well around the year of 2004 myself, my dad,my sister,my stepmom,stepsister,and two stepbrothers lived in a trailer around spotsylvania Virginia,home of many civil wars.i was 9 years old and we had always played with a wigi board and got scared and stuff for fun.till one night we asked him for a sign that he was rele with us.and out of no where the chains we use to tie our dogs up with would start shaking and rattling while both our dogs where inside and it was nice wind what so ever.after it stopped we even looked out to find that there was no one out is another time when myself and stepbros where sleeping in the living room,it was pitch black and quite around 11 o clock.i was looking around and saw three blue legs in front of me ontop of the couch i was laying on.i than freaked out and whispered hey you guys look do you see those blue things ontop they couch.i dont remember what they said but i remember i wasnt scared at all.calm.but so thats the end of my real life encounters.but other than that theres only one reason i could think of those spirits to be there.i heard that there was supposedly a hidden cemeterie back in the woods and even asked neighbors about it and they said yea weve heard. but no ones ever found it that i know of.we now live in a old civil war house and have not yet had the chance to make an encounter. i would like to. and as soon as i do i will post it right here. thank you for reading.

Phone Jacks


I have been reading these stories, for so many years. I am 40 and have experienced paranormal activity since I was about 6 years old. I like to add my stories as they come to me. My 16 year old Daughter just asked me to add her story.  
Last year (2008) my Daughter had her bedroom in the basement of our house. Before she took it over, it had been a home office. She had her best friend Kirsten sleep over one night. They spent a majority of the night screwing around down there. At 3am they decided to go to bed. They shut everything off and fell asleep.  
4am Kirsten wakes up, and hears a slow clicking noise. She said it was just a click-click-click. She woke my Daughter up, and asked her if she knew what that noise was. They sat and listened to this click sound, when they figured out what it was. The clicking was coming from two separate phone jacks in the room.  
At this time we had no land phones in the home, no phone connections. The entire Family used cell phones. The girls finally fell back asleep.   4:45am Kirsten wakes again, this time the clicking is going in a rapid succession very fast. She said she just felt this uneasy feeling come over her.Thats when she saw it. There was a shadow or outline of what appeared to be a masculine form. She said it stood a few feet away from the end of the bed. Kirsten called out for my Daughter. They both sat and just looked at this thing. The figure just stayed there for about a 30 seconds and vanished. They flipped on the lights and then
they noticed that the phone jacks just stopped clicking.  
Never again did the phone jacks click after that.

Indian College
When I was in college, this was a primarily indian college, it was a friday evening and I and a couple of other friends were going to join others from the college primarily students who lived on
campus since we mostly hung out together since we lived there; anywho, we were going to join others who were already at the river partying.  I don't remember why we hadn't gone with the
main group but it must have been about 10pm or later and already dark.  I and the other couple of people who were fixing to leave lived on the ground floor, which was actually a little below
ground. our windows were ground level and in our rooms head level.  while in one of the double rooms with a couple of the guys telling them to hurry up or everyone would be drunk before we
got there, we heard someone knocking on the window of their room.  It was one of our friends who was supposed to be at the party and he looked totally sober, which if you knew him, was
odd.  We knew that he was one of the ones to go get the liquor and beer and thus one of the first ones out there and we were sure he started the celebration as soon as his feet hit the ground and wouldn't stop till he hit "coma".  He motioned us next door to the windows in the common bathroom so we went over there.  When we got there he asked us to follow him out the windows
to go to the party.  Normally that would have been normal, that is if it had of been after hours.  Those bathroom windows were the best exit and entrance points for the dorm for after hours.  If you didn't sign out for the night by a certain time you came and went from there, or if you were sneaking girls into your room or back out this was where you wanted to do it because they were the largest windows on that floor and like I said ground level.  As he urgently motioned for us to follow him we just kind of looked at each other and shrugged because it was still early enough to
just walk out the front doors and not go wriggling out any windows. We told him we'd be right out and then went up to the next floor and out the doors.  We couldn't find him and gave up
after just a minute and went on to the party spot at the river. We figured he had went on over to the girls dorms.  When we got there, there was a big  bon fire and there he was sitting beside it in the middle of everyone as drunk as a skunk.  We asked how he got back so fast and before us and also looked so sober when at the dorms a couple of minutes ago.  Everyone around him asked what we were talking about because he had been there all evening.  everyone we asked  said the same thing, he'd never left.  The other guys and me knew we had seen and spoken with
what we thought was him but it wasn't.  That was freaky.  I've never figured out what happened.


