Stockbridge, MA

Years ago, I was an apprentice at the Berkshire Theatre Festival for a summer. The residence hall and outlying property had many interesting occurrences, but the most spectacular was a late-night visit a friend and I took to the Stockbridge Cemetery. We had heard that in the middle of the cemetery, a long-ago group of Puritans had themselves buried in a circle so that when the Rapture came, they would rise from their death sleep to greet one another face-to-face. It was also reported that one of the residence of the circle buried had her dog beside her. Also of note, the cemetery boasts the final resting place of Norman Rockwell. It was a pleasant evening in late July, and as is usual in the Berkshires, the evening was cool. My friend and I left the Red Lion Inn and walked to the gates of the cemetery. The paths in the cemetery were not paved, but consisting of gravel. There was plenty of ambient light from the streetlights, nearby houses, and a faint moon as we easily strolled, chatting about this and that. Both of us soon realized we weren’t alone in the cemetery as we heard rustling of a person or an animal or two  were moving about among the gravestones. Every once and a while, a shadow  of movement in our peripheral vision would catch our attention. My friend and I had a good chuckle about what we assumed were kids, out late on a summer night having a little fun. I even recall when I turned my focus to one of the shadow figures that I caught in the corner of my eye, the ‘kid’ seemed to slink behind a tombstone. At the end of our path, there was a little grove of trees, and beyond lay the circle of gravestones. There was enough light that we could read the names and dates on the stones. As we marveled at this piece of history , we continued our pleasant chatter, not really feeling spooked or anything unusual until we both noticed what sounded like four legs padding across spongy earth. There was also the panting.  I commented that there was a dog nearby, and my friend agreed, he calling out to it. That is when I realized that the ‘dog’ sounded and felt  as though it should have been standing between us, yet there was nothing there. It was at that time my friend commented that it made him uncomfortable to be walking over someone’s grave in the daylight, and doubly uncomfortable to be doing it in the middle of the night. I agreed and we both commented how inconsiderate we were being and headed back to the gravel path.   Shaking off our little scare, it was obviously much brighter and open on the path. We relaxed immediately  and resumed our small talk,  wondering if the kids grew tired of their game and had gone home. As we walked, we both became aware, at pretty much the same time, of a feeling of unease. In addition to our shoes crunching the gravel, there was a third crunch of steps behind us, kicking little pebbles at our heels. We both stopped at the same instant, and whatever was walking behind us took a few extra steps before it stopped. Slowly, we both turned around, with me, hoping against hope to see some cheeky 13 year old. The path stretched back to the grove of trees, empty. We looked at one another and silently agreed just to calmly continue down the path. Unfortunately, I am not adept at judging distances, but upon the point of realizing we weren’t alone and however many feet to the gate wouldn’t have been considered a great distance,  but having my back to an invisible companion kicking stones at my heels really can make a short distance feel like miles. In silence except for the gravely crunch of three sets of footsteps, we finally made it to the gate. We stepped onto the sidewalk and apologized to our companion for being disrespectful, assuring it that we meant it no harm and we would go. Terribly relieved, my friend and I headed back to the Red Lion, giggling nervously about what had just happened until the it became apparent that in addition to our own footsteps on the cement, there was still, a third. Repeating the incident in the cemetery, we both stopped and our companion took a few extra steps. We turned, once again, to an empty path. My initial instinct was to bolt, but my friend grabbed my arm and warned me to be calm, it would be all right, we should just quietly and certainly head back to the Red Lion and our invisible companion would lose interest, or possibly even stop at the intersection ahead of us as the cemetery didn’t cross over to the next block.  Despite my friend’s reassuring hand on my elbow  as we walked, the feeling in the air was gradually becoming more and more oppressive. It was all I could do to focus ahead me. Not far from the curb, I shook my friends hand off and bolted across the street to the other sidewalk. Once safely on the other side, I turned to see my friend trying to keep his casual pace, face pale and hands shaking. He wasn’t happy with me when he finally set foot on the other side. But our companion stopped and as we stood looking at the opposite side, the feeling was almost palpable. It felt as though a physical presence, a real mass were standing there, watching us. Heading back to the Red Lion, we agreed that whatever it was that followed us wasn’t malicious, but wasn’t happy with us being there. We had trespassed, and like an afterlife bouncer, it had escorted us off its property.


