Guest House


I recently read a story where a woman said she noticed most of the

occurences happened when the person was in bed..well Mrs., here's a

true bedtime story for you...

My father was in the army and this particular time we had just moved

to Ft. Polk, Louisiana. Being that we recently got there we didn't

have a house so we had to stay in the guest house, well all five of us

had to sleep in the same room so you know it wasn't very big. The

basic layout went like this: It was a single room and when you stood

at the door there was a couch which unfolded into a sofa bed (I slept

here), in front of it is where the t.v. was. Next to it was a queen

size bed (my two sisters slept here) and next to it was another queen

size (my parents slept here), in front of my sisters bed was the

entrance to the bathroom which, as you guessed, wasn't very big.

Well one day everyone had gone to sleep already and I was laying in

bed watching t.v. when out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure

appear from the bathroom from a little above the waist down. It had a

yellow shirt tucked in to a pair of faded blue jeans and all I could

see of the arms was from the middle of the forearms down to the hands.

Well it walked out of the bathroom and walked to the right hand corner

of my bed and stood there like it was staring at me and it stood there

for a few seconds and then moved toward my sisters bed. The whole time

I was laying there whispering four letter profanities to myself, then

I got a hold of myself and said that I have to look but I foiund

myself unable to move, frozen, and unable to speak. Still watching it

out of the corner of my eyes it stopped at the foot of my two lilttle

sisters' bed and stood there as if it was staring at them, watching

them in their sleep. Then as before it turned and went towards my

parents bed and repeated the routine, this time it stayed just a bit

longer and when it was done it turned ninety degrees to face me and

raised a hand as if it were saying goodbye. It began to walk towards

the bathroom which wasn't more than a few feet away and still frozen I

still couldn't turn to look. Just as it was beginning to turn into the

bathroom I unfroze and got a good glimpse of it's back just as it was

beginning to disappear in the soft glow of some type of light that

seemed more implied than it was actully there. I never felt fear, more

like a worried sense that I would not get to really look at it. Now

some may attribute this to being sleepy but I'll tell you skeptics

this, the whole time I know I was wide awake because the t.v. was

showing "The Jackie Robinson Story" and I could notice the program

progressing, also the fact remains that after this everyone woke up at

the same time I unfroze complaining of a mild headache. My family has

been known to associate with the paranormal one way or another

throughout it's history per accounts told to me by my grandmother, My

grand father was a medium of sorts, so I've been told, you see I never

knew him or even met him, but one day when I was twelve years old I

had a sort of dream-vision of a older man who came to talk to me. He

reassured me everything would be allright (I had serious family

problems) and we sat and talked. I didn't want to leave but he made

me, so when I awoke I told my mother who then showed me a picture and

it was the same man!

My grandfather told it would be allright and it has been for the past

at least ten years.

Skeptics beware!!, the proof is in the pudding..all these people can't

be making this up. If you have any questions or comments let me know

because it would really be appreciated.

ATrue Haunted House


When I was about ten or eleven years old a lived in a small neighborhood

in Illinois. All of the kids would hang out together during the day. My

friend Matt lived next door to the house where is Grandpa and aunt lived

when they were alive. His grandma couldn't stand to have it tore down

right away, so they left it up for a long while. It eventually got so

bad that you couldn't go into it for safety reasons. We would always

tell each other that we saw ghosts in the windows, even if we didn't,

because we liked scaring each other. I decided I was going to scare Matt

and my sister. I looked in the window, but to my surprise I was scared.

You see Matt's aunt had died in that house, so we told each other we saw

ghosts, so that was what I was going to do. When I looked in the window,

though, I saw Matt's dead aunt rocking in a rocking chair. She was

knitting something, while sitting in front of the fire. I yelled for

Matt and Amber to come look. While we all three were standing there, the

figure suddenly turned and looked at us. We ran like there was no


About three weeks later my cousin Jenny and I were walking in

front of the house. There was a window that had fell towards the road a

while back, but was still laying on the sidewalk. We were about fifty

feet away from this wondow, when we heard weird noises. We looked

towards the house and a small piece of glass flew close to the ground

and cut Jenny's ankle. It wasn't a bad cut, but a cut all the same. It

didn't hurt either one of us, but we were sure scared.

Ever since those two things happened I have been followed by

ghosts, even after I moved. I see figures and hear noises that frighten

me. It's been at least five years since these two things happened to me,

but from time to time I can still feel someone looking over my shoulder

or watching me lie in bed. I know I'm not crazy, but I am being stalked

by ghosts. The house got torn down about three or four years ago, but

all it did was make me feel like there is someone around more often.

If you have any helpful hints, let me know. I could sure use the

extra sleep at night...

