The House In High Point


OK. There are plenty of skeptics out there who dismiss haunted houses as fakes or products of people's overly imaginative minds. We all know what opinions are like but I know what I can see, hear and touch. I may never have actually seen a ghost but I know for a fact I have heard them clear as day.  Let me convey a little story.......... In 1994, I moved in with my ex at her house. This is the same place I mentioned in my previous blog where- on two separate occasions- my cousin and brother both heard what sounded like furniture being thrown around in the room next to the living room. It's an old house and the center section was built sometime during the late 18th to mid 19th centuries. No one really knows for sure. There are remnants of slave quarters in the basement so that tells you how old the place truly is. Not that the age of a house matters but in many cases, it does.  Anyway, let's cut to the chase. When I moved in, the house was being restored. This, as many people know, can get things rolling for whatever manifestations exist in the area. One day- yes DAY- I was in the new bathroom brushing my teeth. It was the time of day when my ex would usually come home for lunch. Then I hear foot steps coming up the stairs. Not creeky house settling sounds, these were foot steps on hard wood floors. I kept the door closed and called out my ex's name. There was no answer but the foot steps continued. I called again, still no answer and they kept coming. I walk over to the door and listened. They reach the top of the stair case, walk right past the door, down the hall and into the bedroom where they stopped dead. Then I thought it might be our friend pulling a prank on me. I slowly open the door, ease my way down the hall and jump into the bedroom to scare him. There was no one there. I looked in the closet. Nothing. I never ran so fast in my life. I banged into doors, leaped down the stairs, smashed into the wall knocking framed pictures to the ground and ran outside. I figured I'd wait for my ex to come home as she had a if that would matter!  Another story- and this is the one that confirmed it for me- my ex had never had an air conditioner in the house. The lethal combination of humidity and an ape like myself is not good so I insisted we get one. Once it was purchased, we decided to put it in the living room. Of course this meant that the bedroom would be a sauna so until an AC was put in that room, we took the mattress and placed it in the living room. So, the very first night we slept in that room, I was quite content with the AC cooling things off quite nicely. I am laying there awake and my ex is fast asleep. All of a sudden out of nowhere, I hear the voice of woman SCREAM at the top of her lungs "SHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  You can just imagine how I reacted to this. I jumped up off the mattress and was bouncing off the walls like a pinball. My ex woke up and didn't know what was going on. She found me on the couch shaking and in tears. She tried her best to calm me down but I couldn't. I was up for the rest of the night with a knot in my stomach the size of Manhattan. Try to imagine yourself in a quiet room and someone or something that isn't even there stands directly above you and screams at the top of their lungs. Not a good feeling at all. The next day, I was pacing around trying to figure out what it was I had heard. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Eventually, I decided to just shrug it off but I did not forget that it had happened.  Now the story gets better............. About a year and a half later, my ex calls me from work:  "You will never believe what I just found out. A friend of mine who used to work here at the park dropped by the office. With a strange look on his face, he asked me how I liked living in that house. I told him it was fine. He then asked if I had ever heard or seen anything strange. I said I never have but mentioned that you had thought you had heard a woman scream out the name "Sherry". He turned white and said "You have GOT to be kidding me! Really? I told him that was what you told me. He then said that the owners who lived there from the 30's-60's had a niece who used to come up and visit them for the summer. She was killed outside on rte. 23 and guess what her name was? Sherry!" The house is abandoned now. The living room was on the side of the house which faced the highway. The road is about 10-15 feet away with a bird's eye view of a very sharp turn. We had both witnessed some nasty automobile bang-ups in that same spot. What was it I heard? Could it have been an echo from the past which was manifesting itself? The voice of the woman who lived there who may have seen her niece hit by a car from that very room? Mind you, I had NEVER done any research on the house nor did I hear any stories of a 'Sherry' visiting nor being killed outside the house. It could have been any name on the planet. It could've been Ethel, Muriel, Gloria, Beulah or whomever but no, I distinctly heard the name 'Sherry'. Why? I am still waiting for someone to come up with a logical answer for it. But alas, since there are no such things as haunted houses, I must be making it all up.



The Shaman in Blue - My Story




In July of 2008, I went to Sedona, Arizona on vacation with my mother. At the time I had been through several surgeries. Although I was not ill, I was in quite a bit of pain, and I hoped that the vacation would do me some good. One afternoon during our stay, we decided to hike around Bell Rock. About halfway through the hike, we stopped to rest and drink some water. We paused for several minutes to look at the view and catch our breath. I was facing away from the trail when we decided to continue on our way, and so I turned around to head back out. When I

turned, there was a man standing very close to me in a long blue tunic-type shirt. I turned and backed up to let him by me on the trail, but when I turned again, he was gone. I looked around and said to my mom, "That was odd, there was a man..." and as I said the words, I felt the coldest chill pass through my body (in July!). I became very dizzy and needed to sit down. We found a tree to sit under, and as the dizziness passed, I realized that I was suddenly out of pain. I had NO PAIN. I still felt fairly disoriented, and so my mother was asking me about the experience, and so I told her that the man had been wearing some sort of a long blue shirt-- and as I told her this, a large flock of some sort of blue jay or scrub jay-- with brilliant blue feathers-- filled the tree. I believe that I was visited by a Shaman, who knew how to relieve my pain. I lived pain free for several weeks after that. I have searched for stories or legends of a Shaman in a blue tunic, but I've never been able to find anything. If anyone has any information on him, I would love to hear it.


