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My Guardian Angel


I have been reading all these great ghost stories and now I feel it is safe to share mine.  First I need to give you a lil back ground info so you can understand. I have been in the martial arts since I was 12 years old. When I was 14 I ment a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt named Sensei Ruah. I learned BJJ under him and we became inseparable, he was a second father and mentor to me. Fast forward to early 2010 I was going through a very tough time in my life. It was February 23 when I got the horrible news, he had passed away in a car accident he had a brain aneurism and the accident made it bleed and he bleed to death. I was crushed my mentor and hero was dead. To make things worse I was two weeks away from my Black Belt ceremony. Well the day of the ceremony had finally came and as I was sitting in the back room of the gym alone when I felt a warming sensation all around me and a sense of love and security over came me. I thought nothing of it till I was accepting my black belt and I swear to you I saw sensei  Ruah standing in the doorway to the gym I looked away for a sec and then looked back and he was gone. I have also had a run in with him recently as well. I had been trying to find my place in the world recently because of some events that had befallen me. So after about a month or so of searching I got no answers. I slowly became depressed. At this time I was running a junior mixed martial arts team and it was one of the few things I took pride and happiness in. it was probably the end of march beginning of June when I went to bed one night in a very depressed mood because of  my day it was rather hard and unnerving. It was about two am when I got this dream. I was drilling with my team in my gym and sensei rauh alive and well pulled me outside said he wanted to talk to me he said that he dead and gone now and he wanted me two carry on his teachings and the warrior. Then I woke up to see him standing there in the corner of my room in his Gl. It was so white and his skin so dark he was flawless and the room was filled with a sense of peace I have never felt before! He the bowed or saluted me and disappeared. Ever since the whenever I get nervous or scared or I am injured or sick I can feel his presence and I can often smell the smell of cologne to this day. I know he watches over me, and when I am alone I often feel a presence with me. I still compete in martial arts tournaments and when I put on my black belt I can feel his spirit engulf me and give me strength. Well that’s my story believe it or not cus I know its true.Thank you and god bless



My Grandmothers's Ghost


My Grandma, Georgina was born in Newry Ireland. Since Im Twelve she tells me tons of her own ghost stories from when she was my age. But this one in particuler just stood out to me. Here it is in her own words.  "When I was your age, me and my sister Nelly were sleeping one night in our twin beds.   Everything was normal I was dreaming, but thats when I was freezing terribly, I woke to find a young red-headed man standing at the foot of my bed watching over me. I could tell what he looked like by the moon's light. I instantly awoke my sister Nelly, to tell her about the man, but she told my to hush for she knew. I never seen him again but I know that he wanted something.



My Experience at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant in Concord NH


Around a year ago, i went to have dinner at margaritas in concord NH; it was my 14th birthday and my sisters 17th birthday. As most people know, the restaurant was once a jail, and the jail cells are used for seating people. i was sitting at my table, back to the opening. I was talking to my dad and my sister who were sitting across from me. A dark shadow past behind them going to the left, i looked to my side where there was a window and there was no one there. Later on in the night when my father left to go to the bathroom, my sister and i heard what sounded like chains rattling, and a jail cell close. That was un-expecting; I can’t wait to go there again.




