3rd haunted house in Taman Desa Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
By:    Anonymous
This house is next to the one reputed to be the most haunted house in Kuala Lumpur. It has had several owners in its 30-year history but for many years only tenants occupied it. This house was once rented by the famous Malaysian psychic and fortune teller, the late Andy Singh. Andy used to tell the neighbours that there was a ghost of a very old man in the house and it used to materialize through a wall which used to have a door leading to the side garden but was now bricked up. He also said he tried to communicate with the ghost and learned that it was the father of a previous owner who had passed way of old age in the house. Another neighbour told me that the first owners of the house died in a tragic diving accident leaving 2 young children who were then placed in the custody of their grandparents and the house was sold. The current owners are sceptics and scornful of any stories of a ghost or ghosts in their house. They have not openly acknowledged any ghostly experiences so far after 10 years of living there. Once when they were away on a long vacation, they got a neighbour to check in on the house from time to time and he did, at about 4pm. In the study he experienced intense coldness and felt a strange presence and picked up a peculiar frangipani scent. The frangipani tree is usually grown in Malaysian cemeteries and its flowers have a powerful and distinctive bouquet. He was frightened and left the house in a hurry. On another visit, the scent was gone and he could not find any source for the scent. Parts of the Taman Desa Seputeh suburb was actually built over a long abandoned village cemetery in the late 1970s. The cemetery dated back to the 19th century but was abandoned about 70 years ago and forgotten. It does not even appear in any survey maps. However, former residents of a small village which made way for the suburb said there were a number of graves which were quietly excavated when the suburb was developed and the remains were placed in one mass grave but the exact location is unknown. When the house opposite this house was occupied by a previous owner, some bones were dug up when an extension was put into the house, indicating that the house was probably built over unmarked graves. Another largely intact gravestone was excavated in a nearby children's playground about 30 years ago but now hidden by strategically grown bushes.

4th haunted house in Taman Desa Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
By:    Anonymous     
This house is also next to the most haunted house in Kuala Lumpur. This 30-year old house was abandoned for many years and was once even turned into a drug den by drug addicts who needed a place to shoot up. Most of the house fittings, including doors and window frames, were looted and the roof was holed and the house was allowed to fall into ruin until it was bought 12 years ago and eventually fixed up. During the 2-year renovation period, mysterious sounds were heard emanating from the house at night, especially that of someone running up the wooden staircase very fast making very heavy footfalls. Only problem was that the staircase had partly rotted away and a person had to proceed upstairs very slowly and carefully so as not to fall through the missing steps. Occasionally mysterious lights were also seen in the house at night even though the electricity supply was turned off. Neighbors did not pay heed to the noises and lights previously as they thought it was due to the drug addicts. Now the house is properly restored and there have been no disturbances since.

A Haunting on the Bayou
By:    rhonda.tdupre@yahoo.com
It was Christmas evening 2010, and our grand-niece was playing in the living room, running around and being noisy as any two and a half year old does. We were all sitting around visiting and watching Lakin, when suddenly she stops in her tracks after heading to the front hall. Lakin looks at two of her aunts with eyes large with fear and wonder, then runs to her mom to hide her face and telling her mom,"no,no, no". She looks toward the hall again, then runs to her grandmother, hides her face again, then says "not scared". She lifts her face, looks toward the hall once more,says with a shrug," all gone" then starts to play again. While this was going on, her aunt took a picture toward the hall with her digital camera and sees three orbs when she checks the picture right after taking it.      Nothing of a real surprise for our family. Before I moved in with my husband, several of his family member experienced unexplained sightings or feelings in our home. We all feel that the exsperiance with Lakin only proves what many of us believed, and made belivers out of those who didn't beleive in our many stories we had to tell. Some people have seen shadows walking down the hall, heard dishes rattle in the middle of the night, and on a few occasions woke up with all the kitchen cabinet doors open when I was the only person in the house. These exsperiances spand over years and has happend to many people.    Is it the house?, the occurpence?, the land? After researching the house and property, we know , that no one has passed in the house or on the property. I am starting to believe it is the family that is being watched, not by ghost, but by their loved ones, their Angels. Once a person opens their minds and spirits to believing we are not alone,not one dimentional, then we can feel, esperiance, and embrace our loved ones who have gone on before us.

