My First Experience


This is my first, but not my last experience. I'm a slight skeptic and a Psychology major so I believe in scientific explanations first and foremost when it comes to aliens and ghosts, before classifiying it as a 'Ghost Story'.  I've always been overly curious about my families linage and who's related to who in my grandparents tiny town [founded by my grandfathers, grandfather]. I was adopted into the family and I'd always felt like a but of an outcast with no background of my own so I liked to 'adopt' my families history despite our lack of blood relation. One day while my father and I were visiting he asked my grandmother if she wouldn't mind taking us to the graveyards around the tiny town and showing us around. She took us to the family graveyard, another families graveyard [who's apparently not related in any way] and finally she took us to large church/solider shared graveyard.  I was struck by how large this place was and immediately wondered away, it was about ninety-nine degrees that day with very little wind and high humidity. So what happened next, could have easily been caused by the heat, but as a half-skeptic I'm not sure. I decided to tidy up around the headstones, believing it wasn't fair to neglect someone in life or death. As I traveled around emptying out dirty vases, straightening flowers, dusting dirt off head stones, etc. I came across four neat little graves in a row. The graves were old, moldy and worn. Each one had a little weather worn cloth tulip in front of it and each one bore the same title '***** Infant'.  I don't like to talk about it but I suffer from an anxiety disorder that causes me to be 'emotionally numb', its extremely hard for me to feel empathy or sympathy...but looking at those little graves I felt my heart break in my chest. I run my fingers over each one and whispered a little prayer for them. I walked away to continue my volunteered grave cleaning
duties, feeling a strange 'tug' to go back to the little ones graves and stay there. After a few moments I stopped under a large tree for a rest, drenched in sweat.  Someone had hung a wind chime over another grave [on the same tree], I blankly studied it listening to my grandmother and father talking across the graveyard, I could see the infants graves out of the corner of my eye. I reached up to touch the chime, when I froze in place, a cold feeling slid down my spine and consumed my stomach. Without thinking I turned quickly towards the infants graves and stopped cold. A woman was standing beside the second stone, she had ebony black hair down to her thin waist and she was wearing and old fashion blue dress that looked straight out of the 1900's, but that wasn't the remarkable thing about her, her face was smooth, round and pale and literally blank. She had no eyes, lips, nose, nothing. I gasped and involuntarily took a step backwards, flinching at the sight, when I recovered she'd vanished without a trace.

The Little Girl (Ghost Story)


My name is Stephanie. I am 23 years old. Well, My Husband & I have been living in our apartment for 3 years now. We have 3 little girls. They are destiny is 4, Madison is 3 & June is 6 months old. Many strange things have been occurring in our apartment since I was pregnant with my baby june. The first thing is that My Older Daughter's destiny and Madison had to sleep in the same crib because My oldest destiny broke hers. Well one night me & my husband were sleeping and I woke up suddenly and looked over to my daughter's crib and I saw someone standing up at the edge of the crib looking at us. At first I thought it was my oldest daughter destiny because whatever it was seemed to have the same tall, skinny features as my daughter. I got up to get her to lie back down, but when I did get up I looked in the crib and both my babies were covered and fast asleep. The second incident was again in the middle of the night. My youngest daughter June was 2 months old, and I had gone to bed early. My Husband stayed up late watching t.v. in the living room, and didn't want to wake any of us up so slept on the couch. well, at this point we had just bought my daughter destiny her toddler bed, and Madison still slept in her crib. well, I had suddenly awoke, and I saw what at the time was my daughter Destiny get off her bed, and went over to Madison's crib and was looking in there. I got up and was going to get mad at her because I didn't want her to wake Madison up. When I got to her bed I saw that she was covered and fast asleep.. It freaked me out. My Husband didn't believe me. Than we were standing by our breakfast bar about 10 pm talking, and he stopped what he was saying and went to the bathroom. He came back pale, and said your not going to believe it. He said he thought he saw Destiny go into the bathroom, and went in there and no one was there. He said he was going to get mad at her because she was suppose to be asleep, and when he went in there Destiny was fast asleep. He said, "I swear I saw a little girl go in the bathroom." Whatever it is seems to be attracted to Destiny because all the times that we have seen this thing it always is around her. We have even mistaken it for our daughter. The weirdest part is that my brother in law came to bring my nephew over to play with my daughters, and I was taking pictures of all of them. On one of the pictures there was an orb, and i had took a picture a second before that and there was nothing there. All in all whatever it is, is seriously freaking me out.