The Airplane Mechanic



 I was looking through my dad's old airplane school photos and in one photo two things caught my eye. In the window above the rows of students there was a bluish sparkling thing but it wasn't any reflection. The window was open and what seemed to be the head of the figure was

looking down on it. The other thing that was freaky was that there was this man called Freddy Jackson who was an air mechanic well anyway I had heard my Dad talk about him sometimes and apparently he had died in a propeller accident two days EARLIER. I sort of thought it through after that and decided that ghosts are real.



The Black Entity



Hello, First Off I Must Tell You, I Feel The Need To Explain Every Detail Of This Story, So It’ll Be Somewhat Long.  First Off, Some Background.   My Name Is Casey, And The First Time I Had An Encounter With This Entity I Was 17, I Was With My Father, His Girlfriend (We Will Call Them Robert & Lorie), And My Half Brothers From My Father Previous Marriage.  Well, We Were Bored At Home, It Was Roughly 12 AM, And Since I Live In BFE, We Decided To Head Out To Our Local “Haunted Attraction” Which Is Bragg Road (It’s An 8 Mile Stretch Of STRAIGHT Dirt Road Nestled In The Woods Between FM 787 & FM 1293 In Thicket, Texas). We Arrived At Bragg At About 12:30 Or So, And Our Visit To The Road Was Quite Typical, It Was Cold, Quiet, And We Saw Nothing. Tonight However, We Were Armed With Some New Information, I Had Been Asking Around And Looking For The Haunted Cemetery. The Cemetery (Known As Sutton),          Anyway, I FINALLY Figured Out Where The Road Was, I Was Excited, As Was Everyone Else. Once We Had Gotten Off Of Bragg Rd And Arrived At The Cemetery The Mood Of The Group Totally Changed, As Well As The Outside Temperature Of The Truck. We Actually Thought Little Of This, Since The Cemetery Was Way Off In The Boonies (As In Surrounded By Woods) I Just Figured The Wind Couldn’t Reach The Area, And Therefore Stayed Colder Since The Air Wasn’t Being Changed As Rapidly As The Surrounding Areas. Dad & Lorie Were Immediately Reluctant To Leave The Truck, As Were My Step-Brothers. I, On The Other Hand, Was Out Of The Truck With Camera In Hand Almost Before We Came To A Stop. As I Walked Through The Opening Where The Gate Was, I Instantaneously Was Attracted To The Rear Center Of The Cemetery, So Of Course, I Started Walking To That Area. My Dad & The Rest Of The Group Were Just Now Making Their Way Out Of The Truck, I Was About 60 Feet From Them. Walking To The Back Of The Cemetery I Felt A Weird Tingling Sensation, Almost Like Static Electricity; I Again Played This Off As The Temperature & Lack Of Humidity. Once I Got To The Back, And Saw What I Wanted To See (Just A Single, Lonely Headstone, Which Frightening Enough To Me, Displayed My Last Name) I Began Walking Back To The Front To Meet-Up With My Family. I Had Gone About 40 Feet From The Gravestone, And Was Making My Way Through A Small Gathering Of Trees To Get Back Out To The Front (Looking Back I Could Have Gone Around The Gathering Of Trees & Shrubs, But For Some Reason Didn’t) When I Heard What Sounded Like My Footsteps Echoing! I Felt This Was EXTREMELY Strange, And Could Not Find A Way To Easily Explain It, So I Stopped Walking & Held My Position… The “Echoing” Stopped. Satisfied That It Was An Echo, I Began Walking Again, This Time The “Echo” Was Louder, So Once Again I Froze In Place. Once Again The “Echo” Stopped, I Was Almost Ready To Start Walking Again; When Suddenly (Now What I Call Footsteps) Began Again, And I WASN’T WALKING! I Darted Out Of The Grouping Of Trees & Headed Back To My Family. They, Promptly I Might Add, Noticed I Was Shaken, And Asked What Was Wrong, I Told Them Nothing. We Lingered Around For A Few More Minutes, Then Headed Back To The House. Once We Got Back It Was About 3:00 AM, We Sat On The Porch, And That Was When I Relayed My Encounter. My Dad, Immediately Afterwards Stated That He Had, Indeed, Seen Something Following Me. He Described It As Being About 8 Feet Tall, Since I Am 6’ 1’’ The 2 Feet The Figure Had On Me Was Easily Noticed. He Went On To Describe That The Figure Was All Black, With No Discernable Features, Clothes, Or Eyes, And That It Had It’s Hands On The Small Of My Back / Waist Area. I Did Forget To Mention That It Was A Full Moon Out, So It Was Highly Unlikely That He Was Seeing Things. I Told Him That He Was Completelty Insane, And Went Inside To Get Ready For Bed.   