My First Air Force Base
By:    razel_is_reborn@hotmail.com 
I've spent the past 9 years of my life in the Air Force.  My first base and experience was Fairchild AFB Washington.  my ex-wife and I lived on base in the housing there.  I worked nights from 11pm-7am when I would get home, my wife would be up waiting for me. I thought it was just the way that a new bride acted. so I thought nothing of it.  after a few months she told me that she was not sleeping very well, that she was hearing vocies and strange sounds when I was not there.  I dismissed these as just her being alone at night and an over-active imagination.   About a year after we moved in I was put back on day shift, so that I was home at night, we were in bed at about 11 at night I was still awake and I started hearing what sounded like a whisper, I lissened for a few moments before my wife started to hug me tight, then she asked "Are you hearing this?".  We would hear the whispers for a few minutes each night then they would stop, nothing bad ever happened just whispers (we had a stand alone house and the whispers happened every night about 11 so it is very unlikely that it was someone passing by). I came home from work one day, to my ex-wife yelling for me to help her from the basement, I ran down there to find the door shut and seemingly locked, with her still yelling, I pushed on the door and tried to open it with nothing happening (now, I'm a big guy 6 feet 235lbs, can bench about 300lbs) and I could not get this door to open.  I backed up to kick it open, when it swung open.  After that she refused to go into the basement by herself.  About a month after that we were in bed and heard the basement door open and slam into the wall, then we heard footsteps comeing up from the basement, I jumped up and looked down the hall and heard the the footsteps go from the steps across the hall and into the bathroom.  after that the back door would open every day when I would get up after I know that I locked it, things would get thrown at us, things would dissiper only to end up in the bassment. Very odd.  When we moved out, we talked to housing about if anything bad things happened in the house.  We were told that we lived in that house the longest of the past 3 families, that a man had thought that his wife was cheating on him, and on a 3 day weekend, he came home locked his wife in the basement and did some bad things to her then left her for dead, then walked upstairs into the bathroom and killed himself.  It was 3 and a half day before she was found.  she was taken to the hospital where she lated died.   Could the whispers we were hearing her? I dont know. 

Little Ghost Girl
By:    1barryc@bellsouth.net
I was watching the television one day and looked up to the porch. For a split second I could see a little girl with brown hair but no face. Ever since that happened I hear strange noises. One time I heard someone walking around upstairs when I was the only one home! Riley, my daughter, has seen shadows out of the corner of her eye. We believe that the ghost’s name is Julia because a nine year old girl named Julia lived just down the street but died of a car crash including a drunk driver. She has not harmed us.

Dolley Madison House in DC
By:    Anonymous
I can't give my name because I work for DHS and very soon my agency is moving its' location to St. Elizabeth's Hospital in SE (so you may hear from me again!). Last year, I was chosen to participate in a tour of the White House. I brought my wife with me on that day, and it was pretty much uneventful, that is except for what I now believe to be a sighting in broad daylight. After the tour was over, my wife and I were walking thru Lafayette Square (another supposed hot spot) on our way back to the subway. After looking at what I now know as the 1st statue in the US made with a horse (also connected to a haunting in the White House), we approached one of the side streets. Across and to the left, is a brightly yellow painted house with green shutters. I saw a woman walk up to one of the windows, look me right in the eye, smile, and wave at me. I waved back...it was a beautiful day with tourists milling about and there I was wit my pretty wife on my arm, so I was feeling pretty good. My wife asked me who was I waving to, and I pointed to the window, where the lady was then gone from. I told her there was a woman in the window, dressed like someone from colonial times, and I didn't ponder on it, and we went about our stroll.  Today, I was doing some research into the stories about "St. E's", when I came across a picture of a house, and in my memory, I remember where I had seen that house before. I looked up what the significance of the picture was, in found to my still amazement, that this house was the home of Dolley Madison. The website of the touring group gave a phone number, so I called them and asked if they conducted their tours in "time dress" and did the tours include going into the sites. I was told that in reference to that house, they DO NOT GO IN, but hang outside. OK, now I'm getting creeped out, because I remember seeing a large-set, dark haired woman INSIDE THE HOUSE! So I looked up pictures of Dolley Madison...it was daytime when I saw her, not night. She did look RIGHT AT ME and WAVED!!! And the woman in the paintings I found WAS HER, the woman I saw in the window looking down at me, smiling and waving!!!! 

Update-Mission, TX  La Lomita
By:    dmtz561@yahoo.com
The monastery La Lomita unfortunately was demolished in 2010.  It is still unclear who gave the order to demolish, but only the facade of this old, beautiful building was still standing when nearby officials got word of what was occurring and went and halted the process.  This building looked like it belonged in a haunted movie.  I personally experienced several "supernatural" occurrences.   Both times involved taking visitors to see this landmark.  On one of them, I told them the stories about the place and they kept telling me I was full of shit........We had left the back door of the SUV open......the wind was blowing against it in the direction of holding it open....after a couple of "You're FOS", and no one was near it, the door slammed shut very hard!  Those guys (they were from a national country act outta Nashville) got so scared, they made us leave immediately. I took the 2nd group (also a Nashville act and they knew the other  group well), and showed them the monastery and told them the events with the 1st group.  They laughed at the other guys but these guys were not skeptics; they believed.   It was night and they had the grounds/facade illuminated.  There was a 2nd story breezeway/porch on the facade.   All of a sudden, we saw the shadows/shilloutes  of people on that breezeway but saw no bodies!  Yet, it was well illuminated. It is a major pity that the place was destroyed.   At the entrance of the driveway, it is flanked on either side with these 2 crosses that look like they too belong in a haunted movie............LOL All that is said of this place is true.  I have spoken to grounds keepers there and they have stories to tell.......