My 1st Haunting


This story was my first real experience with a ghost (Real meaning that I saw something not just ‘heard’ something as I had many times in the past).  I am 34 years old now and will never forget some of the horrific nights that I went through as a young child due to the hauntings in the two houses I lived in while growing up.   First you will need a little background…It was in the house I was born in and lived in until I was around 7 years old.  The house was a huge two story house (plus a basement & attic).  My sister and I shared a bedroom and our bedroom was on the second floor, and our bedroom door was caddy-corner (sp?) to the door which led to the attic.  Practically every night we would hear footsteps and things being moved upstairs – which scared us enough to begin with – but then the next phase began one night when I was around 5-6 years old.  It was pretty late in the evening, everyone (mom, dad, sis, & me) had been asleep for a few hours, when I woke up thirsty and went downstairs to get a drink (which is a nightly occurrence to this day).  I sat at the kitchen table for a few minutes and drank my drink and then suddenly a chill ran up my spine and I knew that I was not alone.  I sprinted upstairs ran into my bedroom and threw my covers on. (Now since like I said before we would hear things at night – I would make my parents keep their and our doors open at night with the hall light on)  After a few minutes I felt safe again (I lined my bed with teddy-bears – don’t ask me but for some reason I felt safe when I did that).  Our beds faced directly toward the door (so that the foot of our beds were closest to the door) and if lying in bed we could look out the door into the hallway.  I just closed my eyes to go to bed when all of the sudden I felt that sensation (cold, prickly) and knew that things were not alright.  I opened my eyes (this is all within seconds) and standing in the doorway of our room was this tall shadow – I always consider this as a man – as it’s figure was that of a mans.  It was just standing there, legs apart with a firm stance. The shadow looked as dark as black wet ink, not transparent at all.  I closed my eyes again pretending that if ‘it’ thought I was sleeping it would go away and not harm me.  I then peeked out a few seconds later and ‘it’ was standing at the foot of my bed – with ‘its’ head tilted to the side a bit.  This whole time I tried to yell for help – but words and sound escaped me – I was paralyzed with fear.  I closed my eyes again and felt something pressing against the bottom of my bed right next to my feet – I opened my eyes WIDE and saw this figure with its hands pressing down by my feet and his body leaning over the bed.  I remember my mouth was wide open (me trying to scream) and finally I let out this wrenching, blood curdling scream (which started out really hoarse and raspy but then led to shrieking).  The next thing that happened only must’ve been in the time span of about 2 seconds – but at the time and every time I replay it in my head it was like in slow motion – was the figure pulling away from my bed, turning around and walking to the door and getting ready to turn to go towards the attic door, but before leaving my room it turned around toward me and pausing to ‘glare’ at me – the glare was so penetrating I can still feel the feeling I felt that night right here typing this.  Like I said it was only seconds but it felt like ‘It’ stopped to glare at me for about 5 minutes.  Of course my parents were running down the hallway to see what was wrong by then and I told them what had just happened, they told me it was just a "nightmare".  While we were living in this house all the neighborhood kids would tell me that my house was haunted and that someone had died there.  My parents, of course, denied this at the time.  It wasn’t until a few years after we moved that I was told that a teenager had indeed killed himself upstairs in the attic by hanging himself.  I verified this with the next door neighbor when I was older.  I believe the footsteps we would hear were those of him walking up the attic stairs at night and pacing the attic.  I also believe that he was possibly the one at my feet that evening.


Monticello - Charlottesville


I visited Monticello a few years ago and had a very interesting encounter while there.  I am one of those people who are sensitive to ghosts and I KNOW when a place is haunted.  I was taking the guided tour of the home when we came to Thomas Jefferson's bedroom.  I immediately knew someone else was there.  I stayed behind and said loudly, "Ok, I know you're here make yourself known", nothing.  I leaned over to peer into a glass case that held his spectacles and as I did, my hair lifted on the left side and I felt as if someone had just blown in my ear!  I got the impression that he has laughing at me but it was enough for me to get out of that room.  I later contacted management and they denied that they had ever heard of Monticello being haunted by Jefferson.  But I think he is still hanging out and following the tours around.  






Three of my friends and I did the melonhead challenge last night. It’s when you get left on velvet drive aka Dracula drive for ten minutes and then picked up again.  There are no lights on this street and only two houses and the street is over 2 miles long.  So my friend dropped us off and drove away and everything was fine for the first minute.  We all were looking a different direction to cover the whole are, then I saw a dim green light and the appearance of a man behind it then it disappeared, then it was three feet closer. I thought it was just my eyes adjusting to the light.  But all of a sudden the human shape was less than 3 feet in front of me. Is stepped forward and swung as hard as I could and my hand stopped as I hit whatever it was in the face and it disappeared into thin air, but I felt something when I hit it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw another humanish shape start to charge at me from the other side and I screamed

“what the f**k?!” And the other guy I was with turned and we saw it running away the two girls started screaming and they huddled in between us.  This is when I called the kid that dropped us off and he was bugging out because no one had ever heard me actually afraid so he started to turn around.  We saw a car coming towards us and we thought it was him so we ran to it and it turned out to be 5 girls. We tried to get in before we say them inside and they didn’t react at all. The one was just like “uhh what are you doing?”  and she’s the only ne that would even look at us it was creepy as hell.  The one driving said “ we gotta go people are coming “ and I turned and looked and said “there’s no one on the road?” she said “there will be soon were leaving before it happens.”  And that’s when our friend pulled up and we high tailed it outta there.




Klamath Falls - Old OIT on Old Fort Rd.


