Ghost Story of my Childhood



I recently came across your website, and decided to share my story with you, because it is something that has always perplexed me. I was wondering if you could maybe help me out. When we were small, my brother and I, we lived in a house that my parents built in 1980 on a newly developing area of Miami.  They used to give wonderful parties and had us both in that house.  They got divorced when i was 4, my brother 3, the reason being that my father became ill and became life threatening.  It was the three of us, my mother and my brother and I from then on.  As a child, I remember being extremely afraid in my room. Our house had two stories and we had three rooms on the top floor.  At night, I used to be very afraid that something would come out from under my bed, and slept against the wall. My brother was in the other bed.  I have recollections of seeing a figure by the room door at night, it was dark, but sort of shaped like a man who looked into the room sort of.  When I would have to go to the bathroom, I would have to get up in the dark and go to the door, and go down the hallway to the bathroom. I would be very afraid of doing that, and I would never go back to the room, always into my Mom's room and sleep with her, bc I didn't want to go back to my room.  Almost every night, she would have to "sit" in our room until we fell asleep. As soon as she left, I would wake up, and cover my head with my sheets.  There was also another room next to mine, which was the guest room. It was empty, had a bed, a desk, etc. But for some reason, I hated being in that room. I would never go in, and when I did, I would feel extremely uncomfortable.  We also had a big snake problem, since our house was on a newly developed area.  Huge snakes would come into the garage and onto the back porch, and my Mother would kill them bc she was afraid they would reproduce or bite us.  Also, another time, our dog started barking like crazy during the day at a tree in the empty lot next door, and when we went outside, there was, believe it or not, a Koala up in the tree.  This thing was very mean. Animal control came and took it, and said that it was probably escaped from Metrozoo, and that also it looked rabid. I have no idea why that thing was there.  My brother and I recently talked about these things in our room and our childhood during conversation, and he told me that he would also see the figures in our room, and said that they came from out of the closet, and one touched his face when he covered it with his heets. They weren't harmful or anything, just disturbing to us. He said it was always the closet. I also got sick in that house and stopped walking for years. I developed a muscular deficiency.  My mother had tried to sell the house for about two years in 1992. People would come in and leave right away. She had a secretary that would never go past the living room for some reason.  My mother, though, never saw or felt anything.  In 1992, we stayed under the stairs for the hurricane to pass. It was as if the house was exploding, the noise was so horrible. Wind noises, howling wind, things flying, dropping, the reason being the windows from both sides broke and a sort of suction was created and our living room furniture ended up in the lake.  When it was over, we stepped out of the house, and never went back.  After the storm, however, my mother found many strange things on top of the kitchen cabinets after they fell down. They were sort of herbs tied with colored ribbons, and other things that people which pratice Santeria use. She had no idea who had put them there; a few years back, though, she had found three huge steel nails under her statue of the Baby Jesus.  My Grandmother, my father's mother, Im sorry to say, practiced Santeria at times. Not professionally or as a religion, but for her superstitions and also wished badly upon people at times.  Anyway, after the hurricane, the insurance paid for the house, and we moved.  I got better, my Mother got better work, we were happier.  One of my relatives bought the dilapidated house and rebuilt it.  A few months later, he started having marital problems. Also, he called my mother and asked her why the house always smelled like burning candles. He soon sold the house and also left. A few years before we left, my Mother had found out that in the 70s, a small private plane had crashed into that lake, and all the poeple aboard had died.  There was also some rumor about it being built on a burial ground.   Last year, after 18 years of not going back there, we drove by just out of curiosity, and there was a construction crew. We asked if we could go in, and we did.  They had torn down a dividing wall, and it had new marble stairs, a third level put on the house, etc. However, I went into my old room, and it was the same, as was the guest room.  I looked around, and it was just plain as it could be. After a few minutes, though, I started feeling uncomfortable, and wanted to eave, because I just didn't feel right, not in my room, nor in the guest room. I dont know why, but I just wanted to leave. Everything looked creepy to me.  My randmother on my mother's side, refused to go in the house. I never went back there, except have driven by.  It still looks ominous to me, and it still has an empty lot next to it.  I dont know what was in there, or why it just bothered others ,but not my mother.  .




