Twenty Years Ago

By:       Anonymous

My story took place  almost twenty years ago. My husband and i bought an old house on the grounds of old highland plantation that burned in the early 1900's. Strange things began to happen soon after we moved in. Tv would change channels, water would run, objects would be moved. Pots and pans banged in an empty kitchen. My daughter was ten months old at the time. Being the granddaughter of 2 baptist preachers, i opened a bible and it seemed to die down. When my daughter was 2 we were taking a bath and i heard a mans voice. I called out to my husband thinking he had made it home from work. My 2 year old daughter tells me.. "thats not daddy. Thats choppy."  i asked who is choppy?  She replied..the man that lives behind the tv. I begin to question her and she said he was nice and was her friend. About a week later we were riding down the road and she began to talk about choppy again. She told me she loved choppy. She said "choppy was a save but he got out!" i said.. Ashley, did you say slave? She said uh huh.. I said is choppy a white man or a black man? She said he is a black man. When my two year old said the word slave, oh my god i almost wrecked. I knew she had never heard that word! I have since divorced and left my ex husband live happily ever after with choppy!  


A Terrifying Night


I have never had any experiences with "beings" in my house, and I was never a believer in such stories until it happened to me.  One night, I was awakened by something touching my leg that was hanging over the bed.  I tried to pull my leg away, but could not move it one inch.  I immediately woke up to get out of this horrible nightmare only to find that my leg was still being touched.  I tried to scream for my husband who was right next to me but was instantly told by something at the foot of my bed that he would not help me, no matter how hard I yelled. There were 3-4 beings in my room by now and they were cloaked in black with no faces.  They came in and out of our window.  They laughed at me, they touched me, they slowly pulled the covers off of my starting at the foot of the bed and then I felt tremendous pressure on me like someone was sitting on me.  This whole thing continued throughout the night, I was paralyzed, with enormous pressure on me all night long.  I screamed and screamed, I was soaking wet, even my hair and I was hoarse with yelling.  It was not until the light of morning came trickling through the window that they left, as quick as they came.  I could move. I screamed at my husband and he jumped up.  He looked at me with total shocked eyes.  I was a mess, soaking wet hair, swollen eyes from crying, and totally exhausted.  I asked him why he did not help me and he said.    "I heard you groaning and thrashing so I woke up and looked at you......I thought you were dreaming, so I let you sleep.   I was furious, but then I remembered one of the "beings" told me to stop yelling because even if he heard you, he would look at you and think you were dreaming".  I would not sleep in my bed for a few days, and when I did, I had to switch sides with my husband.  I have never been so scared in my life.  It haunts me to this day.  I have not had anything since. 


A Very True Story


The day before DisneylandI'm going to try and make this short. While I was in high school I belonged to the Granger high school concert choir of 1980. I had many friends that I grew up with were who were also in the choir. We had just had the time of our lives, spending two weeks touring Utah, Arizona,Nevada, and California. We had arrived in Anaheim California late one night, with three days left to go before going home. I had the pleasure of having the company of a very good friend at the time, his name was Earl. Earl and I had been bunk mates, and we had just spent two weeks spending time with the sponsor family's that we stayed with throughout the trip. Late that night we arrived at this Church House, even though it was late, there stood the Families waiting for us. Earl and I were chosen to go with a bigger group of guys, that was cool by us. A returned Missionary, whose family were gone on their vacation, took us into their house to spend the next two days. Me and Earl would talk about this later, that after the first day there something changed with the feeling of the house. When the both of us slept it was in a converted garage made to be another living room, and we both felt this eerie feeling, that we did not want to stay in that room this night, but we put it in the back of our minds and forgot about it.We went and sang our show, and after our group went to the movies, we saw Stir Crazy and Blazing Saddles, Two very funny movies. After, everyone was in high spirits, the show went well, the movies were great, now we had the rest of the night to just hang out it was 7:00 PM in the evening of the day before Disneyland. After we got settled the Missionary and a couple other guys said they were tired and were going to go to sleep, we looked at them like they were crazy, it was only 7:30 pm. We started to play cards and talk about scary movies. My friend Mike says he's getting a headache and gets up to go to his luggage in the other room to get aspirin, the garage room. After about 30 sec. Mike shows back up and he's as pale as can be, then he says, guys I think there is something wrong with that room.. Earl and I looked at each other and then we all looked back towards the dining room table and the kitchen, were we saw a huge shadow come through the kitchen and into the dining room and wrapped itself around the table and the dining light. All of a sudden the guys had this idea to start praying. Once again I looked at Earl and we both got this bad feeling that we were going to piss off whatever it was but we said nothing and bowed our heads. As soon as we closed our eyes I felt the sting of ice fingers pressing on my shoulders, I couldn't move or open my eyes. The guy saying the prayer could not speak, finally I was able to open my eyes and everything was still the same. It was still there. The guys in another great idea decided to start praying again, Earl and I kept our eyes open this time. There were two household cats, one was asleep under the table, but the other one was sitting bolt upright looking at the both of us, and then we heard something say HOW DARE YOU. Well needless to say Me and Earl were on our feet running from the house, the other guys followed. We stood there in the front yard and started talking about it and eventually decided to go back in. Everything was back to normal. Me and Earl decided we were going to sleep with the other guys tonight but we needed to go and get some blankets in the other room, so I volunteered to go get them. Earl followed a little but stopped short of the kitchen, as I continued to the door to the other room I noticed the cats were back to normal and were acting hungry but as soon as I opened that door the cat's hissed and ran from the kitchen. As I looked into the room the light was on and it seemed really bright, as I stepped into the room I felt instantly cold, but I focused on the blankets and walked to them, picked them up, and as soon as I turned around to leave I was once again frozen and could not move. As I was looking toward the kitchen I saw Earl standing in the doorway waving at me yelling for me to get the hell out of there. All I could do was stand there and as I did so I saw great huffs of cold breath shooting over my shoulder, something was right behind me. I saw Earls eyes get really big and he started waving at me again, I finally was able to move and ran for the door and literally dove through the it, whatever it was? Was on my tail until I hit the door. Earl and I never said a word to the other guys about that. The next morning the missionary and the other guys who went to sleep early were normal, they never heard a sound, I don't think it was supposed to happen to them.Disneyland was a drag, most of the good rides were closed. And we sang a very bad show.



