Regarding your Haunted Places
By:    Anonymous
There was a lightening strike that hit a tree, near the huge bronze crucifix
that is in the south part of the cemetery in the late 80's.
Since then there have been apparitions, voices, people go there daily for
healing. Rosaries are left on the crucifix that, once silver, turn to gold.
I have investigated that place since it happened and had a Class A photograph
of the Virgin Mary's face in the tree that it happened.
However,the photo was stolen.
As of late, the Vatican has now deemed the site a MIRACLE.
I have been investigating it since it happened and continue to.
The children, buried close to there together in a group,it is said that they
can be heard crying aloud at night.
I have interviewed police officers and sheriff patrols that vowed they had
heard them also.
The part of the school which was on fire is still a part of the real school.
When the fire broke out the nuns would not let the children exit the building
but kept them , kneeling at their desks praying for help and that is how they
It is a very political thing and there is alot of denial if approached., by
both the school board and the parents also have protected the incident.
A local newspaper article did some stories on me as a Paranormal investigator
and that was one that I addressed. After it was printed, there was alot of
ruckus, still in the late 90's.
I feel as though those children, having died that way, need to be given the
chance if they were unable to "cross over" but nobody is allowed to address
the issue or investigate the school itself.
I go to the cemetery and say prayers over their graves for them however, I
feel there is still much more that might be able to be done. Time will

Same as Luling Texas experience...

I've had an "encounter" with an INVISIBLE THING such as what was posted in the first Luling Texas post. 
It was on one of my great uncle's farms (Uncle NUT, have no idea why they call him that) out near Elgin
Texas.  We were visiting and I got bored of the "grownup talk" so I went out past the barn and their dog went with me.  We went out about 50 yards from the back of the barn and we looking for bugs and such.  The dog was fine, I was fine and all was good.  The field/woods we were in had short grass and all the trees looked about the same age and the trunks were maybe a foot around each.  The trees were spaced roughly 10-20 feet apart or more and you could easily see thru and past them without any problems.  More trees were behind them about the same distance but there would be no way a person could more from behind one tree to another without being seen. The dog was fine, I was fine and all was good. Well, pretty soon all that changed.  I started feeling like something BIG was up ahead of me and the dog.  Maybe 100 feet or more.  I looked, nothing in sight...  Shake it off... keep bug hunting... Nope, something is there.  Can't see it but somthing is there.  Then a loud grunt like noise from ahead of us.  Sounded deep like a bull or Buffalo...  Still can't see anything but the hair is standing up on my neck.  I move my position to get a better view and as I do the dog moves closer to me and let out a low growl with is answered by another loud grunt but slightly closer.  Now I can hear grass and leaves being crunched and can definately tell where the sound is coming from but still nothing but trees and grass ahead of us.  Those trees can't hide a bull/Buffalo and as I look forward I see some of the grass moving but there is no wind.  It's like I'm in a vacuum.  I look down at the dog, he looks at me and whatever is ahead of us comes closer, this time not a step but a faster pace.  I'm still looking at the dog and he at me, we hear a gurgly, ugly sounding grunt and whatever it is is coming on strong at a good speed, I look up and see bark get knocked off the side of a tree and decide I've had enough.  I look down to the dog who is already hauling you know what back to the barn.  I took off and actually got to the barn before the dog did.  Neither one of us stopped at the barn, as we both headed straight to the house.  Whatever that was in those woods was chasing after us, snorting and stomping as it was running after us.( I've been chased by a bull before and vividly remember the sounds asociated with that experience) but stopped before it got to the barn (least I think so) But it still sounded like a bulldozer crashing around out there when I turned back towards the field/woods once I got to the house.  It was something!
 I went in and told my Great Uncle about what happened and he got all worried and said, "Oh, we don't go out there" and that's all he said.  I later looked and on the back of the barn was painted this weird symbol.  Like a pair of glasses (like an infinity sign) but with some other marks as well.
 Nope, I didn't go out to the field again and press my luck (and the dog spend the rest of my stay under the old house).

