Returning Home


My family came back from vacation to our house ,which has never given us a reason to believe anything supernatural was at work, and almost instantly things began to happen. Small noises were heard in the walls, but they were irregular and not bothersome, then the loud banging in the ceiling started, and it seemed to be centralized around me. Eventually it ebbed away and nothing was heard for a few weeks, then as I was going to the bathroom i looked into my sister's room and standing next to her bed I saw a shadow, it was bulky and hulkish, next second, it was gone. My mom woke up one night and saw  a large shadowy something in her room, then pass through the wall into my sister's room. I was laying in bed listening to music, when something prickly or scaly grabbed my wrist .Nothing has been seen since but the knocking is loud again and phantom smells spring up constantly and are extremely offensive, it smells like something died.  


Ghost of Logan Square


This is a true event that happened to me. One night my eyes were opened into the supernatural and for the first time in a long time I could sense and see things no one else could.     It was September of 1990 and some friends of mine were taking a weekend holiday and asked me to house sit for them. Their apartment was a gorgeous grey stone building on Sacramento Boulevard in the Logan Square Neighborhood in Chicago.  I’d been there many times before, but this particular time something felt different from the moment I stepped into the foyer.  I was with another person, a friend of mine at the time, and as we got ourselves situated we decided to order pizza.  Before the pizza arrived I decided to take a shower in the master bathroom.  While I was showering it felt like someone was in the shower stall with me… watching me.  I couldn’t see them but I knew someone was there!  A feeling of uneasiness came over me and my heart started pounded in my chest. I hurried as fast as I could to dry myself  off and get dressed in my sweet pants and t-shirt. I ran out of the bathroom almost slipping on the marbled floor.  I told my friend what I  felt but he just laughed it off.  He said the apartment was big and usually full of people laughing and having a good time and now it felt empty.  It did seem like a logical explanation as to why I was feeling a little spooked, but I  couldn’t shake the feeling that someone or something was there watching and waiting……

He then went on to take a shower and as he did I sat on the edge of the bed in the master bedroom waiting for him to finish. The whole time I kept looking around and feeling a little on edge.  It was warm outside and we had the windows open yet I felt chilled to the bone.   He was still in the shower when the doorbell rang.  I knew it was the pizza guy so I grabbed the money and quickly walked down the long hallway into the living room.   As I reached the middle of the living room I suddenly stopped. I was just a few feet from the front door and from the corner of my eye I could see a dark shadow at the end of the table in the dining room.  I must have done a Michael Jordan leap to the front door because I opened it so fast the pizza guy was startled.  Feeling a little embarrassed I smiled, grabbed the pizza and gave him a $20.00 dollar bill. I told him to just keep the change.    At that time a large pizza was only about $12.00 bucks plus a free 2 liter of soda so he got a good tip.   I walked as fast as I could to the kitchen to get two glasses with ice.  They had an old refrigerator with aluminum ice trays.  I couldn’t pull the lever back from the ice tray to retrieve the cubes as someone had over filled it and water had frozen around the lever.   While struggling to pull the lever I could feel someone in the kitchen watching me.  All the hairs on the back of my neck and arms were standing straight up straight!!  I swear I felt someone touch the back of my neck and lift  strands of my long hair!   I grabbed everything and ran down the hall screaming and crying back to the master bedroom.  My friend told me to relax that I was letting my imagination run wild.  I told him it was not my imagination and I knew what I saw and what I was feeling!  It was all too creepy and instead of trying to comfort me, he was making me feel like I was crazy!  I was livid but scared! I ate some pizza, watched a little TV and fell asleep.  It must have been about 2:00 am when I was awakened by a strange noise of something being dragged on the floor or feet shoffling.  I opened my eyes and at the foot of the bed were 3 beings.  It was like a mist or fog of some sort.  I could make them out to be a woman a man and a child. They were transparent but I could see a human form.  Their eyes were dark black holes and they were tall and thin.  As they walked along side of each other the woman suddenly noticed I could see them.  They were as surprised and seemed as frightened as I was.   She looked at the man and pointed at my direction.  They all looked at me at the same time!  My heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode in my chest!  I couldn’t move to alert my friend sleeping next to me.  My body was paralyzed and all I could do was follow them with my eyes!  I couldn’t even speak because my tongue would not move!!!  The atmosphere in the room was strange.  I could see what looked like  a water reflection on the wall.  The only way to explain is water reflecting from a pool and how it dances off the walls like sparkles of light.  I laid there what seemed like an eternity and then my body just gave in to sleep.   I awoke some time later and while opening my eyes I could see the younger ghost or being or whatever it was right in front of me slouched down his face right in mine!!!  I gasped and he took off to the foot of the bed and out the door where his parents (I assume they were his parents) stood watching.  Then just like that they were gone, vanished.  I didn’t fall back to sleep until sun rise about 6:00 am or so then only sleeping about an hour. I got up put on my gym shoes not bothering to get dressed because I slept in my sweat pants and t-shirt. I never returned to that apartment nor did I ever see my so called friend again.  His loss.        My friends who lived there never experienced anything.  In fact no one actually believed me when I told them.  It did happen and I will never forget the terror I felt that night nor will I forget the ghosts of Logan Square. This is absolutely a true story.




