A Haunting in Plover Wisconsin

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There is an old bed and breakfast at the end of post road where it turns into highway 54. It is said to be haunted by multiple spirits. People staying at the house would often complain of noises or seeing strangers in their rooms at night. A pastor did an cleansing of the building and although it worked for a short time the spirits returned. It has sense been closed and abandoned. Its been for sale for years. It has switched owners numerous times in hopes of creating new business but to no success. More recently, in the summer of 2008 two teenage boys visited the house at midnight. One of the doors was surprisingly unlocked so they went inside and explored the lower level. Suddenly they turned around and a figure with glowing eyes was staring at them. They run as fast as they could up the stairs and out. While they were biking home they crossed a railroad track and as they looked to the right they saw the two glowing eyes staring at them again. Even thought it is abandoned when you visit you will notice blinds will be down one day but when you come back the next day they will be open.



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Was driving from Gouverneur, NY to Salmon Run Mall. I took Rt.11 then onto Rt.81, which will take you straight through to the mall. There was a right turn coming up and I took it thinking it was the right turn to the mall. It was an unfamiliar street, I took the next right into a residential area then turn around in the first right sided driveway I saw. I came out the same way I went in and was on "MILL STREET"! I was on the other side of the city in a matter a a few turns that took about 3 minutes! I was on Mill St. facing the square.  I had to follow Arsenal St. all the way to the mall. This distance usually takes about 20-30 minutes. Much later, I tried to locate the wrong turn I took off Rt.81.....I couldn't find one on the map! So, where did I turn and how did I get across the city so fast?  I never told this to anyone because they'd say I either went into Watertown on Mill St. (which I

never used) or I was crazy.  I often wondered if I hit a vortex or a worm hole.  It was a very strange experience.



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I believe in ghost have since I was a girl. But my husband never has. He does now. When my son was 4 I took him to the doctor for a check up while I was gone he retired to his work shop in the basement he said he heard someone open the door which was locked walk from room to room ending in the bedroom thinking someone had came in he returned finding no one. Upon telling me this he admitted it spooked him I told him I hear this walking often brushing this aside, during our weekly card night a shelf came lose from our bedroom wall flew halfway across the room landing in the middle of our bed ,he brushed this off also. Mid July our house turned into a walk in freezer and the scent of many different flowers filled our home for 5 minutes, so he says okay that’s odd but it proves nothing items started going missing small things like tools knife's my favorite earrings a gold lip liner pen he brushed this aside saying I had just misplaced

them then when I started working night shift he had went to bed as all ways he turned onto his left side he said his hair fell across his face he said something with icy fingers brushed back the hair from his face he said he jumped from bed and ran I found him sitting on the couch the next morning where he had been all night to afraid to go back to bed. He said now I believe. For my birthday he bought me a lamp with the guardian angel on it, at around 8 pm each night this lamp comes on we turn it off it comes back on after a few days of restless sleep he broke down and said if it didn’t stop he was going to throw it out into the yard a week went by before it came back on yes we have this lamp on the night stand yet. Each night when we go to bed we can feel something sit down on the bed at our feet  no pets in the house my cat use to stay in at nights but one night she was in the bed room with me the cat jumped up starting hissing every hair she had was standing on ends she was looking at the foot of the bed she hissed once more leapt across the room running to the front door and started clawing trying to get out it was 10 days before she would come back into the house avoiding the bed room wanting out before I went to bed we can see an imprint where something sat down. Our son now 27 will not lay down and sleep with out a light on says he hears things and if something was going to slip upon him he wanted to be able to see it. Many times when I have been down I have felt an icy hand touch me on my shoulder as if saying its alright  I'm hear for you it's got to the point where I talk to it like I would any other person we all have come use to this being if it was going to harm us it would of done so long before now its been with us for 12 years now. Now my husband is a believer and when he hears someone say they don’t he tells this story some believe because they have seen for themselves.



