Haunted All My Life
By:    shannonshanri@webtv.net
when i was living in this house in 1999 in  Hazleton, PA.. My children and my boyfriends children were in the pantry and they were arguing over something stupid. The English muffins lifted right off the microwave and flew across the room.. Another time i was the only one home someone threw a shoe at me... Another time i heard the kids at 1 in the morning running up and down the stairs giggling and playing with a ball. When I got out of bed to put them back to sleep it got real quiet and it wasn’t even my kids.  Mine were sound asleep....Another time I was laying in my bed and I heard rustling noises on the side when I looked to the side it shuffled to the other side when I looked at that side it shuffled back I was playing with someone who. I don’t know.....another time there are two mirrors in my room one to the left of me and one to the right.  When I sit on my bed in one mirror I can see a nun in black kneeling alongside me in the other mirror I and see a nun in white 
standing over me.  But when I look to the left and right of me there was
nothing.. Only in the mirrors...another time I seen a frail and fair dark haired lady with a pale blue leisure suit on. I walked right over to her and put my hand right through her....I moved out.  My boyfriend stayed it got to toilet flushing. Banging on walls, vacuum cleaner running, and many more until one day the pipes just burst forcing us out of the house.  Anyway that’s just one of my haunting stories...I’ve been haunted all my life, still am....

Creepy Stuff in Warren Harding High School
By:    g.angela34@yahoo.com
hey, like about two weeks ago i was at wrestling practice in the gym i had to change the lockerroom was locked so i went back upstairs to the second floor gurls bathroom i waz sure i was the only one there i wanted to be quick so i went to the first stall i saw i put my gym bag down and began to change all of a sudden the lights go off and the door wich was lock and swings out open so hard the lock went loose so i grew up knowing alot about ghost i wasnt scared as soon as the dor opend the lights turned on i closed the stall door and contuinued to changed then i herd almost like a man whistling so i got my stuff and left

Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ark.
By:    Melodie.Terry@BankSterling.com   
This has got to be the most haunted place I have ever experience, and I am what is considered a "spiritual sensitive".  My daughter and I and 2 friends were attending the ghost tour in the hotel, when my daughter abruptly got panicked and had to return to the room. Only later did she tell me that while the guide was describing the event that led to a young woman being thrown off of a third floor balcony by an unknown person, did she have her hair tugged and a male voice whispered "Anna" in her ear. She said she could even feel the hot breathe on her neck. This was supposedly the name of the young girl who was killed, Annabelle", but she had no clue at the time of the tour.  After that, she was a believer!

Ghosts in the Southern Desert Correctional Center, Indian Spring Nevada
By:    Lasvnicholas@aol.com   

i worked at sdcc for over 17 years and we have several housing units 8, 5, 3, and gun towers , and the prison culinary that are haunted, i will start with tower 4, officers are not allowed to read or have a radio when on duty, and the lt. or sgt. will check on the tower officers at all times of the day, when in a gun tower you can see everything anyone coming or going, so its easy to see if you are going to be checked on, the door at the bottom of the tower will slam shut and foot steps a very heavy tread will be coming up the winding staircase they will stop at the top landing where there is a 10 foot ladder leading to a trapdoor, then it just stops, thinking it is a sgt. or lt. i will walk over to the trapdoor to help let them in, and when you open the trapdoor there is nothing, and there is no way anyone can get out of a 60 foot stair well in just a few seconds and leave the tower are with out being seen, many officer have had this experience and it happens so many times we just don't pay much attention and just say to  myself  ( the tower 4 ghost) and leave it at that, the prison culinary has many ghosts, when all is done at the end of a feeding and clean up and all the inmates are sent home for the evening and the shakedown of the culinary begins, in the mop room you can hear voices almost like a party is going on and i would look at my partner and she would look at me and one of us will say i thought we got rid of everyone, well there is a prison count coming and we had better find these people and send them home so off to the mop room we will go and when lisa and i get to the mop room  there is nothing, and the noise has stopped, this has happened so many times i just pay not attention to the party or what ever is going on, once when working alone in the culinary with out a crew or officer  i saw a dark figure pass by a observation window i got up and left my office to see who it was  but there was no one and nothing to be seen, in unit 5 during a prison count and prison counts are very serious, but when you have more  inmates in your unit it throws off the state count, so s/e or search and escort is sent to do a count, its always the same cell or room as we call them that has the extra inmate, s/e can't find the extra inmate the ghost of unit 5  has been seen again , the ghost of unit 8, unit 8 is a lock down unit for people who cant conform to any rules, the inmate is let out of his room for 30 minutes a day for exercise, i was doing a health check and no one was out of there room i heard some one walking behind be with bare wet feet as if he just came out of the shower and when you turn around to see who is there no one is to be seen, many officers and staff have heard and seen many  strange things we don't consider them a threat and they have never hurt any one so we concentrate on the real danger the inmates.