Our Experience at Motel 6


Motel six on woodlands village bld flagstaff az room 351 third floorMy family and I stayed there for 3 months on the third floor room 351.  We have pics of the demonic face in a mirror, at first we were always angry and upset alot and we had alot of health issues all of a sudden, felt like you were going crazy. Our son was on his cell phone and happened to look up at the mirror and saw this immage of a demon looking type face and he took a picture with his cell phone, it really was frightening and we were scared to stay in the room. The maid was in the other room cleaning and we asked her to come and and showed her the picturewe took and the mirror we got it off of and she said I see that alot up Here in other rooms, she said the third floor was haunted and she had seen other strange things but never told me what they were but she did say we were stronger than it and not to worry, well we weren't going to stay and find out so we packed our stuff and got out. We reported it to several paranormal groups, we did find out from one of the front desk clerks that there has been alot of violence, drugs, and deaths there and I think that's why the manager of the motel had a priest bless it . I do know people who run it are acting very strange now, very werid to say the least, I would advise people to not stay there.



To This Day I still get Chills


 My family and I lived in GA. for about 3 years.  My sister came to visit in July of 2008 while my husband was in Iraq.  We went to Midway, GA.  They have a museum and cemetery there that are very old.  During the civil war the soldiers would use the cemetery to keep their cattle and horses.  There are hundreds or thousands of people buried in this cemetery.  Basically there are people buried on top of people.  Anyway, we went into the cemetery after visiting the house and church.  As we walked into the side of the cemetery I felt a pain in the side of my chest.  It was not a sharp pain, just a dull annoying pain.  We walked around and looked at pretty much all of the stones.  The whole time I had this pain and at one point under one of the trees the pain became sharp, but subsided as I walked away from that spot.  We walked out the front of the cemetery and the pain was gone.  I did not say a word about the pain to my sister until we left the cemetery.  A couple days later she was doing some research about the cemetery and found a story that she told me to sit down before she read it.  She told me that there were forbidden lovers that would meet in the cemetery late at night, so that the girls father would not find out.  Unfortunately, the father did end up finding out.  He went to the cemetery and waited.  The first one to show up was the boy.  The father stabbed the boy and left him to die.  When the daughter found her lover she took the same knife and stabbed herself.  They were found under the same tree that I felt the sharp pain.  That is the only experience that I have ever had.  I am not a sensitive person, but in that case I was the only one who felt anything.  When I think about it still to this day I get chills!   



