Albuquerque Hilton Garden Inn


I go to Albuquerque for work and stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in uptown, ABQ.  On a recent visit on August 4, when standing at the checkin counter, my top-heavy suitcase  fell over.  The gal behind the desk laughed and said "well we DO have ghosts around here".  I did not think much of it and we laughed.  That night I was laying in bed at 240 in the morning, awake, when I felt something about the size of a cat or dog was traveling between the mattress and box springs from about my buttock level up along by body towards my head.  When this "thing" got to my shoulder the mattress lifted me up about 1 foot so that the corner of the mattress with me on it was up off the box springs.  This startled me so bad that I jumped out of bed, turned on the light and was afraid to look under the bed.  I seriously thought someone was under my bed and was going to attack me.  I finally did look under the bed and in between the mattress and box springs and nothing was there.  This hotel has adjustable mattresses where you can dial in a soft or more firm mattress.  I spend about a half hour playing with the dial to see if I could recreate this occurrence and explain what had happened by finding out that the mattress had maybe malfunctioned.  I never did find out what that was but it scared the heck out of me and the fact that the front desk girl made a comment about ghosts…….very weird.


Our Paranormal Story


I started a blog shortly after all of this started happening to us so I could recount what's happen. Since then, my family has moved out of the house... First, a little pre-story: In the final months before my husband I moved over here, things lined up pretty well that we figured God had a pretty damn good plane for us. So, as of June 14th, our 2 year wedding anniversary, we officially moved over to Eastern Washington.

We moved into our rental house on the 2nd of August. When I saw it, it was the perfect place. Nice little quaint, 110 year old house with history and possibilities. Things started to happen to my husband for the first week while I was at work (I worked nights at the time). My husband at one point, texted me saying that something was in the house. I told him that if he wanted, we could invite over the pastor from our church and have him pray over the house. So we set a date night. 

On the 11th of August, we had  pastor Dennis from our old Nazarine church come over and pray with us. Pastor, his wife, my husband and I were all in the living room, praying for the house and the spirits that might have been trapped and that was the night I fully accepted Christ into my life. My husband was already a Christian and we've had our daughter dedicated when she was born and all that's left is my baptism. Between the 11th and 12th at 0230, I remember waking up because my foot hurt and I felt the burning. By that time, my hubby and daughter woke up as well and he turned on the light and there was a good 10-12 cat-like scratches on the top of my left foot. Right off the bat, I knida knew what it was from and my hubby said the same thing to me, out loud, and we really didn't sleep that much that night. I kept on freaking out and having worse-case scenarios run through my head. But most of all, I couldn't get out of my head the 'why me?' bit.   Two days later, as I was getting dressed, my hubby started freaking out because I had the same scratches down my back that were on my foot. So, we got pastor Denny and his wife over from the Assembly of God church we go to now and we prayed in every room after the pastor anointed us and every doorway with oil. When we were praying in every room, the pastors wife started speaking in tongues and I just about fainted. They both said that I was filled and "drunk" off of the Holy Spirit. But before all of this transpired with the two pastors, my hubby was able to get pictures of a face in the bedroom wall in my daughter's room and every room after that had orbs in the pictures. After we had the second pastor do his thing, we took pics again and there was nothing in them. Shortly after, Phil fell off the back porch (now confesses he felt a 'push' from behind). I partly

saw him go down, but it's kinda of odd that he would fall in the first place. Turns out, the stairs were slippery as shit also. He ended up spraining his left knee and ankle.   Two weeks after, Phil was working out by the shed, splitting wood. As I was walking home, I saw him swinging the axe. No more than ten minutes of me being inside the house, I get this text from Phil saying he needs me. I went back outside thinking he needed me to help bring in the wood. Not so. Phil's on the ground, crying, and holding his face. At first I thought he hit himself in the face with the recoil from the axe. Through sobs, he managed to say that his ankle hurt. He hobbled to the trailer and I went back inside to grab his crutches. We ended up going to the hospital again- this time he had a high ankle sprain.  The last few nights, Phil and I talked and we both noticed that this kind of thing only happens after we've had some serious prayer over/for us.



