Many, Many Ghosts


My experiences with hauntings began early in my childhood. It seems that

wherever I have gone I have lived in a haunted place. This began to make

sense to me when I learned that ghosts have a tendancy to attach themselves

to people, as well as places.

Only one of these presences has been malevolent, though some of them have

taken some getting used to. My favorite ghost was ( I say was because I

have not seen him since I moved from the house) a little boy, about three

or four years old, who would sit, cherub-style, on the dresser in the

bedroom, watching us sleep at night. If ever I woke and startled him, he

would soundlessly run away, never to reappear again on that night. I would

lie still, feigning sleep, so that he would not run, but I never caught

more than a fleeting look at him before he sensed my awareness and was gone.

I was divorced several years ago and the children and I moved to another

state to start over. I later met someone and we began dating. In the

following year, my ex-husband was killed in a car accident. Recently, my

fiancee moved in with me and, coincidentally, all sorts of inteesting (and

somewhat annoying) things have begun to happen.

Probably the most fascinating thing are the crashes, which we hear in

the night an average of twice a week. Sometimes they are "outside" the

house, and can be as big-sounding as a falling tree, and others inside

sound as though vases or lamps are falling to the floor. Needless to say,

when we get up to see what has happened (for a bit I thought the cats were

getting a little frisky), there is no evidence of anything fallen or

broken. Change simply drops to the floor out of nowhere (an interesting

note is that my husband had a habit of strewing change all over the house),

a candle will simply not stay lit and the cats are very jumpy and restless.

There is an overall feel of strangeness in the house, as though something

is taking up kinesthetic space and though we keep bumping into it, we

cannot see it.

I am not the least bit bothered by any of it, but my fiancee is actually

threatening to move out and insisting that we find a new house. I suspect

that is what my deceased husband wants, but I have no way of knowing for

certain what his motives might be.

Sir Charles


When I was growing up we had a ghost we called Sir Charles. We would see things around our house that we couldn't explain. Cretin things would happen to us. This is kind of strange. My dad is the baby of 14 kids. When my dad was young his father shot his finger off by mistake in a hunting accident. For some reason My grandmother kept the finger. This finger was never preserved or nothing. But it never rotted. The skin and nail was still in tact. My grandpa died as a result of this accident. When my grandmother was too old to take care of herself we put her in a nursing home. She asked all of her kids to divide up her belongings and share them among themselves. Well some how my dad wound up with this finger. After about a week of having this finger things would happen in our house. We would see little lights going around the room. they would hover around my dad. Sometimes when my dad was sleeping he said that he would wake up and he felt something lightly brushing on his hair and he would feel a cold spot. Sometimes when he was lying there in bed he would see a figure of someone in the corner of his room. I would be walking into the bathroom and see something in the shower. I never could figure out what this was. My mother said I would come yelling "Mom, Jesus is in the shower, Come and look!" I was only around 8 years old at the time. But I remember this stuff easily. Nothing bad ever happened to us. Usually good things would happen to us. Sometimes when we would set something down and take our eye away from it for a few seconds it would be gone. We would find it back there a few days later like it was never moved. Our doors on the room would open by them selves every once in a while. None of us were afraid of this. For it had never given us a reason to be afraid of it. When my grandmother passed away in 1981 we buried the finger with her. After that day we had never seen out ghost again. I have always wondered if it was my grandpa.



This story happened to my mother. I had a great-cousin who was born in

the 1910's. Her mother was a very tiny worman and when she was born she

was too large for her mother. The doctor trying to help used forceps

and by accident grabbed Rosemary by the back of the neck squeezed too

hard and crushed her spinal cord. For the next 60 some years Rosemary

lived in a kind of prison that was her own body. No one knew how much

she really knew or understood. Because of the thinking back then she

was never encouraged to learn to walk or do anything. When her mother

died she was already in her late 50's. My aunts remember her calling

momma, momma, but those where the only words she ever spoke. She was

always an infant. After her mother died she went to live with my aunt,

my mothers sister. This is where the ghost story begins. Rosemary had

been fighting a cold for about a week when it was decided that they

where going to take her to the hospital the next day. That night my

father woke up my mother because he said she was laughing uncontrollably

in her sleep. She said she didn't know why but she felt wonderful. She

couldn't remember when she felt better. The next morning we got a phone

call that Rosemary had died during the night. My mother said that that

was what it was. Rosemary had come to say that she was free and that

everyone should be happy. She was finally free. Mother calls Rosemary

a saint. I don't think she could be anything else.

Hooded Figure


Some times I question my sanity. I am shure that you hear that alot. When I was only five or six I awoke to the sounds of heavy breathing. Of course I woke up, standing over my bed looking down at me was a tall figure in a black hooded robe. The only thing visable were two glowing red eyes. Terrified I went screeming to my mothers room. She passed it off as a dream. The months passed and I remember vividly that I could feel a presance in the house but I was young and couldn't understand what I was feeling. My parents were divorced so one week I was visiting my father. When I returned my mother said that she had ben sleeping in my bed because she missed me, and that the same thing had appeared bending over the bed as if to see who it was. Now you may be asking your self why she would tell me this? I dont know to this day. Well this thing haunted me througout my childhood especialy when I was unhappy or upset. I found out later that my sister had also experienced the same thing only at a friends house. The friend also saw it. My sister a not very religious person began to pray and it dissapeard. As i got older I became facinated with the Ocult and did much resarch on paranormal self defence. On night when I was eighteen I awoke to feel its presence in the room. I dont think I have ever ben as afraid as I was at that moment. But a rage filled me and I sat right up in bed an said out loud to the dark that if it wanted me for somthing then do it otherwise leave me the hell alone!! After that night I felt as if a great weight had ben lifted off my shoulders. However I feel that that thing has never lest my sister or I alone. But i'm now twenty six and I feel that there are forces watching out for us, but it's still disturbing. My advice to anyone with the same experiences is to not give these things the time of day!! Give them nothing of yourselves.

