Paranormal Experiences....

By:  Vickie

I've had a few paranormal type of experiences, the 1st too small to mention; but below are a couple that still creep me out:


After a divorce, I moved back to my hometown with my then 8yr old daughter.  We lived w/my parents until I got my bearings and then were looking to find a place of our own. I had a friend who had a trailer she wasn't using, so she said we could move in.  I had been there several times when she was living there and never had anything odd happen. daughter and I moved in and then things started.  This trailer was a single-wide w/3 bedrms.  I had the large master and

the end of a long hallway, my daughter had the rm closest to me, then the bedrm closest to the living rm pretty much used as a storage rm for my friends extra belongings.  Now, take in mind, i had hardly ever lived on my own, so when the  subsequent things started happening, i really just thought it was my mind playing tricks on me.  The 1st thing i noticed was that after i'd put my daughter to bed and i would then get ready for bed later on, I'd be very 'creeped out" going down the long hallway to my room.  It got so bad that I found myself literally "running' down the hall, jumping into my bed, and pulling the covers up over my head!!!  I thought this had to be so stupid, but I felt really scared going down that hallway.  Then, there were times that I was in the living room and I'd swear that I heard someone saying my name!!!  The 1st time it happened, I just chalked it up to  thinking I was just hearing things and no way could I have heard what I thought I had heard??  But, it happened a few more times.  Now, what I hadn't mentioned was the room that I didn't use.  My friend had a small bed in there with boxes and things piled up on the bed.  I hardly ever went in there, maybe to stick something I needed some room in as well.  I did notice though, that it seemed like when I was "running" down that hallway, it was that room that I was uncomfortable going by.  We didn't live there too long, I ended up renting a larger place and we moved out.  BUT, this is not where the story ends...I was talking to my friend one day about her trailer.  She asked me if anything "strange" ever happened while I lived there? I proceeded to tell her about the "feelings and voices".  Well, what she then told me gave me chills.  A while after I moved out, she sold her trailer and  moved some of her things into her current house.  One thing in particular she moved was the bed in that extra room.  She had set it up in a bedrm at her current house for 1 of her kids.  Not long afterwards, her girls(and step-girls) started hearing their names being called!!  They would think at first it was a sister or herself, but it never was.  They also started getting 'creepy" feelings.  My friend started trying to think what could be going on?? Well, she remembered she had gotten that bed from an old boyfriend.  Somehow, (and i don't remember the details), she found out that he had been into "satanism" at one point, and that bed had been either used for something ritualistic or hexed or something???!!!!!  She got rid of that bed that very day!!!!  And even then, i can't remember the details, but there was a special way she had to do so..... 

