Proprietary House
Just wanted to start off by saying that I love your site. Was on your list of haunted places in NJ and saw the Proprietary House in Perth Amboy is listed there. I am a trustee with the house and we conducted a major investigation of the house in December, and found more than we bargained for. As for what your site says, in the year-plus that I have been working at the house, I have heard stories of the little boy (always in blue) but never heard anything about him pointing to the third floor. If anything, the third floor was where it is *rumored* he got pushed from a window, by his uncle, before falling to his death. We know he died at the house, we are just not sure how. My friend's niece has actually talked to him (he appears to children, in full-bodied form). I have included a link to the investigation (we did others, but this is most recent.) If you care to read the others, and ones I conducted at the Spy House in Port Monmouth, please click the paranormal tab at the top of the page. If you would like any more info on the Prop House, please let me know.

St. Anthonys Hospital Woodhaven Queens

By:  Anonymous   

Hi I worked for verizon and had to work in St. Anthonys Hospital several times in the early 80,s and there was still clerical work going on, just on the 1st floor. I had to work in the basement where the telephone terminals were. There were many catacombs and 3 morgues and a sub basement that i found by accident. All the marble slabs and surgical tools were still in place. A couple of times I saw shadows of someone walking when I went to look no one was there and almost all the time you heard voices and screams. After the first time I never went alone.

Orbs and Out of Body
I also wondered if you wanted to hear about an "out of body experience" I had when I was 4 or 5 yrs. old. You didn't mention it so here it goes.  
Back in 1968 or 69', We moved into a house, it was two stories with an attic and basement. We were told that Mr. Shelton had shot and killed himself in the basement, the people who owned it before us told my mother this ( I think we were just renting this house). So how long ago this had happened I am not sure and who Mr. Shelton was is beyond me, I was a small child and don't remember. But the house ended up being haunted. Countless things happen to all of us,( eight kids and my mother. ) My older sister had a bedroom with vinyl curtains for her door. They pulled together and latched and of course I could not reach this latch. So the challenge was on, (kid stuff), for some crazy reason I wanted to shut those doors and latch' em by myself. I drug something over to the opening to stand on and pulled them shut and latched it, but when I went to unlatch it, it was stuck and so was I. Locked in this room all by myself, in this haunted house where being alone in any room was scary. I lost it, I started screaming and crying for help. My mother and three of my brothers came to the door and told me to shut up, they would get me
out. They kept telling me how to open the latch but I was so scared Mr. Shelton was going to get me. I couldn't do anything but scream and  cry uncontrollablly. I wanted out of that room so bad, the next thing I know, I am standing on the other side of our dinning room table,(my sisters room was right off of the dinning room) looking at the backs of  my mother and brothers. They were trying to open the door with a butter knife and they were yelling at me to quit crying and I could hear myself crying too! But out there in the dinning room I wasn't scared or crying, just watching them as they tried to get the door opened. I remember just standing there, I had one hand on the backrest of the chair and the other on the table. I was there maybe one minute at the most and then all of a sudden I was outside of the house, way up in the air looking down at the window of the bedroom I was locked in. And I saw myself walk up to the window to look out and I was still crying uncontrollable. But once again, while I was up in the air I wasn't scared or crying, Just watching myself. This lasted seconds then the next thing I know I am standing back in the room on whatever I had to reach the latch, crying, and the door was opening. My family had gotten me out and of course whipped my butt for messing with the door.  I don't remember walking to the window, I could see and hear myself but had no consciousness of myself in the room while I was out of it. The reality or what was real was me out of the room. Oh let me say this right...? When I was out of the room, that is were my mind was. I was not in both places at the same time, so whatever happen in that room with me while I was experiencing the out of body thing is beyond me.. I wasn't there I was in the dinning room and outside. This happen during the day. I did tell my mother how I was outside the room, standing at the end of the table watching them. I even told her who was standing where and who was using the knife to open the door. She had no comment. I am in my 40's now and have only told one other person. They didn't believe me either. So I have kept quit about it. All the other "Out Of" experiences I have heard of seem to happen with people who have died. Which this is not what happen with me, I was just so terrified. I am not lying or making any of this up, it's nice to be able to tell someone who won't think (Hopefully) I am not lying, just really confused about why and how this happen? It has never happen again. Only that on time. Thanks for letting me tell you, 

