Milford Mill Swim Club Sighting
The Milford Mill swim club is an aquatic club in Randallstown, Maryland. It houses an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor quarry. In the late 1980’s I attended a swim party there. I had been inside having a great time dancing, partying and enjoying myself. After dancing I started feeling hot and needed some air so I went outside with a dance partner to chill out for a minute. We found a bench near a dark and deep looking swimming hole. It looked like a large hole that had been roped off. It was very dark and you could barely see anything inside it but I clearly saw that it had been closed by management. The owners obviously didn’t want any of the partygoers to go into that area and get hurt. As me and my dance partner were sitting there talking I noticed a young woman dressed in a long white dress in the swim hole area. When I saw her I thought that it was really strange that she would be in that closed area. I watch her descend into the swimming hole. It looked like she was floating down stairs. We both saw her and questioned each other wondering where she was going because it was extremely dark down there. During the time that we sat there, we never saw her come back up. I remember having a creepy feeling in seeing her going into the hole. I guess because we had both had a few drinks and were having a good time, we joked about her probably being a ghost and continued having a great time at the party. As years have gone by I’ve always wondered about that strange sighting.

A Haunting as told by a Scared Teenager

 I'm a teenager living at home with my mother, and I've been
experiencing some strange things. I apologize now, as my story becomes very long, but even then,
some parts have been paraphrased. I also understand if this seems far-fetched, but please, bare with me
and my story. Trust me, I have never believed in "possession", by any means. I always thought it was
something people faked for attention. I know now that this could not be the case.
All my life, I have been around the paranormal. I never truly realized it until recently, but ghosts and
supernatural beings have been following me ever since I was small. I can remember seeing dancing lights in my grandmother's hallway, and being deathly afraid of being by myself in two bathrooms of one of the many houses I've lived in when I was young. More recently, as in the past two or three years, my
hauntings have become much more malevolent. They rarely targeted me, however. I would walk into a
room and see a violent image of a gray, skeletal woman with her talon-like hands reaching for me, and I
ended up sleeping in the living room for a good part of my teenage life.
As I said, though, they rarely targeted me personally. But if I had guests over, something would always
bother them. We would be reading over my friend's Wicca books together, and he would suddenly jump
from the chair and say, "Something just grabbed my hair." We asked him if maybe it got caught on the
chair or something, and he said, "No, something GRABBED it."
Another evening, I had a different friend over who was going to go on a small roadtrip with me and my
mother the next morning. Thanks to the frightening occurences, I've become somewhat of a night owl
and don't usually go to sleep until dawn. So, as I was sitting in the recliner with the TV off, my friend
suddenly whimpered in what I assumed was her sleep. I thought she'd been having a nightmare, but when we got up in the morning, she pulled me aside and told me that she heard the fan turn off (which it hadn't), and something sat on her body and snarled in her ear. I thought it might be sleep paralysis, but that doesn't usually include audio hallucinations, does it?
Time goes on, and we move to a new house (for financial reasons). This house is less "haunted", but I do
get grabbed a few times here. Nothing VERY severe. I still refuse to sleep in my own bedroom.
We move again not even a full year later, into the house we're currently living in. HERE is where
everything becomes horrible.
My mom's boyfriend becomes very aggressive (he's always had a sort of violent behavior, but it
escalates during and after the move). I become stressed out from this, and end up hiding in my bedroom
often. About two weeks into the house, I hear strange noises in the hall. I go out to see if it's simply my
mother and her boyfriend duking it out, but they're both asleep with their bedroom door closed. I go
back to my room, and don't hear the noise again.
As time goes on, I start to have friends over. When they stay for the night, we would all usually sleep in
the living room as it has all the couches and chairs.
My first friend, Darlin, stayed up longer than I one night. When I got up, she said that she saw shadows
ducking in and out of my kitchen and hallway all night long, even after she turned the TV off.
Soon after that, I had my friends Braedon and Tayler over. Tayler is a presumed "psychic", and can
communicate and channel the spirits. She's younger than I, so we try to keep a limit on what she does
and how often, so something doesn't get in and hurt her.
Anyway, they stayed the night, and in the morning, Tayler said she saw shadows in my house all night.
Mind you, I did not tell her about what Darlin had seen.
Things progress. The noises get a bit louder and more frequent, and I start going over to my friends'
houses more than I used to, just to get away from it. And when I couldn't, I brought friends over, for
protection and a distraction.
At some point, I brought a male friend of mine over. He had been watching a bit too much anime, which
are very dramatic, usually Japanese, cartoons, and said he had a strange urge to come home with me
after I had told him all of the things that had been happening. He was feeling protective, he said.