This took place shortly after I had turned 16.  My dad was working up in oregon and washington but was based out of rainier.  I went up to live with him I guess just to do something different.  I was used to being around the city type of atmosphere and it wasn't to
long before I grew bored.  (not that the oregon country girls in that area didn't stir my blood, it's just that they mainly wanted to waste their time getting high, or drunk, tipping cows, or shooting the passing ships going down the columbia river.  which I didn't mind at that time I just missed the city lights or something)  Anywho, I'd been out partying with a friend and drove off the side of a mountain, (another story which would take a while to go
through), and I thought my dad was probably going to kill me anyway, without benefit of blindfold and a last smoke, so I decided to hitchhike back to oklahoma.  Needless to say I
lacked the understanding of just how far I was from oklahoma.  My new found compadre decided to go along because he had gotten in recent trouble with his folks and wanted out of
town too so we took off.  somewhere between portland and the dalles, on I-84, which was only a two lane at that spot, we were really tired and looking for a place to sleep.  By this time I had found out that this hitch hiking thing wasn't for me, and it really should be called,  hike hike hike hike hike hike,hitch, hike hike hike hike.  Or something similar.  And what seemed weird was  that out in the middle of no where the fences were really well kept,
and I didn't want to get cut up climbing one.  No houses, no anything, but nice fences.  who would have thunk it?!  anyway, we found a rather peevish looking fence about 3/4 of a mile before a bend in the road.  The moon was out and actually lit up the area pretty well.  there was about 3/4 of a mile behind us from the last turn in the road and like I said about the same in front of us before the next one.  we were in a valley or what ever there called that
the road went through and it was really a beautiful site.  just as we were fixing to jump the fence a car came around the bend from in front. of course it was to far off to see us when it rounded the bend but we didn't want it to see us climbing the fence when it came abreast of us, ( like the owners of the land were out cruising in the middle of the night).  The sides of the road in that area sloped down at a very sharp rate and were gravel, at least on our side of the road, so you didn't have to go far to be below the grade of the road and out of site of passing motorist.  It went down probably 15 feet though, well below the road .  come to
think of it I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that since.  just as we were sliding down the slope out of site I caught site of something way down the road just this side of the curve, the lights of the oncoming car caught it just as it was making the curve. What ever it was went down the embankment on the opposit side of the road from us.  I asked my friend if he saw it and he said he saw something.  After the car passed we peeked over the top of
the road and right when we started to climb back on to the roadway, because we decided we didn't want to sleep in that area anyway,  we saw what appeard to be two guys pushing a
motorbike climb up where we saw it go off before.  This was still about 3/4 of a mile at least off, down the hill near the curve.  We slid back down the slope out of site.  I really don't know why, then we kind of looked at each other.  A motorbike? We both looked at the incline behind us.  If you pushed a motorbike off the side of the road down this embankment you'd have a heck of a time stopping it before it went all the way down, and the river was on their side, and even a harder time getting back up.  I couldn't imagine trying to get it back up to the road, assuming it didn't go into the river.  We both peeked over the top breathing really quiet and shallow watching for another couple of minutes
when all of a sudden it stood up.  it wasn't two guys pushing a motorbike, it was something that had been on all fours and stood up and it was huge.  at least twice as tall as us, and by the way, we weren't midgets.  I almost shat myself.  I started looking around and the fence by this time was looking mighty small.  thinking really fast in that fight or flight mode, and the flight was definetly the way I was leaning toward, I realized that, thank god it had been his turn to carry the back pack which would slow him down and had the only food we had in it, and on top of that I thought I could out run him.  Maybe it wouldn't want both of us.  I
looked at him, saw the panic in his eyes and knew he was thinking along the same lines.  I knew I couldn't run.  I also knew that it had to sense us when it got directly across from us. 
I pulled out my little pocket knife, and I think he pulled out a fork.  I knew then, we're going to die, and all I could think of was lord please let it be quick.   I peeked over the top again and it was almost even with us.  I might have whimpered, silently of course, but I also noticed that the wind was blowing in my face, from his direction.  there might be hope.  we ducked back down and we could here it stop almost right across from us for a moment or
two, then start on up the road again.  It was almost to the curve up the hill from us from the direction we had originally came from when another car came around the bend downhill.  I thought about jumping out in front of it and yelling for help but if it didn't stop then what ever that was would know that we were there.  We waited and it dissappeard below the other side of the road like before when the other car came.  this time it didn't come back up. 
I don't know how long we waited but we finally climbed back up and continued down the hill and around the curve.  We didn't say a word of breath anything about a whisper till we'd cleared that bend in the road and was a mile or two away.  When we got the "the dalles" we called our parents to come and get us.  We'd had enough of the open road in oregon.  I don't know what that was, but I still think about it sometimes.  I've had a few other things happen to me in my life but that really scared me.