Clinton Corners
By:    the_new_godfather_punk@yahoo.com
hey just want to say i love the website. i grew up no more than a mile away from the site of fiddlers bridge, im sorry to say there is no bridge anymore. the original bridge hasn't been there for a long time. but there is a sign were it used to be (the area is now basically all wetlands. the legend is true there was a fiddler who was flirting with a woman at a Halloween party and so the story says her boyfriend saw this and killed the fiddler while he was crossing the bridge. i have stopped there on a late Halloween night and beside the distant sound of a slow fiddle playing i have heard of sightings of orbs and lights in the woods. i will tell you Clinton is a strange place at night, lights in the woods, apparitions, even the occasional homicide occurs every few years. its very quiet, almost like a dead silence at night. btw there have also been stories of hauntings in the local homes, and some claim its the number of unmarked graves that scatter the woods. i have experiences first hand these spirits and they are not nice to deal with.

Roxborough Ghost Story
By:    augusttears8791@aol.com
Hello, I was just looking at your haunted places index for Pennsylvania, and came across Leverington Cemetery, in Roxborough, so I figured I will share my story since i use to live around the corner of the cemetery. When I was younger around the ages of 4-7 I lived around the corner from Leverington Cemetery. One summer day I was playing at the neighbor's house down the street. While we were in the back yard playing, my friend wanted to go inside to ask her grandmother something. As she proceeded up the stairs before she opened the door I looked up at the glass window of the door, seeing a white mass from, I just played it off as a glare from the sun or some sort. As my friend opened the back door, standing in front of her we both saw a transparent white figure. Being young we both got scared, and instead of running toward the front door we both ran through the back door, running right through the spirit. While we did so I happened to feel a cold chill subside over me. As we told her grandmother the story, she played it off being the sun playing tricks with our eyes. I did not believe this one bit, due to the fact of staying over the house at night, and constantly hearing footstep through out the upstairs hallway, and on both the stairs leading to the kitchen also the ones leading to the living room. This was all around the time of my friend's uncle's death who use to live in the house. Could this be a ghost from the cemetery haunting the house? Or just simply her uncle looking over us as we play? I shall never know.

True Ghost Stories to Share
By:    laura_fridley@yahoo.com
I actually have 2 true ghost stories to relate to you, one regarding my father's ghost, and the other a personal experience I had with a woman who passed away in my mother's house.
My Father's Ghost  Back in January 1976, my father passed away from cancer.  The cancer struck hard and he died just 4 months after being diagnosed.  His mother was in a hospital in a neighboring state at the time and the family decided that she was too frail to be told about his sickness.  At my father's funeral, my grandmother's doctor told the family this story.  He said the morning that my father passed away, he was attending granny at about 7 in the morning.  She asked him "What's wrong with Arthur?"  He told her, "Nothing's wrong with Arthur," to which she responded, "God damn it! Don't lie to me! They wheeled his coffin in to the foot of my bed last night.  Now I want to know what happened."  Dad died at about 5 am that day, just a couple of hours before this exchange.  Since then, family members and acquaintances have reported seeing Dad in the family home on numerous occasions.  He always seems aware of the person who sees him.
The Ghost of Louise  In the early 1990's my mother took in borders who needed daily living assistance.  They were Ethel and her daughter, Louise, who were both in wheelchairs.  These two shared a room with two single beds.  One night while I was visiting, Louise passed away, though we didn't know until the morning.  But my aunt's dog knew something.  As she was getting ready to go home, the dog started barking at nothing up in a corner of the living room ceiling.  Nothing else of note happened for a couple of years until Ethel, too, passed away.  After Ethel died, Mom converted their room into a guest room.  Shortly afterwards, I again came in for a visit.  Mom was away the night I arrived, but she told me she'd be back in the morning and said I should make myself at home.   I arrived late, so without thinking anything of it, I unpacked and climbed into bed in Ethel and Louise's room.  No sooner had I pulled the covers up over myself than I heard a loud BANG! BANG! BANG! on the bedroom door. Totally freaked, I jumped up out of bed and went to investigate, but found nothing except a quiet house.  Then thinking, "Man, I wonder if there's an emergency -- maybe it was a neighbor banging on the outside door."  Again, investigating, I found absolutely nothing.  The neighborhood was entirely quiet.  Spooked, but determined to get some rest, I climbed back into bed, and this time, as I pulled the covers up, something pulled back.  I literally had to wrap two fists in the blankets to keep them from being pulled off.  Finally after about 10 seconds of tug of war, whatever had ahold of the blankets let go.  I didn't get much sleep that night and had a doozy of a story to tell Mom the next day.  When I told Mom what happened, it occurred to me that what I'd experienced was likely the ghost of Louise.  I was the first person besides her mother to sleep in that room after she died.  I could imagine Louise, for years after she died, going into that same room and climbing up in her single bed beside her mother's.  Then all of a sudden, her bed is gone and the only bed in the room has this stranger in it.  I think if I was in her shoes I would have been upset, too.  Also, I knew Louise when she was alive, and she was a bit of a firebrand.  She wouldn't think twice about telling someone off who was presumptuous enough to steal her bed.  I never suspected Ethel of being the ghost that banged on the door and pulled at the covers, as she was such a kind, gentle soul in life.  For years after this event, Mom reported banging on the walls and doors at night.  Even though Mom was never frightened by the ghostly activity, I felt bad at the though of Louise having gotten trapped in that house, so one day I had a little talk with her.  I told her she had died, that her mother had died, that there was no reason she had to stay trapped in the house, and that she could join her mother if she wanted to.  I may have just been talking to a wall, but the banging stopped after that.