Tiny Devil




I'm 29 years old and all through out my life (and still) I've had strange experiences that I could never explain. Some of them have scared me while others have just made me wonder if I had really saw what I thought I had. I've been told that there is something about me that makes me very receptive to paranormal activity and I'm not sure so if that's a good thing or bad. But there are two instances that stand out among the rest.  The first happened when I was about 8 or 9 and I was sleeping in the living room of our house. I refused to sleep in my room because it was the closest to the woods and I always felt like something was standing at my window looking at me, even with the curtains drawn. I was sound asleep when suddenly something work me up. I opened my eyes to see this little impish looking thing standing on my chest staring down at me just mocking me. It was dark in color, sort of dark reddish brown. About a foot high, a haggard face and a very skinny body with its ribs straining against the dry skin. It was just standing there looking at me. I couldn't move. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. I was terrified and it just kept looking at me, taunting me to scream or yell for my "mommy". Suddenly it looked up, looked mad and just vanished. My mom walked into the room a second later out of their bedroom. As soon as it was gone I could breath and move again but never told my mother what happened since she already thought I had problems. That exact instance never happened again but from time to time since, till now, I would / will feel things touching me. Brushing my hair from my face or just lightly rustling to top of my hair. Touching my face, racking it's fingers down my back. And each time this happens I'm frozen until the episode is over. I have no idea what it was / is or what it wants.  The second happened when I was around 15 and I had been having a really hard time. I was depressed, on Prozac and sleeping pills and even then I couldn't sleep. I would lay in my room at night and see faces in the dark, feel things touch me, hear them talking to me. I would go into the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I would see extra eyes appear in my face, another mouth, a snarling face that appeared to be just under my own skin. I was terrified to even look at myself. After about a year of this I ran into my mom's room and threw myself into her bed and begged her to let me die. I wanted to kill myself. I had officially gone insane and I couldn't take it any more. (Up till now I had never told my parents any of this stuff, I thought they would put me away but I told them everything laying there crying and pleading to die) My father, who is a preacher, couldn't take the thought of his daughter wanting to kill herself and did the only thing he thought he could do. He prayed over me. He yelled out "Spirits I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ! I command that you leave my daughter alone!" The door to their bedroom that had been tightly closed, opened itself up, slammed against the wall and then closed itself again and we heard this piercing shriek from outside the house. I will never forget that. That night he blessed the house, and in our religion we use olive oil. He prayer over my bedroom, making a cross in olive oil on my bedroom door. Instantly, the atmosphere was different. But, the next morning I was aghast when I looked at my door. Where the oil had dripped down you could see what looked like the face of a screaming demon. I couldn't wash the oil off so it had to remain there. After a few days I tacked a poster over it but just knowing that that face was there was horrible.




Possible Paranormal Experience Shared...





Hello, my name is Matt  and for two years now, I've been having a series of very realistic and emotionally taxing dreams. I don't know if this is a paranormal occurrence or just dreams, but they seem important enough for me to investigate into them. In said dreams, I am contacting or am being contacted by people. Mostly a girl named Amber, but also I've been contacted or am being contacted by a teenage boy and a priest( I'm not sure of their names,). Beyond the way I react to these dreams( typically, I'm taking heavy breaths and feeling fear, longing, a sense of contentedness, anger, whatever emotion the person had in the dream), the reason I think they might be real is the fact that they feel real, both in imagery and content. For example, when I first met Amber, she told me about her 5 year plan, to go to Nursing school at night, once employed as a nurse, she'd move from her father's home and all the while she'd work on her music career. Not something I typically dream about. It's rather mundane by dreamworld and at time by real world standards. These dreams could easily just be dreams and if so, I'm happy to just be crazily chasing dreams, but if it's a real thing, I want to know if it's possible to contact the people in the dreams. It's not something I can control, it happens when it happens and sometimes happens months apart from the last.



Quiet Street





When I was about 7 or so, I woke up in the middle of the night. I was about to call out for my mother when I saw a lady standing in my bedroom doorway. She had long brown hair and was wearing a blue gown that was flowing around her, like there was a breeze. There was also a bright white light coming in behind her. I've only seen her 2 or 3 times, all before I became an adult. This took place in Rockdale, Tx in my home on a quiet, middleclass residential street.


