Maude's Grave in Sterling/Voluntown, CT




I am a lifelong resident of Voluntown CT. I wanted to give you some

information regarding two places of interest where I've had experiences, both of which have been less than pleasant. The first is Maude's Grave.

The last time my friends and I, a total of four people, went looking for Maude's grave was in 2009 or 2010. We were all 19 or 20 and have all had paranormal exposure, and we wanted to see what was at Maude's. We went and parked in the turnoff located in Hell's Hallow. I had a

pendulum, one friend had a voice recorder, and we all had flashlights.

I would ask the pendulum in which direction to go. After about 20 minutes, we all got a horrible feeling. I asked the pendulum is maude was near, it said no. I than asked if we should leave, and it gave me the biggest yes I've ever seen. We all turned and left. We stopped about fifteen feet before the exit of the wooded area, as a car was driving by and we didn't want anyone to see us. Than, a large tree branch  fell down, than swung out across at us. Had we not stopped and waited for the car to drive by, that branch would have hit all of us.

So if someone does choose to go there, please advise them to proceed with caution.

The second place I would like to mention isn't listed on the site yet. It is located in Canterbury, CT The house is abandoned and has been for several years. I've had a few strange experiences here. The first time I heard this place was haunted, I drove by. I wasn't sure which house it was, I was just told around where it was. When I saw the house, my entire body froze. I couldn't hit the gas or brakes on my car, until my car drifted pass the house. The next time I drove by, I brought my friend with me. My car stalled, which it had never done before, and she started shaking her head. Again, as soon as we passed the house, my car started up and we drove off. She said she was overwhelmed by a feeling of dread.

Another group of friends and I went in during the day. I have pictures, one of which has a very interesting face in the photo. There was also a small stair well with a book open to the title page. The name of the book was 'Final Scream'. It was creepy, to say the least.

I just wanted to give people a word of caution about those two places.



My True Halloween Story



As so many other people have stated from their experiences and stories shared…..I too grew up experiencing paranormal activity and spiritual energies on an everyday basis, which made co-existing with the paranormal an easily accepted part of who and what I am today.

