The Catoctin Inn


I stayed at the Catoctin Inn in Buckeystown, Maryland.  They put me in the old slaves quarters, a separate dwelling from the house.  I was the only guest.  All night long, I heard what sounded like heavy chains being dragged across the roof.  I would look out the windows and even went outside to find nothing.  It would stop when I would look out.  It was very nervewracking.  The next morning, all of the heavy wrought iron deck furniture from outside
all of the rooms was piled in a big heap outside my front door. 

Ghostly Figure


17 years ago I had a baby, one night I had gone to sleep as usual but woke up and for some reason looked over at my sons crib.
 There standing, Or I should say leaning down into my one month old son's crib but staring back at me was a ghostly figure I could never make out.  I never understood who it was or even what it was doing in my house let alone at my son's crib. I did not feel threatened by this glowing white figure, but I remember looking at
the clock seeing it was 4:00 am in the morning and then falling back asleep.    I will never forget the image I seen it will always stick with me. The only reasoning I could come up with even to this day, is that the figure leaning into my son's crib but staring
back at me was that of a guardian or someone watching over my son and I, because to this day many events have happened in both mine and my son's life that are left to be unexplained, and both of us unharmed!

A Lifetime of Stories


I have experienced paranormal occurrences for as far back as I can remember. It started in the first home I can remember living in. I had "people" watching me in the basement of our house. Then upon moving to the house I spent the most of my time, things started happening at a more intense level. Everything from
hearing voices and knocking, seeing objects move on their own, full and partial body apparitions, and even being touched on several occasions. I feel weird telling people because I always get the same thing “it is in your head” or if my family tells people they always ask, “do you believe her”. Sometimes it is embarrassing, as if there were something wrong with me. Almost like how dare I have these experiences and them tell of them. Even telling my
best friend and sister can be hard at times even though they always believe me…I preface ever new experience with “do you want to hear something weird” or “I know it is hard to believe” because I don’t feel like it should be real or that I should experience it.   I am a Christian and I known Jesus to be my Lord and savior, I am no crackpot psychic or child who did not get enough attention growing up. I am no spook, nor prone to flights of fancy or mysticism. I did not drop out of high school, in fact I am a semester away from graduating with a B.S. in criminal justice…I am no fool. I feel it is important to state these things, as our society demands such things from people who experience paranormal incidents. Any hole in my story, flaw in my past, or shortcoming can and will be used against me and to discredit my stories. I hesitate to call them “stories” but I have no other word
and frankly that is all they are to those who listen.
I have heard my name being called in an empty house. A sound that I may chalk up to heighten senses (with being alone and all) and an overactive imagination…but my cat always reacts to the noises as well. If I hear a noise she looks in the direction I thought I heard it from, there is no reason to hear ones own name being called in what is supposed to be an empty house.
I have been woken twice now by something touching me. The first time was on my neck, a pressure that woke me. The second was the feeling of someone doodling on my arm, when I opened my eyes I was able to lie there and feel the sensation for about 10 seconds. I am in excellent physical shape, I bike 11 to 13 miles a day, and work in a warehouse…I do not have poor circulation and there was nothing blocking the flow of blood. I do not have an explanation for either experience. While in the kitchen at my parents house, I was watching my mother make dinner and a metal spoon from the counter came out of the metal container it was in to the air and landed about 4 feet from its original
position. No one touched it, three people witnessed it, and there is NO explanation that can justify why a spoon would leap from its container and move 4 feet across our kitchen. I have seen full body apparitions in the hallway of my parent’s second floor home and faces in my own bedroom. Some are menacing, others seem to be simply observers of me…perhaps something else, but
they were there. One night when my sister and brother and I were home alone (my parents were out for the night) our front
door started jerking. The three of us had all gone to our rooms on the second floor and we heard the front door rattling. I ran down the stairs thinking it was our father and that he had locked himself out. When I opened the door there was no one there, then the side door started rattling and our dog started growling. That was when I knew it could not have been my parents, as she would never have growled at them. There is a porch that connects both doors, looking down the porch I saw no one, yet the door was
clearly moving. I could go on and on…yet I know that there is enough here to fuel a skeptic and I don’t feel like giving any more away. It just feels nice to get it out. I have hopes that someone will read my words and feel a connection; they will know they are not alone.   

