Big fan for years; but will only read stories while at work (in daytime)!!  When I was 3 my parents moved us out of Chicago and to house outside the small town of Peotone (40 miles south).  The house we moved into was built in the late 1800's.  Originally, it was built for a Methodist priest, and there was a church on the grounds.  In the 1920's a tornado took out the church.  Funerals used to be held in what we used as the living room.  There was always a feeling of "being watched" in that home.  It ususally was not a bad feeling, just of not being alone. There was one part of the basement that I severely disliked going into.  When I was 4 and my sister was 5, my sister went to kindergarten and made her first friend.  We were both invited to spend the night.  We did not get any sleep that night; it was just too creepy in there!  Her house was even older than ours and a lot of strange things went on there!!  Her father was in construction and did some remodeling when they moved in.  Apparently what is now the bathroom was a boarded up room that had been a child's nursery; he removed the boards and renovated the room.  The first occurance happened in the living room.  Our friend's mother was into antiques and she had a clock on the desk next to the answering machine.  They would have messages of a faint voice (little girl) that would say, "Thanks, mom" on the machine, but in the background you could here the clock (it did not tick on the second, but a little off), and the machine would not count this as a message.  One time at X-mas they were going to go out for the day, but before they did they got out their big box of X-mas decorations and placed it in the living room.  When they came home, the items had been strewn about the room.  The chairs in the kitchen would be found leaning up against the table.  You could hear a ball bouncing upstairs when no one was there.  An antique wardrobe that we used to hide in (hide and seek) was missing a wooden piece on the top, one day it was found nailed on.  Another X-mas my friend and her little brother were sitting in the living room watching TV when some X-mas decorations came flying off of a speaker at them (no wind, open windows).  Books would move and fall by themselves.  There was an area off of the kitchen used for storage that I would never like to be in; also the stairs by the basement.  On another note, my father (who is well educated) tells us that as a child his parents took him to visit an old civil war battle site.  As they walked around he was talking about landmarks and buildings that they could not see.  As they were getting ready to leave, they stopped into the visitor's center, where they saw a map of the area as it was during the battle; everything that he had been talking about was there.  And the coolest thing I've ever witnessed: when I was around 7 and my sister 8, we went camping in Minnesota.  We were out with my father after dark collecting firewood when we looked up at the stars (he was always teaching us about constellations and such) and my sister said, "Dad, what would happen if a falling star fell through the big dipper?.  He replied that he did not know; that very moment we witnessed a falling star fall through the big dipper.

My Ghost Story
Here is my ghost story.  It would be interesting to see what someone else thinks of all this.  I was at a friend's house listening to music tonight, Saturday, April 12. He is a drinker, so he was feeling pretty good.  He was at the computer with his back to me, I was on the couch directly in front of the tv (which was off). The only light on was right above his computer desk. To my right was the entry way which was dark (pitch black actually), but I could see the reflection of the room in the tv. He was playing "O Death" from Brother Where Art Thou (song itself gave me the creeps!) when suddenly I looked into the tv and saw a solid black figure of a tall man start to step out of the darkness of the entry way into the living room. I didn’t see anything like clothing or facial features, just tall and solid black.  My friend, at the same time, swiveled  his desk chair and pointed towards the entry way where I saw the figure. The figure stepped back into the dark as quickly as it appeared, as though it didn't want him to see it. I looked at him and said, "did you see that too?" to which he replied, "see what?". He was only being animated during the song, but for sure didn't see anything. I have experienced several things at his house (he has not though and it upsets him) but what I experienced that evening was the most eerie & frightening for sure.  I know it wasn’t one of his friends or someone goofing off.  It isn’t easy to walk into his house through the front door and not be heard, the floor is tile.  We walked over and turned on the light and we both looked, there was no one there.  I just went home.  I couldn’t stay there and I begged him to come with me, but he wouldn’t.   A few days later when we talked, I asked him if he every had any séances or similar things in the house.  He at first said no cause it was his Grandma’s home & he moved in about a year after she passed.  But then he paused and said well remember when we cleaned out the attic there was a ouija board up there.  Well, no I didn’t remember & I told him to get his house cleansed, but he has just laughed at me.  I have never been back to his house since that night.  About 2 wks later he got an unintentional evp which is very eerie also. He has a voice activated recorder and was recording a couple programs off the computer for a friend at work.  He turned off the computer & the tv isn’t hooked up anyways, but when he woke up there were 3 recordings instead of two on his recorder.  I know he’s pretty up on computers, but he didn’t make this evp himself.  Actually, it scared him and he said he wasn’t going to listen to it anymore. 