Ghost Story


My family and I moved from St. Petersburg, FL, in the summer of 2001, to a small town in Illinois called Jacksonville. In South Jacksonville, which is it's own little town, we moved into the first house ever built in the area. Sometime during the early 1800s. It was owned by a very prominent family who helped during the Civil War. They moved to Jacksonville, to what is now an art gallery. But not before some of the family died in our house.  The upstairs had not been used for 20 years up to our moving in. It was cold and drafty up there. There was some old furniture. The activity did not start until we started construction on it.  A couple months after we moved in, we'd all be fast asleep, then be woken suddenly by a loud crash. We have this large chandelier in the foyer. The crash always came from the foyer. Mom and Dad would go to see what it was, and nothing would have happened. That went on for a couple weeks, but not since. I was alone in the house about a year after we moved there. It is very big, and very dark at night. I was watching tv in on part of the house when I started hearing whispering. Loud whispering of a man. I knew none of my family was in the house, so who was whispering? I called my dad, who said to go see what it was, but keep him on the line. I went into the front living room of the house, and the whispering started up on the second floor. Someone started pacing up there as well. I went upstairs, no one was there, but then someone was walking on the front porch. I turned on all the lights in the house and cranked the tv volume up high until someone got home. Dad still doesn't believe me, but Mom does.  About six months after we moved in, Mom was putting away laundry upstairs in one of the bedrooms. She heard a little girl call out for her mother, not in distress though. Mom turned around and a little girl in 1800s dress came skipping towards and past Mom. A woman was sitting in a rocking chair on the other side of the room, watching the little girl. That's the last we've seen of the little girl, but we have heard the woman up until now.  The woman likes to pace, around 11 pm for about an hour, between the kitchen and the formal dining room. She just paces. Around midnight, the man will start whispering, and I've heard the woman as well. My bedroom is in the basement, and we have hardwood floors, so I hear pretty much everything.   And recently, within the last two months, there has been a new entity in the basement. My brother does leather working as a hobby, and has his tools in the room next to my bedroom. Just before I go to bed, between 11 pm and 1 am, a banging like my brother is working on leather will come from that room. I have heard it walking into where I am laying, and rustling papers and such, even shaking my bed. I've felt it watch when I do my rituals (I'm Pagan), and that freaks me out. I don't like it when they just watch. It would be better if they just showed me themselves and then I'd know they were there. Not knowing where it is, if it's on my bed, or if it's standing right behind me. That makes me feel unsafe.  The other spirits I know would never harm me, I've never gotten that vibe from them, but this one I'm not so sure. My brother is having his room re-decorated, but when he moves out of my room upstairs, I plan on moving back upstairs. 

Ghosts in Brookstown Inn in Winston Salem, NC


First of all I have to say I never believed in this stuff and NEVER would have believed anything on your site or any ghost story.  I am now a believer.  I heard with my own ears!!  I was awakened at 5:00 am to children laughing and giggling upstairs and running across the hardwood floor.  It went on for so long that I called the front desk to very politely complain that they were so noisy I could not get back to sleep.  Vickie (front desk clerk) checked and told me that there was just a single gentleman in the room above me and that she would send Security upstairs to check it out anyway.  I apologized as I never complain about anything.  I have 3 children myself and of all people, I understand children playing.  But for some reason this was exceptionally loud and almost intentionally annoying.  So a couple hours later, about 8:30 am, I spoke to the front desk clerk on my way out and explained what happened earlier in the morning.  She said Vickie had left at 7 am and she reluctantly agreed that many guests before me had heard similar children's voices and that there were no children in the hotel  that night and it was not hard wood on the 4th floor. As I was hearing the small pitter patter of feet on hard wood earlier.  I stayed in Room 301 when this happened.  And I assure you I sleep like a log so for this to wake me up, they were loud.  And I heard them continuously for 30 mins before I called the front desk. 



Haunted House Texas


I noticed that you only had one ghost hunting in Caldwell,TX ..Well let me tell you about my Ghosts experience. It's in a house that my parents own...still till this day. It was there very first house as a young couple in a small town. we use to share a bedroom at a rent house beside my aunt. A one bedroom house for 4 people. So you could tell the excitement of having there very own house of 4 bedrooms,large backyard,kitchen,living room,restroom. When I was 6 or 7 till this day I can feel the feelings when I first walked around the house. It felt like something was in the house and someone was staring in my face looking at me up and down head tilting wondering who I was and what we are doing there ....well the first night we sleeped there I had the big room in the middle of the house and in front was a door to the kitchen (that I would leave open) and on my left a hallway to restroom and my parents bedroom in the front and on my right my big brothers bedroom which he always closed the door on me..I wanted it open because at night is when I get scared. It would start off with scary dreams ..Like me getting killed by thugs from the block . They would tie me up and cut me with broken glass and put a gun to my head. or sometimes it would be me alone in the house and they would jump the fence and try to get in the house. They even hurt my mom and brother. Then the dreams would wake me up and once I would be awake I'll try and keep my eyes open but some how I fall asleep....then after a month I started to hear noises and not wanting to go into the kitchen ...I cryed one time telling my parents I don't want to go in (at night was the worst) and get whatever they wanted out of the kitchen. My mom told me just keep the door open and go dad said " shut the door and just go" so I look at my mom and she said " shut you eyes and just run in and turn on the lights" well even then I can see them with my eyes shut. So then it went from kitchen and noises to the BATHROOM! at anytime of the day mostly night and mid-day I would go to the restroom and close the door on the back of the door there is a mirror and when I look at it I would see 3 faces (male) look at me laugh and point. so after awhile I would leave the door open to the restroom. Till this day I still do that. Now after awhile I had experience strange feelings,dogs barking like crazy at night,hearing restroom faucet go on , toilet flushing, light turning on and off. And then the big thing. One night I woke up scared from a bad dream. I had a nightlight on and I was still scared. I curled up in my bed and I hear sand dripping thru and hour glass and then I hear footstep getting closer, I hear the clock ticking . Then I hear banging so loud in the the kitchen and the footsteps got louder and I was so scared I put the covers over my head shaking. Then some how I told myself "stop being scared just look and it will be gone" I hear then the knob turn and the door opens. I tear the cover off of me and I see a lady draped in a white gown with lace she was standing in the doorway and looked at me ...she walked closer to me with her hands out. She was beside me reaching out towards me , to grab her hand. I stood up and screamed for my mom and my mother did not come I screamed aging for my dad and he ran towards me...I told them what happened they searched the whole house and outside and found know one there....That night I went to sleep with them. I was scared for my brother bc he was alone in his room which is connected with mine. He told me in the morning he saw the hallway lights,restroom lights and toilet go off and on....The next morning my mom changed my room to the very back. She also asked my to religious aunts to pray over me . The first time it did not help so we went to my other aunt and she poured holy water over me and blessed me . That worked. ! but I still felt that they where still watching me, heard the dogs barking,bad dreams, and scared of the kitchen. My dad had got a job offer after 2 months of me getting blessed and we moved!!! that was the best day ever. We moved to Round Rock,TX right beside Austin,TX. They ended up putting that house for rent. Well the people that moved in there one of the guy's ended up taking the big room (the one I saw the lady) and he left after 1 month because he said " I see things moving, hear noises, and saw someone in the room""something is in the house" . So after them my brother moved in the house to rent from my parents he to only stayed for a couple of months but in those months he said " I heard lots of noises , tolilt flushing,things moving. After he moved out they started to do remodeling and yet they have not finished. They say " one thing after another" But I think it's the sprits in the house making it take so long to remodel. One day when my brother was renting the house from them my Fiancé ( I was 21) asked me "are you sure you want to stay the night in the house I can get a hotel room" I said crying " no ...I'm going to stick it thru" I cryed all that night and slept on the living room floor my Fiancé stayed up with me and I had my dog lay with us. Inever been back to that house aging to stay the night or walk around in there. 


