thumps coming from the upstairs. Yeah, this creeped us out a bit. But we proceeded on anyways. As we VERY cautiously went upstairs, we heard the thump again. Forget running away, we were already too close to finding this thumping noise out. We went on and upon further, detailed inspection of the upstairs, we found that there was no possible explanation for the thumping noise. We decided to go find the others and as we approached the staircase, I personally felt something goes through my hair, as if someone was running their fingers through it. And at the same moment, Paul claims to have felt someone or something tap him on the shoulder. At this, we went in a full on sprint out of the house, found the other guys and drove off the property with such vengeance, it would have appeared as if we were in a Tarantino movie. The second time we visited that property was just a couple short months later. It was just me and Paul this time around and we decided to make this trip because the experience we had before gave both of us a feeling a connection with the spirit world. We decided to explore the area as before with intentions to let the spirits know we meant no harm. When we got in the house, we flicked on our flashlights and noticed what appeared to be blood stains on the wall, and in these blood stains was written..."Help me." Sure, this freaked us out but when we got a closer look, we noticed that it was only red paint and that someone had vandalized this house. That actually kind of angered us as we knew that people would do this and completely disrespect any and all spirits that dwelt in this makeshift mansion. As we walked through the house, we noticed that it wasn't only the kitchen that was vandalized, but also every one of the 10 rooms in the house. The tub was filled half-way with the red paint, the upstairs bed was soaked in it. Someone had blatantly destroyed what was a great place to make contact with the paranormal realm. Well, needless to say, we experienced nothing on this trip.  Now I know this wasn't much of a story, but I kind of put a moral in it. Please, if you are a ghost hunter, do not vandalized or disturb the places you visit. I'm not saying you'll be cursed or anything, but it is very disrespectful to the spirits and others who want to honestly experience the paranormal. I joined the Marine Corps shortly after the last visit to this house, and upon returning from boot camp, I sadly enough, found out that authorities had tore the house down due to "vandalism issues." It makes me cry big clown tears knowing that this had to happen to a place I felt so compelled to visit and connected to in a way that cannot be explained by words alone. Sorry I rambled on...but thank you for reading this. Perhaps, I may write more of my experiences later on.

Possible Demon Sighting


when i was about 15 years old i was at a relatives house spending the night but hadn't yet gone to bed when i was sitting on the bed and the room was dark and all of a sudden something appeared in front of me. he looked like a demon or something of an evil nature. the bottom half of his bodywas like an animal, a horse or something but the top half was human-like but evil, pure evil. his eyes were all black and it was the scariest thing i ever saw!! i was for sure he was going to kill me.  after praying a few minutes he finally disappeared. i've had other experiences too.

Ghost in Battle Creek Michigan


As a teenager I lived in a multilevel house right on M66 in Battle Creek, Michigan close to the Pennfield schools.  A couple of times I was walking along the rows of corn in the cornfield just behind my home when I had a paranormal experience.  I was only about four or five rows back, walking parallel to the back of my house when I saw a farmer in blue jeans and a red flannel shirt walking towards me in the row closer to my house.  I was too scared to look up to see his face.  There was no sound from his footsteps or his arms hitting the dried leaves on the cornstalks.  I had massive goosebumps.  A couple of weeks later I was walking along the the corn rows in about the same spot and this time I saw the farmer with a hound dog.  Once again I was too scared to look up.  He was between myself and the safety of my home.  I kept my eyes down, held my breath and hoped he wouldn't say or do anything to me.  The dog never looked my way.  They passed silently and my heart rate slowed back down.  My sisters and I loved to play in the cornfields.  Years later one of my sisters admitted she had seen the farmer.  He is probably still walking the fields every fall as he had in life.  Farther back in the fields I had the sensation of indian presence though I never actually saw or heard anything to back that up.  It was in a small area that wouldn't grow corn in the middle of acres of very successful corn.  Possibly an old fire pit for a small native american tribe? 