EXPERIENCE #2: Years later, i got remarried and had another child.  We proceeded to move away from home.  My daughter was about 14-15 at the time. My son was 4-5.  Before we moved away when my daughter was about 11 maybe, we ordered her a doll special made. Won't mention what kind, but it was supposed to look like her.  She seemed to like it at 1st, but not long after, unbeknownst to me, she became uncomfortable with it around.   When we moved out of state, the doll was packed up with everything else and moved.  While unpacking, I came across the doll and put it up on her dresser on its stand. (not knowing she didn't like it anymore). She finally came to me after we got settled and told me that she felt like the doll was always 'staring" at her.  Said it gave her the creeps.  My husband thought this was all funny, and would hide it under the bed and then tell her "i don't know how it got  there", please understand, he didn't know how badly this doll upset her or he never would have played jokes with it!! She had told me, not him.  So, at this point, i put the doll and some other stuff in a box and put it on the shelf in her walk-in closet.  Not long after, strange things began to happen. Oh, i did forget to mention that when we moved into the apt, there seemed to be "bootprints" in her closet which noone remembered seeing when we 1st took possession of the apt (and noone helping move had boots).  ok, so moving i was saying, my daughter and her friend were sitting on the floor of the closet looking at pictures or yearbooks or something.  Suddenly, the box with the doll fell off the shelf and crashed on their heads!  Now, this box fix very well on this shelf, It was not hanging over or leaning in any way...hmmm....So, after this event, other things started happening.  My daughter would be her bathroom taking a shower and would go to come out and couldn't get out the door.  It was like it was locked on the outside!  She would be convinced that her little brother was standing on the outside holding the door shut so she couldn't get out.  I'd hear her yelling his name from the bathroom and I'd go to see what she was yelling about and she tell me to have her brother let go of  the door and he'd be sitting in his room playing or even out with me????  This happened several times.  Also, my son had a toy Star Wars piggy bank thing that would move and say things when you put coins in it.  It would all of a sudden go off by itself.  This had NEVER happened before!!  ...THEN, i was ironing clothes one night.  My back was right in front of a diagonal wall. There really wasn't any room for anyone to get behind me.  I felt a hand rest on my shoulder, turned about to see what "i thought" was my daughter wanted (even though in my mind she shouldn't have been there cause there wasn't any room ), and there was NOONE there!!!  I absolutely know i felt that hand very clearly!!!!!  Now I must admit, i have always been a believer of the paranormal, but upon 1st hearing of this "creepy" doll, i really didn't think much of it.  Alot of people get the creeps around dolls.  BUT, the hand on my shoulder pretty  much told me that i had to take this seriously now.  I then went  online and looked up a site for a very well known paranormal researcher.  I didn't know what i thought I was going to ask, but I wanted advice.  This was yrs ago, and i'm sure what happened wouldn't happen these days, but I ended up actually talking to this husband/wife team!!  Boy was i surprised.  The wife is a well known psychic and i told her about the doll and she told me the following:  She 1st asked how old my daughter was.  When i told her, she said puberty for a girl is an age where its easy for paranormal things to happen.  Even though the doll was brand new (which is why i didn't really take it seriously at first), it wasn't impossible that there could be an issue.  She said i was right to be worried.  She was going to be speaking at a college not "too" far from us and she wanted me to bring the doll and come and see her.  I had all intentions of doing so, but there were a few

problems with this. My husband was on-call that week and it was at night and far enough away that i didn't feel comfortable driving my daughter  and myself there.  Also, my son being young, my husband would have had to stay with him anyway.  Not to mention, I've heard stories about "bad" objects being  transported and things happening.  I didn't want us to be driving at night and something happen to the car???  I got scared!!  At this point, I told my husband to take that doll and get it out of the house!!!  To this day, I honestly don't know what happened to that doll?? He doesn't remember himself.  I know him and his boss were cracking jokes about it for a while, but I had told him to throw it in the trash compactor and get it gone!!!!! These things were definitely enough to make me not have any doubts of other worldly things existing.  Funny thing is....I'm getting ready to go on an actual paranormal investigation in a week.  I'm excited, but have to admit...also scared!!!  There is possibly evil at the place we're going???  Don't want anything coming home  to my new place of residence!!!!




Work Hauntings


I work at a store that stays open 24/7. I’ve worked there for 3 years on 3rd shift. I can’t give out the name of the Convenience store. All I can say is that I’ve seen and heard many weird and disturbing things there.  But at this time I’m only going to tell of the most recent stuff that happened there (would hate to bore u with some of the long stories I have to tell) anyway. working there for 3 years I’m use to all the sounds that the store makes, it comes as second nature to hear stuff bang around and know it’s just the ice machine making ice and dropping it and so forth. I also have a small radio I listen to and it helps to pass the time I don’t ever have it very loud just loud enough to hear what’s on. To get on with the story it was late 330 or so on a Thursday about 4 weeks back, very slow and boring night and I had just walked out of the cooler and I was now to go behind the register for my drink when I heard a women’s voice say my name(and so u know and before I forget there is a buzzer that goes off anytime  some 1 opens the door  to the store so if any1 would have came in I would have known , and I made sure the store was empty before I took off into the cooler )as I heard my name called my first thought was like what in the H***, I know there can’t be any one here, so just for good measure I called out Hello?.. Hello any 1 there? No answer so I took off in search for the someone who called my name after searching every inch of the store I found no one in there except me and the parking lot was empty. Nothing else happened that night and nothing has happened until last Thurs.. Same time about round that time. I was in the cooler and it was not a cool night but the cooler seems A lot more colder than it usually does and I had the feeling I was being watched I kept looking behind me expecting some 1 to be there but nothing was (that I could see anyhow) so I headed out of the cooler now to the register and I heard a women’s voice (again I’m sure it was a women’s voice) Is that you? ...I was shocked I screamed WHO THE HE** IS THERE. Where are u? ... and all that greeted me was silence. I ran outside and stayed out there till it started getting busy with ppl. To this day I have never seen a spirit or ghost of a women there, I’ve seen shadows a man ( if that’s what u will call him ) all in black that full of evil its very disturbing, and I’ve seen  other ghosts and things there. But .... I’ve never seen a women .. only heard her voice. I hope in the days to come she will show herself to me.

Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center


I saw a bath room door open by it self when it was locked. shower turned on and some one whisper and no one was up at 1:00 am. We have experienced hot and cold spots inside when the air is not on and windows are not open, and outside it feels warm when its cold. drawers open by themselves and I (alexis) have come back to my dorm room and seen my room mates mini fridge was wide open. stuff happens in the laundry rooms of both carter and barnett. (DIxie) has seen them at the windows with their eyes torn out, the ghosts, feels like you hurt your back when yourr sitting down watching tv. can only be seen at night unless there is a dark corner.most females have a ghost sense as to when we know they are there. 


Who are these 3 Spirits?


I am submitting my story today due to a lot of confusion and intrigue. Back in 1989, I was living with my mom and I had a newborn son. I was only 18 at that time. One night as I slept on her fold out couch in her living room, I was awaken to the sight of 3 spirit-like, transparent/almost plasma-water appearing male figures. They had no faces, no appendages, but they were all torso and muscular like a male. Each one stood in a different spot around me. 1 at my head, 1 to my left and 1 to my right. I was very startled to say the least and felt I needed to protect my child. I closed my eyes and wished/prayed them away. Nothing happened after that as far I my recollection. Flash forward to the year 2001, just shy of 12 years from the first encounter, I was asleep in my new apartment a few states away. My now "children" (3 of them) were at a neighbor's house sleeping because I came home late from work. I had never been alone in the new place before and welcomed the chance to have a break and sleep peacefully. That did not happen. As I slept on MY COUCH this time, I was awakened yet again to these same 3 beings. The terror that came upon me was overwhelming. I had awoken due to my couch shaking hard. (the couch had three legs and the fourth was replaced by phone books). So at first I thought the movement of me sleeping might have jarred the books causing the loud thud which startled me. Yet, when I saw the 3 see through water looking beings standing around me like they did years earlier, I knew it was not my doing. I have longed to find out who or what they were and why did they show up around me. If someone has a similar story I would love to read about it  They caused no physical harm, and vanished as fast as they appeared. (not looking forward to yet another appearance. I have had many "coincidental and/or unexplainable" phenomenons before and after than, and still continue to have them.