I will let you know that I am a sceptic on ghosts/scary tales. But what I experienced there really scared me , Of course there has to be a reason for what I've seen and heard there. I was 15 at the time, pretty new still to K.Falls and one night on Halloween  my friends and I decide to drive up there , just to try and get someone scared . I thought I could let the legend die with my none beliefs of the paranormal, but that night sitting there in the car no one was talking you could here people almost chanting , the windows to the building looked like rust was dripping from the corners of almost each window . My non beliefs were not helping me stay calm . when you sit there you get goose bumps all over your body that no warmth will take away, I told my friend we need to go ,  but before we  were clear  we drove down just a little and stopped, one of my friend got out and put baby powder on the back bumper of the car  , I asked why  and they replied just wait and see . we put the car in neutral and was at a dead stop , there is a hill that you have to drive over to move away from the Old OIT. We were sitting there and I said lets go ! just then the car started moving on its own  I checked out my friends feet to make sure they weren't pressing the gas no, but also I would have heard the engine .We gained speed before going over the hill .  when we were just over my friend pulled over and told me to look at the bumper, there were signs  that little hands touched it . you could see the prints in the baby powder . Now I still don't believe in all the nonsense but I couldn't explain that night. Also just to let you know  that rust colored drippings off the sides of the windows were  not there the next day also.



Ghost Experience


About a few years back my niece, who was 18 at the time, came over to stay at my house because her family had moved further north and she wanted to finish school where she started.  Anyways, about a couple weeks after she initially arrived it was around 2 am and we were both sound asleep.  When suddenly multiple doors all slammed at once.  I instantly jumped up and shook it off considering it might be the wind since I did have my window open.  The next day around the same time I was on the computer paying some bills when suddenly out of nowhere a DVD flew off the shelf about 10 feet or so behind me.  Considering there was no other person in the room I quickly finished paying the bills and went straight to bed.  An hour or so later I'm dead asleep when all of a sudden I hear humming, thinking it's my niece I wake up and see a lady in a white gown in the hallway staring at me.  I start asking her(thinking it's my niece) if somethings wrong.  I rub my eyes because I was tired and right after, the lady was gone.  I checked my niece's room and completely freaked out when I saw she was asleep in a completely different outfit.  I ran downstairs and called the police thinking someone had broken into my house and might still be in here.  The police had arrived and saw no forced entry and all the windows and doors still had their locks intact.  I quickly started researching this problem and concluded I was dealing with an ectoplasmic ghost.  Fearful for my life and fearful I had no other options I stood in the hallway and pleaded with the spirit to please leave me at peace and to not attempt to kill me.  After this breakdown everything stopped besides the occasional banging on the wall.  As my niece left I yelled at the spirit to cross over or to leave me in peace.  The spirit left me in peace and followed my niece like it originally did.  I hope to never experience anything like that ever again.


Home with a History



I grew up in a city in southern Ontario, and I have had several encounters with paranormal activity.  When I was eight years old, my mother and my brother had moved into a single family home that was attached in the front to a store for clothing alterations and such.  The home was built in the 1930s and I was unaware as what the history of the home was.  However, there was always the strong feeling on the back of my neck that I was being watched in a way that made me feel horrid and vulnerable.  There were certain parts of the house that felt more 'evil' than the whole house felt.  The first part was the stairs going to the basement and the upstairs bathroom made my stomach turn.  I always felt 'eyes' of anger on my neck.  My little brother, who was 6 years old at the time, and I were roller-blading in the basement that was not developed enough to be a problem with the rollerblades.   There was a separate room in the corner that had a glass paned door, and we had never gone into that room as it just really creeped us out.  We both very suddenly stopped bladding and both looked to the lass paned window and we both had seen a clear apparition of an older man who had the evil look in his eyes just like we always felt looking at the back of our necks.  We ran upstairs with the blades on to tell our mom.  She refused to go look as she had then admitted to having the same fear in the home.  We did move out within six months as it seemed to be getting worse with things going missing, and my barbey dolls doing missing for weeks and then re-showing itself mutilated.  It was just felt horrid to be there for all of us.  As an adult I had shared that story with a woman that I had met and she knew exactly which house I had spoke of.  I showed her the exact home and she said that the house had been a funeral parlor.  The house was evil, and I could never go into it again!!!


