Mom Checking on Her Baby

Well, I was 17 at the time and living in South Jersey. I spend much of my time in the evenings and weekends babysitting. At this time, I had been babysitting a couple's 3 kids, and the youngest was still in a crib.
The Mom of the 3 suddently passed away of a cerebral hemmorhage, leaving the Dad with much to do to say the least. The week after the funeral, he called and asked me to watch the kids for him one 1970 Friday evening.
I got the kids settled and proceeded downstairs, turned on the TV, and was sitting on the sofa watching it when I heard a noise upstairs. So I slipped up the stairs and peeked in the baby's room. There, I couldn't believe what I saw. The Mom was standing next to the crib, looking in on her baby girl. As clear as day, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe this story myself! She turned to me, with a blank look on her face not frowning or smiling, turned around toward the closet and walked right through the door!
To say the least, my Mom had to spend the rest of the evening with me, and she had to be the one to go up and open that closet door, I sure wasn't going to!
I continued to babysit those kids throughout the summer, but never had another "visit" from their Mom, although I was finally able to share it with her husband.
Since I had that experience myself, I am a firm believer of those types of "visits" that's for sure!

Small Town Bar

I work at a bar in a small town in Northwestern Pennsylvania going on 4 years now. There have
been two owners in the time that I've worked there. There were some strange things that
happened while the old owner had the business, but nothing too out of the ordinary that couldn't
possibly be explained away. There was only one time that I was alone in the bar and closing up at
the end of the night. I was walking around putting chairs up and kept seeing a shadow out of the
corner of my eye, dismissing it because I have a tendency to flip myself out sometimes. As I was
putting the chairs  up, I had this very strong feeling of someone close to me, following me as I
walked table to table. I was back in the kitchen area where the walk in cooler is located and I got
the strongest sense of someone standing in the door of the cooler. This made me panic a little
because I had no way out if that exit was blocked. The feeling didn't go away until I was away
from the building completely that night. Even in the parking lot I could sense someone watching
out of one of the windows.
After the new owner took over in early January of 2011, strange things really started occurring
more often. It was happening to all the employees, which I found later when I started telling
coworkers about my experiences. There is a closet that held all the excess cans of soda and other
supplies. While in the closet, often cans of soda would fall off the shelves hitting us. (I actually
was left with bruises because they would fall from the top.)
The scariest happening was in mid-afternoon while I was working in the kitchen. I was boiling
hot sauce, which took hours. I was stalking the freezers, cleaning, etc. while the hot sauce
cooked. The hot sauce is made on a hot plate that sat on the counter. I had it pushed against the
wall as I was using the counter space for other things. I was finishing an order when the pot of
hot sauce flew off the hot plate and across the counter nearly falling off the edge of the counter
before I stopped it. Hot sauce spilled everywhere, and the pot sat hanging past the edge of the
counter. I still cannot explain how this possibly happened, and nothing of the same intensity has
happened to anyone else that works there.
I still get "feelings" when I work there, but thank goodness it is only on a fill in basis now.
Since things started happening in the bar, I have done some digging and found out the bar used
to be a home. The home caught on fire and some or all of the occupants died in the fire. I have
been unable to get any more information on that besides word of mouth.

My Great Grandmother

This happened ten years ago and I still get chills down my spine when I think about it. I was ten years
old and I was used to sleeping in my mom’s bed whenever my dad was away on business. On one
night, which was just like any other, my mother and I were sleeping when I suddenly woke up. There
was no thunderstorm, no noise, no nightmare, nothing. I just woke up. 
When I looked over to my mom I saw a clear figure of a tall woman dressed in white with dark hair tied
in a bun. She was looking directly at my mother. She held her gaze at her for a few seconds until she
looked at me. My heart completely stopped. Suddenly, my mother just sat up and as soon as she did,
the ghost immediately disappeared. She asked me what was wrong, I said nothing and lied back down.
I was able to sleep but I would wake up every few hours but I never opened my eyes until it was light
When I went down to breakfast I told my mom what I saw the night before. She then goes on to tell
me that my great grandmother, who I only met when I was a few months old until she passed away,
was a tall woman who always wore her dark hair in bun. Also, my mom was her favorite grandchild.

