A Haunting Experience

By:    seaglass929@yahoo.com

Hello, I wanted to share this experience I had with you folks in the hope that someone may read it and know who this man was.  When: Early 1990s  Where: Logans Run Sports Bar, Sunrise Highway, W Babylon, NY  Back in the early to mid 90s I found myself hanging out in an unsavory dump of a bar in west Babylon, NY. I spent way too many nights there mingling with the residents there and one night I saw a big male figure out of the corner of my eye and I just turned my head and caught a full glimpse before he disappeared. Every night I was there I would see him. A big biker guy in a black leather biker jacket and jeans, he had dark shoulder length hair and beard and moustache and he was always standing either in between the jukebox and he windows or near the kitchen door. After a few weeks of this and now knowing my eyes were not playing tricks on me, I told one of the local guys there what I had been seeing and he kind of went pale and wide-eyed and told me I was indeed seeing a biker that had gotten shot and killed in that bar when it was a bar called The Irish Mist. The place I saw him standing was right where he had died I was told. Logans Run had closed down not long after my encounter as the owners son had died tragically in the basement of the bar. I just wonder who that man was and if anybody knows the story or has seen him themselves.  Thanks for letting me share this story. You guys are great. 

Haunted House in Truxton, MO
By:    lazyt@nothnbut.net   
The haunted house in Truxton MO that you could see from I-70 is gone.  It either collapsed and was deliberately burned or it was burned and collapsed in on itself in 2010.  But it's gone.  I was very attracted to that old house and the barn that used to stand beside it since I was a child and we used to travel back and forth between St. Louis and Kansas City, MO.  Several times my husband and I considered trying to buy it but the house was really in un-restorable condition.   I was talking to an eldery neighbor of mine, approx. 70 or 75, about the house and he said that his family used to rent and live in that house when he was just a kid.  Said back then, it was always called the 'Churchill place'.  He didn't know why.   I stopped by the house in 2007 on a bright, sunny day in August to take some pictures of it.  Don't know why, was just kind of driven to do so.  And yeah, I admit, I had a very distinct feeling that I was being watched the whole time I was there which ended up only being 10 or 15 minutes.  I couldn't get away from the place fast enough.  Interestingly, there were two or three turkey vultures soaring over the house while I was taking the pictures.  But they didn't show up in a single picture I had taken!!!  Not one.  Like I said, after finally stopping there after all the years I had been seeing it, I couldn't get away from it quick enough.  I have attached a picture I took that day.  Probably one of the last ones taken of the old 'haunted house'.

Demonic Breathing
By:    anonymous
I stumbled across your website about ghost hauntings and thought my current story could be handy.  Firstly I live in a little town/village at one of the most southern points in Australia along the SE coast. I'm 21 years old, never touched a single bad drug in my life except alcohol and have no family with mental illness in my bloodline.  About 4 months ago I was reading my book in bed and the lights were on, my dog was on the bed with me. Suddenly at approx. 11pm I heard a clap at the end of my bed, and the room went sort of cold. Suddenly I heard a breathing hovering the end of my bed, like something was watching me. I Saw the dog growling at it, I checked outside to see if anything was out the window. Nothing could explain this DEMONIC sounding breathing that grew louder and was getting slowly closer to me. As I was creeped out I went on to my sisters room and was explaining what was happening when all of the sudden it was behind me, right next to my ear. It went into my sisters room and this time it got extremely loud. She started crying and hiding under her Boyfriends arm. It stopped and went away. For the next week, I started to notice whenever I walked into a different building the power would fade in and out for a second. EVERYWHERE I went. I put it down as coincidence until it just became too much of a coincidence. Also at one point in this week I swear I heard a Demonic voice in the living room saying some thing I could not understand. I told it to leave. After a while things stopped and 2 months after the first incident I was laying in bed one morning where suddenly I froze, I was trying to send a txt msg and from what i recall the writing changed,  I was trying to read it but my vision blurred, my body was shaking and I could not speak. I definitely not religious but I was praying subconsciously. Was really intense. This lasted about 10 seconds. 2 months later and it's up to today (Monday). On Friday night my mate stayed over, my dog was on my bed once again. I heard my dog growling at something and based on passed experiences I decided to just roll he other way and sort of try block out everything. My mate on the other hand was scared to death. (as he told me the next morning) that a really bad presence was in the room, he said 'you could just feel it, it was suddenly cold' and he said breathing came from the Hallway, got louder and went into my bedroom which is when the dog started to growl. It stuck around for about  2 minutes. my mate was too scared to move and didn't even tell me it was happening!  Last night(sunday) possibly the most intense thing happened at around 4:30am. I went to turn the dvd player off with the remote (i accidentally fell asleep with it on) and then roll onto my left side. Out of nowhere wind was rapidly blowing in the room, it was a harsh freezing cold wind, blowing on my face as I was covered by a blanket. A very deep, dark but clearer than usual voice echoed in my right ear. It was saying something in a totally foreign language I had never heard the like of before. I could not control my body at this time, I was frozen into my bed and could not speak. I was trying to recite a prayer that my mates dad who is a priest told me to say if shit ever went down. I could only mumble it and this time it snapped out and I yelled the word GOD subconsciously. The room became so still it was daunting.  I like to consider myself to be very logical and usually skeptical. I never would have believed such stories in the past but now that I have experienced it and  have heard so many stories of my friends doing seances and stuff I think it's legit. I do not believe this to be a 'human spirit' I actually believe it could be some form of bad spirit or a 'demon'. I still am not a religious person, however I now believe in the unseen! I hope to get some much needed sleep now :)