Things Happening

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we dont have and upstair house but we have been heaaring hevy footsteps we have been living here now for well in December will be 5 years....and still things happen, anyway heavy footsteps,doors opening with force and shutting, floors creeking while no one is walking around...we will have things disapear and when we come back within 5 minutes its sitting where we had left it before and we knew where we had had it...this has gone on for sometime now ..lights turning on and off by itself, and we can be sitting in the livingroom and a wind will come by and you can smell this strange perfume smell that you have never smelled before,there are times that our cat will will watc something across the room that we dont see the dogs will stand in a spot and gowl and bark for no reason and try to attack something that's not there, we have 2 dogs that stay in the house they are chuauas and they fallow us everywhere, but for some reason when we will go to the back of the house now our 1 dog will not go...when he use to and he will wine and back away...sometimes he wont come in our room even with us and he sleeps in there with us...we hear weird muffled vooices,whispering,and what it sounds like a baby crying...also we hear a train..my son that is 17 and daughter that is 14 claim to have seen a little girl...they say her name is tara and and a old man walking around in the yard and in the back field they say his name is old man monroe, now let me tell u the story behind that....me and my husbnad dont have kids together....but when our kids came to us and told us about the old man he had told me that was his grandfathers name i didn't believe him i called his mom to ask her what his name was and she told me monroe and i was in shock my husbnad had never seen  him though he died when he was very young...but the kids described him and my mother in law said that was him..no one has ever tried to hurt us but its kind of freaky just knowing that you might have ghost around you, and sometimes we hear a woman screaming...me and a friend been sitting around one night and we both looked at eachother and said did you hear that and we looked at my front door which had been glass and we ask did you see that it appeared to be a girl standing there looking like she was looking for someone...well we never figured out who that could have been until one day my husband was talking about his friend that had got killed a long time ago i guess about 15 yrs ago....and when he had told me her description i freaked out because that described the girl standing at my door....well anyway things happen here all the time we just try not to let nothing bother us i just wanted to share with you..if you are like me i love hearing real experiences,


Potter's Field

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  I am a member of a paranormal group and recently we started going to cemeteries to see what is happening.   We have had a lot of experiences mosty good but some strange and he most strange seem to be in a Potter's Field.  Potter's Fileds  are the final resting place of people that are forgotten, poor or just mentally unstable.   The name comes from the Bible.  When Judas betrayed Christ he was give 30 pieces of silver .  Having realized what an aweful thing he did he threw the money back to the priest nd went and hung himself.  The Jewish leaders used the money to buy a field to bury him and ohers and to this day they call them potter's field.   The one I refer was associated with an Almshouse or a poor house that held the indebted, the elderly, the sick, a lot of the psychologiucal and neurological diseased we know about today were considered insane and petty criminals.   There is a cemetery associated witt he house that

has 1000 stones in one area and 13 in another.  Theswe are tiny numbered stones, no numbers or any detail just a number.     We were told it is haunted so we went to investigate and by the end of the night we knew it was not the cemetery but the side woods that are haunted.   I got a feeling and was drawn to the far corner and as I got there I felt very very sad .   I turned and saw a girl of about 12 or 13. dressed in the clothes of the late 1700s or early 1800s.  A bonnet, white apron red and white dress was what seh wore.   I saw her and the sadness got worse then suddenly she left.  I looked  to the left an there she wa about 10 feet further away so I walked up to her and said not to be afraid but as I approached she left again.  This happened 3 or 4 times till I got to the front corner and then I saw a mist form right in front of me and as it evaporated she was gone.     We had a psychic with us and he said she can not talk tous because someone is telling her to shut up and we all heard a  "Shhhh!" every time we asked her a question.  Before this we heard a young woman's voice say "Don't hurt me" .   One of our group had a Digital voice recorder running and as we left you hear a young girld say "Listen daddy.. Joe is leaving...Yeah"  and the psychic is named Joe.      A week later I went again with different people and again she showed herllef to me and everyone felt the sorrow.  One of our people left a teddy bear forher and I found it on the floor so I picked it up and showed it to her telling her it is hers.   I tucked it into a fence post so it would not be eassy to fall nor eaasily seen by kids but she kenw.  As I did this I heard a slight voice saying  "Thank You" unfortunately it didn't record.      Alos while there the last time I was on the outsaide way away from the otehrs then I walked over and I was taliking to one  of our guys.  Another guy asked where I was yet I was right next to him.  The first guy said he was talking to me for a couple of minutes yet he saw me standing at the far side of the cemetery.  A dark figure my size.  He was stunned that I was back and he hadn't seen me but more so he saw me there just as I was talking to the other guy.  I am going back with my son who is 13 about the age of the girl and we are going to see if they want to play or talk to him.  We used my son in another experiment with a ball trying to get a spirit to play and the ball actually started to vibrqate as if squeezed by a hand unseen.