Flash Forward 1 & ½ Years. I Had Just Turned 18,I Had Recently Moved To La Porte (Texas),  And Was Taking GED Classes At Lee College Of Baytown (Located On Texas Avenue). It Was About 1 Month Into My Second Semester, And Class Had Just Finished, It Was About 9:15 PM. I Had Stayed Outside At The Picnic Table To Talk To My Friend (Who We Will Call Kayla), And To Have A Cigarette Since Class Had Been 3 Hours Long. Well, We Chatted For A Few Minutes When We Said Bye And Parted Ways. I Had Parked My Car Right At The Front, But Kayla Pared Across The Parking Lot. The Parking Lot Was Empty Except For Me, Kayla, And One Or Two Other Cars. I Got In My Car, The Door Was Still Open, And My Left Leg Was Still Outside On The Pavement. I Put The Key In The Ignition, Set My Bag In The Passenger Seat, And Was About To Close The Door When The Rear-View Mirror Caught My Eye. Please Keep In Mind That The Dome Light Was Still On In The Cabin. There, In The Back Seat, Sitting Right In The Middle, Was  THE FIGURE, The One I Now Presume Was What I Encountered In The Cemetery Nearly 2 Years Before, The Way It Was Sitting In The Back Seat Made It Look Damn-Near Impossible For It To Be There, It Was SO TALL. The Head Was Cocked To The Left, And It Was Looking Right At Me! Now Once Again The Figure Had No Eyes, Face, Clothes, Smell, Or Discernible Features, But It Was THE BLACKEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I BOLTED From My Car, And Damn-Near Killed Myself Tripping Over The Median. When I Got Up, I Continued Running Until I Reached My Friend Kayla’s Truck… She Was About To Pull-Out, But Stopped When She Saw Me Running. I Told Her The Whole Encounter Through My Hyperventilating And Tears, After Which She Calmed Me Down, Drove Me Back To My Car, Prayed With Me, And Then Said “Get In, I’ll Follow You Home”. I Had No Problem With This, Since She Lived In La Porte As Well. Kayla Followed Me Home, And Said Goodnight. I Went Inside, Now Completely Unsure If I Had Really Seen What I Just Saw. This Was To Be My Last Encounter With The “Thing” For Another Year.   Flashing Forward Once Again. I Had Moved Back To Saratoga, And Was Having A Quiet Night At Home. My Friend (Who We Will Call Alyssa) Called Me And Wanted Me To Come Visit, She Lives In Anahuac Which Is About 45 Minutes From Me In Saratoga. I Got Up,  Fixed My Hair, Changed My Clothes, And Got In The Car At About 9:00 PM. I Drove The 30 Some-Odd Mile Distance To Anahuac, Where I Visited With My Friend For About 3 & ½ Hours. When It Was Time For Me To Go, My Other Friend (We’ll Call Him Shane, Who Is Alyssa’s Father) Walked With Me Outside While I Started My Car To Let It Warm Up. It Was About 1:00 AM. I Stared My Car, Then Me & Shane Sat On The Porch Smoking For Roughly 10 Minutes Until I Felt The Car Had Warmed Sufficiently For Me To Drive (This Was 2 Months Ago, October 2011). I Bid My Goodbyes And Got Into The Car. I Had Driven About 10 Miles, Down FM 563 & Made My Right Turn Onto FM 770 Which Runs Between FM 563 & Hwy 90 (I’m Not Sure Why, But That Detail Seems Important). About 2.5 Miles Down FM 770 I Had To Pee, Figuring That There Was No-One Around To See Me, I Stopped The Car On The Side Of The Road, Did My Business, And Returned To The Car. I Started Driving Again, And Had Proceeded Down The Road About 1 Mile When I Started Noticing Darting Shadows To The Right Side Of The Road; I Passed This Off As Wisps Of Fog, Since It Was Cold… I Continued Seeing The Darting Shadows For The Next 5-10 Minutes Until I Was About One Half Mile From Highway 90, On Which I Would Turn Right. That’s When It Happened, Behind Me I Noticed That Their Were 3 Street Lights That I Could See Out Of The Side Mirrors, Yet Only 1 Was Visible In The Rear-View Mirror. I Found This Strange, But Passed It Off Since The Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror Was Doing It Job, And Was Dimmed. I Was Just Humming Along, Okay, Actually I Was Singing At The Top Of My Lungs, The Song That Was Playing On The Radio (Fancy, By Reba McEntire). Now Here’s Some More Of My Annoyingly Placed