A Story for The Shadowlands


Hi, Wanted to share a story with you. The house I grew up in, my Parents had bought just before i was 1965 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. When I was about maybe 3 or 4 I would go around the house talking to myself, I suppose this is a natural for a child, but not sure I was talking to anything there, just gabbing like a kid i suppose.When i was 5, I returned home from School one day with my older Sister, a friend of mine and a few of my Sister's friends. We were talking on the front porch and all of a sudden we all heard the upstairs toilet flush.  Going around to the back of the house where the only window is to the bathroom, the window was shut and nothing was against the house (ladder) or anything else to get up there to it.  Needless to say, none of us had gone inside until our Mom got home from work.  Another time, i would be sitting on the kitchen floor and roll my ball across it, and every time i did this, it would stop ( like someone else would be on the receiving end ) and roll back to me.  As I got a bit older, perhaps 12 or so, there was one place in our livingroom where I stood only to feel a tap on my right shoulder...happened only once to me but on a different occasion it has happened to my older Sister as well.  I have heard someone calling my name on more than one occaision in my bedroom....the strange thing is before i hear the voice, I'd be standing there, like i'm transfixed on something or intently listening for something, but i was always alone.  Another time, strangely enough i was looking out my front bedroom window as my Mom was mowing the lawn, and I got this distinct voice, whether it came from my head or inside my ear, to get my head out of  the window because it was going to slam shut. As i did this, it surely did slam shut and broke the window.  A bit of history as I know it on the house: The house was built in 1950  A woman had died in that house when she was in her late 90's...never knew if she had family or not...never knew how to go about and check it out.




Augusta , ILL


In 2007 we bought a very large house in Augusta, ILL. The house is the oldest house in the county, built in 1859, William Dexter for his family. We are the 9th owners of this house. When we eent to do the final walkthrough, I asked about Halloween, as we like to do a display. He told me no one would come. When I asked why, he told me that the locals believe that the house is haunted. I laughed at that, I couldn't believe it.  The house is a Victorian Italiante, and looks every bit of the term creepy. Town's people call it the Munster House. Forgetting about what theseller said, we moved in in August. The house had a very "sad" feel to it. The strange things didn't start to begin until Nov., right after Halloween. I smelled smoke in the sunroom. It was in a 2ft squre area. We searched the house inside and out , from basement to cupola, and could find nothing. It just vannished after about 20 mins. This happened twice. Then there were "golden " , I can't call them apparitions, more like a curtain, walked across the dining room doorway , in the early hrs. of the morning for about a week.   Then in the middle of January of 2009, the 21st to be exact, my son was awaken by a woman's voice at 1:40 am. He thought it was his wife, but she was asleep. He followed the voice around the entire second floor and to the servants stairway, where it suddenly stopped.   In the early hrs. of the morning the next day, I was awakened by unfamiliar footsteps in the upper hall. As I listened, I too heard voices of a woman talking to someone at the top of the servant's stairway. Loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to make out waht was being said.   Now I brought this to the IPRS, they are a branch of TAPS, and they wanted to come out and investigate. I have declined as the town's people would probably flip out. I told them that they may not find anything as I exorcised the house after my son't wife was pushed down the main front hall staircase. That happened in April of 2008.  This house had slaves back in the 1800's, and a story is told about town that a black slave was hung on the property and buried. I can find no indication that this house was involved with the underground railroad, coming from Mo. to ILL. As was also another story told about this house.  After Halloween of 2009, we were seeing Shadow people in broad daylight, in Victorian dress. 


Child Ghost in Moore OK


I am very curious as if anyone has ever reported a child ghost in a Moore Ok  on Sequoya Ave.  Many years ago when I was first stationed at Tinker AFB my wife, daughter and I moved into a temporary duplex in Moore.  It was very nice, clean and recently fixed up.  Very reasonable price as well (lower than like residences in the area).  It wasn't long though until we started noticing strange things in the house.  I worked nights and my wife constantly complained that she didn't feel like she was alone when I was gone.  She would often spend time at friends houses because of this.  Shortly we started getting glimpses of someone in the house.  One day I asked my wife if she had been seeing anything and she said yes.  I told I had too, and asked her to write down what she had been seeing and I would write down what I had been seeing.  She wrote a young girl about 13 yrs old wearing a long white robe or bedclothes.  I wrote down a young girl about 10-11 yrs old wearing a long white slip or night robe. After that we would see this form a lot walking from one bedroom to the next.  Never scary or evil, she seemed lost or looking for something. We moved into our permanent home and never looked into the history of the apartment.  I can't even remember the address now but have always remained curious if something had happened there or if anyone else had ever seen anything.  This was at least 25 years or more ago.


