Gratis Fudge Road


Went down to fudge road twice, but I live near oxford.  We went down there a few friends and myself, and there are two things that are on Fudge rd.  Coming from gratis there is the crybaby bridge as I have come to known.  There are many different bizarre writings and symbols on the bridge.  Bridge is very old… but nothing supernatural.  Further down the road there is a house, not to old and condemned.   Around the house there is an 8’ fence along with barbed wire to keep people from entering.  Also there is a camera atop the house that runs to the law enforcement.  The house is crazy looking, shivers in all.  My buddy whose father works in corrections in butler county helped do follow-up paper work on events that took place in the house.  Supposedly there were a few bikers that abducted a pregnant woman, raped her, murdered her and got to the baby and killed it as well.  His father also talked of how the KKK has meetings that butler county law has had to aid in stopping by going out and breaking up gatherings.  Other than the story behind the house, I again haven’t had any supernatural experiences.  However, both times I went out there a truck from across the street has peeled out of the drive way and followed us all the way back to gratis at high speeds down through the curves of fudge road. 


Summer House





  Hello, I am just writing you to tell you of my story, i am 37 yrs old, and my family and i have a summer house up in Hunter Lake N.Y., well one summer we went hiking far back into these woods with waterfalls and a very old cemetary, not even it was 3 headstones a mom dad and daughter, from i would say the early 1900's maybe if that, well as we were hiking into the woods more i was the last one in line, and i heard a noise behind me and when i turned around i saw for a split second an Indian form of a man running with no shirt on and a white cloth or sheet in the air and he disappeared into the air.This really happened, and up till today i swear on my children i know what i saw! i was 12 yrs old when this happened, but i so strongly believe in spirits and ghosts and that they do exist! just wanted to share my story with you,


2 Experiences in TN


I've had experience with 2 of the haunted places listed for TN.

Johnson City - Oklahoma Road exit Actually, there is no road in Johnson City called Oklahoma Rd. but I am familiar with this story. It's supposed to be traveling on I-26 toward Asheville, you take exit 27. It's the exit after University Pkwy. You take the exit and everything about the story is the same. You park in neutral, yadda, yadda, yadda. My friend Dan took me and some other friends to this location and was freaking out about how cool it was when I had to burst his bubble. We got out of the car and what I am about to mention turned out to be the truth.The reason your car starts rolling backwards is because you're still traveling uphill. It just doesn't seem like it because the road almost flattens out after you just came up a steeper bit of hill but not quite. It gives the sensation that you are going downhill again when you're really not.

My second experience was living in Johnson City - Lucille Clement Dorm (ETSU)I lived in Luci for 3 years (it's a co-ed dorm now) and the "marble" noises you'd hear were the sounds of people above you walking around and the building falling apart. ETSU doesn't keep up with maintenance like it should Just look at the giant crack in the art building. The building is literally about to fall in half. Anyway, when you're on the 5th floor, there are no marble noises. I guess that's because nobody lives above them.However, the bit about the water is true. My freshman year, I had to tell my RA about water coming out from under another door into the hall. The guy was a friend of mine and I knew he was gone for the weekend. I don't remember the room number but it was on the 2nd floor, the hall closest to State of Franklin Rd. You could hear the water was on full blast. The RA came and opened the door and turned off the water but some of the stuff under his bed including a rug was ruined. Could be something to the story but I tend to think it was a just loose faucet. He was the only person I ever heard complain about it and it happened on multiple occasions in his room. Also, with regards to the Old Library story (Johnson City), I don't believe the old library building is used as a library anymore. I didn't even know it was used as a library until I just checked the ETSU PDF map ( Now days it's known as Roy S. Nicks Hall or the Old College of Medicine building and I've heard it used to be where cadavers were kept in the basement. I'm supposing that was until ETSU started it's program with the local hospital. There's a new library, as you can see on the map, that was erected in 1998.





My Story




Hi, i was googling haunted locations in Australia and it came up with the shadowland's haunted locations guard, i looked further into the sight and discovered that you could send in your own story, so i decided too send in mine.. I had been living in the same house for about five years and so far nothing strange or paranormal has happened. But then one day everything started.  I was sitting on my bed (which is located directly behind the door to my room) and i was completely alone, no one else was in the house, the house was locked and all the windows were closed and it wasn't windy that day, when suddenly the door to my room which was wide open suddenly slammed shut of its own accord. It scared me half to death and too this day i have no explanation for it. Also, nearly every night I have heard the sounds of a baby crying late at night from the room next to me when my mother is the only one that stays in that room. Another incident that happened in my room was that my CD layer which was switched off AND unplugged and had been for about a day suddenly turned on and started playing music without a CD inside it. These all happened a few years ago, nothing strange has happened since although i still do hear the baby crying at night.  Our house was built in around the 1950's. its in a trust home (cheap housing) area.