One experience that really stands out in my memory was a Halloween day I experienced a little over thirty years ago.  I still to this day find myself gravitating ready incase the experience repeats itself in the hopes to consciously and with wide-awake logic are able to discern and document the event as it is occurring.  I worked 3rd shift at a nearby hospital and would sleep from mid afternoon until approximately 9:30 pm in the evening, where I would get ready and report for duty.  This was before I was married and I lived alone.  I had recently moved into a new apartment building that backed up to an embankment and winding creek.  My apartment balcony hovered for what seemed like thirty feet over the embankment and the heavy pine trees and landscaping gave the appearance of a nice and secluded park.  It had been rainy that afternoon and evening.  Leaves really beginning to drop and blow mysteriously in the gusty wind and rain, helping to set an eerie atmosphere for the Halloween holiday.  I did not have a lot of furniture at the time and I had made canopy swags with designer sheets that were on brass curtain rods that I had extended parallel from the headboard of my bed following the length of the bed.  These rods were placed in hooks that I had mounted in the ceiling and the rods allowed the designer sheets to flow down and be swaged back with ties to the wall behind the headboard.  My budget was on a dime but a little innovation on my part was proving to help me to give color and life to the bare apartment.  Anyway, it was mid-afternoon and time for me to lie down for sleep, to rest before my upcoming shift at work.  The weather being rainy and cool still was not drastic enough for me to turn on my furnace for the first time in the fall, so I added an extra blanket to snuggle down with and found myself quickly in a deep and restful sleep.  I am not sure of the exact time when I became aware of a presence close to me.  I could tell the sun had set and that it was dark.  The wind was howling, mixed with rain as I could hear leaves being blown in the mix pushing their way against the apartment building and windows, but it was sensing the presence of a strong energy just inches from my face that had me into an immediate alert state.  The presence was so strong that the hair was standing up on my arms and body and I first thought that it was where a human had broken into my apartment and was standing over me.  I tried to keep my breathing slow and steady, as though I were still asleep and also to keep my eye lids shut smooth to simulate the same, so that who ever it was would not know I was awake.  It was too late to run, since the presence was just inches from my face, so I guess I thought if I played opossum that I would have a better chance of survival.  I lay there for several long moments and did not hear movement of what I thought was a human intruder in my room, but the home made canopy curtains began to flap in a freezing cold breeze.  The air was cold and blowing in an apartment that had no open windows….and where the furnace had not even been activated yet for the fall weather.  Laying for what seemed an eternity, but in actuality were only several moments, I finally braved enough courage to slit one eye open to see if I could see what was still very close to my bed.  As I opened my eye, I could not see anything at all.  Braving a bit more courage I opened up the second eye and still could not see anyone in the room with me.  I sat up in bed looking out towards the hallway, for I seemed to detect faint noise just outside the bedroom, when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a female voice call my name, “Sharon”.  The voice sounded somewhat familiar to me and I followed the voice out into the apartment answering the voice, “Yes, it is me, who is this?”  The voice would call out my name in almost a sing-song pattern and led me to the front doorway that led out to the main hallway.  Then the voice was on the opposite side of the door.  I opened up the door, still trying to answer the voice that. “… Yes, I am Sharon and that I am here”.  There was no one in the hallway.  I stood there perplexed over the experience and then all of a sudden the female gendered voice was directly behind me, again, calling out my name. I slammed the door shut and whirled around to see who and what was calling my name and again there was nothing to be seen.  I thought of my grandmother, that lived with my parents and she had not been feeling well recently…so I ran to the phone and called home to check and see if she and my parents were okay.  My mother answered the phone and stated that everyone and everything were fine, that I must have been having a bad dream.  I could not relate the experience to the degree that I had just encountered to the point where mom would understand.  She was reassuring me to go back to bed and try to get more sleep before my alarm would go off.  After hanging up the phone with her I could feel the apartment air temperature returning back to normal and thoroughly checking out the apartment for myself, at that point, I could see that everything was secure.  I could not find anything out of place.  Calming myself I lie back down and tried to get more sleep.  Surprisingly enough I was able to go into another good and deep sleep and yes…you guessed it, the same occurrence I experienced earlier in the evening repeated itself.  I cannot stress enough here how shocking it is when you find yourself awakened by a presence being mere inches from your face.  You automatically think of a human intruder.  Again the hair on my body was standing up on end and my body was covered in goose-flesh.  