So he (his name is Stephen) comes over, and we quietly mingle about my room. Browsing the Internet,
talking about the occult, normal dark teenager things.
After a few hours, Stephen says he'd like to meditate and work on his spiritual self. So he sits in the
corner of my room and meditates while I draw in my sketchbook quietly, so I don't disturb him.
About ten minutes into it, I suddenly feel nauseated and my vision darkens, into what my friend Braedon
told me later was "tunnel vision". I sat up, disturbed by the fact that it happened. Stephen was
completely silent, and his eyes and feet were twitching slightly. I sat in the farthest corner from him, on
my bed, and just stared at him. I don't quite remember why I didn't wake him up, but I should have.
A moment after my strange symptoms, Stephen stood up and edged his way towards me, eyes shut. He
expertly moved over my TV and past a clothes pile on my floor, still not opening his eyes. Then he
stood with his knees to the edge of my bed, just an inch from my legs. As he got nearer, my sick feeling
became worse. Stephen then suddenly shouted, "Get out of here!" so loud and so abruptly that I
flinched. I almost cried, out of sheer and uncalled-for terror. He said something else, but I don't quite
remember, and then the next hour was extremely blurry. I remember bits and pieces, parts where Stephen
was saying "let me talk to Deege" (which is my nickname), and "are you Deege?" I answered yes, and my
voice sounded rough even to my own ears, like I'd smoked several packs of cigarettes. I also remember
that whenever he touched me, it felt like he was putting a hot iron to my skin. (To this day, I will not let
him touch me, as it hurts and aggravates me.)
At some point, I "woke up" completely. Stephen told me what had happened - that I had took on a
completely different voice and personality, and snarled obscenities to him, damned his god, thrown a
bible at him, clawed his arm to the point of bleeding, and challenged him to a fight several
times. Stephen then told me in a solemn voice that he was going home. I didn't want him to leave, as I
was confused and extremely scared, but I let him go.
The next day at school, we told Braedon and Tayler, and Stephen showed them his arm. I was shocked
when he displayed the several long, shallow cuts, and said that "I" had done it, when I was "possessed."
Braedon and Tayler became extremely concerned, and spent as much time as they could with me and
Stephen. We took the lunch together in the school's theatre by ourselves so we could talk without being
interrupted. Braedon decided that it would be better for us, as a group, to be with each other as much as we could.
The next few days (the original incident occurred on Monday, and this happened on Tuesday) were,
summarily, hell for me. Stephen came to my house again on either Wednesday or Thursday, despite
Braedon's warnings, and the "demon" came out again and continued its minor string of hate towards
Stephen. He did, however, get a name out of it - Six, as in the actual number 6.
The weekend was normal, and the following Monday was simply a talk day, where I spent time with my
friends at school but brought no one home.
Tuesday, after school, Braedon, Tayler, and Stephen all come to my house. Braedon has decided he
wants to do research on this "demon", and wants to see it for himself. I, being as dumb as they come,
agreed. I wanted them to learn about it so they could get rid of it, since they were far more into the occult and supernatural, having dealt and presently been dealing with a possession of their own.
They come over, and Six shows his face while we're crammed into my bedroom. Braedon has Stephen
leave the room (as Stephen is the instigator in almost ALL cases, for some unknown reason), and then
calmly talks to Six. Six apparently dislikes talking to him and answers his questions ("what's your name?"
"why are you here?") rudely and sarcastically. But he enjoys talking to Tayler, who politely refuses to
exchange much conversation.
Around thirty minutes into it, Six recedes and Braedon tells me that we're all going out to the park, where the "energy is less crowded" (we have a very large park near my house, with plenty of side areas where we wouldn't be disturbed). We go out to the park and sit on a secluded area, out of the sun, and just talk amongst ourselves. Tayler tries to teach Stephen how to astral travel (a failed lesson) while Braedon and I talk about our "demons". He tells me what his has done, and suggests that they may be connected.  Once Stephen gives up, Braedon has Tayler try to read everything that's going on in my body, with the "demon" and all. We lay back on the blanket that we brought and she enters my mind or what have you, and talks gently to Six.   I am not a person who believes in this sort of thing, or at least without some skeptic doubt. I myself am empathic, and take pride in that I have mild psychic ability. But I don't really think highly of people who claim they can get into others and read them that way. And I wouldn't mention this event, if it had not been that at some point, I woke up and Braedon and Tayler were calling my name. They said that Six had taken over again, and whenever Braedon would ask a question, Tayler and "I" would say the same exact answer at the same exact time, instantly. These questions weren't previously discussed, and were different than ones he had asked of Six before. There was no way Tayler and I could have synced so well like that.
Braedon took Stephen for a walk to discuss things, and Tayler stayed back to comfort me. At some
point, the line between myself and Six became blurred, and I felt ultra-sensitive to everything. I grabbed
her hand and felt her fingers, and said, "You've played an instrument before." I tapped my fingers, like I
was playing either a trumpet or a very short piano key. She nodded and said, "A trumpet, when I was
