The Haunted Trailer Experience


One of the places that I investigated over the last couple of years was a haunted trailer in Tolono, Illinois.  A ghost hunter in Chicago got a call from a guy who owned a haunted trailer and he told him to call me.  Tolono isn't exactly next door to the Chicago suburb that I am from, but after talking to the owner, was intrigued enough to make the trip.  My paranormal investigation partner Connie was willing to drive down there, as I had to save the mileage on my leased car.  When we finally arrived, waiting for us was the owner and promptly took as around for a tour of the trailer.  It was just the three of us.  His boy was at his parent's place. He mentioned a ghost of a woman who was in his front yard on one occasion and she walked through the inside of his trailer from one wall to the other on another occasion.  Tapping noises happening on a regular basis.  A branch dipping way down as his mother was leaving his trailer once, while there was no wind at the time, just like if an unseen hand was pulling it down.  No animals in sight.  Connie and myself did hear tapping noises, but I used to live in a trailer and it was normal to hear different noises on occasion.  But when we heard what was tapping noises coming from the light bulbs in the overhead lights of the living room, like finger nails tapping them, then I started to be intrigued.  The owner of the trailer turned off all the electrical devices nearest to us so not to interfere with our investigation.  I was using the K-2 meter that I bought from Shadowlands ghosthunting store.  One of my favorites for communication.  I placed it inches away from his boy's musical toy and had the owner start the music.  There was no readings, as it wasn't giving off any electromagnetic frequencies.  But later when I had the meter several feet away from it on the couch where I was sitting and he set the music on, all the lights, including the red zone, lit up and pulsated to the music.  Connie mentioned what the meter was doing and I told her that I see that and the meter can't do that.  Seems impossible.  Especially since it didn't do it with the meter only inches away from it.  That was worth the trip by itself.  Something was making the meter do that. Later into the night I heard something going on in his boy's toy room.  I was on the living room couch at the time, so went over to the room, but there was nothing there.  I then set up an infra-red video camera at the door of that room, but didn't get anything.  Later Connie's infra-red camera captured orbs in the owner's bedroom.  Then my camera captured a rather impressive orb in the living room.  It traveled from the floor to the ceiling.  All in all, if the meter hadn't had all the lights on it pulsate to the music, it would have been very tame of an investigation.  My motion detector didn't go off that I had positioned in different parts of the trailer, either.  The K2 meter phenomena was totally awesome.          I also tried some EVP's, but didn't get anything on them.  Connie said she put them into her sound enhancement system later on her computer, but didn't detect anything.          I thought that anyone reading about this might make some sense on why the K2 meter would do such a thing, otherwise I find it as unexplained.


New House, Haunted Grounds


I just moved to the Kelly's Ford area where a huge battle took place. Weird things started happening, creeks, drumming, all sorts of paranormal things. But, one day I was home alone and on the computer, I started hearing drumming outside, so I look out the window it stops and just turn and continue on the computer. Next thing I know is that it starts again. I look it stops. I'm always thinking that its the solders drumming their way around.    That's not all. I started seeing shapes like orbs, blurry body shapes, and even once I when I was watching TV I saw a blue glowing head with a solder hat. I saw it as clear as a cloudless day. But, what really freaked me out was it's dead looking eyes just staring strait at me. I think I was the only one that saw it and this is the first time I have talked/written about it. I know I'm a psychic/mental medium/clairvoyant and a bunch of other stuff but my powers have never been this strong.    I also was experiencing these "death dreams" too. Each morning I woke up feeling scared but relieved that I was alive for once. One of the first dreams I had right before I moved to my new house I had a dream. It was a snowy morning and I was digging in the snow in the corner of the front yard and I guess from the snow melting and eroding the soil away, I found a body. The body was decayed but I could still tell what the corpse was wearing. Blue. A Civil War solder. Then I just woke up. That was one of the many, many dreams I had. Most of the other dreams I had was that I was either being murdered,enslaved by a evil mind control person, murdered, being a murderer (they called me a kira), or even committing suicide. I don't really mind them anymore, I kinda got use to these nightmares. I'm still not sure how all of this adds up.