The curtains were blowing gently in the frigid cold that again had manifested in the bedroom.  This time I braved a peek out into the room, and again I could see no one standing, but then the female voice called out my name.  This time I jumped out of bed and shouted, “Who IS this?”.  Again the voice went towards the front entrance door…and again I followed it.  A repeat experience of the voice calling my name on the opposite side of the door happened and upon opening the door, again I could find no one there.   The voice all of a sudden was behind me as I slammed the front entrance door shut and it traveled over to my balcony door.  I followed it and flung open the sliding door and followed the voice as it went out the balcony, but it did not stop there.  It flowed over the balcony and down the thirty-foot embankment and wound its way up the deep creek, while all the time still doing the sing-song calling of my name as it faded out.  Freaking out I turned all lights on in the apartment and just stayed awake the rest of the time.  I even went ahead and dressed for work and arrived extra early because I needed to be with live people.  I had friends with our Emergency Room/Trauma department and stopped there first, talking with my friends and fellow staff members, relating my strange encounter.  My friends could tell that I had been shaken to the core by the experience and while none of them could explain what happened, they truly believed that I had experienced something extraordinary.   I am sure some of my co-workers thought that I had just been dreaming the events and kind of shrugged off the story as a spooky Halloween event that had made its mark on me.   A couple of hours into my shift, the head nurse from the Emergency Room paged me and asked me to come to her department, when possible.  I was able to break from my work and went to see what she needed.  The city’s Fire Department Paramedics had just brought in a new female patient, who was in her early sixty years of age, who was well known, respected and affluent person in our community.   Apparently this woman had been awakened by a female voice that sing-sung her voice to the front door of her home.  She was home alone at the time….her husband was out of town on business at the time.  As with my experience, the woman had been drawn to her front door and opened it, hoping to see who it was that was calling out her name.  And upon answering the door she found no one there.  Immediately the voice was directly behind her and she whirled around to see who it was and again she found no one there.  The voice wound its way through her mansion towards the back of the house and she followed it to one of her multiple exits leading out to the back of her house. The voice beckoned from outside of the doorway threshold that she was at, still using that sing-song type of voice to urge her to follow it…and like myself…she stopped following the voice as it wound its way off the porch and out past her pool and yard.    She had become so frightened that she started experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath and she ended up calling 911 in the fear of her fainting from the fear and pain she was experiencing.  Once the Paramedics arrived and started assessing her, she tried over and over to relate her experience to them.  Like some of my co-workers and friends, they were skeptical of her experience and were just chalking it up to the fact that the poor women had been dreaming  This woman suffered congestive heart failure and had to be admitted to our Intensive Coronary Care Unit, for over a week and be treated.  She stayed adamant of the truth of her experience….and I for ne believed her, for I had personally had a close up and personal experience similar to hers.  Thankfully she did not let some people’s skepticism affect her self-truth of what she had experienced for herself. The story of the women’s encounter spread throughout the hospital, for the woman being so well known and respected was telling her experience to any and all that would listen.  My fellow co-workers….while some of them may not believe in the spiritual realms as being a co-existing force along with our human experience, at least in my opinion, they could not explain away what had happened. We humans are multi-dimensional beings that have so much a part of who and what we are crossing through the different levels of dimensions throughout our lives.  So no wonder we experience so many incredible adventures and are able to see and interact with other human and non-human creations out there.  If we deny the ability to do so, then we will only be able to view life as black and white,  from our self-created box that does not allow what we deem as acceptable or ordinary to co-exist with.  If we are more open minded and are given the gift and acknowledgement of other co-existing dimensions and planes…along with other intelligent and interactive energies out in the world, then our worlds become greatly expanded. Some great minds that were open to these concepts, such as Albert Einstein and Edgar Cayce were open minded and greatly inspired by these and made it their life’s work to be able to document the reality behind the theory. You will usually find that when a person denies the paranormal realms of existence, there is nothing to be done to sway their opinion.  But that is fine, for each one of us needs to have our beliefs honored and we absolutely have the right to have those beliefs…what ever they are.  I know from my own personal experience the truth of what it was I had experienced, for I lived it for myself and still feel the anticipation of each Halloween that comes, in the hope of experiencing it again.