Birthday Ghosts


This story has to do with multiple ghost sightings. Well, we start off on my birthday. Approx. nine whitnesses observed bobbing heads poking in and out from the side of my shed(under construction at the time). They were white glowing faces, almost with robes over their head. Two of us went back to investigate but found nothing. About one hour after the sighting, approx. four of us whitnessed multiple glowing spheres behind a tree nearby. Two of us are police officers, so we engaged the objects with our sidearms. Might I ad, this is a fairly dangerous area. The objects slowly dissapated and we found no evidence of any paranormal activity.

The nine of us joined to go inside when we all whitnessed a glowing figure approx. fifteen meters down the back street(alley way). Again we engaged the being and instructed it to get down on the ground. At this time, the being quickly turned around and dissapeared.

2 Encounters with Ghosts


Greetings: Recieved your email address off the Internet. I have

forwarded two stories of actual encounters with ghosts. Feel free to use

them as you see fit. 1) Every

Saturday morning my folks went out to do the weeks shopping. This one

Saturday was not an exception. As the folks pulled out of the driveway,

I got out of bed so I could have the house to myself. As I was getting

dressed, I heard footsteps go up the stairwell. This couldn't be missed

as the stairs were next to my bedroom. I felt rather spooked knowing the

folks didn't come back in. Quickly making my way upstairs, I checked out

all the upstair rooms & closets. I expected to be jumped at any moment

by an intruder. Finding nothing did little to bring peace of mind as I

felt watched during the search. This feeling continued as I cooked

breakfast & washed up. I checked the TV listings to see who was playing

in the televised baseball game. As I was doing so I heard a woman sigh.

Looking up I saw no one, then I felt a hand brush my cheek. My interest

in the ball game became nil & I got out of the house immediately. I told

who ever was there not to impede my progress as I was out of there, they

could have the house. I didn't bother coming back until my parents got

home from their shopping. The

second incident happened within two years of the above. Dad &

I left Burnaby on a Friday afternoon for a fishing trip near Hope. At

some point during the weekend, Mom was cleaning the bathtub when she

heard me call her from the bathroom door. She looked up, only to see

nothing at the door. This scared her out of her wits especially after

she went through the house only to find nobody around & no car in the

driveway. Dad & I were still 100 miles away on our fishing trip.

Hope you enjoyed the above stories. Thanks for your time &


Flagler College's Dorm


I heard about this story from one of my friends, but first I think you

should know a little about Flagler College's dorm. The dorm is an old hotel

that was owned by Henry Flagler around 1888. He had a mistress while he was

married to each of his three wives. Flalger ended up locking his mistress

in a room on the third floor because he thought that she was crazy. The

room had mirrors on the ceiling and she ended up hanging herself from the

ceiling. Now, no one is allowed to live in that room becuase of all the

strange things that have happened. For instance, if a student tried to hang

things up on the wall or ceiling, they would end up scatered aroung the

floor when she got back to her room. The college eventually locked the room

so no one could live in it because of the numerous complaints. Now, the

rooms to both the left and right of the "mirror room" cannot hang anything

on the wall that they share with the "mirror room".....the posters just get

thrown on the floor.

Another girl actually looked like Henry Flaglers young dughter who

was killed when she was a child. Becasue of this, the student got followed

around by his ghost. She left the school after a few weeks. She used to

wake up in the middle of the night and actually see his shost at the end of

her bed!

Another guy....guys live on the 1st floor only....actually died of a

heart attack...he was found with a really scared look on his face by a few

of his friends in his bed. He was perfectly healthy from what i was told.

There are so many more that i was told, but i cannot remember them off hand.

A lot of people have seen things that they wish they had'nt. I haven't seen

anything yet, and i hope I never will.



About a year ago, in July of 1997, I took what was the last of my summer days to help out at a local nursing home, the Magnolia Tree Branches. I was asigned to care for a part of the older section of the building, where an older wing was extended onto with a newer part of the hospital.

In my first days there I met a woman named, Flaura. In the last room on the old wing. I begin to talk to her daily and ask her questions about our old town. She told me to look at a certain space on the wall across from her bed. On that wall there was a large square that had been patched over. She told me this had been an old window before they had built the new wing onto the nursing home three years before. She said she used to love the view from that window. A lake that sparkled like the blueest eyes, and the prettiest pine trees ever.

Towards the end of my time at the home, before school started, and I had to stop seeing Flaura because she was ailing and getting sicker from her breast cancer everyday. Finally on the last day of her 87 year life, i was requested at her room. For three hours I listened to her thank me for the many days I had sat and listened to her speak. She said that I was her last friend in life and she was glad to say so. She would laugh and say, "For a white boy, you alright," and as I was leaving a bent doan and kissed Ms. Flaura on her forehead. She smiled and told me that was the first time she had ever seen a white person kiss a black lady and really mean it. I did mean it, because I loved her like a true friend.

On my way home i looked at the sewer lagoon that used to be the lake Flaura was talking about. Now it was the greenest water i had ever seen. As i lay in my bed that night, i thought about the 16 years i had lived my life without really apreciating it.

The next morning i went to clean out Flaura's room at the nursing home. She had died the night before, thirty minutes after i had left, and she had no family to clean the room. So i did. When i was folding the leftover clothes from her dresser i looked up at her neatly cleaned bed. She was staring at me with her huge brown eyes.

