Haunted House

By:  afterwrath@gmail.com

       In the summer of 1996, I bought a large home in nice, older neighborhood. My fiancé lived with her parents at the time since she was still in college, and I was living with my parents since I had just gotten out of the Army. We were really looking forward to getting married and having our own, private place.        The first night in the house felt very strange to me, but I chalked it up to being a newlywed in a new home. As time went by, the strange feelings did not abate as I thought they would. I felt more and more apprehensive, especially when I was in the house alone. The house made many strange noises when I was there by myself that it did not make while Sandy was home with me.  Also, I asked Sandy if she heard any strange noises when she was there alone and she said she did not. I tried to ignore the noises and apprehension, but it was getting harder and harder to do so.       After being in the house 6 months or so, I began to hear footsteps at night coming from the upstairs. There were just the two of us in the house, and the bedrooms upstairs were only used for storage. The footsteps seemed to pace back and forth in the upstairs hallway. Sandy claimed she never heard any of the sounds and was calling me paranoid and crazy. At first, the footsteps were confined to the upstairs, but eventually they came downstairs and into our bedroom. Whatever was making the footstep noise would come up to my side of our bed and stand there for several minutes before walking (is walking the right word?) out of our room.            I heard other strange noises in the house like the sound of an animal growling and scratching noises in the walls. Someone (or something) knocked on our front door one morning at 3 am so loud that I thought the door was going to come off the hinges. Of course, Sandy never heard anything and accused me of trying to scare her. I began to see small, black humanoid figures darting in and out of the corner of my vision. They would shoot behind furniture or duck into rooms when I try to lay my eyes directly on them. I saw them during the day and night, and began to see them more and more often. I would get this odd feeling that someone was behind me, and if I quickly turned around, I could see one or more of those things run away. One day when I turned around to try and see the little black things, I saw a large, black thing at the other end of the hallway. It was about 6 feet tall and though I could not make out any features, I could tell that it was a human shape under a cloak, and it did not run away. It just stood there for several seconds to let me get a good look at it and then it slowly disappeared. I saw that apparition several more times over the next few months, always standing some distance away and just looking at me. I was really getting scared and it came to the point that I did not want to go home at night.        The experiences were taking a huge toll on our marriage. Sandy would blame me for scaring her with reports of things that were not happening (in her mind) just to cause trouble in our marriage. She could not begin to conceive that I was truly scared and that something was really happening, even if she did not experience it. We stayed married for a total of 30 months before she moved out of the house and filed for divorce.         But here is where the story gets even stranger. The day she moved out of the house, the frequency and intensity of the experiences began to diminish. That night, the footsteps did not come downstairs like they always had in the past. I saw the large, black apparition only one time after she moved out and that time it was translucent, as opposed to being completely opaque as it had been before. It also did not stick around as before. Once I saw it, it vanished. Four months after she was gone, all the activity ceased. The house was quite and still and I no longer felt that apprehension I wrote about earlier. I have since remarried and we live in the same house with our children. I thought that the experiences might return once I brought my new wife into the house, but they did not; if they had, I would have sold the place. It had to be something associated with Sandy. Maybe she was into the occult or something. I spent plenty of nights with her in her parents’ home (when they were away) before we were married and never experienced anything like what happened in the house. Perhaps it the combination of her and the house that was the problem, but I hope not. If it were, then that means the same thing could happen again, and I don’t want my family subjected to that.




