New Story

By: QLD, Australia 

'About a year ago, when I was sixteen, I decided I was sick of sharing a room with my little sister. Because we didn't have enough bedrooms in the house, I decided to move into an old caravan we had which was only a few steps away from the back door of the house. I have had many experiences since then which I believe to be paranormal.  I had my dog in the caravan the night that I saw the ghost. When I woke up the next morning, I had the most vivid memory of waking up in the middle of the night. I saw the top half of a man, attempt to go through one of the cupboards that are in the caravan, but he was unable to. He fell backwards after crashing into the cupboard and then disappeared. He was elderly, with the top half of his head bald, but with a ring of hair around the back of his head. His was wearing an old-fashioned light brown tartan jacket. As I said, I only saw the top half of this body, about from the bellybutton up. My dog didn't wake up at all, and I myself didn't feel neither frightened or threatened, so I feel that the ghost was not evil. When I told my mother, she didn't really believe me, but my Dad showed me a picture of his father, who had died about thirty years ago, and he looked very similar to the ghost I saw. In addition to this, about three or four months later, I woke in the middle of the night for no particular reason. As I lay there, attempting to go back to sleep, I heard what sounded like footsteps on the roof of the caravan. My parents gave the explanation of the heat or cold compressing the metal roof, but this doesn't explain why it sounded like human footsteps across the roof. There were about five steps, and it sounded sort of like someone was swaggering. This experience did frighten me, and even when the footsteps stopped, I couldn't sleep for hours afterwards. Another night, I woke at exactly 2:00am in the morning to the sound of a backfiring car. I pulled back the curtain to one of the windows, which faces the road. What I saw was the outline of an old pickup truck moving very slowly down the road in front of my house. This may sound normal, but it gave me an eerie feeling, and when I lay back down, I could hear the rumbling of the truck for a half hour after that, even though when I looked out the window again, the truck was gone. I found it odd that I could still hear the truck for at least a solid half hour even after it had passed the house. It felt paranormal to me.  This most recent even may not be paranormal, but it is eerie. Just recently, I woke up at 4:12am (I'm still in the caravan). I fell asleep about half an hour later, but when I woke, I found out that one of my Dad's friends had died that very morning. Apparently, he woke up at 4 in the morning, and his wife went to fix him breakfast (his job required an early start) and when she returned about ten minutes later, he was dead. Is it a coincidence that I woke at 4:12 in the morning? That may very well be the exact time he died. All these experiences only began when I moved into the caravan, and although most of them are frightening, the old man's ghost didn't scare me in the least. We don't have any past records on previous owners of the caravan, but I feel that maybe someone has died in there, and their restless spirit continues to be earthbound.'


Jeff and Sue


Hi I have a story for you about ten years ago my son his friends and myself went to Barkersville. We had an experience I will not ever forget,we were going to go in and we saw a car comming so we had left for about half hour or so.Then when we came back there was a candle in the window now mind you it was winter time so we looked for foot prints and saw nothing.So then we went inside and we were all looking around went up to the third floor checking it out wiyh flashlights and bats in hand I do not know why they brought them.Then we were all talking then we heard something we got chills and we heard it again it sounded like somebody running at us.We didn't see anything we all were looking so we heard it again I told them lets go it sounded like an angry step. So we left that place and haven't been back there again                

     Now my son lives and runs The Mill in Glens Falls and when I go to visit I feel things I saw one light in the hall flicker only when I was there because somebody came out of there apt it stopped when they left it started again,but as it was flickering I had a really strange feeling vercome me.One night while we were there our puppy has gone up and down the hallways all day with us and didn't bark or act strange,but that night we were going downstairs and he freaked out nobody else was there except my husband and I.He was really scared he didn't want to move when we got back to our apt I had a feeling of sadness hit me it was strange I felt sick and dizzy.