Oakwood Harbor


In the early 90's I lived in Oakwood harbor and the guard at the little guard shack was a rather attractive tall slim woman and I happened to pass by on several occasions late at night on her
over night shift. One night, don't remember what day but it was a week day in the summer time, This car came flying in off the highway (I-40) and a guy jumped out and was all panicky and
saying to call the police or someone, something was out by the bridge. ''which ran across Eufaula lake just west of lottawatta road on I-40.  I went with her because he really had me curious and
we went the 1/4 of a mile to the bridge and there was several cars parked on the side of the road.  The people had gotten out of their cars and was just standing on the shoulder looking up in a eerie weird sort of way.  we got out and looked at them each other and then up. it took so long to look up because there was no noise or anything until you did look up and then you could tell that there was a black total void a good 100 yards across or more hanging in the sky. The stars were all around it and the moon was bright enough to light up the shore line as far as the eye could see but in that large spot there was nothing. less than nothing. You could just tell. I was horrified in a way that I couldn't recognize and still don't understand now. I don't know how long we stood there but the next thing I knew it moved, slowly started to lift and drift some and then just took off at an unbelievable speed. Everyone came
out of the trance like thing we were in and just got back into their cars and left. When we got back to the Guard shack I just walked back home (which was very close) and went to bed.  We never talked about that and as a matter of fact I don't recall if I ever spoke to her again since she left for another state soon there after.  I started believing it was a dream. Now I'm not so sure.
But I'd like to know.

Carnton Plantation General


My family and I took a trip to Tennessee in the summer of '08. We went to all over the place, such as Jackson and Nashville. On our second to last day before we left to go back home, my
family decided to go to Franklin, because we had picked up a brochure of haunted places in Tennessee, and so we went to humor me because I was interested in hauntings at the time. This
city, not known to most people, is actually the sight of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War- even worse than Gettysburgh. There are two houses there that were main sights. One of them was the Carnton Plantation, which is the setting to my story. 
The plantation was creepy enough when we drove up to it, without even knowing the history. When I got out of the car I looked up at the house and noted how beautiful it was. Then my
attention was averted to the balcony on the second floor. There, standing on it, was a man. He was clearly dressed in a Civil War uniform, though I can't quite remember which color, and I could clearly see that he had a beard covering his jawline. He stood there with his arms behind him, as if he was gazing out overlooking troops. Of course at the time, not knowing any of the history, I thought it was just a tour guide taking a break out on the balcony. I even hoped he was going to be my family's guide. Later, once we were on the tour, I noticed that none of the
employees were dressed like 19th century citizens. 
Of course then we got the history of the place and I understood why this place was considered haunted. When the battle itself was both going on and when it was over injured soldiers were
treated inside of the house.So many, in fact, that there are stains of blood inside of the house that will not come out of the floor. Many soldiers, obviously, died inside of the house. When we continued our tour upstairs where we entered a room with a door to the balcony. This is where I learned that no one was allowed out on the balcony. This confused me since I had seen that man out there. When the guide took the group into the room across the hall and began talking I couldn't pay attention. The closet  in the other room kept grabbing my attention because it had a piece of black cloth in it. Finally I tried to keep myself focused, and it was going well until a gentleman in the group got bored and decided to go out into the hall. I watched him leave, thinking that he was very rude and should come back. For some reason, when he left, I
noted that the sun was in a position that didn't cast a shadow of the man's head on the hallway wall. Once again I turned my attention back to the guide but the man in the hallway began to
wander in the hall and that distracted me. When I turned to watch the man there was suddenly a very clear and defined silhouette of a man's head and shoulders (with a bearded face) that traveled
across the hallway wall then just disappeared.
It startled me at first, then I got excited because I thought I must have seen a ghost. Then I thought, "No I have to be practical about this because that man is out in the hallway." Once the
tour guide was done talking I went outside into the hallway way. The first thing I noticed was that any shadow from the tourists on the wall wasn't that dark or defined. Then I noticed that the way the sun was facing caused the shadows to be cast on a completely different wall. The silhoutte I saw couldn't have been from anyone on the tour. 
Then I noticed that there was an upstairs, where I thought maybe an employee could be working. That theory was quickly dismissed when it appeared no one was up there.
There was no logical explanation for the silhoutte. 
It wasn't until my family returned home a few days later that I decided to research what I had seen. After discovering that there was a frequent spirit there that was called The General I made
the connection. The details from past eye witness accounts were identical to mine. He stands out on the porch, has a Civil War uniform on, and has a beard on his face. I was and still am convinced that I saw The General on that day.

Dryden  casey /rodchester rd.