Strange Visitor
Good evening. Last week I was in church returning to my seat after communion. I turned around do see a man who appeared to be in his early 30s. We smiled politely at each other and he proceeded to sit  next to me. 1 second later I turned to see that this strange man had disappeared.  I thought nothing of it and returned home.  I was walking down the hall way and something made me turn around and again I saw the same man. He smiled, and for some reason I smiled back. He then headed into the kitchen. I followed and there was nobody there.  The house had been securely locked and the alarms were on. The security cameras were all turned on and functioning correctly. There is no sign of anyone else in the house apart from myself. However on one tape a kitchen chair moves quite a distance back by itself. The chairs in the kitchen are quite large and heavy. I do not see how the wind could have moved it.  Since then I have seen the strange man on 2 separate occasions. Once standing in the middle of the road outside my house. Again in my house watching me work with great interest. Again I was unfazed by his pressance, we smiled politely at each other as always, I continued work and when I looked up he was gone. This is freaking me out something fierce…

Tallahassee Florida

I was thinking about my dog last night, as he was put away a few years ago, and the immediate remembrance of a very weird experience me and my dog had in my home  in Tallahassee came about.  This home (prior to any construction behind us), was all wooded landscape and ran into Lake Jackson.  Within this wooded area were several Indian burial mounds.  One day, shortly after I moved there for a new job, I took my dog for a walk (unleashed) back in those woods.  I saw these mounds but really did not know they were Indian burial mounds.  My dog and I both walked over these mounds just being adventurers.  When I returned from our walk, my neighbor asked me jokingly if I had let my dog run loose back there, and my response was yes.  He then stated that I would see a black bird perched somewhere soon in a tree close by, and that this bird would be watching me.  I laughingly asked why, and he said that if we walked over those mounds, we could have possibly wakened the spirits, and that the bird was their watchful eye on me.  Well, of course I thought this man was crazy, but he was actually a very nice and intelligent man as I learned later.  So only about 2 days later, I returned home from work, and I recall thinking about the black bird bit he told me.  So I peeked around the left side of the home to look into the wooded area, and low and behold there was a black bird perched on a tree STARING at me!  He would not take his eyes off either!  Needless to say that was creepy.  So that very night, I was in my office and my dog was usually laying in the living room by the fireplace.  As I was doing my work in the office, my office chair was budged about 2-3 inches forward with a force that felt like someone actually pushed the chair!  I instinctively reacted by looking over my right side “expecting” to see my dog.  No dog!  Nothing!  So I quickly went into the living room only to see my dog laying down facing the hallway entrance (which is where my office resided, as well as two other bedrooms), and he had his head between his paws staring and GROWLING at something in the hallway!  Talking about getting freaked out!  So I grabbed my dog by his collar and tried to lead him into the hallway, and he resisted every attempt.  He was scared obviously, and he DEFINITELY saw or sensed something.  I did not see anything at all.  As I walked into each room through that hallway, I did not see or sense anything.  Then I walked into the bathroom in the master bedroom to find that my candle (which was lit) was out.  So that night I kept ALL lights on!  The following day I came home and looked again for that weird bird, he was not there.  So I took my dog outside to do his thing, but then I noticed he was limping, and then he fell to his side with pain in the back yard.  As I made observation, I noticed that in his groin area, he had a large tumor like bulge coming from this area.  I immediately took him to the veterinarian, and I recall she had no explanation for it, but prescribed medication to reduce the swelling.  Within two weeks or so the swelling went away.  Looking back at that, I really feel that that spirit (or whatever it was) made that happen, as my dog was still young and very healthy.  After that week of weird occurrences, I never had anything further happen.  I never told my neighbor what had happened, as I did not want to look silly or have rumors flying around.  But for sure, I can tell you that I know in my own gut that what that neighbor told me came to life!  Dogs can definitely sense or see these spirits, as we cannot apparently.  Between the bird, the bump on my chair, my dog growling and acting scared, and the bulge in his groin area, all made sense that SOMETHING was in that house!  Never walked in those woods again!  I no longer reside there either.  I found your site by accident actually, as last night I told myself that today I was going to search the net to see if anyone else had this similar experience around the Lake Jackson area.  I could not find this.  I do not know what you do with these personal experiences on your site, but feel free to include if you wish.  This occurrence happened in August 2001.