Sturgeon Bay- Old Camper


When I was five, I slept in the old camper we owned and my great grandma slept in the camper with me.We had the stove light on. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure of a boy. He was holding a box he showed me what was in it. In it there were a pair of binoculars and a two dollar bill. He showed me where it was. I woke my great grandma up and told her that there was someone in the camper. The stove light was off and the doors were locked. She turned a flashlight on and looked around with it. She didn't see anything. So she told me I was dreaming and to go back to sleep. But she had a feeling not a scared feeling a odd feeling. The next morning I told my mom, my dad and my great grandpa. They went in the camper with me. I showed them where it was and sure enough there was the box with the binoculars and the two dollar bill. My great grandma wanted me to explain what the boy looked like. When I was done explaining what he looked like she said it was her dead son when he was a boy. Ever since then weird things have been happening. Like my stereo going off when we were camping. My dad heard the crackling from a distance away. The box for it was duct taped shut. I had it one either f.m. or IPod. When it turned on it was on a.m.Then my dad's jack knife that he lost nine years ago appeared somewhere where he didn't need it. There was no dust on it and there was no spot in the dust where it was.




My Ex-Boyfriend


I loved my boyfriend, but I had to leave for my own sake for several reasons.  We were still friends, and he and my new boyfriend got along politely.  I lost contact with him after I told him it had been 4 years with my current boyfriend.  Two years later my boyfriend and I married in September 2001.  November 2001 is when I got the phone call from someone that my ex-boyfriend and I knew.  I heard her voice, and before she could tell me why she called…I asked her ‘did he do it’?

He had a long history of depression and several attempts at suicide dating back to his teen years.  He was in his 50’s when he finally succeeded.  That night my husband and I went to bed late after lots of crying.  I can’t remember what time it was, but it was still early morning and very dark.  I thought I was dreaming.  I was in bed looking ahead of me.  There was a pin of light standing 2 feet away from the foot of the bed.  The light was at eye level of a human.  I stared at it for a long time.  What I felt from it was pleasant, warm, reassuring, calm, and full of peace.  It had a glow around it.  It had been there for such a long time that I started to realize I wasn’t fully asleep.  The pin of light expanded and grew a bright white.  That is when I bolted upright and became startled because my eyes were hurting from the brightness.The moment I shot up is when the expanded white light shrank instantly back to the original small pin of light, and shot out the door to the hallway.I sat up in bed and looked around wondering what just happened.  Was it a dream?  Everything in the dream was everything in the room.  The bathroom was there, the bureau was here, my husband and I were in our places in the bed, and the door was over there.  I wasn’t dreaming after all.  After this incident I realized I don’t sleep with my eyes completely closed.  When I get ready to sleep I open my eyes again because I see a light.  The light is from a street light or the window.  My ex-boyfriend’s visitation was in 2001.  To this day I still notice I sleep with my eyes slightly open because I see light coming from the window.There were several other things that happened after this, but this one was the most significant of them all.


Strange Happenings & Dreams


About 20 years ago we moved into a ranch style house on Grove Street in a small town in western Illinois.  I don't really remember when strange things started to happen I just remember them happening well most of them anyways.  I'm going to tell you the stories that my family and I remember in no particular order.  I never liked sleeping in my room it always gave off a weird vibe I mean I would go in there and play during the day with friends or sometimes even by myself I don't know what it was about it but I just didn't like it.  In the summers since my parents didn't make a lot of money we would all move into my room since it was the biggest and put an air conditioner in the window to save on the electric bill.   One night the air was off and the door was open because it was a cool night.  My parents bed was on the wall closest to the door so they could see right out into the hallway well on this night my mom was awakened by a presence standing in the doorway of the bedroom she couldn't see it but she knew it was there she was so scared that she just baried her head into my dads back.  A few days later she found out her dad had died and wasn't found for several days she believes it was his presence in the doorway.  We would always here footsteps coming from the kitchen.  This is one of those times.  My mom worked nights at this time so she would sometimes sleep on the couch during the day.  On this particular day my brother and I were at school.  She started to hear footsteps in the kitchen she was so scared that she grabbed her shoes and left and didn't come back until after she had picked us up from school.  On other occasions she's be sleeping on her and my dads bed and something would shake the bed.  I also felt this one time when I stayed home from school.  Our attached shed was directly behind my parents bed and my mom would hear someone walking around in there like boots on wood floor but the thing was is that it was a concrete floor.  I forgot to mention that this house stand right in front of a cemetary I'm not sure if it has anything to do with these experiences or not.  One day my mom also heard a music box playing we had music boxes at that time but none of them played that song.  One final thing on this house ever since we have moved away from there over 12 years ago I dream about this house at least once a week sometimes paranormal things happen in the dreams sometimes not.  I'm not sure why it is strange and everytime I drive by there which I do often because it's only a few blocks away I wonder if anything strange is happening still?  I've even condsidered renting it again if the option arose.  There were other occurences that probably happened but I will have to find them out and write about them later. Oh, I almost forgot someone told us a long time ago that the house used to be a boarding home as well.