I grow up on the corner of casey/rochester Dryden .It was my mother who called for help for the three guys in the car two where  DOA and one lived.And the things that where said are true.And when you walk by the cematary at night you do feal like your being whatched and if you turn around fast enough you will see the flash of the head lights from the car that hit the tree 10 feet off the ground.and every now and then you can still hear them crying and moning in the mangled car .I lived there for 18yrs. and you could hear them all the time .there is alot of weird
things go on over there at night.

My Ghost Story


Hi, my name's Christy C. first off, my bedroom is located in our basement, and I was getting ready for vacation with my grandparents. While I was packing, I found my mascara on my bed, which was kinda weird because I always place it on my nightstand. Then when I was packing, I put a pair of sweatpants into my duffel, after that I was looking around for another shirt, or something like that. When I returned to my duffel, my sweatpants looked like someone literally threw them on the ground, where as I had them folded in my duffel bag. After that, I went up stairs to get some thing to drink, and I felt like I was being followed, even when I returned to my bedroom I still had that feeling of someone watching me.  I don't know if this is a haunting, but it was kinda strange.

Haunted House


        My sister rented a house in New Caanan, Ct.  It was the 2nd oldest house in the town.  The owners thrugh the years added on to the house.  There was an old section of the house that I slept in.  I slept in three different rooms when I encountered my experiences.          The first time I was w/my husband and we slept in this room facing the front of the house next to the original staircase.(there are two). During the night I kept getting woke up by slamming doors.  In was coming from the closet.  It felt like people or ghosts were going in and out of the closet.          The second time was me and my daughter came to visit and my daughter was very young.  There were two single beds in the room.   during the night  I had woke up to three strong blows to my bed.  I checked on my daughter and notices she had peed the bed.          The third time my sister had asked me to watch her son while they went somewhere for a week.  Everything went well except for one night we were in my sister's bed and I woke up to someone saying "Hailey I love you."  I wasn't quite asleep yet.  So that was very weird.  I was never scared in the house. Also the kids would always want to play hide and seek in the old part. By the all way my expierences were all around Thanksgiving vacation.   Also my nephew would always have to sleep w/the dog. He felt it too.  I hear now that the house has been gutted to renivate.    

My Experience

I was 6 years old when this happened. i still remember it as if it just happened last night.  my mom had put me to bed around 8:30. but i had trouble seeping, so it was on and off through the night. i remember getting up for a glass of water and going back to my room around maybe 10. after that i fell back asleep for maybe 2 hours. and when i woke up, there was a guy in my room.
he was mildly transparent but i could make out very distinct details about him. he was wearing brown pants and an old time white shirt. he was a white male maybe in his early 30's and he had black hair that was  slighly receedng. he was facing towards my window and i was looking at him from a side view,
his right side to me. the room went cold and i remember being scared.  i asked him "are you ok?" and at this point he turned fully towards me and i will never forget what i  saw next.
the left half of his face was rotting and part of his skull was missing,  revealing his partially exposed brain. but he didn't look like he wanted to scare me, it was more like he was sad.
i didn't feel threatened at all, i was just shocked at what i saw.
i screamed and jumped up, running toward the door. i compleatly ran through him and in to my parents room shouting about a man
in my room. alarmed, they went into my room and checked my room from top to bottom.  they didn't find anything.  no evidence that he had ever been there.  come to find out, that the land i used to live on was an indian burial ground.  we had recently done construction work on.  i'm not 100% sure, but i think that the land had something to do with this. sometimes we would find bones, but my uncle hunted different things, so we  always thought when we found them that they were animal. maybe we were wrong.

Personal Experience/Haunted Places


I wasn't sure what to entitle this as the story I have is regarding my college, which is well known for being haunted.
It's Hemsworth Arts and Community College in West Yorkshire, England. The schools history can be traced back to the Doomsday Book of 1086 as a small manor house and it was a manor house right up to 1921 when it became Hemsworth Grammar School, then Hemsworth High School from the 60's onwards I believe then it became the college as it is now in 2001 I think. In the Georgian period, it was in its prime as a manor house. It was from then the ghost of the school is meant to have came from: The Blue Lady. Unfortunately, I am unaware properly of the story behind her creation. There's two I have heard (But I can't be certain they are true). These are: 1) The Blue Lady was a maid and she fancied the gardener. He suggested that maybe they should run away together because they couldn't get married (for some reason) but she refused so one day, whilst she was getting some wine for the Master of the Hall, he hit her over her head with a wine bottle, killing her. 2) That the Blue Lady is the daughter of one of the Hall's owners and she committed suicide
for some reason. Like I said, I cannot validate either story but they are the ones I have heard. The Blue Lady haunts primarily the upper corridors of the oldest part of our school but
experiences have been reported in the other parts of the oldest buildings on the campus. (I have experienced them too in other parts of the campus along with other students). It is very common to hear of people experiencing doors slamming on their own, cold drafts and foot steps if you are up there on your own at night. Actually sightings of the ghost however is uncommon.
I know the occurrences are common in many ghost stories but the regularity of these occurrences and the fact that these are experienced by every single member of staff and every student has experienced these, past and present, makes it all the more believable in my opinion. I have experienced all of the above occurrences except actually seeing the ghost.