Mary Buth


My brother and his friends went to Germantown to stand outside the Mary Buth house. Apparently she was a woman murdered by her husband dating back to the civil war, and legend has it that you can hear shoveling sounds in the backyard or in the barn because he buried her there. Lights have been known to flicker off and on, and figures have been seen in the house. My brother and his friends saw a black figure walking back and forth across the room, like a huge black mass, and it actually stopped and stared at them, which totally creeped them out and they also saw a doghouse. Story goes her dog still watches over her grave even in death. Also, as they were walking down the driveway, they heard the frogs stopped croaking, as if they knew something was there, it was totally creepy, so they decided to leave and the guy in front of my brother opened the door and ran out of his car causing my brother to hit the brakes, but the person in the last car crashed into one car, which crashed into another, and the police, ambulance, fire department, and tow truck was called, and my mom had to go out in the middle of the night to sign a form saying my brother didn’t need to go to the hospital, and this was late at night, which is even scarier. And the guy who jumped out of his car said that while he was driving he could hear her whispering in his ear and freaked out. He also said that he ‘could see her’ and was completely scared. Legend also has it that her fiancé left her at the altar so she went crazy and started killing soldiers with an ax (this was during the time of the civil war and she had taken wounded soldiers in to take care of them)  and while she was doing this, a farmer shot her with his gun and killed her. Also, legend says that if you go all the way up to her house and then try to leave, she will chase you, and that is what happened to my brother and his friends. Apparently, one of the girls saw a white figure emerge from the woods and chase after them in her rearview mirror. It is also said that if the gate to Mary’s house is open, she is outside and that if the gate is closed, she is inside. Same thing with the stop sign, if it is not black, she is inside. If it is black, she is outside.  On May first 2010 about 11 at night, a few friends and I decided that we were going to go pay a visit to the Mary Buth House, legend has it that Mary Buth took in injured civil war soldiers and nursed them back to health.  One day she and one of her soldiers fell in love and decided to get married, the ceremony was to be held in a nearby field, but the solider never showed.  This made Mary very mad which caused her to go back to her house and begin murdering all of the soldiers with an axe until she was shot by a farmer that lived close by.  Story has it that if you see her like and you run away she will attack you because she will think you are her fiancé running away from her again.  Also if you look at the stop sign right out front of her house and it is black it means that she is out, same with the fenced gate surrounding her house, if it is open she is out if it is closed she is in the house .  She was buried by her parents’ graves about a mile west of the house; her pet dog was at the ceremony and sat at the grave staring at the grave stone.  People tried to take the dog home and feed it but the dog refused to leave and eventually starved to death while sitting at the grave.  We didn’t go to the grave but from what I have heard if you go there you see two blood red eyes hovering above her grave and if you approach them it gets freezing cold around you and you hear growling, also Mary’s grave seems like it is sinking into the earth because the ground level over her grave is about two feet deeper than the ones next to hers.  If you stand on the grave you get a strong sensation like you are sinking into it. .  Back to my story, me and about 10-12 friends went to the house to see what it was all about; before we went and parked we drove past very slowly and could see that there was a light on in the front yard.  When we walked back to the driveway the light was off so we knew something was going on.  6 of us me my girlfriend, my best friend, another couple, and another girl decided that we were going to walk down the driveway to get a better look.  The driveway is pretty long and twisted making it pretty difficult to see the house.  So we were about half way down the driveway when things started happening first my best friend looked up and saw an owl in the tree staring down at us(nothing much but creepy all the same) everybody in the group stared at that for about 30 seconds but I looked away first and started looking at the house again.  There were two lights on, one in the upstairs floor and one in a room that looked to be the kitchen in the down stairs floor.  Right as I looked at the house I saw a big black figure move across the window (at the time I thought it was hilarious) but we continued to see this figure move across the window like another 8-10 times over another two minutes.  It was defiantly not a shadow and not a person dressed in black.  So we continued closer to the house, after about another 30 feet up the driveway we saw a silvery white figure move across the down stairs window that really creeped me and the others out.  After about 30 seconds of watching these two figures move across the windows they both moved into the window at the same time and stopped then slowly turned to look down the driveway seeming to look right at us.  And that was when we decided to book it out of there (I was laughing really hard as we ran away) we got back our cars, two of the people got in a car with four other people who were waiting at the end of the drive way and left right away. There were six of us left with four cars, I was driving me and my girlfriend behind a solo driver who didn’t even go down the driveway then behind me was the couple that went down the driveway, behind them was a girl that did not go down the driveway either.  The last girl that was following was having car troubles that we didn’t know about, the back of her car was facing the house she looked up in her rear view mirror and saw a bright white oval of light approaching from the house.  A second later she booked it out of there and came flying down the road trying to play catch up.  Meanwhile I was about 150 feet behind the guy in first, when all of a sudden he slammed on the brakes put the car in park and jumped out of his car faster than I thought possible.  So I started slowing down to see what was wrong, when all of a sudden I got hit from behind(keep in mind we only got a tenth of a mile down the road from the Buth driveway).  I didn’t hear the collision behind me before we were hit so I didn’t hear the girl In the car behind screaming and my girlfriend didn’t scream but when we got hit my head got fuzzy and I heard screaming.  The girl that was trying to catch up had hit the guy behind me who then hit me but I stopped in time and didn’t hit the guy who stopped.  After everything was sorted out we asked the guy who stopped why he did he said when he started his car his radio went out so he turned it off then he said he heard somebody whispering in his ear and then he jumped out.  After the cops got there we were all ok (weird enough no air bags went off even thought the initial collision was at about 40mph, and the guy that went furthest down the driveway got the most hurt In the crash) then the guy in who had stopped sat down by himself away from everybody and after about 5-10 minutes he laid down and started crying, so my girlfriend went over to comfort him.  He then started to shake violently and he was mumbling stuff like “I see her” “I see the witch”.  That was all the weird things that happened to us that night.