Background Information! The Car I Was In Was A 2000 Chevrolet Lumina, It Didn’t Have An Auxiliary Input For My MP3 Player, So I Had The Zune Connected To One Of Those Cigarette Lighter FM Modulators That Broadcasted The Song To The Radio. The Zune Was Sitting In The Passenger Seat, As I Was Alone In The Car (Or So I Thought), I Had The Doors Locked, As Well As The Windows (Don’t Ask Why, It Just Made Me Feel Safer). I Was Just About To The Intersection, And Right After The Part  The Part Of The Song (If Anyone Of Y’all Knows Reba) Where She Says “Wadn’t Long After A Malevolent Man Took Me In Off The Streets, One Week Later I Was Pouring His Tea In A 5-Room Hotel Suite” The Zune Froze Solid, The Song Stuck In The Position “Ye” From The Part Of The Song That The Backup Singers Said “Yes She Was”. I Reached Over To Investigate The Problem As I Had NEVER Had An Issue With The Zune Locking Up (Nor Have I Since), Couldn’t Figure Out What The Issue Was, And Started Holding The Power Button To Reset It. I Was In The Process Of Saying “OMG, Stupid F****ng Microsoft Product” But The Sentence Was Never Completed, As I Was Talking To Both Myself & The Inanimate Object,  Something Caught My Eye… It Was Once Again This Figure! In All It’s Incredibly Creepy, DARK DARK DARK, FRIGHTENING Glory. It Once Again Was Looking Right At Me! It Also Had No Face, Eyes, Clothes, Or Discernable Features… Just Like Every-Time Before! I Am Still Not Certain To This Day How The Car Came To A Stop In The Parking Lot Of That Abandoned Valero On The Corner Of 770 & 90, Or How The Door Became Unlocked, Or How I Managed To Have My Phone In My Pocket (The Doors Have To Be Either Unlocked Manually, Or By Pressing The Unlock Button For The Power Locks, And I ALWAYS Placed My Phone In This Small Cubby-Hole To The Left Of The Steering Wheel). All I Know Is That I Was Kneeling In The Middle Of 770 To The Left Of The Car When My Memory Returns To Me. I Frantically Tried To Find My Phone, And As Luck Would Have It, I Was Successful. I Called My Friend Shane, Spastic, Crying, Hyperventilating… The WHOLE 9 Yards, I Mean I Had Officially Lost It! He Was Attempting To Understand What I Was Saying, With Little Success, Until He Finally Managed To Calm Me Down Enough That I Could Speak Somewhat Normally. I Told Him What I Saw, And That I Knew This Was Something BAD, That Something Bad Was Going To Happen (The Last Time I Saw The Figure, My Best Friend Alyssa Was Beaten By Her Ex-Husband The Next Day, And Three Days Later I Was In A Minor Traffic Accident That Caused $5,000 Damage To My Aunts Nissan Sentra, While Driving Home From School). He Calmed Me Down And Finally After About 15 Minutes Convinced Me To Get Into The Car, He Said If I Wasn’t Careful I Would Attract The Police (And I Really Didn’t Want An Officer Trying To Call Me Drunk), I Got Into The Car, Turned On The Dome