Regarding Hauntings

By: anonymous    

Through most of my life I've think I've always been able to see 'things', even if I wasn't completely aware of what I was seeing.  I have many experiences good and bad, but I'll only share a few. The first happened when I was 9, and my father was incarcerated. I remember coming home from school, and my mom was on the phone, so my other brother (14 years my senior) brought me into the living room to watch television. As I sat there something in my head kept saying "You're father is in jail, but you'll be okay." The voice kept repeating this, and I kept thinking "Yeah right." My father was a minister, and therefore I never had any reason to believe anything was abnormal. My mother came and sat beside me on the couch, and told me what had happened to my father, and till this day I think it was a guardian just trying to prepare me for the bad news.  The second happened after my grandmother passed away. I was seventeen, and she was the first person that I've ever lost that I was very close to. My  family is very superstitious, and although I didn't believe in a lot of it, I've started to believe in some. My grandmother who passed had a cousin who I also consider a grandmother, and she always to warn me to be careful in cemetaries because I don't know what I might bring home. I always thought that it was just for fun because they lived in South America, and it was just tales they grew up with. After my grandmothers funeral I had a horrible nightmare, that I haven't told anyone the severity of it even till this day. It was so frightening that I woke up and it felt like my bed was shaking because my heart was beating to quickly. After that experience strange things started to happen, I would wake up and my bible would be on the floor (I slept with it away from my bed, open to the 23rd psalm). Later on I would feel my bed sink as if someone was sitting on it, and another time I saw a shadow standing on the inside of my room. I was terrified, but didn't want to say anything to upset my family, so I would just sleep with my lights on. Another time I was vacuuming for my mom, and something ran up right beside my face, so I dropped the vacuum and just walked away. This was all happening in a short span of time (two - three weeks), so I just thought i was the stress of my grandmother death. However something changed my mind. I was lying on the couch in the living room on my stomach, and my little six year old nephew was sitting on my back. From my family room and where the couch was positioned you could see the door of my mothers bedroom. So as we were sitting there watching t.v., he asked me "Aunty Rose did you see that person come out of grandma's room?" I completely freaked out internally, but I didn't want to scare my nephew so I told him it was probably nothing. No one was home with us, so we both stayed in the far end of the living room, until someone came home. Later as my family discussed it I found out that myself, my sister-in-law and my nephew all had encounters with whatever was in the house.   Eventually whatever it was went away, and I had an amazing dream about my grandmother a few nights later. In the dream she was saying something very important, and I was listening intently. When I awoke however I couldn't remember what she had told me. Later that afternoon I found out that my aunt (my grandmothers daughter), my uncle (her son), and myself all had a similar dream where we couldn't remember what she was saying. My grandmothers cousin told me that perhaps she'll have me remember when I need it most. That was the most comforting thought of all.