Haunted House


My partner and I lived in a 1910 home in Armory Park Neighborhood.  I experienced several apparitions there.  One night I got up to go to bathroom and I distinctly heard a little girl laughing in the bathroom.  When I turned on the lights, she stopped laughing.One day I was folding laundry in the living room.  I looked at the back door that went into the laundry room.  The window on the door is painted white.  When I looked I saw what looked like the silhouette of a man wearing what looked like a Smokey the Bear hat.  Weeks later my partner brought home a photo of the original owner of the house he found at the Arizona Historical Society.  This man was a volunteer firefighter and he was in his uniform with his hat.  As soon as I saw the photo I remember saying to my partner, "That is the man who I saw in the window.  The woman who bought the house from us had us over for dinner.  She asked if we had any paranormal experiences there as she had several, including the spirit pushing over a large piece of furniture.=


Haunted Movie Theater


My husband and I and our three kids used to own and operate a movie theater.It had Harry the ghost who we believed was the original owner, he was a prankster, he would pump the butter from the butter machine, move the clamps for the movie prints, show up as a shadow. He was a nice man, not scary or mean.. altho he did like teasing me when I'd be cleaning at night. He would flip down the seats where I had just cleaned and flipped them up. Once I had yelled at him he'd chuckle( yes I heard it) and stop. The creepiest place was down in basement where the band used to be. The rumor was that there were illegal poker games down there, and it was a unwelcoming area to say the least. No one on the staff liked to have to go down there for supplies.   While we were there I had a son who died at 5 months. He spent a lot of time in my husbands office or down with me in the ticket booth. Since we literally raised our children in the public eye, we knew that everyone knew us and our kids ( even Christopher) When he died everyone in town knew and mourned with us. I honestly don't remember much of the time then. About a year after he died, Steve was up in his office, and he heard a baby cry. If after I had moved the bassinett down to the basement he went down and saw that the stuff in the bassinett had been rearranged. He said he first heard someone come up stairs to the office, and when he looked up he saw a man holding a baby.. he can only assume that it was Harry holding Chris. It made him cry but also made him come home early. We lost the theater in 2000, sadly because the business failed. But we will always remember Harry with fondness and our son Chris.


Haunting in Buchbrunn, Germany


17 years ago, my parents were stationed in Buchbrunn, Germany and my mother was pregnant with me. The house they lived in was, according to them, haunted. They always describe the basement and upstairs room to be the two areas with the most activity. They describe a sick, depressed feeling in the upstairs room. Just a feeling that something bad happened. My mom refused to go in the basement, because of the feeling of dread that would wash over her. In one instance, my dad was out doing PT and my mom was locked out of the house. She called one of her army friends (a large, highly ranked, male) to help her break into the house so she could get in. He broke in through the basement and said said quote "from the moment I went in, all that went through my mind was 'GET OUT! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! GET OUT.'" He refused to ever go in the house again. On multiple occasions, my mom would have terrible contractions. (way to early I might add) They would rush to the hospital and get the contractions to stop for several hours. Only to return to the house and have the contractions start again. This went on until I was born at 27 weeks, 2 pounds 2 ounces, and almost died. Could this be a possible haunting? I'm not sure what the address was...



 I want to add one (not at a private residence) and correct one. The one to add is as follows: State: Vermont  City: Burlington Location: Bank Street McDonalds The restaurant is on the sight of a nightclub that burned down, the owner and his son inventorying liquor at the time. Neither were ever found.  The closing manager tells of being with the two other women on shift preparing to start closing duties. The restaurant was closed, and had been checked, nobody else was there, when they heard a blood curdling scream. Some weeks later, the closing crew had just left when a night maintenance man went to start cleaning the basement, discovering the empty 5-gallon stainless steel soda syrup tanks stacked in a pyramid. He showed the other night maintenance man this, they turned the radio that was playing off, agreeing to show the manager in the morning (same manager as the closer from the scream incident) and went back upstairs, saving the cleaning of the basement till morning. When the manager came in, they went to the basement, the full soda tanks were now stacked as well, and the radio was back on. No one had been in the basement that whole night.  I can attest to the accuracy of this description, as I was the second night maintenance man. I was the one who turned off the radio, and verified that is was back on, and tuned to static. I could not have accidentally changed the channel and left it on, as tuning was by turning a knob, shutting it off was a toggle switch. It was off. I left not long after and will not go back in there. 