Dark Red-Eyed Hound


About two months ago, my 16 year old nephew was telling me about his mother's house, that my hubby and I will be renting in the coming months. Somehow, we got on to a discussion about hauntings.  Then he told me that he had seen some weird stuff in his mother's house.  He told me that a few times, he woke in the middle of the night and heard some evil growling coming from outside his bedroom window.  He said that it sounded really terrifying.  I said to him, "Are you sure you were definately awake?"  He believes 100% that he was very awake. He remembers waking up and hearing it and had trouble going back to sleep that night.  He said this happened a few times in the space of about 6 months.   He then went on to tell me that something happened there that made him REALLY terrified.  He said he was woken in the middle of the night again, to the sounds of low menacing growling. But instead of the sound coming from outside his bedroom window, they appeared to be coming from the hallway inside the house.  He said he tensed right up and tried not to breath too loudly so that he could hear the growl.  His eyes were locked onto his bedroom door which was open slightly.  He told me that he was freaked out when he saw the door move and saw the tip of a dog's nose, as it slowly stuck its head through the door.  He said that the black hound had glowing red eyes, and by this stage he didn't know what else to do but to flick the bedside lamp on and as he did that, the hound had vanished and all was quiet.  He said that never happened again but it wasn't too long before he moved out and moved Interstate for a year and a half.   Now, as you can see... I'm sitting here knowing that in a couple of months, my hubby and I will be moving into this house with our 7 year old son.  Also, my sister-in-law who is the owner is also moving in but only staying 4 days a week due to work and uni commitments being closer to her mother's house where she is currently living.  Her son, my nephew is also moving back, but he refuses to stay in the house, so he will be taking the back room in the garage.  I have experienced many paranormal things, which is why i like to keep an open mind with his story. I have also read many stories from people talking about these sorts of apparitions, hounds from hell, imps etc.  I'm looking forward to living there because the house is very nice and it has a lovely swimming pool, but i hope that if all my nephew said was true, i hope that 'thing' is gone now.  The current renters of that property wanted to break their lease as well about 4 months ago, not giving any real reason but decided to stay.  But they were given notice last week and don't seem upset in the slightest, to be told to move out.  It's like they had every intention of moving.  I guess i will be living in that house soon, and will see for myself. (hopefully i don't see anything).  I've had my fair share of hauntings and i don't care to experience any more.  Anyway, I thought I would share this.  If things do start to happen there, this will be the first place I will come to tell my story.  




FBC Haunting


My name is jordan and I've had several weird experiences at a place called flint baptist church. I have a friend who's dad used to be the pastor in that church. I used to visit all the time when I was younger. my friend lived in the pastoral, it was about 200 yards from the church. So on fridays and saturdays we would go over to said church and play pool, ping pong, instruments... ect. These experiences weren't only felt by me but also by my friend and who ever else was there.  One night around 12:00 a.m. I can remember we were playing pool and I heard someones voice upstairs so I asked my friend if his sister had somehow gotten in, he said no she doesn't have a key. I could have sworn I heard 2 women carrying on a conversation that night. Another late night we went to find some drumsticks so my friend could play drums. We walked into the sanctuary and the door to the baptistry slammed shut. We were seriously freaked out. One night we went by the nusery and it smelled of fresh talcum powder but the church hadn't had people in it since 3 days before. My friend had also told me that a baby had died in the nusery before his dad was pastor of the church, so that could have explained the nursery haunting. About a year ago my friend told me that strange happenings were going on in his house. He said he'd seen a woman in a white dress walking the house in his kitchen and his hallway. And the rest of his family has reported the sightings as well. I spent a good portion of my life at that house and I haven't seen anything but I've always felt like something was following me down the hallway during the middle of the night