My Paranormal Activity 
By:    lorna2otter@yahoo.co.uk
 Ok so first, I was sat in the playroom watching tv with my Dad when I heard 3 slow knocks on the wall. (This was when I was 10) The next is, I was sat , alone, watching tv on the sofa, with my back to the other seat, when the cushion went down and made a noise like somebody sitting on it. I looked around and nobody was there.I quickly ran to the living room where my mother was. When I told her what happened she told me I was just imagining it. The lost thing is I was making my breakfast in the kitchen, and for some reason I looked to my right. I saw a misty cloud about the size of a small dog rise into the air, then suddenly disappeared. The only other thing that rarely happens is sometimes the tv turns up a little louder. Thanks for reading!

A Personal Experience at Dumfries, VA
By:  Anonymous
I went down to the Weems-Botts Museum today at about 11 in the morning, and I got a legitimate tour.It was normal everywhere in the house, and I didn't see any ghosts or feel anyone there, but I did feel cold in the second room (Botts's law office/the Merchants' quarters).But when I came outside, I thought I saw the rocking chair in the front porch of the museum rock, so I looked at it in wonder, as nothing was sitting there, except for this scarecrow that was missing its head to give visitors a scare, but there was no wind, and the scarecrow wasn't mechanical or anything.No one seemed to have seen this, except for me.And when my mom, my brother, and I were going back to our car, we passed the well, where we felt as if someone was there.We also went and visited the old cemetery near the elementary school there, and it was dead quiet in there. No birds singing, no insects chirping, yeah.So I thought this was somewhat related to paranormal activities, so I decided to send you an e-mail.

A Religious Experience
By:  ericdamastabata@yahoo.com
     Many years ago, i was very active in our Churchs' Youth Group. One saturday, a small group of us volunteered to stay and help some elderly members of the church with a Rummage Sale inside our church social hall.      We didn't have a large number of attendees, but we didn't have a good turn-out either.       So, later that evening, after everything was packed up and the elderly members went home: our minister had called and asked if the  youth group could keep the church open until he arrived.      As we sit in the social hall, having a good time - we began to hear footsteps on the stairway, coming from the sanctuary.      We all stop talking, we all stopped moving, we all had our eyes focused on the locked door-leading to the stairway sanctuary.       Nobody moved, we were frozen in our chairs. We were very security conscious and we all we sure that whoever was coming down that stairway, did not get inside during the rummage sale.       As the footsteps reached the bottom landing to the social hall, we collectively realized that whoever was on the otherside of that locked door may have been in this church a far longer time than us. As we all watched the locked door handle turn to open- WE ALL RAN OUT THE CHURCH - LOCKING OURSELVES OUT.        We ran, all four of us shoulder to shoulder. In the back of mind we all were thinking that whoever or whatever was in the church,  they could have the slowest person. But we could'nt outrun eachother because we were all scared.          After exhaustion slowed us down we decided to go back to the church and wait for the minister on the front steps. But he was opening the front door as we arrived. When we told him our story, he listened very intently. Then he told us of his paranormal experience  inside the church....   