1000 Stairs




I used to live at the house of 1000 stairs in Redlans Ca. I lived there for about 10 years off and on with my Godparents. They lived there full time I came on the weekends and during the summer. This place is very very active at night my god sister and I would see the nuns walking down the stairs they would stop to ring the bells in the bell towers (after a while we removed the bell that was connected to the stairs),there were other spirits as well, and other spirits we believed to be denoms. I think the scariest experience we had was one night when we were sleeping in our room we woke up and all around us were these little green lights and at the end of our bed was a figure with red eyes. There are tunnels that run under the property and rooms as well all made out of dirt some of the rooms doors have been covered over with dirt and rocks so that you can not get in, if you stay down there at night you will see nuns going in and out of these rooms that have been covered over. I am not sure what the nuns did in this house but there are many restless spirits. I also believe this place draws mentally unstable people to it while we lived there we many times had to call the police because people would break on to the property knocking at our door telling us the spirits told them to come there. There are so many stories I could tell you but it is a very unusal place after a while my god sister and I would sleep in the game room next to our parents room because we were to scared to stay in our room. I would be glad to share more if you would like just let me know.


A Haunting




When I lived in Bay Head, we had a woman in the house.  She would turn on the stereo during the night, my children would hear a female voice and they would come down lto me so see what I wanted.  We had 6 bathrooms and five bathrooms upstairs. Only renting. After the men came and put up the storm windows for the winter, the next day I looked out and saw my Cadillac windshield smashed with a storm window.  One night, I was across our bedroom getting hot water for my husband to soak his foot in.  Everytime I started the water, the door would close.  My husband finally held the door for me.  I worked the 3 to 11 shift in Point Pleasant Hospital and one day when I was taking a shower, there was a knock on the bathroom door.  No one answered when I asked who it was so I got out of the shower and went all thru the house and no one was there but me.  One night when I got up to go to the bathroom, I saw a woman in the hallway,  She was sort of Opague with a long gown on and a blue robe over it.  A few days later, I went down to the cellar to do a load of wash.  There was an old metal spring on its side and when I was putting the wash in the washer, the spring started to shake.  I got frightened and ran up the stairs.. I found someone who knew about these things and she got a woman that could feel and see things most people don't.  When she came in my house, she said her hands felt cold.  She asked me to take her around the house.  When we got to a bedroom that my little girl had tried to stay in and she went over to a corner and felt very cold.  My daughter couldn't stay in the room because she told me that "I can't stay in there, its not my room.  The woman that came to us asked the other people to leave the room and we sat on one of the beds.  She said I had a 'covering'. She explained that my face had a covering over it that didn't look like me.  She said the woman was unhappy that I wouldn't help her.  I just said to tell her I couldn't because I was too afraid.  A few other things happened but I am tired of typing.  We broke the lease and moved out.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  The house was across from the ocean in Bayhead.  FYI


A New Haunting Site for Mission Hills CA.





i know most high schools claim to be haunted, but my old alma mater has everything from restless Indian spirits, students that died on campus, as well as the spirits of some priests that passed away at the campus. It's name is Bishop Alemany High School. It is located immediately next to the San Fernando Mission, San Fernando Mission Cemetary, and is directly across the street from Eden Memorial Park. (A cemetery for Jewish believers) To make this easier I will list the different stories i have heard and my own limited encounters. 1. Our school was built on what used to be an old orange grove. It was also used a burial ground for Native American's who built the Mission. Several different faculty members have heard the sounds of an old woman crying inside our Alumni Hall, and one claiming to have seen her pacing back and forth. I myself went there late with three friends one night in an attempt to see if we could prove anything for ourselves, we heard the same crying noises, and saw a brief glimpse of a black silhouette through the all glass walls of the buildings.  2. Other faculty members have claimed to seen an Indian Chief in full ceremonial garb near the school's Chapel, and the hallways behind it.  3. Memebers of the water polo, swimming team, and marching band, have heard a young boy crying from the old archives located underneath the buildings on the west side of campus. (The water polo and swimming teams use to use the old showers that were built for the priests when the school was an seminary, and the band used to store it's equipment in spare rooms down there.) One story of an eyewitness who saw the spirit is one of the creepiest our school has. A few of the girls on the swim team went down to the showers after practice, and found all of the shower heads on and a little boy standing in the middle of the room. The boy didn't respond to any attempts at conversation. The girls left to get a coach to try and get the boy to talk. When they got back, all of the shower heads were off and the boy was nowhere to be found. (This part of the school is directly next to the graveyard. Only a chain link fence separates the two properties. Our pool is technically rented space from the graveyard.) 4. In the new school archives, located on the second floor of the building over the old archives, there have been reported sightings of a priest in his uniform reading or filing books. This same hallway, (nicknamed: the forbidden hallway, by students because it has all of the permanent records and school's computer's mainframes and is off limits to any student without permission) was once the dorm rooms for the young priests in training when this site still served at the cemetary. Several men of God passed on at this location. 5. The hallway behind the school's chapel has had several sightings. The indian chief, the little boy, and shadowy silhouette have all been seen here. The boys bathroom is a hotspot for strange happening late at night. I would be there late for extracurriculars or what have you, and one night when i was there, the door to this bathroom closed and opened twice. No one else was there to do this. Trying to test the spirit, i said "Is someone here?" and the stall door i was in flung open. It didnt feel like a bad spirit, but it was deffanately wanting to make itself known. there are plenty of other stories at the school from all different sources. those are just the ones ive heard the most, and my own two little encounters. i hope this haunting hot spot gets a slot on this website, cause i dont think the spirits are going anywhere.  PS: Great website.