The correction is the only listing from Winooski Vermont. I went to school at Winooski High School and never heard of the haunting events, however, the accident that is said to have led to these events is well known. Winooski is an hour south from the Canadian border, too far for the drinkers to be coming back from there. However, the state of New York had a drinking age at 18 at the time of the crash, and they hit a large (and well marked) tree near Sand Bar State Park on the drive back from Grand Isle after coming back to Vermont from New York via Rouse's Point Bridge. They hit the tree at about 110 miles an hour and basically, shattered. The service in the school gym was a real horror, as it was June, hot and humid. The students had been celebrating their upcoming graduation. They had been put back together with mortician's wax, and in the summer heat, during the open casket service, the wax began to melt, with noses and other pieces sliding off, including from one of the teens, where it was noticed that the nose he had was not his. We were taught about this crash in our classes, including by one teacher, who's brother was one of the crash victims. (He had 9 siblings, big family)


Holy Family Church


IF there is an apparotion at Holy Family Church it will be because of the Memorial Statue for OUR LADY OF ANGELS. OLA as it is called, and you can look it up, they have a concise website. 93 perished in the school fire on Dec.1, 1958. Set by a 10 yr old. boy. They rebuilt the school and after many years, the survivors placed the Memorial statue in the new school , which was run by another entity. The statue was being defaced and it was then moved to Holy Family Church.   It's been my understanding that , the place would be haunted, the former OLA school. I have been to Queen of Heaven cemetery, where several of the victims were buried. But I felt no sign of anything that could be called unusual.  I have also written you about the house I now own, in Augusta, ILL. Built in 1859, by the Dexter Family, it is indeed haunted. We have experienced apparitions, the sound of footsteps in the upper hall, conversations that can't be made out. Victorian Shadow people strolling the outside of the house and grounds. Pictures taken at Halloween, we put up a display for the locals. There are orbs, An especially large one coming up the front stairs, with a smaller one inside it. I can send it to you if you'd like.  As far as Maryville goes...I had two cousins that were sent there. There was a scandal of sexual abuse, and that was why it was shut down..It was SO bad there that my cousin refused to talk about it !


House in Henderson Nevada


Witnessed A few odd things living in a house in Henderson Nevada, had just got home from working at a Wendy's down the street, friend was staying there with us (my dad had just bought house) had noticed a few cold spots in the house but didn't think much of it, friend was sleeping in living room and I went to my room and went to bed. After an hour or so my friend came in and asked me if I was talking to him a little while before, I told him no and that I had come home and went to bed. He layed down on the floor and went to sleep, I fell back asleep as well. Not long after I woke up and happened to look towards my friend who was sleeping next to my closet (which had mirror doors on it) and I saw what looked like a girls face in the middle of the door, I yelled out and he jumped up and we left the house and spent the rest of the night at a diner in a casino in downtown Henderson. I was later told by some neighbors that years before there was a couple (original owners of the house) who had a daughter that was followed home one day after work by a co worker who snuck in and killed her, supposedly the police found him in the bathroom holding her head while the rest of her body had been cut up and scattered through the house. I'm not sure about the facts of this story and have done some research but haven't found anything. I since moved to California and was told by my dad that he had noticed some things as well, like what sounded like running children in the middle of the night and said he thought he felt fingers running down his back in the shower. He no longer owns the house and all that comes up when putting on the address in google search is "families of murdered children". I lived in the house around the middle of 2001 for only a few months. And my dad lived there for a little while longer. I don't know who the original owners are but according to my dad, they requested that we not repaint one particular wall in the hall way (which was a deep red) because the color was picked out by their daughter. I've always wanted to go back to the house just to see if I see anything again but haven't yet.


Leesburg Ohio


My dad lived in hillsboro, Ohio which is just next to Leesburg. When he was a teenager, him and a few friends went out on Blackrabbit Road when it was snowing. Unfortunately he got stuck on the road due to the ice. So he left the group and walked up the road to get help. When he was walking he came across a farmhouse in which he went in and called the police for assistance. He went back to the car and his friends told him they had heard screams and dogs snarling in the trees. When the tow truck came, it towed them out and past where the farmhouse that my dad had used the phone in... But the farmhouse was not there. My dad took my mom there later and they had a similar experience. On October 14, 2011 my parents took myself and my sister to blackrabbit road because i did not believe their experience. When we were there we went to the place where my dad saw the farmhouse, and surely enough there it was, a farmhouse. We continued on down the road and turned around, but the farmhouse was gone. We turned around again, and surely enough the farmhouse was there again. But the even scarier thing was what we found down the road. We were driving slowly by and looking in the forest when we saw, deep in the woods, an old 1800s style barn but it looked brand new. It wasnt very big and it had an old 1800s style picket fence which also looked brand new. But there was no road to it, so we couldnt drive to it. So we just examined it from afar. We started to drive away from it and had an overwhelming feeling to drive back. So we did and this time stopped and rolled down our windows. As soon as we did we heard a loud thump and then sometype of scream, so we floored it. But again we went back and this time we heard a loud scream coming from a dog so we floored it again. We got 20 minutes away and once again had a feeling to go back so we did. When we turned on blackrabbit out of nowhere came a giant German Shepard, which scared the pee out of us, but we continued on. We did the same as we had been doing cause it seemed to attract attention. This time we heard a loud thump and my dad screamed "oh my gosh, there is a man standing out there". So once again we floored it. But we decided to go back one more time out of curiosity. When we went back my dad said "look over there beside the barn, dont u see him". And surely enough there was a silhouette of a man standing there but not moving. We just kept staring at him until i told my dad to floor it because out of the woods came a giant thing. It looked like a dog but was about 5 times the size and was running on all fours. We never went back after that. I am not the only one to have these experiences because a singer named lance brewer wrote a song on these experiences. When on the road the farmhouse can be spotted near a ditch in the wooded area of the road. When next to the ditch look across the field and there may be a farmhouse. The barn and fence is a little ways down the road past the ditch and in a heavily wooded area.