little. But I didn't play for very long, and I wasn't very good." She never told me this information before. I
grabbed her hand again and said, "I hear motorcycles. Your dad's and yours." Her dad, who has been
deceased for fifteen years, did own a motorcycle. But what she hadn't told me was that she herself had
a small toy motorcycle when she was younger, that she obviously didn't have now.
Braedon and Stephen came back, and we concluded that I was spending the night and Braedon and
Tayler's (who are a couple, might I mention). They called Tayler's mom, and she picked us up from the
After picking up some things from my house (clothes, school things) and dropping Stephen off at his
house, we went to their little home. I did a bit of my laundry there, then we played some Truth or Dare
until the laundry was done. I took a shower (very quickly, as their bathroom was haunted and you can just feel yourself being scolded for being a stranger to whoever was in there), changed into my fresh clothes, and went back to the bedroom. They were quiet and laying on the bed, and I asked if they took a nap while I was in there. Tayler responded rather flatly, "No", then got up. They went together to take a shower. I laid back on their enormous bed and accidentally fell asleep (by now it was 11 o'clock at night), and woke up to Tayler getting dressed. "Where's Braedon?" I asked sleepily. "Still in the bath. He's going to stay a bit longer." She sounded a little mad, so I didn't press on the matter. Braedon finished and got dressed in the bathroom, nd we all settled into bed. Braedon was against the wall, Tayler in the middle, and I was on the edge.I had drifted off to a light sleep when Tayler suddenly whimpered. I jolted awake and looked over. "It's just me," I heard Braedon say. "I'm just saying runes." (He's Asatru, a Viking-like religion.) He coaxed Tayler into relaxing, and I fell asleep again.
Around 1:30 AM, I awoke again to Tayler murmuring, "Braedon?"
In response, there was a soft, hissing growl. I instantly tensed up, knowing that she was not talking to
Braedon.   There was some conversation exchanged in the pitch-black dark of her room, where she tried to talk to whatever was inside Braedon. He responded in a terrifying voice, soft and menacing and hissy at first. Then there was an animalistic snarl, and I heard Tayler be dragged up under him. She called out for me to grab him as he scrambled over the bed, and I grabbed tightly onto him. We dropped to the floor in a heap and I clambered over to try and pin him down. Tayler swung her body over his legs, and we both screamed for her mother. The door bursted open and the light switched on, and Tayler's mother came in.  She saw Braedon snarling beneath us and commanded that we sit on him to keep him down. I straddled his upper back, and Tayler sat on his legs. Tayler's mom (Debbie) then talked to the thing inside Braedon. Well, they argued, really - exchanging hateful, hurtful things. He mocked her life, and she laughed in his face over it.
"Braedon" then turned his head to look at me, and said, "I know Six is in there." (We hadn't told Debbie
of my own "demon", for fear of her overreacting.) My body instantly tensed, and that line that separates
me from Six began to blur. "Braedon" called out to Six, to try and get him to perhaps assist in his
escape (as he was trying to get out of the room, and the house), but Debbie called my name and broke
me out of it. I went back into panic mode as "Braedon" began to thrash Tayler and me off of his body.
He dug his teeth into my right arm, and kicked his legs, before shoving himself up. I toppled off at the
movement, and he wrestled Tayler off instantly. I looked up at him to see what was happening, and he
twisted his body and slammed his fist into the side of my face. For a split second, I couldn't see, and
dropped back in shock. I heard the three of them screaming and yelling at each other and barreling
through the house. "Braedon" managed to careen through and get outside, and after I got myself
together, I ran out after him, Tayler, and Debbie. Tayler was trying to get him to come back (he was
walking slowly, like a zombie), and Debbie waved her hand at me and told me to call his dad. I ran back
to the bedroom and grabbed Braedon's cellphone, and called his dad.
Twenty minutes later, we had the normal Braedon with us in the bedroom, with his dad sitting on the bed with him. I was on the floor with Tayler, nursing my own new black eye, and carefully inspecting her
bruises, while we talked over what had just happened. We spent the next few hours discussing causes
for Braedon's "possession", and protecting the house using an Asatru ritual (which has worked far better
than any Christian blessing I have ever seen). Debbie mentioned my own thing to Braedon's dad, and he
nodded to it and didn't speak of it for the moment. Braedon finally proclaimed he was too tired to stay
up any longer (by now it was 5 AM and I had watched the sun rise) and he and Tayler went to bed.
Braedon's dad took me home so I could grab some things I had left behind, and just be around my mom
for a comfort thing.
This happened around the beginning of June, on the last week of school, this year. Since then, I've had
horrible nightmares of the experience, and I still have the noises in my hall. (They have, as I've been
typing this, been going off even now. Not extremely loud, but loud enough to be heard.) I have since
"gone under" only twice with Six, and the last time I nearly strangled my friend Stephen. Braedon says
that while his dad's ritual has kept his "demon" from causing harm, the "demon" has been regaining
power slowly, and has been hiding their things and minorly terrorizing them. He hasn't hurt them, but he is making his presence known.
I'm sure this isn't the end of my story, but I felt it had to be shared now.