Lake County, Illinois (between the Wi/Il border and Chicago)
I grew up in a house where lots of strange things happened, and have always loved a good ghost story.  For many years I was a bartender and around the Halloween I always asked my bar customers to tell me a true ghost story, if they had ever experienced anything, over the years I've heard some really great stories...this is one of my favorites.  I won't use the name because I don't have permission, or contact with the lady who told the story, and her family name would be well known in the community where it takes place, in Lake County Illinois, in an affluent Chicago suburb, that is now full of quaint downtown shops, and big beautiful houses, but once was a farming community.  My client's family bought and moved into a big old farm house.  The first night as she was going to bed, she saw lights in the closet, little lights.  She called her father, who insisted they were just one of her toys, and he shut the door.  When he left the room, the lights came back, only now outside the closet.  She said for the many years she lived there as long as the room was dark, the lights would appear.  At times she would say "go in a circle" or "go back and forth"...and they would.....the shades in the room would all go up at the same time, all kinds of wierd, bizarre and unnerving things....and for many years she slept with the lights on to avoid seeing them...and then think that maybe they had gone away, only to turn the lights off...and the closet lights would appear again.  Her parents would always downplay her stories, but anyone who used the bathroom next to her room got scared, was out quick and felt uncomfortable in there....years later, after they sold and moved her mother told her that after the kids went to school, she would have to leave, she couldn't stand to be alone there.  So they needed some work done to this house, and when the contracter went into the basement/crawlspace he inquired about the newly cemeted area in the dirt floor....(which was right under her bedroom!)  Her dad said he had no clue, he hadn't touched a thing since moving in....and the contractor assured him, that whoever put the cemet down there would have had to carry it down, through the low, dark area, bucket by bucket, no simple task.....the best they could find out is that a drifter of sorts had moved in as a caretaker to the old lady who owned the farm.  The caretaker and his wife inherited the farm when the elderly lady died....but the wife had "run off" some time ago, hadn't been seen or heard from in years....when the property was sold a woman claiming to be his 'estranged' wife showed up at the closing to sign the papers.....but no one knew what happened to her, and they were quite sure the lady at the closing was not who she claimed to is the wife buried in the basement?  They never found out, no doubt to keep their property value intact in this very pricey area...too bad.  ---some others ....a man who had a cabin up North in Wisconsin, who was told by locals that the previous owners were "devil worshippers".....when they came back on their next trip all the storm windows were out, inside the cabin, standing on end.  .....a girl who's grandma's house had a male ghost in it...she would always ask her gram 'who that man is' and her gram would say, just ingnore him....when her grandma sold the house, she sat down a had a talk with the ghost, "these are nice people, don't scare them"...and she heard crying when she left.....a house of Cuba Road in Barrington, very close to haunted White Cemetary, where the furniture would be re-arranged when the owners returned....actually I have quite a few Cuba road stories, and having driven down there at night, it feels like a murky time warp.  ....a friend who often saw black cloaked figures in the back bedrooms of their house.  One night she said she woke and long, skinny, white hands were over her face...she was so scared, she shut her eyes thinking they'll be gone when I open them...except when she opened her eyes the hands were still there....she was visibly rattled when telling me this, so I believe it....and had heard similar stories from her brother at different times.........a man driving home down 41 by the Wisconsin, Illinois border, seeing a woman wandering on the highway, and freaking out that he can't stop in time to not hit her...except he drives right through her.....(over the past 10-15 years a number of women's bodies have been found dumped in this area, possible serial killer?)