My Haunted House


I don't think my experiances are nearly as scary as yours but here it

goes. Before i get started, I have to tell you that my house was built

in 1876. When I was a boy, about 6 or seven, I went up it to the attic

at 7:00 at night, it was winter time so it was very dark at that time

at night. Well anyway, i went up there to look for something and I tried

to turn on the light but it didn't turn on, so I proceeded up the stairs

to try to turn on the other light. I go got up to the top when i saw

many humans, walking around, they were life-like but you couldn't see

them from a distance, only when you got up close. It was like some sort

of party, they were drinking and having a good time, they didn't notice

me. I didn't seem feel that they were bad or good they were just there.

They didn't bother me so I continued to look for what i was looking

for. They were dressed in clothes from that time. I stayed to watch

until they end. Two of the drunken men got into at fight. One of the

men died at the end. I left because i was thinking that maybe they did

see me, so I left afraid that they would hurt me. I have many other

ghost stories but i'll save them for another day. And whenever i go

into the bathroom, i usually don't lock the door but when i try to get

out the door is locked. Other times when i am home by myself, i her

people walking though they hallways of my house, up and down the stairs

and all through the house, thinking maybe someone just came home i call

to them and no one answers. Another time, my family had just gotten a

new thermostat so we were learning how to use it. It was the winter

time and the day after, it was freezing in the house. Apparently there

was a extra thing so that you could turn off the heat completely, no one

new where it was so it couldn't have been anyone of us. Near Christmas

time, I slept downstairs near the christmas tree. It was around 4 A.M.

and i woke up i saw someone stand in fromt of the tree and watching me.

It was a man. I thought maybe it was just my dad and i went back to

sleep. But that evening i asked my dad if it was him and he said no it

wasn't. If anyone has any reasoning as to why this happened please

e-mail me.

California Apartment


This is one of the most terrifying experiences that I have ever had! I was living in an apartment in Southern California for only a short time, it was five in the morning and my husband had just left for work. No sooner did he go out the door when I heard the door open and 'walking' through the living room to my bedroom. Then my bed sank and I just thought it was my husband that he decided not to go to work. I turned around with a smile and almost passed out! There was a huge fat man laying on his back and with his head turned to me just giving me a big open mouth smile, revealing his rotten teeth. His face was very pocked with red deep holes. He resembled my ex-husband, with his Indian Chicasaw face, black hair and the heavy build, the man I was married to at this time. I knew he wasn't human like us, but he was fully manifested. I have seen ghost many times in my life and I always know they are ghost, but I don't know how.<BR>

I didn't know what to do because he didn't show any signs of leaving, so I decided to say the Lord's prayer, and with that he disappeared. But only within a few seconds there was another ghost at the left hand foot of the bed. He was a little wrinkle old man that was dressed in pirate apparel. He too had rotten teeth that was revealed with him smiling as he walked slowly toward me. He had a dirty white rag which he held out and was waving it at me. I could smell the stench of death. It being a dry dusty and dirty odor. Again I prayed the Lord's prayer and he too disappeared. I got up because I was too fighten to stay in bed.<BR>

Several days later after my husband left for work at five, again I was woken up by a young blond hair fellow. He actually had my right arm twisted behind my back and had me in a sitting position, then said in an audible voice, "I'll teach you!" Again I repeated the Lord's prayer and he too instantly disappeared.

There are other things that both my husband and I witnessed while living there, but not as frightening. We finally found out that the two families that previously lived there almost had terrible tragedies. The first family a child almost drowned in the swimming pool, and the last family the man was almost killed in a car accident.

We heard voices, had a long experience with a cat coming to our door. The manager accused me of feeding it.The water would turn on and I would have to turn it off. Music play when we would go to bed and I would have to turn off the stereo system. One morning I found all the stubs torn off of twelve hundred dollars worth of travelers checks, and they were thrown into the powder room wash bowl with water ran on them. Also orange balls of light floated around in the living room at night. One night a couple in the upstairs apartment were having sex and were using very graphic language. We complained to the manager and she got upset with us because no one lived in that particular apartment for two months.

We left when we found that the manager was involved in witchcraft.

I've had many experiences, but not quite so terrifying as in this one dwelling. However I have had more than my share for one life time of the paranormal, but one does become almost immune to feelings of fear. Ghost are all around us, and those that can't see them and aren't aware of them are fortunate. However we all must remember that there are good and bad entities and we must try to be careful which ones we allow into our lives. After all they use to be people like us in bodies of flesh and there are many people I won't allow into my life, so why should I with the spirit world. Sometimes spirits will attach themselves to one and they are extremely hard to get rid of. I most certainly understand that.