Mildenhall Village Suffolk County, England

By: anonymous

 While serving at RAF Mildenhall with USAF 1993-1994 I lived with roommate from Santa Rosa, NM, named "Greg."  We both originally lived in the dorms on base but got special permission from our First Sergeants to move off base together because we did not drink alcohol and drunken parties were a constant among our roommates and in the dorms in general 24 hours daily as airmen worked three shifts.  We were both practical-minded Air Force aircraft mechanics with serious responsibilities and not given to flights of fancy and had no previous interest  or experience in the paranormal or occult.  I simultaneously dated an Englishman I would later marry named "Bill."  The cottage only had a coal fireplace for heating; Greg did all he could to keep the coal stoked but the house never warmed and coal always died out quickly despite large piles of coal Greg stoked well often.  The phone rang at various hours day & night with a loud, hissing static; there was a faint but unmistakable sound of someone whispering loudly through the static but the words were always unintelligible.   Calls to the operator to discover where the calls came from were answered that we had not received any phone calls at all during these events as far as the phone company was concerned.  The calls simply came from "nowhere."  Greg worked the night shift, I worked days.  Every night I heard heavy footsteps come up stairs to the bedroom landing (4 sq. ft.) and back downstairs after varying lengths of pause.  When I was home at night these heavy footsteps occasionally went into Greg's room; when he was at home he heard the steps enter my room a few times.  500-year-old wooden stairs creaked very loudly beneath thin carpet when known humans were using them: the human footsteps could be heard anywhere in the cottage; these "phantom footsteps" were much, much louder and projected a foreboding emotion to the roommate at home when they occured.  The rocking chair in the living room near fireplace rocked of its own accord on a regular basis.  Once both Greg and I were simultaneously "TDY" or assigned "temporary duty" to separate bases for a few months.  We locked the cottage down tight as a drum.  A friend agreed to check the place from time to time but as all doors and windows remained locked he never went inside.  I returned before Greg did.  Every object in the kitchen that could be moved - such as cutlery, dishes, pots & pans, bread bins, knick-knacks, whatever - were taken by "someone" and all dumped in the middle of the living room floor.  Nothing was missing, it was simply transported to the middle of the living room and unceremoniously dumped there.  At other times I was TDY and Greg experienced occurences more often and more intensely, for him, when I was gone.  However, his worst experience happened unbeknownst to me while I was deep inside the cottage.  One night as Greg went out to his car to go on duty he saw what are sometimes called a "shadow figure," but in much more detail.  Greg was not bothered by the unexplainable occurences in the cottage until he met this thing.  It was blacker than black, the outline of a large adult male, about 6 1/2 feet tall be his estimation, no facial or other features except glowing eyes that looked at Greg in such an "evil way" Greg said he was "scared to death"  - he claimed without hearing a sound that this thing was unmistakably evil and had ill-intentions, to say the least.   Greg got in his car (a TRuE British yellow "mini") and sped away as soon as he could.  There is a broken-down shed directly behind the house in the backyard.  Both Greg & I looked into it from time to time but refused to enter until one day we agreed to go in together.  We both experienced an unexplained strong sense of being watched from up close though no one else was on the property.  The sensation, we both agreed at the time, was an evil one.  We both thought we heard heavy breathing, but neither of us wanted to jump to conclusion and appear to the other to be easily "duped" by what we could not explain.  There is a storage area on the side of the house that cannot be accessed from inside the house; only by the door outside the storage area attached to the side of  the cottage.  Greg and I both hardly dared look inside after our first time inspecting the property; there were no electrical lights in the room, there was junk and building materials scattered around as if someone dumped everything from the ceiling, and materials "changed positions" from time to time.  Occasionally the taps (faucets) in the bathroom upstairs turned on and off of its own accord, yet both hot & cold tap levers were always in the "off" position.  Every unexplained occurence was of an extremely strongly sensed nature - it always got our attention.  Except for the static phone calls and the chair rocking itself, most activity took place when there was only one roommate in the cottage.  Neither Greg nor I had ever experienced anything paranormal before, at least he had not anything to this degree, and of the photos taken inside & outside the cottage there is nothing remarkable: no orbs, light streaks, vortices, apparitions, etc.  The Englishman I was dating and later married was a complete skeptic but strongly disliked being in this cottage; he would only state "something is wrong with this house; something strange about it."  For his degree of skepticism that was quite a statement in itself.  When a man with a young teenage girl moved into the other side of this duplex cottage, Greg & I decided to warn her without giving anything specific away about the occurences so we weren't planting suggestions in her mind, knowing teenagers are very impressionable.  We simply welcomed her, made chit-chat, then told her when she was alone if she was ever uncomfortable or frightened she could come over to us anytime.  Less than a month later she came over extremely frightened, telling us she was in her bedroom alone when she audibly heard a voice call out her name.  She had no history of hallucinations, swore she did not mistake it for a conversation she heard through the walls (which would not have occurred for that night Greg was on duty at the base) and that the voice was male, not matching Greg or myself.  Shotly after this I moved in with my fiance in a nearby town - largely to get away from the occurences - and soon lost touch with Greg.  The paranormal occurences in this cottage were constant, in one form or another, and experienced intensely.  It carried a heavy pall of fear or, at times, dread or terror everywhere in the cottage that never, ever left - never anything that could be called benign or benevolent.



Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority House Bloomsburg, PA 

By:     klsnyder10@yahoo.com

A Ghost named "Glenda" (also known to older sisters as "Sally") resides there and only haunts the sisters who live in the house, mostly upon their first few weeks of moving in. Glenda steals bras and other personal items, turns light switch off while girls are showering, makes the faucet drip while using the bathroom (starts slow then gets faster even after checking to make sure it is completely off), makes every thing sway back and forth (clothes in closet, desks, lamps, anything hanging) in a certain bedroom on the 2nd floor especially when trying to study. I have had personal experience with all of these things. One night during our first week there, we heard kissing noises in the middle of the night and my roommate saw an orb in the corner of our room. Glenda has her "own room" under the stairs that the sisters have designated for her. Glenda is a playful spirit who will stop what she is doing if you acknowledge her and ask her to please stop because it is freaking you out and to go to her room. Every new sister who moves in the house is informed of Glenda and that she is part of the family.


Haunting in Holiday Island

By:     blackburnd@cox.net       

My husband and I live in an old dog trot house that was built in the thirties.  It is sitting on the foundation of an original home build in the 1880’s that had burned.  It is the old J.P. Davis place.  We have someone who walks up the stairs in heavy boots.  He also walks up in the attic at night.  We miss important objects only to have them reappear  several months later.  I have witnessed a dark shadow coming across the living room ceiling and a light sparkly mist in the dining area.  Most things have happened when we have had a renovation project going.  It is not really that scary, only someone checking out the old place. 



Haunting Story

By:     berserk_fury007@hotmail.com   

I'd like to share a recent hauting I've experienced. I unfortunately don't have any EVP or photos, seeing as most of these experiences have happened when I wasn't prepared to face them and capture proof.  For starters, I have to say that I've lived on a farm until recently with my boyfriend. The farm buildings date until before his grandfather's time, who was the one to purchase them and turn them into a family buisness of dairy cows. Now, the creepy things is he purchased them from a man who had just hung himself in the  barn and set fire to it (the building was saved and the good wood was re-used to build a fresher barn) because he owed money to the village's loaner. Seeing as he was unable to repay the man and in dept above his ears, he decided to end his life and destroy the place.  My boyfriend' mom called shamans to the property a couple years back and they confirmed the presence of  three ghosts, one of which being the hung man, another an uncle of my boyfriend's who died by accident and a third unidentified being. The one I have 'experienced' (because I believe to have been confronted by one being alone) I believe to be the hung man. Here are a list of things I have experienced at the barn: -while letting my dogs outside of the barn at night and staying alone to prepare their food bowls I have often heard loud, boot-like footsteps above me, where the straw and hay is kept. It was far too late for anyone to be in the barn (epecially in the hay section) and the sounds were very distinct, lasting several seconds, before vanishing.  -caring for the cows early in the morning, (I am the first to arrive in the barn at 6am) I often saw, out of the corner of my eye, a very big man appearing out of this air near a door and walking through it, sometimes peaking from around the cornor as if to check if I was looking. When i would go to investigate, the corner where he would have been standing to peak from was full of ladders. There was no way for someone to hide in that corner.  - creepy feelings of being watched. Now I know those may sound cliché, but the scary things is that they would occur just before I started dating my boyfriend, a couple years back and BEFORE he told me about there being ghosts in the barn.  Now, I've recently moved to a house about 40min from my boyfriend's and I believe one of the ghosts followed me. Here is what has happened just days ago: I was watching TV with my dogs when one of them (a big rottweiler) got up and walked to the wooden cabinet the TV is on. That cabinet was two glass doors on either side of the TV that close with that push-magnet thing and they have a bunch of DVDs inside. Now, as my dogs nears the glass door, it suddenly swings open with enough force to loudly bang aganist the TV. My dog jumps back and runs off, scared, but I figure it probably nudged the door and the magnet released it. However, several minutes later, when I got up to close it, I realised that the bottom part of the door would jam against a ledge and I would have to apply force to actually close it. Worst than that, even when it was closed and I would push on it for the magnet to release it, it would jam again against the ledge and even once free, if I pushed it open harshly, it would very slowly swing open. Not once did it manage to bang against the TV. And just yesterday, watching the TV again, my other dog (a boxer) walked over to the other glass door and before he reached it, I saw the door apparently attempt to open, although it jammed in the same way its opposite did. My boxer immediately stepped back and retreated with VERY alarmed glances.  My dogs also have a tendency to stop and stare at fix points in the house, sometimes following something invisible as though it was walking around. My boxer being more protective than my rottie, he sometimes growls lowly at something neaby, although I can't see anything. These ghosts apparently don't want to hurt me, but at time I wonder if it might be a good idea to try and communicate with them and see what they want... althought I must admit I'm frightened at provocking them.