She pointed to the wall behind me and said, the lake is as shiny as the bluest eyes, and those pine trees are gorgeous today. I turned and looked at the patch on the wall, but instead a window had replaced it that showed the sparkling lake and the old pine trees that stood by it. I turned around to her but the bed stood empty. And the window behind me had vanished. The nurse came in and ushered me out of the room with the clothes from Flaura's drawer.

That afternoon as i drove by the lake a city official van was parked there. I turned off into the parking area and drove next to the van. A black woman was there in her city uniform and I asked her what she was doing. She told me the city was going to clean the lake up and make it shine again. I drove away knowing Flaura will get to see her lake shine again, like the bluest eyes.

Haunted Trailer


Back in 1978 when I was a young Staff Sergeant, the Air Force

transferred me to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas. Because

I was single at the time I was living in the barracks at first, but

because of the loud music and noise from the other residents, I decided

to find my own place. I found a nice two bedroom mobile home for rent

that I thought would be perfect. While the landlord was showing it to

me I noticed the mattress in the master bedroom had a large blood stain

in the middle of it. Although it had been cleaned, the cloth was still

stained. I told the landlord I would take the trailer, but that I wanted

a different mattress. He agreed and I moved in shortly after. From the

very first few weeks I knew something was not right. I was a 27 year

old, six foot, 205 pound military NCO.....and I could not go to sleep at

night with the lights turned off! As soon as I would close my eyes, I

would get the distinct feeling of someone standing beside the bed. One

of the first nights there, I woke up needing to go to the bathroom. As I

started down the dark hall, I suddenly felt the hair on my arms and neck

stand up. I had the most scary feelng that there was someone standing in

front of me and that I would have bumped into them if I had not stopped!

I backed up to the bedroom and flipped the light on, and of course there

was no one there. From that night on I slept with the nightstand lamp

turned on. Other odd things began happening. On more than one occasion I

would be in the kitchen washing dishes or cooking and would feel someone

come up and stand behind me. This experience always gave me goosebumps.

Other times I would be on the couch watching TV, and would suddenly get

the feeling that there was someone back in the bedroom. I never saw or

heard anything, but I knew I was not alone in that trailer! I finally

got a clue as to what happened in there when I was talking to a teenage

girl and her brother that were my neighbors. I felt stupid for asking,

but I had to know! I asked the girl, "Have you ever heard of anything

bad happening in this trailer?" She didn't even hesitate. "Oh, yes,"

she told me. "A couple of years ago there was a woman killed in there!

Someone broke in and stabbed her to death!" Shortly after this

conversation I married a lady I had been dating, and we moved to a house

with more room. The really strange thing about all of this is, although

these weird things went on for the entire year and a half that I lived

there, It never once occurred to me to move!

A Year of Uneasiness


My family moved around a bit when I was about 9 years old. One of the

houses we moved into has one of those signs put up by the Historical

Society saying that it was built in 1701. I found it to be fascinating

when I first went inside. It made the hairs in the back of my neck stand

up and send chills down my spine. I was in a ghost phase and I begged my

mom to consider. If there was a haunted house this would be the one. It

also had a secret passage and a secret room(all of them led to my


My mom decided to get it. So my brothers, mom, and I soon moved into

the house. Not even the first day I heard footsteps in the upstairs room

when we were all downstairs and the house felt abnormally cold

considering it was spring. Nothing really odd happened until we settled

in. My brothers and my mom worked. So when I came home I was all by

myself. I felt the erieest sensation that someone was watching me and I

was indanger. Sometimes I would think I would see a man a couple feet in

front of me then I would look again and there would be nothing.

Sometimes I would hear breathing and feel uncontrolable chills. Soon I

would start to leave the house and play with the nasty not-so-friendly

naighborhood kids just to get away.

My cats would act a little akward too. Sometimes they would move up

and down as if something was petting her. Sometimes they would act like

sniffing the air as if someone was there. Later in the year, doors would

slam shut or open for no explained reason. I would come home from school

and everything would be on or opened. The front door which I would

close, would be wide open. At night I would often feel someone sitting

by my feet. The "I'm being watched feeling" increased then.

I wouldn't tell my family cause I was afraid that they would say that

I was reading to much.

During Christmas, we had the tree up and it kept falling over. It got

to the point that we tied it down but even then it fell over.

After Christmas we movie again and I was happy to move.

About five years later my family and I started to talk about that

house. We the all confessed that something was weird of that house. I

told them my experiences. There are also some other things I know that

happened that scared me incrediable but I can't remember what. I don't

know if I blocked it out of my mind or not. I asked my brothers what

happened to them. They just looked at me going all pale and said that it

was best they didn't tell me. My mom said the same.

Eventually my mom told me that sometimes she would check on me after I

went to sleep and she would see an apparition of a man in pre-Civil war

era clothes standing over me or somtimes sitting watching me....

If you have any suggestions about the weird feelings please e-mail me.