A Shadow of Mess




Just to get started of where I am it happened in winnipeg It was a Friday in early June me and my friend were having a sleepover at my house I went downstairs to get us a drink and something to eat soo as I was pouring the drink I saw a glimpse of a shadow but then 2 seconds after I looked and it was gone the second I it disappeared my friend was yelling my name i ran upstairs I looked to see sh was pointing at the floor their was a puddle of water i said"why did u spill that" she said while looking at the mess she said"that wasnt me i was un the computer then something literaly Like slapped it off as hard as they could" i remembered seeing the figure the second she screamed since that day i never slept without the light i always keep the lights on.there are still more stories  too tell but this is just the begining of a haunting. 



Back Then and Now



I have posted here a couple of times about ghosts in my parents house, I just think its crazy what you can get used to living with, I just thought I would share another story...When I was 14yrs old I was having a conversation with my dad in the living room about my pencil art work..My dad is a pastor by the way, he was telling me that I need to be careful with what I draw, at the time I was into aztec art work and had it posted all over my wall. He told me that allot of what the aztecs did in ritual was actually satanic such as what they worshiped and sacrifice you know ritualistic stuff. Of course as a teen I was disagreeing with him and as we argued about it, we were interrupted by the sound of  foot steps running to my room and the sound as if someone threw themselves on to my floor. We looked at each other in surprise with a short quiet pause, then my dad said "you seee" I didn't want to go to check it out neither did my dad, he said" you need to pray son", I worked up enough courage to walk through that hallway and open my door.When I did, a picture of a dragon type character I Made was on my floor. I grabbed it and threw it in the trash...that was about 16yrs back my dad just had something happen last week my mom was going to bed and told my dad not to forget to blow out the candells in the living room as she said that my dad told me that he heard a whistle and all four of the candells were blown out so instead of staying up he called it a night and went to read his bible. things still happen in that house, and some friends of mine suggested I do some EVP work I am a little nervous about it cause I do not want to stir something up but if I can catch something on that tape it will be awesome hopefully someone out there will believe me.....


Dog Attack


By:      anonymous


Hi, last month on the full moon my dog was attacked at 3 Am by an unseen thing! My spouse was awakened and I  from a deep sleep as we heard noises of a dogd paws hitting an jumping , along with yelps. When I arrived at the area, she was all four legs stiff and teeth showing growling and looking down the stairway...there was nothing there! This went on for 10 mins. She was thrown on her side and spun around in circles all the while she kicked, bit and glided around the livingroom area? Nothing was visible to us. We let her out to releive herself and she refused to reenter the house?