I've been having a problem with certain spirits coming into me through the night and talking. I record them on a voice activator, both in me and just being in the bedroom. I was losing a lot of sleep so I bought a cross and wore it during the day and put it under my pillow at night, but that was like buying a piece of candy, it just didn't work. I read an article on the web that suggested to keep a camera by one's bed and snap pictures if you suspect there is an entity there. It has been going on two weeks now and the first night one tried to come in me, by rocking my body back and forth, it seems this is the proceedure for them to get in. Then they start talking. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a picture with that I was able to sleep the entire night without being disturbed. Finally last night one of the ghosts tried again to come into me and again I grabbed the camera and snapped a picture and the entity stopped. Can't say it left because I don't know that. For some reason they just don't like having their picture taken, so the camera can be a fabulous weapon. Can't use a gun, but sure can use a camera!

Hope you enjoyed just one of many encounters I have had in my life time and still am experiencing their antics, but am mellowed out and not scared as when I was younger.

If anyone e-mails me please use the word "Ghosts" or I will delete it for junk mail.

Woman in the Road

by name withheld by request

This is just a little story I have, that really happened to me not to

long ago. I was getting a ride home from work, and I work the late

shift, so it was about 3 in the morning. When this happened, I thought

it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, but I swear I saw a woman

walking down the middle of the road. She was tall with curly dark hair,

and she was wearing a white shirt and what looked like denim shorts. I

was afriad that my friend would hit her, so I screamed and he swerved

off the road onto the shoulder. When I told him what I saw, he looked

at me like I was crazy and finished driving me home. The next day, I

told another friend about my sighting and she told me that supposedly

back in the 70's a woman fitting that description was walking along that

same stretch of road when she was struck and killed in a hit and run. I

looked into some old newspapers from that time, but found nothing, so I

really don't know if it was my eyes playing tricks on me and my friend

making a joke or if it was all true, but that is what I saw.

Haunted Utah House


This is the second submission I've made to your web page. This story

happened to me when I lived in a small town in northern Utah. I moved

into a brand new house in a small town in northern Utah with two

roommates, one of whom was an old friend named Pat, the other was Pat's

cousin named Justin. The house was newly built and very large and was

surrounded by fields and pastureland. From day one I felt an uneasy

feeling in the house and in my room. There was a constant feeling of

being watched, and it was always cold no matter how high you cranked the

thermostat. I attended college in a nearby town and wasn't working and

so I would leave early in the morning before Pat or Justin were up and

got home in the afternoon before Pat or Justin got home from work. Every

morning when I would get up to take my shower I had an incredible

feeling of fear and of being watched. I couldn't wait to leave for

school just to be out of that house. In the afternoon I would be home

alone and would hear faint voices carrying on a conversation but I could

never pinpoint where the voices came from. It wasn't the stereo, t.v.,

or anything else I could find. If I was upstairs I could hear the voices

and doors opening and closing downstairs, if I was downstairs I could

hear it upstairs. I never asked Pat or Justin if they noticed these

things also because I thought there had to be some logical explanation,

until one night for some reason I awoke in the early morning around,

3a.m., and felt myself completely wide awake. I felt like something was

wrong and because I felt uncomfortable in the house anyway I always

locked myself in my bedroom for my own security. All of a sudden I heard

a voice say my name. I couldn't believe if I heard it audibly or if it

was just my own mind playing tricks on me so I said "what?" and then I

heard the voice say my name again. I got up and turned on the lights and

there was nothing. I opened my door and looked in the hall and nothing.