A Story Of My Brother's


I remember this vividly, almost as if it happened to me….but it actually happened to my little brother….I was about 8 or 9 years old and my brother was 7 or 8….back then (I am 43 now), we wandered the neighborhood until the street lights came on….it wasn’t so dangerous as it is today…Anyway, about 3 miles down main street in Euless, Tx. from our apartments you came to an old road that turned right…then down ½ mile there was a grave yard with a lot of very old gravestones in it…after the graveyard there was a rail road track…Some of us kids wanted to get some of the metal railroad ties as they made super whistles when you bent them in half…so my brother volunteered to ride his bike over there to get some for us…we said “great!”.About 30 minutes or so after that as the evening was beginning to really be upon us, he came back and he was sweating profusely, very white, and shaking like no body’s business…he wouldn’t tell us why.Later that night, I got him to tell me what happened and it scared me to death…When he got to the edge of the graveyard, he heard barking behind him….when he turned around to look, he saw 3 white dogs slavering and madly coming at him…so naturally he sped up his bike as fast as he could go….strangely enough, once he got to the end of the graveyard, the barking stopped.  He looked back and there was nothing…no dogs…completely empty road.He got to the railroad track and got the ties we wanted him to get and turned to go back home (and back past the graveyard)….as soon as he got to the graveyard again he heard the barking and growling and turned around, sure enough, the dogs were behind him again, but a lot closer….he screamed “go away” and began pedaling as if his life depended on it and as soon as he hit the end of the graveyard, they again were gone….




Andrea's Spirit  

My second wife, Andrea,  died in our home in Ontario, California in 2001 of advanced breast cancer.  We had been married less than two years.   When I remarried my new wife told me that she could 'feel the presence' of my previous wife. I did not, though I am usually quite sensitive to spirits and such feelings.  Three days before we were to leave on an extended motorcycle trip, Debi fell down our stairs and upon landing on the first floor, found that her right foot had been fractured.  When I asked Debi how the accident had happened she told me that she felt as though she had been pushed as she came down the

stairs just before she reached the bottom of the stairway.  It should be noted that in life, Andrea was quite jealous of my friends and of anyone who may ride with me on the motorcycle, including my children.  She was adament that no one except her was to ride on the motorcycle with me at any time.  A year later Debi and I had to move out of state and, unable to sell the Ontario house, we decided to rent it out.  The house was subsequently rented by a latino woman, her mother and three children. I did not tell the renter anything of the aforementioned incidents.   Within two weeks of havng moved into the house, our renter contacted us by telephone. She asked if someone had died in the house. I told her at that time that my second wife had.  She then told me that she and her family had heard the sound of a woman crying in one of the downstairs rooms and that she had seen a foggy image at the top of the second story landing twice.  At that time and for the next two years my renter and her family were not frightened by the 'spirit'.   Fast forward to November 2009.  I had to travel to Ontario to work on the rental house. Immediately upon arriving, the renter told me that there was a 'problem'.  She told me of her children being awakened in the night by a tall woman in a blue dress standing next to their beds.  The children were, by this time, being frightened and refused to sleep in their rooms and had started to sleep with their mother in the master bedroom.   The family had a young dog, approximately 8 months old that slept beside the mother's bed each night. One night the dog awoke, ran to the bedroom door and started growling.  The dog would walk through the open door, growl loudly toward the staircase and then back up into the bedroom. The continued for several minutes until the mother walked onto the landing and looked around.  Seeing nothing, she returned to the bedroom and called the dog back to side of the bed.   The next morning upon waking the mother found the dog dead on it's bed with no outward signs of a cause for it's death. She took the dog to her veterinarian and asked for an autopsy.  No cause was found for the death of the dog.  The family continued to see images of the tall woman in the blue dress, (she was buried in the same blue dress she wore when we were married), from time to time. The mother called in a Mexican Spirit person who immediately claimed to feel the presence of a woman who was very upset.  He left the house in haste and refused to reenter the house.   Upon hearing this story I contacted a woman who is a member of the Makah indian tribe in NW Washington, (near our new home).  I told her the story and she told me that my feelings that Andrea's spirit were still in the house were, in all likelihood real.  She advised that I obtain some White Sage, burn it in the Ontario house and tell Andrea that she must leave and continue her journey to the next world.   I returned to Ontario and did as the Makah had advised.  The renter was the only other person in the house at the time I did this. She is catholic and prayed the entire time I smudged the house, told Andrea to leave and offered a Christian prayer asking for an angel to come and assist Andrea on her journey.  During the 'ceremony' I felt a strong presence but nothing unpleasent and was, in fact, overwhelmed by a feeling that Andrea was there and was happy to see and hear me.   It has now been a month since I performed the ceremony and having called the renter and asked her if all was well, she told me that the crying sounds and the frightening image have vanished and all is now well in the house.  Thank you for letting me tell you of my story.  While I feel a bit strange having been involved in something like this, I am more than convinced that this sort of thing is real and that there is a way to deal with these occurrences.