Experience with the Paranormal





When I was a little girl about 4 or 5 years old. I remember this clearly as if it happened yesterday. I did something bad to be sent to my room as a punishment.. I was laying in bed. Not sleeping mind you just laying there looking up at the Ceiling counting the circle things. LOL Yea as you know I was bored out of my skull. Anyway.. a few moments later I looked at the head of my bed and I saw two white heads, round shaped, with red eyes. No teeth or anything or body for that matter. They just kept staring at me. I screamed as loud as I could and my mother came running into the room, as soon as she did the image or ghostly figure or whatever it was vanished. This house that happened in was known to be haunted. I'm not sure by what. I asked my mother years afterwards if she had any odd experience in that house after I told her what happened. She said yea. When she was down in the basement doing laundry she heard someone call her name. No one was in the house at the time. I'm not sure where I or my brother were at the time but I know we didn’t call her. We call her "mommy" not by her first name as this thing did. She answered it. Now as I recall if something unknown calls out your name and you answer it, isn't that a invite? This house is located in Vermont on West road in Burlington. I forget the number of the house.My mother said I was a gifted child. Gifted meaning able to sense things, as well sometimes able to predict the future which I've had in the past. Its not something that happens to me "all" the time, Just once in a blue moon I'd get visions in my dreams that come as "warning signs" My brother was going on spring break during the days of his high school years.. driving his jeep over to coastal beaches in fla. I recall having a dream of him doing this and his jeep caught fire while he was driving down the road. Odd how this dream came about. I told my brother not to go. He thought I was crazy of course he didn’t believe in that sorta thing, nor does my husband. LOL Anyway my brother called me up one day and said that his jeep caught fire. He had a flat tire and parked on the side of the road, he wasn't going to spring break, he was just heading over to a friends house when this happened. Come to find out some punks started the fire to his jeep.  


Ghost Stories


Hi there  I just love your web site  My sister bonnie is having a lot of trouble in her house ,plates fly across the room ;almost injuring her, we hear voices, sees shadows ,key rings rattle when they are hanging on her shelf we tied blessing the house with a preacher     but it did not do much to get rid of the ghost and she’s really scared to live there she’s thought of moving away but her husband does not want to buy a new house so she’s stuck there do you have any suggestions      

                              ‘’  Three men and a bag’’                                 

Here is another story this happened to my mother’s uncle  in the fifties Her aunt and uncle were coming back to san Antonio T.X.  on highway 87 when their car broke down .during the night .uncle Steve went walking during the midnight hour to get help before he left he told my aunt to lock all the doors she did just that . about 3 00 am three men in a car stopped to help her. They  told her they that they would help her but she told them that her husband had gone to get help and he might be coming back . so the men told her that they will leave and they were going to leave her some food in a brown paper bag which they left on the hood of her car. Hours after she thought about the food in the bag .but she was too scared to get out of the car .soon a highway trooper arrived. She told him that her car broke and her husband had gone and never returned   the trooper asked her if she had seen a few gentlemen  in a 57cheavy. she told him about the three men that stopped and before he left he asked her about the bag on the hood of the car . She told him that the men left her some food in case she would get hungry. The officer grabbed the bag and peeked in it and out of the bag her husband’s head came out. She has not been the same since then.

                    ‘’ The Ghost On Old Pleasanton Rd ‘’ 

In 1977 my friend and I were driving on Old Pleasanton Rd. During the night. We were headed south when we came apon a dark colored woman wearing like a white wedding dress . We decided to give pull over to see if she needed assistance  with a  vehicle but we didn’t see on.  When I saw her coming up  through my rear view mirror I noticed she was not walking she was floating towards us. Then because I was scared I decided to take off and as I picked up speed I noticed odometer was reading 67 miles per hour and she was banging and floating next to our car she soon disappeared out of sight when I got home I told my grandma what had happened to us and she was stunned just like I was. A week after this incident around the same time period I received a phone call that my friend was found murdered with a knife through his heart at the same location where we spotted the lady a week ago. My grandma told me that it could have been death coming for him. I still tremble at the thought of reliving all that had happened that dark night in 1977.


Great Aunt Amy


Great Aunt Amy, she lived in a small two room shack in the middle of a very remote wooded area in northern Michigan,  next to her brother and his wife.  I remember her writing to me in the mid 60's and telling me they had a road name and sign now)    My younger sister and I loved going there to visit, we would walk in the woods and explore an old cabin and trailer in the woods north of them. They lived very primitive: an out house with magazines for toilet paper, and slaughtered their own pigs and cows...  There was a great green apple tree down the road and we always stopped to get our pickings before heading home.  One time we heard a weird noise and my mother told us to hurry up and get in the car, we had to get going.  It was a bear calling for her cub, and we were down wind.  Mom feared we may be between the mother bear and her cub. When ever we went to visit we went to see The Uncle and his wife first, then Great Aunt Amy.  Although we would see her peering over the tiered kitchen curtain when we arrived.  Great Aunt Amy was very short and stout and you could just see the top of her head, from the eyes up, over the lower curtain and I am sure she was on tip toes at that.  But she was always  so surprised to see us and just happen to have cookies or rolls just out of the oven!The day of her funeral, late 70's, my sister Kathy and I got out of the back seat of the car, on opposite sides.  I looked at Great Aunt Amy's cabin and then looked over the top of the car at my sister.  I knew she saw her too!  Great Aunt Amy's little head, eyes peering up over the curtain, as she always did when we came to visit.  I could almost smell those rolls baking; that she just happen to be making. Recently my sister and I took a random trip to the area and went by to see the little old cabin once again.  But this time it was gone.  A new home stood just to the east of its location.  I was very disappointed.  My sister turned to me and said thats alright shes still there, can you feel her.  I could.