My Haunted Apartment
I'll try to keep this as brief as possible but it's going to be a long story.
I lived in a basement apartment in Fair Lawn, NJ for over 8 years. The first two plus years nothing
happened. Then one night I was watching a movie about Harry Houdini. Not the famous one with Tony
Curtis but the lessor known one with Paul Michael Glazer. There was more emphasis in this one about
Houdini's passion to expose seance conductor's as frauds. At the pinnacle of the movie (it's now almost
midnight) my clothes dryer went on by itself.
 I would wake up in the middle of the night after falling asleep on the couch with the tv on, to a cold
breeze going through the apartment and finding the door that led from my apartment to the garage was
wide open. At first I figured the landlord didn't close the door tight enough. Then it happened when the
landlord was away. This only happened when I fell asleep on the cough with the tv on.
The volume on my stereo would get louder on it's own. I didn't have a volume dial but rather a slide that
went up and down. If the volume went down I could just chalk it up to it's an old stereo and was reacting
to gravity but going up?  
A now former friend came over to visit one night and we were in the living room watching tv when we
heard a loud crash in the room behind us. I was expecting  this entire shelving unit that was in that room
had fallen over but when we went in nothing was out of place.
Another time while my landlord was in Vancouver on vacation, another friend  came over on a Saturday
afternoon. After spending a few minutes in my apartment we left to go play tennis. He drove. When we
came back I discovered I had locked my keys in the apartment. My friend joked "Maybe the ghost will
unlock the door" (that leads from the garage to my apartment). I opened the outside garage door, which
was always unlocked. My friend then let out an expletive as we both saw the inside door was wide open.
He then said he specifically remembered my checking both that door and the entrance door to my
apartment to make sure they were locked before we left to play tennis. At this time I should notify you
that I am a lockaholic.
The most telling part of this involved my yellow lab. He was my dog but he lived with my parents. There
wasn't anywhere he would happily go. Oh were going to the vets and she's going to give me shots?
Great lets's go. Well we finally found one place he wasn't going. My apartment. No matter how much we tried, no matter how much we tricked him when he got within five feet of the entrance to my
apartment the hair went up on his back. We never got him any closer than that.
 I never experienced anything bad and would have stayed there longer but the landlord sold the house
and I had to move.

Recent Haunting Experiences

Hi, my name is Lee and I'd like to share my recent haunting experiences with
you all.
I'm Australian, recently moved to Ireland and during my first week here I was
staying at the Dublin International Hostel. I was staying in a dorm room with
9 other women, however one night I woke up in the middle of the night, sitting
bolt upright, I didn't have any trace of sleepiness at all and after looking
around for a few seconds I heard someone whisper 'Ella' in my ear, clear as
day. I thought it might have been one of the other women, but looking around I
saw that everyone else was asleep.
The next day I asked at the front desk about the history of the hostel, and
apparently it used to be an orphanage (go figure right?) and a school for the
local area and the good folks at the front desk told me that there has been a
fair share of people reporting spooky things.
Next, I arrived at my new house, new job working as a nanny. I got to know the
children and got to know the story of the family. The father's parents had
passed away before the children were born. One day I came into the room to
find the oldest daughter (who is four) talking away to herself. I asked her
what she was doing. She said that she was 'talking to Granny Treasa at the
window'. I asked her if she was there right now and she said that she was gone
now but 'Granny Treasa knows all about you. You're staying in her room.' I got
the heebie jeebies like you would not believe. The parents told me that she
often says she's talking to her Granny Treasa.
Another time, it was just myself and the baby (she's two) in the house and we
were just playing away when she stood up, went to the staircase and said
'Hellllooo? Hello! Hello!' with a big smile on her face. I asked her who she
was talking to and she just pointed to the top of the staircase and starting
chattering away in baby to the person at the top of the stairs.
At other times I've heard footsteps on the upper floor when it is just me in
the house on the bottom floor and sometimes in the room I sleep in, it gets
unbearably cold.
I wonder, who was Ella? Has anyone else stayed at the Dublin International
Hostel and had any ghostly visitors?
I wonder if the girls are actually talking to their Granny or if they're just
pretending to feel close to her?