True Story from Burlington Iowa
By:  dame.holly@yahoo.com
I wanted to email you to tell you me and my family's own very recent brush with the paranormal,these are all very true and very disturbing events that happened to us from 2003 until 2008,I don't even like discussing them because I still feel very uncomftorble and disturbed,my name is Holly H.and I'm in my late 20's. In the fall of 2003 my grandfather purchased a little yellow home in a pretty average neighborhood in Burlington,IA,which is in the Southeastern part of the state,just 2 miles from the Illinois border,my aunt was living with him at the time because she was his home health care provider,he had some health problems,but was doing good at the moment. The day we closed on the house we finally met the previous owner of the home,she disclosed to us that while living in the home her husband died from a heart attack in the back bedroom,her 2 year old grandson ingested poisonous chemicals and died and their dog had died from old age,her husband and pet died on the property,but her grandson died at the hospital,I thought nothing of it,at the time. After signing all of the papers the keys were handed over,we went home to Mount Pleasant,which was 17 miles away,on the way home our minivan got a flat tire,once again,we all laughed it off as just a random thing. One week later it was moving time,we rented a moving truck and moved all of our stuff into the new home,a few days after moving in the minivan broke down again.but this time it needed several hundred dollars worth of repairs,we thought this was strange,because the vehicle had never needed anything before in the past,just regular maintenance. The house needed some TLC,mainly new windows on the front porch,some new carpet and the decks and railings painted,after that was finished it truly started to feel like home,or so we thought. We had lived there for a year without hearing or seeing a thing,and then all of a sudden we would feel the sensation of a small animal jumping on our beds and the sofa,we have a cat,but when we would feel this strange sensation our kitty would always be sleeping peacefully in his bed. The sensation felt so real that sometimes in the middle of the night I would wake up and find myself petting air,which was a little creepy to say the least,we all thought nothing of it and even made jokes about it. In 2005,about 9 months after we started feeling the presence of the ghost dog(we assume it to be a dog,since the previous owner's dog actually died on the property)I was relaxing in bed listening to some music when I saw my grandfather bolt up from his chair and run to the front door. This was highly unusual for him at the time,because his health problems had progressively gotten worse,and he was increasingly confined to his power wheelchair,I immediately asked,"What's wrong papa?" "There was someone on the porch,but they just vanished,that was weird"He answered. I immediately went out into the livingroom and he started telling me in better detail what he had seen,he said it was a male,in about his late 20's or early 30's,with neat black hair and wearing black slacks,a white dress shirt and a black tie,he said it was common working or church attire of the 1920's or 30's,the image was as solid as you or me,there was nothing transparent about this person. At first I dismissed it as maybe some Jehovah's witnesses,or perhaps the contractor we had hired to repair our roof,but there were some details of the event that made no sense,at all. First off,we had heard no footsteps on the porch or the stairs leading up to the porch,and then second noone had knocked at the door or even rang the doorbell,and third,this was Iowa,in late February,it was still very cold outside,why wasn't the man wearing a jacket? A few weeks after that my grandfather was napping in the livingroom chair when he heard a voice,which he described as a pleasant,medium toned male voice say,"Wake up!" Another creepy and more sinister presence also began to show itself in 2005,sometimes when my grandfather and I were in the livingroom watching tv I would hear my aunt saying offensive,mean and crude things to me from the kitchen,this was out of character for her,because she was basically my mother,my mother had died at an early age and she raised me. The offensive comments always caused fights,and each time my aunt kept begging and pleading that she didn't say a word to me,I,of course,didn't believe her,I now believe that there was something there,mocking her voice and trying to damage our tight knit,close family. In the fall of 2006 my grandfather died, most of the strange activity had stopped again,we only experienced the ghost dog,but even he made fewer and fewer appearances. Things were fairly quiet again,I had made the decision to continue living with my aunt,who was struggling financially,things remained quiet,until the Spring of 2007. It was 4 AM,I was in the kitchen getting a drink of water when I heard our very loud doorbell ring,I was hesitant to open the door,because Burlington can have a fair amount of crime,especially burglaries and robberies,I stood in the kitchen doorway and heard it ring in quick succession two or 3 more times,and then stop. The second it stopped I ran out onto the front porch and peeked out the window,to my shock,noone was there,and once again,no footsteps were heard coming or going. Also at around this same time at about 6 AM each morning we would hear music,which sounded like old fashioned country music from the 40's or 50's,none of us listen to this style of music,so it was very strange. We mentioned this to a cab driver once,and he happened to know the man who had died in the house,it turned out he was a huge fan of old country music. Also at this time the house seemed to be cold all the time,especially in the livingroom and kitchen area,even in the summertime with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees out we would seldom need the A/C,it felt as cold as a morgue 24/7. I had also began experiencing frightening and realistic nightmares about a home burning down across the street,a small,relatively modern home was across from us,the house in my nightmares looked like an old farmhouse,and none of the houses that were next to us or across from us were even there,it looked like a different time,and these nightmares were so realistic I could smell the smoke and feel the heat of the flames. That Summer another weird thing started happening,flies,and I mean hundreds,maybe thousands,started appearing in the sealed up windows,it was so bad the windowsills looked black instead of white,that made no sense at all because we hadn't seen a single fly in our house all year,and certainly not the thousands that appeared in our windows Also at this time our cat started acting strangely,mainly he wouldn't eat,and whenever we came home he acted very,very,very happy to see us,even more so than he normally did,he acted spooked,and was very jumpy,it was like something was scaring him. Finally in the summer of 2008 we had gone through enough,my aunt rented a place in Mount Pleasant and we decided to go back there,and cut all ties with the house,the enviroment was so tense you could cut it with a knife,it was time to go. But one night,about two weeks before our new home was even ready to be moved into my aunt announced that she had gone through enough,we packed a few things and our cat and in the middle of the night we ended up moving into a motel,it was cramped,we didn't have a proper place to cook or anything,but we felt safe,and for the first time in a long time our kitty actually ate normally! And then,a few days later, we were all awoken by a very early morning phone call,it was the motel manager,telling us that the neighbors were complaining about the fighting in our room,and to stop,because if it didn't stop he would call the police,I explained to him that noone was talking,let alone fighting,and that we were all asleep,luckily he believed us. And the strange experiences didn't stop there,even after we had the electricity disconnected the house still felt deathly cold inside,and this is Iowa,in August! We were also locked outside once,from the inside,luckily someone or something decided to let us back in after about an hour. I truly believe that there is something evil inside that house,whether it be an evil demonic or human entity,but it is definitely there,wehad never been so thrilled to leave a place as we were that house,I hope no other family ever has to go through what we did.