Western Shawnee Kansas


The home next to my sisters house was vacant for a while & in this time the attic light would come on & off in the middle of the night.. Me my sister & a few other family members have seen a shadow what looks like a women.. When we sit outside& you can hear footstep up the gravel driveway.. & a shadow.. Our dog has followed the shadow sniffing it mandy times.. The newt tenant has said the light come on in the hall in the middle of the night &when he checks the house no one is awake.. When going into the attic I had gotten halfway up the steps & found myself so disorientated that I could not continue any farther.. The story of the women told from sources who knew the her.. Is that she ran out to the street to try & keep her son from driving off drunk & he ran her over..


The Shadow Girl


This wasn't my first experience with the Paranormal, but it was the first time I saw an apparition.My grandma and I were very close, she was close with my other siblings as well because she and my grandfather basically raised us until we were pre-teens.  When my grandfather passed I was distraught but after a few years the pain ebbed, and then in 2008 my grandmother passed away, and I was inconsolable. I was depressed when my grandfather passed but it wasn’t as bad because I still had my grandmother so I was mildly okay, when she died too it was horrible for me. That is just a general summary so you can get the idea of how much I was bonded with them. Anyways, my grandmother passed away and it had been about a Month since her death when I had the scariest and yet interesting experience of my young life, so far I should say. I was still horridly depressed about everything so my emotions were very very high. My twin sister (fraternal) and I were laying in our bedroom that we shared and the night was passing us by. We couldn’t sleep and finally decided to go sleep in the living room. We grabbed our blankets and pillows, got our small Chihuahua/terrier mix to get up and walked to the living room on the other side of the house. My twin took the couch while I spread out a bed on the floor right next to it. Before we had laid down we turned on the light over the oven so there was a soft light keeping where we were sleeping from being completely black from the night. I laid on the floor in my makeshift bed with my eyes closed for awhile, I did not at any time fall asleep because I wasn’t tired and it is hard for me to get to sleep at night, I was laying on my back with my Chihuahua/terrier curled up by me. My twin was already asleep at that point and I was just laying there with my mind wandering. Suddenly I noticed a ‘weirdness’ to the air, the best way I can explain it is that it had an electric or static like feel to it, and somewhat of a heaviness but not a huge amount, the electric/static feel was really powerful and seemed to get more powerful as I noticed it. I opened my eyes and was staring up at the ceiling, I sat up and turned my head and top of my body to look to the left of me towards the sliding doors that had our washer and dryer behind them. I could see everything perfectly well because we had a light on so the living room wasn’t really dark. When I looked to the left that was when I saw a small girl, she was like a shadow in the way that she was all black like a shadow but I could make out that she had long hair and bows on her head, plus her shoulder area was rounded and puffed like she had on puffy sleeves. I also knew she was a girl because right when I looked at her I automatically had the thought she was a girl. The electric/static feel seemed to smother me at this point, I felt paralyzed as I stared at her, from the way she looked I would guess she was about 6 maybe 7 years old. I stared at her and she stared at me or I assume she was staring because I couldn’t see eyes but she was facing me. I felt like I was made of stone, I was in this awkward position with the top of my body turned so I could look left and my knee lifted because I was going to stand up. I believe I stared for about a minute when an overpowering wave of fear came over me as it finally connected on what I was looking at. I couldn’t move my limbs or straighten my body out so I finally just tipped myself onto my side and at the moment I broke eye contact I could move enough to cover my head with a blanket.  As I laid underneath my blanket I began calling for my sister, loudly. I repeated her named like “Hannah, Hannah, Hannah” and as I said it my voice got more urgent and scared sounding. Suddenly she began to move and replied with a groggy “What?” but I was too afraid to answer at that point. I remained underneath the blanket ALL night, too afraid to peek out to see if it was still there. Finally I fell asleep after awhile and woke up the next morning with the blanket still over my head.  When my sister and I got up that morning I told her what happened and she replied “I was wondering why you were calling my name and then didn’t answer when I replied to you.”  So what happened wasn’t a dream which is something I already knew but I like to point it out when I tell people what happened.  I don’t know who the girl was, she didn’t try any way to communicate and I was too frightened to say anything, it was the first time I had ever seen her and I haven’t seen her since. I believe the state of mind I was in, that being really high emotions and sadness, might have been what helped draw her to me or atleast helped me see her. 