Haunting at cabin


By:      [


My name is Brian and I have been wanting to report this for the last two years and I am finally doing it.  I took my family on a trip to Western Maryland back in 2007, looking for a place to stay for a couple of days and had no specific destination in mind. We wound up finding a state park in Herrington Manor with really nice cabins. We booked cabin # 201 and settled in for some winter cabin fun. Little did we know that there seem to be some strange things happening around the cabin.  We unpacked our clothing and put it into the dresser draws in the bedrooms. When we went to retrieve a clean pair of socks or something from the drawers (keep in mind, we had not left the house nor had anyone else entered), there was other peoples clothing on top of ours in the drawers. Men’s dress socks and women’s underwear. I would plug my cell phone into the wall outlet and as soon as it was charged, I would unplug it and it was dead in seconds (never happened before or after). During the evening, something would take a beer can that was on the kitchen counter and rock it back and forth so as to make a tapping sound. I would go and do the same thing and then IT would do it again after me. At this point, I tried to communicate with whatever we believed was there and attempted to make a few requests. I ask, “Ghost, turn the bathroom light on.” The light turned on. I then asked the reverse, “Ghost, turn the light off.”  And so on, over and over. My wife freaked at this point and would not take a shower. Last thing that happened the night before we left was extremely strange. My son was a little scared so we had him sleeping on a mattress at the foot of the bed. While we slept, my son came up to our bedside covered in sweat telling us that something was wrong. When we went to step down off the bed onto the floor, all the heat in the room was down at the floor, and extremely hot. From two feet off the floor and up to the ceiling was extremely cold. My son was on the mattress on the floor. This was a bit unnerving. Lastly, as we hiked around the woods by the cabin, we found an old graveyard from the 1700’s and  one of the stones was of a child that died on its first birthday. Think the family names at the site where Wolfe or something. Thanks for listening.



Highland Hall- Union Lake MI


I am a current student who attend class on the third floor of this building twice a week in the morning.  I have experienced the chills described on your site all over the wesern end of the third floor.  I have also heard doors opening and closing when i knew for a fact nobody was in the area from which i heard them (on the 3rd floor).Also while by myself in the mens bathroom on the 3rd floor I began to feel the chills and scared feeling when a few seconds later I heard a deep roaring sigh from outside the bathroom stall.  Nobody else was present on the floor except the class in session on the other end of the building.  I returned to the class room where i felt calm again and i now am fearful of walking alone in the building.  This is strange as i am one who is not easily scared, especially by mythical occurances.  I dont believe in ghosts but there is definetly something strange about that place.  And I have had the feeling i was being followed, as well as heard footsteps from nobody at all.Earlier today a classmate mentioned to me that she had read reports of the "hauntings" on your site so we went there after our class (in a different building) to investigate.  We both agreed that the chilly, fearful emotion occurs even when we have nothing to be afraid of, especially in the west wing on 3rd floor, the central atrium of the third floor, a strange feeling of clausterphobia in the main elevator (which i had never felt in an elevator before) coupled with the thought that it will take you somewhere you dont want to go, and anywhere near a door leading to the basement.  My classmate said she saw people in one of the locked empty rooms out of the corner of her eye but when she looked again it was obviously empty, however there was some nonsensical random phrases written on the whiteboard in the room with a clear message that said "these words are no to be erased and are vital".  While i believe it was either written by staff as a joke, or by a student who is handy with a lockpick, we both agreed that the combination of words made abosutely no sense and did not seem to be in an attempt to scare anyone. All things aside i would like to investigate further but cant find anyone who has access to the locked off parts of the building. NEVER enter that basement alone.  I dont know why i say that but it is now a very strong conviction in me.



My Doll



hi im here to tell u about my true story here it is .heres something u might like to no it will help u understand it more . my moms friend mikey was sleeping over. he was sick.   well i had a life size baby doll i loved it but  that night i had a dream about it coming to life and trying to hurt me. well  i through it against the wall and right before it hit the wall i woke up . i was young so i ran to my moms bedroom she was half asleep and she said i could sleep with her after a few minutes the phone rang, it was my moms friend but wall she was talking to her friend i heard sneezing i thought it  was mikey this is wat is was saying achoo achoo sorry sorry achoo achoo sorry sorry. i  said mom look and she did  it was like haf a body floating up in the air sneezing and saying  sorry and then it dissapiered thats my story annd it was true bilieve me.      