The next morning I asked Pat if he had played a trick on me and he

didn't know what I was talking about. He then asked me, rather

sheepishly if I had heard or experienced any other weird things in the

house and then he proceeded to tell me how he always hears far off

voices and doors opening and closing when he is home by himself. So I

knew then I wasn't going crazy but still we were both bothered by the

goings on. A few nights later Pat awoke in the middle of the night, his

bedroom was in the basement of the house, and he had a really bad

feeling, he suddenly saw a black outline of a figure run across the room

toward him and duck at the foot of his bed. He sat up and looked down

and could see a figure hunched down looking as if it was about to

pounce. He turned to switch a light on near his bed and when he looked

back there was nothing there. Needless to say that when he told me about

it we both wanted to move. We found out later that our other roommate

Justin was, unknown to us, heavily into drugs, pornography, and we think

the occult too. We did move and nothing of this sort has happened to us


Evil Presence


This is a true story that happened to a friend of mine. It is very

similar to the story submitted as "Attacked", 8/1/98. My friend and his

roommate shared an apartment and one night, (I'll call him Bill) Bill

came home late and went straight to bed. He was lying in bed but felt

very uneasy and he could hear a hollow tapping sound. He started to look

around the room in the dark to see if he could discover what could be

making the sound. He noticed that one corner of the room was much darker

than the other corners and thought it odd. He started to focus his

attention on the darkness and while doing so the darkness started to

grow larger and larger and spread throughout the room. He then noticed

that he could see a human figure. He described the figure as a male

figure and felt very intrigued as to what he was seeing. The figure then

started taking on more details and he could make out that the figure was

wearing black loose pants, had no shirt on, and was barefoot also. The

figure looked very thin and malnourished and had very long black unkempt

hair. The figure was holding a machete which he was tapping on the

hardwood floor of the apartment. Bill couldn't believe what he was

seeing and shut his eyes to make sure he wasn't just imagining and when

he opened them back up a second later the figure was inches in front of

his face. All Bill could do was say a prayer to God in his mind and

instantly the figure was gone. My friend Bill swears this really

happened and I believe him because he is not the type to make this type

of thing up. I find it interesting that there are similarities between

this story and others on your web page. I never really believed in

ghosts but I do believe in God and because I of that I do believe that

there are evil opposing forces.

The Old Victorian House


The 'instances' began to occur soon after my parents, myself and four

brothers moved into an old Victorian House in a small town in Iowa. The

house was rather dilapidated, long since shed its former glory with its

peeling paint. But it suited my parents' pockets and with such a large

family the four bedrooms had great appeal. All too soon we learned if we

wanted to live in the house with some semblance of peace we had best

delegate what we call the 'back bedroom' in that you had to pass through

another bedroom to get to it, to an unseen inhabitant that stocked the

night in agitated frustration if you dare to venture into her room.

When we first moved in, the back bedroom, unlike the rest of the house

retained a vintage of it past. Filled with treasures that would fancy any

child's delight. A beautiful bedroom set, complete with vanity and an

ornate wardrobe closet, filled with clothes and finery that would suggest

that a 'lady' had once occupied the room. We kids, loved to play in that

room well my parents undertook the job of renovating the house.

The first instances that denoted a unseen presence in the house was an odd

patterned sound heard late in the night. Sort of a shuffle-shuffle-knock

across the creaking wood floors upstairs. This was always followed by our

dog's sudden agitation. Laying at the foot of the stairs, he'd twitch his

ears, then bare his teeth and begin to growl as if he saw someone standing

at the top of the stairs. An investigation would reveal no one was there.

As the weeks progressed, other things began to occur. Little nuances that

more often than not pointed the finger at the five child occupants. Lights

left on. The water in the kitchen sink would be found running full blast

in the morning and on occasion the front door would be found standing wide

open when my father distinctly recalled locking the door before he retired.

The shuffling sound became more pronounced, occurring nightly. My parents

bedroom, located on the first floor, would often awaken to the noise,

thinking they had arrant children up and about, my father would stomp up

the stairs prepared to seek justice only to find all five of them tucked

away. Fast asleep.

My father, still convinced it was a child at play, decided to stay up late

one night in hopes of surprising the culprit or culprits. I can not credit

this part of the story, beyond the fact that my father was of a very

serious nature, from the old school that ruled the child with a rod.

At the first sound of the shuffle, my father moved quietly up the stairs,

in hopes of catching the culprit by surprise. As it turns out he was the

one who was surprised. For all his children were still fast asleep. But

something. Someone was awake. The details he described later, denoting

that they had set his hairs standing on end was that the door to the back

bedroom, yet occupied and still filled with the previous owners effects,

lay open. Sitting at the top of the stairs, my father peered into the

front bedroom where three of his child lay fast asleep, transfixed as he

watched the dresser drawers slid open, only to be shoved shut, then the

mattress springs of the old metal bed shook, as if unseen fingers thought

to wake the children.

My parents, seeking the why or what of it began to dig into it the history

of the house. They knew that there had been only one owner. A women who

had lived well into her eighties. What they didn't know was that she had

died in the house, fell down the stairs and broke her neck. The back

bedroom, had been her bedroom. The furnishings and personal effects hers

as well. And even more disturbing, was the fact that she had in the last

few years of her life become a recluse and a shut in and as such always

wore slippers upon her feet and walked with the assistance of a cane. Thus

explained the mystery of the odd patterned shuffle-shuffle knock across the

creaking floor.

The first thing that my father did was to lock the back bedroom. In

essence, sealing it off. An unavowed promise to leave her 'stuff' and

domain alone in the hopes that she would offers us the same courtesy. In

the following six years that we lived in the house, she was rarely

meddlesome or agitated, though her presence was still noted on occasion by

the shuffle-shuffle-knock across the creaking floor. She did have her days

thought. A few instances I clearly recall was an occasion in the dead of

winter that my parent awoke to the cold in the middle of the night only to

find that once again the front door had been left ajar and in the wake of a

snow storm, three inches of snow cover the entire dining room. We'd would

awaken to find the Christmas tree light blaring into the otherwise

blackness of the living room when my parents clearly recalled unplugging

them. And on occasion, we'd still find the water facet in the kitchen

running full blast. On these rare occasions, it is interesting to note

that the back bedroom door, her bedroom door, would always be found unlock

and ajar.