A Visit From My Nephew


My nephew passed away in 2002 drowning in our pool. it was our second house in florida. somethings maybe a coincidence. I remember when my sister and her boyfriend and my parents were all together in the house my sisters boyfriend said that Zach plays with the picture on the wall outside that he loved to play with by climbing on the couch. We all came outside and sure enough the painting was moving not side to side but would actually by levitated off the wall. No wind at all. Then I had seen him full body no see through. I was laying in bed with the covers over my head as that is how I sleep since the occurences in the ;last house. One of my blankets fell I really had this feeling of you don't want to lift the covers but I did. I saw my nephew reaching for my blanket I immediatley cover my head when i finaly felt the presence leave I left the bedroom and sat at the breakfast nook. My sister came in to get a cup of coffee she remarked on I looked like as if I saw a ghost I didn't have the heart to tell her I saw her son my nephew in my room. My sister soon moved out and the playfulness began. Our grandmother came to stay for awhile at the house. She stayed in my room since we put two beds in their. My dog Lyra would sleep with me. I for some reason this night I
had decided to sleep in my sleeping bag. I was asleep until Lyra scrambled under the covers, I knew who it was instantly Lyra being a timid dog was always afraid of my nephew. I figured he came to visit his me as I am his aunt. which was okay but I started to feel pressure on my leg then hands grabbing for my sleeping bag I clenched my blanket tight. My heart then started thuming a mile a minute even though my breathing I kept the same I could actually hear my heart. Then after what felt like 5 minutes my
sister's fiance calls asks if Zack came and visited me since he was over at there place until he told Zack to come over an dmess with me. I told Zack to go throw a ball at his dad's head and he did. My sister's fiance didn't find that funny but i did. We would catch him on photos and my sister has had another child since
Zack and she talks to her brother. We have also a photo of Zack with our Aunt who passed away before the picture was taken at Zach's Urn. We couldn't at first figure out the black haired lady until later. During the huricanes that ripped through Florida Frances, and Jeane and Wilma. They would comeback from the
shelter and find Zack or who we  beleive is Zack would put the vase with the fake rose back on the table. We also noticed any place Zack had lived in with my sister was destroyed but not by hurricanes but by fire. Our house that he drowned in was the
only one that had gotten torn up by the hurricanes which is funny since our house that we moved into was quite sound since we fixed it up. My sisters homes were all trailers. This is not apart of this story but the house my family lived in before in NH My parents had built. Has had no luck in keeping an owner as I have heard there has been one death and the others just didn't stay very long. We have never experienced anything when we
lived in that home except for occasional visits of our Dog that we buried their..


I believe I had a experience as a kid once: 
On a normal afternoon I was curled up on the Sofa reading a book. I heard the creaking, crunching noise of my Pet Dog's Sleeping Basket. "Hmm" I thought and turned to see Britta, my Welsh Terrier getting out of her Sleeping basket and
trotting towards me, ears flapping.  
I always loved my dog, so I let out a short whistle and snapped my fingers to make her come to me so I could give her some scritchie's behind her ears, which I knew she liked. So, she was trotting towards me and walked right by, ignoring me...! 
Come here, sweetie, come...I beckoned to Britta, but to no avail, she just kept going, so I kept on reading, being a little miffed, since I wanted to give her some scritches.
 I looked again, after some time, towards the Basket wishing my dog was still alive...she died 1/2 a year ago, of Cancer and we never got around to get rid of Britta's Basket.
 ...then it struck me what just happened...!
 It didn't scare me, just made me kind of sad.
 I know for sure it happened, and it felt "real" as anything else.