Holy Family Church

By:     astridst.claire@gmail.com

The survivors of the OLA fire, got together and had a memorial statute made to honor their dead classmates. It was in the New OLA school when it was sold and  taken over by a non-sectarian group. The students there descrated the memorial that was in the school. It was taken out of the school , restored and placed into Holy Family Church. Whether this has any bearing on the "haunt" at Holy Family Church, I can't say. But I didn't know if you knew this or not.  I was 7 when that fire happened, I went to Our Lady Help of Christians grammar school. Which was 1 block north of Chicago Ave. on Leamington Ave. The fire made a lasting memory for me , even though I didn't attend OLA. Be that as it may. I buried it for almost 20 yrs.  Something that would creep alot of people out, was I went to Forest Hill Cemetery in Glen Ellyn, on St. Charles Rd. A few days after my visit, my 4 yr. son at the time, 1988, came to me and said that he had a boy who came to play with him at night. He told me that the boy looked like him and his name was like Jason, but was not. The little boy liked football and he wanted to play. Now I went back to Forest Hill, and found the grave of Justin Egan. He was 8 yrs.old when he died and they had a picture of the child at the gravesite. My son and Justin were so alike , they could have been twins !  Also there was a statue of a boy in foorball attire on the grave. As my son grew older, he did not retain any memory of Justin. Justin came to visit him for about a week. Justin died of a congenital heart defect. At the time , there was alot of grief at the gravesite. I haven't been there in many years. 


Similar to Dave's Story

By:     nswaldron@att.net

I'm writing you to tell my story. I was reading Dave's story and it's so close to the experience that I had that it actually gave me chills.  My first paranormal experience happened when I was 4 yrs old. All the experts say that things that happen to someone before the age of 5 is very hard to remember. The funny thing is that I can remember my experience like it was yesterday. My mother, sister (who's 3 yrs younger than me), and myself. I remember being asleep in my bed and waking up very suddenly. I looked at the door way and I say this full bodied figure, the only thing is that it was completely white. I'm not talking like white like a white wall, I'm talking white like energy. This figure to me was a child. the reason I believe this is actually because of it's height, I mean it did not have a face or anything like that. It walked toward me and got on my bed. I remember pulling the blanket up over my head because I was so scared, but I actually felt it on the bed. At that point I ran screaming and crying into my mom's room. Her boyfriend got up and walked me back to bed to show me there was nothing to be scared of. when we got there it was gone. Now lets fast forward to the age of 17. By this time in my life my mom had gotten married, not the same guy from when I was 4, and they had bought a house. It was a tri-level with a full finished basement and a sub basement. From day one something felt very odd in the house, almost like a very