In some ways I never really belived in Ghost,,I seen stuff but always

thought I was treid or my eyes where playing tricks or hearing things or

smells that did'nt smell right growning up..Then one time I was 21 it was 8

years ago I was going with my wife at that time...and we went to her home

to make out since her parents was gone...We got there and talked for about

half an hour..And laid on the floor in the living room and started to

kiss...Then the lamp started to shake it was a big lamp to...It looked like

it was gonna tip over we both jumped up and it stopped moving..we left..I

knew it was'nt right but she seen it to...But then one week her parents

went to Minnesota for a week..So we decide for me to stay since her parents

was gone the first two nights was fine...the thrid day...she had to be at

work by 7 am until 11am. I rembered her leaving and went to sleep..Later as

I was a Sleep I heared the door open and shut, I thought it was her..I laid

there waiting for her to come in to the bed room.I heared foot steps walk

in the kitchen from where the door was at to the dining room to the living

room down the hall way to the bedroomwhere I was at...I heared it walk up

behind me and could feel soomething there..I didn't move and then I heared

it leave the same way it came in and the door shut..I jumped up and looked

out the window...saw nothing in the drive way but as I was looking..I saw

my girlfreinds car come down the road.I got up and went to the door it was

locked and the grade door was to leading to the door...It scared me and

told her what happened..I never stayed by my self again and plus she told

me other things have happened there...



In 1991 I was in Okinawa, Japan serving in the US Marines. I was stationed at MCAS Futenma. Its in the southern portion of the island about 10 miles north of the Capital and southern most city Naha. MCB Camp Foster is about 3 miles north of Futenma. It is the 2nd largest military instalation on Okinawa. Between the two there old castle ruins. Most are over 700 years old.

One particular site was to be turned into a tourist attraction complete with a hotel. In the early 80's (1980 I think I was never able to find out for sure) construction was stopped and the project was abandoned. The exact reason for this is still a mystery to me. One story I heard is that the third floor of the unfinished hotel collapsed and several workers were killed in the accident. After seening the unfinished building for myself this seems likely.

The castle walls are nearly intact and it is impressive but pretty non-descript. Now the unfinished hotel is truly remakable. From the moment you enter the building shell you are overcome with a feeling of "intense hostility" as a friend of mine put it. The walls are bare concrete and there is no carpet to dampen sound so every little noise is amplified. Ive been there twice and both times had a very eerie and uncomfortable feeling. Several times I thought I could just glimpse movement out of the corner of my eye. It is common to hear whispers and muted voices as well as footsteps on the concrete floor. I have spoken about the place with several past and presnt Marines recently some of them told me about actually seeing a figure of a man there. Its impossible to validatethis but coming from completly diffrent sources its impossible to ignore. Most other experiences are similar to the ones my friends and I had there. Visiting this site is against the law (its completely fenced off) however it is becoming sort of a "rite of passage" for Marines at Futenma. As such I am sure many of the stories are exaggerated or are downright false. However I am certain that this is a real haunting and from other experiences I have heard from other "visitors" that it is consistent. I was hoping if you could add this location to your website others who have been there might submit stories about it. I havent had much luck finding anymore information than I have just given you. Sorry this is so long and Thank you for listening.



When I was a kid in the 80's I always heard my parents talking about my

grandmother's ghost. They would go on for hours about strange happenings and

about how the ghost was there to protect the family from the "evil" ghost or

in times of need. My grandmother could see him and always knew that when he

was there then something was going to happen. She called him George. Like I

said they would go on and on about George and how he lived at the top of the

stairs and being a curious kid I listened of course. Then, it never failed,

they would turn to me and say "nap time." Nap was upstairs of course. After

a few years I was not so scared, after all he was a protector. One day as my

older brother and younger sister and some friends were playing outside my

grandmothers house we got to talking about ghosts. We all insisted that my

Grandmother had a ghost and they insisted that there was no such thing.

After a few minuites of arguing in broad daylight my brother hollered for

everyone to look. We all looked up at my Grandmother's bedroom window and

saw the most beautifull angel. He was about 6 feet tall, had blonde hair and

a white robe on. He smiled at all of us and dissappeared. We all were in

shock for a minuite then our friends said they had to go home and took off.

I will never forget that expierence as that was all the proof I needed to


The Woman


The story takes place somewhere in Wisconsin, Two police were on

patrol in a squad car on some highway when all of a sudden they see

this naked woman running up the enbankment on the shoulder of the

road waving her arms franticlly, the officers turned around and

watched as she ran back down into a deep ravine, when the two officers

finally made it down to the bottom they saw a overturned car with a driver

in the driver's seat and a baby in a car seat in back. The baby was fine was

taken to a hospital for obdervation but the female driver had been dead for

over 24 HRS!!!!!!  The officers had no idea what happened to the naked

woman they saw running up the hill.......... comments please.

Haunted House of Ill Repute


Years ago I lived in a vintage town house off of Logan Circle in Washington DC, just blocks from the White House. The house had been built by President Grant's son, an engineer and architect. The house was located on one of the streets that spur off of the circle. Somewhat diagnally across Logan Circle is the house where President Grant and Julia Dent Grant would use as their "summer getaway house", even though it was just a few blocks from The White House.

Anyway, the house I lived in was a three story house with a spiral staircase that went from the first to the second floor. From the day that I moved into the house, I sensed that the house had other residents than myself and the other housemates.

The first morning after moving in, I went downstairs to make breakfast. I felt as if I was being watched from the parlor and dining room adjacent to the kitchen. It really spooked me, but when I looked up there was no one there.

After several odd experiences of hearing the front door open and no one come into the entrance parlor, I asked the owners if they had heard any odd noises while living in the house.

They replied, "Oh, well we weren't going to tell you but we think there are SEVERAL ghosts in the house."

I asked them why the basement was so oddly cold in spots and did they ever feel that there was someone watching them when they did the laundry. The owner said yes, that he often thought that there was a woman watching him as he did the wash.

On one occasion I was shaving in my bathroom when I felt someone step into the room behind me. I thought it might be one of the housemates trying to startle me, so I quickly looked up into the mirror to catch them standing behind me. What I saw was a quick flash of light and an image that briefly resembled an older, balding black man in a dark suit and white high collared shirt. I only saw it for the briefest of moments, but the impression on my mind was intense enough that I got a quick flash of image.