Haunted Places / Johnstown Ohio


Hi.  I grew up near Johnstown, Ohio.  Concerning the story of Union Lake there, the story originated from a drowning there.
Supposably there was a group of teens jumping off of a makeshift dock out in the middle of the lake.  But there was old fence and barbwire that had been tossed in by a farmer.  One of the young boys got caught up in that when he dove off of the swimming dock and couldn't get back up.  So drowned.  His name was Ernie.  Everyone since then always said, "Don't go to Union Lake.  Ernie's ghost is there".   My first husband and I walked back there when we were young and first married to see the lake.  You have to walk back through the woods on a path to get to it.  It is very quiet and serene back there.  It was a scarey looking enclosed by woods area.  But he got very spooked and wanted to leave.  I wasn't spooked until we took another path out through the woods to get out of there.  That path just didn't feel right.  I'm wondering if that was the path that his friends ran down, maybe screaming for help.  Vines kept tangling my ankles, making it hard to start running.    I got cut on one at one point.  We said we would never
go back there again.  We told others that we ventured back there.  They thought we were nuts.  I was only 17 then.  I am 54 now, and still remember that day very clearly.  I would walk back
there again if given the chance.  But only in the early day.  When we were there, it was getting late evening, and we wanted to get out before dark.  Since we were there, the property was sold
to another owner who put a stop to people going back there, as far as I know.  But still to this day,  people of my generation still say,  "Watch out for Ernie's ghost".



6 year ago I was watching television, it was afternoon it was raining and kind or dark. I turned and saw
what I perceived as a ghost. Its face was old that of a male and tall he wore a black rain coat that of a
sailor he also wore a sailors hat. I opened the door and he was gone it was the strangest experience it
was by the lanai by the swimming pool the island i live on was once a place for pirates and sailors it has
quit a history.

In The Night

About two years ago my boyfriend Luke and I were at our friends house. He lived about half an our away from us in a small beach side suburb called Two Rocks. To get there from our house you have to travel down a road called Waneroo Road. It's a very narrow, winding road and it has no street lights. Lining the side of the road are white gum trees, these stretch on for a few kilometres. A lot of people have crashed their cars on this road, most end up as fatal crashes. There are quite a few crosses. Especially in the white gum area. Anyway it was about one in the
morning when we decided to head back home as we were both
really tired after a long day. We turned, as usual onto Waneroo road and were chatting to each other about what to do the next day when we reached the high death toll area. Luke always slowed down near here because there's so many windy sharp turns that you have to be careful. As we were driving i looked out of the window and to my absolute astonishment there was an old man walking down the road with a bag in his hand. I pointed this out to Luke but he just thought it was some weirdo who had had one too many to drink. About a minute later Luke slammed on his brakes and we skidded around, doing a 180 degree turn. We had both just seen the same man  carrying the bag run out into the road waving his arms. We sat dead silent watching where he
had come from, but nothing was there, just the trees and the bitumen.  Not far away from where we had stopped there was a white cross where an old man had flipped his four wheel drive and died instantly.  On another occasion near the same spot i saw a young girl about 17 wearing blue jeans standing next to a white gum tree. Luke didn't see her but I can remember that she  looked sad. Almost lost. There have been a lot of claims from a lot of different people about the white gums on Waneroo road. Maily about figures darting out trying to make their vehicles come off of the road or of an old man walking along carrying a bag. We don't travel down that road anymore, they have built up a new road that's more convenient for us.  A few other things have happened to me in the passed 18 months. I just bought a new kitten not
too long ago and she is always very alert when she is in my bedroom. Usually she will cuddle up and purr or go to sleep but in my bedroom she can't settle down. A few weeks after we got her, Luke was working a night shift and I was home alone in bed. Because I'm not fond of being on my own in a dark house I decided that my kitten would stay with me in my room until Luke got home. At about 11p.m I had just finished watching a movie on 
the t.v and grabbed the kitten and headed to bed to read a book. I was a few pages in when Lottie (my kitten) started trying to hide underneath my arm. At first I thought she was just getting 
comfortable but that's when I noticed she was hiding. She then start to walk up onto me, looking up at the ceiling. Her pupils were huge and her ears were back and her tail was wagging  angrily. I tried to settle her but she started to follow something along the roof with her eyes. I looked up but couldn't see anything so went back to reading, although i was very uneasy. Lottie kept following this invisible thing for about half an hour then she eventually went to sleep under my blanket, from then on when I'm alone in my room I always feel uneasy like I'm being watched.

