My History


Long before I knew it, my sister found out that one side of my family had a history of being psychics, yet she did not know which side. She knew it was passed down to a few in each generation. She was one, and she did not know the other. Later, we found out, it was me.

When I was a baby, my mother would have to stay up until about 3 am, each night, trying to get me to sleep. I would cry and later (when I was older) point at the walls and things behind her. It freaked her out, and she wondered if I was autistic (slightly autisitic children tend to laugh and cry at things that aren't there.). She got me tested somehow, and found out that i wasn't. As I got older, I would have nightmares more and more. At least, that's what my mother thought. I would never tell anyone, but I would see people gathering around me and looking down at me. And each night, as i would be inbetween sleep and being awake, I would see these people more and more clearly. At the age of 5, I started having dreams where people would tell me things about stuff that was happening. Four days before my birthday on August 28th, 1992, my grandfather was admitted to the hospital on a very serious coronary congestion. That night, I had a dream where my grandfather came to me while I was sitting in his entryway in his house, and sat down and talked with me (something he had NEVER done, my grandfather was quite abnormal and strange). He ended the conversation by say "Julie (not quite my real name, sorry :P), I'm going away for a very very long time, and you can't come with me. But know that I'll be happier there, and I'll always watch over you and your grandmother and your family. Always know that I love you all, and please watch over your family for me. Especially your new cousin. Please know that I'm always with you, especially when you need me." He then kissed me on the forehead, and walked out the door to the garage. I woke up then, crying, but strange, i felt happy, not sad. Almost as if in a habit, i looked at the clock. I remember it being around 2:45 am. And I thought, I don't have a new cousin, and I don't even have one on the way. The next day, my parents and my aunt and uncle sat down me, my brother, my sister, and my two cousins, and told us that my grandfather had died in the night. Around 2 am, my grandfather had a heart-attack. I wasn't scared, I finally realized what my dreams and visions were. A gift from God. Since my grandfather died, he visits me at least once a week and talks to me about what's going on. He also can be seen late at night, strolling through my dining room. It's almost a casual thing at my house. I'll look back and say "Oh, Grandpa's visiting again" and it's almost a comfort that he's still around us.

Once, my mother called us into the entry way in our house where we have a large curio-cabinet, and she was all scared because things had been moved. The only way to open them is with a key that is in my father's nightstand drawer. None of us are allowed in my parent's bedroom, and besides, why would we want to mess with a bunch of Royal Daulton figurines, etc, anway? But things had been moved from shelf to shelf and a few things had been moved to another cabinet in the living room. We all swore that we hadn't touched it, and we all remembered that our house had been deemed "haunted" by my sister's extremely psychic friend Rachel. We'd all basically known, because our previous house had been haunted. By then we thought it was some silly trick pulled on us by my house's spirits.

But nowadays, my grandfather gives me messages to tell my family. Since, my other grandfather has passed away, as have my aunt. And when I'm going through a really rough time, I go up to my room to take a nap, and halfway to sleep, they'll appear. And they each have a certain place on my bed that they sit by. My grandfather that died recently sits at the end of my bed rubbing my legs. My grandfather that died when i was younger sits by my head, stroking my hair and whispering in my ear. My aunt though, stands by the door staring longingly at me. She had never known really known me, but always told my father before she got sick with Multiple Sclorosis, that she loved to look at me because I looked so much like HER kids. And she always felt bad that she never knew me.

One last thing, the psychic stuff is passed down to each generation, and my cousin Jared has been the first to show signs of it. He'll tell his grandmother (my aunt) that his "angel" say something for her to do. Or if she's lost something, he'll say that his "angel" told him where it was. And she'll find it exactly where he said. He can tell you anything about how they look by looking back over his right shoulder. He's always been a strange child, and did the same thing I did when i was younger. We've also started to believe that my aunt who had died from MS, knew from the time i was born that i had this gift, because she too had it.

if you have any comments, feel free to email me.

Ghosts in My Life

by pern1@InfoAve.Net

Am I strange or is the rest of the world? All my life I have seen, felt

or "known" there are ghosts about me. I first had the experiences as a

small child of seeing firey lights of different colors flit about

whereever I was. They were "my friends" Always there to comfort and

aid me. Music coming from no where that no one else seemed able to

hear. I learned early that "we" know these are true happenings but "we"

don't talk about them. The first real ghostly experience I was involved

with occured when I was around 6 years old. We lived in a 30 year old

house in Florida. It was two storied and the bedrooms were all

upstairs. My dad was a postman and very quiet person. I arrived home

from 1st grade. My mom was out and my grandmother was living in our

garage apartment. I decided to go over and see her as soon as I changed

clothes. While I was upstairs, I heard steps on the front porch. I was

young enough not to be conscious of time, real world. I thought it was

my dad home from work. I ran to the head of the stairs and called down

"Daddy" just as I heard the front screen door slam. However, my Dad

didn't answer me. I started down the started down the staircase

following the footsteps. As I reached the bottom step I heard my mom's

buffet drawers being opened and closed. Again, I called out with no

answer. Just as I reached the dining room, I heard the faucets running

from the kitchen and called out for the third time. Still no answer! I

ran into the kitchen just in time to see the back door swing shut. I

looked over at the sink and the taps were running full force. I was so

short that I had to get my stepstool and drag it over to the sink, climb

up and only then could I turn them off. I proceeded to go out the back

door, still thinking I was following my dad around. He had a

woodworking shop in our garage and spent lots of time there. So, I went

to the door there but it was still padlocked. All I could think at the

time, was "Daddy must have gone up to the apartment to see Grandmother".