The Cancer Unit Ghost


I included this incident in a fiction book that I wrote, however, it is a true incident that I experienced myself. I was a nurse on the oncology floor at my local hospital on the night shift.  We had a patient who was in the process of what is termed "actively dying."  This means that the patient is in the final stages of dying and is not expected to live more than 24 hours.  They are typically comatose at this point and heavily sedated for pain.As usual, this man's family was present at his bedside and had been for nearly a full day.  The nurse who was in charge of his care was very conscientious, but fairly new on the cancer ward.  At one point she checked his vital signs and general appearance.  Noting an improvement in his condition, she suggested that the family go home and rest for a while.  They lived several hours away and were exhausted, so they jumped at the chance to shower and rest at home.  Unfortunately, it is very typical of oncology patients to rally just a few hours before death, and this nurse wasn’t familiar with this fact. The family left and the patient died about an hour after they had gone.  The poor nurse was devastated at her mistake, but dutifully called the family and told them that they needed to return immediately.  Of course, it took them another hour to get back. About 5 minutes after his death, the nursing call-light lit up in his room.  Then the light in the room next door lit up and so on up the entire hall toward the east.  This took just about the amount of time that it would have taken someone to walk into each room and pull the light cord.  Then the light across the hall to the north came on.  Once again this took just about the amount of time that it would have taken someone to walk across the hall and enter that room to pull on the call-light.  After that, the lights started coming on back down the entire length of that side of the hall.  You guessed it, just about the amount of time it would have taken for someone to walk into each room and pull the chain.  Of course, there was a short pause and then the light across the hall came on.  After that, they each came on successively up the rest of that side until the circle was completed and they came back to where it had all begun, at the dead man’s room.   Now every nursing call-light on the wing was lit, even in the empty rooms. We nurses were just about to get up to check on our patients when our resident prankster walked up to the nursing station.  Realizing that he hadn’t been there when the lights had done their stunt, we all accused him of being the culprit.  He adamantly denied it, so we each went to check on our patients, turning off their lights and those in the adjacent rooms that were empty. About 10 minutes later, the lights all came on again.  It happened exactly the same way, one at a time in succession until every light on the ward was on.  It started in the deceased man’s room and circled back there again.  This time, our prankster nurse was sitting next to me, so we knew he hadn’t done it.  Once again, we all went to turn off the lights.  The charge nurse called building maintenance and they sent a technician to check out the light system.  Of course, he found no problem with it and left.  About 5 minutes after that, the lights did their thing again.  By this point we were all starting to half-jokingly speculate about the deceased man’s ghost playing pranks.  No one wanted to admit that it might be true, but obviously, everyone was thinking it.  At  last, the family returned, the funeral home was contacted and the body was removed.  We all figured the problem would end then.  But we were wrong.  The lights did their thing once again.  This time, after checking my patients and turning out their lights, I went to the dead man’s room.  The body was gone, but the room had not yet been cleaned and prepared for a new patient.  I stood there and talked to him.  I told him that I was sorry his family hadn’t been present and that the nurse had made the mistake of sending them home.  I told him that she regretted her mistake.  I also asked him to quit messing with the lights because it was compromising our ability to care for the other patients.  I then prayed for peace for his soul and left the room.  The lights did not come back on again after that.  I can’t swear this was a ghost because I never saw, heard or felt anything strange in the room.  I just observed the situation with the lights as it started immediately after his death and stopped immediately after I talked to his spirit and prayed for his peace.



Rockaway NY



In about 1966 or so, my little sister was crying in the middle of the night because she said she saw a lady standing by her bed. We couldn't seem to settle her down, because she was trying to convince us that she really saw someone standing there, although me and my other sister who were sleeping in the same room never saw or heard anything.  About a decade later I was reading a book about apparitions on Long Island and many of them were reports of Native American apparitions.  My sister had never described the lady before, but I knew that Rockaway was named after an Indian tribe.  I didn't mention reading the book at all, but I asked my sister if she could describe the lady all those years later.  She said, "I'll never forget the lady standing by my bed.  She had long, black braids, and she was smiling."