Hartsdale, NY Hauntings
By:    ramystein@gmail.com   
I have spent most of my life growing up in Hartsdale, NY, a block away from the Ferncliff Cemetary, directly behind the old cemetary flower shop. When I was younger, and our family first moved into the house, my mother would yell at my father, blaming him for leaving the door
to the basement open, claiming that my sister and I could easily fall down the stairs and hurt ourselves. My father would always deny it was him who was opening the door. It could not have been my sister and I, because the bolt to keep the door closed was too high for us to reach at that age. My father wanted to test if it could be someone else. My father, my mother, sister and I all went into the guest room to to watch a movie one night around the times of the door constantly being opened. Before the movie started, my father went downstairs to check and make sure the door was closed and the bold was locked. Halfway through the movie, he went downstairs and realized that the bold was un-done and the door was wide open. My mother had to have priests come over one day and do whatever it is they do when there is signs of a ghost in a house.  Clearly it didn't work, or maybe there is different spirits because that isntance isn't the only time.  One day, around the time we were about to re-model the kitchen, I walked in the house and my mother looked at me like she saw a ghost. Thats because she actually saw this white form of a little girl running up the stairs and into my bedroom. Often, I have come home and heard voices or whispers. I would yell out that I am home to inform whoever, thinking my mother or someone else was home, that I had come back from school. I would then go around the house and realize no one was there. At first I would think there were theives who broke in and hide. Eventually, I realized this was a common occurance and did not want to be home alone by myself because of this. My mother has heard voices too.  When I moved away for a while to live in New Jersey, I would get frantic phone calls from my mother to come home to vist her because she constantly heard voices and objects would move on their own. One night, the most terrified I ever heard my mother, she said she did not get any sleep because she kept hearing things, objects moving about and then the wireless doorbell she had recently installed went off at around 2 or 3am. She went as far as to take the batteries out but the bell continued ringing for a good half an hour or so. I believe she said her bed was shaking too before any of this happened.  Books have flown off shelves and across the room in my sister's bedroom. This has happened on several occasions. I also recall as a child, my toys moving on their own and me just telling myself that it was all in my imagination because I could not believe what I was seeing, resulting in me just hiding under my covers until sunrise.  Finally, I know this is probably just a weird coincidence, but the day my old refridgerator died, was ironically the same day the elderly grandmother of the previous owners' died. She was very fond of that old fridge and was very upset that the family did not decide to take it with them to the next house they moved off to. I just consider it an odd coincidence, but whatever. The damn thing was old as time so I was surprised it even lasted as long as it did.  Oh, and while on the subject of paranomal, the Ferncliff Cemetary. Never had a problem with it until one night I was walking through. My friends and I would always cut through the cemetary to get to one another's houses cause it was safer than walking on the main and busy streets. Usually we would go in packs, or if alone, during the day time. I don't anymore because, well, besides the fact I can drive now, one night when the moon was full and you could see clearly that no one was around except for the fields of graves, I constnatly heard voices whispering. I would constantly look around thinking maybe it was some teenagers drinking (that is what kids used to do in town, drink in the cemetary) but no one was anywhere in sight. I know my house in this town/area near the cemetary is not the only one that has or is still being haunted. On the other side of the cemetary, in White Plains, there is another house, near my where my mom's friend lives where the mother thought the son was making up an imaginary friend that he would talk to until one day she saw for herself an apirition of an olderly man rise up from the ground of the room she has her washer and dryer in and the vanish.

Ghost at UVM Grasse Mount Burlington VT
By:    Anonymous

In 1985 I was employed by UVM’s Dep’t. of Continuing Education, then located in Grasse Mount.  My office was on the second floor.  One summer evening I was working late.  As I worked I became aware of sounds of someone working in the front room, downstairs on the first floor.  I assumed that a colleague was working there; I heard sounds of a typewriter (there were both typewriters and computers in use), a desk chair being rolled across the floor, file drawers opening and closing, footsteps.  Connecting the two floors is a circular staircase.  When I finished working (approximately 2 hours later), as I came downstairs, I asked “who’s been keeping me company here?”  I glanced into the front room…no one was there!  Needless to say, I ran out the front door.  The next morning I asked everyone on the staff if they had worked late…no one had.  Aside from being totally startled by finding no one in the room, my “feeling” while I was working upstairs was that whoever was downstairs was quite amiably keeping me company.