Haunted By A Little Girl
hi, my name is Laura, when i was younger about 8 years old i began to be haunted by a little girl a similar age to me at the time.  she was dressed Victorian, she had a little ribbon in her hair and wearing a yellow dress with long brown hair that was curled, it became every night i would see her, i used to sleep in my mothers room in her bed, when i went to sleep i used to have a recurring dream every night about a little girl running through woods being chased, i was running behind her but i felt her fear, i felt i was also being chased to, i used to turn around and see a boy chasing us i was terrified of this boy as he was  quite scary looking. i used to wakeup crying and when i looked in the corner of the room i saw a small girl facing the wall with her arm over her face crying, i used to described her to my mother on what she looked like, my mother believed me because there had been strange goings on in the house at the time to, like pieces of jewelry going missing or things that had been put away in draws but then had been taken back out again and we didn't know how this had happened. when i was having this dream i smelt a smell that can only be described as rotting would or the smell of wood after it had been raining, these dreams stopped after a while and i stopped seeing the little girl in the corner,  i stopped seeing her but i always new she was there, i used to hear foot steps like the floor boards were creaking outside my bedroom door, one night i came out of my bedroom and i walked across the landing i was walking across past my mothers room and herd something like somebody falling over there was nobody up stairs but me so i ran as fast as i could down the stairs. my dad  when he was sitting down stairs recalled hearing footsteps in my mothers room some nights, he would ask my mother why she was walking up and down the floor on a night, she would always say she was in bed asleep.  i asked around on what was on the land before the houses were built back in the 1940's, i was told there where just  woods, bogs and marchlands, witch i found ties in with my dream. i also herd a very similar story witch made allot of sense to me, in a different street to me but in the same area there was a young boy his mother and his sister living a house together,  the young boy was haunted by a little girl, she would go into his room on a night and through things around, she would also put her foot on to his face and push his head down into the bed, she really didn't like him, but she never seemed to bother his mother or his sister even though they knew she was there, after a short time the young boy had to move out because he couldn't take it anymore. i found this story quite similar to the little girl i had seen. its been 6 years now since we moved from the house now, there is a different atmosphere where i live now, it feels more relaxed and don't feel like I'm being watched like i did in my old house, before i left i left my old house i tried to get the little girl to contact me, i was hoping  she would, i haven't forgot about her and there is a reason why she is still on earth, i want to find out what it was exactly happened to her, i even gave her a name it was cassie, even now when i think about that dream it still sends chills down my spine, she was obviously trying to tell me something, i just wish i had found what exactly it was. i often wonder if she is still in my old house and i hope she is ok.  thanks for reading my story. 

My Ghost story
Several years ago I was working as a painter in Tulsa Ok on Guthrie St. We were painting a house, that was built in 1924, on the outside. I was on the scaffolding on the second floor painting the trim on a window to a bedroom and I felt someone looking at me from behind so I turned around and there was a young girl wearing a red night gown. She was very, very sad. We made eye contact for quite some time and I could actually feel her sadness. Then she disappeared. Later I was around the side of the house and I could see the curtains to the window in the basement open but they would close very fast when I looked at the window. A few minutes later I felt someone looking at me again from behind and when I turned around there was a man sitting on a retaining wall. He was wearing black and seemed very angry. Mean almost. So I told my boss and  he believed me so he asked the homeowners if there was any history with the old house. What he found out was this: The house was owned by a Constable who had a daughter. The wife had passed away so it was just the two of them. One night the Constable had to make his rounds around town. When he came home he went to check on his daughter and he found her murdered in her bedroom. It was a bloody murder. He looked around the house to see if the killer was still
inside and he found the man in the basement hiding. That’s where the Constable shot him several times. My hair still stands up when I think about this. I hope the girl found her way to the other side.