The House In Brooklyn, New York




The house in Brooklyn, NY.   It seems that this place had it's "problems" before my relatives moved in. The story goes that years earlier, a New York City Police Officer lived there with his wife. One night, he heard strange sounds emanating from the attic. He went to inspect and fell down the stairs, breaking his neck. To make matters worse, after this happened, the same thing happened to his wife! Though no one knows if she heard the sounds. Regardless, they BOTH fell down the stairs to their deaths. I remember the steps to that attic. They were very steep and had a sharp narrow turn. Creepy indeed. My relatives bought this house around 1963-64. It still stands today in one of those "not so nice" Brooklyn neighborhoods. However, at the time it was still fairly decent. It started out that my grandparents and my Uncle Bobby moved into the main floor and my Uncle Richie's family on the second. The house is quite large and quite lengthy. It's three stories and I believe was built circa 1915 which would have made it about 48 years old when my relatives moved in. Not that the age of a house matters.  I am going to borrow from my Uncle Richie's blog that he wrote in September, 2007 and let him tell you how things went down while he lived there: I don't recall what started the conversation at home about "things going bump in the night"; but, once it began, out came a flood of "experiences."  Each thought it was only imagination at work, at first!  I don't know where to begin or who heard what first.  I will start by saying that my Mom's dog, Tippy, would never come up the stairs to our apartment.  He was a very friendly dog and always responded when called; but refused to come up to our apartment..  If he was held and being brought up the stairs , he would squirm and resist until he was put down and he returned to my Mom's apt.  He would stay at the foot of the stairs and bark at us yet he was not a "barker" by nature.  It seemed the hair on his back would stand up when he was called upstairs.  We associated his behavior to the "spirits", in retrospect, when we began sharing experiences. My wife and I, on numerous occasions, heard footsteps ascending the stairs, passing the louvered doors that separated our living room from the hall, and continuing up to the top floor.  They were not the creakings one hears when a house settles.  They were footsteps.  There was a progression and diminution of the sounds.  They occurred at different