Monster in the Woods

By:  Anonymous        

I read many of the stories on your site and decided tell one of my own.  This is the scariest and most unexplainable thing that has ever happened to me.  First, I’ll give a little background information. I grew up on a farm in rural south Georgia, and spent a great deal of my free time fishing, hunting, and exploring, and always doing this by myself, since there weren’t a lot of other kids around and I had only a younger sister.  I never really experienced any fear of anything (other than being late for dinner) all the years I was growing up, and can’t recall any paranormal experiences other than the one I am about to share with you.  I had a best friend from school that I started “hanging out” with after we became old enough to drive and got our trucks (required for country boys).  For the next two years we did most of our hunting and fishing and troublemaking together.  After we graduated from high school we even went to the same local college and continued to hang out.  My granddaddy owned a farm in the same county that we lived in, and I would go deer hunting on his land sometimes, but I had never taken my friend there with me. Behind my grandparent’s house were several barns, then several large fields, then a large pond with a swampy area, then a large pasture that stretched from one side of their property to the other (property line to property line).  This wooded area was immediately behind the pasture and also encompassed the entire back side of the property. The woods were also enclosed on the back and on each side with a four foot tall fence, since cows were allowed into the pasture and wooded area at times. (You will soon see why all this detail is important)  On the 3 sides of the wooded area were large open fields belonging to the neighbors, with each field belonging to a different neighbor. (Take note that there are no more trees or woods close by).  During the fall of our first year in college, I had scouted these woods and put up two deer stands, one on each side of the property, on the property lines, but also close to very active deer trails and signs.  These stands were no more than 100 yards apart, and about 150 yards into the woods from the pasture.  I decided one weekend to treat my friend to my little hunting paradise, although I had yet to see anything other than squirrels all season long.  We went into the woods about 4:00pm, with it being dark by 6:00pm.  I took him to his stand then proceeded across the woods to mine.  Just after the sun went down, I heard my friend whistle loudly, obviously trying to get my attention.  I whistled back.  He whistled again, as though he didn’t hear me. Again, I whistled back, even louder this time.  There was no response.  About 5 minutes passed,

then I heard him whistle again, but he was closer to me than he should have been, but still through the woods somewhere.  I found this very strange, since we were supposed to sit in our stands until after dark then meet up in the pasture to walk back out to the house.  He whistled again, and was even closer, and I could then tell that he was almost running, and he started calling out my name.  He sounded panicked, and was coming straight toward me, although there is no way he could know where my deer stand was, since he had never been here before and I didn’t respond to him until he called my name.  I climbed down from my tree stand as he approached, and when I got on the ground he ran up and said, “We gotta get outta here!  Something BIG is after me!”  Instead of joining him in the rush I stood there looking and listening.  Sure enough, in a few seconds it sounded like a bulldozer was coming through the woods, but without the engine.  I could hear trees breaking and large bushes being shaken and trampled….and it was coming right at me with the sound becoming deafening, as though it were right on top of us.  I started running down the fence headed for the pasture and realized that my friend had run ahead of me and stopped.  When he saw me running he took off running again.  We ran as fast as we could through the woods with the sound of massive destruction right on our heels.  As we broke out into the pasture and got about 50 feet from the edge of the woods the sound stopped.  We continued to run until we were half way across the pasture and turned to look at each other as we ran, both realizing that either we were no longer being chased, or there was just nothing to be torn and crushed in the pasture.  We both stopped and turned around, dropping to the ground and shouldering our rifles, aiming to kill whatever was behind us.  To our amazement, there was nothing there.  The daylight was almost gone, causing the woods to appear as nothing more than a black blob.  I told my friend to get up and run for the pond while I guard the rear.  Then he would stop and guard the rear while I ran to him.  After meeting up again at the pond, we both walked in silence back to my grandparent’s house.  We got into our separate trucks and drove to our parents’ houses, not mentioning this event until