My different Homes


Let me start with our old Jennings house in Santa Rosa, CA.  We first moved there in the early 90's and I've come to find out only a few days ago from my sister that an old woman died in that house.  One night, my dad and sister woke up to what sounded like our rocking chair rocking back and forth.  They got up and went into the living room where the chair continued to rock.  All of a sudden, the chair stopped rocking and at that point they felt something cold rush through them.  I never experienced anything notable in that house. Rincon Valley house Our family moved into a much bigger house in Santa Rosa around the late 90's.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but one night I remember my mom and some friends playing with an Ouija board, and at that time I didn't know much about those things but had no desire to use the thing either.  After that, nothing much seemed to happen until a bit later.  I was home alone and remember the garage door opening by itself one day.  I also had my stereo turn itself on while I was at school, that happened a few times.  One time, I fell asleep with a yearbook opened on the floor, next morning it was closed and I know no one entered my room.  I remember catching something very odd on camera at that house downstairs by the garage.  I don't tend to see anything in that house(except what I caught in a picture, below), but my sister once saw white figures floating around her bed, and my brother sees shadow apparitions there all the time when he's by himself, not to mention doors and cabinets opening and closing by themselves.  I took a picture of our cat and above his head was what looked like a bright blue orb with a trail like it streaked by the picture, it was really bright and a blue color!  After I moved out of there, I'd come back and visit and stay the night, and one night I was sleeping downstairs below my brothers room which used to be my sisters room before she moved out.  I heard what sounded like two thumps come from his room, but he wasn't home and my parents were fast asleep in their room at the other end of the house.  More recently, about a few months ago, my grandparents stayed a few days in our guest room downstairs by the garage.  My grandma was washing dishes at the kitchen sink and a glass that was sitting on the counter to her left flew up and off the counter onto the floor and broke.  The glass was nowhere near the edge and she didn't bump it or anything.  Another occurrence, my grandpa uses a breathing apparatus to help him breath while he sleeps, it has a hose that attaches to the unit and is hard to detach, so it doesn't pull out in his sleep.  Twice, on two seperate nights, the hose was disconnected from the unit!  I plan on going back to that house when no one else is there.  I also need to mention that odd stuff dissappears in that house, never to be found, like bras for instance. The Ranch We now own a big piece of land in Napa county with three houses on it, one of the houses is the oldest one in the area.  In that house, the wife who once lived there shot and killed her husband while he was sitting on the toilet.  You can see from inside the bathroom the hole that was blown in the door and how it's aimed right at your head if you sit on the toilet.  Many visitors have reported seeing the apparition of an old man in the other house across the way, he usually is seen stepping out of the bathroom and standing at the end of the hall.  I have felt him looking at me one night when I had my back to the hallway and was in that house by mysself.  Visitors have reported hearing footsteps both in that house and up at the main house when no one else is there.  Very recently, I went there(I tend to visit ever few weeks) and I was there by myself, and out of the corner of my eye I saw on the front porch the shadow of a man through the window from within the house, when I turned my head to look there was nothing there.  A week ago, I saw him again, this time I was watching TV with a friend who usually stays there, he was in the hallway by the door that seperates the rest of the house from the back quarters containing the bedrooms and bathroom.  Turned my head to look and he was gone.  I went to bed and turned off this little F8T5 fluurescent light with a rotary switch, next morning that light was turned on!  I still enjoy going there and even spending the night alone, it only seems to get freaky when the power goes out and you're alone at night there, other than that it's very comfortable.  Sometimes I do go into the house where the man was killed at night, haven't seen anything yet but I might in the future, I'm trying not to fear the spirit world that seems to coexist with our world. Byron Hot Springs This is an old run down, abandoned hotel near Brentwood, CA.  Me and some friends decided to visit it a few times in the dead of night(be careful if you visit, there is no trespassing signs posted).  The first run, we hung out by the main building, looking in through the door, it was a very windy night.  The first thing that happened was a loud metal clang right in front of us like something metal hit the edge of the bulding, I shined my flashlight all around and could see nothing that could have caused that sound!  Next, me and my friend had our eyes on the stairwell going up,and at that moment, a big, faint orb came into view right in the doorway for the stairs and then faded away, we both saw it!  The second trip back, this time I had a video camera amd we decided to roam the entire building.  My friend pointed out where he found a cold spot last time, but it wasn't cold at this time.  It's when I got to the third floor that I began to feel uneasy and uncomfortable, dread and all that.  At that point, we decided it was a good time to leave and so made our way back down through the building.  On the walk down the long, dark driveway I kept getting this strong feeling of being followed!  It lasted until we exited the gate and back onto the main road.  That night and a few nights after, we both experienced strange occurances at our houses, a glass of water flew off the counter at his house and here where I currently live, a jacket draped over a chair seemed to fall to the floor but there was no wind and the windows were closed and I know I didn't knock it off, it was draped all the way over the back of the chair where you had to life it up to get it off.  Well, thats all for my stories and I'm sure I'll have more in the future, I plan on visiting more known haunted places.