St. Bonaventure, NY

While hunting for haunted areas in the Central NY region, I found your site.   In addition to
that, I actually attend St. Bonaventure University.   There were two places on your site that were
mentioned:  St. Francis Hall (not Fancis) and Deveraux Hall.   While I've heard a mutlitude of
stories that can be questionable, St. Francis did have some stories that have some validity.   My
mother worked on the first floor, which has a designated office area.    While one night, she was
leaving from working late, she was leaving the office and turned off the lights.    She took a
couple steps around the corner, then heard a click, with the lights turning back on.    She thinks
nothing of it, believing that she didn't flipped them completely down and they snapped back.   
She makes sure the switches were in the "off" position and starts to walk away.   Once again, she
hears the audible click of the switches flipping up, followed by the lights turning on.    She knew
of strange happenings in the building, and just quickly walked out.
In addition to this, there was a friar named Fr. Alphonous Trabold, who was a huge believer of
the paranormal would actually work with the community in cases where he has needed.    Here's
the link:
Finally, thanks for the list!   Its great!

Strange Experience

My name is Ryan i am from westcentral Illinois.  I have always been a believer in ghosts. I have 
experienced a few things in my 30 years. But i would like to share with you what's Been
happening to me recently. I moved back to my hometown in Warsaw year and half ago with my
fiancee and her 5 year old and my new born son. I rented a house in town it was a older house.
Anyways after living there for a couple months i would always get this weird feeling that
someone was watching me. I would get goosebumps and my hair would stand up on my neck. I
would ask what they want and never get a answer. Im a insominnac so i would stay up late
watching tv. And every nite around 3 i would get that same feeling like someone was watching
me. I would also see little green orbs floating in the hallway where there was no lite. Well i
would think nothing of it and go about my tv watching. Then one nite before i was about to
move into my new house i just bought. I was laying there and it felt like a cold breeze blew by
my ear then i heard clear as day two little girls laughing and talking. So i sat up real quick and
looked around and there was no one there. My fiancee has heard similar things. So after we
moved into our new house which was built in 1974. And no one has died in i made sure to ask
the agent. Everything was good for about a month. Then my fiancee said one day that she thinks
the ghost followed us to our new house which is in the same town. I didn't believe her at first but
then i started getting that being watched feeling again. And it seems like the ghosts likes to hang
out in the basement and my 9 month old sons room. Since feeling these things my senses have
become more heighten you cold say. Well i have all kinds of noises i could tell you about. But ill
save them for another time. But ill end this with the last thing that just happened to me. My
house has been flooding in the basement the last couple of days. So last nite it rained again and i
was sleeping cause i had to get up for work at 3 am. I was laying in bed and around 230. I felt a
tugging on the covers and then the cover was being pulled over my head not hard but not soft
either. Then it sounded like people talking in my ear. I couldn't make out what they were saying
and it felt like i couldn't move. When i was finally able to move i let out like a half moan and half
scream. I scared the hell out of my girl. When i looked around no one was there So i got up to go
check on my son and my pittbull was laying in the hallway which is weird since he lives in the
basement and the door is always closed. He was calm but didn't want to go back down stairs.
After takin him downstairs i found the basement door wide open and i was the one who made
sure it was closed before i went bed. Well that's it for now. Ill rite more later

The Evil Within

back in the spring of 2010 I was waking up to hand print bruises everywhere on my body.not
understanding it ,I contacted my clairvoyant cindy muntz.she informed me the entity that was
attacking me was because of husband and I are self proclaimed witch and warlock.we
have it ion our blood and my hubby was raised around it.we practice all the day back
in 2001 winter time,we were doing a revenge spell.upon doing it we opened a doorway.a very
evil spirit came was wreaking havoc on my family.we were depressed all the
time.fighting ,yelling you name it.I finally realized the spirit was making me think it was my
friend and in return was hurting clairvoyant told me the only thing to do was send it my husband and I did a cleansing spell and a banishing spell and it took 2 trys before
my husband got rid of it,but once it was gone the whole room lit up and we were in awe.what a
difference in my life now.we are happy and I have my body back.I had to share this with you.if
any one else has been through what I’ve been through let them know there is hope and light at
the end of the tunnel.