many years later.  We still remained close friends then and even today, but we still don’t know what happened in the woods that night.  I did return to those woods a week later by myself, but in the middle of the day.  I walked over the entire wooded area, and never saw even one broken branch or bush.  I walked in the fields around the wooded area and saw no large or unusual footprints.  My friend never returned to those woods with me, though I returned many times, day and night, and I never again experienced any strange occurrences or sounds.  I know there was nothing physical in the woods that night, but whatever it was obviously did not want my friend there, and he got the point loud and clear.




Keshena, Wisconsin Hwy VV


Just thought I would take a moment and share a few things with you.  First of all, THANK YOU for your website!  I've been a fan for so many years I don't remember. I am familiar with more than a handful of your listings through personal experience as well as locally published lore and word of mouth. The Craven Hall (Warminster, PA) entity does in fact exist and I have seen him at the window-- what a shocker. It was late at night and I was coming home from a hospital in downtown Philadelphia, totally exhausted. I glanced over through the rain and when I realized what I saw I looked back and he was gone. Locally, there are many people at EMS who talk about the Warminster Ambulance Corps ghost. I know several people who have had the daylights scared out of them there.  As for the Keshena, Wisconsin Hwy VV note. My father-in-law lives on the Menominee Reservation. Hwy VV is just about the biggest road through the res. Talking to him this evening, the topic of this listing came up. He was quite aware of the 'eyes' you mention. With the locals it is joked about. According to him, the eyes are actually reflectors that can be seen coming into Keshena from the Shawano direction. The perspective, according to dad, is such that it looks like there are these huge glowing eyes, but in fact the reflectors are actually about twenty feet apart. It just gets creepy looking at night.  He too has heard tell of the Casino children you mention. It's not much talked about with the  locals, as to them the idea of children trapped in the limbo of haunting is nothing short of tragic. I forgot to ask him about the Sheriff's office. However my mother in law is a department head there and I will ask her if she knows anything about the haunting there.  Thanks again for maintaining such a great site.



Creepy Massage


This will be the third story I have sent into the Shadowlands and love reading stories from all those brave enough to share their experiences!!

I have, for the last 6 months or so have had what amounts to a very weird sort of massage on my lower legs when I go to bed. It seems I'm the only one it "works" on as my wife has never commented on it. This "massage" takes place at different times(as I really don't have a set time

anymore)after I hit the sack. It always starts with a firm pressure being applied to my ankle area(not in a forceful way mind you)and a sort of rocking side to side motion going up to my thigh area. It almost feels like something a cat would do when it gets ready to go to sleep, but without the pressure on my ankles. I can also feel the pressure being applied to the mattress as well during this event. There is no scent/odor" or sound associated with this event so I'm not sure what to make of it. I don't know a lot about the house, but know it has been occupied consistently for the last 10 years or so.I know of no deaths in it, but will have to do a little digging around to make sure.  As I have stated already the "massage" does not have a forceful/aggressive nature to it and almost always last 5 or so minutes. I have "asked" whoever is doing this   to make some sort of noise as a response, but have not received a response as of yet. I want to use a tape player in the room to see if I can get an EVP and ask the questions again, maybe get lucky!! That's it for now.....


Balls of light



To this day I have no explanation, but an extraordinary event that I wish I can experience again, was one of calmness. Early May 2nd 1987, my then husband and I sat in our living room couch watching television,  just a  few days before we had buried my 16 year old sister Monica who died of lupus. It was a nice warm normal evening in southern california. All of a sudden in the middle of  our living room there were 2 orbs of light coming at each other from opposite directions.. they crashed into each other then produced a brilliant lightening bolt,   like thunder and lightening but in the middle of our  living room..  no rain outside.  We sat there ..looked at each other as it was happening but we remained sitting as if mesmerized or hypnotized. Neither one of us had a sense of fear.. We were awe stricken at what we had just witnessed but had no true explanation. It wasn't one person witnessing this it was both of us. It was a beautiful experience.. like watching souls roaming through our lives without hesitation. Only wish I could experience it again.  Was it my sister or my sister being guided by another soul. Or just other souls that just happened to be there.   