Ghost at Dad's House



One day I was sleeping over my Dad's house.  I could not go to sleep.  Everyone in the house was asleep.  Next thing you know, it sounded like someone was walking heavily down the hallway.  Then I was staring towards the hallway and it looked like someone came out of the hallway and ran across the opening between the hallway and the kitchen. When the ghost got into the kitchen it walked heavily in the kitchen, opened the basement door, slammed it and walked heavily down the stairs and started coughing.  The history about my Dad's house is about a guy named Gavin who went downstairs to do laundry.  Gavin had a heart attack and died right in the middle of the basement. The coughing in the basement is most likely him dieing right there in the basement, and the sound of the banging is probably him trying to get someone's attention.




Ghost Voices


This happened a couple of months back. I have not seen the spirit, but I did hear its voice. I was babysitting and had two little kids in the room with me. We were playing "This little piggy went to market." I was playing with the youngest one, and as I was reciting the childhood rhyme from years before, I heard a childish voice imitating me. I asked my sister, who was babysitting with me, if she had been playing with me. She said that she hadn't. I knew it couldn't have been the kids we were watching, because the two older ones were in the living room watching a movie. And the voice didn't sound like two kids I was playing with. But it has only happened once. It seems kind of weird, but I have heard voices like that before, so I'm not really surprised. 



Haunted House


This house has been in the family for several years. All I know is that when I was a child growing up in this house several weird and unusual things happened.  You could hear heavy footsteps of someone walking around up in the attic. (My mom told me that this was her grandfather.) You would hear men playing pool in the cellar - you would hear men talking and pool balls cracking on the table. ( My uncle brought home a pool table for us to play pool) I believe that the pool table is no longer in the house. The second floor everything would rattle like there was an earthquake. (this was very scary) My Dad could smell the heavy scent of women's perfume. My bed used to shake. ( I used to yell to my parents stop shaking the bed, they weren't in the room) I am sure that there is many other things that have happened. This house to me growing up was very scary. I now see that it is on the market and I wouldn't purchase this home ever.  I recall my parents telling me that the house isn't haunted or there is nothing there. Not until recently they have told me that YES, everything that you complained about it true -----all the noises.






I believe I wasn’t so much haunted by 1 spirit but many in a house.  15 years ago we lived in a house that was built in the late 1800’s and was owned by a doctor that passed before we bought it.  During the remodeling we found many notes and old magazines that showed the house’s age on the walls.  I am unsure of how many times I saw the spirits.  Some were rather frightening.  A homeless man peering down at me or a shadow man motionlessly watching me at the end of the bed were the more frightening encounters.  Some were comforting like a being of light that would float above shelving next to my bed.  There were many times my family would experience frightening dreams that were quite similar in nature.  I haven’t experienced any phenomenon since and now live in a house where the man died.  I still haven’t experienced anything more than regular old house sounds.  Thank you for listening!