Rat Myers Hallow

 hi my name is branden  i am form york last year me and my cousin went to ray myers hallow we didnt know how to get there  so we asked at this rutters when we asked the lady behind the
counter how to get there she said " we dont talk about that here" and she would not tell us where to go so we just drove around and still didnt find it well by that time  it was late about 3am we
went back to the rutters and asked a man behind the counter about it  he told  us he didnt knwo but i really didnt beleave him  so i asked him again and he told us so we drove and we came to a bridge the passed over 83 and there is a cematary  with a billborad  in it as soon as we crossed the bridge the lights int the sing went off  then when we came up to the two churches  at ray myers road the lights went on in both of them at the same time note there was no one in the parking lot  or inside the church so we dorve down that road and we thought it my be down this little dirt road since the boy didnt tell us where to go after we turned on to ray myers road  but when we went to turn down this road it looked as if just droped off like there was no road we shinded our
headlights down it and there was nothing  just trees  so we drove and found ray myers house  and we just kept driving then well all of the sudden there was a full sized pick up on our ass it
was fallowing us with the lights off because we where driving and the lights just fliped on and chased us thru the woods we where fly around and we seen them turn on this road i thought there was a house down there but there wasint the thru the truck in reverse and came back for us 

Shadow Man


When I was 17 yrs old I was living with a teacher and I would stay home alone at night often. So every night I would sit n living room and I cud see a black shadow in the hall way going from room to room. They had a dog and he would bark and growl at it the whole time but would never go down the hall he was very frightened. I was so scared I wouldn’t get off the couch.

The Ghost Named "Bob"


I’ve had some paranormal experiences throughout my life, but working at a haunted business back in 2003 made me a true believer in the supernatural.  My first ghostly experience happened on my third day of employment  in Santa Ana, CA.  I was in the back stock room looking for my timecard to swipe and heard three boot-like steps walk up behind me.  I felt a male presence peering over my shoulder as if he wanted to see what my name was on my timecard.  I swiped my card in such a way that he could see it and went to turn around to introduce myself,
but no one was there.  It wasn’t until a week later after another new employee had had their first experience that I learned the place was haunted by a ghost that past workers had named “Bob”.  Some people would leave at that point, but it intrigued me enough to stay part-time for another year and I had many more experiences over that period of time. Bob loved to stay in the men’s restroom back in the stock room area.  He would constantly turn the faucet on full blast.  One time I heard it on, so I went to go turn it off.  I opened the door and went to turn on the light, but I heard him murmuring in there.  So with my foot keeping the door pried open, I jokingly said, “Bob, you know you’re supposed to conserve water.  Please turn it off.”  Well, he actually did!  It’s one of those stiff turning kind too, but I heard him turn it off until there
was no more than a trickle of water coming out.  Needless to say, I nervously thanked him and took off! 
He also loved to open and close the restroom doors.  When I worked back in the cash office I would always hear them opening and closing, but no one would ever come out.  The door handle to
my office would shake as well, but when I’d go to look at the security camera monitors to see if someone wanted something, no one was there.  It wasn’t until about six months later that I actually saw him one night while the store was closed.  I
was straightening up an end-cap and felt someone staring at me.  I looked to my left down the aisle towards the wine section and there he was staring right back at me!  At first I thought it was a
customer who didn’t get out of the store before we locked the doors, but then I realized that I could see the wine racks through him!  He was an older balding man and was wearing blue jean overalls and what looked like a long-sleeve flannel shirt.  We just stared at each other for about a minute and then he vanished.  I told another co-worker that I had seen him and our descriptions of him matched perfectly!
He did many things while I worked there… he pushed one co-worker over and grabbed another co-worker’s shoulders.  I felt him around me numerous times, but he never seemed mean.  I always felt that he just wanted to see what I was doing or wanted to let someone know that he was there.  I noticed that the more we talked about him, the more things he would do to get our attention.  At one point I was sweeping a back breakroom floor and he started to swing one of the clipboards on the wall to get my attention (he did this to another girl a week prior and she quit) and I angrily told him to stop, reminded him that he was dead, didn’t belong there, that I was just doing my job and didn’t need to be scared while doing it, and that he really needed to go towards the light.  Looking back on that I have to laugh… I guess the broomstick I was holding gave me new found confidence, not that it would have helped me any though with him being a ghost and all.  lol  Any way, the clipboard stopped swaying and he left, but he didn’t leave permanently.  He just stayed a little further away from me after that, but I could always tell that he was there watching what I was doing.  I wonder if the current employees are still having issues with him?  If so, I wonder why he’s stuck there and won’t leave?