An Old House

My husband and I bought an old house that needed alot of work. It was what I called a demolition special. We had been married for only two years when we bought it and things between us were not great but ok and I thought we would make it through.  I was much more excited about the house than he was.  The very first experience I had in the house was while I was unpacking.  Sun was pouring in all the windows, and I was excited about ideas and future projects and I was full of energy and getting things done.  I was hanging the clothes in the walk in closet of our bedroom when I felt something like a blanket on my back.  That is the best I can describe the weight of it, but it had a feeling, like pure pity.  It was as if something was telling me, "oh, you poor thing."  I spoke out loud, like it was some type of realization, and said, "your kidding, things are not going to go good here." After a moment I was thinking, what could this be, my gaurdian angel, a ghost, the former owner ?  I thought maybe he felt bad for us, for the way condition the house was left in, so I said his name out loud and told him "Back off, I have alot of work to do." I felt it pull away from me, and just concentrated on stuff I had to do. I had had experiences before, so I didn't make too big of a deal of it, and just got on with things. We had begun digging in the basement to work on the foundation, and one day as I was home alone I went down there to get some work done. I heard voices upstairs, like a man and a woman talking, and I remember thinking the woman sounded very pleasant and happy. I thought maybe they were talk show people and I left the radio on upstairs and maybe it faded out and just came back in suddenly, but when I checked it it was unplugged. Another time, I was sitting in the living room praying the Rosary.  I was praying for my favorite Uncle who was very sick. I was raised catholic, but got married in a protestant church.  While I was praying, I heard a voice say "What is she doing?".  There were only two families that lived in the house before us, and they both attended our church, this was an old mostly protestant town, and our church had been around for a long long time. I figured maybe whoever said it had been protestant, and didn't know anything about the Rosary. I just shrugged it off. I was not afraid at all.  I just kept on praying. I really felt like they were just curious about me for some reason, or even cared about me. It was just a feeling I had. From the time we had moved in my husband's drinking increased, and his temper grew worse and worse.  He didn't come home directly from work most of the time, stopping at the bar to drink. So I was home alone alot, still, I felt like I was not there alone, but in a postive way, again, I was never scared.  One particular day he really flew into a rage, and came inside the house stomping his boots swearing and yelling and looking for me. I was in our bedroom closet hanging up clean clothes.  At that point I did not know what he would do if he found me, so I stepped back and hid behind his hunting outfit. I heard his footsteps lighten as regained some composure and then he went back outside. It dawned on me later about the time I had been in the closet and what I call the "pity blanket" experience, only a year and a half prior.  It was not long after he flew into a rage again, and for the first time put his hands on me, and I fled the house. I am not one to give up, but it was time to cut my losses, I was not being treated well. I never went back except to get some of my things little by little while he was at work.  He kept the house in a terrible state, garbage everywhere, dirty clothes, blankets, papers, it was awful to see.  I  divorced him and he ended up loosing the house we had put so much work into.When I look back on the experience now I realize how truley sad the enitre thing was, and how he was on a downward spiral, and would have taken me down with him.  I believe that whatever was in the closet that day with me was trying to prepare me or warn me. I've had other ghost kind of experiences in my life, but this one is so personal and tied in with the events of my life at the time. It seems like when my life is in some kind of turmoil or changes these kinds of experiences happen more. I am thankful for the warning, who knows, it may have saved my life.

Ghostly Bed Partner


Being the baby of four older siblings, I had a bedroom all to myself at age 17.  Around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m., I heard one of my parents walking through the living room and then he or she shut my bedroom door to not wake me with their early morning ramblings.  As I tried to go back to sleep, I felt hands go around my waist from behind.  I tried to move closer to the edge of the bed and the encircling became tighter and tighter.  I began to yell for my mother, which is hard to do when you’re scared to death and can’t find your voice.  I then heard a deep gravelly voice right behind my ear say, “I’m not your mother.”  Then the sensation went away.  When I finally got the nerve to move and look behind me, I noticed that I was far away from the wall on the left that met with the left side of the bed and that no covers were wrapped around me that could have made me feel the hugging sensation around my waist.  I never experienced anything like that again in my house, but other family members have experienced ghosts in it.  My parents built the house and it was only 27 or so years old at the time.