Pine Hollow Cemetery Oyster Bay Long Island


  Pine Hollow is on Rte 106 on Long Island in Nassau County.  The history goes back to the 1880s and there are 7 Civil War Veterans buried there.  The extraordinary thing is they were all Volunteer "Col" or ' Colored ' soldiers.  You see this is an African American Cemetery.   Vanessa Williams,  Miss America, was related to one.    I went there 4 or 5 times, the first I went by it an never found it.  The next time I found it with my son, we mistook a huge hill of around a mile and very hard climbing.  We were about a quarter of a mile away but no good.   I got in my car and said I'd go a little further north then go home.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the sign in my mirror just sheer coincidence I saw it.  We went in and my son was talking to the dead telling them we come in peace and will not disturb them.  I took photos and got a minor flying object when nothing was there it looks like a flower but floating midair.  I ws fascinated by 2 unmarked graves of Civil War vets along with the other 5 but these 2 were unmarked just a GAR star to show and a very badly worn star at that.   I also found a large white glowing blob at around 6 feet off the ground with a movement tail on it.    The second time I went alone to see more of the CW vet stones.   As I entered I got the feeling of being watched and the strange tingling I get when aything happens.  I turned to go to the old section where the vets are.  I got 6 feet from the turn and the feeling got worse.  Out of ther corener of my eye I saw a black figure from the neck down wearing a black cape and jacket, I am a CW history buff so I knew the jacket and cape to be a Greatcoat from the CW.  I was startled and when I looked back it was gone so I took 3 more steps and again the feeling and turn and again he was there, the same figure and this time gone before my eyes.     I met the volunteer grounds keeper and we spoke, he told me a lot of the history and I enjoyed it a lot.   While talking I saw a black cat suddenly appear in the middle of a field near the "haunted hill" and it sat watching me so I took a photo and a second.  As I was taking the second it started walking and again was gone.  It could not hide it was just gone.   The next visit was with my son again and we had a good time. Durring the time he said the same thing he said before in the graveyard, "why do you have such good stuff happen like the photos".  I told him the same thing I did before "keep your mind open"   On every visit we talk to the dead and this time I did as the keeper told me to put a rock , like the Jews do, on the stone to show you visited.   He did on David Carll's stone and as he did we started to walk out, him leading the way.  He was ahead and I looked away and he said " Wow did you see that?"    I said no and asked what.  He told of seeing a black round object fly over Mr. Carll's grave and disappear in the direction I was looking.  There were no birds or insects flying nothing just a lousy day.    The last time I went I took photos and have been trying to figure out who these 2  Soldiers were.  I asked them for a sign or let me know who you are so we can show true repect but nothing so I went to leave after taking a lot of photos.   I went out to take a photo of the arch you enter under and then a second further back.  My intention was to leave then but as I lookeds it strted raining leaves.  There was no wind , the trees were dead still but the leaves came down straight like confetti.  As I walked back inside it stopped.  the leaves were around 20 feet from the nearest branch of a tree and it was still no wind to bow them.   I said a thanks and a few prayers and again went to leave.  Again the leaves began to fall and again no wind either at ground level or in any of the trees.  I felt compelled to go back in and said thanks again and a few more prayers.  As I went to leave I didn't look toward the entrance just drove off.   It felt like a jesture of thanks for the time I spent looking in the arcihive for these soldiers.   Funny how abruptly it started and stopped and 2 times the same place I was when it started.  I am still looking for info on these volunteers who fought in our Civil War but it is so hard and I will for a long time it is what I said I would do and when I find the info I will have it put near the stones.  I am now on a mission thnkas to a book story and the Volunteer soldier Mr. David Carll.  Someday I will go back and say hello again I hope I have ore info for them.   Many say this is a very haunted  place but I never felt fear or unrest here.  It is restful and nice and if I should meet the phantom agin I hope he helps me with the unknowns identity.   These heros should be recognized for the work they did and not by the draft.  Oh David Carll was shot in the left lung in the CW and survived to live a good life, his family still live a few hundred yards down the road on a hill bearing his name.  What a tribute. What a guy.