My In-Laws Creepy House


Hi, I'm Deanna, sending in stories, this time they happened to me and my in laws. This has taken place at my mother in laws in Saskatchewan, Canada. All these stories happened at my boyfriend's mom's house. Which is in a wooded area. Story 1: This was when me and my boyfriend have started dating (Fall 2006), and this was around midnight. I was hungry, and asked my bf to get me something to eat. So he went upstairs while I waited downstairs in his room. Before he left, I asked him to close the door, because I always have this weird feeling of someone staring at me. Anyways, he's been up there awhile, I guess he was making me noodles lol. I was on my cell texting my friends, sitting on the bed. All of a sudden I hear shuffling on the other side of the door, like someone throwing clothes around. I shrugged it off and figured it was my mother in law sorting out the laundry. But then I thought "why would she be doing laundry at this time of night?". I turned the TV to mute, and listened for awhile. I still kept hearing this noise, and I kept telling myself "it's probably somebody, you're just hearing things". Then the noise got louder, and this time I heard what sounded like scratching on the door in one long stroke. I was like "holy crap", my heart kept beating really fast. I looked down to see if there was a shadow, and sure enough, there was. :O Oh my god, I couldn't believe my eyes, I kept thinking "is this really happening?". Then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, as soon as the footsteps got closer to the bottom, that shadow moved away from the door. Here my bf opened the door, and I said in a scared tone "is your mom or anybody else down here?", and he said "no, why?". I then told him what had happened to me, and he told me that everyone was already sleeping when he got up there. Story 2: Every time we stop by to visit my in laws, they always have a story for us to hear. She told us stories like, one night she was sleeping with her daughter in her room. She got up for no apparent reason, she looked towards the closet and she seen a dark shadow, which looked like a very tall man, she said it must have been at least 7' tall. She thought it was just her being tired, or it must have been a dream, but she realized it was real. That shadow looked like it was staring at her. She was really scared, then turned to her left side, and not taking her eyes off of this thing. It then moved towards the door, made it's way down the hallway, then just like that, it was gone. That was all she had seen that night. No noise. She then asked my father in law the next morning if anyone came into her room, or if anyone was up. He then said "I was sleeping, I didn't go to your room". She had asked everyone in the house the same thing, but nope, everyone was fast asleep. Story 3: Here is another story my mother in law told us. One night, my father in law went sleep downstairs in the big open area, because it was hot upstairs. This was during this past summer '09. As he was laying down in bed, he had just fell asleep, when out of nowhere he heard what sounded like loud foot steps on the stairs. He looked around, while laying in bed, he looked towards the stairwell, when he saw a lady's head peeking towards him behind the wall of the stairwell. He got really scared, but then thought "maybe it's Melina (my mother in law) trying to scare me". He then tried to go back to bed, but he had this feeling of being watched, when he looked back to the same place, he then saw that same woman again, this time she moved her head back as if it were trying not to get seen. He freaked out, looked away, then looked back, she was there again. Finally he got fed up, he got up from the bed went to the stairs, but nobody was there. If someone was there, he would have heard footsteps running away. He found it odd, so then he went upstairs and he seen that lady (all in white) walk towards my mother in law's room. He thought it was her, but when he got in her room, she was out like a light. He woke my mother in law up, and asked why she was downstairs looking at him, she replied "what are you talking about? I was sleeping this whole time". He then freaked out, because my mother in law was wearing a red shirt, and grey shorts. This woman he had seen was wearing white, like a night gown. It would be impossible for someone to get changed that quick, when he was following this thing not even 3 seconds behind it. This doesn't stop there. Story 4: This happened either in the fall or winter, I don't remember, but it was last year '08. My in laws dog had given birth to 9 puppies, and my bf's little sister was always outside playing with the little pups. One day she was outside in front of the house, playing around with the puppies, she was petting them and whatnot. She was telling the puppies of how cute they were. Then right behind her, she heard a little girl say "aww, those puppies are real cute". She didn't recognize the voice, so she looked back and nobody was with her. She got really scared, then went running inside to tell her mom. Her mom told her nobody was outside or visiting. Story 5: My boyfriend was visiting his parents, and I stayed back home. There were 5 of them playing texas hold 'em one night, back in Winter 2007. It was around 2 in the morning, they were all having a good time, when my bf's little brother came to my mother in law complaining of a tooth ache, so then she went to his room and comforted him. My bf happened to glance towards the hallway and looked back at his cards, when he saw at the corner of his eye a tall shadow walking to the living room. He didn't think much of it, he thought it was his dad, but then he remembered that he was sleeping in the other room. He freaked out, and asked his relatives if they saw it, but they said no. About 10 minutes after that happened, his relatives went home because my bf freaked them out. Then he later went to his room and fell asleep. The next morning he was talking to his mom, she then asked if he came upstairs later that night, and he said "no, why?", and then she replied "I saw a tall shadow standing at my door looking at me". After she told my bf that, he freaked out, he then told her what he had seen the night before. Story 6: Sorry for taking so much space, but these all occured at the same house and I wanted to share these with you. [January 2007] My sister started going out with my bf's best friend, and they both slept over at my bf's house. I was back at home. This was after midnight, when my bf and brother in law were playing game when they were interrupted by what sounded like the couch upstairs move. They paused the game, and then went upstairs to investigate. They then found out everyone was sleeping, and the loveseat looks like it was moved. Because it was facing the TV(which was south east) before they went downstairs earlier, and when they saw it, it was facing directly south. They freaked out, goosebumps and all. During this time, my sister was downstairs in my bf's room (which is below the living room). When out of the blue she woke up, and looked towards the tv and saw my bf playing game, then asked him "where's ron(my brother in law)??", then he said "just go back to sleep" in a mean tone. She found it weird because why would her brother in law talk like that towards her. She faced the wall, and started panicing, because she knew it wasn't him. She then looked back and it was gone. (keep in mind, this happened to my sister when my bf and brother in law were upstairs investigating the sound). Then my bf ran downstairs to find my sister crying, he asked what was wrong, and then she told him. They went upstairs, and all talked about what had happened. My sister was freaked out the most, because she could have sworn she had seen my bf.(my sister has a gift, but I won't get into details, that's another story). This still gives me the creeps to this day. Story 7: My bf's little brother Brayden aka BJ (who is 7 by the way), always tells my mother in law that he always sees a little boy in the basement around the age of 4 or 5 who wants to play with him. This happened at least 7 or more times. My bf also seen this little person while me and him were cleaning the basement for his mom. Also his little sister has seen it a few times. This is the freaky part, one night we slept over at the same house, in my bf's old room. He had a dream about a little boy coming into the room,crying, with his arms open, coming towards him. My bf described him having short black hair, no shoes on, old style pants that was worn out, either a gray or white t shirt, and in his dream, this boy had the creepiest eyes, which were all black. This is creepy. My bf then described of how this boy looked like to BJ, and BJ said "yeah, that's how that boy looks. The one I see". ugh, gives me the creeps. We (as in me, my bf, and brother) slept over at my in laws one weekend. We thought it would be a cool idea to try some EVP's in the room we were in, and leave a video camera out in the big open area of the basement. We didn't think we would catch anything, but when we reviewed the tape, we heard someone talking in the background with us in the room. This freaked us out, because we were telling scary stories, and everyone else was quiet except for the one telling the story, but we couldn't make out the voice that was talking in the background. It was neither of us. We found some orbs on the video tape, and heard thumping noises upstairs, like someone banging their feet on the floor. We didn't hear this when we were in the room, and everyone else was sleeping upstairs. We were all scared sh*tless when we heard all of this.  Story 8: Last one I promise. My bf was babysitting his siblings, and they had visitors over that evening. This must have been around 9 pm. He was in his room in the basement, watching a movie. He heard little kids laughing and whispering like they were beside the other side of the door. He looked at the bottom of the door, and saw shadows of people standing there. He didn't think much of it, he thought it was his sister and her friends fooling around. Then he told them to leave him alone, and to go upstairs, when all of a sudden he heard 2 loud blows to the door. He got fed up, and then went running to open his door, when he opened it, it sounded like footsteps running upstairs. He then went upstairs to ask the girls why they were bothering him, and banging on his door. Then they told him they've been upstairs in the room playing dolls the whole time. He noticed the serious look on their faces, and knew he experienced something out of the ordinary. This freaked him out big time. Wouldn't you be scared if you thought your little sister and her friends were bugging you, when they've been upstairs the whole time? Thanks for taking the time in reading this. These are only little of the stories of what has happened here. 