heavy, unwelcome feeling. The sub basement was probably the strangest. when you would walk in there you could see spray paint all over the walls. I know that's not strange, but when you stood in the center of the room you could seen that the spray paint actually was covering up what looked like writing on the walls, and it was also on the floor. So that was kinda creepy. We had two dogs that both refused to go into my room and constantly would either stair at the wall and bark or would stand at the stairs and bark up to the second floor or down the stairs to the basement. The longer I lived in the house, the more I began to feel, almost alone. It was like I was becoming isolated mentally from everything. In my room it would constantly feel as if I was being watched, I would hear loud bangs and things sounding like they were hitting the floor but nothing would be around. All the motion sensor lights around the outside of the house would turn on all at once for no reason. I mean I actually began to think I was going crazy. Finally I broke down and told my step dad everything that had been going on. He looked at me very seriously, I remember thinking " oh crap, he thinks I'm nuts". He began to tell me about how one night after he had gotten home from work, he worked second shift and didn't get home till around 1 am, we was sitting on the computer playing a game. At the time our computer was in the front room and you could see right up the stairs and onto the landing where the bed rooms were. He said he saw a man walk out of my room. The man he saw was a taller man in a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. At first he said he thought it was me, because he only saw the man out of the corner of his eye. But then he asked how I was doing and looked up and realized the man wasn't me. The man turned and walked back into my room. My step dad ran up the stairs and opened my door and I was the only one in there and I was asleep, in a pair of boxers. After my step dad told me this I was convinced something was going on. One weekend while my parents were out of town I invited 2 of my friends over so we could try to catch stuff on film. Of course we got nothing. That is until we tried to go to sleep. We had all decided to sleep in the basement because there was more room there. we turned off the lights and started to go to sleep. My one friend, Chris, was already asleep and myself and Dave were talking. All of a sudden the light to the sub basement turned on and we could see what looked like a shadow under the door. you could actually hear what sounded like work boots walking up the wooden stairs. We woke up Chris and we all stood at the door. We really thought someone had broke into the house. We opened up the door, prepared to beat the crap out of someone, and the was no one there. We walked downstairs and looked around, we check the windows and everything. The windows were shut and locked and no one was there. There are a lot more things that happened but It would be like writing a novel to tell them all. I just thought it was kinda creepy how similar my story is to Dave's.