Personal Experiences


i go to Ottawa Hills High School. My family had experiences at our old house 2740 Hook Ave. in Wyoming, MI. I woke up one night to use the bathroom, and i seen in the mirror and seen a little boy about 8 or 7 years old sitting on my couch looking at me.
A month later me and my god brother was up playing the game,, he asked me if my little brother was up playing because he herd footsteps running behind him. My mom was sleeping and she fet somebody sitting on her bed, but when she looked no one was there. But you could see the bed sinking in. A while later she seen a old lady and was talking to it. She asked for her bible because she never seen anything like it. My sister seen a little boy laying on the same couch as before.

Port St. Lucie, Fl. Woods


I am a big fan of your site. I have had many occurences of the paranormal in my life. I was visited by my german shepherd when I was about 9 years old. Then When we moved to Florida in 1996 I was still a bit skeptical until in 1998 alot of things started
occuring. We had a bit of fires in our area down a road called Del Rio up by California ave. Where also a lot of school buses were hit in the same area. Me and my friends first occurence or I think was our first was a smell of something dead in the woods. This was very strange since it would usually only come up at certain times. The next thing was the uneasy feeling in the woods and on the street like someone was watching you or for me I would get a feeling as though something was wanting me to come in the
woods. I did at one time (I am not really into a religion but I decided for some reason to see if I could get something to show itself or something I am really unsure of why now. But I had once more got the feeling to go in the woods alone so I went in with
a bible and found the clearing that gives us the worst feeling now you would think I'd be smart an dpick somewher atleast you could have a quick get away but I didn't I was getting tired of being scared.  I felt the presence I started to read but all of a sudden the
feeling of dread left. So either it wasn't happy I wasn't afraid. I was much more able to be unafraid being outside but if i am inside I am just a bit more of a chicken.
 The next thing that happened was something me and my dog dealt with. I had another German shepherd and her name was Star. She was never the snarling growling type she had more bark. A few times I would take her for a late walk she would alert to something in the distance and nothing would be there.  I was used to NH and the wildlife. I figured it would stop when I got in the house but it didn't Star would look out of the patio and growl at nothing she was never like this even to wild animals she usually
barks. My parents a few times out of the week would go out
and once it got dark I stayed around my house to afraid to leave when it got dark. I would rollerblade up and down in front of our drive way. I saw a dark figure walking down the corner and then disappear. Another night My friends came over to play roller
hockey in front of my house at the end of the game which lasted til dark they walked one of my friends home and I stayed where I was. I began to roller blade as I waited for them to return. I forgot to mention once we were done with the game. my friends saw a deer go in the woods across from my house. They tried to chase it but couldn't find it. While they were gone the bushes began to shake I know of no animal that could do this as I am very much into learning of animal behavior. There was no wind so I started backing in my roller blades only to be stopped by hearing my mothers newly planted bushes started to rustle I felt if I moved something was going to jump out at me. My dog I saw her nose
poke through the window pushing down the blinds. A few seconds later and my friends came and also wondered what was going on and then it stopped. We also soon had an occurence of animals more of mostly snakes whith their insides and no blood ripped
apart their were no red ants on these bodies and the kills seemed fresh.  They were not on the road where they usually get killed on but in the woods.  We have also seen eyes watching us. I have had the feeling of being followed from my friends home. Me learning of how to deal with wild animals had a more different
view of running even though my brain said pedal faster I didn't I went slow and kept it that way and hoped what ever was following would decide I was no fun. I thought we were through then something else happened my dog ended up getting put down for
being too protective of me. We then got a very shy timid rat terrier puppy named Lyra. after all that had happened to me I slept usually on the floor in the living room too afraid to sleep in my room since my bed was up against a window.  She layed with me
and as I was about to fall asleep she got up and started to growl and when I looked at her she had her hackles were raised. 
I am no longer live in the area or the state any more. I would like to find more history about the area.  I have heard they put a cemetary down at the end of Del rio which is in the area of the hauntings or what we think was a haunting. I have aslo heard from someone else who didn't know of my occurences she
told me of the samething that happened to her on California ave. where she used to live before we moved down to Florida.
If anyonelse has stories to tell about this area please share