        In most of the stories on the site people are afraid. I do not understand why. I have lived with a ghost since I was four years old. Henry has never done anything to frighten us. When my family moved into a house they found a print of an old portrait in the attic. Liking it they brought it down into the house.         My younger sister Teener (age three) and I were at first disturbed by "Henry". The eyes seemed to follow you. The picture and the ghost so dubbed because the only part of the artist signature legible was Henry. We told are parents that Henry was a ghost. In an attempt to ease our fears our parents said, yes Henry was a ghost but a friendly one. In fact Henry liked little girls and protected them. What my parents did not realize was that Teener and I had begun talking to him. I suppose they believed him to be an  imaginary friend later on. I only have a fleeting memory of ever seeing him. I do remember pulling up a chair in front of the picture on the wall and talking to him. I never remember hearing an answer out loud only in my head. We lived in that house until I was fifteen.   While we lived there things would happen. Not anything bad just mischievous. You put an item down on the table turn around  find it on the living room couch. Things would occasionally fall off shelves when no one was near them, one shoe would end up in another room entirely. These things were either ignored or blamed on the fact that seven children and two adults in one house frequently equals chaos. I knew differently Henry was doing it. Sometimes I would see his face in the mirror laughing at his pranks. Teener eventually stopped believing in Henry. Although not completely as an incident later in life would prove. It seems none of my additional siblings ever saw or told us of an encounter with Henry.   When we moved Henry moved with us, he was part of the family. My parents eventually moved to a smaller place and asked me if I wanted Henry. I was putting the picture in the car when my husband told Teener we were taking him.This started a fight. Both Teener and I wanted Henry. Teener threatened to damage Henry if I did not let go. I let her have him. My sister had three children at the time. None of them knew the story of Henry or had been told anything about a ghost. Teener could not hang the picture all of her children were frightened of it. After letting Henry sit covered in a closet with his face to the wall for a year she relented. David and I were asked did we want Henry. Yes, we took him to our home and my son was not afraid of Henry at all.   The same little pranks occurred in our home once we had Henry. My husband hated Henry. We were married at my parents home in front of the fireplace. Henry hung above that fireplace. David swore that during the ceremony in July, his butt was being warmed by a large fire behind him. He always said that was Henry's way of telling him to be a good husband or else.                Shortly after we moved to the home I am now in my husband died. In an attempt to keep the house with one less income I rented out a bedroom. I did not tell my first or any other tenants up front about Henry. I figured he would let them know in time or not at all. For some reason Henry completely ignored some people and bugged others to distraction. When Henry hid Carolina's box of wires for three days I told her about the ghost. I swear we looked everywhere took apart other boxes to see if they had been mixed in. Three days later I go down to the basement sitting in the middle of floor is her box a place mind you that had been searched at least twice.  The things that go missing and reappear are never things that are vital. Not your house keys when you are late for work or your medication. Just things that drive you nuts until you decide to buy another one. Of course when you get home the original is sitting on your bed. One tenant had been having visits from Henry for awhile. He never said anything because Rasta was not sure I was aware of Henry. Apparently Henry was moving papers from his desk putting them under his mattress. Taking other items and putting them into a box, etc. One day he actually saw Henry in his room glaring at him. I still think that was Henry's way of telling Rasta that despite the fact we were the only humans in the house this was Henry's place and he would protect it. Rasta was the first man in the house after my husbands death. Maybe my parents were right Henry does protect little girls even when they grow up.             The only time Henry's antics caused a problem was when a friend's child lost a toy. The boy had many trains, after a visit at my home one was missing. The parents looked at their place, I looked here again and again nothing. About two days later a thought pops into my head out of nowhere. "Look under the cushions of the blue chair." I do and there is Aiden's train. I know very well I looked repeatedly in that area as Aiden was playing there.   Henry has only once done something in front of me. I was sitting on my bed with the cat. The bedroom door which was ajar opens fully. I turned to the cat and said how did you do that from here. We were the only ones in the house. I put the door back to its original position and opens a little more on its own.  Usually Henry's style is wait till you leave the room and move something. I have always wondered where do the objects go when I can't find them.   Perhaps because I have lived with Henry for so long and we met when I was very young I cannot understand being afraid. To me Henry is family, so he doesn't have breakfast at the table. He is still family I realized early on I was aware of things others were not.  