My Haunting Story

my names alisha and my story involves a few different parts. The first part is all things that were
reported to me from my childhood. To start from the begininning, it was well known that my
grandmother had a "ghost" friend that she would talk to and that everyone knew about named
Red. aparently once i was born, being the first of her grand children and the child to her eldest
son, Red aparently took a liking to me. My mother was not too happy with this. the first
experience happened in our home in the dead of winter, I was still a small baby, and my mother
had me swaddled in blankets in the middle of her bed while she was doing house work. We were
alone, my father was at work. She went to check on me and to her terror i was gone. She
proceeded to tear apart the room and even up ended the bed looking for me. she looked over the
whole house and even ran out into the snow to see if someone had taken me. not only was no one
there, but there wern't any foot prints in the snow besides hers. Eventually she called my father
who rushed home. they ran all around looking for me and eventually returned to the bedroom, to
find me happily laying on the upturned matress. They still don't know where i went. My personal
belief is that there are many different kinds of spirits out there. In highschool i had a fascination
with fairies. I still believe ghost, fairies and all those sorts of creatures are all just spirits. And i
joke that im a changeling. this is not the end of my encounters as a baby. my parents eventually
lived with my grandfather and had a makeshift apartment set up in the basement while my room
was upstairs. One night when my mother was again alone in the house, she put me in my crib and
went to bed. Eventually she heard a sound that sounded like someone walking up the basement
stairs. Alarmed that someone had broken into the house she rushed to my room to get me and
found me happily jumping up and down in my crib laughing as every toy in my room was going
off on its own, She promptly called my grandmother and told her to come get her "ghost". The
next occurance didn't involve me, but explains alot about why "Red" had such a bond with me.
We were all at a family reunion and my parents were sleeping on a matress in an upstairs room of
a family members house that had a large window seat. My mother woke up and looked over to
see my father, who is very distinctive with red hair, sitting in the window. She called out to him
and told him to come back to bed and he payed no attention to her, annoyed she rolled over only
to find that my father was right next to her deep asleep, when she turned back the man in the
window was gone. The next morning she asked my grandmother about "red". She told her that it
was the funniest thing that he looked just like my dad, and that she called him "red" because she
had the same red hair as my father. I suppose this would be like a doppleganger, but the figure of
"red" never seemed to be a menacing one to me, he was always doing things to make me happy
and was a companion to my grandmother. I still wonder what times when i was young if i
thought i was dealing with my father when i was really interacting withe "red". This is not the
end of my experiences with spirits. I never really noticed things in my own home, besides the
fact that i have trouble sleeping and a very vivid "imagination", but i did have many experiences
out of my home. My best friend when i was young, lived in a house that i instantly disliked, it
had the creepy being watched feeling. the first night i stayed over when we were about 12 she
told me about how she was sure her house was haunted. The haunting was centered around the
bathroom which the door was located in her room. She told me she would hear breathing, which
she used to think was her sister, but her sister had just gone off to school and she was alone in
the room now. when i stayed there i would sleep on the floor, and since her room was small that
meant that i was laying right in front of the bathroom door. I stayed only acouple of times over
night, but the creepy feeling usually kept me away. Eventually one day we were hanging out in