My Experience




I lived in a farmhouse for 3 years. I really could go on for hours about all the things I witnessed there but here are a few. I once woke up in the middle of the night to what seemed like every door and window in the house slamming at once; it shook the whole house and was very loud. One time I was laying in bed and a large invisible thing seeming like a large dog jumped up on the bed and walked up between me and my husband and then (like a dog) plopped down half laying on me and then just slowly the weight went away. I would be standing outside the kitchen window of the house, or outside hanging clothes on the line, and hear, outside, what sounds like three of four children laughing and playing like they were jumping on the bed and squealing and laughing and then I would hear this thump thump thump thump thump, like footsteps, then mumbling in a low males voice rum rum rum rum rum rum rum, then it was quiet for a minute, then the children’s noise would gradually get louder and louder and louder, then the footsteps and the mumbling and quiet. I have heard this a hundred times it just keeps repeating the exact same thing over and over again however long you are out there. I also saw one time while I was in the kitchen cleaning, I glanced out the window, it was the middle of the day, and saw a black snake curled around what was a statue sitting on top a cement cover of an old well. It was as thick as a basketball, and 15 or more ft. long. I ran out and got my son who was playing in the back yard came in and shut all the doors and windows but when I looked out again it was gone.



My Ghost Experiences




Hello, my name is Deanna I'm 22, from Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. I've admired your website for over 6 years, and sent a couple stories. Anyway, I've had a lot of experiences and heard true stories from friends & family these past years. I was sixteen at the time, and was visiting my grandparents in Frog Lake Alberta, with my sister Ashley, and cousin Laren (as we usually did every so often eekend). Keep in mind, my grandparent's house was always creepy and you'd have that eerie feeling like you were being watched, or you weren't alone. Anyway, we were home alone while my grandparents went off to their usual "bingo" nights (LOL), and my sister was down in the basement doing laundry and homework, while me and my cousin Laren were upstairs watching TV. All of a sudden I heard my sister shout my name, so I went running downstairs and found her sitting on a chair and looked like she seen a ghost. She had tears running down her face, and I asked what was wrong, and then she said "I was folding my clothes, then I heard the pages from my book flipping. So I went to check it out, and all of a sudden my pencil came rolling towards me". And after she told me, I was so scared, I couldn't believe it right away, I was the skeptical one, but the look in her eyes and the seriousness in her voice made me believe she had seen something. So not long after wards, I called my cousin Laren down, and he came running. We had told him what had happened, and sure he looked like he didn't believe us. That changed when we all heard a huge bang coming from upstairs. Nobody was up there. And we were in a wooded area, both doors were locked, no pets, and the nearest house was nearly 2 miles away. We tried debunking it, but nothing made sense. We were the only ones home. And then again, to our surprise, we heard that same loud bang upstairs. It sounded as if someone stomping their foot on the floor. We all looked at each other, saying "what the hell was that? Did you hear it too?". My heart was racing. It doesn't stop there. And then, we heard what sounded like someone shuffling their feet in the hallway upstairs. By this time, we were all crying, and didn't know what to do. The shuffling moved towards the kitchen, then we heard the chair pull out like someone sat down. We were just bawling like babies, trying to keep our voice down. Then, it got scarier, whatever it was talked to us in our language, sounded like an elderly woman. Luckily we had the cordless phone. I called my dad at first, and he didn't know what to do, because he was 180 kms away. I don't know what I was thinking calling him, he was the first person I thought of. Then he told me to call my other grandpa that lived in the area. So I did, and it seemed like forever for him to get there. We kept hearing it still talking. There we were, on the stairwell waiting for my grandpa to get there, then he finally did. 5 minutes seemed like a lifetime. We heard him drive towards the back door, because he knew we were at the bottom of the stairwell. When he finally knocked on the back door, we told my cousin Laren to go unlock the door, because we were scared as hell. And we can still hear that voice talking to us. Then my grandpa came in, and shocked to find us in the basement crying. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew something was wrong. So yeah, that's only one of the stories that happened at my grandparents house. Here is another one that happened upstairs this time. And of course, their were 3 of us home alone again. We were sitting down in the living room watching TV. The TV is right beside the big living room window. And it was about 11 pm, the usual time for my grandparents to get back, when we saw a vehicle's headlights come towards the house. We all said "oh, they're home now". My grandpa always joked around, like he'd shut his headlights off, so that he would try and scare us. This vehicle shut their lights off, and I thought, and said "haha, he shut his lights off". Then we all started to chuckle a bit. We waited at the couch, waiting to hear foot steps at the door. But, nothing. It was strange, we found it odd, because it doesn't take them 3 minutes to get out of the vehicle and walk to the front door. We all looked at each other, then I said "Laren, go check out the window to see if they need help". So he peeked out the window, he looked back at me with this shocked look. I said "What?", and then he said "nobody is out there". My heart started beating really fast. We all got the nerve to go outside. It had snowed pretty hard that night too, and there were no tracks at all, in the fresh snow that just fell. We all could have sworn, we saw a vehicle coming to the house. But nope, there was nobody. We even got my grandpa to go check for tracks, he checked on the road, and all over. Still, nothing. To this day, we still can't explain what happened. We know what we saw, and we're not crazy. My grandma also told me, that there's an abandoned house about 2 kms south of the house I was in, that the previous owner shot his wife, then himself about 10 years ago. :o scary. Feel free to email me. Thanks for reading, I'll be sending more. :)