Not Scary, But It Happened to Me


This one isn't scary, but I swear it happened to me about five years ago.  In the year after I graduated from college, I took a temporary job working at a group home where mentally handicapped men lived in Canton, Ohio. There was always a staff member in the home to prepare meals, administer medication, and make sure that the guys got to their appointments. When I started, there were only four men living in my assigned home, as the fifth resident had died of old age a month or so earlier. I never knew that resident or anything about him.  After a couple of weeks in training, I was assigned to work the night shift. It was pretty easy, as the residents were already asleep in their rooms by the time I got there at 11 p.m. All that I had to do was some general cleaning and then I could spend the rest of the night on paperwork until the guys got up for the day at 6 a.m. The home’s basement was divided into two large rooms; one was finished like a den, and the other room was the pantry/storage area where all of the food and cleaning supplies were kept in large metal cupboards. Every night I would conclude my cleaning around 2 a.m. and then I would head to the den to finish paperwork in front of the TV. As I sat in the den my first night I was startled several times by what sounded like the metal doors opening and closing on the pantry cupboards in the next room. It sounded like someone was opening the doors and moving the canned goods around on the shelves. I would get up and peek through the doorway, but there was never anyone in there. This continued every night, so eventually I figured that it must be the heater/air conditioner cycling on or off. One afternoon a few weeks later, we had a staff meeting in the home. As we talked about maintenance issues, I mentioned that there may be something wrong with the heater. I explained that every night it sounded like the metal cupboards in the next room were opening and shutting, and that sometimes it sounded like metal cans were being shuffled around in there.

“Wait, what does it sound like?” asked the home manager. The other staff members were exchanging glances. As I explained my experiences I noticed that the hair on one woman’s arm was standing straight up. “Is this a joke?” another coworker demanded. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said. “What’s the joke?”  “You wouldn’t know this,” said the manager, “but that’s what Rich used to do.” “Rich?” I asked.  “Rich was the resident who died before you came. He was sweet, just like a grandpa. But Rich had a habit of getting up in the middle of the night, opening the pantry cupboards, and checking to make sure that the food was all where it belonged. Whoever was working nights knew to tell him that the food was ok, and that he could go back to bed. He was just fixated on making sure the food was in the right place.”  “Maybe he still is,” someone else said.  All that day after the meeting, I thought about what I should do when I heard the noises that night. I was nervous, but Rich hadn’t ever done anything to bother me. I decided that I was the new one in Rich’s house, and that I should try to play by his rules.  Sure enough, that night at about 3 a.m. I began to hear the sounds from the pantry. I didn’t get up off the couch. “It’s ok, Rich,” I shouted nervously. Instantly, the noises stopped. It felt as though something was listening. I took a deep breath and tried to sound calm, “the food is all there, buddy. You can go to sleep.” No one believes this part of the story, but I swear that as I said this I heard the cupboard door click shut.  That was it. I never heard the sounds again. Rich just needed to know, that one last time, that everything in his house was ok. 


Haunting in Utah


I have a few encounters from Utah that could be of use to your site. 

A haunted place in Highland, UT -- Mountain Ridge Jr. High. While it was being built in 1990 a girl was hit by a cement truck and died instantly. Also, a man escaped from the prison nearby and perished just down the road after being shot several times. There have been quite a few sightings of a little girl in the commons, wearing a white dress. Also, one account from a student in the school musical: "I was at rehearsals, and it was around 7 o'clock. I was just exiting backstage into the hallway by the lunchroom. I saw a man in a jumpsuit that had his nose pressed against the lunchroom door. When I came closer he just 'poofed' and was gone. I asked a few friends if they'd seen a guy watching rehearsals from the lunchroom, and only one had seen him at the auditorium entrance."


