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Bragg Road in Saratoga, Tx


I have had a personnel experience with this location. When we went we turned off our headlights except parking lights as we were told to by locals. And they were sure to tell us to not exit the vehicle. As we drove down the road we saw the light walking across the road and it vanished. But as we got further down we realized it was following us down the road. Well me and a buddy got out of the car and our other friend continued to drive we sat on the hood of the car. And noticed the light was gone well the next thing we know it was walking towards us but this time it was red. And as it got closer to the car it got brighter like a fire in an old-timey lantern. We stopped and it continued towards us and it seemed to pass straight through the car, stalling it out and when it hit the other side the light turned back to a normal yellowish glow and the car started right back up.



Crazy Experiences


I submitted a story here a while ago and figured i'd share more of my experiences. My best friend posted a story on here about a crazy experience we both had regarding a possible werewolf near where I lived. Sounds crazy I know but it actually happened. One night since it was nice and warm out I figured i'd use my spirit seeing talent and check out the road next to mine which is in the country. It was close to sunset and I figured i'd go check it out. On my way there I passed a few neighbors walking by me one by one who gave me a weird look cause I was going down that road at night. When I walked onto the road I saw a guy running down onto my street looking like he didn't want to be on that road either when night fell. As I walked down the road a little bit I noticed shadow people running in the distant across the road and disappearing. I kept going and noticed in the field I was gonna soon pass a shadow figure appeared looking at me zipping off really fast. As I hit the field I saw the presence of a white wolf spirit walking in the field and quickly disappeared. It was weird cause my friend told me earlier that day he saw one in his moms apartment. I hit some guard rails and had a bad feeling come over me like I should turn around. So I did and walked home. Before I hit my street I passed a dirt road when all of a sudden a shadow figure which looked male a little taller than me ran next to me looking down at me seeming hyper like "hey what you doing?" and disappeared. I laughed a little and continued home. Then at 1 in the morning I was heading to bed and before I fell asleep I heard what sounded like kids laughing outside my window. I found out a couple days later that my best friend heard the same exact thing I did at that same time in the morning as i did. Close to where I live there's some train tracks that are unused but my mom told me when she was growing up a lot of people were hit on those tracks by trains. I opened my window and it stopped so I went back to bed. My mom woke me up an hour later saying she could hear what sounded like wolves not the regular coyotes nearby. By the time I got up it stopped. Strange things always happen outside between 1 and 2 in the morning for some reason. Like when the barn light goes out I hear something banging on the metal gate keeping our horse in his area then when the light comes back on it disappears. Another thing that happened was I was coming back from a friends place and it was dark. I stupidly took the road where I saw the crazy shadow person and white wolf spirit. Everything was going well as I was listening to my music. I then hit the guard rails and had a really bad feeling something was gonna happen. I took my headphones off and heard a blood curdling, bone chilling, evil, growl from where the deep ditch was leading into the woods next to the guard rails. The guard rails looked like they were a mile long at that point. I knew it had to be me and my best friends werewolf friend cause I had the same paralyzing chill I got that night when we heard it. I started walking slowly holding onto my cross around my neck for protection and the thing got louder and more scarier. It lasted a couple minutes then I heard "In the Arms of an Angel" come on my MP3 player and it slowly calmed down after a while. I looked behind me to see the shadow figure of a medium sized dog following me 10 feet away moving as I moved. I sensed no threat and walked as fast as I could passed the guard rails. I finally passed the guard rails and started walking slowly when I heard the dog bark at the end of the guard rails. I turned and looked at it and it barked again then turned around walking off disappearing. I didn't know it then but it hit me later that it was our family dog Lady who we put down a couple years ago. After we put her down "In the Arms of an Angel" played on both the radio and my MP3 player at the same time. I think she knew that was her song and showed up to protect me. That was exactly the way she was when she was alive. An angel. One of the most sweetest nicest dogs we ever had. I still miss her these days and will never go down that road at night ever again. Thanks again for letting me share my stories.