Belleville, Michigan


I was looking at your website yesterday and got to thinking.  I know the cemetery mentioned at: Belleville, Michigan  Cemetery off S. Service Drive - Denton Rd. The reason I am so familiar with the Cemetery is most of my ancestors are buried there.  I go
there very often.  It is named Soop Cemetery after the man that gave the land for it years and years ago.  There is a book at the local historical society that has more information about it.  I had
one but lent it to my Grandmother and it ended up borrowed by some other relative that hasn't returned it.  I will get my hands on the book again and send you the "historical information"
about the cemetery as soon as I can.  It is interesting. 
I do not have forbidding feelings at the cemetery at all.  I have been there since I was a child and always have a peaceful loving feeling there.  Maybe my relatives and friends.  I do know about the orbs though.  I plan on borrowing my Dad's camera some time and see what I can see. There is "supposedly" a witch buried there.  When I asked the care taker about it he took me
straight to her stone.  Her name is Elizabeth but I can't remember her last name off hand.  I will find out for you.  If she was actually a witch or not I could not tell you for sure.  It is rumored though.  I actually laid on her burial place and felt an energy all around me.  When I got up I was very dizzy.  It convinced me of something at least.  I will take some pictures and send them to you of the cemetery soon.  As I said I don't feel evil there but if people go not to visit the dead I imagine they might feel something different.  It is a favorite spot of mine to go to.  There is a constant police patrol over on Denton Rd. the cemetery had been vandalized in the past. 

Council Bluffs IA, Fairview Cemetary


I too have had paranormal Experiences here at this cemetary The last one kept me away. I have visisted the Black angel several times over many of my childhood years. The reason why im writing now is i read about the recent article on the site about the cemetary next door and i thought it was all my imagination
until now i see that other ppl have experienced activity as well. I was in a group home and for fun we all decided to take a drive over to the cemetary to visit the Black Angel cause some of the boys were skeptic on the whole eyes following u thing. (which i have experience and its not really an uneasy feeling persay its actually calming to me. Its said that she watches specifically to children who have been abused kind of as a protector and the last time i went up there ppl would throw coins in her fountain that
go to a organization that assists children who have been abused either physically or sexually). but anyway when we all went up there me and a few other boys that i spoke to about seeing the ball of lights decided we were gonna adventure off into the cemetary by the old cannons as i was walking toward the
cannon i saw a green balls of light. I told one of the boys who were with me to look and when he looked he said that he saw a man standing there when i looked up i did see a figure of a man. He had what looked like glowing eyes which sent a deep chill up my spine and raised the hairs on my neck i figured it was our imagination until i turned around and felt as if someone was walking behind me. when i turned around there the man was I yelled for the house parent at the time and she said she saw nothing but both me and the boy that saw him took off running to the van. A year later when i went back with a friend and
sat up at the monument next door again i saw the green lights I told my friend about the last experience i had up there and he wanted to go walking through the cemetary he convinced me to do so. We walked further back down the paths next to it and there again we both saw balls of light then I got an uneasy
feeling as if i was being watched when i looked off to the distance i saw again the man figure but to my surprise he had company there were several other figures next to him as well as balls of light. i got a very uneasy feeling and told my friend that we need to go back that i did not want to be back there. We went
back to the front by the monument but on the way we met a boy about 16 or 17 who we had a discussion with  who proceeded to tell me and my friend that he too at night would see ppl back where we saw the man. The boy said he lived in the house next to the monument. That night when i got back home I had a very disturbing dream of animals being sacrificed and the same man telling me to stay away or that i would be next. I have not been back since. I have moved to Texas and am still chilled to go back up there.

Ghosts Montreal, Que(Canada)-Hotel de Ville Street


Hello, I enjoyed your site very much, and was surprised to find little for the Montreal area, so I am submitted a personal story below.  The people I knew who shared this experience did not believe in ghosts or spirits at all.In an older district in Montreal on Hotel de Ville Street near Rachael there is a feeling of a presence of many old and large bones buried in the back yard of  a private home there that have been experienced by several people,.  They get a strange and inexplicable feeling when they enter the back yard and get a sense of something large and very old is buried there, and have described it as dinosaur like and ancient, or like a group of something was buried there, often accompanied by the  feeling and desire of  wanting to dig it up. A tenant while living in the house often was not able to pass certain areas within the house as if something solid in the form of a circle was there in the way.  When sitting watching TV or otherwise engaged in the living room suddenly found themselves in a fire in the same room and could see the slow burning flames licking off the black and charring beams above them and feel the heat that emitted from them and the surrounding walls, and then just as quickly were snapped out of the fire and found themselves still watching TV.  The house had been a renovation from a fire that had completely gutted the building. After many negative incidences of feeling as if there where not one but many different presences that seemed to be held at bay there, they moved out not wishing to return

My Friends Dad...