Private Residence


This is my father’s account when he was a child, and was experienced by him, his parents, his siblings, aunts and uncles as well who lived there. I am not sure that the building is occupied now. Apartment located at 60th ST below the D train, by train station stairway. 1 child died, ate rat poison. A lady came out of her apt naked, screaming & bleeding into the street she use to live alone, kept the apt for awhile without staying in there.  Two people went crazy in there, talking in a strange language. They had to leave.  We saw dark shadows of a tall male.  Hearing steps around the living room and around the bedroom. The door was always being played with late at night, scratching on the main door plus turning on the knob, like someone waiting to come in. There was always negative stuff attracted toward the building. One time we were playing in the hallway and a guy came in from the street with a knife, but with the screaming from all of us he left quickly. Another time a guy was looking around in from the front of the building and it looked like he was attaching a bomb to the step of the train station stairway, then when he saw us he left running. Many times there were deaths from the front of the building on the train platform from people falling or pushed off onto the train tracks and being killed and their body parts were into many pieces. All negative things happened there.


Old Grave


We moved to our farm in Oklahoma in 2007. Early one morning, I was out walking and exploring. The place was a bit overgrown at the time. I caught a quick glimpse of a woman kneeling by a thicket of wild roses. She appeared to be kneeling with her head bowed and her hands folded as if she was praying. She had a shawl around her shoulders. She disappeared after about 2 seconds. I went to investigate and in the middle of the thicket, I found a large limestone slab. It looks like it was hand cut. There’s no writing on it. I got the impression that it’s an old grave. I’m not afraid of spirits, but I do treat them with respect. I laid wild flowers on the grave and I explained that I meant no harm and that I now live on and own the property. I caught a quick glimpse of a cowboy. He disappeared after about 2 seconds, just like the woman did. That night I dreamt of a horrible ranch accident where a man was seriously injured. I saw glimpses of a man being laid out on the ground and other men trying in vain to help him. I also got glimpses of a funeral and burial. I also saw images of the limestone slab. It was out in the open and not surrounded by a thicket of bushes and trees like it is now. The year 1910 came to mind as I was dreaming all of this. I’m trying to do research to find out if I can back any of this up with historical facts.


My Crazy Mother-In-Law


I have had a bad to horrible relationship with my mother-in-law.  It started early on before I even married her son, my now husband.  He would tell her about me and about where we would go on our dates, and she would get sour and whinny and complain that no one takes her to those places. Then we get married and the inappropriate comments started to flow.  Things that you would think someone would have had

enough common sense to not say, or thing that hust weren't true.  It got even worse.  I couldn't make heads or tails of her behavior.  As we had children it got even worse.  When the kids were small they refused to stay with her, but being a working mom I needed help.  Finally after causing so many problems and becoming so unstable around my children, we cut off all communication with her.  This was so sad but so necessary.  She didn't appear so unstable, but it didn't matter what anyone else thought, it was best for my kids.  After 19 years of marriage, One cold Feb. morning when a family member couldn't get her to answer her door, she found her dead in her home.  She had been dead about 3 days.  She died in her sleep.  This was even harder on me and my family.  We bought her home and so the task of cleaning out her house and belongings was left to me.  And this was eye opening.  It turns out she had been treated over the years for severe mental illness.  That when she felt "better" she would quit taking her meds.  That was when she would get unstable. She would lock herself up in her house for days.  The neighbors knew to leave her alone till she came out, so it wasn't unusual that she was past on for days before someone would go check.  You are probably wondering why we couldn't have found out about her illness, you can thank the government for that.  Privacy issues.   She told my country bumkin S-I-L that wouldn't be able to figure it out.  And it worked.  I was a very upset with her because she called the daily meds "her every now and then pills" for when she "feels bad". But because S-I-L didn't have a clue I couldn't get mad at her.  I have been visited before by friends and family that have passed on. But I knew that MIL was going to have a hard time.  My 17 yr old son would come running into my room in the night freaked out because the dog was shaking, things moving in his room. I told him his Granny was worried about him and he needed to talk to her. Let her know that he loved her and that he is going to be OK. ( he was joining the military after graduation).  He was reluctant but got up and went back to bed.  Right after he left through the door, little sparkling lights twinkled over the place that he had been at.  So I spoke to her.  My fear was that she wasn't crossed

over and that her mental illness wouldn't be gone and like it should if she crossed over.  I didn't want a ghost version of the crazy bad MIL!   So far it is OK.  I have had a touch lamp turn on when I would speak to her.  My daughter is the only one left at home with us and she sleeps in the same bed that her Granny slept and died in.  She says it doesn't bother her.  She says that she is her Granny's little granddaughter.  The shame about it is that this is the closest she could be to her Granny.  She has had a few things happen, but she knows that it's her Granny. 