My Old Apartment


Back in 77 after my parents divorced my sister & I  along with our mum moved into a large 2 bedroom apartment. Now my sister & I shared the bedroom. On a few occasions I had seen people in my bedroom @ night when everyone else was asleep. I remember one night I had trouble sleeping so my sister let me sleep in her bed,however on this night I couldn't fall asleep as I laying in bed awake a man was kneeling @ the side of the bed where I was laying. He had long black hair with face painted white with black & red stripes on his cheeks wearing a black cloak made out of silk. Now he was solid and I didn't know who or what he was I was only 3 but I knew in my mind that he wasn't supposed to be in our room. Well he appeared multiple times that night but the weird thing was he kept touching my stomach with his finger. this whole time I am trying to wake my sister up but she's in a deep sleep, finally I gave up & ran out and  into my mums room and she insisted I had a nightmare but let me sleep in her room. The next experience was when I was the only one awake as I stayed in bed playing with my stuffed animals late @ night. As I was playing with my stuffed animals I saw a woman in a wedding like dress walking into our room, now she looked over @ my sister as she was in the doorway then when our eyes met she had a look of shock that I was able to see her. I remember dropping my woody woodpecker doll on the floor as I went to reach for it she was nearly @ the foot of my bed,so I put the covers over my head. I remember her tugging the sheets gently to get my attention, finally I screamed , after that she looked confused & proceeded to walk towards the doorway watching me the entire time till she walked out the door.  The last experience actually happened while I was alone in the apartment which I was only 4 @ the time. I was in my mums bedroom sitting on her bed & this time it was during the day. As I looked in the direction of the doorway I saw a woman standing there watching me. I remember her wearing a green sweater & a long black dress. For some strange reason I remember having a box of aluminum foil by my side which I used to hide my eyes, hoping the woman would be gone, but when I moved the box away from my eyes she was still there but slowly walking into the room. Out of fear, I threw the box @ her, which pissed her off cause she grabbed  & slammed it down on the nightstand, letting out an angry grunt.. Now mums bedroom door was a swinging door which entered the kitchen, as I went to open the door there was a tall man  with curly black hair  standing there trying to put the hook into the whole to lock me in which he didn't succeed. The lady went to reach out for me & I remember running into my bedroom and climbing out the window & ran into the corner store in which was the front of our building.  We moved out of the apartment when I was 5. Even after 30 yrs I still remember everything as if it were just an hour ago.



My Story


It was a rainy November day , Bored and depressed.Grey raining days always affected my moods. My husband  asked me if I wanted to go for a drive in the country, I  never really liked going anywhere when  it was  raining, but today I felt I needed to get out, maybe this would get me out of my grey mood. I got my camera ready, hoping to get some nice photos of  the mountains .As my husband was driving , I imagined that we were on our way to Nashville- or maybe to my sisters in Arkansas….I have really been missing those days when we use to go out of town for the weekend… seems like these days we don’t ever do anything by ourselves anymore… 2 hours into the drive- I asked my husband if he would pull over somewhere so I could smoke a cigarette- since he is a non-smoker, I don't like him breathing my cigarette smoke. He  got off the highway and  pulled up in front of a civil war cemetery.. I lit my cigarette and we started walking inside the cemetery, I’ve always liked reading the names on the tombstones, I thought Chris was by me, he wasn’t,  he was about 5 tombstones away from me, He looked as though he was spaced out or something, talking to someone , but I didn’t see anyone there  with him. I walked up to where he was  and called his name- but he didn’t even hear me  and I was’nt that far from him… “Hey” I yelled out to him, “I have been calling you-“ “What is wrong?”  he was touching his head, saying that it hurt really bad, I started taking pictures of him- He usually doesn’t like me doing that- but  this time he didn’t get mad, or say anything about me taking his picture. I thought to myself’This isn’t like him”He was still being  quiet and in a daze, then suddenly he snapped out of it  and told me that he felt like something went inside of his body… he said  his head starting hurting really bad, and that he felt a lot of anger…. I told him that we had better leave and get back on the road…. As he was driving  I kept thinking about what had just happened at the cemetery, It really scared me- I never saw him act that way before…..We finally got to the blue ridge mountains, and they were as beautiful as ever- The trees  still had their fall color, and the mountains looked like they were on fire-  I was so glad that my husband suggested we go on this trip. We hung around there enjoying the view and breathing in the fresh mountain air, I didn’t want to go back home, But we had to, since it was Sunday and tomorrow was back to work…..I took a lot of pictures  on the way up there and back, I couldn’t wait to upload the pictures to our computer when we got back home… We were almost home, and I thanked  Chris for taking me to the mountains….. We got to the house, and I went up stairs to load the pictures up……What I caught on my camera, totally shocked me , I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.!!- To me it looked like a man with a dog by it's head  and the man carrying something... I have tried to edit the picture  but couldn't, anyway I t ook a few more this is the only one I have  at my work computer the rest are at home . The other one was  of a man with a big mustache  looked like a civil war soldier with his cap   and  a horse. It is weird!!  My husband  has this gift  that when he is around  some places  like  cemetaries or  other places  he can feel  things and have a ghost spirit get inside of him..  My story " November day is made up- We were really at Loretta Lynns Ranch in Hurrican Mills Tennesee when this happened ....  I hae lots more pictures that i took at her ranch , which  is haunted ....  