So, I climbed the outer stairs to the garage apartment and knocked on

her door. No answer! I knocked twice more and frustrated finally

called out "Grandmother!" She came to the door and said "Oh it is

really someone, come on in Bitty." My dad wasn't there. It wasn't

until years later that the family was sitting around the dining table

and Grandmother spoke about all the time someone would knock on her door

at the apartment but when she answered no one was there. It was then I

finally realized at 12 that I hadn't followed a manifest person that day

but whoever else was "living" in our house. I started young I guess but

life is full of surprises I've found both visible and invisible.

Thanks for listening

Jonesboro Ghost Story


This is my first time writing and I am very excited to have found you. I have always had a great interest in "real" ghost stories, the kind told by those who have experienced something they cannot explain. I had some unusual experiences in a house I lived in with my husband and 3 year old son two years ago. We were transferred to Jonesboro, Arkansas and were having trouble finding a home, all the homes were older and run down or new and very expensive. My husband called me very excited and said he found a house the he had to have. I could not make the trip to Jonesboro, so I agreed that based his judgment we would put a contract on the house. A few weeks before we moved I was finally able to have a look at the house. From the outside I loved it , but the minute I walked into the house I had a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach, like when you are very dissapointed with something. The house was beautiful and very large, it was 20 years old, but looked new. I had no reason to dislike the house, but I still had a terrible feeling when I was in the house. The current owners loved the house and didn't want to leave it, so I thought that it must be ok. The first experience I began to have was while waiting for the movers to arrive with our furniture, me and my son were completely alone in the house. We were sitting in the living room watching the rain when I suddenly heard the toilet down the hall flush. Needless to say this was very frightening and at that moment I knew I was right about my "feeling" that there was something in this house. I felt very nervous all the time like I expected to see something at any moment. I always saw shadows out of the corner of my eye. These were dark shadows and they moved, I kept trying catch them, but they were always just out of range and would dissapear when I looked directly at them. I also heard things. This always occurred when I was very busy or distracted by something, then I would hear someone say something, but I couldn't tell what was said, it was just the sound of a voice. Once when my young son woke up sick in the middle of the night and me and my husband were running water in his bathtub to clean him up, I heard someone yell something downstairs. I heard the voice over the loud running water. I ran out into the hallway to look down into the foyer from upstairs, I just knew there had to be someone there, it was so loud, but there was no one and my husband didn't hear it . I said "Didn't you hear that?, someone just yelled up the stairs!" He thought I was imagining things until one night when I had been out and returned to find him and my son huddled together in the den looking scared. I asked what was wrong and my husband said "Trey (my son), just told me something that scared me to death" the hair on his arms was still raised. Trey was in the dining room, that we converted into his playroom, which was right across the hall from the den where my husband was watching television.  Suddenly Trey ran into the den and jumped up on the couch, telling my husband that there was a lady in his playroom. My husband thought he was playing , but realized quickly that Trey was very much afraid and began to question him. Trey told him, that a lady with dark curly hair was standing in the corner of his playroom by the windows. He said that she told him that she loved him and then told him to "close his eyes". This is when he came and got my husband. He pointed out the spot where he saw her but there was nothing there. This scared my husband because he could tell that Trey was very sincere in what he was telling him and believed that he actually did see something. Later Trey told me of seeing the same lady in the basement when he was playing there and that she would "hide" when I came into the room. It has been two years since this happened and my son still remembers being afraid of the woman. Two more things occurred that make believe someone was with me when I was in that house. Once I was alone in the living room reading and the latch on the door of a stereo cabinet flipped up as if someone hit it with their finger!. I was on the other side of the room and there was no one else home. The only incident that my husband witnessed was late one night when all three of us were watching TV in the living room. My son was asleep and my husband and I were on separate love seats that were placed in a U shape around the room with a large coffee table in the middle. On the coffee table was a flower arrangement in a basket. Suddenly while were dozing almost asleep one of the vines in the flower arrangement lifted itself up and then bounced back into place... as if someone picked it up and then let go! My husband jumped up and said "what the hell was that?" I was never comfortable in that house and was relieved when were transferred after living there only two years. I tried to research the history of the home but came up with nothing except the name of the former owners, who loved the house. I just don't understand what happened there and feel that I may have experienced a truly haunted home. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell about this. It's hard to tell someone who doesn't believe in hauntings.

The Little Boy


Well, my story is actually my husbands but he's not here so I will tell you.

My parents had left for St. Louis for a vacation and my husband and I were supposed to come by twice a day to feed the dogs. My husband came out while I was working and he was looking for my dad's dog Pennie and called for her outside. While he was calling for her he heard this little boys voice callout for Pennie to. At first he thought it was the little neighbor kids down the road. So he continued to go inside the house and look for her. He opened the hallway door to the upstairs and called and at the foot of the stairs he heard this little voice again. He told me he was very calm and not afraid. Well he couldn't find Pennie and was worried about her. He looked for awhile longer and decided to wait for me later. As he was going out the door there was this big bang on the door and a voice said " where you going?" Well my husband was very freaked out by then and and started to leave when he looked back into the garage he saw a figure sitting in one of the lawn chairs. So he hotfooted it back home. He told me the story when I got home and I was a little freaked by it to because about 25 years ago my dad's step-sister had a little 3 or 4 year old boy and he was killed by a little trailer that can be pulled by a tractor, he was playing under it and pulling on it when he was underneath. By the way this is a very old family house and two other people have died here. Natural causes of course. But we all thought it was a little strange. Nothing has ever happened like that before. Believe it or not but I certainly do. Also my dad took Pennie with them.