I told the owners sister that day what I had saw and she calmly said, "Oh that must have been the butler that I always see near the front door.!" I said to her what are you talking about and she related that her brother didnt want me to know the entire story, for he was afraid I would move out and they would have to search for another roomate.

She said the house had been a house of prostitution at the turn of the century, a very well know one to members of Congress and the political world. The house had suffered a devastaing interior fire, most of the damage in the basement level and the first floor. The room that I was living in was the madams room, and the prostitutes lived and worked on the other levels. She said that she often heard the front door open and when she went to look, she saw an aging black man in a tux coat standing by the door for a brief moment with his hand on the door knob like he was opening the door to welcome a visitor. Then the door would close and he would disapear. Thats who she said I saw in the mirror.

Sometimes he would look at her, bow, and smile then disapear.

Several weeks later, I got up from bed to go downstairs to get a drink of juice. It was around midnight and everyone else had long since went to bed for the night. I went down the spiral staircase after turning on the dimmer switch that turned on the chandelier. As I got to the bottom step and started to turn to the left to walk through the living room and into the kitchen, the owners vicious cocker spaniel began to snarl and spin around in circles like it was going into seizures. I thought he was going to attack me, which he had did on several other occasions. This time it wasnt me he was after and he ran right past me to pause at the bottom of the steps, snarling, spitting and scratching his paws into the flooring.

As I looked up the staircase to see what the dog was barking at, I saw the shape of a tall woman standing midway up the stairs. She was diaphonous---not solid--and misty, apricot in color. I could make out the outline of a long gown, and could see a vague outline of her head and face. I let out a yelping screech and just as I did a bright blue and purple spark of electricity ran up the figure's side from the "toes" to the face, making a crackling sound. The spark moved really fast. As it got to the "head" the entire image dissapeared and the dog went running up the stairs after "it."

The dog kept running up to the landing and back down to the step where "she" had been "floating".

I forgot the juice right away and ran up the steps behind the dog. I didnt have any desire to look for her at all.

The next morning I told the owner and he calmly replied "Oh, that must have been The Madam of the house---Marie." He said that he often felt a presence on the stairs and once while he was doing the laundry, he though he saw shadows moving along one wall where there were these three "rooms" with wooden doors. He went and got a painting that he had did of what he thought Marie looked like and he had painted her with an orangish apricot color scheme.

He told me that he had checked in the city records and found that the fire had really happened and that the Madam and several of the girls lost their lives in the fire. I was living in "Marie's" room and a the girls that had died were living in the basement "rooms."

For the next few months I felt really uncomfortable, others in the house said that they had had similar experiences as well.

I am convinced that the house was haunted by the madam, butler and the girls that had died in the fire.

The Dogs


It was a long time ago, but I will never forget the experience. The year

was 1983 and I was attending Stebbins High School in Dayton, Ohio. I was in

the marching band as well as many of my friends. Many times after a Friday

night football game, my friends and myself used to search for places to

spook ourselves. For the guys, this was highly encouraged as the girls got

scared and liked to hang onto a guy. Anyway, we all decided to visit a pet

cemetary one night, which was located out in the countryside. I remember it

being very dark as there were many trees and hills thus blocking out the

moon's light. No one had a flashlight, but that didn't stop any of us. Now

the pet cemetary is located up and down a tree-covered hillside. There was

a creek that ran down the hill along side the footpath. Our goal was just

to make it to the top of the hill, claim victory and then move on to

something else for the evening. So we all started the hike up the path when

and buddy and I decided to run past the group and be the first to the top.

I remember running fast with my buddy right next to me when all of a sudden

we heard dogs barking. The sound was right on top of us and it scared us to

the point where we stopped in our tracks and slipped on the dew covered

grass. My buddy and I fell to the ground and slid about three feet. We

could still hear the dogs barking as if they were right next to us. We both

started kicking our feet as if to block an attacking animal, but all we were

doing was kicking at the air. We looked around and saw nothing even as the

barking continued. At that moment he and I looked at each other, screamed

at the same moment and ran as fast as we could back down the hill. I

suppose the humorous thing about the whole experience was seeing our friends

working their way up as me and my buddy were running back down from fear.

Our friends also got scared and started bumping into each other in the dark

night and falling in the creek and smashing into trees. It was just so

terrible that we had to laugh at what happened. When we made it to the

baottom and were catching our breath, the others in the group asked what

happened. Both of us started answering the questions at the same time with

the same aswers. My buddy and I didn't have the chance to talk either on

the way up the hill, at the top of the hill or on the way back down, but we

both experienced the same thing. The dogs sounded as if they were right on

top of us, but there were no dogs and nothing chased us back down the hill.

At first we though that we just didn't see the dogs and that perhaps they

were just further away than what we imagined. The funny thing about it was

that we were no more than 50 yards ahead of the group and not one of them

heard the sound of dogs barking. The barking was so close to my buddy and

myself and we were close enough to the rest of the group so that they would

have heard the barking also. Everyone else in the group thought we were

making the story up. My buddy and I didn't imagine the barking and even he

claimed it sounded as if it were right on top of us.