Clearfield Job Corps Center being haunted.


I have confirmation that the clearfield job corps center is infact haunted. L dorm as listed on this site is a strange place. On my way to class at 7:30am every morning the light infront of this particular dorm was always on. none of the other dorms' lights were on at the time though, i thought that was very weird. Another place on Campus is infact the Movie Theatre. I talked to one of the staff members in the theatre and he confirmed that many strange things happen. The theatre gets very cold even though the heater and thermostat is working fine, and the projectors always had problems. even after buying a new one that had no faults at all. The projector would always freeze or shut off without any explanation. I dont know. i just wanted to confirm those stories that had been reported on your site. I was a UAW student there from August 2008 to April 2009. 



Ghost Story


My name is morgan . Since I as four I have been suffering from ghostly appiritions. I guess it started when my parents were away for an hour and I heard something on the roof. I ignored it but soon after it sounded like footsteps. I paniced and called the police. They told me it was just the wind. My parents said I was just anxious about being home alone. When I was seven I started waking up with cuts on my arm. I didn't even remember how i got them. They just appeared there. My mom thought I was doing this to myself and sent me to a nearbye mental institute. I swore I wasn't crazy. Every night I ould hear a woman singing rock a'by baby. I never felt threatened by this, but certain parts of my house would be freezing even in the summer. My mom would just say it was the house circulation. She would blame it on the house being old.I am  still labeled with an anxiety disorder. Nobody will believe me. I'm slowly losing it. My old friends mock me about my visions. When I saw this place I thought it would be a good place to let off steam.


Haunted Morse Mill Motel


I would like to share a story with you and your audience about a VERY HAUNTED OLD HOTEL called the Morse Mill Hotel. It is located in Morse Mill MO.  and anyone can tour it--The Morse Mill Hotel, originally a one room house built some time in the early 1800's, now a supernatural landmark, open to all that are seeking a true haunted house experience. A look back at it's history will give you a feel of how it came to be.  In the early 1800's, the house was expanded to the current size of 5300 square feet by John Morse. Morse was the premier bridge builder and engineer who used the hotel as his family's primary residence. Since then, the hotel has been used as a Confederate hospital, a hotel, a brothel, a speakeasy, a United States post office and half-way house. It was home to the first known female American serial killer, Bertha Gifford. Many famous people like Al Capone, Charles Lindburgh, Clara Bow and more have walked it's halls. I have had several "things" happen to me when I visit.  I was just there about a week ago and saw a big beautiful orb-- and it was not the moon.  See for yourself.  Anyway-- I have heard knocking on the window and humming when there has been no one around--even my dogs heard it.  I also had someone ask me if I wanted to go swimming.  I have seen a lady dressed in black in the "widows peak" and a white image in one of the windows.   Right now several people have been in and are getting tons of EVPs.