The Ghost Light of Summerville


This story is a lot like The light of St. Louis story I was reading

earlier, but this is how it goes.

My friends Brenda and Sylvia and I were out driving around after a night

of shopping down in Charleston SC. We live in a small town called

Summerville about 30 minutes away from Charleston, and we had a few

hours to kill, so we decided to drive down a road called Light Row that

a friend of mine told me about. He told me that the road was once a

strip of railroad, and that a girl walking home from a friends house

late at night when she was beaten, raped and then tied to the tracks to

be killed by the train. Not long after that incident, the tracks were

covered with dirt and the railroad shut down. Well anyways, Brenda,

Sylvia and I decided to check it out. We turned onto the road and

noticed immediately that it was pitch dark, even though the road itself

was inside the town. We also noticed that the road was very bumpy, just

like driving down railroad tracks. Sylvia and I have always had a sort

of sixth sense, and whenever something "paranormal" happens or has

happened the hair on our arms and necks stand on end and we get

uncontrollable shivers. Well, we both started shivering at the same

time when we noticed what seemed to be the image of a girl walking away

from us. We drove faster to catch up with it and when we were about 100

feet away from it disappeared, and a bright light shone on our faces, so

close that it lit up the entire interior of the car. The light was

coming closer, and even though the windows were closed and the radio was

on, we could here a train whistle, very loudly, as though it was right

next to us. The really freaky part of that is that there is no train

tracks near that area. Brenda, who was driving, freaked out and started

to back the car up real fast and the faster we backed up the faster this

light came at us. It caught up with us, actually went through the car

with one last whistle blast that left my ears ringing for days and

disappeared. Right after that, Sylvia and I stopped shivering and our

hair fell back in place. I was a scary incident. Not violent scary

mind you, but frightening nonetheless. Either way, Brenda never went

back, and though Sylvia and I have returned a few times -we have never

had the same experience- we still always can hear the whistle cutting

through the night air.

Haunted Places


I got two stories for you. When I lived in Chicago, IL, I was

going to a school called Jose De Diego Community Academy(near Clemente

High School). This school is said to be haunted. Many years ago, it

was known as Tuley High School. One day the south wing of the school

caught on fire, and it is said that one or two(I don't remember)

janitor(s) never made it out. Also that the ghosts haunt the basement

floor of the school where footsteps and sometimes moans can be heard

especially when hardly anyone is around like early morning or

afterschool. A time when almost everyone has gone home and the janitors

are cleaning up. My brother had once told us that he and his friends

would play basketball in the gym afterschool because one of the

(living)janitors would let them in. One particular day the janitor had

told them about the ghost and that they could talk to him. He told the

ghost to switch the lights on and off twice for yes once for no. So

they would ask questions and the ghost would answer at least until they

asked it one question. Are you a good or a bad ghost? The ghost never

answered. Friecked out my brother and his friends left in a hurry. Who

knows if the janitor had someone flick the lights, but my brother was

almost sure nobody was around the light switches. One thing is for sure

people do believe that the school is haunted.

My second story deals with my aunt's house in Houston, Tx. I've

been told that her house was built on a family cemetery which lies under

her bedroom. At first they were classicly haunted, but after a while

the ghosts left the family alone. Now the only ones that are haunted

are those who've never lived their and only come to visit. My brother

the same as above went to visit for the summer. One morning he was

their alone because everybody was at work. He would hear a chopping

noise coming from the kitchen as if someone was cutting vegetables, so

he went to see if who was home. He went inside the kitchen and found

that the noise had stopped and that the many birds that my aunts keep

were deathly quiet. They seemed as if too scared to sing their favorite

songs. Eventually he heard actual moanings. He ran out of the house

and sat on the porch, and it seemed as if the ghost followed him because

now their was a pencil rolling and dropping sound coming from thier van.

I remember this well because he had called us at home telling us about

how frightened he was. I have heard the shower running when the the

shower off and had been off for hours. My cousin Maria has heard a

sound of a nail tapping on the bathroom mirror when the only person near

it was her. It's so spooky that we take turns sitting in the bathroom

while the other takes a bath. One of my other aunts could have sworn

thet they had saw someone (one of our other family members sitting in

the living room at 2:00 in the morning when they never anywhere near the

house. One of my other cousins had the same kind of experience as my

brother except one of my that lived there was home with her. She heard

chopping and washing noises and saw that the birds were quiet. Also,

she'd leave the TV off in the living room and when she would come back

it would be turned off. She would ask our cousin if she turned it on

and she would say no. I like visiting my family, but I am weary of

their house. The weirdest part of all is that the least or never

haunted part of the house is my aunt and uncle's bedroom where the

cemetery is supposed to be. SPOOKY!