Ghost Sightings in Arkansas


Clarksville, AR University of the Ozarks There are actually quite a few places here that are haunted and some from personal experiences. Smith Hall: Late night/Early morning, people walking down the middle stairwell will experience pressure on their backs as if someone is pushing them down. People have tripped on those stairs saying they have felt someone pushing them. The showers here have actually gone on their own.   In one case, I went in to shower late at night on the second floor. Next to me, a shower had been running since before I went in and continued long after I finished. I checked in because I didn't notice any feet and when I pushed the curtains aside, the water was not running and the entire area was dry. Maclean Hall: Eerie singing can be heard at night coming from the showers in the basement, this is especially true in the summer when there are rarely any, if at all, people in the building. Vorhees Hall (International Building): Lights turn on and off on their own. I was working houskeeping and my coworker and I went down to the bottom level. She asked where the lights where and they suddenly turned on. It's happened quite frequently. Ravens like to gather in the back area at night and the building has been switched from night shift to day shift cleaning for safety reasons. Walton Fine Arts Center: The ghost of a young girl is said to reside here. She has been dubbed "the Walton ghost." She hangs around the theatre department and the theatre majors say she is a form of good luck. If she is not seen around the time of a big event, the performance goes bad. That's why they all cross their fingers they see the girl at least once. In one incident, I was walking into the building late at night to meet my friend in the ceramics building. I saw a girl dressed in an old white frilly dress. She looked at me and disappeared into the theatre. Another guy who worked in that department came by and I asked what play they were working on. He looked at me confused and said there weren't any recent ones and that he was the only one back there. I ran out of there and told my friends some time later. Turns out, the girl that I saw fit the description of a a painting in the drawing room upstairs. No telling if she is the Walton ghost or related to the painting they showed me. Walker Hall: A young girl has been spotted in the window late at night when the building is locked up. The lights blink sometimes to match the footsteps of people coming up and the atomic clocks begin to beep for no reason at all at random intervals. The elevators will sometimes shut abruptly and can be hard to open. Robson Library: People have been seen walking around the bookshelves late at night.  Munger Chapel: The bottom level sometimes has floating light orbs in the air at night and early morning. The temperature suddenly decreases drastically near Angel Hall.  Seay Student Center (Dining Hall Second Floor): A ghost by the nickname "Ed" resides there. He has been known to do both good and bad things depending on the people he encounters. He has helped people find lost objects in the catering room and has thrown projectiles at people he doesn't like. In one instance, he threw an ice cream scoop at one of two employees that was working that night.