Almost Time to Go Home


this story is about my dad, he's 72 years old when he passed away last march because of late stage lung cancer. 2 months before he died he did not have any symptoms of his illness until it was too late. he is a very religious person and never believed in ghost. he has a very strong faith in God until his last breath. the incident happened somewhere around january of this year(he does not have any symptoms yet). the whole family likes to to this restaurant about 12 miles away from my house and the way there is to pass by the manassas battlefield park. it was around 6 pm in the evening and since its winter time-it was already dark and we are on way way home. we pass by the entrance to the park and i was driving. my mom and dad were sitting in the back of the van. if there was somebody beside the road, i will be the first one to see it. probably after 2 miles after passing the entrance- my dad all of the sudden mention something about a person "all white" standing in front of the entrance. he said he didn't say a word right then and then because it might scared us-especially my wife who pass by there every day. i ask him to described the entity the he saw-he said he knows its a person but couldn't see its face but  its wearing all white. i swear i did not see anybody there.  after he passed away- i just realized that date was exactly a month before he was diagnosed with cancer.  i was thinking maybe it was his guardian angel calling him and telling him that it was almost time to go home........




September 2000, The Old Farmhouse, Georgetown, Delaware


I was beginning life over again at 42 years of age, having recently ended a decade long abusive marriage. With a protective order in hand and a car full of photo albums and clothes, I traveled 2,800 miles to safety and a new start on the opposite coast. I was searching for something really inexpensive to rent. I met a couple who had inherited property on which sat the old family farmhouse. They built a modern octagon house to live in about an acre back into the woods. Now, they wished to rent out the farmhouse, and I fell in love with it immediately.  As I walked through the house for the first time, I felt embraced by positive energies that defied the general unkemptness of the house. Every square inch of floor space was covered in trash. The exhaust hood dangled from wires on the stovetop. The wood stove was the only source of heat for the cold northeastern winters and needless to say, there was no A/C to temper the humid short summers. Upstairs the entire south side of the house was bowed due to water damage from siding that had been missing for an unknown number of years and the shower wall was impregnated with water damage. In the attic, I quickly saw a large snakeskin draped across the trellises. Underneath all the years of neglect was the most charming spacious farmhouse surrounded by fields and woods. Here is where I made my home for the next four years. I must add that these were four of the best years of my life. Alas, all good things must come to an end.  