times, even late at night.  We attributed the footsteps to those living on the top floor.  However, on several occasions , my wife or I wanted to speak with one of the girls and proceded to the attic apartment.  No one was there.  We didn't know what to make of this.  We just blew it off.  This was one of the "stories' that came out when the subject was opened.My sister said that often after making her bed, she would find it rumpled as if someone had lain on it.  She also reported that her covers would come off during the night.  She was not a restless sleeper.  At times it felt as if they were slowly being pulled off the bed.  At a later date, she swore she heard a woman's voice, at her ear as she lay in bed, saying: "This is my house! GET OUT!"  That was when she had moved up to the attic apartment.Another time, my brother, Bobby, told me that I needed to talk to Vreni, because he heard the entry door open and then subdued voices under the stairwell .  His room was opposite the stairwell.  He said that she apparently was bringing her date in and "making out" there.  We were responsible for Vreni and didn't want her to get into any troubles here, so I confronted her with this.  She was dumbfounded and a bit put out that I should think this of her.  She was vehement that never, ever did she do anything like that.  During that year, Ursula's brother and his wife were returning home to Switzerland from Chile where he had worked for several years.  They came to our house, en route, and stayed several days.  My sister gave them her double bed while she bunked with my mother. ( My father had already passed away.)The following morning they came down to the kitchen and asked us what was the joke.  They said during the night they were awakened several times by sounds of paper being scrunched together, like paper bags used by super markets.  The sounds awakened them and they couldn't discern who was doing it; but the sounds were in their bedroom!  We assured them that none of us was doing that.  We didn't tell them our suspicions for fear of scaring them away.  We let it go at that.  It didn't happen for the next two days and they left. My son mark slept in the same room as his brother, while my daughter slept in an adjacent oom.  Mark had a habit if he awoke from sleep at ten or eleven p.m., of standing behind his door opening, that faced our living room until I'd say, " It's okay Mark; you can come out."  He'd sit with us a bit and then we'd tuck him back into bed.  One night I heard the sounds he usually made at the door and said that it was alright to come on out.  There was no response.  I heard the sounds again and repeated the invitation.  Still nothing!  I got up to look for him and he was sound asleep.  My wife and I looked at each other and agreed that we had "heard" him.  A few hours later, after we had gone to sleep, Mark came to my bedside, rubbing his eyes, saying he couldn't sleep because there were people in his room talking and waking him up.  This was about 2 a.m. and everyone was asleep in the house.  My wife brought him back to his bed and tucked him in.  He fell asleep immediately.  She then said, in the room, "You're welcome, whoever you are, to be here; but, please don't harm my children."  One night while she and I were watching television, we heard the footsteps again approach and recede up the third stairway.  My wife said it sounded like my sister was going to bed early, and there was something she wanted to discuss with her.  She went to the stairs and up to the room.  All was dark.  No one was there.  They were all at my Mom's watching her television.  My wife again made a plea that: "whoever you are, welcome; but please don't hurt my children!"  That's how strong our belief had become.  Another incident occurred after we had gone to bed. It was between 11-12 p.m.  We were dozing off, facing each other and the sound of heavy breathing startled us awake.  She asked me, : Do you hear that?"  I did hear it and I was frozen in place.  It sounded right beside my ear.  I felt my hair literally stand on end.  I was scared!  And I will admit it!  So was my wife!  It seemed to last about a minute then receded.  Another time my Mother awoke in the morning to find the inner hallway strewn with leaves.  There were two entry doors, an outer door to a vestibule, then another door to the hall and stairway.  She said she had locked both doors as usual before retiring for the night and they were still locked in the morning.  We had no idea how the leaves got into the house!  On one of my overnights on call, at the hospital, my sister and mother and brothers heard the doors open and footsteps go up to the second floor.  My sister said,: Oh good, Richie's home; I need to talk to him."  She went up to our apartment and asked Ursula where I was, that she needed to speak to me.  My wife told her I wasn't home, that I was on call at the hospital.  My sister told her that they all heard me come in and go up the stairs.  Of course, I wasn't home.  Ursula told my sister she had just finished speaking with me on the phone.  One last tale.  There was an alleyway between houses and the lady of  the house on the side that had my childrens' bedrooms, complained that we must stop making noises late at night.  She thought we were having parties, and disturbing her peace and quiet !  We assured her that there were no such parties.  We had children and would not be the ones making noise at night.  The footsteps we all were hearing, sounded like those a little old lady would make.  On the other side of our house lived a family who knew of the previous occupants.  My wife got to talking with her and asked if there had been an old lady living in the house.  She told us that the house was built and occupied by the same family until the last member, an old lady died.  The house went on the market and was bought by a Russian man, who didn't stay in it long.  He put it on the market and that's when we bought it. You could say it was all a figment of imagination; but we all heard these things separately and didn't reveal them to each other for many months.  I still want to not believe. but I cannot deny what I (we) heard! You can "Believe It or Not" Throughout it all there was never a sense of fear that was sufficient to make us want to sell and move out.  Besides we couldn't afford it! After Uncle Richie moved to Texas, his brother- my Uncle Tommy and his family- moved into the second floor apartment. I believe this was about 1965-66. My brother Tommy told me of the times he heard footsteps progressing up the stairs.  On one occasion, he came home early to an empty house.  The whole family had gone to some outing.  While he was sitting in the living room, with the louvered doors shut, he said he heard a door open and slam shut, followed by footsteps.  He thought: 'oh good, they're home.'  When he opened the louvered door, he said he heard AND felt "something, go by him and proceed up the stairs to the attic.  The hairs on his body "stood up". and he ran down the first three steps then jumped down the remaining, banging into the wall at the bottom.  I asked him what he did then.  He said he sat outside the house untill the family returned!  Another incident he related was during the Christmas season.  My sister had put up a tree with all red Christmas balls.  As they were sitting in my mother's living room one evening, the Xmas balls began "jumping" off the tree! smashing on the floor. Whenever these things happened, we each had a sense of being dumbfounded!  Each "happening" was brief and then was over.  None of us liked to go into the unfinished part of the attic alone.  We always sought to have someone with us.  We all had that "uneasy" feeling. We never let the kids go up there alone.  My brother, Tommy, said he always felt a "presence" when he went up there.  I never did.  Sounds were all I ever heard. I'm sure if the family got together there'd be other remembrances.  I haven't spoken with Heidi, nor with my brother,Bobby.  Someday I will call them and ask if they can add anything more re. this phenomenon.  As I said, my family and I are hard headed, in general; but, all this leaves us with the sense that we HAVE to believe that "something" was, and maybe still is, going on in that house on Jerome Street!  That was Uncle Richie's take on it all. Mind you, I heard other stories from my aunts, uncles, my parents, and even their neighbor who had come to baby sit. I cannot recall what the neighbor's story was. I should contact her and have her refresh my mind. I had also heard that Heidi- whom I believe was Uncle Richie's Swiss born maid- had come screaming out of the attic, banging into walls and knocking things over. She was shaking and screaming that she'd never go back up there again. She wouldn't say what had happened but she never did go up there again. My grandmother- who were referred to as "Nanny"- had also mentioned that she'd actually seen the old lady that Uncle Richie mentions in his blog. Apparently she was sitting on the couch in her living room doing Nanny things when she noticed something move in a hallway which was off the dining room. There she saw an old woman walk out from the hallway, cross in front of the fireplace in the dining room and into the kitchen. Nanny yelled out "And just where do you think YOU'RE going?!" Of course, there was no answer and when she went to investigate, there was no one to be found. A few days later she mentioned to one of the neighbors what she had seen and they responded with "Oh yes. That's Mary" She used to live in the house". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My parents both heard the same footsteps that wandered past the second floor louvered doors and stop at the attic. Whereas, everyone else who had heard this same progression were on the first or second floor, Mom & Dad were in bed in the attic and heard the sounds coming toward the other side of the attic door and stop. I believe this happened to a few others as well. Also, Mom said she heard the front door open and slam while she was on the second floor with my Uncle Ronnie but no one came in the house! Now, I can't recall if it was Uncle Ronnie or not, but one night someone was sleeping in the attic apartment and while they were laying in bed, still awake in the darkness, they felt someone sit down on the bed alongside them and start caressing their face! They were frozen with fear and wisely did not open their eyes. I can't recall who it was but I seem to recall it being Uncle Ronnie or a friend of his. Either way, UGH! What do you do when something like that happens?!L ike three jerks, my brothers and I always wanted to hear about the ghosts in the house and when we would visit, we always had to sleep in that attic apartment. Sleep would never come easy in that room as every sound and shadow became something ghostly. The last time we stayed there, I was nine years of age and from what I recall, I never heard nor saw anything out of the ordinary. This may not be true. One New Year's Eve- we'd always visit on that holiday and we loved it- I was laying on Uncle Tommy's couch on the second floor. Their dog, a Boxer named "Nero" (ffft!), was laying alongside the couch with me. I could hear the faint sounds of the party going on downstairs but I was rather tired so I was enjoying the serenity of the second floor. All of a sudden, Nero rises and his ears perk up. He is looking directly at the louvered doors that are wide open. He gets up and slowly walks over to the landing, slowly sits down and stares up the steps towards the attic. I watched this for many minutes. That dog did NOT move an inch nor did he stop glaring up toward the attic. I was so creeped out by this that I ran down the back stairs (which were scarier than the front!) and joined the party again. I have no clue what that was but something wasn't right! Speaking of that creepy back staircase, many people had fallen down them. Including Uncle Richie's son Eric and Uncle Tom's kid Michael. Both of them hit their head on a heavy radiator at the bottom of the stairs. My cousin Mike hit extra hard and had to get stitches. The common denominator is that both Eric and Michael and another person who fell but I forget who, still insist that someone PUSHED them down the stairs yet there was no one there! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  However, by the time we were around, my Grandmother had placed a rather large Crucifix at the foot of the stairs that led to the attic. She told me that once she did this, the disturbances stopped. Wow.  My Aunt Grace, who we referred to as "Tanti" (the one who heard the woman's voice), had mentioned that besides the sheets being slowly pulled off the bed, they once FLEW off. She boldly stood up and blurted out "I have to go to work in the morning! Please leave me alone!" She quietly settled back down and went to sleep and it stopped. Also, when she heard the woman's voice, she said she was so frightened that instead of panicking, she merely stood up, went downstairs to the first floor and had a cup of coffee until she calmed down. In the early 1980's- a few years after they sold the house- she dropped by the place and during a conversation with the new owners, she asked if they'd finished the attic (she was dying to hear what they would say). They responded with a very quick and nervous "We never go up there."Recently, my girlfriend and I made a trek to the area. It was like stepping back in time to the early 1970's. Besides all the bars on everyone's first floor windows, everything was essentially the same. The house is still there and has fallen into disrepair. We did not feel welcome nor safe at all. We were being monitored and since she is quite an attractive blond, after about ten minutes, I made sure we bolted out of there. Funny thing is, on the front door of the house, there was a sign "Apartment For Rent". Gee, I wonder why...........