Canterbury Cathedral Priestly Apparition
By:  Anonymous
I have another account for you from my time living in England in the 1980s. My account has been accepted as a genuine haunting and is currently used by John Hippisley's award-winning Canterbury Ghost Tour at Canterbury, England but it is not in his book, Haunted Canterbury, as the Canterbury Cathedral authorities have specifically asked him not to  publish the haunting. My account: I lived in England in the 1980s and in September 1988, I visited Canterbury Cathedral with a former girlfriend. It was sometime in the late morning on a weekday and there were many tourists about. While were looking at the exhibits on the ground floor, a man in his 60s or perhaps 70s dressed in long black clerical dress suddenly appeared beside us. I took him for an Anglican (Episcopalian) priest. He asked me if I was from the Orient (?!) when it was more common to use "Far East" or "Asia". I found his speech rather antiquated and odd. I said I was born in Malaysia in Asia, which he did not seem to know of, and he asked me if it was near India. He then began to talk about an old university friend of his from India, one William Thackeray. I then asked whether he was referring to the famous author, William Makepeace Thackeray, and he said yes, and pointed to an exhibit (I now cannot recall which one it was) which had a connection with Thackeray. Now, I have never read Thackeray in my life and at that time I had no idea of the exact period in which he lived in. I thought perhaps he knew Thackeray from the early 20th century! The priest then said something really odd which I have remembered ever since: "William had a touch of the tar brush about him." Now this was something new to me at the time. It was only very much later that I learned that it was suspected that Thackeray's mother had been a mixed child, of an English father but an Anglo-Indian or perhaps even an Indian mother.  We chatted on for a bit until my girlfriend elbowed me and I turned to her and she whispered loudly, "Look at his feet!" I turned but he had disappeared! My girlfriend then told me she had suddenly realized he had no feet and was in fact hovering slightly above the floor! He also did not seem that solid to her though to me he seemed like a perfectly normal human being.  We ran about the place looking for him and even asked various people who were standing nearby whether they had seen the 'priest' but nobody did. In fact someone confirmed he saw my girlfriend and I and I seemed to be speaking but there was no one else with us. We found employees of the cathedral and described this person and we were told that the outfit he had been wearing had not been worn since the last century! We were now well and truly spooked and we left the cathedral in a hurry.  It is only in 2010, 22 years after I encountered this apparition, did I learn that there had been at least one other similar sighting in 1960 but the eye-witness has since passed on. 

Co-Ed Murders in Southwest PA
By:    suzieemg@verizon.net   
 This is regarding the story>>Morgantown - Cheat Lake - In the early 1970's, two college students were hitchhiking for a ride back to their dorms on Evansdale Campus. Apparently, they were picked up in the downtown area and not found again for months. Their decapitated bodies were later discovered near the lake, but the heads were no where to be found. The murderer and the case still remain a mystery today. It is believed however, that the two girls roam the woods near the lake, searching for their heads. Many car accidents have been reported on Route 857 North because of blurry apparitions of two girls running back and forth through the woods, distracting late night traffic. I am writing to tell you about the two young co-eds who were murdered in 1970. The girls were hitchiking from downtown Morgantown (W Va) to an off campus dorm.They were picked up by Paul Eugene Clawson, who murdered them.  (Newspaper article) The headless bodies of the19-year-old coeds, Karen Ferrell and Mared Maiarick of Kinnelon, N.J., were found on April 16, 1970 in a wooded area about seven miles southwest of Morgantown off the abandoned Weirton Mine. (My information) Their heads were never found, but they were searching  at an area called Elm Rock or sometimes called Allum Rock. It's an area that has crevices and little cave like areas. In the late 50's and 60's, I played in the area. I actually lived very close to the site. Mr Clawson also lived close to the area. The area does overlook the Cheat River, but it isn't the Cheat Lake, which is south of the Cheat River. The Cheat River, and the Monogahela River meet and run North. There have been a few murders in that area, but I've not heard of any ghosts. As a teenager, I spent a great deal of time at the backwaters of the lake, and never saw anything. I did go out looking for ghostly things though. But have yet to see anything. Well, I just wanted to share with you what I actually knew about these girls death and the site that was investigated. I hope you don't mind. Thank you for such a great site.