Haunted Place

My haunted place was in Phoenix, Arizona.  My mother, sister, and I and our family dog Snoopy, and a parakeet Albert;  lived in a condominium.  We lived there from 1971 - 1974.  I mention the pets as some of the most horrifying things happened to these animals. Here were some of the events which occurred.My dog Snoopy would always be locked in the closet up in the master bedroom.  I would leave for somewhere, my mother and sister would be gone.  I would know instinctively as the house was quiet, to quiet.  I would go upstairs and open the closet door and out he would fly like a bat out of hell.  I awoke one morning to find my parakeet Albert hanging by one foot on his perch.  His head was in a grotesque position like he had been strangled.  I had to put him down.  Weeks later I heard voices outside the window.  The voice of a doll, Chatty Cathy; I believe a doll like that was made by Mattel.  The voices sounded like the doll Chatty Cathy.  "Why Mary, why did you leave me".  I remember that night as I almost put my head through the window straining to hear what the doll like voice was saying to me.  I visited a psychiatrist the next day.  She said voices heard like that was a sign of Schizophrenia.  I didn't believe it.  After moving out here to California I have never heard voices.  I heard them that night.  Another night I remember hearing the lolling sound of wind chimes.  I yelled out to my mother and told her how relaxing the sound of the chimes was.  She said "Mary, we don't have wind chimes".  Another night the wrought iron stairwell lounged out and caught my mother's arm.  Left a permanent "X" on it.  Scratched her arm.  The stairwell.   Other incidents happened.  Black bubbling tar like substances in the toilet.   A smell like a dead animal in the walls.   My sister at the time was in high school.  I have heard that poltergeists sometimes occur with teenage girls.  Anyway, I believe the site was haunted.  The building contractor went bankrupt and those of us in the condos were in limbo for a while.  One by one the few families left.  I once went back there to investigate the new residents.  I went to cross the street and a 1989 black Firebird came out of nowhere and almost ran me down.   I decided the site itself was haunted and the ghostly inhabitants didn't want me around asking questions of the current residents.

"The Haunting at the Y.M.C.A."