My Family's Experiences


When I was about 6 years old, my family and I moved into a house that

was approximately 200 years old. The house had been many things in the

past; including a candy shop, hair salon, post office, and living

quarters. The area of the house that was the post office we rented

out. I have only one experience which I remember, but my mother has

told me many things that went on there. I remember the staircase of our

house which had two landings-one near the top and another two steps from

the bottom. Hitting the second step from the first landing I would

sometimes smell fresh, rich milk chocolate, but taking a step forward or

backwards, the smell would dissapear. This happended to my entire

family, but my father smelt lavendar perfume.

Once, when my little sister had just been born, my mother was lying in

bed with the baby in the cradle beside her. The baby started to cry and

because my mother was so tired she ignored the baby thinking that my

father would care to her. Sure enough the baby stopped crying and my

mother saw a man rocking the cradle. My mother went back to sleep, but

within minutes the baby started crying again. At this point my father

entered the room. Mom was up at this point, but she asked him if he

hadn't just been in there rocking the baby. He replied that he hadn't.

My mother and father were hosting a dinner party with their two friends

Chuck and Marty. The living room, where they all were, is connected

tothe kitchen by a small window, but also through the dining room which

leads to the kitchen. Marty was helping my mother by bringing some

dishes into the kitchen and as she walked out of the living room she saw

an old man sitting in the overstuffed chair in the dining room. She

walked into the kitchen very pale and when my mother asked what was

wrong she described the man in perfect detail. He was not in the chair

when my mother went to check.

For some reason my mother had to find her birth certificate and after

seaching the house and asking us if we knew where it was repeatedly she

gave up. Asking our ghostly friends to help her find it. A few days

went by with no sign of the missing document. Then my mother went into

the living room and on the very corner of the wooden console was the

birht certificate she had been searching for.

Now this is one that happened to me. I was asleep and for some reason I

woke up to see, what I thought was, my 4 year old sister standing in my

room. I told her to return to her own room, located adjecent to mine,

because if mom found her in mine she would get in trouble. The girl

walked through the wall into my sister's room.

These are a few of the longer tales. There are many other minor ones:

seeing the top of a child's head in the mirror, sounds of heavy objects

being moved in the wall-to-wall carpeted apartment, sounds of wood being

stacked in the living room, seeing shirt-tales and other things out of

the corner of one's eyes, and the mysterious 7 pm crash in the cottage

next door to the house (we believe the cottage was once a blacksmith's


The truely odd thing about the house was that after we moved out (not

due to the ghosts but to the landlords) was that we knew the people who

moved in and when we asked them about occurances they said that they

noticed nothing.

My House


I moved here 10 years ago with my mom and dad, and my uncle's

family, everything was fine for me, although I was only 6. My mom and my

aunt believed to hear footsteps through our house and coming down the

stairs. They heard these many times and thought someone was in the

house, but there was never anyone here, this freaked them out.

About 6 years ago my family was having a yard sale, and a woman got

out of her car and starred at our house for the longest time, she then

asked my mom if she could go inside. She said she had lived in the house

as a child. My mom gave her a tour of our house, and the woman began to

fill us in on some of the history. There had been funerals in our

living room, and many people had died in our house. This explained the

footsteps in our house, always seeming to come from upstairs.

The footsteps still continued, and up until a few months ago, thats

all that ever bothered us about the house.

In February of this year, my mom was sleeping upstairs, in the room

where people had died in, she swore to me and the rest of the household

that she had saw a man standing at the top of the stairs, he was tall

with black hair and a long beard, she described him to what she had saw

and to everyone else living here, it sounded like a man that looked


Another event that happened was my best friend Wes, usually spends

the night a few times a week, and stays up on the computer, I have a 6

year old sister, and Wes heard a little girl saying help me as she

approached him, he turned around thinking it was my sister, and there

was no one there, he went to my sister's room and she was sound asleep.

Another one of my close friend's name is Matt, he is a frequent visitor,

and he also saw the man and heard the little girl's voice. Matt's

description of the man fit my mom's perfectly.

Another incident that happened, my mom, Matt,Wes, and myself were

all down stairs in the living room, talking about all the evidence,

which leads us to believe there are spirits here, and the pipes

upstairs, started up. They only do this when someone is running

water,Wes yelled "STOP",and the stopped for a second and made a long

moaning sound, which was followed by voices, although you couldn't make

out what they were saying.

Another 2 incidents have happened within the last month, Matt dared

his friend Peter to go upstairs and stay up there for 5 minutes, after

we had told him about all the stories. Peter went upstairs and realized

he had to go to the bathroom, so he went down the hall, and got to the

bathroom door,which is usually open, it was closed, and you can only

lock it from the inside, he turned the doorknob, and it would not open,

then when it finally opened the lights began to flicker on and off, he

ran downstairs, and is now a believer that our house is haunted.