Mexico Ghosts



Hello, I wrote to you awhile ago about the house I grew up in but I had somethings happen to me back in 2005 that I could never explain.  My husband and I were going through the immigration process back in 2005 and while our case was being reviewed by the INS my husband had to stay in Mexico.This was a very stressful time and we were facing a lot of uncertainties. So we packed up and moved to his family's home down in Zamora, Michaocan. At the time my oldest son was only 2 years old and my mom had driven down with us to help with the INS appointments and to help us get settled in our new home. Well, so when we finally arrived to my husbands family's home we got unpacked and settled in to await our verdict ( we would hear from the INS 6 months later). The house is basically two homes together. The building is L shaped it has the original house and then you have to go outside into the courtyard to access the second house. This area had a bathroom and a store and a supply room for the store. And above this was our apartment. This area had not had anyone stay in it for maybe 10 years. This area was like a duplex attached by a door through the living rooms so we took the left side and closed up the right side. Now the side we took had an unusual feature. It had a huge bedroom that was divided by a wall and had a open doorway so it was two bedrooms in one. We slept in one bedroom and my mom slept on the other side. Now, this is a huge home especially by Mexico standards but we only shared it with two other people, my brother and sister in law because the other family members moved about ten years before. Nothing about this home seemed scary or creepy but I did learn that between the two houses, two of my husbands toddler sisters were buried. I didn't know this until months later. So a few day after we arrived we were cleaning and unpacking. My husband was down in the store covering for his brother and my mom and I were upstairs cleaning the bedroom. She got tired and decided to go out on the balcony and sit. She took my son with her so I could continue cleaning. Well, I decided to sit down on the bed and I was faced toward the window looking out. Well, I could see the door leading to the living room out of the corner of my eye. It was half way open. While I was sitting there the door opened up and someone walked into the little bedroom. I heard the door move across the carpet and I saw out of the corner of my eye someone in a white shirt. I figured it was my mom and thought nothing of it but then  wondered where my son was and I started to worry wondering why she had left him on the balcony alone. So I called out and no one answered,  so I got up and walked across the room and into the the little bedroom. I was certain someone would be in there cause I had seen someone go in there, Well I was completely surprised when I walked in there and no one was in the room. This really startled me. So I walked out onto the balcony and there were my mom and son, I'd asked  if she had went into the room and mom just looked at me and said no. And no one but us and my husband were there that day. Another time I was walking up the stairs to our apartment and I had a vision flash in front of my face that completely terrified me. I still don't know what is was or why it happened but it was at night and I looked to my right at the wall and there was this horrible face like a gargoyle, just for a second and then it was gone. The only place I felt really uncomfortable at was the downstairs store/storage area. I would run past this place. It had a weird feeling to it. Nothing ever happened around there other then that feeling. The other times involved my son. During this time he developed a imaginary friend. He would call it the baby or babies sometimes. He would be in the hallway of the kitchen playing and say oh, come see the babies. Or he would be talking and I'd ask him who he was talking to and he would say the babies. I didn't think anything of it until my husband told me about his sisters, then I felt kind of uncomfortable with it. One day we were sitting in the living room and he comes in crying and tells me that the babies are hiding under the bed, well I didn't want to look under the bed but I did anyways and of course there wasn't anything there. But it still made the hair on the back of my neck rise up. The only other thing was one day my husband and I were sitting on the couch and my son was playing on the rug and were just talking and my son looks over into the corner and says look at that man with the cowboy hat on. Well we didn't see anything so we just say oh is there, and he continues playing with his truck and we keep talking well about ten minutes later my son looks up and says oh, he's gone. I don't know.  Well, we left six months later and were able to come back to the U.S and and have been just put these stories in with all our other strange things that have happened. It was weird that awhile later I was talking to my sister in law, a different one, who had grown up there and I told her about our experiences and she got really defensive and didn't want to talk about it any more. So who knows thanks for letting me share.      





Haunted Places in California: Redlands- Redlands High School Theater


 I am sure you get several e-mails about people wanting to comment on stories posted on your website. However I still wanted to share what I know about the Redlands High School Theater. My first reason is that I have spent probably the last ten years fascinated by this this building when my sister was here and am currently a senior at the high school and have spent the past four years putting on shows in the building, so I overly familiar with the stories and have researched them and I wish the stories of the building to be told correctly,  Let me first off start by saying, no one has ever died in the building. I wish it were true, because honestly that would make some of our stories a little more explainable,  The teenage presence that was mentioned in the current post, is named David. This is the name that has been passed down from theater kid to theater kid, however the spirit here seems to respond to that name, so I have no reason to believe it is incorrect. He also goes by the nickname of  "The Clock Ghost" (the auditorium is called Clock auditorium) While the stories of a teenage boy writing poetry in the ventilation ducts is true, they are no longer in the building thanks to the California School Modernization act, they were removed and replaced.  David did however not die in the theater, I have poured over obituaries and newspaper archives from the early 1990's, and nothing has even eluded to someone dying in the building. ( when the female student was killed in the car accident.) This lead me to believe that David may just have an strong connection to the building, because he is indefinitely there.     I personally have had several run ins with David, from working long nights at the theater. One night when there were only two of us in the building I was asked to get something from the green room, and given the specific keys to unlock one of the offices.  After fidling around with the keys trying to get the door open to the office, with the right key I could not get it open. I tried turning the handle both ways and putting the key back in but the door wouldn't open. I then very politely told David to stop screwing around, and the door opened by itself. The locks made the opening sound and everything. My second experience with David during a rehearsal I was alone in one of the wings and there was the distinct sound of someone breathing over my shoulder, but when I looked no one was there.     Other students have reported seeing a shadowy figure in the control booth at the top of the balcony area that is no longer used, the door is locked and our technical director is adamant about keeping it locked, the shadowy figure has also been seen at the top of the stairs leading to the balcony area. In the basement area of the theater people have also felt a looming presence, coincidentally this is where the majority of the ventilation is, and claimed that they were touched. There have been other spirits reported in the building as well. During the summer the building is often rented out for other theater companies to use, and before the school budgets were cut significantly, the building was suppose to be regularly maintained by the school janitorial staff. However when classes resumed at the beginning of the school year, the house of the theater was a mess. When the janitors were confronted they said they refused to clean it when there was no one else around (as in a whole production of people or a class) because of the children. When we said that no children were in the building during the summer the janitors told us that they heard little kids voices and light footsteps running through the house, even across the stage. At first they weren't afraid enough to stop but then apparently things started to move into unexplained places. We have a set of heavier metal chairs that are sometimes kept in the wings, the janitors claimed that they went missing one day, so they searched all over the building for them. The eventually found them but they were in the proscenium arch above the stage, the only access to the arch is from the stairs leading to the catwalk, which have very narrow openings in the space between landings. They tried to get the chairs down but they wouldn't even fit through the opening, To get the chairs down we had to set up a makeshift pulley system.  None of the spirits in the building have ever been mean or violent but more mischievous and helpful.