For almost a year, every night I felt a strange occurrence in my bedroom at night. A feeling as if someone was watching me. Little did I know, this would be my first time dealing with a spirit. I didn't know what, or who, it was at the time. Every night, as I was trying to go to sleep, I felt as I was being watched. It was something I had never experienced before. It wasn't normal. It wasn't like someone was standing there just looking at me, it felt as if someone was staring me down with hate in his eyes. I had a feeling of where this "thing" was watching me. And on this spot on my ceiling, there was a white spot there that I had never seen before. For a little over a year, it watched me. Some nights were worse then others. Some nights I would cry myself to sleep, wishing it would leave. The worse nights were the nights I were depressed. Eventually my fear grew stronger. He would growl deeply into my ear, and did everything he could to scare me out of my room. Not long ago, I learned one of my very good friends was what some people would call a "medium". I asked her about my experience. The next day she came to me with an answer. I had a watcher, by the name of Micheal. The name sent chills down my spine, and I thought my heart would explode when she said Micheal was standing next to me. I asked more about him. She said he was a man in his late thirty's, and she told me that he looked very cliche' for an evil spirit. Micheal was dressed in all black, a black trench coat, black pants, black shirt, long black hair, but one of his features really stood out. Micheal, had no eyes. She figured this was the reason he watched me. Why me, specifically, she didn't know. She told me she could get rid of him. She grabbed my hand and stared off into space. I have no idea what she did. After what seemed like an eternity, (but was really 5 minutes) I felt an ease over me like never before. I knew Micheal was gone. I felt happier then I ever had in my entire life. But, deep down, I felt sad. I felt as if I missed Micheal. To this day I still feel his presence every once in a while, and I still look to my celeing, to see if the glow of Micheal will return.



Microwave Cart


Around 10:00 P.M. February 10, 2008 I was sitting on my sofa in the living room off to the left of me was the kitchen doorway.   All of a sudden it sounded as if someone was pushing the refrigerator across the floor.   This sounded very, very loud.  What happened next is the most unreal thing that has ever happened to me.  The microwave stand which has a toaster oven, blender and a small crock-pot on the top shelf a microwave on the middle shelf and the bottom cabinet that had a food processor a waffle iron, a full sized crock pot and a stand up mixer, did a 90 degree turn and blocked the kitchen doorway.  The plug that had been plugged into the wall socket came undone.  I saw it as it was moving and came to a stop.   Only 1 thing fell off of the stand which was an odd piece of metal with writing on it that I had found in the yard.  I wish I had an explanation for what happened.


100% True Ghost Stories


So, everything that I'm about to tell you is 100% truth.  When I was about 14 or 15 (17 right now), my mother made me stay in my room and wouldn't let me out until my room was clean. I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad and had no clue if I was allowed to come out of my room and use the bathroom. As soon as you walk out of my room, the pictures on the hallway wall reflect into the kitchen, making part of the kitchen visible.  I saw a tall girl in a white dress, with long brown hair. My mom wears nightgowns, but she doesn't have long hair. For some reason, I never quite put that part together and I thought it was her. I called out 'mom' at least 4 times, but nobody said anything. So, I just walked to the kitchen and nobody was even there.  As soon as that happened, I went on the back porch where my mom and dad were, and asked my mom if she was just out in the kitchen. She replied 'no, I haven't been in the house for about  half hour.'  I still never put things together.   When my mom, grandma, and I were on a short vacation at 16-years-old, somehow we got on the topic of ghosts. My mom told us that one time she was sitting on the back porch, and she happened to glance inside and as she did; saw something glide past in the kitchen. Before she got to explain what she saw and asked "was it a girl with long brown hair, in a white dress?"  I don't think my mom has ever been that shocked. We talked more about this girl and my mom has seen her twice, me; once, my brother and dad saw her once before too.  Another thing, when someone in our house is alone; we'd hear pots and pans fall. And they'd create a loud noise. My old dog (before he died) would run out into the kitchen barking. Anyone would get up fast and look in the kitchen, but there's nothing on the ground and all the pots and pans are completely normal how they were before.  There's more things that happen in my basement. Like for right now as I'm typing this, my laundry room door started closing a teeny bit. Then when I look back over, it'd be opening a little bit. We have NO windows at all in our basement. It's pretty scary, because that's where I sleep. And I'm afraid of the dark.  A few months ago I was in my basement and smelled this amazingly perfume. My mother hardly wears perfume and I know what mine and her's, smell like. It was an older-smelling perfume and none of us had it.  For some reason I said out loud 'Mmm, that smells really good.' as soon as that left my mouth, the smell started drifting. It was drifting towards the television and I could still smell it. After smelling it for about a minute, it went away. So, I started walking back around. As soon as I did that, the television turned off. (It does that a lot, but turns right back on) This time it didn't turn back on. Before I could go to turn it back on, it turned on....then off. I started getting a weird feeling, but then the light above me flickered on and off. I don't think I've ever ran that fast from my basement.