The Renovation


When my family and I moved into our new house in Northwest CT, I was

ten, and remember some wierd stuff. It was the summer/fall of 90.

My parents had enlisted the help of my carpenter uncle to renovate the

garage into a living room, and generally change the entire 100 year old

house. On three seperate occasions, my father had put his power drill

down on the floor next to him, turned away, turned back to pick it up,

but found it gone. He finally found it again in wierd places like the

driveway, or in the backyard.

Stuff like that continued to happen, and the last occurence happened

just before we finished the renovations, when my uncle was finishing up

the skylight. He was on the ladder and felt something push him off,

even though the only people in the house were myself and my mom.

Then it just stopped.

My Old House


Noone ever believed me when I told them this story .Well here it goes

My family finally had enough money to rent a house it wasn't too old maybe

thirty or thirtyfive years old it was two floors a basement and

the main floor . We had three bedrooms , living room , and dining room , and

of course the kitchen. Well my father had died two months after we moved in

I don't think he was the cause of the situations but I do know a old woman

died in the house . Well let me start I went to a basketball game with my

mother and stepfather and decided to come home early so I'm walking up my

drive way and see all the lights are on in the house when I know we shut

them off my mom hates wasting energy, anyway I see a black figure jumping

around the living room I thought it was my brother and his friend just

playing around in the house. So I walked slowly to the window and tapped on

it ever so lightly maybe to give them a little scare but I was the who

would be scared well I tapped and the black figure turned and looked at me

and there was no face just black he or it ran down the hallway I'm still

thinking that it might be my brother so I ring the doorbell but I get no

answer so I go to the back door and it's locked so I get my key go inside

and the house was quiet and completely empty . I think back and now I'm

scared. My parents come home I think maybe it was maybe a burgelar or

something and I told my mom about it and she told me that she saw the same

thing coming from work one day . That was one incident. Our basement always

had the worst vibes I can think of it was really bad if you went down you

wanted to come up as fast as your feet can move you even with the lights on

. Whatever was down there let you know it wanted you out . Basements are

always creepy but this wasn't just any creepy you felt evil all around you

like if you stood down there too long you were going to get hurt or

something . My bedroom was filled with bad spirits or just really sad ones .

I always felt scared and had this incredible feeling of something touching

me or standing right next to me I didn't see anything until about a month

before we moved out I was deep asleep and had this feeling to wake up and

wake up now . I opened my eyes to see straight ahead of me a white smokey

figure standing right in front of me I just closed my eyes acted like I

didn't see a thing and went back to sleep . I told my brother about it and

he told me that a couple of nights before he had the same feeling to wake up

and there was a old man standing over his bed I remember him coming into my

room to sleep that night . We lived there for six years and nothing was

ever normal there was always something you thought you saw or felt but

didn't want to believe . well we all except my stepfather had some sort of

experience in that house .Thank you for hearing my story seeing is definitly

believing .

The Children


I was dating a guy when I was 14, about 5 years ago. His house had been

built over an old well. The story goes that in the early 1900's two

children were playing near this well, and the little girl fell in and her

brother tried to help, but fell in too. Their parents didn't know they

were missing for a while, but by the time they got there, it was too late.

Well, they moved, and a nother house was built over it. My boyfrinds

closet was built over this well. One night it was raining really hard, and

he was playing his guitar. A bolt of lightning struck right outside his

window and lit up the whole room. About 10 seconds after that happened, we

heard children laughing. I looked in the corner of his room,and saw two

children standing there staring at us. I just sat there and stared back.

They stood there for about 45 seconds, and then vanished. After that, he

would find things missplaced, and then find them later. He came home on

several occasions to find his room messed up. He would pick it up, leave,

come back, and it would be messed up again. We broke up soon after that,

and I have never heard about the children again.

Doctor's Office


I have had numerous experiences with supernatural entitys. But one that sticks out in my mind happened to my brother and I about 2 years ago.   I have a cleaning service and clean many buildings at night, but the case in point occured at a clinic in an older district of south Ft. Worth.One night my brother and I where finishing up at this clinic. I have a habit of walking through a building before we lock up to be sure everything is secure and the lights are off.   My brother was in the lobby area of the clinic preparing to leave when I informed him I was going to check the building. There are 4 hallways in this clinic with many examining rooms, so I proceeded to walk the building. About halfway through my walk thru I heard another pair of steps about 10 foot or so behind me.  I assumed it was my brother coming to help me, so I started talking to him. At the last stop of my walkthru there is a breakroom, I reached in to turn off the light of the breakroom and turned around facing back towarrds the direction from which I had just come, expecting my brother. What I turned to was not my brother but the upper torsol of a male figure, somewhat seethru,misty white. I blurted out a few choice words and the figure was gone.

After this experience my brother as well as heard many strange things as well as the figure of a female. I was talking to one of the doctors one day in the receptionist area when I noticed a picture on the wall, instantly I reconized one of the people in the picture with the figure I had seen. A cold chill came over my body at this point. I pointed out the picture to the doctor and asked who this person was. The doctor stated he was the doctor who founded the clinic in 1929 and had died in 1985. I thought to myself, I knew doctors worked alot of overtime but this was going to an extreme.