Of Demons and Werewolves


I actually have a lot of stories to tell pertaining to the paranormal. I might as well start with my first experience with what I can only describe as "demons." At the time I was 16 years old and I had went to live with my father (my parents are divorced) after living with my mother for most of my life. My father lived on an old hay farm, with about 4 families (including my own) living in the area. It was Autumn when it occurred, at around 4 or 5 pm. I was taking a walk down the dirt road from where I was living, to a house my father had started building 15 years ago, but never finished. The unfinished house was where I kept my weights for working out and such. I stayed for about an hour working out, until it started to get dark. I decided it was about time I went back home, so I put away the weights and went outside. There was a nice breeze outside so I stopped and stood for a second enjoying it. That's when I heard a noise to my left, coming from inside the woods. (I guess this would be a good time to mention that the farm had a lot of trees that surrounded most of the area, a small forest if you will) It sounded like something swinging, back and forth slowly. I didn't pay much heed to it, I just decided to start walking home. Not more than a minute of walking, an eerie feeling came over me, as if I was being watched, or followed. I looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary, except I noticed the swinging noise once again, but in a different spot. I suddenly found myself afraid, for a reason at the time I couldn't explain. I started walking faster, my breathing quickened with the fear that gripped me. Suddenly, an image came into my mind so very clear, almost real. I saw a figure hanging by its neck from a tree. The figure was covered in bandages, between the gaps of the bandages was discolored skin covered in gashes. One of it's "eyes" was not covered by the bandages, it was totally black. It only seemed like a second that the image came into my mind, yet the second my attention strayed from the image, I suddenly found myself running as fast as I could in the woods. I stopped and looked around, still quite freaked out. While trying to determine exactly where I was, I noticed the sound again. From somewhere in the woods, the sound of swinging echoed around the trees. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The image came to mind again, a ghastly figure hanging from a tree, and the sound of swinging. What I heard next made my heart sink. I heard a thump, like something fell to the ground. I froze, until I heard what sounded like feet sliding through the fallen leaves. At that point, I believe I screamed, before running in the direction I believed-- I hoped-- my house was. As I ran, I could hear the steps become faster behind me. I wasn't about to look behind me, but while running, I had this dreadful feeling that whatever was chasing me was catching up. I'm not sure how long I was running for, but at one point I noticed the sound of running was gone. Needless to say, I didn't stop running. That is, until I saw something ahead of me. I came face to face with the figure in the image, hanging by a tree. From what I remember it didn't move, but I sure did. At that point I was too scared to even scream, I just kept running. From where I was, it didn't take me long to get home. Let me tell you though, I did not stop running when I came to my house, or even once I got inside. I said nothing to my father or grandmother, I ran straight into my room and stayed there for the remainder of the night. The second incident I will write happened much more recently, I believe it was 3 months ago (I am currently 20) or around it. That day I went to visit my best friend who lives at the border of my town and the next one over. We made plans to do what we have been doing for quite some time now, "demon hunting." Both of us have been quite "aware" as we like to call it, of paranormal activity. After the episode I described above, somewhat similar incidents began occurring more frequently. Now I imagine that such things didn't just start happening more, but that I had just become more aware of them, and in turn, they became more aware of me. Anyway, to the story. My friend and I hung out til nightfall, then we went for a walk down the dark and empty streets nearby. We had done this plenty of times before, we would usually see what people call "shadow people/beings", which have been a pretty common sighting for me for about 3 years. Aside from them, we also would see other kinds of apparitions along the roads at night. Sometimes we'd he noises, such as one night, when we heard what sounded like a cross between a crow and dog, crow-howl in the distance about three times, and other strange things. This night was different though. We made our rounds, visiting the most active places, yet we saw nor heard anything unusual. We were a little disappointed, so we started heading back to his place. About a half mile from his house we heard what we thought was a coyote in the distance, maybe a mile away in the direction of a patch of woods. Coyotes are quite common around that area, as we have had more than one run in with them. We stopped to listen, hoping we wouldn't have to come across a pack of coyotes. However, what we heard didn't exactly sound like coyotes. We did hear howling, though knowing how coyotes sound, along with all the yips and other noises they make, we noticed they didn't really sound much like coyotes. My friend and I, being quite fond of wolves, fancied us the thought that the howls might be from wolves, and not coyotes. With a little discussion, and no thinking whatsoever, we decided it'd be cool to howl back. Smart thinking, right? I was the first one to do so, followed my my friend doing his best howl. Immediately we were answered by a howl in the distance, which excited us a little. Then came another howl, and another. We quickly noticed that the howling became more frequent, as well as louder. Soon our excitement turned to nervousness at the thought that they might be coming after us, as if we just issued some sort of challenge. We looked to each other, silently deciding to continue walking. Before we took too many steps though, we heard a howl that made us freeze. Among the many howls rose one that sounded 10 times louder than the rest. It was a deep yet piercing howl, one that filled our very souls with dread. That single howl must have lasted for a full 30 seconds. I can only explain it by saying that it is probably the closest thing to what a werewolf might sound like if it howled. We just stood there in complete fear, shaking and speechless, all from a single howl. A paralyzing howl that sounded otherworldly, perhaps demonic. Coming to our senses, we wasted no time and began sprinting toward my friend's house. It wasn't long though before the howls sounded close, too close. We could even hear paws racing through the grass. While running we came to a house, and were going to run past it, but for some reason my body wouldn't allow me to keep going, I was frozen at that house. The next howl brought us to realize that they were just behind that house. Fear had a tight grip on us, but I managed to run over to the house, and began banging on it wildly. Two men cam out, asking why there was banging on their door at such an hour. Shaking and studdering, we explained ourselves to them. To our surprise, they didn't label us crazy, in fact, they told us they had heard a dreadful shriek come from the woods one one or two occasions before, though it didn't seem like it was what we heard. If they heard what we did they probably would have moved away. While my friend talked to them, I realized that I had heard nothing since the two men came out. I looked all around and saw nothing, didn't even hear a low growl. I wondered if they could be lying in wait. About that time the two men offered us a ride to my friend's house, which we accepted, quite relieved. We both looked around as they drove us to my friend's place, though we saw nothing. It didn't take long to get there, and we thanked them as they drove off. We both sighed in relief as we walked to his front door. That is, until we heard the howls suddenly pick up again, not even 15 seconds after the two men had driven off. That followed us! My heart nearly pounded right through my chest as we dashed to the door. Because we expected to stay out all night, his mother had locked the door for the night. He didn't have a spare key at the time, so we began banging on the door and yelling. With not much time to spare, his mother came and opened the door, yelling at us for making such a racket. We payed her little attention and ran into the house, shutting the door and locking it. We explained to his mother, who didn't totally believe us, but seeing us shake like we were, she didn't dismiss our story either. She told us to get some rest and went back to bed, but we weren't going to get any sleep that night. We stayed up, watching the windows, fearing that any second something might come crashing through. Luckily for us nothing did. Though, at one point I saw a large gray blur dart between the two vehicles outside.  The next morning, after the sun had been up for a while, we decided it's be safe to go outside. We looked all around the area for tracks of our pursuers. Tracks we found, canine paw prints, much larger than what would come from a wolf or coyote. The prints were about the size of an open hand. It was around this time that we truly realized exactly how lucky we were to be alive. We still remember that night, as vividly as when we experienced it, along with that ungodly, paralyzing howl. These are the two most frightening stories I have to tell, though there are many, many more. In case you were wondering, I live in the state of Maine. My friend and I see and feel both what we call spirits and demons often, and keep each other posted on such matters. From what we've noticed, such occurrences are happening more and more. Whether this is because we're just become more aware, or if this means something is happening, we do not know. I just thought I'd share some of what I've seen with you all. Believe it or deny it, that is up to you, though I swear both stories are true. And to follow up on the first story, the demon I encountered still resides in my woods, though it seems to be unable to leave them. Now and then if I'm near the woods at night, I can hear it swinging, sometimes it moves and swings in a different spot. My friend has also heard and felt its presence, and we both believe that it cannot take form, but creates images and sounds in order to frighten victims and steal energy. I would go into detail about "energy", or what people might call ki/chakra, but that's a story for another time, and perhaps even less believable than what I have just posted. Anyway, if you have any questions or anything, feel free to e-mail me.