My Ghost Story - Easton, PA

By:     th1928@gmail.com        

I am not sure really where to start, but recently I have moved and for some reason I keep thinking about the odd experiences I had at the old place I used to rent. I recently moved from Easton, Pennsylvania, where I used to rent an old townhouse type of place. The landlord told my roommate and I that they place was from the 1900s, but he re-did it and fixed up a lot of the issues that needed to be addressed. However, if I knew about the weird experiences I was about to encounter I probably wouldn’t have moved into that place. Our landlord and his girlfriend never expressed anything strange or abnormal about the house, but as soon as I moved in was when everything seemed to start.   I first started noticing things when I would hear people talking and low voices at night, but I just thought it was the neighbors or people outside. So I ignored those things for a long time.  Eventually, the instances became more distinct, such as at night I would hear someone walking down the hall. Heavy footsteps would be walking either down the hall from my bedroom to the bathroom or I would hear footsteps in the attic above my room. My roommate said she never heard the footsteps, so I just started to ignore what I heard at night. It wasn’t until later I heard the footsteps and saw shadows under my door. I saw someone walking down the hall from the gap under my door. I could honestly say I was freaked out, but I remained calm and opened the door to see if someone was there. No one was in the hall and my roommate’s door was closed with the lights off. I walked down the hall to her room and went in to ask if she was walking around… she said no and that she was in bed. After that night the footsteps and seeing the foot shadows was a regular occurrence. A few months later was when my roommate actually started believing me that someone or something was in the house. My roommate, a friend of ours and myself were watching a movie. I was sitting with my roommate on a big chair, while our friend sat on another chair. I had my head resting on the back and all of a sudden something hit the back of my head and pushed it forward. My roommate looked at me wide-eyed and asked what that was. I had no way of explaining the situation besides the fact that something felt the need to hit my head and make me aware that it was in the house. The footsteps each night still continued to happen as well. It wasn’t until I started dating my boyfriend when things started to get even more intense. Whenever I tried taking a nap after work I would hear children running in the attic – the steps were small and I could hear light sounds of children laughing. It seemed like they were playing a game or something. I only heard them two times before that disappeared and everything got calm and quiet again. The footsteps were no longer in the hall and the house was finally still. However, the activity really intensified when my boyfriend moved into our house. After that point was when I started to get really paranoid about the situation of the noises.. For awhile the only things that happened were just noises or I noticed things were out of place in the morning and I asked everyone in the house and no one moved what was misplaced. That mainly happened up until the late spring. The real weird stuff happened after a little boy was hit by a bus in Easton (the article can be found on lehighvalleylive.com). He was riding a bike and flew out in front of a bus and was killed instantly. That night I was getting ready for bed and my roommate and I were talking before I went to sleep. When she left my room, I turned the lights off and started to fall asleep, but wasn’t in that deep sleep yet. I started to hear something tapping on the floor in my room, so I sat up and looked around to see what the noise was. It stopped and I thought I must have imagined it. So again I laid back down and just got ready to fall into a deep sleep when the tapping noise started again and I sat up to look around. It stopped. This continued one more time and I became very freaked out and ran down the hall to get my roommate. She came into my room and turned on the light and my room was messed up. Bags were toppled over and the contents all over the one half of my room. We both looked at each other and knew that my room did not look like that before I went to sleep. After that night I started to get really weird nightmares and became very scared to sleep in my room by myself, so I moved up to the attic where my boyfriend resided. I felt better and things seemed to calm down again. Later in the

summer I was in a car accident and the activity started up again. At this point our lease was about over, we actually had two more weeks left in the house. This point in time I still think about. After the accident I was on some pain medication for my knee but I could still hear and think very clearly. At night I started to feel someone sitting on the edge of my bed and I would hear footsteps and whispers. When I would go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I felt someone staring at me from my old room down the hall. Whatever was there by this point I felt wasn’t very friendly… I was actually terrified for some reason and had an odd sense of something wasn’t right. The last thing I remember when I was there is the most disturbing to me. I am still scared of what I saw to this day. It was a week after my accident and a week before we were getting ready to move out. It was pretty late at night and I just got done going to the bathroom and laid down to fall back to sleep. I was in that period of where you aren’t fully asleep but you aren’t wake either and that is when I started to feel weird things. I felt something touching or caressing my face. I brushed my hand over my face and rolled over to fall back to sleep, but I felt something brush my face again and something slowly pulling the covers off of me. Then whatever it was started talking to me, but I can’t recall what it said, but I know it scared me pretty decently because I jerked awake and looked up and saw a dark, tall shadow beside my bed. I screamed my boyfriend’s name and when I looked back at the shadow it was gone. I got up and turned a light one and everything was as it was when I went to sleep before. I crawled back into bed and fell asleep, however, the next morning I just felt really strange and have been really freaked out ever since. I know whatever was talking to me and revealed itself wasn’t friendly; it wasn’t horrible either, but it definitely didn’t like us being in that house.  The day of us moving out was when my boyfriend finally revealed all of his instances that happened. Throughout the entire time we lived there I told him all the happenings and he just shrugged them off. He never told me what he experienced because he knew I would be very upset and scared to continue to live there. He said the entire time he was in the house he also felt something sitting on the edge of the bed; or he would wake up afraid and would try to sit up and couldn’t because it felt like something was holding him down; and he also felt pressure on his chest, like someone was holding him down, to the point he couldn’t breathe. Ever since I moved I haven’t experienced anything strange happening, so I definitely believe our house in Easton, PA was haunted. It may seem strange or that I am telling a fib, but I can whole- heartedly say that all the instances I described truly happened. I felt the need to write about them so maybe someone could explain it. I am a very superstitious person and I highly believe in paranormal activity, but I never thought something that intense would happen to me. However, it  did and to this day I am very unnerved about the situation I experienced. 