The Car
The same car I've seen beforeI don't like to admit it but I see a lot of
strange thing sometimes and I mean the ghostly type. While I was driving cross country from Salt Lake to Tampa, just about heading into Kansas, I saw a real cool looking car, it was black and had the smoked out windows, it came cruising up behind and past me doing about 100 m.p.h, and then I saw that it had no license plate. I let him get 50 yards ahead and then I started to pace him thinking that it would keep the cops off me, knowing that the cops would get him first. As the road dipped and swayed in the hot sun I lost him somehow thinking that he pulled away and got out of my sight.  I stopped and got some gas and got a quick bite and hopped on the road again, no more than a half hour later I looked into my rear view mirror and here came the same car, Black with smoked out windows, The car was traveling very fast and was gaining on me very quick so pulled into the far right lane to let him pass. Just as soon as he was in my blind spot on the drivers side I looked over my left shoulder to see were he was and that's when I saw that there was no car at all. I felt a shudder of cold and sickness in my body. I hate it when these things happen to me because I'm always left wondering what the hell just happened and why? Am I over reacting? Did I let something scare me that was not meant to be so? I know what the feeling of being haunted feels like, and this just didn't feel right. For the first time on my trip I got real scared, but low and behold I looked in my mirror again and saw the same black car coming up again , I pulled off to a Hotel and got a room, I didn't even want to think about driving ,I was still tired from the Atlanta traffic encounter, lets just say it was hell. Well the very next day as I had just started driving, Along came 8:00 AM, I was listening to some Ozzy and enjoying the morning whilst driving. I looked into my mirror out of habit and saw in the far distance behind me a small speck of a car, I didn't think anything of it but after awhile I looked again and saw the black car about 100 yards back and my heart skipped a beat. I forced my self to look in away from the mirror and keep my eyes on the road and I could not help but thinking of the old movies of the past like The Car and one of the old Creep shows. But then I started thinking about were I was headed and my friends Pam and Brandy in Florida to live for awhile and I had the urge to look back into the mirror and the car was gone but that tingle in my body remained for awhile and never saw the car again. I wonder what it was all about? And I don't think it was random I think It was meant to happen to me for some reason.

The Most Haunted House Ever
This is a ghost, entity, evil, demon, spirit... And Whatever else was haunting our home I can tell you. I will NEVER forget what happened as long as I breath air. We moved into this big house when I was 15. It had been empty for about ten years. It had old, creaky wood floors and a ton of doors. Every where you turned in the house there was a door. Don’t ask... I still can’t figure it out. It was a doctors house and the very back of the house is where he saw his patients. Yes, some died in the house in his office. Both my grandparents also died there.The very first night we had activity. About 3am every morning there was someone banging on our front door. My grandfather would get up and no one would be there. This happened all the time. We would drop our car keys in this glass bowl right when we walked in and they would be in a different part of the house. Things were always showing up all over the house. It likes to play tricks all the time. So many things happened I can hardly recall them all BUT this one I will never in my life forget. I would love to forget but I never will. I was 20 years old and just had a baby. I had my daughter in a basinet beside my bed. I fell asleep watching Michael Jordan play basketball in the Olympics. My bed had a tall headboard that sat up against my bedroom window. I also had floor to ceiling curtains. Very heavy curtains. The windows were shut, the curtains were shut too. I was sleeping on my I fell asleep to the tv. The tv was still on and the baby was fast asleep. All of the sudden I felt a strong man's hand covering my whole face! He was trying to suffocate me! I was in panic mode. His grip on my face and nose was so tight I couldn’t breath or scream. I was looking up at the ceiling thinking I’m gonna die right here right now. It seemed like an eternity and I was loosing my breath. Than... The phone beside my bed rang. It stopped. I jumped so far out of the bed across the room and looked back thinking I would be fighting off an intruder and no one was there! I looked out the window, nothing! I looked in the mirror and I had a bright red hand print on my face. It was evil. It was an evil something. I was praying out loud for whatever it was to get the hell out of my house and leave me alone. I have never been that terrified in my life. NEVER! I looked out the window and it was pitch black. I got the feeling like something was out
there laughing at me, mocking me.  The baby never woke up. It was her father on the phone. I told him what happened but he thought it was a dream. I know from the start it was as real as I am sitting here telling you today. Not long after that, my grandfather and grandmother died in the house on 2 separate occasions. I was left in this huge house all alone with my 2 children. They were 1 and just months old. The house was always freezing no matter how high the heat was on. I would hear talking that I could never make out. Footsteps up and down the hallway, pinching, grabbing, touching me sexually... Yes. My covers would be on the floor on the other side of the room when I awoke. The lights never worked. I changed the bulbs all the time. When I did the laundry where the old doctors office use to be, I could feel breath on my neck. I could see shadows of people out the corner of my eye. It was a living nightmare. The energy was so thick and heavy, even on the brightest day. I was scared to death to be there alone and go home after work alone. I would just sit up with the tv on until I could fall asleep and pray to God I didn’t have to go pee in the night. I was so scared to get up. The day I moved from that house was the happiest day of my life. I could of stayed there forever in that big house but I wanted out! I still to this day 19 years later have vivid dreams of what happened. All the things I heard and all the things I saw. I have only told a few people this story.  I've seen and felt both good and evil from a very very young age. My nanny told me  I had the gift of seeing and hearing spirits, like I was a light to them.  I have had soooooo many experiences I cant count. Most are very bad but I have a couple that are good. I am terrified of the after life. I pray that God carries me to heaven. If you don’t believe, I’m telling you there are things you cant see but they can hurt you and make you so depressed you want to die. They can touch youm hurt you and mock you and laugh in your face. I know, it has happened to me more than I can count.

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