Okay... this isn't the first supernatural type thing that I think I may have experienced, but it is the only one I know for sure was real. My best friend moved here to Kentucky when I was in kindergarten from Chicago and moved next door to me when I was about 10. After that me and her  were always together
and always spending the night with each other ( loved her parents to death). That particular night she had spent the night with me. And it happened to be our other BFF's B-day the next day. Well maybe about 2:00 that day we went over to her house to ask her dad if we could walk down there, as it was just down the road (her mom was at work BTW). I waited outside when the door slammed open and she was screaming "there's something wrong with my dad" I went in and he just looked like he was sleeping, he had his arms crossed and everything ( I'm glad he went peacefully) he was pale and I touched his arm to wake him up and he was cold... at that point I knew he was gone. We ran to my paps and he came over and called an ambulance.. the rest is all just heartache and pain like that comes with any death. I felt like it was
important to tell that part for some reason. Ok now on to the creepy stuff, I was spending the night with that same friend and I ask where the mouth wash was and this was probably about 3 months or so later. She said her dad had some in his dresser. So we went into his room I stood there as she looked and
suddenly we heard this rhythmatic knocking all down the side of her house, It was really fast and complicated we freaked out and ran to her room (I think he didn't want her going through his stuff). Well that's all that happened for a very long time. that friend was gone to Florida visiting family for a couple of weeks, and me and the 3rd BFF I mentioned earlier were on the porch talking at like 3:00 in the morning ( I don't know why lol) we heard a man that sounded just like her dad yell her name twice. Now think we live in ky and they were from Chicago so they had a bit of a strange accent to us. We freaked out and went in the house. The last experience was her dog is chained up in their fenced in yard and it was in heat and my male dog got in her yard and no one was home so I rushed over there (they really didn't need anymore puppies) and opened her gate to get my dog that somehow got in there and I heard his voice again vary meanly shout "HEY" so I freaked out and ran again. The main thing I'm wandering
about is that knocking its really odd I think about it sometimes still even though me and her have sadly grown apart but I mean it shouldn't bother me anymore but it does. If anyone else has had this knocking happen to them please feel free to e-mail me

My Home


 I live in a small residential neighborhood in Western Kentucky, my family has resided in our home For 37 years. We are the first home to ever be built on this property,as the same with several other homes in the area. Since day one upon moving into the home we have been plagued with numerous experiences, that
quite frankly can not be explained. The are loud banging noises that echo from between the walls, strange odors ranging from the distinct smell of death to a light scent of lilies and roses. Strange shapes of a blackish gray smoke clinging to the baseboards. Voices that echo through the entire house ranging from the intensity of a deafening shriek to the softest of whispers. Shadow
people walk the house day and night.Strange bluish green bars of light extend from room to room,balls of light that chase each other around the ceiling.Full body apparitions plain as you and I. Things disappear sometimes returning in different parts of the home,sometimes  never re-appearing.Cold breaths in your
ear, and the unmistakable touch that chills you to the bone.
 Several homes in our neighborhood have also stated similar events. Several of the people that have admitted to strange occurrences in their homes have been very religious god fearing people.With no reason to lie about their situations.Something is happening here.  Upon researching our area, it was discovered that back in the early 1700's this area was an old Indian burial ground.In the mid 1800's it was decided to put in a real cemetery.The old graves were destroyed and the remains were
disposed of.A new cemetery was started in its place. However in the 1960's it was decided to move the cemetery once again due to flooding issues, and a new subdivision was to be put in its place. Being a contractor for our city, my father was offered a reasonable deal on one of the first homes to be put on the land,an offer to good to turn down. Our house was finished on June 14,
1972, we moved in on June 21,1972. It wasn't until recently that my father told us children that he worked for the crew who removed the graveyard.Some of the graves were so damaged by water erosion that they could not be moved,so they were left and the homes built on top of them. Even as recently as 10 years ago less than 5 miles from my home, a family was putting in a swimming pool. While excavating the back yard several Indian bones were unearthed, the family sold the home and moved.
Mysteriously when several home owners started asking for copies of our areas records,the records suddenly vanished without a trace.     