the bathroom, myself in front of the mirror and her sitting on the toilet, when the heavy old door
to her bathroom, which was wide open slammed shut and locked. We stared at the door for a
few seconds in terror before she finally unlocked and pulled it open and jumped on the couch to
stare at the door. if that wasn't scary enough, her dog walked by the door and stopped like she
sensed something then proceded to brissle and foam at the mouth while staring at the door. I'm
not sure if i really believed all the stuff my mom told me about untill that point in my life, but i
did after that. We spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how the door could do that. no
wind, not even alittle and the door was old and hard to shut. She later told me about other
happenings in the house that occured once every few years. She had blankets that were close to
her face yanked down to her feet and one night she heard the breathing only to turn and see a
face. They eventually moved out of the house and it was condemned and torn down. That house
was Scary! since then only little things have happened to me. When i was 18 i moved into my
first apartment all on my own. for the first week while i was moving i slept on my matress in the
livingroom where the tv was. Every night id make sure the windows were closed and locked
even though we were on the second story and every morning they were opened at least half way.
when stuff like that happened id usually just ignore it. eventually my friend moved in. She is like
me and has had experiences with spirits and immediatly noticed things as well. our usual greeting
was to scratch on the other persons door instead of knocking. Eventually she would come to me
and ask me if i was scratching on the door, when i hadn't been scratching on the door. We both
just decided to ignore it. one night we were both in our own rooms when it seemed like
something shook my door and started scratching at it, i told her to come in, but she didn't
respond, then i could hear noises like the fridge  and cabinets opening in the kitchen. My dogs
noticed too, but like me didn't pay too much attention assuming it was just her in the kitchen.
Eventually a little creeped out i texted her, and then called her when she didn't respond. She had
been asleep the whole time. The kitchen had always been creepy, and the randome noises
continued untill my boyfriend moved in. After that there was no more scratching and all the
noises stopped, He thought we were a bit crazy. I have only actually ever seen a spirit a few
times, and never in my own home, i usually see them in the places i assume they are connected to.
Usually they are just flashes, and then they are gone and i ignore them. occasionally i will see
them in fields as we drive past. The most shocking i've ever seen we have nicknamed the hoodie
ghost. there is an old cemetary close by where i used to live that we drove by daily and every
time we went by at night, we would see a guy in a dark hoodie sitting or leaning on the old steps
leading to cemetary gate. we could stare right at him and not notice any facial features and if we
glanced away he would be gone. It happened one time when we were walking by the steps, we
gave him a passing nod before we registered there wasn't anyone actually there. The other time i
saw a spirit, was so weird that i question if it was actually real. i was in the car with my friend
and her boyfriend. looking out the window of the car i noticed what looked like big bat wings
dipping into view. I stared at it for some time thinking it was a play of light or the telephone
wires but i would see it when the wires wern't there. I told my friends and when they looked it
would dip out of sight. I dont know what it was, but it was big and i was the only one who
could see it. I know that these things make themselves known to me because I am open to seeing
them, but i don't think im a medium. I  can't go to a place and talk to spirits or see them. but
every once and a while i will catch a glimpse of something, like a shadow, or see a person out of
the corner of my eye who is not there when i turn to look. I think that it all has something to do
with that time that i was gone when i was a baby and the area that i live in.