By:    anitafuhrmann@bigpond.com
Well this happened when I was nine I still am now  but in January, I just came back from my party where I got 5 balloons I took them in to my room with my bff Stephanie I released them in the centre of my room here is the scary part the balloons were pumped after the party and I watched them get blown up any way all the balloons flew into the air all except for only one the purple one I went and sat  on my bed and the purple one followed my and Stephanie we started calling out names and it would come to us if it was right

My Ghost Experience
By: odieloft@gmail.com
It is an event I will never forget, and cannot explain.  It was the summer of '96, I was 15.  It started out as a normal summer day, a perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the sun.  All five of us girls were sitting outside Angie's house.  She lived on a busy street, and had a retaining wall running the entire length of the sidewalk in front of her house, with a set of four stairs in front.  We were sitting on the wall/stairs, smoking cigarettes and waiting for some friends to come pick us up to go to the lake.  I am unsure which one of us noticed him first, but we all saw him.  He came from our left, and walked right up to us, staring at Angie the entire time.  He was wearing what I can only describe as a polo uniform.  He had on beret type of hat, a wide, horizontally striped shirt, khaki pants, and loafers.  On his shoulder a dark brown bag was slung.  It was not the everyday attire of anyone we had ever come across before.  We were never the kind of girls to be frightened by a stranger walking up the street, but this was not "normal".  We try to engage him in conversation, asking him who he was and what he wanted, but he continued to walk towards us, staring at my friend.  He stops right in front of her and asks: "Are you Angie?"  He repeated himself about half a dozen times.  At this point, we were very upset with him, yelling at him to go away, that he was a freak, typical teenage girl response.  He must have realized he was not going to get anywhere with us and turned around to start walking away, so we turned to each other, and commented on how weird that was.  We looked up to watch him walk away, trying to see if we could figure out if he lived around there, or had a friend waiting in a car, but he was nowhere in sight.  The only place he could have vanished to was the alley down the block, so we ran down there, but still no trace of him.  We ran to the end of the block, but still nothing.  We dismissed it as just some crazy freak, and went on about the rest of our day, trying to forget about it.  Now, if the story ended here, I probably wouldn't think it was anything but weird. If only the story ended there.  The next day, Sarah and I walked back over to Angie's house.  We were walking through the backyard, in the early afternoon, sun was shining, nobody else around.  I turned to Sarah and asked her: "What if that creepy guy comes back again today?"  She replies: "Don't worry, he won't."  The next thing we heard was very loud demonic laughing, like somebody had hooked up surround sound to the trees around us.  The laughing continued until we made it up the stairs to the door.  There is no explanation for what we heard.  It was in our ears, and shook us to our core.  We never saw the guy again, or heard that horrible laugh.  All I know for sure is that it felt wrong, it felt evil, and I am not easily frightened.  This is the first memory I have of anything in this category. 

Castle Almere
By: Anonymous     
Everyone says the construction of "Castle Almere" was interrupted because of money issues and no agreement on the laws. But this is what really happened. Unfortunately, due some problems with the construction company, only half of the ordered constructers could be put on the job. This was kind of a problem, because it was the end of 2005 and the owner of the plan wanted the castle to be finished by the end of 2008. So the only possible solution was to let the constuctors work in two groups. One group would work on daytime and the other group would work at night. Everything went great for six months in a row. Then suddely the constructors wanted to swich shift. They refused to work at night or tell anything about why they wanted to switch, so the other group had to agree and changed shifts. This went well for another six months. Then the other group of constructors started to complain. They also refused to work at night, but this time the company was done switching and told them to keep on working at night. Because they found out the constuctors sneaked out and went home, they one night closed the fences and gates around the castle so the constuctors couldn't get away 'till morning. At night, they could hear the constuctors scream and yell and they heard their equipment making lots of noise. But the guards didn't saw anyone coming out of the castle. The next morning they opened the gates to go have a look. What they encountered was
horrible. The constuctors killed each other with chainsaws, hammers, really everything you could kill someone with. It looked like a massacre, but there was one very strange thing they couldn't figure out. "DONT STOP BUILDING" was written with blood on every wall inside the castle. After the horrible incident the construction was shut down and they made something up for the newspapers. Nowadays it's impossible to enter the castle, but if you manage to get in, be sure to leave your tools at home...

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