Willow End Trailer Park
I lived in this trailer park and as you enter on willow end st, there are 4 streets to the right..the 1st street to right as u are almost at end is a vacant lot.  This lot has a small family cemetary on it.  A friend & her husband were walking one evening & stopped at cemetary.  There was a rustic cement like small bowl in there that they took to use on patio for cigarettes.  Next day, husband fell ill & was rushed to hospital & dying. Friend took bowl back & placed by grave where they took it from & husband instantly well.  Later that night 4 of us went over & very eerie, cold chills in middle of summer & when you try to go by fence on backside of small are forceably thrown back.  3 different families have rented that lot & 2 families trailers burned down within 1st month & 3rd family left as too eerie & cold.  BE CAREFUL when approaching the back of graveyard too closely as the spirits are especially strong there.

One of Several Haunting Experiences
This happened in 1978, in a house that I originally rented for myself and my 2 small daughters.  Except for the landlady's weird choice of paint color on the walls (bright and gaudy green, purple, pink, and yellow), I thought that this small, two bedroom house was cozy and just right for us.  The only thing that I noticed upon moving in was an uncomfortable feeling of being watched from the kitchen, when I was in the livingroom (two of my friends told me about feeling the same thing, without my saying anything to them first!), and the fact that neither one of my daughters would sleep through the night without waking up crying.  It was several months later, I was taking a bath late at night.  I was expecting company the next day and had been preparing for that.  I know that this will sound strange, but I kept feeling that I was being watched again, and then a voice began to infiltrate my thoughts, saying awful, suggestive things that terrified me.  I hurried as fast as I could to get out of the bathroom.  As I rounded the corner to enter my bedroom, I saw a dark, shadow of a male form laying on my bed! (I could see that it was a male, but I don't feel comfortable telling you how I knew that)    I ran out to the livingroom and sat in a rocking chair, watching the doorway to my bedroom, until early light.  I told no one about this because I was afraid they would think that I was nuts!  The next thing that happened was when I would go down to the basement to do laundry.  My dryer had stopped working, and it was winter, so I had to hang my clothing on clotheslines that were down there.  I thought it was just me, but when I hung the sheets and turned around to get more, the sheets would come up against me and cling to me. One day, because my smallest daughter was napping in the playpen and my older daughter was awake, I took her down with me to keep her out of trouble.  While I was loading the washer, she pointed behind us to a far corner of the basement and said, "Mommy, what's that?"  I looked over my shoulder and alot of things that my landlady was storing, including a stuffed chair were in that corner.  I told her that it was the landlady's stuff, but she continued to tug on my shirt and say, "No, Mommy, that..."I looked again and thought she was pointing to the chair, so I said it was just the chair, but she said, "No, Mommy, the monster."   I can't tell you how hard it was to calmly finish putting the clothes in the washer and take her back upstairs, so I wouldn't scare her.  She knew what monsters were, because of watching Sesame Street.
My mother watched the girls one night for me, so I could go on an outing with one of my girlfriends.  When I returned, she told me that someone had tried to open the back door--she could see the knob turning--but when she switched on the yard light and looked out, there was no one there.  I never liked the backyard at was creepy feeling, especially as you got closer to the garage.  I was to find out later, from my landlady's daughter, that a man that had lived in my house had died in the garage, when a car he was working on fell on top of him.  It was almost a year later, that I had met someone and remarried, and then I found out I was pregnant.  He moved in with me, and nothing happened until I was in my 6th month of pregnancy.  There had been old, blue indoor/outdoor carpeting in the kitchen which my husband then tore out and put in new flooring (with the landlady's permission).  For about a week or so after that, we would awaken to the sound of newspapers crumpling.  He was so certain it was one of the girls, so I would get up and check, but they would be sound asleep in their beds.  As soon as I would climb back in bed, we'd hear it again.  We thought that we must have mice, so we set some traps, but never caught anything, and that particular sound just stopped.  One day I was carrying a laundry basket on my hip, down the basement stairs, trying to be careful, as I was big and pregnant.  Approximately half way down the stairs, I tripped over something that I could not see, fell down the stairs and hit the wall.  Luckily, I was not hurt badly, nor my son.  I mentioned this occurence to my landlady's daughter, who lived just around the corner from me, when I was outside with the girls one day.  I was trying to fish for information because she had also lived in my house at one time.  