A Few of My Experiences


hello I really enjoy your web site and I am glad you have created it any way's I have had 3-4 ghostly experiences I will start with the first one I remember i was about 13 years old living in a house on southwest 16nth street in Oklahoma city, well one night I was having trouble getting to sleep and for some reason I was drawn to look outside and there I saw...some thing it looked to be a small child (about my height at the time) but it was not transparent as people normally exp lane  ghosts  it was very sold but horridly pale the only way I can describe it is if you painted your skin the brightest shade of white and he was glowing in a very strange way dragging a book bag down the street looking straight ahead  and then he seemed to vanish I was so scared that I didn't sleep at all that night but i never really told any one just because I'm not sure if I was asleep and did not know it at the second experience was strange but not as bad as the first I was home alone and my mom was at work and she told me to clean a few things while she was gone well I was being lazy and putting it off until I finally thought " all right I gotta get this done" and no sooner as I walk into the bathroom that I was supposed to clean i hear a very loud and growling in my ear and for some reason I got very angry and just told it to get the hell away from me yes I know not very smart to yell at a ghost... but I got the bath room cleaned and I was about to walk out side when my bird started to squawk and I turned around to see the hair line of some one moving quickly under the windowsill and (yes again) i told it to leave me alone and nothing ever happened to me since my 3rd (and last)  experience was with my girlfriend at the time she was showing me where her aunt lived at the time and we were at the bottom of this very large hill when (she claims to see and talk to ghosts after this I believed her) she started saying that some thing very bad was with  us at the time about then the radio in my truck started to get static and then I felt a pair of hands (felt more like claws really) wrap around my shoulders and call my name threw the radio I drove about 80 miles an hour until i got back to my house before my first (and a little after that really) I never really believed in an afterlife or an astral plane of existence but I do now and i hope to learn all I can of it




My family used to live in Greene, NY from the early 60's until 1976.  I used to live on North Canal St. at the corner, across the street from the Old Burying Ground. There was an empty lot btw us and our neighbors. I think now anyone familiar with the town knows exactly which house I'm talking about.  I never spent one comfortable hour in that house. I was a latch key kid so when I got home I stayed outside for as long as I could until someoune else got home. I was always seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, hearing noises and generally being scared all the time. It don't take much when your ten yrs old with a cemetery across the st. My aunt came to visit us one summer and she said she saw an apparition of woman in a yellow dress with a straw hat sitting at the top of the stairs, she was very beautiful I was told. She also heard voices coming from my brother's bedroom late at night and witnessed an apparition of a small boy wearing a sailor's outfit (popular in the victorian era) sitting at the foot of my brothers bed and speaking to him while he slept.  My mother on the other hand had her own experiences. Her bedroom had a large walk-in closet and in the summer my father used to place a large fan in the window there.  My mother awoke one night to turn off the fan and when she walked into the walk-in closet to reach for the pull chain for the light, she "bumped" into what appeared to be a robed being, much like a monk as she described it to me. She said it made a kind of garbled, mumbled sound, unintelligible anyway.  My father had to move the fan.... and the light stayed on after that.  On another occasion it was confirmed I guess that the being my mother bumped into was a monk. This time she got the full show. She was awakened and sat up in bed. There he was, a capuchin, with the brown cassock, hood up over his head, arms folded and tucked into his sleeves, white knotted cord around the waist with crucifix attached.  He walked right past her, out of her room, down the hall and right into the room me and my sisters shared. Then he faded and was gone. I'm glad I never saw what they did, but I frequently, very frequently had bad dreams and I always felt on edge. Even now at 46, I have 4 or 5 dreams a year about that house and they are all very negative and very disturbing. One last thing and this really did it for me:  I live in Yorkville, NY now,  and last winter while I was meditating ...there was that monk... a capuchin, exactlly as my mother had described but he was just standing next to me. Standing still, about two foot to my left.  Remember, my eyes are closed and I'm very calm, and in my vision I can see my living room exactlly the way it should look except this short, chubby monk is in it.   Now, this is the thing,  I never knew about my mother's experiences in Greene because she didnt want to scare us kids. I happened to call my mother just this morning to ask her about that place because a few days ago I had another dream about that house and I was wondering if she had any idea why.  So as we were talking about living there, she told me about what the monk.  And that's it.