Our House

By:       [

The house my husband and I live in now has been in the family for many years, close to 70.  It was built in 1903, and we don't know anything about who lived in the house before my family. The house, it goes without saying, needs a lot of TLC and has had many updates over the years and it is big with four huge bedrooms that we keep shut off. I got married in May of this year, the recession caused my husband to be out of work and had to move out of our home, so we were forced to move into this old house. It sat empty for 3 years before we moved in.  At first, we only heard music playing.  Old, country music.  It seems to play at random times with no particular schedule and it always seems to come out of our dining room..  My great grandmother died in the dining room in the 70's unexpectedly before I was born, but from what I hear about her, this spirit (or spirits) doesn't feel like her.About a week or so ago, we decided to check out the attic to see if there is room up there to put in an upstairs.  The attic, it turns out, is as big as the entire house.  To get to it, you have to go in through our bedroom closet (incidentally the only closet in the house) and climb a wooden ladder through a small opening.  It is very dark and naturally very creepy.  I decided to let my husband do the exploring, and I came back down to wait in the closet and I made an unexpected discovery, a narrow, four foot high door to no where..I happened to look very close at that particular section of wall because it looked different than the rest of the closet, and I noticed there was a door that had been boarded shut.  I called my husband down and he unboarded it, revealing nothing but a concrete wall behind it.  That is creepy enough, but what happened last night scared the crap out of me.I am a chronic insomniac, I am usually up late at night and very early in the morning.  Last night, I was sitting on the couch with our dog and I heard what I thought was my husband walking around in the bedroom, which is right off of the living room.  I checked on him and he was asleep.  I was pretty uneasy but I went back and sat down, I even turned on a movie but I heard  the footsteps over the television.  They sounded like they were coming from the front porch this time, which is just outside the living room and the bedroom.  It's a covered front porch and the attic goes over the porch as well.  I turned on the porch light, and peeked out the door, sure I would catch someone messing around out there, but there was no one..Again I tried to brush it off, I tried to convince myself it was a dog but I know that dog footsteps do NOT sound like that, even a big one.  This sounded like a grown man, and a heavy one at that, slowly pacing on the porch or maybe even in the attic above the porch.  I turned up the volume and tried hard to get into the movie and I was convinced I wasn't going to hear it again when I did, and this time it was running.  Like someone was running from the other side of the porch to the window that the couch sits in front of, then abruptly stopping.I turned the TV off and went to bed, and my husband told me he thought he heard someone outside but he figured maybe I went to walk the dog.  When I told him what I had heard, he checked and found no one outside, like I knew he would.After I went to bed, I didn't hear anything else until the middle of the night when our dog, a 4 year old pug who is very polite and NEVER barks, even when someone is outside, woke us up having a barking fit.  I think whatever was making the footsteps scared our dog last night.Our house seems to be having a paranormal flare up.