She hadn't heard any noises, but when she was 7 months pregnant with her daughter, she was also going down the basement steps and was tripped.  Her fall, however, caused her to go into labor and give birth prematurely.  I was not comforted by this!  But it wasn't like we could just pick up and leave.  As my pregnancy progressed, my then husband and I realized that we would need more room.  We asked the landlady about another house down the block that she rented out, but someone was living there.  We asked her about the upstairs, which she kept locked.  She said that it was being used for storage.  We even offered to pay more for rent, but she said no.  My husband did not understand why, and was curious as to what was up there, so he took the door off the hinges and we went upstairs.  There were things all along the stairway on the way up, but when we got to the bedroom upstairs, there were clothes hung in the closet and shoes in there, slippers under the bed, the bed was fully made, clothes folded neatly in the dressers....and then I noticed the most unusual thing...there was no dust on anything.  I had such a creepy feeling and I told my husband that we need to leave, so we went back downstairs and he put the door back on.  That night I remember we had just settled down to sleep, when at approximately 10:30 pm, there was a loud crash upstairs, followed by a dragging sound...then it would repeat a few minutes later...over and over all night.  My husband said that someone had broken in upstairs and went outside to check the windows.  No windows were open.  For several nights, we listened to this every night around the same time, until almost light.  Then like the other times, it just stopped.  Okay, fast forward to about a month later and we are awakened to the swish-swish sound that children's footie pajamas make.  Once again, I would get up and check, but they would be asleep.  After a few more nights of this, it too just suddenly stopped  I had only one babysitter that would watch the children in that house.  We came home one night only to bump into the babysitter with the door, because she was sitting up against it, playing solitaire, facing the kitchen.  She told us that she heard the swish swish sound, and saw the see-through form of an old woman walk across the kitchen.  She said that it happened over and over again.  Once we had the next door neighbor's 15 year old son just sit with the kids for a couple of hours, so we could go visit a friend that was in town.  He started calling us every 10 minutes or so, asking us when we were coming home.  We had to cut the visit short, and when we came home, he was sitting there with his mother!  He had called her over to sit with him.  Apparently, he had shut off the radio and turned on the tv, when he noticed a tall, dark shadow of a man on the livingroom wall, but there was nothing there to make that shadow.  Then he saw the apparition of the old woman.  His mother saw her too, she said.  They were both very frightened.  The babysitters, my husband, my older daughter all saw the old woman apparition.  I did not; however, one night I got up to get a drink of water.  As I was starting to drink it, I heard the swish swish sound start from across the room, pass behind me, and go into the bathroom.  I was frozen in place.  Also, I used to leave the oven light on the stove on, so my older daughter could see to go to the bathroom.  As the sound passed from behind me, it completely blocked that light out!  I was putting my glass in the sink, when I heard the sound coming from the bathroom, passing behind me again, blocking out the light, and on to the far corner where it stopped.  I couldn't get out of the kitchen fast enough!  The babysitter told me that after I went into the hospital to have my son, that everything around the house went crazy.  She said that the rocking chair moved itself a few feet right in front of them, while they were watching tv in the livingroom; the old woman apparition came in to the girls' bedroom, the door to the girl's bedroom started moving rapidly back and forth by itself one night, and that she and my oldest daughter saw a person hanging from the ceiling in the girls' room.  Once I came home, she said that everything just seemed to calm down.  It was a happy day for us, when the landlady said that the people in the bigger house up the street were moving out.  We didn't waste any time, even telling the landlady that we would paint and clean it ourselves...she insisted on providing the paint, though, but we didn't care. The last thing that I remember, before we finally got to move out of that house, was I was awakened by a voice that said "Mother," and saw a flash of white in the bedroom doorway.  If there was ever a need for confirmation that something indeed was wrong with that house, and that it was not just our imaginations, was the very first night in the other house.  My children slept completely through the night, without crying or waking up.  I felt nothing but relief.  Oh, and a young couple moved in the previous house right after we moved out.  We went over and introduced ourselves and while talking, I just happened to ask if they ever heard anything unusual.  The woman looked at her husband and told us that there were some crashing sounds upstairs at night, but they didn't know what was causing them.  They only stayed there 6 months.

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