Haunted Home


I've lived in my house for about 3 years now, and I've thought from the day we moved in that it was haunted, or at least really creepy. It's an older home (built in 1952). The couple that built it, lived in it until the man died sometime in the late 90's (In the house,I believe), then his widow lived here alone until her son decided she needed to be closer to him, so he sold the house (to me), and we moved in. I have seen things out of the corner of my eye. We had a cat that pretty much went crazy living here, and just weird feelings. The most annoying thing is when things will
disappear from a spot that I KNOW I put them only to turn up in that exact spot, minutes, hours, or sometimes days later. The most recent event was just this past weekend. My 16 year old step daughter had been here for the summer but it was time
for her to go back home. She gathered up all of her belongings and we all got in the car to head out on the 5 hour road trip to take her home. At the last minute she realized that she had left
her wallet in the house so she ran in to get it. Only it was no where to be found. We all got out of the car and came into the house and searched and searched the entire house. We emptied clothes baskets looked under couch cushions, Moved furniture...everything. We looked for it for nearly 2 hours. The wallet was no where to be found. We then assumed that she had left it in the car earlier in the day and that someone had
walked by and helped themselves to it. We don't live in the greatest neighborhood, so this was a feasible explaination. There was nothing we could do about it at that point so, we headed off to take her home, talking nearly the entire way about how brazen someone had to be to take it out of our car in broad daylight, but still convinced that was the case. My husband, myself and our 5 year old returned home the next day and I still just couldn't get the idea out of my head that the wallet had to be somewhere in
the house. So I looked some more, and everytime I went into a room I would move stuff around and just do a "sweep" of the area to see if it turned up. It did not. Until two days later. I walked in the front door from work at around 4:30 pm. and right in the middle of the coffee table sticking out from under a hat (that had not been on the table at all the day the wallet was originally missing)
was the wallet. It was sticking out enough for me to see it, so I know if it had been there originally I would have noticed it. I had been home sometime around noon for lunch that same day and the wallet was not there, and NO ONE else had been home all day. I was the last one to leave that morning and the first one to
get home that evening. Let me tell you, it totally creeped me out. My theory is that our ghost took a liking to my step daughter and didn't want her to leave so he hid the thing he knew she would not want to leave without. Everyone (even ghosts I suppose) know
that 16 year old girls do not like to part with their wallets which contain two of the most important things in, and a drivers license.

Haunted Trailer


i thought i would send this in for your page .first, i have had problems with ghosts all my life,i say problems because i have never had a "good experience" with a ghost. i have lived in this
trailer for the last 9 months. and for the last 4 have had nothing but problems. that i admit i might have brought some on myself. it started by locking the bathroom door, with no  one in it,except i
saw shadows under the door and no one ever came out so i tried the knob an ended up that no one was in there.i guess he used the bathroom an then unlocked the door. then almost everyone
here has heard people calling their name with no one there. then my son has seen someone walking real fast from the hallway past him into the kitchen. then this is what i mean by bring it on myself,me an my son an soon to be daughter in law got a
deck of cards then we "told the ghost" we were using black for no an red for yes,we asked alot of questions and got yes an no answers, we figured ok it was just us an the cards so we asked the same questions again an got the same answers,one question being was he trying to scare my daughter,answer was no. then we asked do you come in her room when she is not in it answer
was no and she is the only one that never gets scared by him. by the way we asked if it was man or woman. it keeps getting worse and worse. these last few days alone he has called my daughter
in laws name,whispered at me 2 times,but so fast i couldnt understand him,walked by a mirror,messed with my comp. screen in a way i have never seen, made a noise beside my comp
which made all the dogs bark but we could not figure what noise it was(never in my life heard that before) sounded like a doorbell and a foghorn mix) we found out he killed himself in the
house. though newspaper files. which scares the crap out of me.also yesterday my daughter in law was laying on the couch half asleep an she said she saw a little girl or boy with black hair an a girl with blond hair walk into the kitchen,she asked me if my daughter an one of her friends came in but they were at her friends house. then i walked by the heater in the hallway ,which has vents on the wall, i could have swore i saw a man with black hair looking at me from inside the heater vent. i flew in the bedroom an made my son put a cover over the vent. one of my sons thinks i am nuts,my husband said it never bothers him but he don't think i am lying because we have had a ghost in another place an he DID see those.even the dogs bark ,they will be sitting staring at the hallway or a certain spot in the living room an just howl or bark. i don't know what else to i am looking for another place. if anyone wants to talk about spirits or have any ideas email me.also i have many more experiences with haunted houses/trailers an other things i will write later.