My Cousin and My Experience

At the time we were living  in Tacoma, WA. I was twelve and my cousin was nine at the time. From the moment we moved in we felt terrified. Like something was watching us, especially at night. I was sleeping in one of the attic rooms with my mum when I woke up in the middle of the night, seemingly for no reason. But I saw the shadowy figure of a man in the landscape portrait on the far wall where there was none before. And he walked closer and closer until he stepped down to the floor. I closed my eyes and refused to open them until I heard my mum wake up. We felt eerie things from the master bedroom and the shed in the back as well. The next door property was equally terrifying. Someone had been shot there, after two subsequent fires that destroyed any additions to the house. From the attic (which there was no way to get up to) we heard a rocking chair several times, as well as a piano playing a few times. Everyone but me was pushed out of the old apple tree in the back yard at least once, which always grew fruit that grew but rotted before it became ripe. Eventually my cousin was watching tv when in the reflection she saw something slide out from under the hall table. It came closer and closer, and the cat started hissing and spitting. It got to the side of the sofa and my cousin looked over to see this thing, completely white with big sunken eyes, skeletal and on all fours with no conceivable joints except leading to the torso. It slowly looked at her and she got up and ran. Behind her the door closed and locked on its own. Her mother admitted to seeing the same thing once.  In the alley behind the house we saw three dogs- a Chihuahua, a great dane and some other kind I couldn’t identify. Their eyes were glowing red like coals and they chased us the whole way to the main street. The alley used to always close up on me and make me dizzy and sick and claustrophobic, and I felt like I was being observed and even pitied as I walked down it.  Years after we moved away, we went back to see if it was just our imaginations. It wasn’t. One of the neighbors warned us about the place, and then after it started to get dark we got that terrible helpless feeling again. We left, noticing as we did that the porch light to 6423 had come on. Nobody lived there at the time. I found out that day also that it was when we lived in those two houses that our families started to fall apart. People started hard drugs, my youngest cousin got behavioral problems, My aunt got more and more short tempered… And the next person to live there turned into a kleptomaniac. That place changes people, and not for the better.



My Childhood Memories

By: Anonymous     

I am 18. I need to finally tell my story. I finally found a place to. When I was 5 I shared a room with my little sister who was 2. We had a bunk bed (me on top) and her on the bottom. One night I was sleeping and I always have woken up multiple times during the night. Don’t know why, I just do. Anyways, I woke up and was sleeping on my back. I rolled over onto my side and saw something bright move like it ducked. I looked over the edge and saw a small kid at the bottom of the ladder.I couldn’t tell if it was a girl or guy because it had hardly any hair and it’s face didn’t resemble either.It looked probably my age or 4. I don’t remember what it was wearing, but it looked like ratty old clothing. It has one eye and the other was all blacked out. It’s head had a big dent like mark on the side and the kid looked sad and like it was crying. I was extremely frightened and didn’t want to move. The kid just starred at me and smiled. I remember I said “hi” because I was too afraid to call my mom who was on the other side of our little house. The kid said “hi” in a little voice. It sounded like a whisper, but I could hear it perfectly fine. The kid walked over to my trains I had set up in the corner and sat down next to them. I remember that I wanted the kid to go away because even though it wasn’t going to harm me, it disturbed me. I yelled “MOM!” and the little kid looked frightened. It disappeared and my mom walked in. I told her there was a little kid playing with my trains but she just told me to go back to sleep. So I did and I hoped I wouldn’t see it again.  Then, when I was 13 I was up late reading my little stash of books I had on my bunk. I can’t remember what book I was reading, but I set it down and turned off the book light of mine to go to sleep. It was later and I could hear my parents turning off the t.v. so that meant they were going to bed. I don’t like being up by myself, so I tried to fall asleep. I heard my parents bedroom door close and I trying in vain to fall asleep. I heard my bedroom door open a little bit more than it was because I heard a little creak. I looked down but nothing was there. I went to sleep.  I woke up sometime later that night and I had to go to the bathroom. I went and came back. I got snuggled up in my blankets and rolled over onto my side. I saw a pale greenish glowing hand on the top bunk and then it disappeared. I looked over the edge and I saw the same little kid when I was five at the bottom of the ladder. Please believe me when I tell you this next part, because no one I have told this to has. I looked at it and it looked the same. I still don’t remember what it was wearing, but probably the same thing. It looked at me and it seemed like it recognized me. It smiled and waved. I was afraid, yet I didn’t feel threatened from it. I just looked at it. A while before my dad was watching the Sixth Sense and I hear the part when the boy needed to confront the ghosts bothering him.I made my dad let me watch it and asked him to tell me about it. I thought it might work because I didn’t want to have the kid come back. I said “why are you here”. It looked at me and it seemed like it thought it over. It said “I want to play with you” I was kind of shocked. I said “it’s too late now. Why not some wear else?” it said “because I like your toys”[I am just going to list it so I cant make it shorter]“who are you?”“Sophie”I didn’t expect her to say a name.“oh. What's wrong?”“My mommy hurt me. My head hurts.”I was really grossed out by that because of the The kid seemed like it started crying.“what happened to your eye?” I was curious and something made me want to keep talking to the kid. “It got hurt”“how?”“My momma poked it. The people had to take it out because it was hurting.” I didn’t remember what that meant, but I was assuming it had to be removed.“are you a ghost?” she didn’t answer me.“where did your toys go?”“I got rid of them. I got too old.”( I wanted her to tell me more about her) “Why did your mom hit you?”“I spilled my juice on her. She looked pretty and I got her gross. I didn’t mean to! I said sorry”I felt really bad for the kid right then. I knew I had a small stuffed penguin in my closet and I wanted to help the kid. “Do you want a toy so when you leave you can have a toy with you?”The kid just sat there and I still had to share my room and had the bunk bed, so I slowly crawled down the ladder because I didn’t want to scare her. I got the little stuffed animal and set it on the ground and crawled up my ladder. She picked it up. “are you going to come back again?” “no. thank you. bye.” She walked out of my room and I just laid awake the rest of the night and wondered if she would come back. I wrote down most of the conversation in one of my books so I wouldn’t forget. I may have missed a few things, but it is pretty accurate. I never saw the little girl again, nor my stuffed animal. One day my mom and I were going through my room and she asked where my penguin went. I just told her that I didn’t know and maybe one of my cousins took it or something. We kind of shrugged it off, but I wanted to share this experience because when I was 14 I got out of the shower and the mirror has condensation on it. It had a little “thank you” in the corner. I thought my sister did it but the door was locked like always. I don’t think I will ever forget the little girl. I have had several dreams about her.