Shadow in Living Room

By:    anonymous

We bought an apartment in downtown Shanghai as I was transferred to China for work. We have been living in this apartment for the last five years. One day not too long ago, we were doing some renovations in our guest bedroom. Our apartment is on the 12th floor. As I am sure all high-rise apartment buildings have in common, we have these shafts hidden behind our interior walls that extend from the basement to the roof they are covered in concrete and look just like part of the wall except they butt our from the corner 10 or 12 inches. In our building, these covered shafts hold all the main piping for water, electricity etc.


During the renovation, we noticed that there was moisture leaking through the concrete wall that created little patches of dampness where the ceiling and the wall meet. Our construction team asked us if they could cut away a small part of the wall so they could see if the pipes were leaking or if it was from some other moisture. Without thinking, we agreed as we didn't want any severe water damage to take place. So they cut two 6" x 8" squares in the column. They checked for leaking pipes found no obvious water leakes and carried on with the rest of the renovation leaving the holes open as they were going to re-surface all the walls and paint once they were finished.  Our apartment has three levels. The first floor is the foyer, dining room and kitchen, the second level is the main living area and master suite and the third level has two bedrooms and a full bath. It's not a full staircase that separtes each level but sort of a short half flight, a landing turn to the right then another short flight of stairs.Standing on the landing from the second level you can see clearly down into the first level and up to the third and vice versa. One night I am in our living room watching TV with the dog and she starts barking and staring at the stairwell. It is an apartment and there are three other units on our floor so anyone could be walking down the halls outside. Additionally, we also have this huge glass-block wall that separates our first floor interior with the hallway outside. Its about 9 feet long and floor to ceiling high. So, I really didn't think too much about it as you can see the blurred, opaque images of people walking down the hall. But she is standing there for a while on the landing looking down into the first floor then up to the third floor. It was weird, yes, but like I said, I just dismissed it as living in an apartment. But it kept on happening for days in a row and then sometimes the dog would go tearing off upstairs and then come running downstairs. Its just my wife and I living here and she is usually in the master bedroom (on the same level as the living room) on the computer or watching TV. Again, weird, yes, but I just sort of dismiss it.