The last one is really weird, all the other times something has

happened it was during the night, this was in the middle of the

afternoon, and my mom was folding laundry in our dining room, there is a

chandoleer over our dining room table, one of it's light bulbs fell out

of its socket, broke in the air, and hit the table, as soon as it hit

the table it started on fire!! This really freaked us out.

Although we know our house is haunted, we are going to stay, they

haven't did anything to harm anyone yet, and they are just ghosts with

unfinished business.....

Ghost Stalker


my family has had many ghostly encounters that seemed to follow us

wherever we moved. i remember back quite a few years ago when my

parents lived in this apartment. many eerie sounds and sights occured

there. one time i stayed overnite and shared my sister's room. i awoke

in the middle of the nite to use the bathroom. it took a lot of talking

to myself to open the door and walk through the dining room and living

room to the bathroom. as i proceeded through the rooms, i felt

something following behind me. the rooms were cold and the sense of

evil was present. i ran into the bathroom and slammed the door and as i

looked i saw the door knob turn. at this point i was petrified knowing

i had to go back out there. it took me 20 minutes to get up the courage

to open the door and run back to my sister's room. as i did this this

"presence" chased me. i slammed the bedroom door and jumped on the

bed. at that time the door flung opened and whatever is was sat down

beside me. my sister rolled under the bed and pushed as far back as she

could by the wall. i was shaking so bad but a calmness came over me as

i remembered something someone had told us. i began to recite the

lord's prayer and as i did the thing rose from the bed and went out of

the bedroom closing the door behind it. we discussed what had happened

the next morning with our parents and unfortunately this was not the

first time nor was it to be the last time.

Grandfather's Message


Well I don't know if you would like to put this down as a ghost seeing experience which I have had plenty of those as well but this story I tell you is absolutely true and means a lot to me and is always hard to tell cause of the emotions involved with it but I feel that if this is a serious Web page about such phenomenon then it might help support the beliefs of life after death.

My experience began one night while sleeping. I don't remember when it started but it felt very real and I know and don't question that it was real. I walked from room to room looking for the right one. For some reason my mother wasn't with me this time and the lights in the hospital hallway were off. Except for the red glow of the emergency exit signs and a bright light that extended from the bottom of a huge closed door at the end of the corridor, all were off. Still walking and looking at the numbers on the doors, I felt a cool breeze lightly drifting about. Then there he was appearing... no materializing right before me. My grandfather, a very tall man, stood before me looking down with sorrowful eyes and patting me on the head told me that he was no longer with us, that he had passed on. As he kneeled before me and put his hands on my shoulders and told me this, I felt something pass through him and into me. He smiled a little then stood back up patted me on the head again and started walking towards that huge door with the light and as he did the door slowly opened and people stood inside with the light glowing around them and waved for him to enter. I think that it was the strength and brightness of the light but he began to dissolve into the light and as he did I woke with a shaft of sunlight coming in through my window. Then I heard her. My mother downstairs on the phone crying as the people at the hospital gave my mom the news of my grandfathers death just minutes before they called her. When I walked down stairs. She was about to tell me with tears streaming down her face. I told her I knew...that I already knew. I told her that he told me. She looked at me with puzzlment and I told her exactally what I wrote here.

My grandfather passed something over to me and to this day I can feel my grandfather's presence with me and watching me. Wherever I go he's there

So, to all you people looking for hope of life after. Yes, I in my own way I know that there is more. We live a whole life of experiences both big and small, for what to die and be no more..thats it. I think not. I know not and so do you.

Rattlesnake Mountain


rattle-snake mountain,in reno,nv. (the party spot for the teenagers) a

couple of drunk teenagers were driving down a dirt road coming from a

party when they went around a corner to fast and tipped. everyone in the

car died instantly. last summer(1997)me, my boyfriend,his friend and my

sister, were coming down the same dirt road when we went around the same

corner and are car went on two wheels and when it was about to tip

something pushed the car back down and stopped the car. when we looked

out the windshiel the head lights were shining on a cross. the people

that were behind us came running down to see if we were okay. we asked

if they saw the cross and they didn't see anything. we looked and there

was nothing there. this has happened to a few people, people say the

teenagers that died there are not going to let anyone else die there.