My One and Only Experience

By:      anonymous

My husband, Larry, left for hunting about 5am a few days ago.  I poured a cup of coffee and watched the news in leisure...had a good morning.  Got our boy, Kenny, up @ 6am and he had his b'fast.  He and I got dressed then off to the bathroom...the dogs were at their usual place facing the front door, laying down on a rug right down the hall from us (mopey, as they didn't get to go with Daddy).  I was putting toothpaste on Kenny's toothbrush and I heard the dogs jumping up and down (not barking) and someone (I thought it was Larry) said a distinct, "HI !" (to the dogs).  Not loud, not soft, not much inflection...just a man's voice, "HI."  I thought it was unusual for Larry to be back since he was quite eager for his hunting trip, then I thought he forgot something important (over an hour has passed since he left).  When I move from the bathroom to the hallway where the dogs are, NO ONE WAS THERE; they are looking around, kind of confused; I am feeling the same way.  I had turned the TV off before this to get Kenny into the bathroom and the radio was off; all was quiet as Kenny was brushing his teeth...that still leaves why the dogs were jumping up and down (joyously, like Daddy was home)...  the hair is standing up on my arms and then I check the front door: locked...dead bolted.  I check the back doors: also locked...dead bolted.  Creepy.  




It was in 1983 and I lived off of Percival Rd. Columbia, S.C. My husband (at the time) was living paycheck to paycheck in a small shack looking house that was barely enough for one let alone 2 grown adults. I was working at Bojangles on Forest Drive. Columbia, S.C. and I had to get up around 4am in the morning to get ready for the morning shift.  When the alarm rang, I opened my eyes to reach over and turn off the alarm and it felt like I bumped into something. My husband yelled at me to turn off the alarm so I try to get up again. As I looked to get to the alarm clock, there was a dark, heavy set male figure in front of me. All I could see was like the waste on up. I was just thinking it was the morning and I still am half asleep.  As I try to get up, I'm knocked back down. I'm like what the world is going on. Once again, I look up and the full figured man is still there and reaches out to touch me. Well, I started to scream and scream saying there is someone in the house. My husband said "What the Hell", I screamed again, There is some man in the house. (I was under the covers with my face covered and shacking like leaves on a tree on a windy day) My husband leaped out of bed and ran throughout the house which only had a small kitchen small living room and a bathroom with just a sink, toilet and a stand up shower..Well, I wasn't good for the rest of the day... It never happened again but we moved out not long after that...


Cursed Mom?


hi my name is Alisha, i am 20 years old and i have a a-lot of paranormal experiences myself.  they all started when i was really young. i have an older brother, we both believe my mom is cursed. she had my brother on friday the13 in 1988 and i was born in 1991, i was born 666. 6 lbs, 6 ounces at 6 am.  