Haunted BC Part I


I grew up in a tract home in Boulder City, Nevada. On a supernatural level, B.C. is perhaps best known for the paranormal activity that goes on at the historical Boulder Dam Hotel. I cannot refute or substantiate those claims. I can only use this forum to relate several experiences from my childhood home, which my parents still own and live in to this day.My parents bought the house in the mid 1970’s. I was a year old when we moved in, and my sister was born two years later. The house was brand new, with no former occupants. One of the first incidents occurred while my mom was pregnant. She felt an invisible foot trip her in the hallway, forcing her to land flat on her belly. Worried, she went to the hospital, but thankfully, the baby was fine. The activity increased after my sister came home from the hospital. Within a few months, my mother began to witness shadows in the hallway. On one occasion, the dark form of a man “in a cloak with a wide-brimmed hat” floated across the hallway and into my sister’s room. My mom said she sensed a feeling of “dread and evil” from this thing. But, maternal instincts won out over fear, and she rushed into the room to collect my sister. The shadowy figure was not there when she opened the door. The activity seemed to grow exponentially as we grew older. However, they still seemed focused on my sister. Like most children, she would beg my parents to stay up late at night. However, her reasons were probably much different than most. She would hear conversations at night from the ceiling. The voices were not distinct, in that she could never make out actual words. But, she said they consisted of a man and a woman, and often times she felt as if they were laughing at her or intimidating her. My sister became so frightened of the voices, she refused to open her eyes or get up out of bed to use the bathroom. This went on for several years.One night, the family sat down at the dinner table. My mom told my sister to “hurry and wash up,” as dinner was ready. She was gone a minute or two, when we were suddenly startled by a blood-curdling scream. The family rushed to the bathroom door, and my father banged on it. “What’s wrong?” he asked, trying to stay calm. “There’s a man in here! Oh my God, Daddy! There’s a man in here!” My sister’s voice shook with fear. My dad asked her to unlock the door, but she kept screaming she couldn’t and to please help her from “the man in here!” My father was unable to open the door. This continued for several minutes, until we finally called the fire department. My parents continued to try and comfort my sister as the firemen worked the lock. Unable to unlock the door, they finally kicked it in. We found my sister curled up next to the toilet, sobbing uncontrollably. When asked later about “The Man,” my sister was unable to recall any specific details.  Several years later, we had the garage converted into a family den. The garage had large mirrors installed that reflected out into the hallway. Each night, I would pretend to go to bed, only later reemerging to watch late night television. This was when the “Hallway Walker” first appeared. I would sneak out of my room on school nights, and sit in the den with the TV on low, so as not to wake my parents. After a few minutes, the activity would start. I would notice a grey form walk past the entrance to the den. It was always the same: very fast, and from left to right. This would startle me, not for fear of the supernatural, but the very real wrath I risked if my parents caught me up past bedtime. I would quickly turn the television off, and venture out into the hallway to offer an explanation for my nocturnal activities. Each time, no one was there. After a week of this, I realized the Hallway Walker had to be an apparition, as I simply couldn’t explain the sightings any other way. It would happen every night, especially during the summer time when curfew was relaxed. On some nights, she appeared as often as a half dozen times or more. At first, it frightened me a great deal. But, it occurred so often, I honestly grew (somewhat) accustomed to the sightings. It was like she was trying to get my attention or communicate through fast movement. Some nights I would pretend to watch TV, just waiting for her to appear. As soon as she “walked” by, I quickly turned my head, desperate to catch a full view. I could never manage it. The thing was too quick. Months went by where I continued to engage in this nightly ritual. I refer to the apparition as female, although I can offer no real explanation. It was just something I sensed, coupled with the general form I gathered from my peripheral vision. One night, our strange game took a different twist. She walked by the doorway several times, and I completely ignored her. By this time, I was actually talking to her, going out into the hallway, and telling her things like “I can see you” or “How are you tonight?” But, I decided upon a different strategy. I made no head movements or gestures of recognition after several passes down the hallway. This either intrigued or annoyed her, because I suddenly noticed a face staring at me from the right side of the doorway. It was grey and formless, like the body, so I knew it was her. I quickly turned to look, but it was gone. From then on, the Hallway Walker mixed it up, going from quick passes down the hall, to poking her head out from the side of the door.  My uncle came to stay with us for a few weeks during the Hallway Walker’s tenure. He actually stayed on a couch in the den. One morning, I came out into the kitchen. My uncle was there making coffee, and looked like he hadn’t slept a wink. I asked him what was wrong. He whispered, “I know you’re going to think this is crazy. But, I swear I keep seeing someone walking down the hallway at night.” I told him I see it all the time, and we both just sat there at the kitchen table in silence. In one way, I was relieved to hear him say it. Even though the apparition was real to me, I never once dismissed the possibility it may have all been a trick of the eyes, or worse, a figment of the imagination. But, to have someone validate what I had seen every night for almost two years was extremely gratifying.  The Hallway Walker has since moved on, hopefully to a better place. I sometimes house sit for my parents and watch their dogs, and I have not seen her in many years. In a weird way, I actually miss her, although as playful as we got with each other over the course of a few years, it was always a little unsettling. Thank you, Shadowlands, for giving me a forum in which to retell these incidents. I have more stories I will recount in Haunted BC Part II