Ghost Story

Hello. I visit your website "the shadowlands" quite frequently as a friend and I are planning a trip
to investigate some of the haunted locations. We live in Florida in the Ormond Beach - Daytona
Beach area and we are relatively new at ghost hunting. We have visited a few cemeteries in
Ormond Beach and Deland but we found nothing. Right now, we only have a digital camera and
a flashlight. We are working on saving for a better camera that can take videos. The Sony
handycams are the ones we were looking at for video evidence. We also would like to each own
a voice recorder to document voices from the "great beyond". My digital camera is capable of
taking videos with sound but the issue is lighting. I think your website is great and there are a lot
of cool and unusual ghostly activities at a lot of the locations. It's a shame that some of them
have been torn down or changed such as the Jacksonville "Greenbriar Light". The road change
made this ghostly light go away for good unfortunately. Anyway, I have had several unusual
things happen to me personally - only me - in my house. Nothing happens when I have friends
over or if my mom is home. I haven't had anything unusual happen lately but these are my
The first ghostly activity that happened was when I was in my first or second year of high
school. It was around 1am and I was listening to music on the computer via headphones so I
wouldn't wake my dad. He was sleeping on the couch. My dog Scout was laying next to me
[update - I now have him and two other dogs]. I suddenly heard a loud bang on the French doors
just next to me. The porch is screened in. I don't know what could have done it but I looked
outside as soon as it happened and saw nothing. My dog stared out the doors and laid in front of
them til I went to bed. The second thing I can remember is, a small painting on an easel fell
around 11pm. I've seen the light in the kitchen flicker off and stay off. I've seen it flicker on and
stay on. At one point, it kept flicking off and on and stopped when I looked up. That same night
actually, the broom fell over and almost hit me. Okay, actually, I said the activity only happened
when it was just me but on the rare occasion ... my friend witnessed the light flicking off and on
and the broom falling. I've seen each of my three dogs - at all different times, never at the same
time - appear to be watching something. They've also began barking for no reason. In the
hallway, we have a hutch and you touch one of the hinges to have the lights inside it come on.
There are three settings - dim, a bit brighter and brightest. Tapping it a fourth time turns it off. I
had it on the dimmest setting and later I see it turn off. Thinking the bulbs burned out, I got up
and tapped the hinge once. It came on instantly. I sat back down and not even a minute later, the
newest addition to my family of dogs got up from her sleep and ran around the house barking.
This light has turned off a few times before. It's not on a timer as it doesn't happen every time.
The last strange occurrence happened in Tennessee after my grandpa died. He loved the snow,
the mountains and trains and he was to be 77 had he made it through the rest of February. In
Tennessee, he is buried by train tracks. A train had gone by while I was there seeing his grave. If
you look behind the train tracks you can see the mountains. Before we left the cemetery, we
counted the headstones to the left of my grandpa's and behind it. He came in at number 7 from
the left and from the back. 77. My grandpa's name was Jim. On our way back to my grandma's
we saw a car license plate that said JIM.  Later that night, it snowed. Those are my ghost stories.
The latest was the touch sensitive light turning off which has not happened lately - at the end of
last year I believe was the last time it happened. My friend and I have named the ghost Phoenix
after a member from our favorite band.
I also have a few locations in Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach that you can add to your site if
you'd like to. The first is the Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery. In the 1800s a black man was hung for
crimes he was thought to have committed. After his hanging, he was found innocent. At the time
of his hanging, the Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery was not a cemetery. An apparition hanging from a
tree near the back of the cemetery have been reported. There is a photo online - I believe the
Daytona Beach Paranormal Society captured it. You can see the noose and all.
The second location is in Daytona Beach - 111 Silver Beach Avenue, the Lillian Place, close to
the Orange Avenue Bridge. The ghost of Lucille is believed to haunt it.