Little Known Manassas Haunting


I never see this listed in the well known haunting websites, but I have on independent sites. I lived behind a civil war ruin/memorial called the LIBERIA PLANTATION... its like the sister house of STONE HOUSE.. after doing research... I found that not only were many massacred during the civil war.. but even before the biggest battles took place... odd and unexplained events took place. In March 1862, three unknown corpses were found in the basement. As the civil war became more intense.. soldiers began to refer to the Liberia House as 'The Death House'.By the end of the civil war.. the amount of bodies on the property was massive. Since then, those who live and work around the area can hear strange sounds and shouting. The house was also struck by lightning in 2003. Ever since moving into my house (directly behind the Liberia House).. everyone who visits or spends the night witness strange unexplainable things. Its become a long going joke in the neighborhood in the area that the house is possessed or infested by demons, lol. I guess my family deserves it though.. since we bought a house that plowed down a lot of the area where many people died and were buried. I wish that the LIBERIA PLANTATION wasn't private property (its only open for tours during a few days of the year)... I would love to get some paranormal equipment and take a look around. Anyway... just thought I would mention this place... hope any of this is useful. 


Hauntings in Grundy Va


There is a string of apartments on Riverside Drive in Grundy VA that were built in the 1920's and still stand with little remodeling. In one apartment an old dark looking man stares out the window in the kitchen. This same man haunted my friend, her husband and her mother who came to stay a few nights. Eventually she and her husband had a baby and it could be seen staring off in to the distance at things that were not there and laughing when no one was in the room. Each of these apartments is a separate house they have a basement and an upstairs. In each apartment one floor is closed off and sealed for storage (nothing can get in). My friend's brother live next door in another apartment (I stayed there for a month). There were weird sounds coming from upstairs and in the walls at all times of day and night! I tried debunking it but the upstairs was sealed and locked plus on side of the apartment was built into the hill side! So there was absolutely no way anything could get there, it was all rock! 


Shed Park

By:  Anonymous

Shed park is one of the most haunted parks in mass. there is woods area that people have clamed that if u walk around the day time u can hear foot steps and people talking and u can feel someone creeping up on

ya when no one is there. at night if u go in a certain area of the play ground u can see child running into the woods, when u go into the woods u can hear the childern laugh and playing. there is a little pond area and in the middle there is an small island that you can walk to. sometimes when u are on the island u feel like there is something there and waiting for u to come near the water to drown you. there is a cenmintary there and if u walk around in it during the day u can feel people walking around there and sightings of the dead during the day. if u stay in it for too long your breathing stops and your still alive. at night NEVER GO IN. IMPORTANT. NO TRESPASSING.its heavely watch and very dangerious to go in reports that u hear screaming and demonic screak can be heard. deaths have occurd there one of them was back in Dec. 10, 1999 -- An out-of-work bricklayer who hanged himself days after an 11-year-old Lowell girl was found raped, strangled and partially buried at a Lowell park was identified by police as her killer. Police said that DNA evidence left on clothes, beer cans and a rare brand of cigarettes discovered at the crime scene in Shedd Park proved James Howley, 32, of Lowell was Tabitha Potter's murderer.all of the adults were scared, and the park was so empty for longest time. sometimes you can see and hear her wondering around the park. mostly at the small park up on the hill at shedd park.  the little girl is still looking for her parents and her friend that she made years ago in that park. WARNING : never go alone when you go to shedd park. moslty at night.its really dangerious. especially walking around the woods area,near the cemintary,or in the cenmintary. you need permisson to walk in the cemintary at night. a lot has happen in this park. you will hear storys from the towns people about this park.