Haunted Victorian


I grew up in rural Missouri, in a small town, the last of four girls. My mother went to an Assembly of God church and I was taught at a young age, that God and the devil were very real, and spirits of all kinds dwelt among us. I was the youngest of four girls and there was seven years between myself and my next sister. .
I left home at seventeen, and by the age of 23, I had a 4 yr.old and a newborn. I was dead set, that my husband of one year, and I were going to have a nice house. We bought a delapidated trailor with one acre and set about saving for our dream home. We both worked and after four years of
scraping/saving, every penny, we finally had enough for a down payment on our dream home.
  We started our search, looking at a lot of homes that were new and pre-owned. We had collected antiques from auctions and various sales. What we really wanted was a charming little house that we could display all of our "finds".
Then one spring day in 1988, we visited one of our local real estate offices when we had found the perfect home. We thought it was out of our price range, but to our amazement and after a little bit of haggling we closed the deal. It was a three story Victorian that needed a little TLC and some elbow grease to make it shine. Complete with a three seater outhouse/hourse barn in the back. It was in what was the oldest subdivision in the town of Troy Mo.
Purched on a hill and used to be surrounded by a small farm. Now the school was a block away and it only had one house next door that was older on that street. Long ago the couple that lived in the older home, built mine, for their daughter in 1894.
When we finally got the keys, it was like moving into a hotel.
Everything we owned fit into the dining room. There were no curtains on the windows and only some had shades. Voices would actually echo when you spoke. It looked like a spooky old house and it took some convencing, to reassure my 7 yr. old, that there was nothing to fear.
It wasn't two weeks before the first occurance happened. We had bought a grandfather clock that sat in our livingroom. It was set to "gong" on every hour and chime on every half hour. That night we a slight storm. After living in a trailor all those years it was amazing that we couldn't here it but could see the trees swaying in our curtainless windows. We had all just went to bed and my daughter called, "Mommy, is that you in the doorway"? We all left our doors open because I didn't want her to be afraid, and her voice carried clear as day into my bedroom. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I was struggling to answer her. I am ashamed to say, I was too scared to get up. I just said,"No, baby, mommy is in bed, it's probably just my robe hanging on the back of my bedroom door". I knew it wasn't. It was just hard to think that I could actually have a ghost in the house that I was in love with.
 Jess, my daughter had many experences. My husband and I had none. Jess had what was called, the maids quarters, off her bedroom. It was located right above the kitchen and was said at one time to have a staircase that ran down to it. She would complain that the light would be on when she went to bed
and then again in the middle of the night or in the morning when she woke. For the longest time I thought they had forgotten and left it on since they both played in there. It was a toy room.
 We would all see shadows. Little movement out of the corner of your eye. Why is it that we brushed it all off as nothing. A figment of the imagination. Lights that would turn on, doors that would unlock.        As time went by, we all came to accept the little quirks our house/ghost had to dish out. Nothing harmful happened. Here are just a few examples of who/how some relatives came to believe......
It was Thankgiving and I had all the family over to celebrate the day. My rooms where large and we had a large pocked door that opened to expand the space. My niece was in her mid to late twentys, she hung out late,talking and helping me clean up. We had just spent about five grand fixing up the (fireplace) bedroom with a colossel canapy bed, couch, entertainment center,
luxery curtains and linen. I must say it was beautiful. The next morning with bags under her eyes she announced that never again would she stay in our house. She woke in the night with a amber light moving in front of the fireplace. The only words to explain it, is that it was dancing. She wasn't scared and she went back to sleep. Then a few hrs. later something was pulling
the covers over her body. She jumped up and ran to the door and it wouldn't open. The knob just turned in her hand. Finally she got out and didn't go back to bed. Her 8 yr.old daughter that was in bed w/her slept right through it. 
Years later, my sister was on hard times. She came to live w/me. The spare room was the "fireplace" room. She announced that she didn't believe in ghost so there would be no problem. I was working the 3-midnight shift when I recieved a call. It was my sister-could I come home right away!! After calming her down she said she experienced a glowing in the room by the fireplace. It
made her bed vibrate. I told her I could not come home. When my shift was over, I arrived home to her holding a bible and a crusifix (spelling??). It took her several days before she decided no ghost was going to take her room. She would talk to her and tell it to leave it alone.  You might wonder why I always refer to the ghost as she. Jess was 10 and my son was 6. They were sitting on the couch one evening and saw the ghost walking down the hall, past the livingroom and out the front door. She wore a long dress not poofy and her hair was up. When they were grown I asked them if
it was true- Did they actually see it- both of them said they saw the exact same thing. Sometimes I think she didn't let me see her cause I would have demanded to move or maybe childern are more perceptive. There are many more stories about my old house. We lived there for 18 years. My childern grew up there. One neighbor who had lived across the street for 67 yrs. told me things. Why I personally didn't experience more, I don't know. I
firmly believe the "she ghost" existed. One family member told me there were two. I don't know. Just.... next time your son or daughter tell you things, maybe you should take it in and try hard to believe them. I wish I had...............
I didn't want to get to long winded. There is so much more to tell. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't use my e-mail address since it is my work e-mail. Please don't print it. Thanks for the web site and the stories. Before the internet it was hard to hear of things that happened to ordinary people.