My Family and Friends Experiences


I have sent a story last month, and thanks for posting it. I'm going to tell you more personal experiences, and stories I have heard from my family and friends. Story 1: This has happened to my dad while he was attending a community college named Blue Quills, near St. Paul Alberta, Canada in January or February 1998. Keep in mind that he was a skeptic, like I would tell him "scary" stories, and he would ALWAYS try to debunk it. Anyways, there was this janitor who told my dad that he hears the piano playing in the storage room near the cafeteria, when he cleans up at night. My dad, did not believe him. Until my dad was in the cafeteria getting something to eat, out of nowhere, he heard the piano playing. He thought it was someone practicing. So he went to investigate. To his surprise, nobody was in that room. He heard no footsteps, or did not see anyone walk in our out of that room. He was a believer from then on. Story 2: I live on reservation, and like all reservations, in a wooded area. This time, me and my mom saw something. We were visiting my grandpas this one afternoon, I must have been around 14. Where my family lives, there are 4 houses that are walking distance. They decided to put their houses like this, closer to each other lol. And they're about maybe 250 yards apart from each other. Anyway, before I ramble on, after me and my mom were visiting my grandpa, we were walking to our car, and I looked over to my grandma's house. I saw my grandma, or which appeared to look like her, then I said "Look mom, grandmas looking at us". So we waved at her, then she waved back. So we drove to her house, and to our surprise, she was in her room and just got up from a nap. My mom then asked her "were you sleeping?", then my grandma said "yeah", and said "why?". My mom replied "we thought we seen you waving at us from the kitchen window", then my grandma said "nobody else is in the house except for me and Owen (my uncle). And Owen is in his room taking a nap". Then I thought "What the hell were we waving at?". ugggh, gives me the creeps. We could have sworn, we saw an old lady with braids (like my grandma does) at the window looking at us, then waved back us. Gives me the creeps when I think about this.   Story 3: This story took place in the place I mentioned above (my grandpa's house). We used to live there before we got our new place which is 3 kms west of my grandpa's house. Anyways, this happened when I was about 11. I was always into recording stuff back then with our old cassette player. We had a basement that you can only get into from going outside. One afternoon, I was playing in the basement with my 4 other cousins, and my sister, I don't remember what we were playing, but I took the stereo tape recorder downstairs to play with. All of us were running around, going to the stereo making funny noises, then run around, and so forth. About a week later, I was playing the cassette tapes to see if I can re-record music on them or whatnot, then I came across to the tape we were playing with that day in the basement. I was laughing at how we sounded, and then out of the blue, I heard a baby crying. I honestly remember, there was definitely no baby with us down there when we were playing. Plus there was no baby in the house at all at that time. I freaked out, and kept playing it back, and then I showed my sister. She was pretty freaked out as well. I asked if her or any of our cousins were making baby noises while they were by the stereo, and she said no. I believed her because she stayed by the stereo the whole time. Now that's scary. Story 4: This happened in the same house, I was about 12 when this happened. I was babysitting, and had some cousins from next door visiting. There were about 10 of us there LOL. I was babysitting my 2 younger brothers, and younger sister that night. My parents went out to watch a movie I think. But anyway, my sister was doing her homework on the kitchen table, and underneath the table theres a vent that leads downstairs, and you can hear anyone talking if someone were down there if you sit by it. This was around 10 pm. So, I was in the living room watching TV, then I noticed my sister aiming her head towards the vent, as if she were trying to hear something. Then she said "Shhhh, do you guys hear that?". And I said "what?", she said "I hear a baby crying". The youngest one in the house was my brother who was 2, and he was in the living room, watching tv, and not crying. Then all of us were leaning towards the vent, and shockingly, we ALL did hear a baby crying. We got scared and started phoning someone from next door to come over. Nobody came over, they were busy. Then finally my parents came back, and they asked what was wrong, because we were crying. We told them. That's not the first time I heard a baby cry in that house. There's 5 people I know of that lived there before us, and they were our family. Not sure who lived there before them, but it was built almost 40 years ago. Again, I was 12, same house. This time there were adults with me to hear it. Back then we were so into WWF lol, we ordered it on PPV, and my uncles from next door came to watch. This was during the day, around 3 pm. As we were getting into the wrestling match, I got up to get a drink, and walked towards the kitchen. My mom was washing the dishes, I stopped halfway, I thought I heard a baby crying. I stood there to hear it again, sure enough, that same cry. I walked to my mom, and asked "mom, do you hear that baby crying?", she said "you hear it too?". I was surprised. I then walked back to the couch, I could still hear a baby crying, I asked my dad "do you hear that dad?", he muted the TV, and listened. He said "check on your brother". I went check up on him, he was fast asleep, and I could still hear that baby crying. I told my dad "he's sleeping", and then said "what is that then?", I said "I don't know!". So yeah, that house still gives me the heebie jeebies. My grandpa still lives there to this day. Thanks for reading, I'll be sure to post more! :D