 My story begins five years ago. I started working at the local Y.M.C.A. in 2004. I'm employed in a Youth Residential Program, one of three in the building. My program occupies the fifth floor of the building. The other two programs are on the 3rd and 4th floor. The 6th and top floor is reserved for the traditional Y.M.C.A. residential space for adults. The building itself was built approximately 110 years ago. All of the floors were adult residential until the early 1970's when the Department of Youth services and the Y started their contract, at which time the 3 above mentioned floors became D.Y.S. vendor programs. You can still see "apartment" numbers above the doors to some of our rooms. As I said I began working at the Y in 2004 and was assigned the graveyard shift (11p.m. to 7a.m.).     I knew the building was old and , at night, mostly empty. But that never much bothered me. I used to go wandering around the Y during the middle of the night. I'd go to the basement and walk around the locker rooms and generally explore the place. It wasn't terribly "creepy" to me, but then again I wasn't giving it much thought. I was interested in the building itself. I've always been interested in older buildings and when given the chance to explore one like this I took it. I would, from time to time, get the feeling that I wasn't alone. I chalked this up to the cleaning crew that would be in the building at night. Sometimes I would hear them around a corner or down a hall, just out of sight. Though now, in retrospect, i wonder if it was in fact the cleaning crew I heard. I would also visit the bathroom on the second floor during the night, as did alot of the other guys working. It was clean and private, something the communal facilities on our floor were not. This 2nd floor bathroom was for the corporate offices so was, of course, in much better condition than our own.    I can't say exactly when the paranormal events began to occur. OR rather, should I say, When I NOTICED them. There were four employees working at night on each floor. We generally kept busy reading, talking or watching movies to pass the time. Some nights, however, there wouldn't be much going on. It'd be quiet. There is a place we sit in order to watch one of the hallways where the residents rooms are located. This seat affords us a view of the "lower" and "upper" hallways. The residents stay only on the lower while the upper is reserved for classrooms and clinical offices. All of which are locked at night. We go up there to use the coffee machine but for nothing else as we are not given access to the rooms. These rooms had also been adult residential rooms prior to the 1970's.From the seat, as I said, we watch the lower hall. On occasion, while one of us is sitting there we'll see "something" on the upper hall or hear "something" out of the ordinary. Mostly it's just reported as "something whizzed past" or " I saw a streak go by" etc. Though, on a couple of separate occasions there has been more to report. MUCH more. Recently one of my coworkers was seated at the post talking to someone. The TV was set up sp that behind it one could see the upper hall. As he moved to turn the TV one he went pale. Stammering he turned to me and said " Someones on the upper!" He seemed to be in a state of shock. I wasn't as surprised given my experiences there. I asked him what he saw. HE proceeded to tell me that as he turned he looked up and saw a man walk across the hall from right to left, seemingly IN to one of the classrooms. As I said, the doors are locked and I had already made SURE they were as it's part of the nightly security check. He promptly moved his seat and asked me to watch that post instead. I had no problem. A man walking across a hall is far from the most frightening thing I've seen in the building. Oddly enough about the classroom this "man" walked into. a couple years ago I was on the upper hall way, lying down in front of that same classroom trying to catch a quick nap (which is not necessarily company policy, mind you!) as I laid down in front of the door I heard what I thought at first to be a radio. As I listened more closely I could hear a man and a woman talking. I couldn't make out what exactly was being said but it sounded very animated. At this point I definitely knew it was NOT a radio and it was definitely IN the classroom. The voices sounded as if they were having an argument and they sounded as if they were on the other side of the door. I got up quickly and made my way back down to the desk area of our unit (situated between the two halls.) Another coworker was there. He looked at me and asked what was wrong. I could barley speak. I finally stammered out that I heard two people talking and it was coming from inside the room. He was skeptical and offered me an explanation; I had simply heard one of the 6th floor tenants talking and the noise had bled through the floor. I was willing to accept this and it eased my mind. Though there are no vents or an visible means for the noise to come through so clearly. I couldn't stop thinking about how it had sounded as if they were right on the other side of the door. As I thought about my coworkers explanation something dawned on me. Due to the design of the building there was no way it could have been voices from the 6th floor. You see, in that part of the building our floor IS the top floor. The 6th floor does not extend that far. I told this to my coworker but he had no good explanation for the voices. I believe I heard a conversation from a long long time ago. Also from the upper hall have been heard odd "tapping's" that sound like someone tapping on the glass of the doors from the inside. There have been streaks of white seen there, too. Nearly everyone has reported feeling as if they are being "watched" while on the upper. As far as the lower hallway, there have been other reports from staff and residents alike of out of place noises and lights and even disembodied laughter. One night in particular two kids stopped me on my rounds to ask what was on the other side of the wall from their room (their room was the last room on the left at the far end of the hallway.). I told them that the only things on the other side of the wall were a hallway and the Director of the Programs office. This was around midnight. Next they asked if anyone was back there or had been back there. I told them no. The director leaves everyday around 3p.m. and no one else has been back there as we were all posted in the hallways and at the desk. I noticed at this time that one of the residents had moved his bed away from the wall to the opposite side of the room. I asked him why he did this and why they were asking questions about what was on the other side of the wall. They told me that maybe 20 minutes before I came to their room they had heard what sounded like someone talking and then someone laughing very loudly on the other side of the wall. The kid had moved his bed because it was so loud that he couldn't fall asleep. I told them that no one had been back there and that the offices are empty and locked up by 3 everyday. I kept calm for the sake of the kids abut was shaken. I reassured them that maybe a staff had wandered back there and they heard him on his phone and that they shouldn't worry about it. I left them and said goodnight. perhaps half an hour elapsed when I heard this bedroom door open.One of the kids stepped out and asked me if I could tell the staff not to go back there. They had not been able to fall asleep. He said that about 5 minutes after I left the room they again could hear talking and laughing on the other side of the wall. I knew it was not one of my staff as we had all been together during that time. I told the resident I would tell the staff to stop and that he should go back to bed. He did. There were no more disturbances that night, thankfully. But since that time I've had no fewer than a dozen different kids tell me the same thing. Each time I play it off as best I can, but if they only knew just how frightening it was they'd never sleep in that room again.     