Kemper-Marsh-Millard Funeral Home

Hello, i used to live there at the age of 10 while my uncle owned the place. I moved there in
2004. Nothing much really happened at first, was a normal place. They began renovating the
basement maybe 4 months in after i had moved in. I would begin having odd dreams of
a shadowed misshapened figure where the elevator was. wierd things would happen maybe once
a week to me. I seemed to be the only one to experience things. The chapel doors closed on there
own once which are heavy and big so no draft of air would easily push them closed. I once saw a
light figure early in the morning while still dark out walking around the chapel. It would sit at the
old organ and move into the pews and sit in one of the rows. (third i believe) they have reversed
the room since then. We would always seem to lose something and come up with it days or even
weeks later in a different spot.

As Long As It Stays Quiet, I’ll be Happy!

My name is Patrick, and I submitted a story to the site about 5 or 6 years ago of some things that
happened to me back when I was in college, but I wanted to submit a more recent story of mine
as well.
About three years ago I purchased the house I live in now, which is a 1940's cape cod in a suburb
of Pittsburgh.  The land upon which my neighborhood sits is the site of a post-Revolutionary War
Military Installation known as Legionville, which is where General "Mad" Anthony Wayne
trained the first peacetime U.S. Army.  
The first night I slept in my house, I woke up about 3 or 4 am with the light next to my bed
turned on.  Now I am a light sleeper and need total dark to fall asleep.  I figured I must have
turned the light on in my sleep, so I turned it off and went back to sleep. 
 The next night, I woke up again at 3 or 4 am and the same light was turned on.  I was a little
weirded out with this occurence, but shut the light off and went back to sleep.  The next night, I
made sure I was going to sleep with the light off, moved the light all the way to the other side of
the night stand, and slept all the way on the opposite side of my queen sized bed.  Sure enough,
at 3 or 4 am I woke up and the light was on. 
At this point, I determined the light itself must be faulty, so I switched to a new lamp with a new
outlet.  Again, I was awaken with the light turned on.  I was so shook up at this point I yelled
'STOP IT, I know you're messing with me, so just stop it!"  What weird's me out more than the
experiences of waking up with the light on is the fact that it completely STOPPED after I
confronted it!  
Fast forward about three months.  I have a career which allows me to work from an office at
home for much of the time.  I was in the second bedroom which I converted to my office doing
some paper work around 3:00 PM.  I heard a door downstairs open and could sense that someone
was in the house.  I figured it was my parents, who have a habbit of letting themselves in on
unannounced visits.  I called down "I'm up here" to them, but received no response.  I went to
the top of the steps and yelled down "hello" and nobody answered.  At that point, I heard the
door to my kitchen slam shut and loud heavy footsteps run down into my basement.  I ran
outside of the house and called the police as I was certain there was an intruder.   
From the sidewalk across the street I observed the house while waiting for the cops to arrive.  I
have a front door, a garage door, and a side door, all of which are visible from the street. 
Nobody exited the house during this time.  Two police officers showed up and seared my house,
but found nobody.  The strangest part of this occurence is that the door I heard slam which is at
the top of my basement steps in my kitchen was locked.  That door locks with a deadbolt.  It is
the type where you cannot lock it behind you and shut the door.  You have to either lock it from
the kitchen side, or with a key on the basement steps side.  I clearly heard the door slam shut and
THEN steps ran down into the basement, but the door was locked from the kitchen side.  
At that point I decided to have a priest do a house blessing.  For the next few months, nothing to
that degree would happen, however, I would be in bed late at night just at the point where I am
about to doze off, and would hear a male and female talking.  Its just like when you're a kid and
were sent to bed when the adults are still up talking downstairs.  I could hear voices back and
forth, but could not make out what they were saying.  I'd get up out of bed to listen closer, but
the voices would stop.  I made sure to check to see if I was catching the neighbors talking or left
a TV or radio on, but never found an explanation.  After those few months, all activity stopped
all together.  I never really did figure things out, but as long as it stays quiet, I'm happy!

High School Haunting
I go to Churchill High school in Livonia, Michigan. The auditorium is said to be haunted by a
man called "Carli". When im in a theatre show, which is frequently, I always hear banging
coming from the rafters and catwalk. I frequently here footsteps coming from the stage area but
when you look there is nothing there. One time, my friend and I were sitting in the auditorium
talking. It was dark and no one was around by the way. we were sitting facing into the house
and looking at the midget door at the back of the auditorium. There was a sheet of paper taped to
the door. Well, all of the sudden, the paper started to disappear, and reappear. It kept this up for
several minutes. My  friend and I both know about Carli and have heard him before so we
figured he must be doing it. We kept watching the paper do this vanishing act, when out of the
blue and almost as if it happened in slow motion, we saw a distinct head and leg walk past the
door, as if he was pacing. We both got up and ran out of there in complete shock. When we went
back he was gone. My friend went up to the door and paced back and forth as I watched. It
looked exactly the same except I saw her and not plain darkness. We did some research and
found out that Carli got nervous and frightened easily making him pace, A LOT. We havent seen
him since, but the figure was definitively a man and completely there.


  I was stationed in 1995 at Ellsworth AFB, i lived in base housing Dakota
ridge "660 Mickelson ct", multiple objects moving, sounds in house, both wife
and i saw medicine witch doctar above our bed floating casting some kind of
spell on us both. Weird cold chills in house like pockets of cold air you
could walk thru but only in 1 room at a time. I had a wolf siberian husky who
would bark at walls and run to kitchen and watch trashcan slide across the
  Over the next 6 months, i would find myself praying for death with a gun to
my head, we were divorced, cat died unexplained death per the vet after
spending $2,000 to save her, 2 deaths in family, motor on the car blew and the
mechanic said hes never seen anything like it the crankshaft pulley
mysteriously elongated the keyway hole and entire motor was replaced, brother
was in serious car crash, mom got divorced, brother ran away from home, and
since that night my life and my x wife's life has been pure hell. She was
summary court marshalled after 6 months, i was moved to idaho but things didnt
get better.
  I went to housing office and they would not disclose any info on that house,
i told them what was happening and they annotated the house folder i also told
them i think this house was built on indian burial ground, but my next door
neighbor moved out of the house and i can tell you i strongly belive this
house is on indian burial ground.

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