Boy Ghost on Grosse Ile



My name is Christina, and I have something to add about the boy in beige that is seen riding his bike in the animal sanctuary on Grosse Ile.  Two of my friends and I saw him about thirteen years ago after we were coming home from a late night movie.  We saw him on Hickory Island which is on the south end of Grosse Ile; not in the animal sanctuary.  I have heard of sightings of him in the animal sanctuary though.  It was in the middle of a bad snow storm, and as we were driving he was facing toward us on his bike.  He was in all beige, and the coat he was wearing was too thin for this kind of weather.  He wasn't riding the bike, but was rocking back and forth on it.  The bike looked really old, and he had this totally blank look on his face.  We thought this was extremely odd because who would be on a bike in this weather, and wearing such a thin coat?  We dropped my one friend off, and as we were going back down the road, we couldn't find him anywhere.  No bike tracks, nothing.  It was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  I heard a rumor that he died back in the 1960's on Hickory Island, but I haven't been able to verify that yet.  I have only told a couple people about this because I was afraid people wouldn't believe me.  This ghost is very real, and I am glad that I have been able to share my story.


A Haunting I never Believed In


 I spent 11 years of the 18 at my parents in a now 52 year old house. This house never seemed to bother me at all until about the time i turned 10, at least thats the earliest i ever remember seeing anything. We had just rearranged the house so my brother and i switched rooms with my mother and stepfather. this room had a doorway partially blocked due to the fact it sat right next to the furnace and mom didnt want us playing there, or so i thought. I remember seeing a tall man standing there almost like a shade the only real distinguishable feature was an overly long top hat he wore. Everny night i would lie in bed and just stare at him standing next to the furnace thinking its only my mind but i felt differently. I never understood why he sat there sometimes waking me with how strongly i felt a pull towards him a feeling i now understand i get in the presence of the supernatural. To continue i never actually believed he was there until we added our new room on the house and instead of there he sat in the chair i kept by the door in my new room i was about 15 at the time. When i moved the chair he stood in the spot where it used to be always never moving except to take his hat off wipe his brow and put it back on. I thought i was crazy and it would disappear until i get a call from my mom in the middle of my overseas tour. When she calls me she said andy im scared and i said why? She says the man in black waved and then left. I said what are you talking about ( im twenty at this point in time) she tells me the reason we switched room all those years ago was because she was seeing him too and she knew i could because i used to see stuff as a kid that only she could see too. I said so wait whys that scary. she says after i left for basic he started walking back and forth outside my door like he was waiting for me to come home and she knew when he would appear cuz the dog would bark then sit at the door to the porch ( which also led to my doorway and had windows in it). she would turn on the light in the living room and he would stop turn and look at her. I asked her so whats that supposed to mean. She said i dont know and as soon as she did i left my little guard shack ( i had a guard shift to watch our site) and i dropped my phone because not ten feet away was this guy not just a shade full bore person looking just staring at me waving with a malicious grin black out eyes and he dressed like an undertaker. I said what do you want and he stopped waving and looked me dead in the eyes so i started to pray. It was the only thing i could do i mean heres this thing in the middle of the desert just staring at me finall when i finished his smile was gone and he just stood there i said go away and bother someone else. He got what appeared to be angry and the slowly turned and walked away i havent seen him since and i pray he doesnt come back but im still watchful and i hope no one else has an experience like mine. 



Haunted house in Mankato, MN



We lived in a one-hundred year old house  in Mankato, MN.  My daughter who is now a very well educated adult of forty, to this day reports that something/someone she could not see picked her up into their arms and held her behind the upstairs master bedroom door, and in a tiny area off the upstairs bathroom (which has since been walled-off.  She felt neither threatened or afraid.  Whenever in the basement, I had the sense that I was definitely not alone and always felt fearful when down there.)  My son, would see a "shadowman" walk out of his closet in the furthest bedroom upstairs at night.  (He is now 45 yrs. old and still insists this happened.  He, on the other hand, did feel threatened and afraid.  These events occurred back during the 1970s but we continue to believe that that house is haunted!  At this time, (5/27/2011) the house is still standing but no one remains living there for more than five years (or less).




My son and I were sitting watching ghost hunters we spoke of my daughter Diane who committed suicide 25 years ago . When all of a sudden in the garage a loud noise (really loud) occurred. We jumped up to see what happened and a shelf which had been anchored to wall for at least 14 years had been literally torn from the wall (This shelf was approx 3 feet wide and 4 feet long)..and everything went on the floor it bent the washer top and really nothing sitting on it was heavy . but..a picture of Diane that had been framed and was apparently stored up there.;was shattered on the ground.. we cleaned up the mess in silence ..noting how odd this was, It was more than odd believe me. In this house which is not a scary place I hear knocking from one corner of my bedroom where the tv sits loud enough to wake me up.always at night after I go to bed. and there are sounds like someone walking at night usually after 9:00 PM in the upstairs . I have even seen the dog look up as if expecting someone to appear, I am not frightened  it is just what it is and I thought it might be interesting to you.