One night, I am sleeping on my bed, my wife sound asleep next to me and the dog sleeping on the end of the bed when I am awkened by the bed shaking. Like some one putting two hands down on the mattress and pushing down. I am lying on my side, open my eyes and the shaking stops. I glance over at my wife, she's not moving, then glance over at the dog which is also sound asleep. I figure the dog was scratching herself or my wife was moving to one side or another and close my eyes. I fall asleep (don't know how long) but then again am awakened to the bed shaking. I open my eyes and do the same thing. My wife is lying still and the dog is snoring. I close my eyes again and then after a few minutes or so the same thing happens. This time I am lying on my back, I open my eyes, look up and to my surprise, I see these back swirls swirling about on the ceiling above me. I blink my eyes for a half second and they are now gone. I pause there in bed thinking about what I had just "thought" I saw and convince myself it was a dream and go back to sleep. The bed shaking without the black swirls continues for a few more nights and one night during this time, I actually catch the dog scratching herself and thus shaking the bed. So, I write off these experiences as no big deal. I admit, I actually felt really relieved when I finally caught the dog causing the bed to shake. The renovation is now delayed because they have not found the source of the dampness. My wife tells me that on a few floors above us they have also found some dampness and they cut holes there to inspect the pipes as well. So, the bed shaking stops I am convinced it was the dog and the black swirls are forgotten.   A few nights later I had a conference call late at night. We have a +12 hour time difference with the East Coast USA. So its past midnight I am upstairs in the other 3rd floor bedroom that we converetd to a study with the door closed. I finish my call, start doing some emails and surf the web for an hour or two. I get up wanting to to go the kitchen downstairs to get a drink. I open the study door and the whole apartment is dark. I take a step towards the landing and look down into the second level. I see this large black shadow in the shape of a pyramid standing in the living room directly in front of me at the bottom of the stairs, I stop dead in my tracks. It turns it's head (the top of the pyramid) to the right and around and looks at me. I apparently caught it from behind. There are no eyes that I can make out but it felt like there was a set of eyes looking right at me. We both pause locked in this mutual stare like we both stumbled across something we both weren't expecting. After what seemed like a few minutes but was probably only a few seconds, I instictively say, "get out of my house, you're not welcome here" (yes, I do watch too many ghost stories) It smoothly flows to the left and in one fell swoop quickly flies down the stairs towards the first level. I am still standing there a little shocked at what I just saw. Collect myself and continue downstairs (turning on all the lights as I go) It was gone. I keep this little incident to myself and go to bed where I find my wife already asleep. The next morning I am getting ready for work and my wife is talking to me about something. I sometimes just hear her talking and am not paying attention to her as she is going on about what she has to do today, what her friends said etc, etc, then in passing she says something that immediately catches my attention. She's talking about a dream she had last night about this big black shadow with a lions head looking at her. I know its a cliche, but right then and there the little hairs on the back of my neck start acting up and that unexplainable "heavy" feeling associated with it started to overwhelm me. I turn to her and say "what?" she them tells me about how she dreamed this black shadow with a lions head was looking at her last night. She then goes on about something else and I go back to doing what I was doing, I walk downstairs out the door and go to work.  I don't have the heart to tell my wife what happened to me the same night. But a few days later the construction guys came by and patched up the wall and since then, I haven't seen or felt anything strange. With my vivid imagination, I can imagine that maybe during construction of our high-rise something may have happened. In China, construcion safety for workers is not regulated like it is back home. No OSHA rules to protect workers from accidents. If somethng happens, it just happens, no one knows and no one says anything about it. If something got caught in the basement or foundation of this building then got sealed in by all the concrete it could still be there. Punching a few holes into these shafts may have allowed it access out. Who knows?



Personal Haunting


A personal haunting..........  A few weeks ago mt wife was in the kitchen.She heard a scratching on our sliding glass door.She turn to look through it and saw nothing out there.She turned around to the dinning room table and heard behind her a voice,she turned around to find nothing there.It was about 1:00 AM when she came in our bedroom,and with tears in her eye's,asked me if I was just in the kitchen playing a joke on her.I said that I was asleep. Next she asked me if I would go in the kitchen and check it out.Being a practicing occultist for over 15 years,I jumped at the chance for communication with what ever was bothering her.I tried to initiate contact for a half hour or so,but nothing would communicate with me.I have some experience with contacting spirits,but nothing would communicate with me. So I am of the opinion that this is a personal haunting.Maybe something she picked up from the past.The house has had numerous cleanings,and I have lived here for over 10 years with no activity.Which leads me to believe that this has nothing to do with house or property.Has any else out there experienced anything similar?


My Story


I saw on the site that you can submit your stories, I have a few that are pretty interesting. Ever since I can remember I've seen people that weren't really there. When I was young around 4-5 yrs. old I woke up during the night, I saw a man standing over me slightly smiling. The next day I told my grandfather about the man and I described what I saw to him. He went into his bedroom and pulled out an old picture of his late brother, my great-uncle Kenny (whom I happen to be named after), the funny thing is he was the same man I saw standing over me while I was in bed the night before. The only thing is since this happened when I was 4 or 5 yrs. old I see spirits everywhere, and I have dreams where I see events that will happen a day or two later, the weird thing is sometimes I dream about the people I see and I can see how, if it's a traumatic event, are killed. Just this past month at my school we had an anti-DWI, drunk driving crash assembly, there was an enactment of what would happen at a crash, everything was fine until the hearse pulled away. In the back looking at me through the window was a teenage boy, that night I had a dream that the boy had committed suicide, a few days later that boy I saw in the back of the hearse and in my dream committed suicide.  Ever since that I haven't taken my dreams lightly.