What if I had Gone with Her?


I was 12 years old, and this incident occured a few days after my

grandmother died. I shared a large bedroom with my two sisters; They

slept on one end in their beds, and I slept on the other end, since I

was the oldest. The only door to the hallway was at their end of the

room, on my left as I slept. I awoke suddenly one night, perhaps

sensing something, and looked toward that door. A white figure glided

in, and headed for my bed; I was not afraid, only curious. The figure

looked like the pictures I had seen of the Virgin Mary, and was very

bright. I heard my sister Joan call out, and then she hid under her

covers. The form (ghost?) came over to my bed on my right, and lightly

took my arm; I heard her "speak" to me, but it was in my head, I did not

hear it with my ears. She said "come with me." I was afraid then, and

jerked my arm away. She looked at me, and I felt a great sadness coming

from her, like she had wanted to show me something. She then turned and

glided through the wall to outside. The next morning, my sister got up

and looked at me, and we both knew that we had seen something special.

This is not the end of the story; later in life, I went to a retreat to

try and recover from my divorce; There I met two people who had had the

same experience as I, at the same age! We later became very good

friends, and there was a special bond between us

If there is anyone out there who has had the same or similar

experiences, I would like to hear from you.

Cape May


I just returned from a two-week vacation in Cape May, NJ. The house which my family (grandparents, two aunts, two uncles, my brother, my sister and my mother) rented was located on Sewell Street. When I arrived on Sunday night my grandmother was getting ready to go to bed. We sat on the bed in the bedroom which my mother, my sister, my aunt and I would occupy. My grandmother went to bed and my uncle awoke to use the bathroom. We too sat and talked for a while. Everyone else was in bed. After I was through talking to my uncle, I went downstairs to the living room to read my book before going to bed. While I was sitting there I heard noises coming from the kitchen which sounded like someone was walking around in the kitchen. I got up from my chair and checked and there was no one there. Again, I sat down to read my book and heard the noises again. I then decided to go sit and read in the kitchen thinking that maybe the noises would stop. While I was in the kitchen I heard similar noises coming from the living room. This time it sounded like someone was running up and down the stairs and in the hallway. Ever time I went in to check the stairs as well as the hallway there was nothing there. I was driving myself crazy so I decided to go to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I did not mention any of the strange occurrences to anyone because they might think I was crazy. I went about my day enjoying the beach, etc. that day and later that same night I was sitting up talking to my aunt after everyone else had gone off to sleep. We were sitting in the kitchen and I heard the noises coming from the steps and hallway again. I did not say anything to her because I wanted her to bring it to my attention. Finally, she said did you hear that and I said did I hear what and she told me she heard someone going up and down the steps and in the hallway. I went to check and again no one was there. It went on for hours and neither of us could think straight so we went to go sit in the living room. When we did the sounds kept coming from the kitchen. My sister then arrived from Philadelphia and when we heard her car out front I told my aunt not to say anything to her and see if she notices the noises. My sister came in and we all began talking and my sister said who is in the kitchen. My aunt and I responded no one and continued talking. My sister kept saying come on, who is in the kitchen. We said no one and then we all starting talking about it and I told them what had happened the night before.

We all continued our vacation and did not mention the incident to anyone so as not to scare my grandparents because they are in their 80s.

Several nights later my brother came to me and said "have you heard anything strange in here?" I responded "yes." He told me about the sounds he had been hearing and I told him what I heard as well as what I heard while talking to my aunt and sister that night. He said the sounds woke him out of a sound sleep. I might add he is a very sound sleeper and is usually not awoken by ANYTHING.

Several nights later I was in bed and I was not in one of those not so sound sleeps where you know you are dreaming but you are not really asleep and I was just kind of laying there thinking about the dreams I was having. When I opened my eyes I first looked at the time and it was 4:30 a.m. and I saw a man with dark hair, a tan colored tam on his head, a plaid shirt with a white undershirt underneath -- he had a pipe in his mouth and he was very heavy but yet he was standing in a position that humans would not be able stand in -- although he was there and I saw him and he was clothed he was not really standing on the floor and it was like if I went to touch him my hand would have gone right through him. Naturally I was alarmed so I thought maybe I was just seeing this because I was in the dark, in a strange house and there were some clothes hanging on the closet door where I saw him so I turned on the light and he was still there. I kept turning the light off and on to wake my mother. She usually wakes up for every little noise or disturbance but not this time. I kept looking at him and he had his index finger and middle finger together rubbing his chin while he was looking at me rather puzzled I guess because he was wondering why I kept turning the light off and on. Who knows? I just turned the other way and said a prayer that I would fall asleep. I did.

The next morning when I came down my brother and uncle were there in the dining room playing cards. I was trying desperately to tell them what happened when my brother said "hold on, I have to tell you what happened last night." I couldn't wait so I told him what happened and he said "you're not going to believe this." I thought he was joking around at first and then he told me that around 4:30 a.m. last night he heard someone knocking on the dining room window (which was not on street level) so he got up to look and when he did he heard the back door slam really hard. He went to check the back door and it was locked. While he was standing there puzzled he heard glass break out front. He ran out there and checked the windows and none were broken. He went out on the front porch and saw the candle which we were using earlier in the night to do tarot card readings broken on the porch.

My brother and I told the whole family about these occurrences and they were either amazed or thought we were crazy.