Interesting Haunts of Our Old Apartment



I had recently moved from our old apartment.  We were "visited" there by an unknown presence.  A couple of years ago I had won some haunted dolls I had bidded on.  One was a doll owned by a murdered teenager, the obituary and article about her murder was included with the doll.  This is the one I think may have brought on much of the phenomena.  My sister heard knocking on my bedroom door from the inside.  We live in the same apartment.  I didn't tell her that I had the haunted dolls until she told me that.  Gave more credibility to it that way.  I tried to debunk it by saying that I may have knocked on the door while I slept, but she said no, she heard me up, getting ready for work, getting my clothes out of the drawers.  I didn't hear it from the inside, though.  It happened one more time the next morning, but she asked the spirit to leave and it then stopped.  But other things started to happen.  Our music box mysteriously came to life with a full wind, even though it was wound all the way down and wasn't played for over a year.  Then again two hours later again at full music without being wound.  Kept playing for several minutes.  Also our kitchen faucet moved from the right to the left overnight.  It is hard to move it by hand.  If that weren't enough, we had a plug unplug out of the power strip and neither her or I unplugged it.  It isn't easy to unplug.  It was kept plugged in for the pump for the inflatable bed, which had a leak in it and had to be pumped up every couple of hours.  So we never unplugged it.  Our "visitor" made sure to make itself known.  Also another plug unplugged half way out of the wall.  It is a three pronged one and very hard to unplug.  And then our space heater power button was turned on by our visitor.  It was awesome.  I wasn't afraid, as I investigate places now and then for people and I am very used to much activity.  My meter readings some nights were very high in the areas that are usually in the green area on the meter.  Many times I would ask for a sign that it was there and then it would spike into the red zone.  I sort of miss that activity after moving out, but perhaps some day it will return in the new place.




My Frightening Experience



I woke up last room was filled with people looking sparklersburning, but in the form of heads and shoulders of people....I live by myself sincemy wife died, so I had no one to holler for.  So I yelled at the people sparkler objects.I did recognize one of the was my sister who died last year and I wasnot speaking to her when she died because of a family argument I had with her several years ago between her and me and her son and my son..I tried to get out of bed, but I was so weak for some reason or other, I could not.  Finally the objects disappeared and I was alone.  I talked with my son today and told him about what had happened.  He said..."Dad, the same thing happened to me...exactly the same thing!"  My son said he has a friend who is a SPIRITUALIST and said objects of this nature are considered ORBS!  His friend told him always to be nice to the Orbs because they can be GOOD Orbs, not evil ones.  If they are good Orbs, by talking nice to them, you can communicate with them.  They are only paying you a visit to carry good news.  Evil Orbs are of course the opposite. She said to pray to the Lord to always keep the evil Orbs away from you....A prayer asking the Lord to protect you with his ring of light from these evil Orbs and evil spirits.