As for the scariest thing I've encountered while at the Y. As I said before, I was wont to explore the Y late at night and to use the 2nd floor bathroom. There is an ancient elevator in the building. As old as the building itself and known to be the oldest elevator in the city. It dated back to the 1890's when the building was erected. One night I took the elevator to the 2nd floor to use the facilities there. On the 2nd floor are the administrative offices for the Y. As one steps off the elevator they see a small lobby area with two cubicles in it and several doors ringing it on the inside. there is a large plate glass window with two glass doors at either end which serve as the entrances to those cubicles and offices. on the right hand side, in the wall when one turns right off the elevator, is a window that looks in on one of the inside doored offices. The window is outside the glassed in area but the office door is inside. All of this is locked up at night, as is the building. It is, after all, a secure DYS facility. The only people inside are the male employees of the programs, none of which have keys to anything but the office on their respective floor and that's on a communal key chain. So, I step off of the elevator to go to the 2nd floor bathroom (one exits the elevator to the right and then turns right where the office window is, goes up a small flight of 4 steps and just past the stairwell to the 3rd floor is the bathroom.The light switch for the bathroom is on the outside of the bathroom itself.) As I pass the office window I look inside. As I do I see a person, what looks like a girl, standing behind the wooden office door, seemingly with her face nearly against the inside of the door itself. This person is no more than five feet from me. It is almost pitch black in the office except for the light coming from the hallway in which I'm in. All I can see of this person is their head and shoulders. I cannot see the face due to they way this person is standing. They have long , straight brown hair just past the shoulders. I stop and look at this person for probably two minutes. My first reaction is that of a staff in a secure facility. I worry about the kids and wonder who this person is who is in the building in the middle of the night. I continue looking. I notice that the person has not moved a millimeter since I got there. I also start wondering why someone would be in that office and , if they were in that office why would they "hide" in the one place I could see them? I thought maybe they were working late (though that makes no sense because it was very very late and everyones out of those offices by 5p.m.. I thought, also, maybe it was a maintenance person. Thouth I knew the maintenance men and none of them looked remotely like this person. But By this time I have to use the bathroom badly so I head in, not giving more thought to this "person", at least until I come back out. As I get out of the bathroom I expect this person to be gone. It's been a few minutes after all and if it WAS  maintenance or someone who isn't supposed to be there or if they were hiding from me they would no longer be standing behind the door. I make my way down and again look into the office. To my surprise the person is still there. Still standing in the exact same position as before (face pressed to the door, stock still.) I continue staring at this person thinking that they'll move or say something and I can get to the bottom of why they are their. As I said, I was not at all "creeped out" by any of this. I was still in "staff mode" but I began to think about things and trying to make sense of them. I couldn't. I started to think about the fact that all of these doors were locked and this person would've had to get through two of them. And that it was late, and pitch black and they had not moved. and that no one should or COULD be in that office. None of it made sense. It was then that I began to be frightened. More frightened than I had ever been before. The thought came to me suddenly. "That's a ghost." The hairs on my neck and arms stood on end. I noticed now that the person didn't even look as if they were breathing, much less moving.  I backed away slowly. finally getting to the elevator. I hit the button and nothing. The elevator is notoriously slow and there is no way to know where it is before it comes. I kept hitting the button and staring at the office window. I could not see the person anymore but I felt cold. Finally the elevator door open, I quickly jumped in and hit the 5th floor button. Once upstairs I told my coworker what happened. He wouldn't believe me. I told him, I was SURE what I had seen was a ghost. He laughed. It wasn't long until he stopped laughing. a couple of weeks later this same staff went down to use the bathroom. He got on the elevator and hit the 2 button. I heard the elevator go down. It was not long before he came back. He came of the elevator like a bolt. I asked him what happened. At first he didn't want to say. Finally I dragged it out of him. He said as the elevator door opened he went to step out, as he looked up at the offices there was a woman standing inside at the glass door on the right STARING AT HIM. She did not move, did not say anything. She just stared at him. He ran back into the elevator and hit the button for the 5th floor. He never laughed again. As a matter of fact he had several more experiences since. That wasn't the end of the 2nd floor experiences. a month later another employee, my cousin, was working with us one overnight. late in the evening he went to use the bathroom. He got on the elevator, hit button 2 and went down. His trip was shorter than the last. When the elevator opened again he was on the floor, eyes wide and pale as a sheet. I knew he had seen something. He got up and stepped back onto the unit. he took the first available seat and did not say anything for several minutes. Finally he turned to me and said " I guess you weren't kidding. I didn't believe you, but I guess you weren't kidding." He explained that the door of the elevator opened on the 2nd floor, as he stepped out and looked up he saw a massive black shape standing just OUTSIDE of the glass doors of the offices in the hall itself! He tried to run but tripped over his own feet. he landed on the floor of the elevator and from there hit the 5th floor button. There was one more incident, much like the other three, only this other employee saw a woman standing where the black mass was. he also got back on the elevator and came back upstairs. He was a new employee and had not heard our stories yet. He quit the next week. I talked with one of the directors of the program. He was fascinated by all of our stories. He had worked in the building for 15 years and had had several odd experiences himself. He decided to check into it to see if he could find anything out. One day he was in the administrative offices on the 2nd floor. There worked a woman who was employed at the Y for over 30 years. As she was running around doing her work the Director asked her what she knew about ghosts in the building. Matter of factly she said "Oh yeah, There are ghosts." and continued her work. The director stopped her and asked her about these ghosts that she seemed so nonchalant about. She proceeded to tell him about how in the late 70's and early 80's the staff on the 3rd floor had reported numerous times that they had heard and seen someone walking around on the 2nd floor. He also asked her if there were any ghosts in the office I had seen the "ghost" girl in. She again, without batting an eye said "Oh , yes. Just before the 2nd floor was taken over from residential rooms to offices a girl had died in that same room. "    To this day I and others continue to have experiences in the Y. As a matter of fact just this past week I was walking down the hallway doing room checks of the residents when I felt what I thought was someone grabbing me by the ankle. I tripped and nearly fell flat on my face. I clearly felt a hand grab my ankle. I have no doubt. I am now more curious than scared. I don't, however, explore the Y anymore. And I haven't been to the 2nd floor at night in a long long time. I wonder if, as the theory goes, that the adolescent energy in the building (there are over 80 kids in the building at any one time.) helps to focus and empower the spirits in the building. It is an old place and has continuously been lived in for over 100 years. There has been alot of tragedy there, alot of extreme emotion and a fair number of deaths. If there were a place that were going to be haunted I think this makes a more than fitting candidate.