Church St. Ymca Champaign IL


By:  Anonymous


During my sophomore year at the U of I, I worked as a lifeguard at the Church St. YMCA in Champaign IL, that is listed in your haunted places index.  This building is very old, and has an air of creepiness about it even without the weird things that happened to me.  I was the morning lap swim guard which meant that I was one of the first people in the building on the days I worked.  My day would normally start with me changing in the women's locker room.  Many mornings while changing I would hear a shower turn on, and go to investigate the shower room to find it dry and no showers running.  There were also many times when I would close my locker and start heading toward the pool entrance and see "something" in the mirror above the sinks that showed a portion of the locker room and also the entrance to the showers.  Being the only person in the pool area was usually quite the experience.  During morning lap swims the guard would sit in a door way which allowed them to see both the large competitive size pool and a smaller warm water pool.  This put the guard's back to the hallway leading in from the locker rooms.  Many mornings I would hear someone walking down from the women's locker room, and listen to the steps coming into the pool area, and when I would turn around to look through the windows of the small pool NO ONE would be there.  Sometimes I would be doing my morning maintenence chores such as checking the chemicals in the big pool and hear a splash in the small pool.  I would always stop what I was doing to go to the doorway and let the person who entered the pool know that I was there, and several times there was no one in the pool but the water was rippling as if someone had just gotten in or out.  I was ALWAYS glad to have a lap swimmer in the pool because it was much harder to hear the noises when someone was swimming.  Closing the pool at night was usually not a fun time either.  Many times I walked up the stairs to the women's locker room backward because if I walked up with my back to the pool I could hear someone walking behind me!  I was a competitive swimmer as a child and spent many Saturdays and Sundays in the Champaign County Y's gym waiting for my swimming events.  The gym never felt right to me.  Even with the all the lights on it seemed super dark and shadowy.  Later on as an employee of the Y I actually heard basketball bouncing noises coming from the gym with noone inside it!  Regardless of the strange things that happened to me at the Y it is a great place, and I never felt threatened or like I was in danger.