My Very Own Ghost Story


Since i was young there has always been a few places that i don't feel comfortable in. I can walk into my friends basements and feel fine while my own if alone makes me very uncomfortable. After i had moved out of my mothers house and in with my father my mom had many mediums from the world renowned LilyDale in Western NY come to the house and apparently there are 3 ghosts that live there, a grand daughter and her grand parents. My story actually takes places in Rhode Island. I was in a dead sleep when it felt like someone had sat on my bed. i awoke and when i did it looked like a dark figure jumped off my bed and out my door, i was going to think nothing of it until my dog started barking and going crazy from my parents room on the other side of the house, he tore around the house until my dad let him out and then he continued to run around the yard going crazy for another 5 minutes. When i woke up i distinctly remember looking at the clock and it was 12:11. The very next night i was awoken at 12:11 and again my dog started going crazy! Besides this one instance it has always been just an uncomfortable feeling that i was being watched, My bedroom used to be in the basement of my Mom's house. I was told i was crazy when i couldn't sleep down there because i felt like i was watched but both my mom and siblings have tried sleeping down there and they couldn't make it through the night. thanks for reading ENJOY!=



Paranomral Experiences


My very first paranormal experience I had was at my first home in Des Moines, IA where I lived with my parents and my very close uncle who rented our upstairs. One night I awoke to the sound of rushing water around the age of 7. I decided to get up and go check it out since it sounded like something was really the matter. The noise was coming from our garage...normally I was scared to walk around my house at night in the dark but this was an emergency so I didn't think twice about it! I flung open the door to garage and to my astonishment, water was gushing in through the other door in the garage that led to the outside. I couldn't believe my eyes! I quickly ran to my parents room yelling at them to wake up and hurry! I scurried behind as my Dad went to investigate but when he got there, not a trace of water could be found! Of course they left it to my imagination, but I knew better! There was indeed a story that went along with that house I found out a couple years later. Before we moved in there was another little girl who had lived in the house and passed away. Story goes that she was playing outside when she was killed by a car right in front of the house and died before she could reach the hospital and the parents ended up selling the home. Anyway, one evening my Dad had a visitor from out of town who stayed in our garage (part of it was a den). My Dad said his friend woke up in the middle of the night and thought he saw me standing there staring at him. When he asked what I was doing up, he turned to look at the clock and when he turned back I had vanished. Only thing is, it wasn't me! After these incidents nothing happened for quite a few years until one night when I was 16. My friend and I were standing outside having a cigarette at my parents house and it was a very hard time in my life. Going down the wrong path, abusing drugs, and taking anti-depressants. Anyway, we were talking when out of the corner of my eye about 15 feet behind my friend I saw a little girl standing in our driveway by the free!  She was around 6-8 years of age with medium length brown hair and slightly transparent. She was staring right at me and then she vanished just as quickly as she had appeared. That is the first time I ever saw an apparation and that's when my perspective on the paranormal started to change. I still have a lot of 'odd occurences' that happen to this day. For example, my cousin who was in my wedding 6 1/2 months prior, passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago at age 20. Very sad and tragic. They declared him brain dead at the hosptial and my aunt decided to turn off life support and donate his organs. That Monday night I sat up thinking of him and grieving and wondering if they had harvested his organs yet or pulled the plug. I couldn't get him off my mind. Around 11pm I was standing in my kitchen when all of a sudden my kitchen lights went completely dim and I heard a strange buzzing that sounded like electricity, the lights flickered for about 3 seconds and then came back on strong with a loud pop! I've lived in my house for 3 years and nothing like that has ever happened before with my kitchen lights. I have no idea what time they took him off life support but I know in my heart it was him coming to say goodbye. We had discussed the paranormal before and had similar beliefs so it's no wonder he chose me. Last but not least, this one happened only last night around 3:30am. I was lying awake in in bed. It was really hot so I couldn't sleep. Then out of nowhere, I hear my back door slam!  My husband works the late shift so I usually wake up when he gets home, greet him, and return to bed. He always comes in the back door but I totally would of heard him open the metal gate to come into the yard and the screen door, especially since our bedroom window is right by both. I was completely shocked when I came to my back door to find no one there and the dead bolt still locked! I'm not real sure why stuff like this happens to me but one of my good friends who is Catholic told me it's because I believe in ghosts. She said the spirits can sense people who are open and suggested I tune it out. Anyways, thanks for listening. Maybe I will share some more another time.