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 I know it will make me feel better and finally I can tell someone!  I was actually checking out your site on whether ghosts might follow someone around from home to home. Yes, I did get my answer although I’m not happy with it.  Lol  I am a 50 yr old female, wife, mother and grandmother with no real special ability when it comes to ghosts etc.  But bit by bit and more and more since age 15 someone or thing keeps gravitating to me, as I move around in my life. I have moved many many times. Not because of this, it just happened that I do not like some area near a house bought or opened a business and moved closer to it…I have a litany of good reasons.  I’m not sure if it’s the same one, more than one or a new one that keeps coming back to me and/or following me  My gut tells me it’s not the same one because of the actions but I’m fearful and not amused so try to push all the thoughts out of mind asap.  But 3 things I know for sure are It really scares me, I never see anything cause I keep my eyes closed and it can read my mind.  I’ve got a dozen stories I could tell but I will tell a recent one that scared me very much.  Up until the last year it didn’t do threatening tricks to me so I just tried to go on with my life.  I’d say 95% of the time I am already in bed asleep but I don’t think that is a coincidence.  My husband beside me and all is quiet but our breathing I guess. I always need to be covered while in bed. My husband sweats too much so I end up having all the covers. This time as usual I was covered when all of a sudden the blanket clamped down on me. It was so abrupt I woke up, but instinctively didn’t open my eyes.  I knew it was not my husband (I could hear him breathing beside me) because this pressure was coming evenly all around my body and from over top of me.  Not someone at the side of the bed or anything like that.  I also know it can read my mind (discovered that years prior) so I start saying “okay stop now, this isn’t funny”. But slowly it forcefully pulls the blanket tighter across me.  It is not over my face tho.  Now I am really scared and call my husbands name and continue to think it stop and finally it does. But not before being so tight I was starting to panic. I still relive that every now and then and was stunned at the time that it wanted to quickly wake me up with fear. I did have another visit of a different nature this year and decided to bless my house, holy water and all.  I have discontinued lighting candles and praying for my relatives that I want to remember with love and told them I can’t due to this harassing presence that is scaring me. What’s even more difficult is not being able to tell anyone of these episodes that stem the last 35 years.  This past June my husband and I sold that house and thankfully our new apartment has been quiet and untouched to date.  I really would like it to stay this way but fear at some point it may return.

Weird Encounter on Halloween
I'm not sure how you'd classify this. Ghost encounter probably not, paranormal possibly. But once in a while you encounter something that just strikes you as odd and you get a feeling of unease.    About 12 years ago my brother and I were going to work on the night shift at a eastern Pa retail store the night of or night just before Halloween. There was a haunted house, a local attraction set in a real haunted house not too far away and we were dreading the kids and increased customers we usually got those weekend nights on Halloween. As we pulled into the store parking lot entrance, we saw a small old beat up car parked at the exit going out. It was from the early 1960s, no headlights were on and it just sat there. As we drove past we saw that there were three people in the car. That was also what gave us both a feeling of unease when we saw them. They were small, teenagers maybe and you'd wonder if they were old enough to drive. All three had hooded sweat shirts on, hoodies as they call them now.  Or possibly mexicans, you sometimes see very short mexicans who work in mushroom houses on the other side of town. But you couldn't see their features and the car was dark inside.    We parked and I saw that they were still parked there just waiting as if deciding where to go. I wanted to walk up but decided to go into the store. It was just strange. My brother and I both looked at each other and agreed that something about them just made us both very uneasy.    

Ghosts, Meriden and Southington, CT
By: Anonymous
also, there are two Haunted places in Meriden where I have personally seen things happen.  One is in Coe Mansion on Oregon Road, Meriden.  I was in the home with my girlfriend, Coe Tredennick, doing our homework at the diningroom table when we were talking about exploring all the cool stuff in her attic...an ancestors death mask when all of a sudden all the cups and saucers that were lined up on a shelf on the wall went flying and smashed on the floor all around us!..Then another time we were on the first floor in a livingroom when the fireplace just started up with a roaring blaze! Coe and her brother yelled for their Aunt to stop and it did!  It is well known by all who were friends of the family about the hauntings.  Although the spirits were not angry, they were a bit distructive.   I lived up the hill in an affluent development on Brownstone Ridge.  My father, a local contractor, bought the last lot available on the original road (it's been extended since and while we still lived there for nearly 30 yrs) and it was closest to the Quinnipiac River.  There were many robberies to the building site during construction and other odd accidents that were not "normal" on other sites.  From the day we moved into our new home at 367 Brownstone Ridge, I could feel Indian spirits everywhere!  I was made fun of by all my family members and teased about being afraid and for "seeing" things and "feeling" things.  I had just started 5th grade when we moved in.  As I grew older, more and more things began to happen to me and a few times there were friends present for the events.  Once, my girlfriend Eva Roberts and I were watching a rerun of the Exorcist, at about 10PM when all of a sudden, the sliding glass door screen filled up with hundreds of "LOCUSTS!" They were slamming into the screen, buzzing really loud and banging and bouncing all over...this lasted for about 3-5 minutes at most and then they just vanished!  It was unGodly to say the least....we were totally petrified but untouched.  Another time, while home by myself, there was a picture that I had painted as a freshman in high school that had been on the wall for at least 10 or more years, when it literally FLEW OFF THE WALL and landed in the middle of the livingroom floor! That was impossible!  It hit nothing to make it bounce that far, it did not roll, it did not break, it was meant to scare me, I believe.  It was on a wall facing that same sliding door that the locusts attacked.  Also, there was another time while I was there alone and pictures actually flew off the wall, that were there for years, and into the middle of the floor in that same manner.  A shelf that I had on my bedroom wall did the same thing...after years of being on the wall.  I could feel many temperature changes but never realized it was from spirits.  The home has since been sold and forclosed on 3 different times...the fourth owner since my family has  just purchased the home.  The previous owners have all talked about it being a "HAUNTED HOUSE" and have asked neighbors about it too.  I have always believed that our house was built on Indian Burial Grounds...or sacred grounds.  