The Park

by RodSerlng

Well, let me start off by saying that you have a great website and I will visit it as often as I can from now on. OK, I live in New York City in a notorious area known as the South Bronx. I have seen it all, murders, muggings, shootouts - you name it, and I can honestly say that I never truly tasted fear until the one night I and a few friends went strolling in a park (Untermeyer Park) in Yonkers N.Y. This is the very same park where David Berkowitz ( the .44 caliber killer-Son of Sam ) went to worship the devil. This is true - you can look it up. Anyway, we entered the park at about 4:00 am Sunday morning, the group consisted of Myself, my friend Al and Mike Masseo. It was my first time in the park and it was the darkest place I had ever seen, except for the dim light coming over the hill from the streetlights. we strolled around, making jokes and laughing, on our way out - Mike grabbed my shoulder and whispered look, on the hill!! Look! I turned and saw a shape, a jet black shape moving through the dim light, it was so fast, it was moving just so fast. All I could say was whoa!! It's jetting, it's jetting!! (N.Y.C. slang for moving very fast). My hair stood up on end. Mike and I took a step back as it passed us with incredible speed. Al had his back to us - he saw nothing and disbelieves us 'til this day. I was shaking, Mike ran for the street, I followed with Al behind me - he had no idea why we were running. I ran so fast - I was so scared, I have never had an experience like this before or since. I know it's not dramatic or anything but it's my own personal experience with the other side. It moved so fast - had to be about six feet tall - I couldn't really tell - It passed us without making a single sound and disappeared into the bushes - silent. I was so scared and ran so fast. This shape passed us with the speed, well - I can only compare it to standing on the side of the highway with the cars speeding by - it passed us that quick. It cleared about 70, maybe 80 yards in the blink of an eye. This story is true, I will never forget it-everybody Mike and I told laughed us off as jokers but I swear - it happened. I will swear to it 'till my dying day, it happened and I will never forget it. Well, that's my story - for what it's worth. Thanks for giving me someplace to tell it.

The Family Ghost

by El

I went to my boyfriends house (now my husband) to visit before he had to go to work. I was tired so he told me to go take a nap and his mother would be home after awhile to take me home. As I laid there I felt that I was being watched, but after awhile I fell asllep. I was suddenly awoken with a chill, and felt someone was there with me. I went in the living room and waited for his mom to get home. After a few months his family started talking about a ghost that they had. It had been with the family for years. They told me about canisters being knocked of the counter, pencils flying across the room, and little things like that.

After my husband and I were married ( a yr and 1/2 later) little things started to happen, but I could justify them in my mind, until we moved in this one house. It was next door to his mothers old house, the house he had grown up in, the one with the family ghost.

After living there for about a month by husband came running into our bedroom where I was sleeping. He said he was watching TV a something growled in the corner of the room, and our sons baby carrier fell of the other couch. I thought his over active imagination had kicked in, so I went into the livingroom to watch TV with him. Nothing happened again that night.

After about a week, when we would go to bed, we could hear noises in our sons room throught the baby monitor when he was sleeping. When I would go in there, he wasn't moving, and nothing was making noise. The next morning when I went in to get him his nick nacks would all be rearranged. This kept happening almost every night.

My friends or family that would spend the night were so scared they would only slept in bed with my husband and I. One night when my cousin stayed over we were all tring to go to sleep when something was stuck into our box fan. We all just laid there and pretended we were asleep. We were too scared to move. When my husband finally got up and turned on the light nothing was there.

Little things like spoons flipping in bowls on the table, shadows going down the hall to our room, and lights turning off and on were a regular occurance. We only lived there for 6 months before I told my husband I had to get out of there. Since then ( that was 4 yrs ago), little things rarely occur. The most recent was a pen that flew about 12 feet across the room. That was about a year ago, but i still sense that someone is there watching me.

My Haunted Home


This could take awhile so I am going to get right to it. I have lived

in a haunted house my entire life. I grew up seeing and hearing

entities in my house. My bedroom is a "hotspot" in our home. The

whole thing is haunted but my room seems to be the center of activity.

I started getting funny feelings a few years ago when was alone in my

room. It was as if someone was watching me. This wasn't an uncommon

feeling for me and I knew what I was feeling. Then the weird stuff

started happening. I had just moved into my room from another room in

the house. No one had lived in there for a long time and I believe

that when I moved in I set off the activity that occurred and still

occurs in there. The spirits didn't seem to mind me being there. I

knew they were there but I never felt threatened. My bed would

vibrate when I was in it and the dresser sometimes vibrated for no

good reason. When I spoke to my "friends" they would stop the

activity. I have always been very, very sensitive to the spirit world

so I believe that's why I am the only one who has felt them other than

my mom. I hear voices, and feel them touching me if I am upset, or I

just feel their presence. Sometimes I feel hands on my shoulders or

on my hands and back. I have also seen them. I have one in

particular that I am rather fond of. I believe it is my

great-grandfather who was killed on the railroad in 1922. The

description fits. I have one corner in my room that lights up in this

eerie blue light that is concentrated only in that corner. There is

no way for light to reach that corner from outside as it is blocked

from the light coming through the window. This commonly occurs around

three a.m. and lasts only a few seconds. It seems to be some sort of

portal for them. It is always cold if you put you hand in the corner.

My friends have even noticed this. I have a lot of ribbons on my wall

from various competitions. I have three staggered at one place on the

wall. The one in the middle has a nasty habit of being turned

backwards sometimes. I have investigated ways a draft could have done

it, there are none. Other things in my room get moved as well. They

just do it to drive me insane I think. I just know they are smirking

at me when I figure out what has happened. I know this because I have

heard soft laughter when I can't find something that they have moved

for me. It is merely a game. One day I was on the landing at the top

of the stairs of my house. To one side is my sister's door and on the

other side is a hallway leading to my parents room and mine. Anyway,

I was standing at the top of the stairs and the phone in my parents'

room rang. I turned to go down the hall and all of a sudden I felt

something brush past me and felt a cold chill. Then I saw a figure go

down the darkened hallway and into my parents room. I followed, but

there was no one in the room when I got there. However, I could feel

the presence of one of my spirits. Maybe they were trying to tell me

something, I don't know. All I could do was laugh. Sometimes I will

be walking throughout the house or my room and run into cold pockets.