Thompson Creek Trail; Claremont; Southern California


I really dunno if you keep up with your website but if you do; back in 2004 a couple of buddies and I went to thompson creek trail. we started down the trail.  my friend and I were at the front of the group, we had flashlights and we were flashing them at all the really dark areas of the trail. we had passed a old looking house to our right at the beginning of the trail, shortly after there was a curve in the trail and in the bend of the curve there was a tree. it was REALLY dark at the trunk of the tree so I was kinda scared and i shined my light on it. The image that had projected from my flashlight was as if a very tall man was standing very close to the tree and his shadow was cast on to the tree trunk. it is a FACT that no one was in front of me. my friend had also seen the huge shadow of a man. I have been to alot of places on your website and this was the only one where I actually seen something and it scared the living crap outta me.

My Paranormal Experiences

By:  ybrandon_law@sbcglobal.nety

Well for me, I've always believed in the paranormal, though I had never had any experiences of my own until very recently.  I met a new friend at school and he told me his house had spirits in it.  He and his family have all had something happen, i.e. seeing figures, hearing voices, unusual odors, and poltergeists.  They even hired a priest to bless the house and a psychic also.  I never thought I would have something happen to me but me and my mates were watching a movie in his room and suddenly out of the corner of my eye, i swore to God that i saw a shadowy figure in his mirror, and when i turned my head, it kinda stepped out of view.  I thought this was weird because usually i can tell if my eyes are playing tricks on me, but this time, it just seemed different.  Another experience i had was when i was on his computer alone, and my friend was downstairs.  While i was on the computer, i thought i was hearing many voices, like the background noise you hear in a restaurant, i could hear very faintly.  Now because of these experiences i dont like being alone anywhere in his house.  what i want to do next is to actually try to go ghost hunting in his house.

Long Beach California

I had just moved back to Long Beach, California from Vancouver, Washington. A long time friend named Alan offered me one of his bedrooms in which I could stay until I got back on my feet. That night I  felt something sitting on my chest. I remember being afraid to open my eyes. Whatever it was did not move. Then I opened them and witnessed a flow of whitish looking vapor protruding out of my chest. It went up above the bed towards the ceiling in shape of  stretched out rings. It looked similar to smoke from a cigarette. It just hovered over the bed in  circles and then begin to stretch and  exit towards the kitchen, which was next door.I did not dare to tell Alan about this incident, because he is such a skeptic. I  can predict his very words: ‘ Ernie, I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. You must have dreamed it.”  He says there is no such things as spirits or even a God..The very next morning I told Jim, one of the tenants, what I had experienced. I just had to get this out of my system. Will someone please hear me out? He told me that a man named Ron had been staying in that very room and that when he discovered that he had some type of incurable hepatitis he hung himself from the refrigerator door in the kitchen. That really did not make sense to me, but he explained that Ron had somehow did this by tying his belt around his neck and then somehow sliding on the floor. According to Jim, Ron received a letter from UCLA about a month later, stating that he was to come to UCLA  immediately  because they now had a treatment for his type of hepatitis. If he’d only waited one more month!! Anyways Jim told me that he believed Ron had tried to inherit my body when I was sleeping. This incident however never happened again.  I do recall one time waking up at 1am (in that house) and hearing a repetitious sound coming from the garage. I looked out the window , because the garage had a window but it was dark.  The next day Al was in the garage and I asked him  what he was doing in the garage at 1am. He said. “I wasn’t in here. Why do you ask?”  I told him that I had heard a repetitious sound the night before. Then  something made me focus on a  small machine that sat on a shelf. I asked Al what it was. He told me that his previous tenant named Ron used to do lapidary work and that the machine was for polishing rocks. There were still rocks in it. It had a handle that turned. When I turned it, I heard the same sound that I had heard at I in the morning. I told Al, but he said “You must  be mistaken. No one was in the garage last night. I t was locked all night and only I have a key”.  I said no more!

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