Attica, Indiana


My mother would want this put in the section on Haunted Indiana.  Attica is a very small town, almost a Norman Rockwell or its A Wonderful Life kind of town. Still it has its share of unsavory things. In the 1930s a little girl was raped and murdered and her body found in Ravine Park. The man who did it was caught and there is no report of her haunting the park or causing any trouble.  However, there is a certain house  that if it's still standing I would recommend people stay away from it. It looked completely ordinary from the outside. This really needs more research because I don't know the address, but if you're in Attica it is possible that some of the older residents might know what you are talking about.  This house was haunted by the living.  My mother was a schoolgirl in the 1930s, going door to door collecting $ donations for something (can't remember what). She was let into this house and the people there stared at her in a very hateful way. She saw an older woman who she said had the face of a child murderer. She got out of there as fast as she could. She told me this story in the 1980s and told it like it happened yesterday.

The street itself is fine, although I never visited any homes there. I once went to Mass at St. Francis Xavier Church and visited the public library.  Both had a friendly, welcoming ambiance. Mom walked alone to that library and back just about every day from age six and never felt a thing wrong. So it was just that house. It is possible that the house was torn down or whatever was wrong has been cleaned.  There are other hauntings in the town that are not harmful.


My Late Grandmother Laura



This story has been given to me from my late grandmother Laura, her friend Janet, and her friend Tom. I have also went to this location myself to find out what goes on there, it is eerie, I have seen what looked like a woman looking out a window and vanishing, it is in Alloway Township, the house is known as The Dickinson House, built back in 1754 I believe. My grandmothers friend Janet herself has told me and everyone at her salon that she has been inside the Dickinson House and she went up the twin staircase to explore the place and she got to the top and felt a chill run down her spine, she got the nerve to look back and claimed she saw a woman in 1700s clothing in skin like not see through but like a person, the 1700s style woman told her to "get out" and Janet did. My late grandmother Laura herself and her friend Tom themselves told me they witnessed that same lady in 1700s clothing in person up in a window walking across a room to turn on or off a lantern or some kind of light. There have been rumors of people moving in and then out shortly after claiming the house is haunted. It is known as The Dickinson House.



Redlands Haunting




I use to deliver Big screen TVs- a new family bought the place and we installed the TV- a week later- they called us to ask if we could move the TV to a new house- when asked why, they reported hearing a little girl crying every night- the kids had to sleep in the parents’ bedroom because it was so bad. The family asked if we could remove the TV without them (the owners) present. They were not stepping one foot in that house ever again. The house has been purchased and renovated multiple times and was striving to be a bed and breakfast. I believe it is a private residence now. I heard a story that the first family to live there had a Mexican girl that they treated like a slave and she died there unhappy.





Dian Keeping Watch


     I have been reading the Shadowlands sight for a number of years and enjoy reading about the personal experiences of others.