My Ghost Stories through 1990-2008   

1990-2004 - Hayport RD Wheelersburg, Ohio - When I was living in Wheelersburg, Ohio  living in the house at the time from 1990 to 2004, I experinced paranormal since I was nine years old. I would hear knockings without any explaination and like someone shouted my name when no one was around or sleep even I am deaf and I can hear a little bit. Then that one night my mother claimed that she felt a little kid tugged on her shirt and even both of us heard a ball bouncing up in the attic. We both tried to debunk the bouning ball, and thought maybe the wulnuts from the tree caused it. But we had no explaination on what caused me to hear something or someone calling my name or someone tugged my mother's shirt. At 16 yrs old, I thought I would try to talk to the spirits. So I did. this spirit who done it I came across was that it was a boy who possibly around six or seven years old and possibly died from flu like illness. I asked why he was still there and I think he was connected to me for something reason because I was the only child in my family and I used to always talk to myself. The rumor had it that the house was built around 1920's and that a man died in the living room and a woman died in the kitchen. Strange thing that there was no connect to the little boy. I done a lot of research and I had no luck in trying to find out about the history. In 2001- Shortly after my grandpa,  my dad's dad passed away, the rumored be said that he walked into the trailer and enterd the bathroom and then went to the bedroom where he used to sleep. The trailer was sold. but I got update information now 2009 that he may be still in the trailer doing the same thing like he done in the past. the trailer is now in Kentucky - my dad brought it back. Dec. 2004, Mabert RD Portsmouth, Ohio - while my dad was in the hosptial when I was home alone and there was a lot camaras to watch the the land at the time, I was living in Portsmouth, Ohio. In one of the sercturity camaras, I saw something and I was like, "What in the world was that?" and saw some kind of form a wolf head or some kind like a dog head. Also saw a human face on the bottom of the screen of the camara along with a big orb looked like a spot light or something. I wasn't alone. My cousin and his friends were there with me and thought was that a prank but it wasn't. I showed it to my mother and my mother and my cousin and one of his friends went out and checked it out. They didn't see anything and the one of my cousin's friends and I saw it on the cam and my cousin's friend who was the lady, she shouted panicly "Get out of that road, the light is following you and you are standing behind the head of the mean dog!" I told her to settle down or the spirits would sensed her fears and one of us would be "attack" if it was negivate spirits. It went on for several weeks until my father came home. 2005- In Portsmouth, Ohio, Mabert Rd - I had several people complained that there was a man in the house and then he disaapeared. I never saw it. some guy saw full bodied spirit walked into the bedroom that he got so so scared that he slept in the living room. he claimed he saw it watching him and then went into my bedroom at the time. 2008 - Mabert Rd Portsmouth, Ohio  - I have two people claimed that they saw a little boy stood beside me since I left Hayport back in 2004. I guess he followed me to a new location because I asked him to to be my little spirit guide and come with me.  One of them who will be soon to be my husband said that the little boy would smile and look at him and then tapped me on my shoulder and then walked out of the door. I did feel the tap on my shoulder and thinking that someone was picking on me but he was standing in the back door in the kitchen while I was in the living room next to the front door. my soon-to-be husband and I still teasing each other upto this day that we  had a little boy as a matchmaker lol. If I have more stories like that, or what I have heard. I would keep you informed. Hope you like this story and that I hope you don't think that I am crazy... I may be crazy for talking to the spirit by asking questions but I was young and curious. I never tried to proake the spirits because when I was three years old (accorrding to my mother) I had the abiles to speak and hear the spirits for some reason. 

My Haunting


I felt compelled to write this because it only happened a couple of years ago as opposed to fifteen or twenty.  I had a most strange experience when I was living in Denver, CO.   I'd been having trouble with my husband and we split up only for me to find someone new and bring him to my home.  At the time I was living in a basement apartment on Colfax Ave.  I would have paralytic dreams and found that in the morning I would wake up feeling unrested.  The dreams were always insubstantial but fearful at the same time.  One morning when I woke up my boyfriend was sitting at the table looking at pictures on the digital camera and when I asked what the problem was he showed me the pictures.  There were pictures of me sleeping with this strange flowing mist over me, they almost looked like a woman hovering over me with long flowing robes. I never saw this presence and apparently my boyfriend didn't either until he looked at the pictures on the camera.

My Similiar Story

I was just reading, " A see of voices in the night" by Ant 1111. You know, that story brings back a memory of something that happened when I was around 16 years old.  We were house sitting for a friend of my dads.  They had been family friend all my life and seemed like family.  His friends mom had passed away not long prior to this and I don't know where he was at but anywho, I'd spent the night there several times before.  I'd just finished watching the tonight show with johney carson and had layed down.  I'd only shut my eys for a minute or two (the window was open beside the bed I was in and the backdoor was around the corner from the head of the bed), I heard voices like maybe four or five people were coming from the barn to the house. Then I heard footsteps and the backdoor open. Now I know no one else but us should have been around there and these voices sounded like it was the most natural thing in the world to be coming in the house at that time of night. I was scared sheetless!  all I could think was "you moron! why did you leave the back door open?!"  I found I could not move or open my eyes, I knew I was scared but even at the time I thought surely I wasn't scared to the point of paralysis.  The word aliens came to mind, but aliens who spoke perfect english? It didn't make sense.  I heard the group walk up to the side of my bed and stand over me talking in hushed tones like they didn't want to wake up anyone else.  I could tell they were right over me looking down at me. I went through the " I have to be dreaming" reasoning because I thought for sure I was on the verge of panic if something sensable didn't come to mind.  But I knew I couldn't have fell asleep in the approx. 60 seconds or less I had layed down when I started hearing them coming from the direction of the barn. I understood everything that they were saying and it had something to do with things that would happen to me in the future.  I found this even more disturbing. Were they angels, demons, ghost, aliens? How did they know me so intently and what was the purpose of this?  The next thing I knew i woke up and it was about 1am or so and I was laying in the living room. no pillow or blanket just sprawled out on the living room floor with the lights and tv off so I knew I didn't fall asleep watching tv.  I asked the next morning if someone got up and turned everything off.  No one had.  I've never sleep walked, and I wasn't overly tired or distraught about anything.  Nor could I recall what they had talked about when I awoke, I just knew it had conscerned me and my future.  I found it very disturbing for a while and I can't believe I forgot about it until reading that story.

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