This happened to me about five years ago. I live in the small community of Rough Rock with population 1000. Any we have this small bridge as you head out of town and I had heard stories of people saying they have seen someone hitchhiking on the bridge but no one can identify him. Well on this particular night I was with friends and we all were drinking and having a good time. Suddenly it was time for everyone to go home and besides we ran out of drinks. I started home without incident and it began to drizzle. I got on the road and my house is just beyond the bridge. As I approached I saw someone standing there in the middle of the bridge. And I slowed down to see who it was. But I always drive with the passenger side locked because of carjackings in the area. Anyway I looked at the person through the windshield and I could see that this guy was wearing a cowboy shirt with fancy embroidery of flowers with jeans but I could not see his face. It was look at a live t.v. coverage when they blur the faces that looks like a fog is covering it. I almost stopped then I heard a loud bang on the roof of my car. I sped out of there without looking back. I got home and I felt as though my energy was drained. At the same time I heard my dogs begin to bark. But I did not even get into my pajamas and fell into bed. Has anyone ever felt this before, a ghost draining your energy?





I had just broken my leg and arrived at the hospital in Gardener, MA. My leg was throbbing so bad I couldn’t see. The nurse was immediately by my side with a needle when they put me in a bed in the E.R. All she said was turn to your side. I complied and was met with a stick in the bottom. The nurse then took x-rays of my leg and it showed a complete break. After about one hour in the E.R. I was moved to a room by myself. It was at this time I was really groggy from whatever was in the shot but I felt like I was flying and could barely hear my coach talking to me. Then I was out. When the medication wore off the pain woke me up at 2 in the morning. I was kind of disoriented and was getting my barrens when an old man was near the doorway. He was pushing one of those metal coat rack looking things with a bag of saline on it with a tube leading to his arm. I said, “hello” and he asked like he was confused “Who are you?” And I answered him. He was not angry or imposing but gentle then he asked with concern, “What happen to you?” I said I broke my leg playing basketball which is what really happened. He again with concern said, “I’m sorry. Rough sport isn’t it?” The pain was getting I finally located the nurses’ station button. The light came on and I asked the old man, “Are you lost? Do you need someone to get you back to your room?” Like any old independent person he said, “No, I’m just tired of lying around and decided to take a walk. Nice to meet you young fellow. By the way what are you?” I’m full blooded Native American and I gave a little laugh and answered, “I’m a Navajo.”And he responded, “It’s a shame how my ancestors made your ancestors walk almost a thousand miles. I hope history didn’t you bitter against whiteman.” I replied, “No, both sides didn’t understand and I think you’re talking about the Cherokee tribes.” He stood at the doorway nodding and turned and left. As soon he was past the door frame the nurse appeared at the door and I asked her who that old man was. She gave me a puzzled look and asked what old man. I said he just went out of my room before you came in, so you’ve had to seen him in the hallway. That’s when she told me that people often talk about visitations from those that have died in the hospital. I thought my ghostly experience would be scary but mine was pleasant. I guess it’s the kind of ghost you get.




JC Machuca


My family and I lived in JC Machuca back in the years of 1979 to 1981. We lived in apt  Machuca. While we were living there, we would hear footsteps on the 2nd floor, and our TV downstairs would just turn on for no apparent reason at all. While living there the window on the 2nd floor master bedroom shattered for no reason at all. Our bathroom on the 2nd floor had a hole that was plastered in, we later found out that a boy was shot by his mother in the bathroom. Our next door neighbor would chase her boy with a knife, while we were living there. She did succeed in killing him after several attempts. She would lock the boy in the closet. I was only 12 at the time that I lived there, and I was so scared to go upstairs on the weekends and summers when my mom worked the night shift, that I would go out back to pee. Once while my siblings and I were in Deming for the summer, my mother and my step dad her finance at the time were sleeping in the living room, we had just purchased a sofa bed and they were using it. A red ball was thrown from the upstairs and a Childs voice said Come play with me. My Name is Daniel Gray and I thought I would share this info with you. I always had a feeling that Machuca was haunted. We have never experienced so much paranormal activity than Machuca