Grandma's apartment


When I was A child about 8 or 9, back in the late sixty's, me and my older sister would spend every weekend at Grandma's. She lived in A duplex apartment,the kind that has two apartments with A wall dividing the two. well, that evening my Grandma was going somewhere, A church social I think, and my sister and I stayed next door at the neighbors apartment. About the time it was getting dark, we started hearing sounds coming from Grandma's place. there were footsteps-heavy, doors opening and closing, the kitchen faucet turning on and off, and the toilet flushing. When we first heard these things, we thought that Grandma was back early, so we went next door to check, well, Grandma was not home, the doors were locked and the lights were off. We went back next door and continued to hear these noises until Grandma did get home A few hours later. We told her that someone had been in the house while she had been gone, so she searched carefully and could'nt find anything, there was nothing out of place, no sign that anyone had been there. I slept there that night and many nights before then and after and there were never any other times when that happened. I don't know what caused it, but I do know that there was no-one in there. 



An Eerie Experience When my Sister passed Away

Hi, my name is Amber, and I used to live in a rural area until a few weeks prior to my 12th birthday. I have always believed in the paranormal, and I'm not sure if this qualifies, but I want to share my story so maybe I can receive some kind of helpful feedback.    My mother moved us to nowata, Oklahoma in an attempt to escape an abusive relationship. My mother had 2 other children, that had a separate father than my SIS and I. They resided in nowata all their life with their father, we never really spent allot of time with them growing up, so naturally we were excited to get to do so now. My brother had already moved to another local town, so we didn't get to see him often. When my estranged sister cristel, turned 18 she moved into our home, and my other SIS Connie and I were finally going to have the chance to form a real family bond with her.   But our time was cut short when on November 28th, 1999 she and 3 close friends of hers were struck by a train. Sadly the driver was killed instantly, and one of the others were announced dead shortly after paramedics arrived on the scene, she was life flighted to a hospital where she passed away on the 4th of December. On the day of her funeral we had many people in our home, wile I was occupying a younger family member n my room he continued to ask where the cat was hiding, but I assured him we didn't have even a single pet. Later on as guests were leaving and the day was winding down, I went to my room, closing the door, to be alone. While laying in my bed in the dimming light of my Windows I heard a cat. I first thought it was a stray outside I was hearing, moments later I felt my blanket tug at the corner. I was a little afraid, but had to know what it was. I bent nervously over the side lifting the blanket to peer underneath. First there was nothing, then as I scanned from end to end of the dark space, I saw two green eyes glinting back at me. I dropped the blanket and ran for my light switch. My heart leaped n my chest when as the light came on the eyes moved to peer out, I was frozen for a few moments until slowly a black cat crawled out. I felt like an idiot.  I put the cat out after showing my mom. We cldnt keep it, she never really was a cat person. The following night the cat came from under my bed and climbed n with me. Bewildered as to how it got back in, and a little startled, as I was not expecting it and was on the edge of sleep, I went to my mom, to ask if she had let it n after maybe changing her mind about keeping it. She said no and put it out herself. The same thing occurred the next night, but this time we searched for holes, open Windows, spaces a cat cld fit in through the floor, ceilings, walls, vents, u name it. But found nothing. Cluelessly we decided to keep her. She obviously had chosen not to allow us to be rid of her. She stayed n my room, and many times @ night I wld b staring @ the ceiling thinking about cristel, asking questions n my head, only to look @ the cat by my side, starring at the same spot as me. Nothing more than that wld ever happen, except n the mornings she wld b gone, with no sign she was ever even there. Only to re-appear n my room @ night fall. We moved away from the town not long after my sister passed away, and to my disappointment we never saw her again. I feel like maybe she was there to help comfort me through that bad time.  Anybody else have an opinion on the situation? I would greatly appreciate any clarification, or explanation.

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