Home Alone

By: name removed by request


About 12 years ago, I was living at home after college. Well, in January 1999, the rest of my family went on a cruise while I stayed home to work at my new job. The first night, I came home the tape recorder in the kitchen had all the buttons pressed down. The second night, I came home the alarm clock in my parents bedroom was going off, and you can't set that alarm clock for more then 24 hours ahead of time. The last night, I was downstairs in my bedroom in the basement with my pets, when I heard footsteps in the kitchen directly above me. I thought maybe my brother was playing a trick on me with the tape recorder and alarm clock, but he never said anything, and I never told him what happened. Anway, I don't beleive in hauntings, I just think things happen that people can't explain, just like UFOs; but I have no explanation for the things that happened 12 years ago when I was home alone.




i was sleeping at my nanas house and i woke up suddenly.i looked over at my nana to see if she was awake (she has a tendency to get up early),but she was asleep and standing over her was my great grandmother,who had died in the very room i was sleeping in. i told my nana aboout it and shesaid her mother had been seen many times and that she never left. i still see her sometimes but  i am no longer afraid



The East Valley Bridge - Jasper, TN


I grew up in Jasper. I had heard the stories surrounding the bridge for most of my youth. I have had several strange experiences on and near the bridge, and I have recently done some research into the background story.The ghost is a young woman (15) named Maureen Cordell. She was murdered in Chattanooga, not far from my current residence. She disappeared in July of 1966. Her body was discovered that November by two men who were looking for tin cans to build a rat guard on a chicken coop.  It was a harrowing event for the men, as Maureen's head rolled out of the duffel bag when they hauled it out of the water of the Sequatchie River.  I have had a car that would not start once I honked my horn three times. Several friends were with me at the time. The car was brand new (it had 16 miles on it!) and worked fine afterwards. We did not get out of the car to see if Maureen would swoop down on us.  A car that I was a passenger in shifted gears by itself and rolled back and forth on the bridge. There were three others in the vehicle at the time.  If you are interested in the details, I would gladly share more. Thank you for your interesting website.




The Sign from Ed



My story is about Ed's whistle:  I work at a university in the maintenance department.  I came into work early to get setup for an campus wide power outage.  I was to manage the phones and radio in case of an emergency.  I arrived at 4 am to go over the schedule with our High Voltage group.  I had an lanyard with my ID and a whistle.  I walked down to the shop to check in with the crew, but they were not there.  I walked back to my office and the whistle fell off.  Thinking it was not on tight enough, I put it back on and tested it.  It was secured.  Half an hour later I went back down to High Voltage and we had our meeting.  I went back to my office to get ready for the outage.  The whistle fell off again.  This time I was getting concern and went into the conference room.  Ed's picture is hanging on the wall.  The whistle was a gift from Ed 2 weeks before an explosion (that later took his life).  It was something from his police officer days.  Came in and handed this to me and said, "something from the old fat man".  I always wear it.  I kept the whistle incident to myself.  Afraid of the guys would think I was "barking".  Power was to go off at 7 am, but went out at 6 am.  I was not able to get anyone on the radio or on Nextel.  Two hours later I found out that one of the vaults had arc twice.  This was the vault next to the one High Voltage team was about to go into.  One of the technicians bent down to tie his boot and felt heat on his back.  He looked at his supervisor and asked what the heck was that.  Supervisor told him to move.  He took two steps and was 10 feet away.  When he turned around, smoke was pouring from the vault.   I finally talked to the supervisor and told him what had happened with the whistle.  He told me, if that ever happen again.  Track him down.  My co-workers were non-believers, but after this.  Let's say they have had a change of heart. Ed was like a big brother to me.  A wonderful co-worker who cared a lot about the safety of others.  He was a very spiritual man.  I know that he was trying to give me a sign to protect my co-workers.  Since this incident, my guys always make sure I'm at the campus in our "War Room" (Ed's Room).