Griffith Fine Arts Building Nacogdoches, Texas
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I am a current theatre student at SFA. I have had a few experiences with the ghost called 'Chester', and also with another ghost who lurks in the building.  One day, my class was in the auditorium to do some exercises for class. Each of us would go up on stage and do some vocal warm-ups and then the next student would go. After one of my friends got down and was walking off stage, the lights turned off. It was new system, so there shouldn't been any reasons for it to turn off. We thought that someone may have turned them off in the light booth, but no one was up there. And a few of my friends and I tried to turn the lights back on, but they wouldn't. Finally, we ended up getting the professor in charge of lighting. As soon as she walked over to the panel, they turned back on with out her even touching anything.  There was also another time when a few of my friends and I were at the building late at night. One of my friends and I were in the auditorium and the lights were off. We started hearing movement coming from behind the band shells that were on stage. We were alone and we didn't hear any doors open or close. We finally left and asked the other that were in the building if any of them had been on stage, but they all claimed that they hadn't. There is also a little girl who haunts the props caves that are under the building. There is an old well/cistern that is down there. It is said that she died there. I work down there, and I have heard a little girl's voice a few times and other strange noises. She has also made some things fall on people, but never really injured anyone.

Haunted Church
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I have a friend who works part time playing the pipe organ at St. Aloysius Gonzaga church in Huntington park and he says it is haunted. He has driven me past it but I have never been inside it. I have spoken on the phone with his friend who is a security guard there, and he has told me about ghostly things he has experienced there. The head priest apparently knows the place is haunted (I have never met him personally), and an unnamed female teacher was badly frightened by the ghost of a boy who was giggling as he approached her and then disappeared. This incident occurred at 3 in the afternoon.  My friend says the church was built on a site where there was either an old ranch or a cemetery... he says one of the members of the family who owned the ranch and the surrounding land went crazy and murdered his entire family and the ranch was then torn down.  Among other incidents my friend has told me about:  ---the ghost of a small boy wearing 1920s style clothes and riding one of  those scooters they used to make out of wooden fruit crates. He rides around in an outdoor area of the church and disappears into the walls. Supposedly the boy was killed when he was hit by a train not far from the ranch house in 1927.  ---the ghost of a young woman who was murdered in 1967.  ---the harmless ghost of a Filipino man who was the security guard there until he retired and then died in 1988.  ---lights that look like camera flashes going off in midair. This happened at 11 in the morning while the choir was singing. Whenever someone asks the head priest about these lights, he gets annoyed and says to ignore them or they'll get worse.  ---locked doors that unlock by themselves. The current security guard says he kept having to go back and lock the doors repeatedly for 45 minutes one night. ---the church appeared full of singing parishioners and was well-lit inside when an unidentified priest approached it at night. A strange priest walked out of the church doors to confront him and told him "you're not supposed to be here" or words to that effect. The priest lowered his head to look down at the pavement, and when he looked back up again, the strange spectral priest was gone and the church was dark and silent.---cloudy images showing up on cameras and security monitoring equipment.  ---a meeting house on the church grounds is said to be completely silent inside.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
By: Anonymous
This was a large house with 6 bedrooms built in the late 1960s. It was the scene of a brutal murder in the 1980s where the grown up daughter of a family was surprised by burglars in the bathroom one night and they murdered her with sharp weapons. Her blood was sprayed all over the floor and walls and no amount of cleaning could get all the bloodstains off. Her family who owned the house were very badly traumatized and moved out immediately and never returned to their home again. The bloodied floors mops, towels and rags used to clean the blood were left in bloodstained buckets in the bathroom. The bathroom itself was padlocked.  After some years of being unoccupied, the owners eventually leased the house to a nearby community college for use as a library. The bathroom remained locked and out of bounds. Although news of the murder was hushed up by the college administration, the library developed a bad reputation among its students and staff. No one was brave enough to remain there after dusk as there were frightening loud screams and footsteps coming from the bathroom after 7pm which could be heard throughout the house. Students passing the locked bathroom felt a very cold and eerie sensation even during the daytime. In 1995 after several reports of a haunting and a fainting fit by a terrified student, members of faculty and library staff forced opened the padlock and found the bathroom just as I described. The bathroom was then locked up again with a new padlock and the door barred. There were several petitions to the college administration to look for some other building to house the library and the college eventually moved the library to another building in 1997. After the college terminated the lease, the house was unoccupied for some years before being extensively renovated and converted into a commercial property. It is not known if the haunting has ceased. The office using it now is closed by 5.30pm each day, way before the time the haunting used to begin.

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