Light, And While He Remained On The Phone With Me I Started Driving Again. I Was About 6 Miles From Where The Incident Took Place When My Phone Started Dropping Calls Left And Right, And I Was In A Really Good AT&T Service Area (3-4 Bars At All Times). I Tried Rebooting The Phone Via Battery Removal, But No Dice. Shane Could Call Me (He Got Through Every 4’th Or 5’Th Try), But I Could Not Reach Him, Or Anyone Else, PERIOD. Keep In Mind I Constantly Had Edge Service. Once Shane Got Ahold Of Me And Kept Me For A Lengthy Amount Of Time I Had Passed The School On Hwy 105 & Was Now Into The Saratoga Oil Fields Portion Of Highway 770 (Yes There are About 4 Hwy 770’s In My Area) When I Heard An Incredible Loud & Pronounced POP; It Seemed To Come From Outside The Car Right Below The Passenger Door. My Friend Shane Also Herd It… Now I Had Calmed Down Considerably Since My Incident 20 inutes Ago, But I Was Soon Back To A Hysterical, Crying Mess. I Stopped The Car On The Shoulder Of The Road, Got Out, And Once Again I Was Kneeling In The Middle Of The Road! Shane Told Me That Kneeling There Was Probably A Really Bad Idea, And I Agreed. I Was Leery To Get Back Into The Car, So Shane Had Me Pop The Trunk… Now I Had To Open The Driver Door To Push The Trunk Release On The Dash, And Did So As Quickly As Possible. Once I Had The Button Pressed, I Closed The Door And Began Walking Towards The Trunk… The Lid Still Hadn’t Opened, And Apparently Decided To Do So Once I Got To The Back Of The Car, Giving Me Yet Another Mini Heart-Attack! I Checked The Trunk, Their Was Noting To Be Seen, Shane Then Had Me Look Under The Car, While Kneeling Back On The Road & Away From The Car I Did Look Under It, And Saw Nothing! He Asked Me If I Was Sure I Hadn’t Run-Over Anything Like A Soda Bottle, Or A Rock… I Was CERTAIN I Had Not. The Road Was Completely Clear.  At This Point I Was Terrified Of That Car, And Didn’t Want To Be In It, But After My Wild Imagination Reminding Me Of Horror Stories & Movies I Had Seen Before About Psychos Murdering People On The Side Of The Road, Cars Driving Themselves, And The Like, I Was Petrified That Car Might Try Running Me Over! So I Got Back In, And Started Driving Once Again, That’s When The Radio Let Out A Belch Of Static, I Of Course Being Shaken Up Turned Off The Radio Out Of Fear The Ghost, Or Whatever It Was Might Try Speaking To Me Over The Car’s Head-Unit! I Was Only About 5 Miles From Home Now, And My Phone Sill Would Not Cooperate With Me, That’s When I Screamed, Quite Literally SCREAMED Out “In The Name Of Jesus Christ, Allah, Horus, Athena, Or Whoever, Leave Me Alone And Let Me Make A Phone-Call… It Was Like Flipping A Switch! The Phone Immediately Worked! I Called Shane Back, As He Really Was The Only Person Awake That I Could Talk To, And He Stated That When I Heard The Pop I Either Left The Spirit There, Or