     Recently my partner, Patrick, and I have had several hauntings in our home related to the recent death of his sister, Dian, who died suddenly the week before Christmas of 2010. Patrick received a call from her work place concerned as she had been a no call no show for two days. Patrick broke into her apartment and found her already gone for about 2 to 3 days. As you can imagine this was very traumatic for him as he and Dian had been very close. In some ways she was somewhat of a mother figure to him as she was about 15 years older than him.      The hauntings began the very night that she had been found. We returned home somewhat in shock and were preparing a very light meal. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise from our guest bed room. We have not lived in this house very long but Dian called this her room and would sleep in this room if she came to visit over night. Our cat that was with us when we heard the noise ran down the hall way and into the guest room. We followed close behind to investigate. Upon entering the room we saw the cat looking under the bed at something. As I mentioned Dian died several days before Christmas and we had decorated the windows of our home with battery operated candles placed in nearly every window of the house including this room.  The cat was staring at one of the candles which had fallen underneath the bed. Somehow it had fallen underneath the blinds which were fully closed and landed under the bed without breaking. In addition (this is a little bit scarier) the other candle had placed itself neatly on the nightstand. In addition a picture had fallen off the wall but for some reason the glass in the frame did not break even though the frame itself splintered apart.       As you can imagine this made us a bit nervous. However, the following week and a half were filled with funeral preparations and somehow we managed to get through Christmas. I had almost put it out of my mind when experience number two occurred. Perhaps ten days later I was awakened by my cell phone going off at 2 am. The number was a local number that I didn't recognize but I answered it anyway in the off case it was a friend of ours in trouble. I answered sleepily "Hello?” A woman's voice on the other end said "Hi! Did she give you a hard time?”  When I asked who it was the woman replied, "It's Gia". I told her "Gia, I think you have the wrong number", and hung up the phone. As soon as I put the phone on the nightstand I heard a woman's voice in the hall way start to whisper softly and then progressively get louder. I could not hear any words but it was a woman's voice. At that point I told myself I did not want to hear any more and closed my eyes and pulled the covers over my head and forced myself to go back to sleep.      For several days I did not mention this to Patrick because I did not want to upset him but finally I mentioned it five days after the fact. He said he remembered that night when my phone rang and he said he heard it not just a voice but voices. He heard two female voices and one male voice. He claimed he almost got up to go see what it was but just couldn't bring himself to do it. We both agreed that the sounds we heard were in our hallway and not outside. Like I said it was 2 am and our neighborhood is very quiet. In addition we know what voices sound like outside our home and what they sound like inside. In the hallway we have photos of our families both living and deceased. Our guess is that their father (gone for 11 years) and a grandmother of theirs were trying to help her to what they call the other side.  That's just our opinion. Impossible to prove of course.      The last thing that occurred was at a birthday party for a friend. We had mentioned a few minutes earlier that if Dian was still around she would have loved to have been at this party. There were many people there who had known her. A few moments later Patrick took a picture with a digital camera and looked at the shot. He said "I guess Dian is here". He had taken a picture of our friend and in the photo she was almost completely obscured by a heavy white mist that trailed off at one point. At the end of the trail of mist there were what appeared to be two or three orbs. In the future I will attempt to forward this to you.      The incident with the photograph was the last occurrence that we have experienced. However, we always sense that Dian is hanging around in the background. In fact I rarely go into our guest room anymore and for some reason always feel better keeping the door to that room closed. The way I cope is that I keep reminding myself it is just Dian somebody who we knew and loved. Once her cremains are interred this spring maybe our sense that she is still around will go away. Thanks for listening to my story. It's not as exciting as some of the ones here but I just wanted to share it.


Tickle Tickle


I don't know if you can really say this is a ghost story since this has just happen to me recently.  About a 2 weeks ago I was in my room(late at night probably 1 or 2 in the morning since I don't sleep much) I was watching tv as I am ready about to go to bed I turn off the tv. As I am lying down I started to get this really bad gut feeling and next thing you know it felt like someone was grabbing my ankles, it felt like they wanted to throw me out of bed. Something told me to get the heck out of my room but the ghost freak I am I stayed and played with fire. But to the subject it was still grabbing on my ankles and suddenly felt like someone was sitting on my legs. It felt like I couldn't move or even try to get up. And then if things couldn't get any creepier it felt like it was sitting on my back and tickling me I couldn't resist the urge but smile a lil and slap my back to make it stop. It eventually stop after five minutes and I tried to sleep knowing that someone there being playful or trying to harass me? Because the next thing this persons decides to slip their hand underneath my cleveage and I scream and sat right up. That was really weird for me because it felt like an actual hand. I am not to the creepy parts yet. I told it to stop and after saying that I heard this joker laughter on the right side of my bed. I slept with the TV on after that. A week after that I went outside to have a cigarette (not this was at night so I do not sleep much.) I am sitting there looking around and everyone is asleep where I live and I hear this whistle it was so clear to me it sounded like a love song. It’s been a week since I heard from this thing but I don't think I want it to come back.



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