I began the cleanup and moved into the house. I never felt alone, but there were areas of the house where the energy felt stronger. As my new friends came to visit me, the same event would be played out over & over again. I would open the door and welcome my friend inside. One step inside, the intuitive friend would say, “Wow. There’s a spirit in here.” The other friends would say, “Wow, what is that? Can you feel it?” I always responded the same way. “Come inside; look around. Go anywhere you want. There are three floors. Open any door you want. Go into any room you want. Tell me where you feel this energy the strongest.” I would then hang back and give them free roam throughout the house. After completing a walk-through of the maze of rooms and hallways and staircases, every single person, regardless of psychic sensitivity, would stand in the exact same spot in the second floor bedroom with the weird closet. The spot happens to be directly in front of the weird closet. The weird closet made it appear that the floor plan had been altered at some point over the past 100+ years that it’s stood. The result was a long narrow space that didn’t make sense as a closet for clothes.   Even though the energy felt the strongest in that one spot upstairs, that was not where most of the activity was seen.  I sensed some emotions right away. The energy felt like a very loving & nurturing presence. I felt quite certain that it was an elderly woman who had raised her family in this house. Over time, I became more and more convinced that I was correct. At the time, I was a bit frail, shell-shocked and recovering. I needed a mother and this spirit did her best to be one for me.  As I would sit at my computer at night working on my college papers, at some point I would inevitably hear the sound of gentle footsteps coming down the staircase. I would look up expectedly and watch the crystal doorknob slowly turn and the door open. I would then always extend a greeting; such as, “Hi! Glad you came downstairs. I’m working on my paper for math class. We’ve got a test tomorrow.” Then the door would gently close and latch and I would go back to what I was doing. I could feel the presence go past me and into the kitchen. I would hear busy sounds coming from the kitchen, knowing that I was completely ‘alone’.  On Wednesday nights, I hosted a study group at my house. There were five of us that got together. We would usually fix something to eat first and then study and quiz each other on test material. One night after studying, we all decided to watch a movie together. We went into the living room and left the dishes in the sink to wash later. During the movie, no one got-up, no one went to use the bathroom, every one of us stayed seated until the movie was done. When we walked back into the kitchen, the dishes were washed and stacked and the counters were wiped clean.  One afternoon I was having a particularly rough time. I sat down on the couch, put my face in my hands, and sobbed and cried and carried on for a little while. As I began to feel better, the sobbing turned into sniffles and I leaned back against the couch. Suddenly, right there in broad daylight, I felt my hair stroked back behind my ear followed by a kiss on my cheek. Just like a mother comforting her child would do.  I finally became intrigued enough to start asking questions about the house and its’ previous residents. I learned that the house was originally built in 1898 by a farmer for his new wife. They raised a family together in this house; the husband eventually died, the children grew-up and moved, and the wife lived there alone until her death.  Here’s the interesting part about the weird closet. It’s a long and narrow space because it was originally the stairs going from the second to the third floor. The wife had a sewing room on the third floor. She loved to sew; it was her passion. As she was descending from her sewing room, she fell down the stairs and died right there, on the very spot, that the energy is the strongest.  