Real Experience


This is an account of events experienced by a close friend of mine.  I have changed the names to protect the identities of the people involved. These events took place in Manchester, England.  I met Charlotte some 2 ½ years ago when we both signed up for a course of ice skating lessons.  We got on well from the start and stayed in touch afterwards.  Charlotte’s father had started to suffer from dementia and her mother was taking care of him at home.  Unfortunately, her mother suffered a stroke in November 2008 and was unable to return home.  Therefore, it fell on Charlotte to look after her father. Sadly, Charlotte’s father died in his sleep in February 2010.  This was a big shock as, although 89 years of age, he was very sprightly and in good health.  As you can imagine, Charlotte was devastated.  One of Charlotte’s sisters came up from down south to stay with her in the days afterwards and while they were arranging the funeral.  They both slept in their father’s bed.  A couple of days after he died, Charlotte had a very vivid dream.  In it, she saw her father as a young man in rolled up shirt sleeves and a tank top.  He was running down a hill and hot on his heels was a dog, like they were having a race.  She said her father looked very happy and full of life.  She has never experienced anything like this before and felt it was her father’s way of showing her where he was now.  I asked her if she recognised the dog.  She said her father used to talk about a dog he had when he was young but she had never seen a picture of it.  It was obviously a very profound experience because it eased her grief in that she felt he had gone to a better place.  It is now March 2010.  I saw Charlotte over the weekend and she told me what else has been happening.  Charlotte, her sister and her brother-in-law have been in their father’s house clearing it out and decorating.  Charlotte was in one of the bedrooms and came across an organ her father bought her when she was 16 (she plays the piano).  Anyway, she sat down and started playing it.  The moment she did this, the phone started ringing.  Bear in mind the phone was disconnected some weeks ago.  Her sister answered it but there was no-one there.  While the three of them were upstairs in separate areas, Charlotte’s brother-in-law asked who was making a drink.  Her sister replied that they were all busy and that he should make his own drink.  Her brother-in-law said that was not what he meant and asked who was boiling the kettle.  When Charlotte’s sister went downstairs the kettle had just boiled and switched itself off – no-one had put it on to boil.  A day or so later, Charlotte began playing the organ and, once again, as soon as she did, the phone rang just like before (still disconnected of course).  Charlotte said that one night they were sat around talking about their father and the lights in the room started flickering.  This has never happened before.  As soon as they stopped talking, the flickering stopped.  I told Charlotte that experiences like this are very common and it is her father letting her know that he is still around.  The last time I saw her she was in pieces.  After these experiences, although still very upset, she seems much calmer and accepting.  It is wonderful when things like this happen.  If only it could be that way for everyone.





Indian Spirits In Log Home


  My wife and I live in Ringgold, Ga. and have lived here for 25 years in a log home that we built ourselves with a lot of help from friends and family, this was about 1983. About 3 or 4 years after we moved into our log home some strange things began to happen.   We would be watching T.V. when all of a sudden the T.V. would go off and when we found the problem, it was unplugged from the back of the T.V. You have to turn the plug on the power cord to unplug the T.V. and it was laying on the floor behind the T.V.  After this happened we started to hear Indian music and some very low volume chanting. At times it would get very chilly in the house even when it was warm outside, but only in one bedroom. We have a big wall clock hanging on the great room wall and it has 3 chimes hanging down from it for the doorbells. When you push the doorbell button the chimes play a short tune.  At times for no reason at all the chimes would start to move and ring like someone had pushed the doorbell button but there would be no one there. Our commodes would flush and there would not be any one there to flush them. We have found human bones and Indian pottery, arrow heads, and lead bullets about 50 size, and we do know that a Civil War battle was fought on our land and we checked with a University in Alabama and they told us that this was an area that had a Cherokee Indian village back in the 1700-1800 hundreds. We re-buried the bones and the pottery shards and the strange happenings have not been as frequent as they were.   We still live here and intend to stay and the strange happenings has not ever been a threat or harmed anyone in any way. This is private property and it is posted.