Personal Experience

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Here's a couple things that happened to me when I was younger. It was in the early 90's at a house in California.  When I was between 5 and 8 I had experiences in a house in California. One night when I was 5, my mom put me to bed in my room. I was laying so I could see in the middle of the room. I wasn't in there very long when this huge scary face with glowing red eyes appeared and screamed at me really loud and scarily but only I heard it. I screamed and my parents came in. So they made my sisters switch rooms with me. Then everyday until I was 8, in my new room, I had this chair that I would sit in after I went to bed. I'd stare at the window which had the moonlight on it. Every time I sat in that chair I'd see a shadow of someone move across the window and they had a gun. If I looked at it long enough it would turn towards me with the gun. I'd close my eyes and it would happen again a few seconds after I open eyes. It stopped when I turned 8. Neither of my sisters or my parents ever had a ghostly experience in that house.



One Terrifying Fall Night

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I previously sent a story titled "My 1st Haunting" which gives the story of my first sighting of the ghost.  This story happened about 7-8 years later in a newly built house, which was 1/2 block down from the old house.  It seems my ghost followed me here.  Anyways, here's the story:One fall night, while I was a freshman in high school, my mother and father went out for the evening and I was babysitting my sister.  I was on the phone for quite a while talking to my boyfriend, when my dog started barking by the downstairs door, letting me know she wanted to go outside.  I need to give a little description on how my house was laid out.  My house was a bi-level and to put the dog outside on the chain to do her “business” you have to go down the stairs into the basement (there’s a door to get into the basement) (this part is the den), then out through another basement door (which is the garage part of the basement), and then out another basement door, which would take you outside.So anyway, I went down through all the doors and put my dog on the chain, which is right outside the basement (outside) door.  After that. I distinctly remembered that I locked that door, and the door leading into the den part of the basement, then locked the sliding glass door in that room, then went upstairs and locked the door behind me (the one leading from the basement to the upstairs).  Also during that course of time I checked that all the windows were locked upstairs and downstairs, which they were (I’ve always been a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to that).  About 20 minutes later and still on the phone with my boyfriend, I heard my dog barking outside, but was too lazy to run downstairs to get her.  A few minutes later I heard her growling, but again figured she had just seen a rabbit or deer or something like that outside.  Then about 20 seconds later I heard something downstairs in the basement.  (When you are in my upstairs living room, and it is dark out, (and the light is on in the stairway) you can look into the living room picture window and it reflects the image of the steps leading down to the basement).  So as I am still on the phone I see my dog running up the steps through the reflection in the window.  I figured my parents were home so I went into the kitchen and looked out the window to the driveway but there was no car there.  I then noticed my dog had something around her neck, which was the collar and part of the chain that we put her on to go outside (about a foot of it).  She was also acting really strange, jumping around me and barking and stuff.  So suffice to say, I was petrified!  I then heard some sort of smashing glass downstairs in the basement and grabbed the phone (and a knife) and the dog and ran into the room where my sister was sleeping and closed and locked the door.  I then went to tell my boyfriend (who was on the phone through all of this) to call the police – but when I picked it up no one was on the phone.  So I clicked over to the dial tone and went to dial I could here all these weird sounds on the phone, like voices mumbling – well since it was a portable phone I figured it was some interference, so I used the regular phone in mine and my sisters room to try to call someone but the same thing happened with the mumbling voices.  Throughout the time my dog is hysterical.  This went on for about 1 hour.  All the time hearing footsteps, doors closing, sounds directly beneath the bedroom in the basement, and bumps against the bedroom door.  As you could imagine, I wasn’t about to open the bedroom door to get out of the house.  After the hour passed, I didn’t hear anything else but still the same thing for the phone.  Finally I heard footsteps again and can recognize my mothers frantic yell and can hear my father calling out our names.  So when they came to the bedroom door I opened it (once I knew for certain it was them).  And my mother was completely pale and obviously shaken.  She asked me why all the doors in the house were wide open (even the screen doors were wide open – you know when you push that thing over to keep the screen from closing) and all the windows in the house were in the up position.  When we went downstairs there was no broken glass like I had heard.  I told them what happened, but then after that day my mom told me not to talk about it anymore.  I think “it” scared the life out of her too.This is one story of many that happened in this house and in a previous house throughout my childhood.