2 Stories to Share
By:    jones.tiffany18@yahoo.com
Hello, my name is Tiffany and I have some uncertainties maybe you can help clear up for me. When I was 6 years of age my father was killed in a car accident on his way to work. To this day I strongly feel his spirit remains with me. For the record, I loved my father dearly, still do and miss him much. In the spring of 1992, as a class project for our psychology class, we had to take notes that nite of the dream we had if one was had and share it with the class the next day. I still to this day cannot decipher if what I had was a dream or a near death experience. I dreamt I sat in this tunnel, it had all of my childhood memories within it, my stuffed bear, my ball, my favorite tricycle, etc. Also in that tunnel was my father, dressed in a white gown, sitting on a chair. I knelt down next to him and listened to him tell me "Tiffany, I love you and I need you to understand this is not your time." I told him that I loved him and missed him so much but he told me that I couldnt go because then I couldnt tell my mom what he wanted me to share with her. He told me "I understand you miss me, but you have to understand that one day we will all be together, and that time is not now. You have to let your mother know how much I miss her and care about her as well as the rest of  you"(i have 6 siblings). The light in this tunnel was absolutly BEAUTIFUL. Ive never seen anything like it before. As I was drifting away from him in the dream I was waking up, sobbing uncontrollably. Of course I had to go in and share this with my mom and she was speachless. Since then, I have only had 1 other dream with my dad and siblings in it, of course real as ever and again so upset I couldnt be with him. Im just not so sure if the first one was an actual dream, out of body experience or near death experience. It was just amazing.  My second experience......When I was 20-21 I became pregnant. I lived with my cousin and her boyfriend in Baldwinsville NY in an apartment on Downer Street. One nite, while I was close to my expecting date, I woke up to a woman without a face in a white gown, almost like a nun sitting at the end of my bed. When i sat up she immediatly disappeared. She showed up a few times after, almost as though she was watching over me. It didnt matter if I moved my bed from one side of the room to the other, she still found her way.  To this current day, I still feel I have family who have passed on watching over me. Ive been told I have an older man usually sitting at my kitchen table with a cigarette in one hand and cup of coffe in the other, which sounds much like my grandfather. I cannot tell you how many times my fiance, 2older sons, and myself have put our cell phones, digital camera, flashlights, anything with batteries on the kitchen counter and within hours, the batteries are almost drained. We dont place those items up there as often as we use to. I many times when family is going to pass on, see the individual in a dream the night before and thats when i know their time has come. Ive had dreams which include the dead meant for other people and let me tell you, they physically drain me! OMG! Sometimes its fun though. When relaying the message to the rightful person and seeing their expression when I tell them something I have no previous knowledge of and dont know what it means but they have an understanding, it is just amazing! It seems to bring relief to them.  I dont know if you can sort any of this out or if any of this makes sense to you, but I know this stuff has happened to me and it doesnt scare me, it seems like more of a wakeup call. Thank you for your time and have a great evening. Thank you for listening as well, I appreciate it.