Hello, This experience occurred at a friends house that we used to hang out at as teens in the late 1970's, her house was actually an old turn of the century farm in Hugo Minnesota, I mean it was old when we where there, it was a car junk yard at the time and there was strange,  things did happen like  pictures would swing on it's nail all of a sudden on there own or a pencil would fly across the living room but nothing "evil", well as adults we went back for a visit and my friend's brother told me a story about the house that made my skin crawl  and he hasn't been back since, he said he was coming to visit his father one afternoon walking up the long dirt driveway one of the dogs met him, as they approached the house the dog wanted real bad to get into the house so he let him in, there is a door to the upstairs bedrooms, the dog barking like mad wanted to go up them stairs so he let him up, when he got upstairs the dog was barking and growling at one of the bedroom doors, so he opened the door, the dog did NOT want go inside the room at all even after his bizarre behavior, he looked in the room, there on the floor was a large goat like creature lying in the middle of the room, as if resting with it's neck twisted backwards! he said the goat creature lifted it's head and looked at him! he said he never ran so fast down them stairs and out the front door in his life! with the dog behind him! his father was not home that day, he never went back there again even though it was his childhood home, the house has been torn down in the mid 1990's. and I believe that happened, knowing that house.


Freaky Woods Story





one day at my aunts house with my 3 cousins we went outside and in to the woods brhind her house. we walked until we found a small pond next to the trail. we went around the pond something snapped under my foot.... bones...they were not human, but some small creature's bones.i jumped back and saw some thing very strange.. blood. the bones would have been scattered if the animal was eaten, and if it had merely been washed up there would be no blood.i still dont know what happenedto that animal... but when we got back on the trail the youngest of us sudenly started running from the woods. then i heard voices thousands of voices young and old small and large i looked around and there was no one around. they were all saying this ..." get out of here, leave, go"... conner the youngest was scared out of most of his wits we went back to the house and stayed in side that was when i was 10


Ghost Stories


So many of these I have encountered--here are just a few....

My grandmother's story  My grandmother lived in a apartment that was located by the railroad tracks.  One night, she was alone with my mother (who was an infant) while her husband worked the night shift.  She woke up to a whooshing noise.  Thinking it was the train passing, she started to go back to sleep when suddenly she saw a horrible glowing orb coming from the corner of the room.  It was horrible because she said it had a face riddled with slash and stab marks---with a horrible grimace.  The "face floated to the other side of the room and disappeared.  Gram never went back to bed that night.  Her husband told her that she was dreaming.  Gram told people before that there was a dark stain on the floor of the room that no matter how she scrubbed, she never got the stain out.--It comes into play later. The next day, Gram related the story to a neighbor.  The neighbor asked again, what appartment di Gram live in.  When Gram told her, she said "Oh THAT apartment!"  The neighbor told her that before Gram and her family moved in, that there was a murder commited in the very room that Gram saw the apparition.  A woman lived there and was murdered by a tramp who camped out by the railroad.  The stain on the floor was blood. Gram moved out shortly into another flat not to long after that.

Dog Ghosts? I had a Terrier/Poodle that I was very close too.  "Booger" (yes, that was his name) was very protective and rarely wanted to leave my side.  One day, he became deathly ill.  a sort of leukemia.  The vet advised me to put him down.  I couldn't decide what to do, but prayed to God that if he wasn't going to heal him, please take him into Heaven.  Well, God heard my prayers and the phone call came right afterward saying that he died. Needless to say, I was devistated.  However, a few nights later, I lay awake in the dark.  I swear that I heard a panting noise like he usually would do before coming to bed. a small pad like footsteps and THEN something HEAVY jumped on the bed and settled down by my feet.  NOW I WAS TERRIFIED!! I really thought I was losing my mind.  This was not happening, I told myself. What was really scary was that I knew what was coming next.  Booger would always cuddle up to my side and lick my hand before falling asleep.  I couldn't take it...I yelled, sat up in bed waving my hands at "it" and found...nothing!   Later, I felt bad.  Was he trying to reach me?  Maybe one day, when I am more brave to face it.