Ghost Stalker


I grew up in a very big, kinda creepy house in Dallas, Texas.  It had 6 bedrooms and numerous crawlspaces, even a room that you could only get to through the attic.  From the time I was 8 I could feel something there.  Especially in one particular corner of my room.  I wouldn’t look in that corner in the dark, I was certain that I would see something.  I moved rooms as a teenager to the room directly below that one, and the same corner gave me trouble.  When I was old enough to move out, I was hopeful that whatever it was wouldn’t follow me.  It had progressed to the point where I could tell where in the room this entity was, and what the expression was on his face.  Usually it felt he was hateful, and laughing at me.  But when I moved 200 miles away, he followed me.  I began having dreams about him and one night I dreamed that I was running around, telling everyone that he was going to get me, but no one would listen.  I awoke to find him lying on top of me, trying to get into my body.  I was, of course, petrified and didn’t move for a solid hour.  He was incredibly angry that he couldn’t get in, and eventually faded away.  That was it.  I couldn’t live like that anymore and I was determined to take back my life.  Several times he came back, and I was too afraid to do anything, but one particular night I was in my apartment alone, playing with cards, and I felt him appear in the bedroom door behind me.  And I got pissed.  Just the right emotion for evicting a spirit from your life!  I yelled “in the name of Jesus get out of my house and my life and don’t EVER come back!”  I think any declaration would have done, but given my upbringing, that was what came out.  Immediately he was gone, and now 23 years later, he has not been back.  Ghost or demon, I don’t know, and I don’t care! He’s gone!



Ghost Story


I come from a large family,..shared a bedroom with 2 older brothers, so I was often put to bed in my parents bedroom since my bedtime was much earlier than my brothers.  And then after I would fall asleep I would be put in my own bed. One night I remember when I was about 6 or 7 years old, not long after my parents had bought this antique bedroom set. After being sent to bed, I layed there for awhile,not tired at all, just lay there awake. I remember looking up because I noticed the room became a bit brighter, and standing in front of my mothers dresser ( a low one with a big mirror on it ) was a young woman with long black hair just standing there and brushing her hair. I wasnt scared at all I remember, in fact I just kept lying there and watched her. I couldnt believe my eyes. As I was looking at her, she turned her head and looked at me and just smiled, then continued brushing her hair. I remember I was looking at her and just wondering who she was. I had never seen her before.I even put the blanket over my head at one point because I thought she might be gone then, but she was still there when I took the banket off again. I had no idea who she was. I noticed she was wearing a long blue nightgown that seemd to be almost glowing blue. It must have been the smile , or maybe that she didnt seem to be paying too much attention to me, but I got out of bed and walked over to her and tried to tug on her nightgown to get her

attention but my hand went right through as of nothing was there, but she was still there. Again, she looked down at me and smiled. And again, maybe because she smiled at me, I wasnt even a little bit scared. So I got back into bed and just went to sleep. I never told anybody. About 15 years later my parents asked me to watch over their house while they would be away on vacation, so I did. I slept in that same room that had the same furniture in it,...not ever even thinking twice about my past experience. Nothing happened during the night. I was however expecting my girlfriend at the time to stop over the next morning, so when I woke up to being kissed on the cheek, I wasnt a bit alarmed. But when I rolled over expecting to see my girlfriend , one was there. I thought maybe she was playing a trick on me and began looking around the house for her. I even went outside to look but no one was around except me. I was kinda freaked out so I called her house ( not expecting her to actually even be there ) and to my surprise...she answered the phone. Now I'm sure alot of people would say I was dreaming ( in both cases ) but I am absolutely positive I was not. I am 47 years old now and can remember both as if they had happened last night. Many years later I did tell my sister who I am very close to,..and was very surprised to find out that she had a very similar experience. I dont tell many people about it, but when I do, does give me the chills for some reason.



Ghosts In Old El Paso Adobe House


In the mid-1960's my brother and I stayed for two months in a hundred-year-old adobe house in El Paso, Texas, with mud-brick walls so thick that there were stairs within the walls. The very first night the resident ghosts appeared to both of us.  Something awoke my brother, who saw a figure of an elderly Mexican man, in old-fashioned dress, leaning over me, peering down into my face as I slept.  At this very moment I was dreaming that something very opressive was pushing down upon me, and I began to writhe in my sleep, trying to push it away and resist it.  My brother feared I might die of fright in my sleep, so threw his pillow at me to wake me.  As I waked the opressive feeling left and the figure disappeared.  The next morning my brother spoke to the man who rented the downstairs apartment, who reported that he had lived there comfortably with the ghosts for the past twenty years.  "They're only curious as to who you are," he said.  "the man you saw was the brother, and only appears on the top floor."  "The sister often is seen walking along the downstairs corridors on moonlight nights, appearing   solid for a while, then gradually fading out and fading in again farther along."  "she's very benevolent," he said, "One night she gently kissed me on the forehead when I was going to sleep."  We learned the history from elderly neighbors in the area.  Eighty years before, in a fit of rage, the sister had pushed her brother to his death down the