My Latest Unexplained Explained


The Latest Supernatural Events To Tell About:

Saturday August 6, 2011-A lightbulb slowly flickered and then went out over my husband, George's head here in the kitchen and that had been the 3rd in as many weeks. I, too, had a lightbulb go out over my head in the living room previously. Well, George wanted to go for a ride and he had a very disturbing feeling that something is coming. The very night air felt like something would happen. An eerie stillness permeated the night and George decides to pick up a friend and even she noticed how creepy the night was. We took her for a ride and then took her home and went back out and discussed these feelings that we had. George and I both agree that we can expect something to happen or some kind of news.  Sunday August 7, 2011 @ 9.52PM-There was a thunderstorm and I sat outside on the porch. I was alone and felt so creeped out that I could barely stand it. I had a thought of something happening and then I heard a thump on the upper side of the house. @10.27PM-I was inside after the storm, watching TV and I heard a noise to my right and it sounded like it came from my Father-in-law's music instruments.  - Thursday August 11, 2011-I called my Mother and she told me that she was having more casket dreams, this time she dreamed of a gray casket in the ground. Then she felt someone sit down on the bed with her while she was alone. Plus she heard a knock on their door. Mom said that Dad had had that feeling of someone sitting down on the edge of the bed while he was alone there too. - Tuesday August 16, 2011 @ 3:00AM-I was sitting in bed writing when I heard a crash from the kitchen. Being here alone, I jumped and went to see what had happened. My Father-in-law's pans had fallen into the floor. I picked them up and went to write the event down. @3.24AM-I heard two more noises that were not me and I did not investigate those. @4.02AM-I heard more noises that I did not check out. @4.13AM-I went to the bathroom and came back into the kitchen and I heard a knock on the wall behind me! I turned and there of course was nothing. I went to write it down. I found out too that George had heard what sounded like a plate smashing to the floor or on the wall around 8AM or so. And of course, he could find nothing to have caused the noise. - End of July 2011-I was sound asleep and I heard the frantic knocking that I always hear before I hear of a death. Well, it always gets me up and I am always groggy. I heard it plainly and went to the door and nothing was there. George was with his Dad in his camper and he told me that a delivery guy had shown up and I had dismissed it. Well, I started thinking about it this morning, 8/17/11. The knocks I heard were like someone beating the door down and it was the same sound as I always hear before I get news of a new death. The delivery guy doesn't knock that long or hard he just sets the stuff on the porch knocks a few times and leaves. So, I am very sure I had a death warning.  - Tuesday August 23, 2011@3:00AM-I heard a dog howling and I heard a loud popping noise that my husband slept through. I am writing these things down as they happen and they are really piling up again. Also, this evening, my father in law went to the store and the phone rang. It was the younger brother of one of Bill's friends who had died of a heart attack over 20 years ago. This man has not contacted Bill since before his brother had died. Bill called him back and filled him in on what had happened in the many years since they had not talked. This reminds me of before my grandfather died, his two youngest siblings who lived out of state called him on his birthday to talk to him because as they said, they had him on their minds.  - Friday August 19, 2011-Early AM-I was here alone and my father in law was in his camper. My husband was at work and I was watching tv when I saw a light like a car's headlights fill our door window even through the blinds. This light did not show up on the living room window, just the door and it lasted over 5 seconds. I got up to look and nothing was there.  - January 2011-My husband, George had a weird experience. He was laying in the living room floor and he heard his dad's camper door slam and heard his footsteps come up to the door but that was all that happened. Then, George saw a blue light form on the couch beside him and it looked like a person's shape sitting there. Then George and I both heard the kitchen door close as if someone was leaning on it from the other side and there was no one else in this house. Plus George and I watched the rocking chair move.  - January 2011-George and I went to visit our friends and while I was sitting in a desk chair, a large sheaf of grain in a glass vase slid over towards me. Nothing was near the vase and it had stood up there for a while. - August 18, 2011-A strange phone call turned up on the answering machine. It sounded like two people having a conversation but I swear it was George's sister Amanda. There was a lot of static and it was hard to understand the conversation but I made out these words, "I really really don't know what is going on." She sounded worried and the overall feeling I got was eerie.  - Around the 23rd of August-I learned that three men that my father-in-law knew died. One of them had started a fight in our local Walmart and when he was hit, he went down and hit his temple hard and died as a result.  - A few days after this, I heard my husband call my name but he had not said anything and no one else was around.  - Around the first of September 2011-my nightlight flickered like crazy and I got up to go look to see if a storm was going on but nothing was amiss. My husband said the electric had not flickered once. Also in January of 2010-I saw a white light in my room where the nightlight would be but found that the nightlight was unplugged. One of my husband's aunts died two weeks later. 