Lees-McRae College


I am a ghost investigator out of rockingham north carolina, saw you had my dorm at Lees-McRae college listed as haunted. I lived on 3rd floor of Tate Dorm. My first year there, i had posters in between the heading of my bed, down the sides of my bunk bed as well. i started having these bad dreams. in the dream, first night, i could hear loud sounds of poster board being ripped. woke up the next morning to find that the poster i had taped up that was closest to my feet, had fallen over my feet and lower legs. using the same piece of tape, i just pushed the poster back up. the next night i again heard in my dream poster board loudly ripping...woke up the next day, the poster beside the one that fell the previous night was laying over my stomach, again, i pushed the poster back up not adding anything new. the next night i dreamt someone was trying to sufficate me, next day i woke up with the poster fallen over my face. the shower stalls or bathroom when alone felt really heavy like there were presenses in the room with you, i hated washing my face or having my face under water for fear what i might see when i opened my eyes. also walking down the hall, you felt as if you were being followed. the telephone stalls use to be elevator shafts when it was the hospital. if you were out in the hall (which i did alot of, cramming for exams the night before) and it was really quiet, you almost could feel someone walking up the hall towards you. also, the old elevator shafts you could hear cranking of the wheels turning just like the sound you might would hear if the elevators were still in tact...or the sound was from that the time, i never wanted to investigate where it was coming from.




The Ghost That Followed Us


My 15yr old son saw the image of a person running slowly past our back window last week, he has seen things at other times also.  My son stopped what he was doing & told me what he had seen..a person in a white hooded jumper wearing dark, maybe black long pants.  He then went on to tell me that he'd seen the same "person" twice at our previous address (we've been here for almost 3yrs) once standing at the front window looking in & also standing next to an old Fig tree facing our townhouse..we lived in a complex of townhouses & the old treehas been there for many, many years & still stands.  The previous tenant in our townhouse worked for the morgue & I'm of the opinion that maybehe brought "someone" home? We all saw shadows there.  With this house we are currently in, we've had the laundry door open by itself, the abovementioned appear again & my 4yr old just today, turned around from the kitchen bench while I was making cupcakes & "blew raspberries" at something a few metres away!  I asked him why he did that & he replied,"I heard a noise over there, just like the noise I heard in the wall while you were asleep".  My 13yr old has heard footsteps on paper he had left on the floor in his room, so came & got us to check his room.  I've been watching t.v. on the couch and saw someone walk past the front windows towards our door, so I got up to answer the door and there was no-one there?  We have had experiences in other houses before, but I find this "hooded person" intriguing...three times this person has appeared at two different places. Do they attach themselves to us? Thanks for reading, we are from Brisbane, Australia.


Not a Nightmare


I had to write this story down and share it. My family has been experiencing the paranormal for years and like them, I have had several encounters, most of them are small or can be rationalized, this one however, can’t. My husband, dog and I live in a 1500 sq. foot rancher on Vancouver Island. One night at around 10PM I was lying in bed with the lights off, trying to drift off to sleep (My husband was in the office doing book keeping with his music playing and the door closed) and our dog was on her bed, across the room and to the left of me. After about 15-20mins of being in bed, I opened my eyes because there was movement at the end of the bed (like what you would see if someone walked directly in front of you in the pitch black) the figure was as tall as my husband and of a similar build, so I assumed it was him. This figure walked across the front of our bed and over to where the dog was and just stood there over the dog, looking down at her. I was curious as to why he was just standing there in the dark so I asked, “What are you doing?”, as I said this, our dog began to growl (our dog never growls) the form then turned and looked at me. I turned over to reach the light switch beside me and as I turned back there was nothing there. I looked down at the dog and she was lying down with her ears back and the fur between her shoulder blades was standing up. I called the dog onto the bed where she stayed for the rest of the night. I told my husband about it in the morning, he still thinks it was a nightmare. I know it wasn’t.


Drifting Off



This happened about 4 years ago. I didn’t remember falling asleep in the first place so I guess I just drifted off. I was woken up by growling. I didn’t open my eyes because I figured I had fallen asleep in my living room again and that my dog, Jaxx, was just growling at something. I mumbled at him to shut up and tried falling back to sleep, but the growling just continued. Eventually it was right in my face and the breath smelled awful. I peeked my eyes a peeked and swung my hand telling him to shut up again. But it just continued. By this time I was entirely frustrated. I opened my eyes quickly to yell at him, but when I did, I was in my bedroom. My dog wasn’t anywhere and I couldn’t move. Then I finally realized my bed was shaking. I couldn’t move or yell. I laid there for a few more seconds, then blacked out. When I came back around, everything was back to normal. I still have no idea what happened that night.