stairs, then walked down the stairs and hung herself from one of the exposed ceiling beams.  They've been walking the place ever since.  I was very curious myself to see what I could learn about the afterlife from these beings, so stayed on for two months there.  When the landlady came for the rent I asked if she knew the place was haunted.  She immediately went into a panic, wailing  now I'd want to leave, like all the other renters had done.  I reassured her that I'd be staying on, that I wasn't afraid. Despite my bravado, I did find it difficult to get a good night's sleep there. Late at night I'd wake to a strong field of some kind of energy hovering directly over me, like an electrostatic field produced by rubbing a hard rubber comb until it picks up bits of paper.  I'd be totally paralyzed and All the hair on my arms and legs would be standing straight on end.  The energy fieldwould last about twenty or thirty seconds, then fade away, and I'd eventually   get back to sleep, only to have it happen again later in the night.  Instead of fear I'd describe my feeling as totally paralyzing awe, produced by confronting something that is absolutely incomprehensible, totally alien,  while I'm still alive, that is, the mystery of death itself.  After more than a month of this, I wasn't learning any more about these beings, so I began to think of some kind of exorcism to quiet down the spirits.  I consulted a local Mexican lady about hiring a  witch, to do a clensing ceremony on the house.  I was warned not to involve myself with any powerful local sorceress, that I might bring on more problems than I eliminated.  So, knowing that these traditional Mexican people of eighty years before were no doubt devout Catholics, I borrowed a large silver and ebony crucifix and hung it directly above the head of  the stairs that the brother had been pushed down to his death, and all apparitions stoppped  instantly from that moment on, and I slept soundly for the remainder of my stay in that house.


My Story and Sara's Story


    Good Afternoon, I'm emailing you today because I (Arnold) and a friend of mine Sara have  had things happen over the years in both of  our lives.   I'll start with my story, i haven't had nearly as much actively as her, but since about 2001 in Las  Vegas, NV and I've lived here since 1996. Very light actively such as tv changing channels from  our first house to my dogs barking or growling at things not visible in my room or hallway. After we moved to a different house a few years later, one morning I was showering for school and i clearly remember placing my cell phone in the middle of the counter and heard something fall.  Mind you my father was at work and my mother was sleeping and I had both doors locked so no one could enter and i found it on the floor and it puzzled me. In later months Ive woken up with pressure heavy breathing and sweating for nearly a week straight. We again moved in 2007 to a larger brand new home in which I've come to the conclusion was sleep paralysis where i was laying in bed i felt my tv switch off on an automated timer. Suddenly I felt my eyes open and feel a presences come towards me and slowly grip and push down my legs and work its way up to my upper torso and head area and lasted about 1  min or more i couldnt speak yell or move

around from under my sheets. I would occasionaly hear things in that room when no one would be up at 1am and even my brother once he moved in again with us *Richard -27 at the time would feel things or hear things that wouldn't let him sleep. Finally due to the economy we moved in a rental home a year or so later something semi odd happened i was in my room and no one was home i knew that for a fact and my dog, the same one from earlier events, flipping out in the living room and my girlfriend at the time went in the kitchen by herself and felt really uneasy and unwelcome.   