Not Far From Forest Park

By: Anonymous

I live in riverside Il which is not far from forest park and can tell that people have mixed up the jewish cemetary with the resurrection mary legend, Some of the mix up caused a new, false story. As for Normal IL and ISU I am currently a student there (class of 2010) and lived on colby 3 and am a memeber of Lambda Chi Alpha, the fraternity listed as well as currenlty living in the house. As for the 11th floor people have heard a person screaming in the storage room on top of Atkin. The fraternity has a bit more info. The Lambda Chi Alpha house used to be the Delta Zeta sorority house, and the Girls name was carol anne. As the Story is told by the "brothers and Sisters" she was stabbed by her boyfriend (although it was never proved who actually did it) near the train tracks (belived to be by fell ave.) she crawled back to the house and died on the front steps where she was found. (Facing the front of the house) her room was the last room on the right side of the secondt  floor and there is a painting of Carol anne on a Plywood sheet attchedto to the loft so if you were to be underneath looking up, that would be all you could see. Also it is said that the hands facing you in the painting are real tracings of her hands. ( I could send you a picture if you like) Every year the DZs hold a candle light vigil outside the house in honor of carol anne. What brothers have experienced; One of our older brothers who will go unnamed was staying at isu and the house for the summer. He me up with some of the guys and hit the bars, but when they  got to the house after to keep partying they found every light turned on, all the doors to the rooms unlocked and open, and all the entrances unlocked and open, Including the vip bathroom which locks automatically nad has only 2 keys. Nothing was stolen.  People feel a presence, and/or get sudden chills in the basement sometimes when doing laundry, working out, or even cutting through.  Guys have heard laughing and crying in the basement, and late at night when everyones asleep (like during finals)Brothers have seen for a brief second the blurred image of someone behind them in the reflections off the thglss of the hallway doors.People hear footsteps in the attic, even though there is no floor and not enough room to walk at the ends of the house.  I have heard my roomates loft creaking and rustling when he was'nt sleeping there. And no more than three weeks ago right before break started I woke up around 9am and was briefly talking to my roomate who I thought was on his bed. Like "morning bro" with a groggy resonse "mornin" and I asked dont you have a final this mornong?" I hear " like an hour" and at the moment my roomate walks in. We were both freaked. I would like to mention that this was during finals and I was not under nor recovering from being under the influence of any controlled substance.


House in Peabody


I am writing about the house in Peabody.  My sister used to live in the house.  I will agree that there is definitely a weird vibe in that house.  I am generally not afraid of things but I used to babysit my niece and after a couple of strange, unexplainable events I would not stay in the house with the kids after it got dark outside.  Lots of noises,  tv’s cd players etc. turning on without explanation (my sister used to say it must be a power surge!—ya, right) and one  time there was a strange noise coming from out on the deck which abuts the cemetery,  I was inside the family room and it was dusk outside and I went

to look to see what the heck was making that noise and when I opened the vertical blinds on the slider there were squirrels hanging on the screen door screaming…it was so scay I took the kids back to my house and wouldn’t stay there anymore after dark!   I was just looking on the web for a haunted ship in boston ( it’s some sort of attraction)  and I came across your website and was scrolling through ( actually looking to see if there were any haunted places in Melrose ) when I read about the house in Peabody.  we can’t believe that her house was on this list!   ( well I can!) well, just had to let you know—you are right, it certainly is haunted.  



The Thing by The Road.


My grandfather used to tell this story. Here is his story (as well as I can recall it) While living in Mexico, my grandfather used to work the late shift at a bakery and each night would walk back home along a road for several miles. On a particular night, he was walking along as he normaly did and he heard a baby crying so he followed the sound and up ahead by the side of the road was a bundle. He picked it up and unwrapped it and it was a baby. He wrapped it up and rushed home. When he got there he woke my grandmother up to show her that baby he found. He once again unwrapped it and it was still the size of a baby but it has the face of an ugly man. My grandfather noticed particularly that it had fully developed teeth because it smiled at them then started to laugh. In his astonishment (and fright) he threw the bundle out of a nearby window. The "baby" was not seen again.  



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