East Haddam Wedding Ghost

Hi, my name is Sylvia and I would like to share a story of a house I believe to be haunted. My sister is getting married on september 5th so she rented an estate to live at for a week where we are holding the wedding at as well. During the course of the entire week here most of the family has had quite a bit of experiences. It all started off when I was outside a few days ago putting together some wedding decorations when I stopped and leaned back in my chair and had to do a double take at the balcony above me as I saw someone standing there looking at me but when I looked back she was not there. I saw the woman clear as day though and told my sister in law what I saw. I had seen a woman in a white victorian style dress with lace all over it, she had light brownish hair up in a bun and wore a white hat with a white flower on it and was looking down over the balcony at me. She had the look of sadness in her face as well and she looked to be in her 20's to me and was very pretty. Upon telling that to my sister in law she told me she was sleeping on the third floor one night and she felt someone constantly tapping her to wake her up and when she woke up there was no one there. This occurred on day one of being here. On day two, my grandmother in law was telling me that when she got up one morning she saw someone in her room and they looked like they were painting and standing next to that person was a woman in a white lace dress but she could not see what her face looked like. This was shocking news to me since she did not know I had also seen the lady in the white dress and she pretty much brought proof to my claim as well. later on that night I was telling my sister in law what my grandma seen when we heard a loud splash coming out of the lake (I believe its called Bastion Lake) followed by an audible woman's voice but we could not make out what she was saying. It was pretty dark out but the lights from the house reflected enough on the lake for us to know if someone is swimming or not however we did not see anyone. Later on that night some of my family were out on the porch talking when they heard the sound of laughter coming from behind the shed and upon inspecting nobody was there. Since they could not explain what made that noise they all went inside and were a little freaked out by it. That same night at about 3am I was in my room when I heard the sound of moving furniture coming from directly above me. I mentioned something the next day to my grandma and later on that night my mother in law decided not to sleep here since she also heard the sound of moving furniture and said it came from my parents' room. We asked my parents if they moved any furniture around and they did
not do anything. (which I believe because my dad hobbles around on a cane and is quite weak to move things around and my mom cannot really move things by herself either) On day three I refused to sleep alone because when I was in my room and on the cell phone with my boyfriend I was looking at the dining room window and saw an invisible force pull the curtains in front of me open. Not only did I freak out and gt hysterical at that but it also did not help that the cell phone I was on died which I found to be odd since it was fully charged. My little sister belittled the whole ghost experience and figured it to be a bunch of bull and even talked it down until she had an experience of her own. When she was out at the lake with my other sister, she claimed that someone or something hit her in the back of her head really hard. This is all the experiences we have had so far that I thought I would share with you. We have been intrigued enough to ask the owner of the estate if the place is haunted and we are also going to look up historical records on the house as well and we will let you know how that goes. Thanks for reading my story Today is the wedding day and if anything else happens then I will send you an email to update you.  Thanks for letting me know when it will show up in your stories section. I also would like to update you on some further occurences that happened within the house. On the day of the wedding nobody was allowed within the house since we did not want people walking in and out of the estate we were renting however, one of my dad's friends went in the house anyways because he had to use the bathroom. When he came back out he was frightened by the house and told us when he went to open the bathroom door after he was finished relieving himself the knob turned and the door opened itself. This frightened him and he ran out of the house as quickly as he could. He was not aware that we also had experiences within the house and we told him our stories after he told us his. Later on that night the DJ was playing slow music (the reception was on the same property and was also outside) and for some reason the music just randomly changed from a slow romantic song to a fast song followed by some of his equipment malfunctioning. According to the DJ he has never had that happen before. Later on that night my grandmother in law heard scratching noises in her room that sounded like it came from one floor above. At about the same time she heard that I was upstairs on my dad's cell phone in his room talking to my boyfriend and charging the cell at the same time when I heard something hit the door leading to the room next to my parents room. I then became quiet on the phone and heard someone in the next room walking around and once again something hit the door harder than the first time which freaked me out. I called for someone to come up here and my brother in law and his friend came up and checked the room I heard the noises coming from and nobody was there. Multiple people (including me) also heard doors slamming shut randomly throughout the night as well. The windows were not open and there was no breezes to cause the doors to slam themselves shut. Finally one of my brother in law's friends claims he heard my brother in law outside of his room at about 3am talking to someone else however my brother in law was not anywhere around when he went to check who he was talking to in the hallway. These were the rest of the experiences we had within the house. Upon asking the owner she seemed to avoid answering the question directly and was not too happy when we told her we are going to go to look up the records on the house she was not too happy hearing this. Our guess is maybe she does not want people to know that her house is haunted otherwise she would lose potential clients that would want to rent the house or something. I tried looking up online to see if others had experiences within that house but did not find anything. The only thing we can do is check up historical records and talk to the next person renting and living within the house. Thanks for taking the time and reading my story :)

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