Wentworth Military Academy

By:    Anonymous

I was a cadet at Wentworth Military academy in the 117th and 118th Corps of Cadets (1996-98).  In those years I was there I lived in most of the mentioned barracks.  I lived in Marine Hall (my first barracks), Hickman Hall, East Barracks, and the barracks above the mess hall (Forget the name).  I was in Foxtrot Company.  I encountered a couple of scary times I would like to share.  Scholastic Building – During the weekends the scholastic building doors were chained and locked as it was closed.  My buddy and I had left a window on the first floor unlocked and snuck in one afternoon.  We were snooping around classrooms and what not.  We were on the 2nd floor and there is a stairwell on each end.  While on the 2nd floor we heard voices and footsteps on the first floor.  We got scared because we thought it was a TAC officer (Works for school – Kind of like a teacher figure) so we made it for the stairs.  As we crept down the stairs we heard a LOUD banging, almost as if someone had taken a baseball bat and was smashing the radiator pipes repeatedly.  It scared us so bad we bolted down the stairs into the classroom where we came in and jumped out the window.  We were scared senseless and no one else was in the building as we checked the doors and they were still chained up. Hickman Hall – Hickman hall was a scary place to live.  My name is probably still written in the tower as my buddy and I went up into it and wrote our names on the brick with whiteout.  I still remember the shower room was in the basement of the building and painted all red (creepy).  The times I showered down there I was always scared senseless.  Rumor had it a kid had hung himself from the pipes in there.  My platoon sgt. Had asked me one day if I was up the night before late and in the hall.  I said no.  He began to tell me that he woke up that night and went to use the latrine when he saw someone walking down the hall.  He yelled for them to get back in their room and said the person walked between my room door and the next room down.  Not through the door but through the wall.  He checked both rooms and said everyone was asleep.  He was freaked out about it.  Those are the two most memorable stories I have but my best friend at the time and I also had a couple of slammed door incidents at Hickman hall basement when it was abandoned and we snuck in.  Scared the hell out of us.


The Stare from the Ceiling Fan


Hi, I just read Dave Js story, and a few others. Creepy. Its inspired me to send in my story. This occurred in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood, 2000-2002.  After a lengthy search one summer, I finally found the historic little apartment I wanted. Old apartment building, built in 1910. Probably about 20 units, all really small, but really cute. The building was being renovated, so I had to wait for a month or so while the workers finished.   So they eventually finished my unit and I moved in. They were still working on other units in the building.


My first night there, empty apartment except for my bed, and I sat up thinking about where to put my furniture.  Something about the bedroom, though. I felt like I was being watched when I was in there. We've all felt that feeling before, but this was intense. I felt that THE STARE WAS COMING FROM THE CEILING FAN. I literally hopped right up to the fan to check it out, up close. Of course there was nothing there except the inner working of the fan. I thought it was weird, but I wasn't concerned or anything. I didn't keep me from sleeping in the room. Probably about a month later I was awoken around 2 or 3 am to something SHAKING MY BED. My first reaction was it was a cat on my bed. As I slowly came to, I remembered that I don't have a cat. Then it sank in. I was frozen with fear. I couldn't muster the strength to get out of bed. Yep, thats me, a grown man in his twenties too scared to move. I fell asleep eventually again.  Strangely, when I woke up I had forgotten all about it. I kept sleeping in the bedroom without worry.  Then probably about a week later IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I was in a deep sleep. I was awaken to my bed shaking. As I opened my eyes, the shaking stopped.  Thats when the previous instance came back to me, so I realized now that this happened twice. I went out to the couch in the living room and slept the rest of the night. I only slept in the bedroom one more time, when my father came out to visit.  A few weeks later, one night around 3am, I HEARD A WOMANS BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAM COMING FROM WHAT SEEMED LIKE THE WALLS OF MY APARTMENT. A FEW MONTHS LATER, one Sunday morning around 7am I heard what sounded like someone, really angry, putting away dishes in the unoccupied apartment next to mine. I could not believe how damn loud it was. Then I thought about what I was hearing. Kitchen cabinets sliding out and then slamming shut, quickly. No dish sounds like clanging. All really fast, and over and over again. This went on for 10 minutes. That spooked me. I pounded on the wall and the sounds stopped. Eerily quite after that.  That's it really. Not really a proper conclusion to the story but I imagine thats just how these things work. This playful ghost obviously hasn't concluded their own story, and it felt it needed to communicate with me. I stayed in the apartment for 2 years total. I still live in Denver.  I've toyed with the idea of knocking on the door of my old apartment and asking the current resident if they've experienced anything out of the ordinary.  I've also wondered if there was some kind of tragedy in the apartment building, and more specifically in the bedroom of that apartment. It's interesting. I have an awesome story to tell people. People are going to believe what they want to believe, and when I tell that story some people are fascinated, but most others are skeptical. Thats okay. I don't need them to believe me.   I kind of feel sorry for whatever this thing is. Why is it still sticking around? It was frightening at the time, but I never felt threatened. Take care, believers.

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