My Ghost Stories


Hi, my name is Nancy I am 47 years old and have had many experiences with ghosts. I mostly feel them but on many different occasions I have seen them. About 20 years ago I lived in a very active house, most of my experiences there were just seeing 1 young boy ghost but on one occasion I had a terrifying experience. Although I did not see this entity I can only say the feeling I had was absolutely EVIL!!  The ghost I seen on a regular basis was a small boy I guess to be about six years old and he would appear in the doorway from my dining room  to my kitchen. He would just stand and look at me I never tried to communicate with him and in hindsight I wish that I had. He looked like he came from the 1800's he was dressed in a white T shirt and blue jeans no shoes on his feet either. The times I would normally see him would be in the evenings. We lived in this house for 4 years and I have to say I saw him hundreds of times, Then suddenly I started seeing him during the daytime hours for about a 3 week stretch. Again I never tried to talk to him and wished I had.  On December 3rd 1992  we were all getting ready to leave ( my husband and 3 children) the kids had school and we had to attend a funeral for my husbands aunt, before we left the house I smelled something not sure what it was I had asked my husband to see if the dryer was on, he did and said it was off. We left the house at 8:30 am. When the funeral was over I had to return to work. When I reached my job my boss came running out to tell me to go home my house was on fire. When all was said and done we lost everything but we still had each other. When the firemen let me go in to see if there was anything salvagable he showed me where the fire started and told me it was electrical between the floors but to my amazement the fire started EXACTLY where my little boy stood!! I really think he was trying to tell me something when he started showing up during the daylight if only I had asked him... When we had finally gone through the house room by room looking for anything we could. We closed each door as we finished each room. I went to the door leading outside and feeling very sad that I had to leave my little boy behind I said Good Bye and when I did one of the doors were slammed with so much power the house actually shook. I have lots of other stories in different houses that we lived in. In one house I lived in we had a whole family living in my basement. A man,women and 2 little girls. The mother wore a long hooped dress and the girls dresses were very frilly. We were having a birthday party for my daughter who was turning 6 at the time and my brother in law who was an absolute disbeliever in the supernatural actually seen the girls they came up from the basement and joined the party. My brother in law was walking into my house and the 2 girls were walking outside where the rest of the kids had gone, and he said "Who the hell are those girls in the dresses"? There were no living girls wearing the dresses he described but I knew what their dresses looked like so I immediatley knew who he had seen so I had to smile and say Butch you just seen my ghosts kids!!....




The Ghost That Saved a Life


In 2002 we moved in to a house out into the country for privacy reasons. We moved into the house that I now live in. My Dad is a very ambitious person, so he decided to build a tree house for us in the back yard. Me and my dad one day we're outside in the back cutting ply wood for the house, we had heard a loud scream inside. We both looked at each other and ran to Nicole's room ( This is my sister, and the screaming sounded like her voice ). We ran up the stairs to her room and when we got there we asked her if she screamed. She said she did not, we then asked if she heard a scream and she said that she didn't heard anything. So we left her room. By the time we got to the garage door, we heard the scream again and ran up to Nicole's room, and she was trying to get something off her dresser it seemed the tv had flown off the dresser and the dresser was falling on top of her. If my dad was not there at that moment or sooner she would have surely been crushed. It was too much to me to be a coincidence. Other things that make me a believer. when I was in about 3rd grade and still had my room to myself, I remember waking up one night feeling uneasy. I had the covers over my head because I was afraid that if  I looked I would see something. I finally got the guts to look and when I pulled the covers off my head , I saw a little girl standing right at my night stand smiling at  me. She had long black hair and round glasses, and sort of a green aura about her . When I saw her I quickly pulled my head under the covers and tried to sing myself asleep. I do not think that my specific house is haunted, but I do believe the woods surrounding it is. Near my house is a place in my town called whiskey Hollow road. The road is said to be very haunted and the woods surrounding it is the same woods surrounding my house. The story is there that lots of satanic rituals or KKK things went on there were also these caves called the witches caves, and the story is , is that there was this man that was convicted of a crime and was stored out in a cabin awaiting his death. After he was killed his wife hung herself by a tree near the shack. I used to babysit two girls near my house. The younger one about 9, had a 'friend' named Jake. I don't really believe in the whole imaginary friend thing, but she had a pretty beefy story that was strange for a 9 year old to make up. She told me that Jake was killed in the woods in her back yard ( about 50 acrs of land) and that he kept their family safe from the 'Monsters' downstairs. Which kind of scared me because I did not like their basement. The first time I saw it I felt weird about it and it is significantly colder down there, even though it is not that far under the house. There mom Told me that their basement is over 100 years old, but the rest of the house was added a few years ago.

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