These incidents happened around 1984 or 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland. I was in my early twenties and on my way to meet a shuttle bus that would take me to my job in Washington, D.C. It was around 1 p.m. in the afternoon. I was driving down Windsor Mill Road going towards Woodlawn, Maryland. As you drive down that hilly road it feels kind of creepy because you pass an old graveyard that sits across the street from a small stretch of old single family homes. As I drove, I looked over at one house in particular and I saw a young girl, she appeared to be about 10 years of age. She was extremely pale and her hair was long and bright red. She was alone, sitting on the steps. What really stood out was the way she was dressed. She wore a long old fashioned dress and black granny style boots that buttoned up. The clothes looked like something people would have worn in the 1800’s. She just sat there with no expression on her face, staring across the street at the graveyard. I was really puzzled seeing her, first because of the clothes she was wearing and second, because it was extremely hot that day. We were experiencing a heat-wave; it was at least 85-90 degrees. I figured she was just a kid playing dress up and maybe her parents weren’t aware that she was outside in the oppressive heat, dressed in those heavy clothes. I went on to work and didn’t think anymore about it. I took the same route everyday and didn’t see her again until 3 to 4 months later. I was driving down the same road and when I came upon that house I noticed a group of kids in front of the house, playing a very lively game of tag; laughing and chasing each other. I looked closely and there was the red-haired girl running along as if she were playing with them. I say as if, because it seemed like the other kids were not playing with her. It looked like they didn’t know she was even there. There was no direct interaction between her and the other kids. The kids would run one way and she would run too, but not with them. She looked like she was playing by herself. I can’t explain it any other way, it was just weird. She wore the same old fashioned clothes that she had on the first time I saw her. I honestly thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. A year passed, I changed jobs and forgot about the sightings until one day I was having a discussion about the paranormal with my mother. She was born in the South and had experienced her share of paranormal sightings. I began to tell her about my sighting and she quickly interrupted me and described what the girl looked like and what she was wearing. She told me that she had seen the girl before and assured me that my eyes were not playing tricks on me, that I had indeed seen a ghost. I’ve driven down that road several times since then but I never saw the red-haired girl again.

Denison Street

In the late 80’s I began dating the man who would later become my husband. He lived in West Baltimore, Maryland in a two-story row-house that had been converted into two apartments. He owned the home, and lived in the first floor apartment. The second floor apartment was rented out to another tenant. During that time I visited him often and had never experienced any weird occurrences.
One day I went to visit him while he was in the basement doing renovations. While down there I began to feel really weird. I can’t really describe the feeling, but it was a nervous, uncomfortable feeling, like heaviness was upon me. I had to get out of that room as quickly as possible and I told my boyfriend how I was feeling and left the room immediately.
In 1992 we decided to move in together. I moved in the day before Halloween. My parents helped me move my things into the house. My mother took one look at the house and told me that it was creepy. She said that it was haunted and that it gave her a bad feeling. When we moved some of my things into the basement she told me that she especially didn’t like that room and she felt the same way I’d felt years before.
The first six months there I didn’t have any problems. I just noticed that my cat, could not stand being in the basement. I would do laundry down there and he would follow me and sit at the bottom of the stairs staring at the basement door like he was watching someone or something. Sometimes he would run up the stairs like the devil was on his ass. I figured he was antsy because he wasn’t used to his new surroundings. I became pregnant with my son and that’s when things really began to happen. One day I was home alone and heard someone call my name. The backdoor was open and I thought my boyfriend’s brother was at the door because he lived a few houses down the street, but when I went to the door no one was there. Another time, I was home on maternity leave waiting to deliver my son. My boyfriend had renovated the newly vacant 2nd floor apartment and wanted me to go up and check out his handiwork. I decided to check it out while he was at work. I went upstairs and walked around and felt the nervous heavy feeling that I had experienced in the basement. This time it felt like someone was standing close and breathing down on me. I felt the hairs on my neck stand up. I was very scared and made it my business to go back downstairs as fast as my pregnant, awkward body would allow me. After that incident, my cat disappeared after going upstairs. We found him days later limping down the street. I believe something scared him and he jumped out of the window trying to get away from whatever he saw in that apartment.
Nearing the end of my pregnancy I prepared to go to the basement to do laundry. I hated doing laundry there because the washing machine was in the back room of the basement. It was even creepier in that part of the basement, especially when you were down there alone. I tried to force my cat to go down the basement with me but when he realized what was going down he ran and hid from me. I left him alone and went to the basement to do the laundry. I was hanging clothes in the front part of the basement when I felt what I thought was my cat rubbing himself against my legs. Imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw that nothing was there. Again the hair rose on the back of my neck. The room became ice cold and I froze. I could not move my arms, legs, anything. I was so scared I almost couldn’t breathe.  When I finally got myself together, I began to walk up the stairs telling myself that it was my cat that brushed against my legs. He had probably snuck down when I wasn’t looking and ran away before I looked down, but when I got to the top of the stairs I saw that the door was completely closed. When I opened the door and saw my cat stretched out on the kitchen floor fast asleep, I almost passed out. I called my mother and told her what had just happened and she instructed me to recite a prayer and tell the “visitor” that I didn’t want it there and to move on. I did so and also sprinkled Holy Water throughout the basement. I didn’t have any other experiences after that. Years later my husband admitted that the house was a deal when it bought it because the owner’s husband had been sick and passed away inside the house.