to start with the stories, i was around like maybe 3-5 years old. i have a playmate her name was Elizabeth, i called her Lizzy for short, she was also around my age maybe a little bit older but she was my best friend. my mother never ever saw here. (i don't really remember any of this, i was told all of this by my mom) but she was always nice to me and was my best friend, one day i told my mom her name and her last name i really couldn't pronounce the last name, out house is very very old back in the 1900's it was built.  my mother checked the deed to see who all the owners have been and it states that there was a family who lived there who had a daughter around my age and the very name and a similar last name.  then my mother has seen two children cross from my brothers old room to her bedroom. there was a birthday going on for my brother all the kids have gone and she told my father to go into the bedroom to look and he said that there were no kids in there. there have been multiple sightings of those kids when we were younger now that we are older those spirits have left.  after that we have been having our heavy oak door open by its self, and the dogs barking for no reason at a door way or a window.  my mother has a few brothers who have passed away and we think it was them because they were always over and were always welcome.  when i was 15 years old i had a friend die in a car accident. and my birthday was not far from the funeral. i went to sleep the previous night and i had a dream about my friend kevin he was 16 when he passed. he came to me in my dream where black and white stripe silk pajamas and he wanted to tell me happy birthday and to have a good day. i woke up crying because he was a very close friend, i grew up with him my whole entire life, he would always come over on our birthdays and to swim in the summer, he was telling me good bye and happy birthday. i miss him still to this day.  one day when i was a sophomore in high school i had a dream about me and my friend going into this one house and it was lightning, and storming. we went into the back bedroom to get flash lights because all the power was out. i had forgot to shut the screen door and the regular door and when i went to go close them i saw this old man dressed in a black suite and he was very clean cut and had very white hair. he had his arms behind his back and he was walking very slowly to the door. i could not scream in my dream all i could do was back away and fall onto the couch in horror. next thing i know is that my mother is bursting into my room to see what is going on and i told her nothing that it was just a dream. when i talked to her later that day i asked what i had done for her to come into my room like that and she said that i had been screaming bloody murder.  then when i started dating my now husband we moved into his parents home and started taking over payment on the house, and there is a tomb stone on the 5 acres of land and the head stone reads Abraham Wilson. he was born and died on Christmas day. in the 1800's. for the time that he had lived there we always heard talking and what sounded to be like out TV on and a radio always on. when we would go out into the living room there would be nothing on at all. one night my husband got up to get a drink and he walked into the living room and there was a figure of a man sitting on our couch and it had asked him where he was going... he said into the kitchen and the guy laughed and disappeared.  all of our friends are very afraid to go into our back yard because you can see red glowing eyes follow you and you will see figures following you and trying to mess with you.  in my mothers house again there were alot of incidents where you would be in the bathroom and no one would be in the house and you would be hearing knocking on the door or loud laughter. i was always afraid to go to bed with all the lights off because there were always shadowy figures in the house. i would always sees faces and figures in the house.  i have several, several stories i can share if you want to know more just let me know... thank you for letting me share these with you.



My Cousin Scott


Hi, my name is Jodie  from NC. I wanted to share my story with you guys about an experience I had back in 2003 after my cousin, Scott  passed away.  I haven't seen any shapes or figures in the shadows because this spirit is one of the good ones! And  I think he does not want to communicate with me in that way.  Me and my cousin were very close,much like brothers are. So I feel we had that special bond

created that was still there after his passing in 2003.  He passed away from injuries sustained in a Tough Man Boxing Contest in SAGINAW MICHIGAN(remember this name).  After his match he was taken to a hospital in Saginaw Michigan where he layed in Coma for nearly a month, he never moved or spoke one word during this time.  Meanwhile, I was at home in NC waiting to hear any news from his family. At this time I had just sustained a massive knee injury and couldn't travel up to see him in Michigan.  All this time I kept having these crazy sick feelings at night all over me like he was there with me telling me things are going to be ok, it's almost time to go! Then I would wake up in a cold sweat every time.  But these visions were so vivid it seemed like he was whispering in my ear.  I think he was trying to tell me it was his time to pass on and to make that connection with me for further contact.   And in January  he passed away from a blood clot that moved from his abdomen up into his heart when they were trying to set him up because he had said something to his dad about water, and being thirsty. After his passing was when the really weird stuff started happening at my house. Before Scott had went and fought his Tough Man fight at Saginaw Michigan I had hardly ever even mentioned that cities name but maybe 1 time in my entire 37 years of living. But now all of a sudden it started showing up everywhere I turned around. The first place it had showed up was in a subscription of my Sports Illustrated that I had sitting on my table. I was watching Tv one day and gently reached up to grab the magazine and a cool breeze came across me and blew open the magazine to a page and as I got to reading the story , it was about a superstar athlete from SAGINAW , MICHIGAN. I was like OK...that is very weird. I just played it off to being a coincidence.  So as the weeks went on and I just had started thinking about him more and more and this is when the TV would start to turn on and off all by itself. Just out of the blue it would turn on late at night and cut off before I would get up to check on it.And trust me I checked everything about it to make sure something was not turning it on. And there was nothing that was there to turn it on! The more I got to thinking about this over time I realized it was him trying to get my attention. This would happen at night like about 12-2am, this is when he would call me sometimes from Texas where he lived at the time before his death. This went on for a couple of months until I got back into my normal routine again. Then it subsided for a while and would happen from time to time again. Other instances where the City name would come up is when memories of Scott  would just pop up into my head and in a matter of minutes something around me would be related to or directly mention SAGINAW, MICHIGAN and I would get cold tingly feelings like something moved around or through me, but it was always in a good way or good feeling.Another example of this was one early morning I was up drinking some coffee and got to thinking about him and in a commercial somehow SAGINAW MICHIGAN was mentioned in the commercial. And it just made me smile! At no time was any of these actions ever scary to me, because I knew what was going on and could feel Scott's presence or spirit near me.   He was there telling me it was ok and he was ok! Move on and keep the memories we had!  And still today I have these experiences with SAGINAW MICHIGAN and every time i hear it or see it this feeling of cool air runs literally through me and around my bones and akes my hair stand up on end because I know it's him!

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