I believe that this is when I have run right into my spirit friends.

It doesn't even frighten me anymore.

Just recently, like in the last few months, I have begun to notice an

evil presence in my room. I never knew what is was like to actually

fear a spirit until I met this one. When he came into the room my

hair stood on end and I got very anxious and edgy. But then my good

spirit would show up, usually the male but sometimes the female, and

run the other off or something. Then he or she would stay with me

until I had calmed down. I believe I have two good spirits and one

bad one. There are others, but these are the strongest. It got to

the point where I was afraid of my own room, and the evil was becoming

stronger and stronger. One day I begged my good spirits to stop the

other one from tormenting me. That night, the bad one showed up right

on schedule, and I felt the other two show up soon after. That night

I felt so strong a fear that I thought I was in danger, but then all

of a sudden the evil was gone and only my friends remained. I have had

no more trouble with the evil since. I think maybe the combined

strength of my friends may have been enough to stop the evil. I saw

my great-grandpa that night. He was simply standing in the corner and

when he realized I had seen him, he bowed his head and disappeared. I

still feel him, but I haven't seen him again. To my knowledge I have

not seen the female, only heard her. And I never saw my evil spirit.

Now I have moved to Berkeley to go to school here and my

great-grandfather has followed me here. I have felt him countless

times in my room or just around campus with me. It is a comfort for

me to know that I am protected.

I guess what I have been trying to say this whole time is that it is

possible to become very attached to some spirits and actually welcome

their presence. I would feel very alone now if my great-grandfather

ever left me. He does occasionally leave but he always returns soon

after. My belief is not to fear them, try to learn from them. If

they are evil, however, get help from someone who knows what they are

doing. I hope my story can help someone who is having spirit problems

to understand that they shouldn't be afraid unless it is obviously a

malicious spirit.

Unknown Man


This is a story about my friend and I when we went to the mountains for a week.It was late afternoon when we arrived to the cabin that we would be staying at for the week.It looked so nice and peaceful.In the back of the house there was a door that lead to the back yard where there was a wonderful lake.That night we spent alot of time settling in.The next morning we had a big brekfast and I had a weird feeling that someone was watching me.But I just ignored it.Around 7:00p.m. my friends mom asked us to watch my friends sister Julie while they went out for awhile.So we said sure.When they left we played a few games then we sat down to watch some t.v.It was about 8:45p.m. when we heard a nock at the back door I told my friend Beckey that I would go see who was at the door while she put Julie to bed.When I got to the door no one was there.So I went back to the living room and sat down.Beckey asked who it was and I told her that no one was there.About 5 min. later we heard the nocking again but this time we also heard someone saying "LET ME IN"several times so we both went to the door together we looked and again no one was there,so we opened the door to have a look around and we saw nothing.Beckey went to check on her sister while I stayed on the couch watching t.v.She came down and said she was fine she was fast asleep.We were watching t.v. for about 10 more min. intill the nocking started again.Now we were getting very agravated.And we thought it was some kids playing a prank so we got up getting ready to go yell at the kids and when we got to the door we saw this strang man floating in the air saying "LET ME IN" we both screamed then ran up stairs to where Julie was sleeping.She was still fast asleep.We never told anyone our very frighting experience because we thought they would all laugh.I'm really glad that we got to share this we you.And we hope you understand that it really happend and we still have nightmares about it.

Ruthin Castle


Although my husband, Tim, and I have been interested in the paranormal

for many years, the first experiences we had were a little over 3 years


We were on vacation in Great Britain with our 2 year old daughter,

Eleni. One of the hotels we stayed in was Ruthin Castle in the Northern

part of Wales. We learned of this hotel through a ghost book about

haunted hotels, which we often use when looking for a place to stay.

The first morning I awoke to find my daughter sitting by the door to our

room. She was pointing to the door and saying, "Lady."

Out of curiosity, I asked the front desk clerk if the resident ghost

ever appears in the guest rooms. Her answer was, "No, she usually roams

the battlements and the corridors of the hotel, although she has been

known to stick her head through the doors of the rooms from time to

time." Then I told her what had happened that morning. She said,

"That's interesting, since the name of our ghost here is the Gray Lady."

Although we had been on countless ghost tours and been to many sites

reported to be haunted, it is another thing when you actually find

something. And this was just the first encounter of this trip...

...more to follow...

NZ Hauntings


I am a soldier in the NZ Army who when I joined as a youth in 1981, was

placed in a old barrack block in Waiouru Camp, which is a camp located in

the middle of the North Island.

A story circulated about a young soldier who hung himself in this barrack

block approx 20 years before and who returns each year on the annerversry of

his death.

As little more than boys, we did not know if this was just a story to scare

us or a real event. He even had a nick name of "Harvey".

To cut a long story short, on the week that his death occured, a number of

my room mates reports waking up 1 or 2 in the morning, cold and unable to

speak. Of course this was scoffed at, but everyone got a fright when a

soldier woke the barracks screaming and wet with sweat. His recalled waking

and been cold with a force or something pushing his head into the pillow (he

was sleeping face down). The pressure became harder and harder and the

pillow became a type of gag and he could not scream or speak.

After what seemed an eon, the surounding air, which was

cold, became warm and he screamed out. As this was the middle of the night

and all personnel were already 'hyped up" with the circulating stories, no

one got much sleep for the rest of the night.