A Terrifying memory of a Haunting that won't go away
By: anonymous
    One of my earliest memories is of being terrified and convinced something was after me. My parents never really believed but I swear our house was haunted. There was something besides a ghost. It's been in my dreams since I was three. I'm twelve now. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm lying or exagerating. I write only what I recall. Anything I'm unsure if it was a dream or my imagination I won't include. This is all as true as I remember. It's rather long but My house was always a source of fear at night. My room was near the attic. It terrified me. My cat hated the attic as much as I did. When she passed it to go into my brother's room or go near it to go into the bathroom or my room she'd instantly begin bristling. There was always creaking noises as if someone was pacing back and forth. It scared me to death to the point where I would run into my room to avoid seeing it. At the end of the hall under the attic was a mirror that didn't have much significance other than that it made the hallways seem even eerier. Most of my experiences happened in that hallway I hated so much.  One night I was sleeping heavily, as usual. I could sleep through almost anything so the fact that I just woke up from nothing was odd. No nightmares, no noises at that point, no extreme cold or heat. Just randomly woke up. My cat my asleep under the attic and woke up at the same moment I did. My windows were closed and there was no air conditioner or any reason but my closet began shaking very slightly. I heard whispers that eventually got louder though I couldn't make out what it was saying. It sounded male. I got so scared I threw a pillow at the door and it stopped, for a moment. The next night was just as scary. My cat had begun hissing at the door. There was an eerie shadow that looked like a child about the age of six but I couldn't make out any features besides long hair and what seemed like a smile. A mocking type of smile. I began bursting into tears and it vanished. My cat calmed down and sat at the foot of my bed, her back to the closet, starring at the door. That was the first events and the only those were that was severe and I don't think any of it had to do with each other. I asked my mother the next days if she heard anything, she's a light sleeper, and she said she never heard anything. In the months following I heard footsteps in the attic, whispers from the closet and shadows slinking across my walls. When my great-grandmother died it stopped for a while. There was still the attic and shadows but it was less and less often. I felt my Nana's presence strongly and still do. It wasn't enough to stop it but it was enough to quiet the ghost or whatever it was.  A few years later we dug up the back yard to put in a pool. That's when it stopped. I found an old-fasioned gun that was small and rusty. I began to carry it around but one day I leftit outside. It vanished and so did the whispers I believed to be a male's voice. Where I grew up there were many battles which led me to believe that maybe it was from one of those. It was too small to be a rifle they used and it still puzzles me today. The little shadow girl I had seen before she was a shadow and she still hasn't left me. 
    At the age of three I woke up with a nightmare. A little girl about the same age as I at the time had visited me in my dreams. Say what you want but this is a re-ocurring  dream that still bothers me. She always wears a nightgown with lace on the bottom, besides that is just a solid color. Sometimes it's a pale yellow and other times is lilac. The colors seem to be of no importance otherthan that every time I see her it alternates. Every year since she aged with me until I was seven. Then she stoped aging but things changed about her. She has a long braid tied up in a black ribbon. Her hair is light, dusty brown and now at waist length. There may not be anything paranormal about this but it bothers me. In my dreams it's always the same. I'll be with someone, a friend, family member or even pet. It'll suddenly go dark and everything will disappear. I'll being in utter darkness then an eerie fog with surround me. The only light source will be her. I become unable to move or speak and she slowly comes toward me. I'll be screaming in my head, trying to run but unable to do anything but watch in horror as a little girl comes towards me. Most the time she just watches me but occasionally she holds my head in her hands. Her eyes are black, like the pupil and the iris are both black. She seems to want something but everytime she begins to talk I wake up.
My parents say I have an over-active imagination but think about it. Who would imagine something so horrible it scared them for years and causes them to still be afraid of certain places even though we've moved?