Ohio Wesleyan's Haunted Library Beeghly’s Library Ghosts

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   The first library in the city Delaware, Ohio, was located at the Mansion House. The facility only carried 700 volumes of outdated textbooks. The need for new books was determined by the increasing enrollment of students at the new university. In 1853, William Sturges from Putnam, Ohio, offered up to $10,000 for upgraded books with an additional $15,000 to be given in the construction of the library. In October of 1855, the Sturges Library was built on the classical style of the Doric order. The Doric order was only one of three ancient orders of Greek architecture. The other two were the Ionic and Corinthian. In the classical version of the Doric order, the pillars were firmly implanted on a flat surface and the pillars or shafts rose to a square abacus intersecting a wooden or concrete horizontal beam. This style highly suggests a seriousness of purpose and incorruptibility; the Doric is quite appropriate for any library or university building of public service.    Four floors of the library consisted of library shelves recessed into separated rooms enclosed by fashionable iron railing. The library was built on the alcove plan. In 1854, Dr. Edward Thomson, president of the university, travelled throughout Europe to purchase more books, but his stay was cut short due to an epidemic affecting the European continent. What seemed odd about the library was the prohibition of using these books for study and research purposes. This did not set too well with the students. The students protested this practice. The library became the student center for the college. At times, chaos reigned. What made the problem even worse was the inadequate heating and cooling of the building, which affected the preservation of rare and valuable books and documents, and the lack of work space needed for the librarians to perform their duties.    By 1878, the student population was at a high of about 2,188 and the book collection grew to about 300,000 and increasing at approximately 5,000 volumes per year. Again, there was a need for a new library and in 1878 Slocum Library was the answer that the university needed. In addition to the books already made available, the university created a special collections section containing rare and valuable books, documents and other artifacts relating to the history of the college. Among the special collections were 30,000 additional artifacts and literary texts relating to Ohio Methodism. Under the direction of Dr. J. H. Lancaster, director of Slocum, the library provided interlibrary loans, reference services and microfilm to be used to reproduce library works. The Audio-Visual part of the library was located in the South Annex of Elliott Hall.   The library served the public well, but due to the increased enrollment of students and books, the university was ready to meet the demands of a new generation of students and of a changing society. Plans were made to build another library. Before the new library was built, the university needed approval from the citizens of Delaware. In the May 1964 election, the citizens voted for the closing of Franklin Street between Park and University Avenues to make way for the library. It was to be built on University Avenue, the site of St. Paul’s Methodist Church. Later, the street would be renamed to “Rowland Avenue.”   In 1963, Mr. Charles Beeghly, Chairman of the Board of the Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gave the university a gift of one million dollars for the construction of the library. At that time, Charles Beeghly resided in Youngstown, Ohio. The library was slated to be completed by the end of 1965.   In 1966, Beeghly library opened with a seating capacity double of that of Slocum with four hundred study carrels, four conference rooms, two meeting rooms and open areas to house over 400,000 volumes, making the library the second largest in the state of Ohio. The Archive Room was placed on the second floor and the Audio-Visual Department was placed on the ground floor adjacent to the periodicals.    In 1966, the library conducted a major effort to change from the Dewey Decimal System to the system already implemented by the Library of Congress. Other changes included the implementation of a retrieval system by computers and to fully integrate services with other libraries on a national and international basis.    The library became one of the largest United States document depositories in the nation. The library,    the Hamilton-Williams Center, the Mowery Alumni Center and the Chappelear Drama Center, became a mall area which joined east and west campuses