Two nights later my uncle was in bed and heard strange noises coming from my grandparents room. He went in to check on them and they were both sound asleep.

This is a very strange occurrence and I just wanted to share it with you because I feel that you are a believer and will not think I am crazy.

The Man


It started when I was just a little girl. I would see things in my room at

night, movement, shadows and dark forms. I was told that it was a dream and

that I should not watch scary things on tv. Now I am 29 years old and I am

not dreaming anymore. The ghosts started to intensify when I was pregnant with

my first child. I was 21 and still at home. I would wake up in the night

with a feeling of being watched. Affraid to open my eyes. I would anyway and

the same man would be ther looking over me, without an expression and cold

eyes. I tried sleeping with the light on but this did not stop it. I knew it

could not be a dream because it was the same image every night. My son was

born and we moved into our own place, about eight blocks away from my home.

The man did not appeare for a few months but he did eventually show himself.

Frightened every night as to what I would wake up and see. My husband worked

out of town during the week so I had my best friend come stay with me. I

warned her that in the night I sometimes screamed because of what I see.

Hesitant at first to believe me. Then the screams came and she to was a

believer. My friend eventually moved into her own place. What happened next I

can not explain. My friend has never experianced any ghosts or such, but, one

morning while lying in her bed she felt something jump up on it, like a cat

would, the only thing is she did not have a cat, before she knew it she was

frozen as if someone was lying atop her and restricting her movement. The

incident left as soon as it came but she was aware that this was an event that

she could not get over. She moved shortly after. The stranger thing was that

the man I had seen for four years was gone, had he been the one at her house?

Did he move on with her? I will never know. I have never seen him since.

My husband and I eventually bought our own home and began to move. The last

night in our apartment I awoke to at least 6-8 apperitions above my bed. The

spooky thing was that I was pregnant with our second child. It was as if they

came to say goodby.

We got settled in our new home, incidentally, is three blocks from our

apartment. It was about a year before the first incident. We knew when we

moved in that the lady of the house had died here. That is who I expected to

see but quite the contrary. It was a man in police dress, like you would see

at a funeral or graduation. His image appeared in the mirror next to my bed.

He is only one of the many ones that I have seen here. Now I only see an image

once and never again do they appear. Some months it is every night and some

months none at all. Just when I think they are gone, I wake up and scream.

They never touch me or try to talk to me they just stand there and stare down

at me. The lights can be on or off it does not matter.

I think that my younger son is experiencing the same thing but I do not know

how to ask him without scarring him. Some nights he sits sraight up in bed

and crys and points with terror on his face. I look but ther is nothing


All I want is to know if I will ever be able to go to sleep and be confident

that I won't wake up screaming.

Thank you for your time and hopefully someone out ther can relate to me.

Strange Coincidence


My wife and I had moved rented a 60-plus year old house because the

landlord allowed pets. My wife had misgivings about the house from the

first day we viewed it, but she agreed to move in. We live there for 6

months, August 1997 through January 1998.

She had a strange feeling about the stair case, as if something bad had

happened, or would happen to one of us. I couldn't blame her, for the

stair case was dark, with no railing, and carpeted so that it could be

easy for someone to fall down the stairs.

She also swears she heard old-time music playing in our bedroom late at

night. I never heard it, and I don't believe it was our neighbors.

She also would see "people" out of the corners of her eyes when she was

alone. This hadn't happened to her before, and hasn't since in our new

house which we have lived in for 9 months.

The strange coincidence is this. One afternoon I was in the bathroom

taking a shower when I saw movement, about the size of a human, move

across the floor in front of the sink toward the door. I thought it was

my wife, so I opened the door, but she wasn't around.

About a week later, we were talking about how cold and weird the house

was. My wife told me, in addition to the music and odd feelings, that

when she was taking a shower, she had seen movement in front of the sink

going toward the door.

I told her that the same thing had happened to me. I thought that

perhaps reflections off moving cars in the street in front of the house

could explain the movement, but it wasn't sunny when I showered.

At this point I was freaked out. So, in addition to poor insulation,

bats in the attic and mice in the walls, we had ghosts. We moved out

within a few months.

New Home Welcome


My wife and myself bought this home in Oct.1986, everyhing was find until the 3rd

night if our stay. For two nights in arow I believe I was awoken from my sleep or I

was having an OBE, by a white misty figure of a woman in a white wedding dress.

Each time I knew I was laying in my bed but could not move. it appeared the figure

was motioning to me but I could not move or even make a sound.

On the 5th night of our stay I was suddenly awoke by somebody shaking me.

I was somewhat in a state of shock, the person lead me to another bedroom in our

house which is now occupied by my 6 year old son. This person opened the bedroom door and

to my amazement was occupied by numerous cots and what

appeared to be soldiers from the civil war. Some were laying down and some were

walking around. At this point my guide informed me that I must take control and let them know I

have the authority over this domain. My guide told me to call the men to attention. I tryed but was

shocked and scared, I tryed blurting out the words twice but very little came out. My guide

informed me to yell it out quickly, that their

wasnt much time left. At this point I hollered out " ATTENTION". The men turned

to look at me and yelled it again. I then woke up in my bed doing the same. Since then everything

has been very peaceful and no more of whatever it was.

Spectre of Spanish Lake


Reading some of the stories that your readers have sent you brought back a memory I thought I had long forgotten and I would like to share it with you. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) it did not occur to me, but, instead happened to a childhood friend of mine.