Weston WV Sanitarium

I had the privilege of visiting the Weston Lunatic Asylum last year.  I went alone hoping to join the last
tour of the day but to my delight, I was the only person for that tour so I got a personal tour by one of the
extremely nice guides that also included the paranormal tour.  Although I went mainly just to see the
buildings, I was very surprised to encounter activity in the day light hours.  The main floor of the doctor’s
residence (it is located directly over the main entrance of the facility and has the walk out balcony) is
where I SAW doors closing on their own, the sound of doors closing next to me but no doors actually
closed and the sound of foot steps.  Of course this facility is huge, with many wonderful stories of days
gone by as well as wonderful architecture but the old nurse’s facilities (the nurses that worked there were required to live on the premises at that time) gave me the worst feeling.  I felt as if I was being watched and someone was looking over my shoulder the entire time.  Although after I discussed the fact that the nurses must have had a very hard life, living at the facility and not being able to take advantage of living so close to town (this place literally sits right in the middle of town!!!!) I didn’t feel the presence bearing down so hard on me from that point on. 
It is an awesome place to visit and the fact you drive right through the arched gates lets you know what it must have been like for the residence of such a facility.

Englewood, MO

; bridge over Cedar Creek at the bottom of Devil’s Backbone Road in southeastern
Boone County.
About 12 years ago, my college friend and I skipped class at MU and drove out to the Devil's Backbone
road, east of Englewood (out past the airport south of Columbia, Missouri). It was a warm spring day,
middle of the week, maybe early afternoon. He wanted to try out his 4WD on the backbone road. It is
massively steep and narrow; just a crushed rock road. It leads down to an old skeleton of a steal beam
and girder bridge. This road used to be one of the few Cedar Creek crossings between Boone and
Callaway County back in early 1900's. The road is no longer used and the only thing left of the bridge is
the steel girders. We drove down to the part where the bridge meets the road, parked, and got out to
just enjoy the warm sun. We walked down the bank to just below the bridge, almost to the creeks
edge. We were just standing there shooting the guy talk back and forth and we started hearing
something coming down the gravel road we had just come down. At first, it sounded like tires on
gravel. As the sound approached it was heavier, and obviously we saw no car. The sound eventually
changed to what I have described to many as "the sound of an old buckboard wagon on a plank
bridge". You could hear the wooden wagon wheels as they hit the edge of each plank. You could hear
the clanking of the chains on the wagon. And I swear you could hear the horses’ hooves as they stuck
the road and then the planks. Made my hair stand on end and still does to this day. We saw nothing.
We saw no one. We both heard it independently. We both just stood there and looked at each other
in disbelief for what seemed like 10 minutes. And just as soon as the sound appeared out of nowhere,
it was gone. Maybe lasted 10 seconds. 