Picked It Back Up; I Told Him I Didn’t Care Either Way, That I Was Home Now, And Whatever It Was Could Drive The Car To Hell If It Wanted To, But It Was Not Under Any Circumstances Allowed In My Home! I Parked, And Jumped Out Of The Car, Leaving My Things And All, And Ran From It. I Was Still On The Phone With Shane, Still Quite Shaken, When I Noticed That The Lights Were Still On In The Car, 1 Minute Later… I Asked Him If That Was Normal, And He Reminded Me That I Had Turned The Switch To The ON Position, And Must Have Forgotten To Turn Them Off. I Checked The Car, And Indeed I Did Leave Them On… I Grabbed My Things, Turned Off The Lights, And Ran Into My House… The Whole Time Yelling You Are NOT ALLOWED IN MY HOME! Shane Let Me Go, And As I Was Sitting On My Couch, Reflecting On The Events Of The Night I Could Swear I Saw The Figure Looking At Me Through My Kitchen Window. I Blew It Off, And Went To Bed.  1 Week Later, My Friend Shane Lost His Job Of 20 Years & My Cousin’s Best Friend (We’ll Call Her Michelle) Michelle Was Involved In A Wreck That Nearly Ended Her & Her Sisters Lives. Last part Guys I Swear!  It Was About 3 Weeks Later, When Me & Shane Went To Bragg Rd At About 1:00 AM, We Did The Usual Drive Through & Visited The Cemetery. But Once We Left, Instead Of Talking 1293 To 787, We Went Back Down Bragg Rd… Near The Last 2 Miles Between Us And The Highway The Brakes Got Spongy (As In The Pedal Went To The Floor With NO Response From The Hydraulics) On The 2000 Lumina… Near The End Of Bragg Rd The Brakes Came Back Completely! I Snapped A Picture Out The Window, Pointing Towards The Rear Of The Vehicle, The Image Upon Later Viewing At My House Showed A Rather Mean Looking Figure Appearing Out Of Some Kind Of Fog/Vapor! I Will Attach This Image For You’re Viewing, And For You To Judge For Yourself. I Have Not Since Gone Back To Bragg Rd, Not Have I Yet To Have Another Encounter With The Entity. But It Leaves Me Wondering… What Is It? What Does It Want? Why Does It Just Look At Me? Why Does It Only Seem To Appear Occasionally When I’m Alone In A Car? Why Me? And Where The Hell Did It Come From!? Sorry That The Beginning Of Every Word Id Capitalized, It’s A Strange Obsession I Picked Up A Few Years Ago Out Of Nowhere. Thank You For Your Time, In Reading My Story, And Again, I Apologize For It’s Length!