I must admit I am a fan of sotries of "Unexplanied" events and follow the "X

- Files' every week. This may

have caused an element of doubt when trying to decide if my our event was

real or a dream. Some how you always know what is real and I believe the

following to have really occured:

One night after this occurance, I was in may bed fast a sleep when at 1 a.m.

I awoke very cold and aware of a calmness in the air. I found that I could

not move and speaking was impossible. My mind started to go crazy with the

circulating stories and I did not want to look around. I finally managed to

eye the end of my bed and in the darkness saw what I can only decribe as a

object shaped like a ten pin bowling pin. It was a dirty white colour with

the outlines blurred. There was no face, arms or anything to identify it as

human except for the basic shape, which like a pin, started at the top with

a round head outline and expanding a quarter of the way down with a type of

shoulder and then tappering off toward the bottom.

After what seemed as 1 minute, I managed to make a type of "grunt" and the

object vanished and the air returnrd to room temperture.

I was sweating all over and shaken. I managed sleep after an hour or so,

but my mind was racing. I did not tell anyone for years but later over a

few beers did tell my story to a few mates who thinking it was a good

"yarn", did tell stories of their own.

As everyone knows my interest, the feeling has normally been "yeah, right".

I include the above out of interest and do not seek to have it published

(apart from your site) or get into any type of correspondance. I prefer to

be an interested on looker only.

Thank you for you serious approach, and like you wish to avoid "clowns".

My Father's Experience


This is my first time writing and contacting others who have experienced the unnatural. Although I have my own experiences, I choose to submit my fathers for now. He is in his late 60's and he would take his stories to the grave than to share them with everyone. My fathers family mostly lived in Arizona and used to stay at a ranch that my Greatgrandfather owned. It was a small house that they stayed in and the bedroom had wall that didn't reach all the way to the ceiling, on the other side was the kitchen. Well late at night when everyone was asleep. My dad would hear a horse galloping outside, it would stop in front of the house, then he would hear someone jump off and walk to the front door, with the spurs on his cowboy boots jingling the whole time. They would come in the house and proceed to light the stove to heat up a kettle. My dad jumped up to go into the kitchen and suddenly all the noise stopped and there was nobody there! This went on for several nights, the same noises happening exactly as they had the night before and every time my dad would go into the kitchen the noises would suddenly stop. He finally told his brother and cousin but they didn't believe him. So that night, they all stayed up, but this time they had rocks to throw over the wall. sure enough they all heard the same noises of someone jumping off a horse, walking into the kitchen and lighting the stove . At that moment they all started throwing the rocks and shouting, then the noises stopped. The next day my dad's cousin confessed to pulling off the wooden crosses from the nearby cemetary to use for heating the stove. My dad was very angry at him because he said that he was disturbing the dead and other bad things could happen.

Imps or Dreams


I have read alot of your stories. I must say I am hooked on this web

site! I love it. I feel I need to share one of my experiences. But

before I do, I need to understand why people think an entity that causes

fear (to the point of being frozen) or the feeling of dread, think this

entity could be a lost love one. I appolgize if that comes off rude, I

just don't understand. Or is it the fear of the unknown? Not that I wish

to experience such fear.

I live in St. Louis, MO. I am 28 yrs old, a mother of 2 great kids, and

planning to be married in 2 months. I haven't noticed any St. Louis

folk telling any expiences. I know your out there. We have our fair

share of spooky places.

O.K., here it goes.

I too have seen these "imps"- small black shadowy creatures. They remind

me more of cats. When I was a child maybe 4 yrs old I remember just be

fore falling asleep I would see black almost shadowy cats move silently

across my hard wood floor. We didn't have animals at the time. I can't

decide if I was dreaming or if it really happened. I do know that they

did not scare me. But to fast forward to about a month ago. (my bedroom

is three steps from my bathroom) I got up around 4:30am, to get my mate

off to work. I didn't turn on any lights so wouldn't wake him, on my way

out of the bathroom I almost tripped over my cat, Church.(Yeah, yeah, I

know pretty corny- But he is a dead ringer for the cat in "PET

SEMATARY," I swear.) Any way, Just as I almost tripped over church and

see him shoot in to my son's room, (the opposite direction from my

bedroom, I might add) I take 2 steps to my bedroom to find Church

sleeping on my husband-to-be's chest. I just thought I was going crazy

and pushed it out of my mind. Until I read some of your stories. After

thinking about it I know I almost tripped over something. I not nuts

(contrary to popular belife.)

Now this cold be one of 3 things, 1) I am completly goofy. 2) my cat has

so much energy his spirit runs all over the house even when he is

sleeping. or 3)It was one of those shadow cats from when I was a kid. -

any comments?

I hope you add this to your site because I think people probably see

stuff like this all the time and just think they are going bonkers, so

they put it out of their minds.

Thank you for giving me the opprotunity to share.

M&M Factory


My dad worked in an M&M factory around 1990. He loved working there

because he could eat all the M & M's he could eat. He told me that there

were a couple of times he felt kind of weird, like there was a ghostly

presence but ignored it. But one day something happened he couldn't

ignore. He was filling some tubes with M & M's (You know the kind you

get around christmas and it has an M &M figure on top of it) then he

turns around and he sees these boxes slowly moving and all of a sudden

they fell on two girls.

But they didn't get hurt. Then he was on some kind of lift working the

machinery and all of a sudden he felt that ghostly presence again. He

turned around and he saw a ghost of a woman who was dressed like she

came the 1920's. Big hat a flowery dress. He only saw her for 15

seconds but it's something he would never forget.

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