Stockton, California
By: Anonymous

 okay this is what happened i was with some friends
one day and we were talking and having fun, unitl one of the guys had mention
you want to hear what happen to my neighbor, we thought ok sure why not. well
this guy lives in a nice neighborhood where they dont permit animals in the
premises. his neighbor lives next door to him. he and his wife had expected a
baby girl and they were sound asleep it was 530am in the morning. when he
heard a load thump on his door when he went to his door and opened it there
was a tall strange person or my i say you couldnt see his face just his eyes
which were very dark red. glowing way he was covered in a black hood couldnt
see him. he was stunned to see someone wearing something in this weather. can
i help you he said, and in a sound the thing said, "I want your baby". give it
to me. Now. his eyes got darker and darker red.he had closed the door and
locked the door going back to bed when he heard a very loud sound outside his
front door like if the person was clawing his way thru the door, the guy got
so scared that he yelled out. Go Away. next thing you know he heard footsteps
running towards the side window and was doing the same thing. his baby was
crying and he and his wife were terrified what was happening to them. within
minutes the thing stoppped and had left. the guy stepped out of his place and
had courage enough to go to his neighbor and told him his horrified story,
when his neighbor opened the door he saw him as pale as the milk. when he
bought the neighbor to see his door and window three distinctive marks were
clawed to the door it was so thick that you could see the inside of the
apartment. footsteps were found running away from the apartments shaped of
hoofs. yes hoofs, needless to say the men stopped and had this strange feeling
something was going to happen later. when his two friends were going to the
store they had spotted some type of figure following them corner to corner it
follwed them. he had gone in to the convienient store and was buying a bottle
of beer when he felt something aint right here, he put the beer down and left
the store. within seconds not far from the store a lady was hit by a car and
flew ten feet away and her body was laying in front of the store. the guys
were so scared that they had left the store and went back home instead. talk
about scary some say things cause this for a reason, who knows what happened.
well thats the end of my story. well thats the end of my scary event till next
time i will tell you some more.

