My Experiences at a Civil War Home


For many years, I lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area. For some unknown reason, I always felt as though I belonged there. Almost like I'd come home. To this day, I really can't explain it.  At one time, a former plantation (Bushy Park) was a popular restaurant called The Planters and, later, The 1848 House. I believe it is now closed (what a pity). I fell completely in love with this home which was saved from burning as it was used as a union hospital during the war. I always felt as though it had really good karma. Even though - or perhaps because of the fact - it had seen some tragedy, it had endured. Because of that, we got married there. Our ceremony was held outside under a huge, old tree that had withstood the war between the states and another hundred plus years. While I was upstairs in one of the former bedrooms dressing for the celebration, I saw a young woman out of the corner of my eye. She just passed by the room and looked in. I didn't think anything of it at first glance because there were several of the staff readying the downstairs for our party. It didn't occur to me until after she had passed that her dress seemed a little fancy and out of date. It then washed over me that this wasn't someone from this day and age. This was a remnant of a much earlier time. I walked out into the hallway to see if I could see her again, but to no avail. She had vanished. The feeling I was left with was one of a wistful sadness. I completely felt as though she was happy for me, but somehow sad. There was one other occurrence at "Bushy Park." One year on our anniversary, my husband and I went to The Planters for dinner. We had our anniversary dinner there every year until we moved out of state. As we waited on the porch for the valet to bring our car, two of the rockers right next to us started to softly rock. We both were a little surprised as there was no one sitting there, there was no one else around, and the wind was still. It was the kind of easy rock that people do when they are sitting and relaxing on a porch. There was surely nothing even slightly frightening about it. It just felt to me that there were some old friends having a nice, friendly chat.  Years later, there was a program on "Haunted Georgia" on one of the cable-type channels (may have been Travel Channel). They featured a segment on Bushy Park. I sat with my jaw hanging when they started discussing sightings of a young woman in an upstairs window and the rockers that rock by themselves. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but this was the first instance of a televised program actually discussing sightings that I had experienced. I maintain that all of the energy I encountered at Bushy Park was completely benevolent. I hope that, one day, the home will be reopened as a restaurant or at least as a location for special events. I can't explain why I know this, but I do know that the spirits there actually enjoy the company and sharing their home with those of us in this world.




More Experiences


I figured I would share some of the stuff that has been going on the past month with me since I like sharing my stories here. It was late at night and I was looking through the cupboards for something to eat and was arguing with myself about what I wanted. I then told myself I shouldn't be arguing with myself since no one was listening anyway. As soon as I said that one of the cupboard doors 5 feet away from me opened by itself. I looked back and saw that it was wide open and I knew I closed it all the way. I looked to see if something had opened it from the inside and there was nothing there. I closed and figured it was my moms dead stepfather who likes to play jokes opened it to tell me he was listening and probably wanted to give me a good jump. He struck again when my mom was vacuuming the floor in the room behind me. I was listening to some music on my computer having the mouse in one hand and a drink in the other. She then said something to me but I thought nothing of it. She said something to me again and I turned and gave her a confused look. It wasn't until the third time when she turned the vacuum off and walked up to me and took my headphones off and told me to stop tapping her on the back when it was turned towards me. I told her I couldn't of since my hands weren't free. She then knew it was her dead stepfather who liked to do that sort of thing when he was alive. About a week ago I was watching a paranormal show and my mom out of nowhere said she doesn't believe in that stuff(which she does) and that it doesn't exist. As the day went on and night hit she was sitting watching some tv while I was in my room. She then called my name sounding all panic like and I ran down the hall to see what was up. She then told me she saw a white mist appear near the side of her face then disappear. I told her maybe next time she better not lie and say she doesn't believe in spirits otherwise one will visit to prove her wrong. Wasn't sure if it was her dead stepfather or not. Anyways something happened a few nights ago I couldn't explain. I was staying with my best friend who had just come back from his trip to England who had his own story to tell me about a haunted castle he visited but i'll leave that one for him to share. We were walking to the store about half an hour away from where he lived. We got there and saw my mom drive in and talked to her for a bit before going into the store. She had left while we were in there and got our stuff when we saw it start to rain. We figured we'd go outside and sit on one of the benches until it passed. Well it then started to thunderstorm causing a big downpour so we went back in the store and waited it out a little more. When we were in there this fowl stench hit some of the people waiting to leave which smelt like someone stepped in crap. We all checked our shoes and there was none to be found. The store was finally closed and we were stranded outside finding ourselves walking back to his place. We noticed something very odd and it was when we were in the store for about an hour we noticed the lightning was close to the store and when we left it started to follow us back to my friends place. The lightning also seemed to be surrounding us always hitting places not too far from us. The downpour turned to showers as soon as we hit my friends road. We were still a good mile away from where he actually lived and my best friend started noticing stuff going on around the field near us. He kept seeing figures surrounding us a good distance away in the field and woods. For some reason I wasn't noticing anything which seemed pretty weird to me. To my best friend it seemed to be a pack of six demons that would disappear whenever the lightning would appear. It wasn't until half a mile away when things started to get interesting. We were walking down the stretch of dirt road leading to his place passing the houses which were in fields themselves. My friend could still sense the demons following us all around the place while I was still not sensing or seeing anything. We then hit his dads place that he had still been working on and noticed the trashcan pretty much in the middle of the road looking like something knocked it over when there was no animal or footprints showing something was there. We passed the place and I all of a sudden got dizzy and started sensing the demons around us. We started walking really slowly trying not to be noticed by them and heard a snapping sound close to us like something stepped on a twig. I started looking on the left side as he watched the right as we continued walking getting a very strong uncomfortable feeling as the rain stopped and it was dead quiet. We eventually hit his dads smelt camps getting close to my friends place and could sense the demons hiding behind them waiting for us to drop our guard. We passed the camps and looked behind us seeing they were watching us waiting to turn back around so they could jump us. We reached our destination and talked about what went down still sensing the demons running around the place wanting us to come out. We knew better and didn't do it but we both talked about how fierce the thunderstorm was and how it seemed to be protecting us by keeping the demons away from us so they couldn't do anything to us. My friend was telling me they always seem to target him even when he's by himself but probably wouldn't bother me. The place where he lives always seems to have much stronger activity than where I live since he lives in a pretty wooded area. Since we've investigated there separately or together there's been a possesion of one of my friends dogs that's happened twice, white orbs surrounding the place, the front door opening by itself, a tree trunk with moths surrounding it out in the woods, and the moon(full or half) being blood red as it came up then suddenly setting which we've both seen where we've lived. We were surprised we didn't hear the hanging demon which resides close to their and both thought he might've been driven away by more stronger demons like the ones we experienced. We even surprisingly could smell the fowl smell of crap along with flies flying around us. The activity soon stopped and my friend decided to not go looking for this type of stuff anymore even though we weren't looking for them in the first place. I will still keep my sights open to anything that might wind up where I live causing crazier experiences. Thanks for letting me share another one of my stories.