Being an X-Army brat, part of my childhood was spent in a suburb just east of St. Louis called Spanish Lake. It was called that for a lake that was near there and a favorite hangout of many of the towns people. A nice lake, during the day. But at night, it was said that the ghosts of a sunken Spanish Galleon walked the shores of the lake, especially during the summer months. In search of what, was unknown. At one time I had been told that several people had simply disappeared from there and were never heard from again. Truth or not I will not venture a guess. The lake was also said to have a section that was bottomless. And there, supposedly, lay the Spanish Galleon. Being teenagers, and fearing nothing, several of us used to go there with our girlfriends (or boyfriends) and "park." But one night, my friend told me he had learned his lesson and would never, ever go there again.

I came out of my house one summers day in 1971 and I saw Randy up the street absolutely throwing a fit. Yelling, screaming, cursing, and in general having the preverbal cow. He was standing near his car, a 1966 Plymouth Roadrunner in mint condition. Or at least it almost was, now. Something you must understand is that this car was Randy's pride and joy. He babied this car and it was one of the fastest cars in the area at the time as well as one of the sharpest looking cars. It was painted a metallic Turquoise and "Built To The Hilt." I asked him what he was so pissed off about, and he showed me. What I saw scared the bejesus out of me. It looked as if someone or something had run their fingers down the entire length of the passenger side of his car and completely melted the paint where they had touched the car.

He told me that he and his girlfriend, the night before, had gone to their favorite spot on the lake to "be alone." He told me that they had been there long enough to fog the windows a little. During a pause (for breath catching, or something ) one of them looked out the front window. Seeing what appeared to be a sort of red glow emanating from the lake itself. At first they tried to ignore it, their attention on each other, but, unfortunately, they both became rather interested in it. Randy told me that from within the glow he started to make out what looked like a ball just a little brighter than the glow itself. At this point Randy told me that it appeared to start coming toward them. He told me that it looked like it was pulsing or something, almost as though it were alive. It came slowly toward them and they got really scared. His girlfriend told him that she wanted to

Randy told me that he tried to start the car and absolutely nothing happened. Not one damned thing. It was almost as if all the power had been sucked from it. Meantime the red glow continued toward them. He said his girlfriend became near hysterical, wanting to leave but he told her that, try as he might, there was nothing he could do, and he was not about to get out of the car to find out either. All they could do was make sure the car doors were locked and the windows were up as far as they would go..... and wait.

He said that after a short time the red glow completely surrounded them and his car began a slow rocking motion, at first. Then without warning, Randy told me that the car began to rock more violently and he said he and his girlfriend could hear a growling, or something of the sort, anyway. Then he told me that he could hear a scraping sound down the passenger side of his car. He said the best way he could describe the sound was like someone scraping their fingernails down a chalkboard. Randy said this went on for several more minutes, he wasn't sure for how long. And all he and his girlfriend could do were sit there and hold one another. She, of course, in tears and Randy very nearly there himself.

Suddenly, he said, the growling stopped, the scrapping ceased and the glow was gone. It simply wasn't there anymore. Shaking, he reached for the ignition switch and tried turning the key. He said the car started right away and they got he hell out of there. Not looking back once and were grateful when they were back up on the main road heading into town. By the time Randy had been able to calm his girlfriend down and get her home it was very late. So he decided to just go home and try to get some sleep but not before trying to see what kind of damage had been caused.

Randy told me that after he had gotten home he went into the house, got his flashlight and went back outside. He said that, at the time, he saw absolutely nothing, and after (very) careful examination too. But the next morning his brother had wakened him wanting to know what had happened to his "baby." That's when he discovered what he had. He tried, several times after that to fix the problem, but within a few days the fingerprints would reappear just as if they were fresh. Shortly after that I left Spanish Lake. I was told that Randy eventually got rid of his car and I heard nothing more of it. But to be honest with you I've not been to awfully curious either.

Story From Uruguay


First sorry my english.I'm from South America

This happend in my old and big house (old in the two senses, because I used

to lived there when I was a child and because it is old).When I was young I

always went to bed early , because my mother (who was the one that went

later to bed) said to my father (I heard her a lot of times) that she heard

sounds in the kitchen that is about 10mts from the bedroom and 12 from I prefere to went early so the other noices didn't let me hear

those spooky sounds (until the day that I going to tell I never heard

nothing). One winter night I was alone at my home because my parents go to

dinner outside and my brother , that is bigger than me was outside also

with some friends, it was Friday, and I was so young to go out, but to big

to be afraid of being alone.

I prefer to stayed looking the TV (loud, very loud) , because in my mind ,

the only thing was up and down was that sounds of the kitchen. The room

where the TV was (living room) was adjacent to the kitchen.I left the

lights on , all over the house, including the kitchen.

At 23:45 I heard a sound from the kitchen I must say that I was really

scared, but I wanted to know what happend , the sound was like a cup

dropped from the sink, so I open the door slowly, thinking that something

or someone could jump on me, I had a scissors in my hands, just in case.

When the door was opened enough to see the kitchen , I looked to the floor

seeking the cup, I didnt find anything , the kitchen has a another door

that lead to stairs that lead to the service room, I decided to go

there.That room was the only one that I don't leaved the lights on, I was

afraid to go there, because i've to pass through the kitchen to do that ,

so I prefered to leave it off.

The kitchen is big , a normal person must walk 15 or 20 steps to cross

along the kitchen.I was at the sill of the service room door.i could heard

noices but I was afraid to turn on the light because I had to go into the

room to did it.So from one of the drawers of the kitchen I took a wood

spoon (a long one) with that spoon I turned on the light, and will

not belive what I saw in the room.