The Many Faces of My Home

This information takes place over many years and has only been an occurence with myself,
anyone else living in my home has either not shared information or has never experienced any of
this at all!
I grew up with my brother and my parents in a fairly new home, about 40 years old now in a very
nice suburban area. There is absolutly nothing strange or scary or spooky about the place where
we live, in Mississauga Ontario Canada on the outside that is! Ever since I was very little I have
had a wide fascination with the paranormal, and the unexplained has taken over my life ever
since  I can remember,weither that be a good thing or bad thing im not sure but I have never
been physically harmed by any experiences. It all started when I was about 10 years old and slept
in the room next to my parents room. First off, I've always been afraid of my closet and the normal
things that go pump in the night that I slept with my door open. Now my room is at the end of a
short hall way,with the staircase on the right towards the end. This night I was laying on my bed
and I could not sleep no matter how hard I  tried and I could see nothing but dark shadows in the
hallway moving around. I felt very compelled to move to my floor and look out into the hallway
where I saw a large figure of what appeared to be a slim tall man with short hair on the far wall
of the hallway, which I started to scream and cry and ran into my parents room not saying a
word about what I saw and they dismissed the crying and screaming to be a nightmare or of
course my imagination. 
Now my family has an amazingly interesting and compelling history that goes back generations
and generation and all these stories are fresh in my mind. Some of it is very dark and a lot is
secrets that my parents only share with our immediate family. But I have always been aware that
my grandfather, my mothers father had commited suicide and my grandmother on my dads side
( my fathers mother) was a very eccentric loving woman that always shared stories of the
paranormal and u.f.o's things she very wholeheartidly believed in. My father is a disbeliever and
my mother has passed away with cancer. The reason I am sharing this is because I believe the
amount of deaths that have been from horrible diseases and accidents is what has caused the
next series of stories and events that took place over a few years recently.
I am now 23 years old and live in my brothers old room that is directly across from my older room
from when I was ten years old. My father goes to work every morning around 6:30 am and I am
currently out of work as I am starting college next semester. After my father leaves for work I am
usualy up in my room on the computer chatting or doing random things to pass the time as im a
night owl and barely sleep because of the reasons Ill tell in a second. At about 9:00 am every
morning during the fall and spring ( it only happens during this time) I can hear large thudding
and banging in my attic and what sound like someone walking back and forth and banging on
the walls. Now my attic has never been used nor is it capable of supporting weight or anything
for that matter so I know for a fact it is not an animal or anyone living as well there is no entrance
to the attic from outside.This happens everyday until the beginning of summer all through out
spring and fall and I am unsure of what this is. Until one day around 10 am I awoke to an empty
house my father at work and the sunshining through my window, to my suprise there was a young
man sitting at the foot of my  bed on the floor wearing a red cap on his head stareing out my
window with his elbow on his knee as if this is something he did everymorning let me please make
you aware that he did not aknowledge me and if it were to be classified as a haunting it would
absolutly without a doubt be residual as he did not move and was gone within a flash of a
second but I can recall every detail of this man as if he was someone I encountered everyday. He
gave me no bad feelings and infact I now believe him to be a watcher or what some call angels.
 I am one of those people that experience sleep paralysis and I experience it very often about
every three to four days to be exact and these experiences are not without terrifying encounters
with passed souls and are the cause of my sleeping disorder I have had these for the past 6-7
years and Is where the majority of my encounters occur. I am going to make this part short but a
few of the people I have encountered during these paralysis's are an old elderly woman that
appears to be native indian wearing a large necklace attuned with oddities that I cannot explain
possibly skulls, or bone fragments, maybe she was a hunter or she was a skinner Im not sure but
she is always calmly sitting in the corner of my room over a large vent in the floor and
dissappears when  the paralysis finally ends,recently we have found that there is a giant water
stain of a very odd colour on the ceiling below this vent downstairs and nothing has ever spilled
or leaked down from this area and we cannot find the source. The other is a woman that has
long black  , straggly hair and I would call her a shadow person as her features are
unreconizable and she purposly scares me as she is always directly beside my face hovering from
behind my head and is only there for a split second she is the only spirit that fills me with so much
fear and anxiety that Im shocked I have not had a heartattack from her. The other is a shadowed
figure with a long cloak or  dress, hood over his or her head that is in the praying position
standing beside my bed who is almost always accompanied by randoms smaller figures floating
in the air this spirit is not scary or intimidating but extremely bizzare. Other strange occurences
during sleep paralysis are things moving around my room that I can witness just as if I were awake
and stareing in the room, The move around spin around and go back to their original place.
Large dogs, small dogs and black dogs at my doorway, beside my bed or on my bed. Aswell I
often catch glances of photoframes and writings on the wall that have never been there during
my or my brothers time in this room and quickly dissappear as they are sighted. I believe I am
experiencing events that have taken place on the land or in homes before this home was built.
After doing some extensive research on the area, many of these lands were filled with Aboriginal
natives that used these lands for their own purposes, burial sites and the river about 3 miles from
my home as a major transportation and trading route to other areas of Ontario, The credit River
to be exact for anyone that would like to check themselves. As well as a Large fire that took out
an entire city back in the 1890's that used to be called Springfield Ontario which is now called
Erindale Ontario is about 4 min drive from my area, and Is a location where alot of my friends
went to school as it is just over the division line of the area. I believe the history has alot to do with
these encounters but If anyone can share their similar experiences I would be really excited to
hear their stories. thanks for reading.

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