Stories from Down Under


Being a ghost tours operator and investigator for many years now I have had many scary experiences but the strangest so far happened ,not in some dark abandoned gaol but in my own home. It happened about 5 yrs ago now. I was sitting reading a magazine in the family room by myself. Everything was as normal, TV giving me some background company, kids in their rooms and hubby doing whatever hubby’s do.  Then out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. I looked up and saw it was my husband going into my stepson’s room. Nothing weird about that so I looked down again and continued reading my magazine. Just as I started to read again my stepson came out of his room .I looked up and said to him “ what’s dad doing in your room “?.” Dad’s not in my room’, was his reply! As he saw my look of puzzlement I explained to him what I had seen. Just then my husband came in the front door!! He had been outside the entire time having a cigarette!!  I have no explanation for this.   I clearly saw my husband as he reached to open my stepson’s room door. He had the same clothing on, same hair, same everything!  About 2 months after this I was in my sons room folding clothes. My son was 8 yrs old at the time of the experience I am about to tell you.  He and his sister, 10 at the time, were out in the backyard playing. My son was on the trampoline showing off to big sister. He then saw his Dad watching him through the kitchen window so he showed off a few more tricks even getting a couple of waves from Dad for his efforts.  They both then decided to come in, Dad was still at the window as they turned the corner to come in the backdoor.My son went straight to the kitchen for a drink and chat to Dad wanting to hear what he thought of his tricks. Dad wasn’t there. He then called for him and came to his bedroom where I was still doing his clothes.  He asked me where Dad was. I then informed him Dad was in bed as he had a late shift.  He was so disbelieving that I had to take him to our room , at the other end of the house , and show him Dad was very much sound asleep , snoring and all !Neither my husband nor I can explain these incidents and I would very much love to hear from anyone who can.We even thought maybe it was my husbands Dad making a ghostly appearance but that doesn’t explain the same clothes ect when I saw him.  We never told any of the children about my experience so as not to scare them. We have also experienced a few other strange occurrences in this house but these 2 are the weirdest.  Ghost hunts Australia.


Said to be the most haunted house in Australia Monte cristo , literally mount of Christ , was built by the wealthy Crawley family in 1884/5 as a status symbol for newly acquired wealth.The ghost of Mrs Crawley is seen as well as mysterious lights ,  full body apparitions , cold spots and disembodied voices.. The regular ghost tours there have captured photographic evidence of strange mists and shadows. 


Australia also has it’s own version of the hitch hiker story made famous by the actor Telly Savalas many years ago.  In New South Wales the highway to Byron Bay is said to be haunted by a young hippy woman who stands at the side of the road hitching a ride.  When picked up she directs the driver further down the road and then..Disappears. 

PICTON TUNNELS.  Picton tunnels in New South Wales are another location at the top of the ghost hunters lists. The abandoned rail tunnels, used more than 100 years ago, are now the scene of regular paranormal occurrences.  A young lady who was run over by a train in the tunnels still lingers at the sight and is seen and felt often.  Many have experienced lights/orbs , shadows and sudden gusts of wind. The ghost of a girl who hung herself in the tunnels entrance is seen and heard crying.


A famous location for all the wrong reasons in recent times Port Arthur was the scene of one of Australia’s worst mass murders. But the old convict site has a long history of violence so it’s not surprising that many a ghost still lingers.  Witnesses have seen full body apparitions; bells are heard ringing, cold spots and feelings of being followed and watched are all regular occurrences here. It is rare to take a photo at Port Arthur and NOT get something unexplainable in the frame. Well, this is just a few of the hauntings  we have here , and very brief for you. Hope you enjoyed them .






Church Rd and Burt Rd in Michigan.


I have been to Church Road with a group of my friends, it is haunted, where the house used to be(has been torn down) the temperature will change about ten to twenty degrees. we tried to test the ghost so we put my friends jeep in neutral and was pushed uphill by something. The red eyes are true and if you walk outside your car he will follow behind you. we also had handprints down the side of our vehicle. We went out there every night for a week and experienced something everynight.  I have lived in hillsdale county all my life and my family lives right down the road from the Cemetary on Burt rd. The truth, Its haunted, I have never seen the sign change, but i will agree that the people who are buried there are not at rest, there are a lot of people who died there of murder,suicide and accidents. I have seen people walking through there at night and you just get a very uneasy feeling about the whole place.   You also have to remember that right behind the cemetary is a gravel pit where a woman drowned while swimming out there with her friends.  I love to ghost hunt and i have seen spirits since i was little, i also know that the one on church rd is not a nice man, i have watched him make one of the people that were in my car very sick and she didnt get better until we got off the rd. The legend is that you have to enter from holcomb rd and you have to exit from holcomb rd, if you dont he will follow you home, we tried that one night and he didnt follow us home, but something did, because we woke up to a little girl singing every day till we went back, once we went back and entered right and exited right, the little girl was gone. i havent been out there in years but am planning to go back there in a few weeks to see if things have changed since they started building a house on the old foundation where the house used to be.