Jenny Wiley
By:    randy_bentley@yahoo.com
In one instance a guest and her husband was staying in one of the lodge rooms, and was getting ready for bed, she laid down and was about to doze off when she opened her eyes she noticed her husband was in the bathroom, he came out and went over and sit on the other bed,which she thought was odd, when she rolled over, her husband was behind her in the bed asleep, and the man on the other bed had vanished! On another occasion a front desk worker was at the front desk late one evening, there was a table across the lobby that had several items on it from the Gift shop on display, the clerk heard a noise, looked up to see all of the items slide off the table as if someone was taking their arm and raking them off into the floor, but there was no one there but the clerk, who was frightened by the event.  One morning at the front desk, the dining room clerk came in to get their bank bag from the front desk clerk, and saw a person go into meeting room #3 beside the front desk,  and asked the clerk, "who went in meeting room 3"? the front desk clerk said, "no one, I'm the only one here this early" they both went to meeting room 3 and searched it, and the entire upper level and found no one there, the dining room clerk stated that he was positive he saw someone go in the meeting room, and the front desk clerk said she even heard the meeting room door close back together. On another occasion the front desk supervisor was walking back to the time clock room and as she turned the corner she said she saw what she could only describe as a shadow person run across the room and and disappear into the wall. There have been several Paranormal groups come to Jenny Wiley lodge and investigate and all say they believe the place to be haunted.

Little Girl
By:    redheadx2@cableone.net
Back when I was about 6 years old I believe I spoke to a ghost.  My sister and I stayed a week at my grandmothers house.  We slept in the basement.  I got very sick on that visit.  I went up stairs to my grandparents bedroom and I was standing by a dresser by the end of my grandmothers bed.  I wanted to wake her up.  A little girl with long black hair was sitting on my grandmothers dresser and I talked to her about waking my grandmother up.  I'm 40 years old now and I still believe that I talked to a ghost that night.

Morning Wake-Up Call
By:    augusttears8791@aol.com
So just to give you a background for my story, at my boyfriend's house, in his room his sister died there about 12 years ago. I myself have felt very strange in his room and through out the house, feeling cold spots to just being creeped out in his room. Usually if I bring anything up to him he denies it all. One morning my boyfriend and I were lying in bed, I myself was in the state where i was awake but yet still asleep. As I was lying there I started to hear talking coming  from his hallway, it was distinctly a female voice, i could not make out the words though. I sat up in bed listening closely, figuring that it was just his mom home and getting ready for work. My boyfriend then wakes up hearing the voice also. We both look out the window to see if his mother was home, or anyone at all in that case. To our surprise no one was home but us. I got up looking around the house to see if there were any TVs on or a radio, there was nothing at all. I then start to text my boyfriend's mother asking if she stopped at the house by any chance, which she honestly denied to. I proceeded to try to figure out what was going on. I finally sat down beside my boyfriend, and just unknowingly asked him what his sister's voice sounded like, and if she sounded anything like his mother. He told me that his sister was just like his mother in every way voice and everything, and then told me that he believes that it was his sister making herself known. I now think that from this day forward my boyfriend will not deny any of my experiences I have in his house.

My Vision
By:    angelwings2964@aol.com
A few years back, I was in a car outside of Worcester State Hospital in Worcester MA.  The building was all boarded up and I had "a vision".  This was the first time this happened to me and it scared the wits our of me.  In reading your website terminology I think it was a residual haunting.  I heard blood curdling screams and saw a man in a striped nightshirt (like the nightgown type shirts worn in the 1800's) and wearing a derby hat.  He had dark hair and a mustache.  He was levitating near the ceiling of a hallway in the hospital.  It seemed to happen quickly, but the screaming was heart-wrenching.  After we left I was quite shaken.  Some time after, I discovered a website opacity.us.  A photographer posts photos of haunted abandoned Mental Health hospitals and other old abandoned buildings.  He has pictures of Worcester State Hospital, including the boarded up building.  I came across a picture of the hallway that I saw in my "vision".  What do you make of this?  Was it a residual haunting?  I have always experienced "spirit or ghost" type experiences.  Usually a friendly or mischievous spirit.  I have also "felt" or connected with loved ones.  Another odd experience involved myself and my three children.  I woke up to one of my children screaming.  I got up to check on him and it appeared he had screamed in his sleep.  I went back to bed and when I did, I saw this "creature" that looked like one of the gremlins from the movie of the same name.  It ran through the living room where my bed was and through the front door.   A few years later, I mentioned this to a friend.  My children said they remembered that night and also experienced this.  While we talked about the experience, my youngest son drew a picture of the exact thing we all saw.  I was floored as I had no idea that they had all seen this.  I originally chalked it up to being half asleep and perhaps I had imagined it... I just wanted to share this with you. 

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