It was a cat!!!. The window was opened and a very cold wind was getting

into the house, I was almost freezed.I ran to the window , looked the

backyard , from this window you can see all the backyard, nobody could use

this window to get into the house because is on a third floor.But I noted

something wrong near the plum tree, a pretty big hold.

The cat stayed there looking at me, I like cats, so I gave it milk.The cat

was the one that dropped the cup to the floor.

Then I went back to watch TV and then to sleep.

The next morning I told my mother what happened to me last night while a

was alone.

When I finished , she said, near the plum tree..... yes I said.

He wents to her bedrrom and brought with her 3 pictures, and asked me ,

this is the cat you saw?

Oh yes , you know this cat, I said.

Yes of course, this was Tilly , my cat , but it died about 20 years ago,

and I buried there... near the plum tree....

While the time passed by, I think that I never seen that cat that was only

my imagination, I was a child , afraid, maybe I saw that pictures before,

but what I'm really sure is that the pot of milk that I gave Tilly was

empty the next morning...

Hanover Park


In the mid 80's my wife and I bought a home in Hanover Park, IL. It was

a neglected house which had a hard time selling and was being rented.

The owners lived in a different state and the tenants let the place go

pretty bad. We saw a lot of possibilities and the price was right. So we

moved in and things were, to put it bluntly, bad. The place was filthy,

there were spiders everywhere, the gas wasn't on (in late Oct.) and it

was raining continually. So I'm sitting in the living room area

questioning my sanity when I see this "blob" of haze a little larger

than a basketball (round in shape) start moving across the living room

about 7 ft away and just sort of floats into the dining room and out the

patio door. It just went through the door and out of the house. I'm

like, am I seeing thing's now or was that an apparition. It was wierd

because I wasn't scared, it was more like- wow what was that.

We finally got the place in shape and it turned out to be a nice home.

We had our first child just before moving in and it was nice to have a

place of our own. I never mentioned the apparition to my wife, lest she

think I was really losin' it. A few moths later in the spring, other

things started happening. My son who was now a full year would wake up

in the night laughing deliriously. My wife thought it was hilarious. I

never mentioned what I had seen to her. She couldn't figure out what was

so funny. I remained tight lipped. This happened on a regular basis for

about a month. Then one day she calls me at work in a panic saying that

Chris, our son, got out of his crib and was sitting on the floor playing

with his toys. Fine, except Chris couldn't walk just yet and definetely

lacked climbing skills. So how did he get out? If he tumbled out he

would most likely have been hurt or screaming at the very least. To this

day we don't know and he has no recollection of the event. Other events

included the TV turning on at night, a strange happening of voices in

the night, strong flowery odors, a feeling my wife once described as

having been passed through by something, and the car shutting down in

front of the house once we moved out. We sort of visited and when we

passed the front of the house the car just shut down. It restarted with

no problem and had no problems before or anytime soon thereafter- wierd.


3 Encounters


I have had three encounters with ghosts in my house. The first one occurred two days

before Christmas I was awaken up by sounds of foot steps coming from the attic

knowing that no one  could stand up and walk around in our attic. Also heard sounds like

someone was running their fingers through change.

The second encounter occurred why my mother and stepfather were away. I would wake

up to sounds of people talking so I would check the rooms to see if any tvs and radios

were on I never found one on. It sound like two people arguing but you could never catch

would they were saying.

The third encounter took place in my bedroom I woke up with the strange feeling I was

beening watched I look over saw a man stand near my bed I sleep on top of the bunk

bed. Is face and hands were glowing white and he wore suspenders and a large hat.

 Those are my stories.

My German Shepard


When I was 14, I had a slumber party to celebrate my upcoming birthday. I invited about 5 girls. Well, I had this dog named Shana who always slept under this Pear Tree we had in our backyard. It produced such GOOD fruit, we didn't even think about cutting it down. Anywaz, it was time for us girls to go to bed, so we all went into my room. Shana followed since she slept on my bed.

Sometime around midnight, I was awaken by my friends snoring. I sat up and I saw Shana. Only it was a faint image of her. She kept fading and fading away, and I kept yelled Shana! My friend Ellen woke up and told me I was screaming, and I told her it was just a dream, so we both went back to sleep.

I woke up early the next morning and went out into the kitchen to find my mom and dad somberly looking at the floor. I asked what was wrong, and they told me Shana died. I was heartbroken. Shortly after her death, we moved to a different neighborhood. But when we went back to get the last of our stuff, Shana's Pear Tree had died and there, at the foot of the tree, was Shana's coller and leash.....

Old Farm House


The story takes place in Minnesota on an old farm house. We kids heard many strange noises in the night at our house and our parents wrote them off to childish imaginations. The things we heard were cars driving up to the front of the house and car doors closing. We would even hear footsteps coming up the front porch and the door opening, but when we would look there would be nobody there.

As time passed we started to hear noised inside the house itself. On one occasion I went upstairs to do something that I now forget. While there I heard someone come up the stairs. I looked but found nobody there and when I returned down to the living room where my siblings were intently watching t.v., I asked if anyone had just came back down and everyone said no.

As mentioned earlier my parents thought it was all childish over active imaginations. My mother had a change of heart when while sitting in the dining room in an empty house she heard what sounded like pebbles being thrown down the stairs. Being home alone she had a little change of heart concerning the "childish imagination" explanation.