Ghostly Hands


It was the Fall of 1972, and I was 10 years old when this happened to me. I was lying in my bedroom one night, awake, my sister's talking in their room next door at the end of the hall. My parents were watching a tv program down the other end of the hall in the livingroom. Well, out of nowhere, a pair of hands grabbed my ankles and pulled me straight out of bed and I landed flat on my back against the hardwood floor. My parents immediately yelled, "What's going on back there?" I yelled back, "Nothing, just fell out of bed." They laughed, and so did my sisters.  I never told anyone this for years, for fear that someone would think I was crazy, or that they would make fun of me, or, it would cause "that thing" to do even more stuff to me. Nothing else ever happened like that to me again, but I have always wondered what it was that pulled me out of bed that night.


Santa Monica Mountains


Hi - I wanted others to hear this....just to relate... I know about a ghost from my travels in the forest --- in the Santa Monica Mountains in CA. A very restless spirit who has revealed himself to be Ghost Pirate Jack.  

He seems to want help from me...I've talked to other campers in the area who have seen him and he seems to try to be leading us to something.I want to help him. He doesn't seem dangerous but I am also scared. I see a flash of a bit of light and feel a cold blast of air. But sometimes I just hear him.Thank you for understanding and I hope you get to post my experience.


Ghost in My Grandmother's House


I have been a fan of Shadowlands for years, so here is one of my stories.  When I was young my Dad's Mother and her second husband (not my Grandfather) lived in a 1920s vintage flat top stucco house in West Orlando.   My brother and I both spent nights over there.  The room in which we would sleep had a bed that was, from a four year old's perspective, about midchest high. I remember, when I was about four years old, walking into that room one day and seeing this white haired lady in the bed. I remember she had dark eyes and a prominent curved nose with large nostrils. I remember that she and I looked at one another. She seemed to want something from me, but I didn't know what that could be. She was not either malevolent nor cuddly like my Grandmother. She seemed to me to be a business like person who, when she wanted something, didn't hesitate to ask the nearest person around to help; in other words, a matter of fact person.I believe at that point I turned and left the room.  To the best of my knowledge my Grandmother never had anyone like this stay in her house.As I got older, I remember my Mother talking   about my Step-Grandfather's Mother who had lived with them for some time. During one of these conversations I said that I remembered her, thinking of the older lady I had seen in that  bed.  My Mother said there was no way I could remember her, since she died before I was born.I never brought this up with Mother again, and  since then my Mother has passed.I still can't help but wonder who that older lady was.



Great Comfort


I have one last story (for now) to tell you.I was born in 1955, so I went to high school starting in 1970. Needless to say the fashion and hair styles I liked were very different from those with which my Mother was used to. We frequently had clashes over these things.  Also, from the get go of my life I had always been interested in things like camping, fishing, hiking and nature in general. My Mother, to say the least, was disappointed because she had always envisioned having a daughter who was interested in clothes, makeup and flirting with boys; I just wasn't the daughter she had wanted.  I ended up working in Forensics for years, and I do believe she was proud of me during the last twenty years of her life.  The year and a half after my Father took his life and she died were filled with sadness for us both.  Looking back, if I had known then what I know now I would have done things differently, but that is Monday morning quarterbacking.  I did the best I could to care for us both during that time, but I feel I could have done better, and I regretted it after she passed on.  One night, not too many months after she died I dreamed of her as she appeared in a black and white photo taken of her as a young woman.   Framing this photo, in my dream, were white and red lacy strands, as in a Valentine's day card.  As I viewed this picture in my dream I heard her tell me "I love you". Her voice radiated nothing but one hundred per cent love. It was as she were saying to me, I know we had our differences when I was there with you, but I can see things so much more clearly from where I am now and so I want to tell you now I Love You. This was a very intense dream and I do believe it was a message from my Mother. The memory of this dream has been a great comfort to me.

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