"Ghost in the closet"



Back in 2000 when my parents decided to move in Colorado, we stayed in one of the properties owned by my uncle, who previously was letting my cousin rent but moved out suddenly. Anyways once settled there I got the room that belonged to my cousin, one night we were all there hanging out, just talking then my cousin asked if I had seen it, I said seen what? The ghost in the closet he said, I said no, he told us how this ghost would come out of the closet and scare his son at night; he would call it “the monster”. Thinking he was just trying to scare me I didn’t ask him anymore about it. A couple nights went by and nothing, So one night I was in my room with all the lights off except my little reading lamp, reading my bible it was really late at night, very quiet and still, when all of sudden I heard something moving in the closet I thought maybe a mouse, but it sounded like it was something way larger than a mouse so I put my bible and lamp down and listened, in complete darkness only light I had was the moonlight. The closet is right next to the window and right below my window I had a very large and heavy black dresser, very hard to move. Well whatever it was I never saw it but I heard it and felt it, as it came out of the closet and jumped on the dresser,  the wood actually cracked several times from the weight of “the monster” it sounded as if it was clutching it with claws almost. It was so heavy that it was as if the dresser wanted to break as the wood was cracking as its weight was shifting on the dresser. I was terrified and could not move for fear that it would jump on me or something because I felt that it was looking at me directly. So whatever it was jumped off the dresser and made a very loud sound when it hit the carpet, what made every hair on me stand was that it hissed and growled at me in a very deep voice, it was getting closer to my bed, I could hear the thumps it made as it moved on the carpet. Somehow I managed to move my legs even though I felt like they were going to give out on me as I ran passed it to reach my door. I could feel as if a hand or something was touching the back of my head and hair while running to the door. I never stayed in that room again by myself. My parents checked the dresser for any breaks or cracks but there was none. By far one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had!!!



The Human Spirit


My father remarried 3 years ago and when we moved into his wifes house I began experiencing paranormal things. I had experiencing thins ever since I was a chilld, my mom and siblings were always sensitive to the paranormal. My siblings were pretty used to it, but I'd never seen anything significant until we moved into our new home. It started slowly, I couldn't sleep well at night and had been hearing bangs. I dismissed it all at first as being in new surroundings but it continued. my sister moved in and we began sharing stories about things we had heard in the house. They were matching up pretty well. One night I was laying in bed and I heard hands slam against my window and slide down it. I freaked out because my window had a screen on it. So I went into my sisters room to sleep with her and kept hearing banging from my room. There was no one in there. I slept in my sisters room a coupe times before I could sleep in my room again. I began seeing black  masses for breif moments after a while and my sister had one in her room that was about 8 feet tall and human shaped. We began doing all we knew, praying. After a few years of this I got a little used to it, but couldn't wander the halls at night without being terrified. One night I was playing on the computer and heard a very lound bang like a door slamming so I went to my room. I shut my door and leaned against it and heard running up and down the hallway. Things like this began happening on a regular bases and at the time I felt like my sister was the only one I could talk to. Then one day something on a different level happened. I was in bed at night and I had a bunch of glass carosells on my dresser. I'm a firm believer in 3 am being the witching hour and at that time, all of my carosells went off playing music and a couple fell off the dresser. Once again I prayed and slept with the lights on. I had one final major experience before I moved out. My dads room stayed locked during the day, so when we heard scratching on the walls. It sounded like something was scratching the walls and the ceiling. I ran to the bedroom door and it stopped but could see a shadow moving around under the door. The scratching then continued so I went outside. I moved and don't experience things like that anymore, but sometimes hear noises in my apartment. I just ignore it because I know my family and I are suspectibal to these kinds of things. Just keep my faith and know that I know its human in my apartment. But my dads house I'm not so sure.