Ghosts and Hauntings




I was adopted as a young teen boy to a lady who had a son slightly older than me, and after moving in with them, I became aware of an Adult Female Ghost called "Gramma" and a young Ghost boy dressed in 1900's style clothes.  Turns out the boy was her son (who seems to have died at a young age) and they both died in the old family house (but at different times though), plus my adopted Mom showed me some old family photo's, and I correctly picked out their photo.


Also, whenever I was upset or crying, I would see her more, like she was checking on me out of concern, (and she also did this to Joey, my adopted Brother) plus whenever she would Ghostly visit us, she would leave a scent of her perfume that she wore when she was alive, and Mom called it "White Shoulders".  Also if either Joey or I kicked our covers off, she would come and cover us back up, because we could see and feel the covers move then, also when Joey or I would be in the Bathroom, we would sometimes see only the Ghost Boy looking at us, like he was lonely and wanted to play, but it kind of made us feel weird when we were naked, but gladly the Ghostly Lady never peeked in on us when we were there!  This acceptance by the Ghosts helped me through a very difficult time in my life, the deaths of my real parents, and also made me feel like I was part of their extended family.





Black Cloaked Figure


We moved into a house in June 2004 off the highway down a long gravel driveway in Western Illinois.  I little history on the house.  The original house that stood on the ground burned down in the late 50's early 60's.  It was caused by the dryer.  The new ranch style house that my parents still live in was built soon after.  So who knows what kind of happening happened on this land prior to this.  The first night we stayed in the house was the first night we started to notice something strange.  I was sleeping on the floor in my room and my dad was asleep in my parents my mom was going to use the bathroom before heading to bed but when she looked into the bathroom she seen standing between the tolit and tub a less than four foot cloaked black figure kinda leaning toward the tolit standing there she hurried and flicked on the light and it was gone.  She said that the bathroom wasn't completely dark because the moonlight was coming through the window so she knows that she saw what she saw.  She told me about it and I believed her of course but it was a new house and we were like lets just forget about it.  In December of '04 several months after moving in my mom got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom she said she felt like there was something walking in front of her down the hall and when she got back into bed she thought she seen something by the bedroom door.  Also around that time she saw a bright light shine through the window.  It shone through the back window so she knew it wasn't a headlight of a car from up on the highway and theres nothing but woods and a field behind the house.  In April of '05 my mom and I were not home my dad and brother were the only ones staying there that night.  At 4 am my brother awoke and felt as if something was looking at him from outside his bedroom window.  He was so scared because of the feeling but two he didn't have any curtains on his windows.  He went to sleep on the couch in the livingroom which wasn't much better because at the time the windows in there had no coverings as well.  He still felt as if whatever was outside was watching him but finally was able to fall asleep.  He was awoken by something walking through the diningroom into the livingroom, then whatever it was sat on his upper legs and he felt like couldn't move he said he felt like it lasted several minutes but it probably was only seconds.  He also said during this he could move or breathe.  After whatever it was got up he was finally able to move and breathe.  He got up and went into the kitchen and looked out the window which faces the driveway and a field and he saw what looked like a black cloaked figure standing near the field.  July 2006 It was morning probably before 8 am my mom was on the computer and she thought my dad had pulled up in the driveway then she hears the screen door slam that leads into the garage seem normal until no one comes inside.  Then she hears a door slam shut in the house.  All the doors are open as shes doing this she hears another one slam and decided not to investigate any further.  Hearing phantom cars pull up in the driveway and either get out or don't happens to this day still it is really weird to experience.  About a day or so after this my brother was in the kitchen and heard a woman's voice say my moms name but he said she didn't sound creepy or evil.  In 2005 my mom and I had just gotten back from town and as we're pulling up the long driveway I saw a black figure standing behind the lamp that sits in front of the livingroom window  I didn't say anything at first but then my mom said she just seen the samething!  We knew that it wasn't the lamp we were seeing because this things was probably standing in the middle of the room and nothing stands right smack in the middle of the room.  October 2007 My mom awoke one night to see the Cloaked One as we had begun to call it standing by the reclyner it had yellow eyes and didn't stand very tall like when she first saw it.  There are more stories that are more recent which I will tell later or if your interested and don't want to wait you can email me for them.  Thanks for taking your time and reading.

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