The Girl and The Boy


reading all these stories, made me remember the time I saw the girl and the boy. I had almost forgotten this incident since I was about 6 or 7. when I was little, my family lived in an apartment building. our apartment was small but the kitchen was the biggest part. I remember

when you walk in, you could see the big kitchen window. it was quite big for a small apartment. anyhow I use to sleep in the living room with my brother. about four occasions I saw a little girl holding the hand of a smaller boy. I always saw them in the exact location. one night I was laying down and I remember I stood up to wake up my brother. he asked me what was wrong and I remember pointing towards the kitchen window. I told him they are right there. when he turned on the lights they would disappear. they would be standing still looking at me right below the kitchen window. I use to sleep right across that window. I remember they had really old fashion clothes like in the beginning of the 1900s the little girl had a long dress and the boy had a sailor like hat. my parents and brothers didn't believe me they said I was dreaming and saw too much television. that apartment was right in front of a large orange grove, if you looked out the window, you saw lines and lines of orange trees, they are no, longer there, they built a large hotel and got rid of the orange grove. there are times when you just swear you weren't asleep, I know I was not dreaming and it wasn't just one time I saw them. perhaps back in the day there was a house there or something near the orange grove.


The House in Mexico


since I was a little kid, I have had strange feelings and things that have happened to me while staying at our vacation house in Mexico. My father built a house about 27 years ago in a small town in Mexico. at the time, the house was the biggest one in the whole block. It has two floors

and it is quite big, it is made out of brick and cement and the floors are marble. several weird incidents have happened while staying at the house to me and my mom. One night I remember it (with chills still)  I was asleep in my room, I had a two piece pijama with collar. I remember having a really realistic dream in which I was being pulled by my collar pijama shirt in a way it was chocking me. I tried to scream but couldnt.  I remember trying to fight back and throwing my night table to the floor with an arm. I didn't see who was chocking me, but I felt how my throat was closing. I immediately woke up sweating, but like I said it was a very realistic dream when I stood up to look at myself in the mirror, was neck was red by the collar of my shirt. I told my parents about it the next day, but they said it was just a dream. after that I couldnt sleep I tried to stay as much as I could until I would eventually fall asleep. another incident was another night I could easily hear someone flickering the light switch on and off. I definitely knew I was not asleep. my parents didn't really paid attention to what I told them until one day something happened to my mom. one night all of us had gone upstairs to sleep except my mom, she stayed downstairs cleaning the kitchen. as she finished, she said she turned off the light, and started to walk upstairs, when she was halfway up she was stopped. she told us she felt a great weight on top of her that didn't let her, move or speak. she said she tried to scream but couldn't. when she finally screamed all of us went to see what happened and she was in shock crying. my brothers, and I were scared after that, except my dad, he doesn't believe in paranormal activity or anything ghostly. this incident happened about ten years ago. the last time I visited the house was three years ago and the last incident I saw was a hand print. there is a glass door by the dining room that leads in the back yard, so you can see outside while being inside the kitchen and dining area. that day I was alone with my mom and I glanced outside the backyard and saw a small child hand print on the glass door. this really freaked me and my mom out, since we didnt have company with small children and in our family everyone is an adult. that day my mother told my dad to have the house blessed, but my father said not to believe in that. a couple of years ago, I asked my dad if there was something previous in the house, he said there was another small house made out of adobe. it belonged to a old woman with her grandson and that my dad had offered her money for her to sell the property to him. she denied every time, until she died. she actually died in the house and her relatives sold the property soon after to my father.




The Safehouse

By: Anonymous         

I am writing to you to describe an experience my child and I had a Safehouse a few years ago. I am Christian and have raised my child in the Christian faith.  When my child was about 4 we ended up hiding in a Safehouse due to a domestic violence situation. I will try to be careful about disclosing too much about the Safehouse since it is a place of refuge for women and their children who are trying to escape domestic violence and who are applying for legal Protective Orders. While at the Safehouse my child had developed a relationship with what I initially thought was an imaginary friend. She called the boy "Flip" because as she said he moved from place to place very fast. I had approached the Safehouse Manager to ask that my child receive counseling which they offered on site. The Safehouse Manager told me the house was believed to be haunted and the staff wasn't allowed to talk about it. Some of the other Safehouse residents found out about my child's friend "Flip" and started questioning her about it. One day while cleaning our assigned bedroom my child started talking to the boy who she said was standing at the headboard of the bed which was against the wall. It was as if the boy was standing in the area of the mattress, not on it or on top of it, nor at the side of it. My child explained she could not see the boy, but knew where he was standing when he spoke to her. My child had asked the boy various questions like what was he doing there, how old he was, and how did he die? In response, the boy told him he lived there and would play tricks on the women in the house to frighten them. The boy told her he was thirteen years old and he didn't understand what she meant when asked how he died. My child also told me we needed to be careful about what we said because "Flip" could get mad. "Flip" told her that kids would tease him about being fat.  I let my child know that "Flip" could listen to our nightly reading from her Children's Bible as long as he behaved. We began praying for the boy asking God to help him in the Name of Jesus Christ. My child stopped talking to or about the boy and when asked what happened to him my she said, "he went straight up into the sky."  I was told that my child had probably become sensitive to the boy spirit after being traumatized due to the domestic violence. My child wasn't afraid or surprised by the boy and at the time just acted like the experience was an every day occurrence. My child eventually forgot about it.  I believe God cares about these child spirits who, for whatever reason, are earthbound and it is important to be gentle, as well as patient, with them. Through sincere and loving prayer God intervened to take "Flip" straight up to Heaven.  Thank you for your time.


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