Pine Hollow Cemetery


  Along a road on Long Island , a small cemetery that would have gone unnoticed if not it's paranoraml happenings.   The Cemetery is Pine Hollow in a town of the same name.  This is a very strange place in deed.  I have had a few expeiences there that tell me it is haunted but not by a bad spirit or spirits.   The first time I went looking I passed it and went tot he end of the road , turned around and came back still not seeing it. I went home and went on Google and looked for info and found an overhead map [Google Earth] with the stores acrossthe road and all. The next time I went with my son and we saw a long road up a hill so we walked it, and walked it and walked it.   We went to the end of the road and no cemetery so we  went back to the car. The hill was a lot like a ski slope it was very steep so when we got to he car I was quite tired.  I said I'd go down the road a little and if not find it turn around and never come back.  I drove around a quarter of a mile and suddenly I looked in my mirror and there was the entry signpost.  I do not know what made me look in the mirror and if I hadn't I would have missed it.   We turned and went into the front parking area , if you can cal it that.   We went inside and looked around.  I was looking for a specific grave and found it so I knew I was in the right place.   Nothing happened.   That is until I looked at the many photos I took and found one with a strange glowing orb in it.  I had the sun to my back so it was not any of the obvious kind of things it could have been.   My son walked talking to the dead as I took photos but nothing special happened.    A few days later I went to find out who the 7 Civil War soldiers were.  I knew they were African American , or as the official files show US  Colored Volunteers, but wanted to know more.  As I entered the cemetery I go the chills, the hair ont he back of my neck stood up and I felt I was being watched.   I went up to the old area and made rthe ledft turn to go to the 2 unmarked soldier's graves and as I got about 10 feet in I again felt the preesence and the hairs on the3 back of my neck stood up and again I go the feeling of being watched.   I walked a few more steps when out of the corner of my eye I saw a man standing looking at me as if he were already in the cemetery but I was alone.   I was startled and looked for others.  As I did this he disappeared.  I was not afraid just startled.   I took 2 more steps and again the same feeling and again he was there.  About 6 foot without a head just a body wearing a jacket and cape top cover.  I knew the clothing as an amateur Civil War historian it was a "greatcoat" or overcoat worn in the Civil War.   I took photos and nothng else happened so I left.    The next weekend at around 11 AM I went back with my son.  He was upset he said things never happen to him and why does all the good stuff happen to me.   The cemetery was quiet and very peacefulso I took a bunch of photos and as we were going to leave I was looking toward thw 2 unknown soldiers graves when he said " WOW did you see that"!    I asked what and he said a black round ball fly over one of the known soldiers's grave.  I was looking right in line of flight of the ball but saw nothing.  There were no birds flying, no bugs and certainly no one throwing a ball or a ball.     We left wondering what happened.   The next time I went back I was looking again at the soldiers particularly and taking photos of the 5 known graves to look up on line the units etc..  I met the caretaker fromt he church and we  spoke for a while.   He told me thew whole history of the cemetery and some of the grave areas.  The care taker was James, for the life of me I cannot remember the last name but he was 70 years old and an ex Marine.  James and I spoke for at least an hour and as we spoke I saw a cat suddenly appear 30 years from us in the middle of the field I was looking at.  I took out my camera and took 2 photos one of the cat sitting and one as he started walking.  The cat was jet black and took 3 steps or so and disappeared not into the woods but gone  It walked toward us then vanished.   I asked James if he had anything happen to him and he said not really.  He knew  a lot of the people bgurried so I asked him if he talks to them and he said yesw.  I asked if he heard voices and he said slightly coyish yes.   I went home wondering what happened as I felt I knew James a long time even though I just met him.  He told me the story of the ledger of buried souls and how 26 years ago the pastor had a nervous breakdown and burn all the histories of the church so burial sites and names are lost forever and he was very interesting, had an easy way of talking as if he were a tour guide of sorts.       The next time I went I looked up the history of the soldiers, units time served, rank etc..   I went to each grave and said thanks for your service, then the name and regiment etc..   As I was leaving I wnet to take a couple of photos more.  I went tot he gate and took a photo through the gate but didn't like the view so I wnet to the back near the overgrown weeds.  As I lowered the camera suddenly leaves fell but they fell 10 feet or more from the nearest overhead branch.  Thye fell like confetti.  I looked to the trees nearby, at the level and higher.  It was dead still, no air movement at all.    I went back into the cemetery and thanked them for the show and went out to take a couple parting shots.  Again the leaves fell and again the trees from my level to the highest trees were dead still.  It happened like before, just as I loweered from the first shot.   Again I went inside and then went to leave but this time just left not looking back.        I have yet to go back but still wonder if James was a person or soemone fromthe great beyond and who those 2 unknown soldiers are.  Finding the names is something I will try for a long time, they fought descrimination and a war and just lie unknown it is all so unfair

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