Glenn Dale Hospital - Prince George's County MD & Ammendale

Normal Institute - Prince George's County MD


I'm a resident of Prince George's County MD, so both of these locations are very familiar to me.For Glen Dale Hospital, some of your information is a tad..false? The hospital is made up of in total 23 different buildings (believe it or not), and the hospital was a tuberculosis sanitarium. These "ghostly images of packs of dogs" are not ghostly, there are indeed MANY German Shepherds running around the grounds(as well as 24/7 patrols) to keep people off of the property(not disputing people have gotten around them of course!), although the building is abandonded and has been since 1983, tuberculosis can still linger. I never experienced anything ghostly, not saying that this place isn't haunted. For Ammendale Normal Institute, I know this place ALL to well, at least before they demolished it 3 years ago(2006) however, the building was destroyed in a fire in 1998. Thinking about this place sends chills down my spine, a friend of mine lived about 10minutes walking through the woods from there, and we would constantly hang out around there.There were many noises of rustling...when nothing was around, no animals, no other people, and no wind. When I had walked in from the front of the building(there were no doors & windows gone, mainly just a frame) you could view the entire inside was a large pit of dismembermant, I walked to my left into one room( there were no walls but you could see the frame of where things were) and I felt a strong brush passed me and a second later I felt a hand on my shoulder for a couple seconds.Another experience, my friend thought she had seen something moving on an upper level and I said she was crazy, but before we left I saw a "figure" for a brief second standing in the lavatory just staring at us waiting for us to leave. I'm amazed of how well kept the cemetary was, and walking through the main path way through the tall black gates you could feel a change in presssure, like you weren't by yourself.





When I was Younger


Hello, I have been coming to your site for a while, and I can not begin to explain how comforting it is to know that others have seen or experienced similar things to what I have experienced.  I am not sure what the connection is but I noticed that the majority of the events, that are similar to my own, are all experienced within a couple of years of the age of thirteen. Coincidence? Maybe, but it for sure strikes my interest. Seeing It was my 12-13 years that I experienced these events.  I grew up in a two story victorian house(built 1906) in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Oklahoma City.I moved there right before my tenth birthday. It was a simple but elegant victorian with incredible woodwork. It had a huge basement that was seperated into 5 different rooms, all creepy in their own right. But one room in particular, that always made me feel uncomfortable. To access this room you would have to crawl through what looked like a trap door. It was no bigger then 6 x 6 feet and had a dirt floor, unlike the rest of the basement which was either stone or concrete. For the first couple of years we lived their(moved in summer of 1985)no one in my family had ever actually gone into this room, mainly because there was no lighting in this room. All we ever did was just peak in with a flashlight. My father  always told us it was just the beginning of the crawl space for the front of the house. He was half right. It was the room that connected to the crawl space but it also had a wooden ladder that ran along the backside of the chimney, from the basement all the way to a walled off room in the attic. I should mention that my parents had the attic converted to their master bedroom when we moved in. It was shaped like an + symbol, and in each of the four corners was a walled off area, all four were thought to be just empty spaces in the walls, but one was accessible from the basement. My friend and I climbed up the ladder, which was not pleasant seeing that no one had used it in about 80 years, that I could tell. When we reached the top we found a small storage space with maybe enough room for a couple of children to sit down in, a grown up would have had to move on all fours to get around in it. In this room were two paintings and a very old picture of the surrounding area circa 1906. The paintings were both portraits of two previous owners, I am guessing,They were both portraits of a victorian lady.. One a liitle older then the other, or maybe they were of the same women at differnet ages now that I really think about it. We still to this day can not figure out why they were stashed in such a odd place, but I am guesiing its because they wanted them to be left alone. Cause after that strange things started happening, and then abruptly stopped when I turned fourteen. The one event that I had that I don’t think I will ever be able to forget was waking to my bed shaking so violently that it almost threw me out of my own bed. I stood straight up and the shaking stopped, and jumped from the bed to the doorway, fearing there was something under the bed. I turned the lights on and ran out of the room. And the door slamed shut behind me. After waking my parents, I drug them downstairs and made them check the room before I would go back inside. Which by the way my father was not thrilled about when he found nothing in around or under my bed.My mother said she heard the noise from the bed shaking clearly upstairs, but my father said he did not. This happened one other time, but was no where near as violent as the first time. Shadows out of the corners of my eyes is what I saw the most, but one incident I saw the outline of a figure standing on the main landing of the stair case, kind of like a shadow with more depth. This didn’t really scare me, it gave me the feeling of sadness, and I got very emotinal and started to cry, but not from fear. There were many other events but they were small, and like I said they stopped around my fourteenth birthday. There is another type of incident that happened at least three times that I can remember, but it was in another location. I don’t have time to go into details right now, but it was a abandoned hospital. I will write about that next time. Thanks for listening.