Perfectly True



I have without a doubt always believed in energies and "supernatural" events which we cannot explain.   One day we may understand the spirit world more clearly, but I don't believe the subject will ever fit into a text book.   In ancient days when it thundered, people claimed the gods were speaking.  today we have an explanation for thunder.  I have three kinds of true stories...the outer circle is when a good friend  tells me a story that happened to  someone they knew well.  The middle circle of stories are made up of things which actually happened to good and emotionally balanced friends of mine.  The third and innermost circle are the rare things that have happened to me. I'll start out with just one story that is within the innermost circle.  This happened in 1967.   I was eight years old and the event took place during the bright morning sunshine of a summer day when us kids were out of school.  In those days, we kids spent much more time outdoors doing kid stuff, or over at neighbors houses or just plane working, mostly yardwork.  But one morning close to ten o'clock, one of my brothers, who is eight years older than me, making him about sixteen at the time, and I were upstairs in the "boys room" where our family T.V. was. It was about 9:55 and my brother and I were planning to watch an old movie on tv at ten.  He told me to go downstairs and get us a couple of fudge sickles before the movie started.  I went downstairs and across the living room when my Daschund, Cleo, shot passed me from the kitchen area and ran as fast as she could upstairs.  This was highly unusual, as Cleo, being a pig of a dog, usually jumped up and down at my feet if I was heading to the kitchen because she always used to try and get some food from me.  I passed her by, and headed into the kitchen, which was small and completely lit by a sink area window when I saw my yellow tabby cat, Feron, in the backroom, standing in front of the refrigerator and facing the front of the back room.  I could not see the area he was looking at because the thin kitchen opened up into this back, much larger room, so  I could only see the back of the room from the kitchen.  My cat's back was arched and his hair was sticking up as he stared at something past my sight and hissed and growled as cats do when they are challenging another living creature.  I slowly walked to the opening of the backroom.  What I saw gave me chills and made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.   A very small, about five feet, two inches high, three foot wide, closet door that opened into a small closet beneath the stairs was open, and slowly shutting, by what power I could not see or know.  I sprinted upstairs as fast as I could and told my brother about this.  He looked half-way concerned because he could see the genuine fear in my eyes, so he grabbed his baseball bat and slowly headed downstairs.  My dog was on one of the beds shaking.   I followed him VERY closely on the way down,  through the streaming sunlight coming through the windows, and we crossed the kitchen, hearing my cat growl, but not seeing it.  As we rounded into the back room my blood ran cold...The closet door was standing wide open and the cat was hissing at something unseen within the closet, our view blocked by the open door.  As we approached the open door, my cat ran off.  My brother looked into the door, and completely relaxed.   There was nothing in the closet.  He didn't believe my story that I had seen the door shut. Let me explain a bit more.  First of all, I was raised in a very small-roomed house with absolutely NO weather materials between the walls.  We had dearborn heaters in certain rooms we could keep warm by keeping certain doors closed,  and we had four window air conditioners in different rooms as well.  So,  if a person so much as took a step within that house,  it could be heard in any other room in the house.  Also,  the back door had shop bells hanging on the inside of the door,  so you could always hear an entrance from the back.  Yet,  my brother and I had never heard a sound.   What closed the door,  scared my dog half to death,  and worked my cat into fighting mode I will never know.  The house had been built on Park Street in Nacogdoches Texas in 1925.  I don't know if anyone had died there or not as it was now used as the parsonage for my father,  who was a Reverend in the First Christian Church next door. There were also times when my brothers and sister would be out on Friday nights and I would be sitting in the living room alone, as my parents went to bed around 10:00 P.M.  I would be reading or listening to the radio, and suddenly over-powering sense of something watching me.  There was no doubt in my heart or head that I was being watched, and it caused terror to sprout in my heart so thick it could be cut with a knife.  This happened two definite times I can remember.  One night I was so scared I woke my father, and, being a good understanding man,  he took his flashlight and, with me following,  he searched every nook and cranny within the house, then went back to bed.  This helped a bit,  but I always knew that what I felt couldn't be seen...luckily for me,  one of my brothers or sister would return between 11:00 and midnight,  and the feelings would leave me immediately,  I have other stories to tell that happened to me directly,  but many more that happened to friends of mine that are even scarier.  That's all I have the energy for at this time.  Hope you enjoyed the story as it is perfectly true.

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