Incidents of Hauntings    Around 5 p.m., on one afternoon in August 2007, a student library worker went to the ground level to turn off the lights. Since the library was operating in the summer, the library closed earlier. Having turned off the lights, the worker proceeded to the second level where he noticed a woman studying in one of the carrels. The worker informed the woman that the library was closing and also explained that the building would reopen at 9 a.m. the next morning. The woman looked up and smiled as to indicate that she understood. She got out of her seat and began to walk toward him. The woman’s body turned from having a physical appearance to a translucent one (see through). The woman vanished in front of him. The worker could not see any books on the table where the student was studying.    Around 6:30 p.m., in the month of May 2008, the student worker was shelving reference books and happened to look up toward the balcony on the second floor when he observed the same woman he had encountered before. When they locked eyes, she backed away from the railing and walked out of his sight. He searched the second and third floors for her, but to no avail. One of the other student workers who was assigned to the circulation desk did not see the woman exit from the library.     Note: I was contacted by the worker regarding these incidents. The worker and I agreed that a search of the archives should be done to find any information regarding the deaths of Ohio Wesleyan students. He brought me an article which appeared in The Transcript, the university’s newspaper. The article shocked me.   In the fall of 2005, I was working the day shift and walking on the mall area in front of the Hamilton-Williams Center. There were numerous tables on the mall which held information regarding student organizations. I stopped by the table manned by representatives of the Tri-Delta (Delta Delta Delta) sorority. A beautiful young lady with a terrific smile stopped by the same table. We talked about five minutes. At that time, I believed that she was one of the students at the university. After our conversation ended, she proceeded to enter the library. For some reason, I could not forget her. The woman, who the library worker encountered in 2007 and in 2008, is the same person I met in 2005. According to the article in The Transcript, she was a member of the Tri-Delta sorority, and passed away tragically in her home....in November 1996.         