The Thing in the Hallways

By: Anonymous

In 1957, my family moved to an old farmhouse in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.  I was 7 years old at the time and as I went upstairs to my new bedroom with an armload of things, a terrible wave of fear swept over me when I reached the top of the stairs.  From then on, I disliked that small area at the top of the stairs where it met the hallway.  Unhappily, there was no way to avoid it: I had to walk through it to get into my bedroom.  Other than that, nothing else happened (that I know of) until 1966.  From my bed, I could see out into the hallway to that small area at the top of the stairs that had always frightened me.  One night towards the end of August, I woke up very, very slowly only to realize that there was a terrible stench in the bedroom.  It was like a mix of rotten garlic, human waste and rotting flesh.  Then I noticed the room was icy cold (remember: it was August -- usually the hottest time of the year in New Jersey).  I was lying on my side, facing the doorway, and when I opened my eyes I saw that the bedroom door was wide open and a figure stood in the doorway (very close to the spot that had always spooked me).  Since no lights were on, all I could make out was the silhouette of a tall, dark figure that seemed to be wearing some kind of long robe with a hood.  What truly petrified me was seeing this creature's eyes: they glowed red and stared straight at me.  But before I could scream, somehow the knowledge came to me from somewhere (my guardian angel?) that if I acknowledged this creature's existence I would be haunted for the rest of my life.  So I pretended to be asleep -- which was not easy -- and after awhile I felt the cold room become warm again, the dreadful smell disappear, and the figure fade away.  We moved out in 1967 and the house was torn down in 1972.  I, for one, was not the least bit sorry to see it go.


My Own Experiences

By: anonymous

As a child living in our old cotton mill house, raised by my grandmother, great aunt and her daughter (my cousin),  I had many frightening, paranormal experiences.  I will elaborate on some of them as time goes on, but this story is a recap of many of the things I experienced living in that house a young child.    I heard the classic footsteps, sounds of paper being crumpled, sounds of books falling when nothing was out of place.  Everybody in the family, including myself, heard our names called,  Once I woke up and heard an soft, echoey female voice whisper, “Deep Magic.”  (By way of explanation, Deep Magic was a facial moisturizer).    I once woke up to see a tiny pinpoint of light in my room which expanded until the entire room was a bright as day and then faded quickly back to darkness.  Once I crawled under my grandmother’s bed while everybody was outside, something I was not allowed to do, and heard a gruff voice beside my ear say one word...”gray.”  I had then and still have no idea what that could have meant, but I got the heck out from under that bed and never went back under there again.  I had an encounter and long conversation in the house with a strange,  unknown, elderly woman who called herself, “Granny Grunt.”  I saw a little black imp, the shadow of a skeleton and a handless arm which came up from between the bars in my iron bedspread, and saw blood drip from the ceiling.   When I was about four I saw a shadowy figure that at the time, I thought was the Easter Bunny, walk through the livingroom and disappear into the wall.  I now suspect there might have been some sort of gateway in my cousin’s room because much of the activity seems to come from or disappear in that direction.  One night I had gone to bed early and had a dream that a being (who looked like what UFOlogists nowadays call an alien “gray”) was trying to force a full sized apple down my throat.  I awoke gasping for breath, crying and choking with that feeling still lingering in my throat of something big being forced down it.  My grandmother had an old rocking chair with a woven cane bottom which creaked loudly whenever you would sit down in it or get up.  When my Great Aunt broke her hip and later died of cancer, for two nights in a row I heard something sit down in that chair, squirm around a little bit and then get up.  I once heard the sound of the chair rocking in the night.   Additionally, while  my Great Aunt was in the hospital dying of cancer, I was awakened three nights in a row by something banging on the front door.  Of course, nobody was there but my Great Aunt died three days later.  Later on, when I was in my 20’s still living in that house, I awoke to see a short woman with her hair in a bun and a white apron over an old fashioned dress standing by my bed who quickly vanished.  I had many experiences of being in that half awake and unable to move state, while hearing voices talking and people moving around in the house.  Once while I was in that state I felt and heard something leap quickly into bed beside me and lie there growling menacingly.  It vanished, of course when I was able to fully wake up.   I finally got married when I was 28 and moved away.  After my cousin passed away, I inherited the house and my husband and I moved back into it.  Strangely enough, I never heard or saw anything in those days we lived there together.  The house was totally quiet and peaceful.

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