Council Bluffs, Iowa  Squirrel Cage Jail
By: Anonymous

 The feelings of goings on at the jail that are other than mortal dates back to well before the 123-year-old structure's use as a museum. Bill Foster, who worked as the jailer in 1950's, opted not to use the
fourth floor as his apartment, "because of the strange goings-on up there." He reported hearing people walking around on a floor that had nobody on it, a sensation sufficiently concerning to motivate him to bunk on the second level prisoner floor instead.
The spirit may actually date back to the jail's origin. A former jail tour guide claimed she believed the ghost to be that of J.M. Carter, the man who oversaw the building's construction. Mr. Carter was the first resident of the top floor apartment and, according to her theory, has never left, continuing
to watch over the one-of-a-kind building to this day.
There have also been reports of a full body apparition on the fourth floor identified as Otto Gufath, also a former jailer. Museum staff add whatever spirit is present, it is friendly; despite an occasional door that opens by itself, strange lights, or peculiar noises, no one has ever felt frightened or
in any danger.
There has been some evidence of a female spirit as well. A few years ago a woman working on a project in the building after hours had been experiencing peculiar sensations. She walked through the building and was shocked to see a little girl with a very mournful expression dressed entirely in gray... inside
a cell whose bars were locked with no way in or out. Occasionally, visitors have reported feeling that something was tugging at them, reported a great feeling of sadness in some of the cells, or simply felt that there was a presence there beyond those visible. The feelings or being watched of followed
have been most frequently noted on the third and fourth floors.  this description was taken from
I lived in CB from 1978 and moved to Ames, in 97'. I have heard many stories
of the SCJ over the years.

Haunting at Kells

so my family and I were at a restaurant and pub in Seattle called Kell's.
while I was there I was taking pictures in the bar. (it was around3 in the
afternoon no one was allowed to be in there.) i took a picture facing the back
room, which at one point was a room where they held fuinrals when the building
was a mortuary. while i was eating lunch I kept feeling as if i was being watched and my moods
kept changing. a few hours later my friends and i were at a hotel looking at
pictures from Kell's, when we looked at the photos from the direction of the
back room. we looked at it closely and saw what looks like a fireman. the side
of his face was clearly covered in ash and we could tell he was tall with
black hair.exactly two weeks after the visit to Kell's i had a dream where i was standing
in the bar and the man walked up to me, put his hands on my shoulders and said
"Thank you Mykal, thank you for proving my death" i woke up in tears and
sweating. that morning i was competing in a horse show and all of a sudden
people started asking me about the picture=

Irene Stops by for a Visit -ORB

I was married for twenty-five years to an older Jewish man. The marriage was great up until we moved from our home in Pennsylvania to Florida. The marriage fell apart and I ran away from home to live in my own apartment in downtown Orlando. It was 2003 and I was devastated at the turn of events in my life.   I was afraid, tired, angry and mostly disappointed in the separation. I remember having a long conversation on the phone with my sister in NYC giving her the most recent update on Allen’s behavior. I quoted his mother, Irene as saying, my Allen is such a “gut a ne shimer”  Yiddish, meaning my Allen is such a good soul.   After the phone call I sat quietly thinking about my situation when form behind me I heard a unique sound like a cigarette lighter flick in a sucking sound. Turning, I see an oval amber orb float 5’ in the air right pass me across the living room and out the pair of opened French doors in a serpentine fashion. The entire event lasted 7-10 seconds.  I sat there with my mouth wide open and in disbelief.  Later that week I went for a reading at the metaphysical shop with a well respected medium. Dikki-Joe. Without telling her a thing, she told me the orb was my Mother-in-law. That Irene was showing her an apron around her neck. I knew that it was Irene because she had the shingles, they were so painful to the touch, that the only thing she could wear was an apron around her neck!
Irene told her, she was angry at both Allen and I, very disappointed and that she never saw this divorce coming. It was totally unexpected. The marriage had become terribly materialistic and that she was particularly upset with her son. And that she was very worried about me. That I must forget the marriage and move forward with my life! All these things were so true and it helped to give me a new start.

Labady Mansion

The labady mansion is actually located just outside of Copan not Bartlesville. While the Copan locals all
know about it many have their own stories and are usually more than willing to share them. I visited the
Labady house 2 times once at night and once during the day and both trips were uneventful. My
stepfather went with a group of friends in highschool to the labady house and by then his friends were
very drunk. They went to the labady family cemetery down the road from the house. When they arrived
there a femur bone was lieing on the outside of the first set of gates. One of his friends saw the bone
and picked it up and proceded to throw it off into the field. Soon after his friend threw the bone a growl
began to come from the woods to the left side of the cemetery. Needless to say they all sprinted to their
car and got out of there as soon as they could. When a few friends and i visited the cemetery we took
evps and the session was reletivaly quiet, but when we went over the recordings we heard a cackling
after my friend asked the presence if the local legend of Catman was true.
If one is to go to the Labady house they should be extremely respectful, because it is indian land and a
family lives around a hundred yards down hill from the house

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