New Occurrences

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Hi guys. I wrote you when I was 13 and told you of my many childhood experiences. When I saw my story up on your page, however, all the words were mixed up and punctuation differrent. I was going to ask you to try to fix it but the years just slipped by. It was quite weird how it did that. Anyway, I am now 22  and have a few new stories to tell about my new family's first place. I was 19 and had just had my first baby. He was a few months old and my boyfriend and I were still living with his sister. We obviously totally hated it and wanted our own little family to have our own space. We were looking for something w 2 bedrooms that was cheap. The first place we found was in the town of Dannemora (home to a very large maximum security prison) it was fifteen minutes out of Plattsburgh (where we had been living) and we thought it might be nice to live in a little town. The apartment was right on main street, just past the huge prison wall. It was an old ( I'm not quite sure how old, at least 50 years) white house that had been converted into three apartments. Ours was upstairs in the very back. Now when we went to look at it, it was a partly sunny afternoon and the apartment felt so warm and cozy. That's what bothered us; it tricked us, as when we came back a week later to move in the whole vibe had changed. I was so excited to have our family together in our own place that I tried to ignore the very oppressive, negative presence I felt. That first day I was bringing a box from the living room into the kitchen when I saw something black and low to the floor speed by the recliner I was walking past. I've thought I was seeing things like this before, a trick of light, a shadow, whatever. And previously when I've seen something like that I knew it was just an illusion. So, although I knew what I saw this time was real, I still tried to convince myself it wasn't. My boyfriend noticed the feeling in our place that first day and asked me if I felt it. I was trying to delude myself so I said no, it feels fine. After we had all our stuff moved in and were settled, we moved in ourselves. I had no cable and just two recliners for furniture, so I would watch golf or the news or just sit in silence. I would be ok sitting there while the baby was sleeping, glad I felt comfortable for once, when I'd all of a sudden feel extremely uncomfortable and watched. Let me tell you, this pissed me right off. I mean, I had the right to be comfortable in my own home! This would happen like this on and off in the living room, but in my bedroom, kitchen, and hallway is where it seemed to be centered. The bedroom was the worst. Even in the middle of a sunny winter day I would only run in there when needed and glance around the room the entire time. Next was the kitchen. I would never turn my back in that kitchen. While I was doing dishes I'd go into the little space between the cupboards and sink instead of standing in front of the sink like a normal person.  I got a different feeling in the kitchen though, more of being watched by something more curious than 'what the hell are you doing here?'.  I became used to this feeling, so when it would get so, so oppressively heavy in my room at night to the point where I couldn't even sleep, it scared me of course but it really pissed me off. Our windows were old through out the apartment, so when I'd hear a door slam shut even when our bedroom door was closed, or watch the door rattle, I'd chalk it up to drafts. Then, I began to notice that when it was windy, the whole door would rattle and the hallway door and my sons door would never slam. But, when things were feeling especially heavy, the door KNOB would actually rattle and turn a bit, and our hallway door and my sons door would slam shut. I began to hear shifting, scratching noises in the kitchen, and tried to convince myself it was a mouse. However, it just sounded like our boxes were being moved around and slid across the floor and looked through. This would happen when I was in the living room or my bedroom and whenever my boyfriend or I would investigate, it would stop. The only room that truly felt okay was the bathroom, but if I was in the tub with the door open I'd constantly be looking into the hallway and would have to close the door. Now, for the few things that really stood out to me. The first that happened was one night my father came to visit and help with the baby. For one, my father has ALWAYS driven these spirits, or whatever, away. My dad is like james dean and elvis and a biker all rolled into one, he just has a very cool and collected, don't f**k with me attitude about him. For two, when me and my boyfriend were there together, we always had the lights on. When my boyfriend or I was alone for the night, we would sleep in the living room with the lights on (with out even knowing the other did it lol) . This night, I slept in my bedroom with the lights off, with my dad in my sons room with him, thinking nothing would bother me because of my fathers presence. WRONG. It was sickeningly uncomfortable and the air was sooo heavy I felt like I could literally see it swirling around like water. Even having my dad come sleep next to my bed on the floor didn't help. So crazy. Anytime I've called my father into a room because I had that kind of feeling, in any other house, it would go away. The next day, as well, I had just smoked a cigarette on the porch and came in, not two minutes later it began to rain so I went out to get them. They were gone. I mean, it could have been some weirdo that ran all the way down our driveway and up two flights of stairs to see if there were any cigarettes to steal, but I doubt it. It just felt odd. A few days before halloween, I was relaxing in the living room when I heard a very loud knocking that sounded like there was a window right in front of me that someone was knocking on really hard. It really confused me because our front door was wood and there was a flight of stairs after that which led to a door that did have glass, but it would not be that loud and in my face all the way in the living room, it would have been muffled. Of course I went to the front door, no one,  and then the second door, and no one was there still. There wasn't a car in my driveway or any tracks in the light snowfall. It really shook me up. I would also smell cigarette smoke very heavily in my sons room, focused around the closet, and in my hallway. I thought smoke was somehow getting upstairs from my downstairs neighbors apartment, and after a while I called my landlord to complain. He said he would ask them to not smoke inside. I knew they smoked outside but figured they might sneak some inside and thanked him. About two weeks later, they moved out and I would STILL smell that cigarette smoke from time to time, a couple times it even smelled like marijuana smoke. After a couple of months, I began to hear very, very faint whispering and felt like I had people all around me, very close to my face. That was extremely annoying and I would snuggle up next to my baby so I could hear his breathing instead. Now, there was only one night, when I was up late (prob 2:30 am) where I could actually make out one of the whispers. I heard "its her baby". It pissed me off because my son was right there with me and that was the last person I wanted them to mess with. So I sat up and began to read. I got a strange urge to look up into the hallway, and when I did, I saw a head, about 6 foot up the hallway doorframe, begin to peer into the hallway. All I saw were some curly black tufts of hair at first, then a black shadowy from of a profile. I glanced away and when I looked back, it was gone. I sat there, trying to figure out if I had really just seen that. I kept trying to convince myself that it was my cat who had somehow climbed up the door frame and the light that came from behind made it look like a face. I mean, I knew it wasn't possible and I would have heard and seen her climb up and seen her jump down, but I tried to explain it away because I hadn't seen something like that since I was a child. Anyway, that's what I experienced there, and I included the towns name, and street name so that if anyone happens to search this town or apartment they will find this and hopefully contact me. I know they went through many people there and in the 5 months we lived there, I only stayed there about half the time because of all the occurrences, and we went through three neighbors downstairs. The last people who stayed there were there for maybe two weeks before they just left. That makes me think something was up down there as well. Anyway, thank you for listening and I'm sorry its so long and detailed but I just had to explain the whole big picture. Thanks again.