Lots of Experiences




Okay my first supernatural experience was going to class getting deja vu feeling because I had already heard what my classmates were going to say and do in a dream.  Next we got a phone call from my moms friend Frank at about noon. I talked with Frank for a little while before giving my mom the phone. My mom looked pale after the call and I asked her what was wrong? She said, "Frank died at 7:45 this morning of a heart attack." So I had talked on the phone with a dead man.  I was going up to see my brother Chris after he'd been put into a residential treatment center. I had looked out the window during the car ride and saw a woman walking along the side of the expressway.  The woman was dressed the way Mary the mother of god is shown in pictures. Not sure if it was Mary or not. No one else saw her.  One of the friends I had at a camp had inoperable incurable brain cancer. We prayed for him and the inoperable cancer had disappeared the next time he was checked. on by the doctor.  I thought my mom was calling my name and kept checking because I kept hearing my name being called. My mom told me to ask god what he wanted. I was told that my mom shouldn't drive to church that day. I told my mom and she walked to church. There was an accident at the corner and if she had been driving she would have been hit and killed.  I went to the Indian mound Boy Scout camp. While there we practiced rappelling. I was the last one finished so I put up the ropes while the rest of the troop headed for the campfire. While making my way there an Indian that was green looking waved at me and walked back into the woods. I thought it was a trick of the moon light making him look green since we had a group of Indian dancers visiting our multi-troop campfire. Once there I found out I was the only person not yet at the campfire and none of the costumes matched the outfit I saw the Indian wearing. I went on a night hike with my boy scout troop and it looked like something was following us about fifty feet back and paralleling our path. After noticing that we heard loud pounding noises off to our right back near a wood pile. Then we saw a green ball of light go up a tree really fast  and come down slowly. At that point we started getting scared so the scout master who was an Indian headed to camp while saying a chant to scare away spirits. The scout master told us to stay there. After the scout master got over the rise in the trail two burning eyes like you see in scary movies appeared. we heard a darkly evil voice that said, "Come to me I am more powerful" the other scouts wanted to run off into the woods. I calmed them down, and we waited for the scout master. I got the feeling that it could only hurt us if we went to it or got hurt running in the woods. We found that there had been no other scouts there except all the way across the campgrounds. Which meant10 or more miles between our campsite and theirs.We were doing an Indian ceremony where everyone had to be silent except for the person performing the ceremony. Well one of the boy scouts wouldn't keep quiet and then a wind whipped up that was almost strong enough to blow away the tents. Once the boy quit talking the wind quit immediately. During another night hike we saw what appeared to be a small patch of fog. Problem was fog was heading wrong way into a stiff wind. Two of the guys got lost during the hike. The two guys walked into camp looking pale and weak. The fog enveloped the two of them the one guy passed out and the other heard a voice say, "He is worthy of joining the tribe." We had been out there trying to determine if we were worthy to become honorary members of an Indian tribe.  At a prayer meeting I told a woman that her dog was doing fine. I had never met her before and the dog that I had called by name had just died.  After that during a prayer meeting I looked over after being tapped on a shoulder and was face to face with my guardian angel.  After that during a retreat I was seeing everyones guardian angel.  At the bus stop a guy gave me a very evil feeling and he seemed to be preaching about god. I later found out that he was a satianist trying to lure people to be sacrificed.  I got a very evil feeling in my kitchen and got feeling it was a devil. I bound and rebuked it in the name of god after calling for the protection of the precious blood of Jesus Christ. The evil feeling left after I did that.  I got a very bad feeling about the guy who was taking my friend from work to the prom. I warned her to watch out for him. She had to kick him in the chest to get away when he tried to rape her.  I was at a prayer meeting again and saw the angel of death walk up to one of the prayers members shakes his head three times and walks off. His robe was brown not black and carrying an executioners axe but I couldn't see any extremities or his face. A week later the woman was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live. She died about three months later.  Now at work I have heard my name being called. Footsteps on the roof and the Sound of stuff being moved around. When I look nothing has been moved and I'm still alone in the building. I have seen a black shadowy shape moving when the lights are off. Problem was how was I seeing a shadow when it's too dark to see my hand? I have seen a white shape moving in the kitchen and there is nothing white in the kitchen. My co-workers have seen the white shape moving as well.  I have also got the feeling of a woman from pioneer days. I also got an image of what the area around my work looked like at that time.  I have seen a man in a suit wearing a hat walk up next to me. When I turned to talk to him no one was there.  I have also felt like I'm being watched and gotten feeling something is waiting to jump out at me.  I have had the thought about hanging in the hall by a rope. But it's like I was feeling Someone else's thoughts. Not sure if someone was hanged in the hall or committed suicide. Not sure if maybe someone was trying to get me to commit suicide too so they'd have company or just getting residual feeling from when the person died. Not sure if person hanged themselves from a rafter or a chandelier. But got feeling it involved original ceiling above the drop ceiling.

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