Ghost Hunter Story





I have been investigating haunted spots for a couple of years now (investigated over 10 places so far) and have had the interest in the paranormal for many years, actually since high school.  It started when I got my first book on the subject called "Ghosts I've Met," a Hans Holzer book.  That was in 1965, I believe.  I read it when I was in high school.  Also Suzy Parker's "Prominent American Ghosts," (1967) which further interested me.  Thanks to that book, I went to the Whaley House in San Diego, California to check out the place.  I talked to one of the ladies that worked there, since it is now a museum for the public, and she mentioned some of the things going on there.  The rocking chair upstairs is known to rock by itself once in awhile.  That was in 1971, when I took my first trip to California.  I had talked to people about the subject every once in awhile and most people have had a story to tell that they had experienced.  I was checking out the Shadowlands store and found some great meters that I use on my investigations.  My favorite meters are The Ghost Meter and the K2 meter.  I have communicated with both and also when I was on the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, California in 2008.  On the paranormal walking tour, hosted by a psychic, I used the K2 meter for the yes and no answers.  One for yes and two for no.  The yes answers were he was male, was a sailor and died on the ship.  There were many people on the tour and all had witnessed the communication with the meter.  I had gotten orbs in the swimming pool on that ship.  It doesn't have water in it any longer.  The changing room next to the pool was also a hot spot for activity.  They turned out all the lights in there and the only light was from the pool area filtering in.  One woman screamed, she saw a face in one of the darkened changing rooms.  The security officer mentioned he thought he saw something move and I asked him to shine his light on it and it was a light bulb on the floor, which I saw rolling back and forth.  Then it stopped suddenly.  It could have been gimmicked, but then again it wouldn't have been able to be seen if I hadn't asked for a light to be shown on it.  Only a very few of us actually seen it move.  The ship is dry docked and used for a hotel these days and like the psychic said at the beginning of the tour, if you feel the ship moving, that is a psychic experience right there.  The ship does not rock at all.  Only in a psychic re-enactment, when the ship used to travel on the ocean.  So, that is more reason that it couldn't be why the light bulb moved.  I have much more to tell, but don't want to write too much in an email at a time. Steve, the ghost hunting "hobbyist."


Kentucky Paranormal Experience


I was reading all the places on your website after looking up the Pikeville college. I used to live behind the college several years ago. Because it was shorter I would cut across the campus when I walked to town. One day I got a really strong whiff of what smelled like a hospital. No one I was with could smell it but me. I didn't know until recently that there used to be a hospital there.  Just thought you might like to know that as well.  I don't know if you know anything about the old Shelbiana school house, but I went there with some relatives one day because it was rumored to be haunted. While there it started raining, but as we were leaving we saw that it was only raining over the school and no where else. It was sunny everywhere else.




Memphis, TN Haunting


I bought a old home in Memphis in 1985 and spent the next 24 years remodeling the home and landscaping the grounds.  The house was a craftsman style cottage built in 1911 and had originally 1400 square feet.  After the remodeling the house had 1800 square feet and a master bedroom upstairs in what had originally been the attic.  When I first moved into the house in the Cooper-Young historic district I had no idea that I was sharing the home with others.  The major remodeling to the house started about 5 or 6 years ago and most of the activity began then.  My family has a history of being sensitive to spirits and I have the "sensitive" gene.  The house originally had floor furnaces.  They were gas heaters in the floor and were original to the house.  To get to the room I used as an office and computer room you had to move over one of the furnaces.  You couldn't avoid stepping on The furnace every time you exited or entered the room.  It made a very distinctive sound as anyone that has ever had the heaters in their house is familiar with. Frequently when I was in the office on the computer I would hear and feel someone move over the heater and stand there and peek around the corner at me.  Eventually it became time to remodel the office.  I was working in the room one day and building and installing bookcases.  The room was only 13 x 13.  As I worked on the cabinets I put my hammer on the floor left the room to get some nails and came back to find the hammer gone.  When I work on my projects I seem to spend most of my time trying to find my tools - usually where I put it down somewhere and forget where I put it - LOL!  I thought this is when happened.  The hammer was a large framing hammer about 16 to 18 inches long and red.  After searching everywhere I remembered I had been told if something disappears to go outside the area and ask to have the thing returned.  This I did and when I walked back into the room the hammer was there leaning against the wall resting on its head!  Several people claim to have seen shadow people in my home.  I have seen nothing but have heard some shocking things.  I had a dog pass away in the home and she evidently visited me after her passing.  She was a dog that had hip problems and wore a collar with a jingly ID on it and she made a distinctive sound when she walked and went upstairs to the master bedroom.  One night I was in bed upstairs reading with one of my other dogs.  I heard her come up the stairs.  I thought I was imagining things but the dogs laying beside me was looking at the stairs with his head cocked to one side - so he evidently heard the same thing.  The most frightening thing that happened to me in the house also happened upstairs.  One night I was drifting to sleep and heard someone scream in my ear "HEY" and then like she was talking to someone else saying "he heard me".  That freaked me out. Soon I calmed down and finally went to sleep but I was always curious as to what they wanted.  I never found out and moved from the house two years ago.

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