Most of the events that occurred were just noises, but our Poltergeist had a tricky side also.

Every day I would set my alarm so that I could get up on time to catch the bus. There was a period of a week that I would wake up and my alarm had been mysteriously turned off. Having read that if these things happen you should just sternly tell the ghost that this has to stop. One evening I decided to give this a try and I did just that. I never had any more problems with the alarm clock after that.

It also seemed that the pranks weren't always on the so subtle side. One evening I was talking to my sister in her room when the light suddenly went out. I reached over and turned it back on and at that moment the door to her room flew open with a rather loud bang. This scared us pretty bad, and we decided to vacate rather quickly. We later discussed the event and treed to find a cause such as wind, but the carpet in her room being a thick shag wouldn't allow this and we triode to replicate it and it took a pretty hard kick to make the door do the same thing.

There was only one person in the family that had saw anything. This was the youngest of our nine kids, and he not only saw the apparition once but on three occasions. As I mentioned there were nine kids and we had to resort to my younger brother and myself sharing a couch bed. Three consecutive nights he would wake up and see what appeared to be a women in a flowing gown enter the living room and then float up through the vent that went into the bedroom up above. This shook him up each time and he would run into our parents room which was next to the living room.

There were other events that occurred but telling all of them would take up too much space and I have already written a small novel here.

Lost Love Story


Back in September of 1982, my boyfriend of 4 years named Keith and I

were visiting his sister Julie, her husband and family in Oronoco,

Minnesota. He was 17 and I was 21. An odd age range, but he looked

every bit my age and was mature, as well. Sitting up late, we were

talking and for some reason, we got on the subject of death. I asked

him if he believed in the afterlife and he said that he did not. He

believed that when it was over, it was over. But he knew I believed and

I asked that in case there was an afterlife of any sort and that if we

were able, that if one of us should die before the other, that the one

who died would come back and watch over the one left behind. He

agreed. As time passed, Keith needed his space and I gave it to him.

Reluctantly at times to the point where we would get into heated

arguements and I would move out of his home where we lived together

with his father. In June 1983, on a windy, extremely hot Wednesday

night, Keith died in a fire that consumed their trailor house. I hadn't

been with Keith for about 3 months as our break-ups and make-ups were

getting more sporradic. I recall trying to hitch hike to his place

that night 12 miles away but as I stood on the highway for what seemed

like 45 minutes, I just wasn't getting a ride, which was strange because

I hitch hiked that highway regularly and never had a problem getting a

ride within 5 or 10 minutes. But that night was oddly humid and so hot

that within minutes of leaving my apartment to go to the highway, I was

soaked with sweat like I had just taken a shower and didn't dry off!

So, I went back home. The next day my sister contacted me saying that

Keith had died the night before. I was devistated! My whole world fell

to pieces. I spent the next few days with Keith's dad at Julie's house

preparing and attending the wake. At the wake, I was alone in the

viewing room with Julie and everyone else was downstairs visiting. It

was a closed coffin service, but I had written a letter to Keith and

wanted to place it in the coffin. But due to the extensive damage to

Keith's body in the fire, the funeral home director would not let me see

him, so I decided to put the letter in the small groove between the top

and bottom halves of the coffin. As I was putting it there, a gust of

wind came out of nowhere! It seemed to come right from the groove where

I was about to place the letter. It was so strong and sudden that I

screamed. People came from downstairs to see what the matter was and I

told them I had seen a mouse. No one in their right mind would believe

me and besides, maybe it could be explained some way I could not figure

out. During the wake, I had a 110 camera and took several pictures of

the coffin. I took some of the actual funeral as well but the ones from

the wake came back with some very strange whisps of white something on

the coffin. These pictures I will have to retrieve from Julie as I have

gotten married 6 years ago and gave my photo album of Keith to her as a

means of trying to let go of the past and move foreward into my new life

with my husband and daughter. But when I do, if I can't figure out how

to scan them and get them on here, I will send them in. I believe I

have something here! Also, in closing, I realized the depth of the

promise we made to each other that night just months before Keith died,

and have spoken allowed,( hoping it will release him if he were bound in

any way) that I release him of his promise and set him free, several

times in the past few years. Thank you for listening.

Bakersfield Californian Newspaper


This old building is haunted by a few ghosts (one of whom I've had the pleasure of actually seeing..well..hearing, actually). One of them is a German Sheperd Dog who can be seen, waiting patiently for his master to come and pick him up. Another is an old security guard who can sometimes be seen in the lunch room. Finally, the former editor of the Californian  can be sometimes (though rarely) seen walking through the hallways of the building. When I my friend's father brought us on a tour of the place one night (we soon discovered that our small group was the only living people there at the time), we heard a rather unusual noise. The former typewriter room, which is now an expansion of the lunch room, had typing sounds coming from it. We entered the room, thinking someone was still there, possibly using an electronic typewriter. But we saw no one, and the typing stopped as the last one of us entered. My friend's dad shrugged and led us back down the hall--and the noise started again. We came back, and the noise stopped. By that time we were pretty darn spooked. We all agreed that we'd leave then and there, go get some Taco Bell and continue the tour in the morning, when living emplyees were actually bustling aroun the place. As we left, we heard the typing continue. This time, though, we didn't bother to investigate. The next morning, my friend's dad told a co-worker about the experience. The news soon spead about the building, and everyone beleived that it was the former editor.

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