Now my friend Sara story,    In the summer of 2003, She was about 12 years old living in Modesto, CA she and 3 other friends decided to play with a Ouija board in her backroom. One of her friends did a ritual of protection, which her friend thought it was a good idea, after contacting a younger male spirit for a short period of time and they were able to get his age of 24-26 and had a tramatic death in his previous life. They failed to close the portal in the board and basically walked away from the board and left the way open. Over the next 4 years she would hear knocking from inside the walls adjecent the room the Ouija board was messed with previously. Around the hours of 12am -4am the power in her room would flick on and off, the stereo would turn on, as well as the tv turn off on its own. One night a friend of her's woke her up out of a deep sleep to point out a darkness where the corner of the backroom and enveloped the whole ceiling covering the ceiling fan they both could not see through the blackness. In 2008, She moved to a different house within 2 weeks of moving in she started hearing knocking in her room, Tv turning on and off, Lights going on and off. Her boyfriend would work the night shift and she would be home alone and go in the kitchen, anything left on the counter such as : plates, silverware, spice rack, etc. would shift 4-5 inches in random directions. In 2009, she moved back home where it first began, on the first night of moving back in while stadning in the living room facing the hallway she saw a darkshadow figure of a younger male at the beginning of the L shaped hallway after taking a second glance it was gone. As she went to walk down the hallway to go to her room, the end of the hallway acceses the back room, there is a floor to ceiling mirror; The door was shut as she was walking instead of seeing her self in the mirror as she should of she saw the same shadow figure 3 feet of the ground it was as if his knee down were missing. It stayed in that fixed postion until she ran in her room and shut the door. Within the next year knocking continued and activety followed her as she moved 3 times in that year alone. On August 7th, 2010, She drove from Modesto, CA to Las Vegas, NV while taking the I-15 to cross state line she glanced in her mirror and saw a shadow figure in her backseat. I have been friends with her since April of 2010 and in the process of her moving back with her dad and stepmom I hung out with on a daily basis till classes started on August 30th, 2010. We have both witnessed drawers open in our absence in her bedroom and bathroom, doors creaking open when no one is home, the sound of glass breaking when nothing  has moved or shifted. She seen a face in her back window one late night we were driving on an empty backstreet and even seeing the shadow figure sitting her back seat in broad daylight with me next to her in the car. Her fish tank being moved while she was out for the night or even in the day. Items being moved in a way some intellegence would be nesscary such as her fish net being moved from the top of her dresser to under a belt and her tv cord. From August 24th to Now, it as a presence of attachment with her whereever she goes from the moment wakes to the moment she tries sleep and at times if shes alone it will keep awake and feels like a heavy pressure lays upon in times when she drifting to sleep to her awake. The night of September 4th, 2010, she  left to go change and get ready around 10:30 at night while I played Laser tag with friends. She was home alone as she got ready, while showering she felt the presence in the bathroom with and in the process of getting dressed and putting on her make up she saw a figure walk in her room thinking it was her dad she entered after it to find her closet door open with the light her phone flung across the room the charger unconnected all her drawers open *approximetly 6 drawers* her fish tank yet again moved the tv turned on and the computer turned off, and the bed was unmade. she rearragned everything closed the drawers and conitnued to get ready as she reenetered her room again her phone and charger were off the connection and tossed about 12 feet across the room and her closet door closed, she then forgot her charger in her room she went back upstairs in which she felt the presence folllow her all the way to her car and sit in it with her and has been with her ever since its now 4:28 pm on September 10th, 2010 it has been 6 days since that night and it has progressively seem to get worse in where she wont or chooses not speak about it even to me.


Haunted Condo


When I was a teenager we went on vacation to Keystone, Colorado and stayed in a very nice, open floor plan condo.  Everyone else loved it, I was creeped out the minute I walked in.  The nights were the worst.  I felt like there was something going on all night long that I couldn't see, but whatever it was, it was frightening.  One day the family decided to go on an outing, but I was a few chapters away from the end of a book and I wanted to finish it.  I unfortunately decided to stay back alone.  They had been gone for about 30 minutes when suddenly there was something right behind me, breathing down my neck.  It wanted me OUT and out NOW.  I jumped up and ran from the condo and about 30 yards down a forest path before I realized I had left my keycard in the condo.  Not that I really wanted to go back in there, but I was locked out and alone.  It turned out to be a pleasant afternoon finishing my book by the whitewater in the forest, waiting for my family to return.  I was very glad though that we were leaving for home the next day.  I didn't bother telling my family, they wouldn't have believed me or understood.  I just said I was locked out.

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