A Warning


About 13 or 15 years ago. My grandparents owned a house In Arkansas, close

to a little town called Jacksonport. My mother was the oldest of 3 kids,

witht he youngest, my aunt, still living at home. On my visits to the

house I was always terrified for no specific reason.. Without Fail, I would

shiver and quake all night and Never get any sleep. I personally never saw

anything there, Just felt a prescence. But late on night, I'd say around 2

a.m or so I was reading on the couch in the living room, and Heard My

grandmother scream.. Now this was a woman who could and would stand toe to

toe with any man on this planet.. a full-blooded cherokee inidan, She was

afraid of Nothing... So Naturally I was terrified. I walked into their

bedroom to find Grandma sitting bolt upright in bed, whiter than the sheet

she lay on.. When I asked her what had happened she said that A man had sat

down beside her on the bed and stroked her hair. She thouht it was my

grandfather and turned to greet him but on turning no-one was there. Then

just as she was thinking it was just a dream and about to go back to sleep,

a vision as she called it appeared. She said the same man just materalized

in the doorway and told her that we must leave the house in the next 2

weeks. She said that he didn't seem Threatening or mean in any way, just

concerned. Well my Grandfather said it was a Load of S#*T and stayed.. Two

weeks to the day after this vision.. The White River overran it's banks and

flooded Jacksonport, and the house that my Grandparents lived in. They sold

the house while it was still in a state of disrepair and never entered it

again..The river has since stayed in it's banks and I drive by every once

in a while just because I have too to get where I'm going..But I always get

an eerie feeling just by looking at it... thanks for listening..

On Holiday


It is so nice to find people who take this seriously for a change and

not the usual sceptics who listen to you telling your experiences and

then nodding in agreement with a wry smile.

My Mum, sister and myself have been told that we are quite psychic. We

can tell if there is a presence wherever we are. I am too old now at 26

to have an over active imagination, so I know what occurred is true.

Here is one of many incidents that have happened to me.

My parents were on holiday and my sister, who is 8 years older than me,

and myself were the only ones in the house. We have separate bedrooms

at either end of a landing area. We had spent the evening in watching

TV, locked up the front and back doors, checked the windows were locked,

turned all the lights off and retired to bed. We both always shut our

bedroom doors completely, and my door handle is particularly stiff and

it can be heard distinctly when I open or shut my door. It was just

after midnight when I heard footsteps coming up the path and to the

front door and then stopped. My room is directly over the front door

and I am quite a light sleeper so this was not difficult to hear, and I

was not dreaming it. I turned on my light, opened my noisy door,

turning on any available light there was, stood at the top of the stairs

and shouted "Is there anybody there", no reply. I then went down the

stairs and entered the lounge, kitchen, dining room, again turning on

the lights, there was nothing there. I then felt I had imagined it and

went back to bed. I never mentioned this to my sister as I didn't want

to worry her or most of all, let her think I was being daft. The next

night I heard nothing, but my sister most certainly did. She asked me

two days after my incident, had I been up in the night and gone

downstairs for a drink. I told her that I hadn't and puzzled asked her

why. She told me that she had heard footsteps downstairs, which then

came up the stairs but then stopped. She apparently had shouted my name

to make sure I was alright, when I hadn't replied she had opened her

door and gone onto the landing, the lights were all off and there was no

one there. I then told her about my experience 2 nights previously

which we could both not explain. We weren't worried though as my

sisters father had died in that house, our grandma had died in my room

and many other relatives had died previously. All we could think was

that one of them had come to make sure we were alright, without our

parents, and that we were tucked into bed.

Rainbow Hands?

by name withheld by request

Let's start of this story with a little bit of an introduction. I grew up in a house built right before WWII. To my knowledge I know of no tragic deaths that occured in the house, although I do remember a previous owner telling me about her son being killed in Vietnam. My parents have lived in the house since 1974.

Since I was a small child I have felt uneasy when left alone and would rarely stay in a room by myself. As I got older I hated being home alone and would turn on lights in all connected rooms and shut the doors to all the others. I was very afraid of the upstairs and would not venture there alone until I was 13 and even then the hall light had to be on and the bedroom doors closed. When I moved up there I would not go into my room without a flashlight because the lightswitch was behind the door and I didn't want to be in the dark even in the few moments it took me to turn on the light.

Now to my story:

When I was little I used to see things that I called "rainbow hands." They were multicolored arm shaped objects that I would see everywhere when I was little. I remember they usually appeared around walls and seemed to be reaching out of them. I also remember that upon occasion I would wake up to see a rainbow hand above my head sticking out of the wall.

The rainbow hands didn't scare me until I got older. I stopped seeing them for awhile and decided that they were due to my overactive imagination. But then one day I saw one reaching out of the kitchen wall. I closed my eyes and reopened them and it was gone. I started to think that I was looney. I was only 10 or 11 and hadn't learned yet that ghosts weren't always white and see through, but could come in many forms.

One day I was talking to my Aunt when I mentioned the rainbow hands and she said that she used to see them too, but only out of the corner of her eye. This freaked me out really bad and for a long time I slept with a nightlight on.

I haven't seen any rainbow hands in a long time... maybe 7 or 8 years now.

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