Personal Experience



Stories from Rockford, IL


Born and Raised in Rockford, I went to East High school and was a tech theater student.  I got to know Haddy pretty well actually, During one performance.. I forget the name of the play.. I saw a bright yellow/white orb running through the grid, well above the stage where there are no lights.  Another instance we we're doing a different play alltogether.  And of course we had our two casts.. our main cast was perfect.. but the understudies... well.. to be kind they sucked, and Haddy didn't like that very much... Lots and lots of banging and pounding and things being thrown about in our costume shop which is in the upper balcony and always kept locked.   And Twin Sisters... that place used to be pretty wild, just over the trees you can see the cross from a church on one of our main roads.. gives it a real creepy feeling.. but as of recently
everytime we've been there the activity, or even the feelings have been almost nill..

Sweet Hollow Road  Huntington Long Island New York


3 or 4 years ago this happened and it still spooks me out.   I used to give blood in Melleville Long Island, at the LI Blood Supply place.  It ws near Sweet Hollow Road so when I went to give the
blood I would cruise SHR [Sweet Hollow Road].        My 2 daughters , one a senior in High School and the other a freshamn at the time, wanted to go down the road so bad so one night I took them.  It had snowed and the fields were totally covered with snow but the road was pretty clear so off we went.  By the cemetery, past the underpass and sown to Mount Misery Road via Chichester Road.  About 3 house down Chichester Road my oldest started talking ina strange monotone, no inflection just flat as if a computer talk.  She told me of a child drowning in the house and when I asked how she knew she was confused , maybe in school or in the papers, she never read the news.   She could not see the little pond or lake at the corner of SHR and Chichester as it was night and covered in snow, I saw it driving in the daylight.      We got to Mt Misery and I went down to the end and while doing a U Turn my oldest said she saw a bear in the woods with glowing eyes.  There have not been a bear in this section of NY for decades.  I went to get out and look when they both got very upset.  I had finished the U Turn so I wnet to go back and do another U Turn.  I went to the end again and did a third U Turn, this time my younger daughter said she saw a walking doll with glowing eyes, agauin I went to get out and they got panicky so I said we'd go home.    When I turned back onto SHR from Chichester all flet fine then I got a spooky feeling.   The
woods looked strange, I am an ex paramedic so we lived on observation and I am no slacker to doing a survey of the area.  I had been down this road 10 times or more before and knew it well
but tonight it felt foreign.  The ride to the Underpass is about a 10 - 15 minute ride but feeling spooked I pushed the speed a bit,  I was speeding but getting no where, the field looked strange
and time had slowed down.   I kept getting more spooked and drove faster.  I was doing aroundd 75 MPH down the road and it felt like I was going 30.  The landmarks I used were not there, the bridge was not coming up.  Now I was flying with the girls crying and asking when we will be off the orad.  I didn't say a word, just drove faster and faster.    After around a half an hour I then saw the large yellow reflective sign for the overpass and as soon as I saw the markers time seemed to get back to normal.   The drive home was uneventful but that time on SHR is indellibly etched in my mind.    I have taken many photos of SHR and the overpass and every time I take one it has something in it like orbs etc..   I have taken photos with different cameras and still get the strange orbs.    Many say the 1 mile leading from NY Route 110 to the overpass is the most haunted, they don't go further because people live there and they do not want to disturb the living nut for me this is the strangest.
    I also have a photo with one of the SHR Shadow People, he is a black shadow of a many with a 1600-1700s black hat in his hand.   People say maybe it is the shadows of the trees and the
woods yet if you look at the area above the hat, in his  right hand and the coresponding point on the left there appears to be a white cuff below the jacket.  Both hand areas as if drawn in.  He is
 similar to the other peoples shadow people on SHR and I would put the hatr and clothes at around late 1600 or early 1700s and in the style of the puritans or Quakers.  Oh by the way the Quakers were big in this area at the time.      If wever in the3 area take a run down SHR from Route 110 to Jerricho Tpk and make the trip
to Mt. Misery via Chichesater Road [north side ] or via Old Country Road [this is the next block after SHR going west].  Take photos under the overpass fo the walls. 

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