Gitchi Manitou State Park in Iowa

By:     christopherw77@gmail.com

I think another point of interest may be worth note in the upper midwest near the IA/SD border regarding Gitchi Manitou State Park, officially in the Northwestern portion of Iowa. There are various accounts for spiritual activity here, of which the oldest are accounts from the Native American people that once inhabited the area. For starters, Gitchi Manitou in literal translation means Great Spirit, so it is considered sacred by some tribes. Also, I have a friend that is Native American, and he has said there are stories from Native American tribes in that area of those that drowned in the river at night whom were lured there by water spirits.      Furthermore, there is a darker history that surrounds the area, and maybe a few more to which not everyone may be aware. In 1973, there was a series of violent deaths that occurred from the actions of three brothers with some teenagers that camped in the area. The perpetraitors' names were David, Allen, and James Fryer and they killed four boys and raped a girl that was with the group, but she survived. The brothers later blamed their behaviors on illicit marijuana use, but there are other rumors from locals, myself included, whom heard the boys may have been influenced by melevolent spirits on the grounds. If there wasn't enough said, there is more...     There is also a small gravesite on the grounds where a family is buried. Some have reported seeing small balls of light eminating above the headstones, which I am not sure are still there. There is also the remains of a very, very old building, of which the framework still stands. It's made of the native stone found in the area and you can still see the fireplace in the building, which is inclusive with the frame. There is a path that leads from the corner of the highway of the road back to the building. Also, there is a sign that states trespassers will be shot, but that makes no sense at all, since it's a state park. I have included a map of the area, as well as a link that discusses some of the events that took place there. Not many places are known beyond the locals of the area, as I'm unsure that this portion of the country receives much traffic. I'm devoting the information to your site because I was really impressed to see how many places and stories you've devoted to the hunting and stories of ghosts, as well as other paranormal phenomenon.       Lastly, there is one story to contribute, which is my own. Several times I have visted this site, both during the night and the day. There have been a series of events I am unable to forget. On some of those visits, I can feel the energies of the area and understand very much that I'm not alone when I go there. Others that I've brought with me have also felt the presence of something, but they dismissed these occurrences as fringing too closely to the imagination. If that were the case, why would we ALL feel it when we visit? Everyone seems to. A nighttime visit is much more entailed with activity than during the day. I think the spirits there are more active (naturally). When walking the path at night, you can here twigs breaking in the brush and trees and it sounds like something is nearby, following you. I've heard footsteps trailing behind us and there is a very eerie sensation of being watched from within the brush and bushes. Something strong is there... Something old--you can feel it. One never feels safe venturing too far from the path leading to the cabin when traveling on it at night, even with the strongest of flashlights. Something sort of dark in feeling gives you the sensation that sort of distracts you where the water lays, which gives me pause about the Native American stories. There have also been Satanic practices in the area (never a good thing). There are also stories of a farmer that once lived in the area with his family that killed them and stuffed their bodies down a well. I don't know if that story is true,

though. Ihope you may find this interesting and consider publishing it on your site. :-) Thanks so much for your time,

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