Haunted Past

By:     michael.a.hart2@usmc.mil

In the house I spent most of my childhood in, there were a number of incidents. There were 4 big things I have seen or heard in the house other than hearing footsteps in the hall and having just an over all creepy feeling. The house I grew up in is in Beaverton, OR near Greenway Elementary School. In fact, the school was right outside my backyard on the other side of a small creek. The first major incident was when I was about 6 or 7. It was light at night and I was having trouble getting to sleep. Back then, whenever I had trouble sleeping, I would stare at the window just past the foot of my bed and watch the lights from passing cars go by. Even though we had a tall fence, you could still see the light. After a few cars went by, I started to drift to sleep. Then I saw something odd. It was a shadow in the middle of my window cast by the passing cars. Another car went by and I could tell what the shadow was of. It was a human figure. Now I was wide awake. More cars went by and it was still there. What scared me the most was the fact that I could see the whole body except for a small portion of the feet cut off by the bottom of the  window. But this shouldn't have been possible as the window stood 3-4 feet off the ground. It was then that a scary thought popped into my little head - someone was hung from the old oak tree in my back yard! I freaked out and did what many kids do when they are afraid, I pulled the blanket over my head and closed my eyes till I passed out. I went into the backyard that morning before school to see if there was anything there. There wasn't much grass in our back yard, mostly mud. Since it was wet, no one would have been able to get back there without leaving footprints or some kind of sign. When I checked, there was nothing. Nothing in the tree, nothing on the roof, and no signs in the mud of anyone being in the yard that night.  The next sighting was a frequent one. Myself as well as other member of my family (there was myself, mom, dad, and 3 younger brothers) had seen a black cat. We didn't own a cat, but we had one. He would often look at you, then run down the hall and jump right through the wall. You cant really play with a ghost cat, or pet it, but it was still fun having him. Although I don't think the dog was too happy about it...Later on, in my high school years, I began to notice something else. When I walked home from school, I always had my headphones on and the music was turned up so loud I couldn't even hear the traffic around me. However, even with the music blaring, when I got home I would always hear the sound of a little girl giggling. It would startle me and I would rip off my headphones to the sound of nothing. After putting them back on, I would hear it again. I never was able to tell where it was coming from. A number of time I had rushed to the back yard and looked over the fence to see if the Elementary school kids were out playing, but no one was there. After a while I had gotten used to it and had said hello to the disembodied voice a few times. The last major incident happened around 2003 I believe. I was in my room playing Mario Kart 64 with a friend of mine when one of my little brothers  came running into my room. He said there was someone tapping on his window. My little brothers' room was right next to mine, and I hadn't heard anything so I sent him away. He came back a few more times and I was losing patience. I finally went and looked. I peeked out his window (he had the blinds shut) and stood in his room for a few minutes. I heard and saw nothing, so I went back to my room. As soon as we got the game unpaused, my little brother was back. I was fed up with it so I said I would check it out one more time and that was it. I stood in his doorway for a few minutes and was ready to call it quits.  As soon as I turned I heard it. It was a series of 3 taps. I waited, then I heard it again. Before I go further, let me explain what lies beyond the window. There was only a very small space next to the window. We had a large trampoline in the back yard that cut off most of the space by my brothers' window. On the other side is the fence separating our back yard from the yard next door. I went up to the window and placed my hand on the blinds. As soon as I heard the taps again, I opened the blinds to look. Nothing was there. I told my dad what was happening and he stood at the end of the hall ready to run. I stood in the doorway again listening. As soon as I heard it, I signaled my dad and he took off fast. There was no way someone could have gotten away crawling under the trampoline or hopping the fence before he got there. And there is no way to get over the trampoline and its rusty springs without making a lot of noise. But there was no noise, and no one there.

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