Not Sure But I Saw


Hi,  I’ve been living in my home since 1999 an nothing really happened for years.  I do know  the owner died in the driveway on a prep trip for vacation suddenly of an undiagnosed aortic aneurysm.  Years later his wife died of Gallbladder cancer.  When we went to to the viewing of this women there was a small box. White, wrapped in pink fabric and we learned that this women had had a stillborn many years before.  Nothing seems to have caught my attention until my nephew his two year old daughter and pregnant girlfriend moved in. I heard running in the house when no one was around and I heard disturbances like doors slamming and opening.  I do know, the wind picks up in the afternoon, but on days when I would water the yard it seemed like the house was full of people.  One time after my nephews girlfriend gave birth  I came home the kids were crying and it was a very hot day so they decided to go to a small park for relief.  As they left and I  stood at the doorway and I heard a small child laugh almost a giggle.  I looked out side the doorway and saw no one.  So I just thought,  They really need a break. One day I came home from work and sat on a chair that faces the small hallway in the front door.  As I took off my shoes and sat back I saw a weird object in the hallway.  It  looked like doll hair.  I’m 53 years old and I know fake doll hair when I see it.  It was about four feet off the ground and it was moving ever so so slowly towards the front door.  I looked at my nephew he was on the couch and talking to his girlfriend as she was making dinner.  But I could still see this blob of shiny golden doll hair going towards the front doorway.  I looked at my nephew and his girlfriend and thought, they have to have seen it but they were too much into themselves it didn’t seem to be noticed. I sat back and thought  that’s weird.  I didn’t say anything at first, but a couple of days later I asked my nephew if he remembered that day and he said “ yes”,  I was surprised but he told me he could tell I was looking at something and looking at them and he didn’t see anything.  They have moved out. but  I still hear noise like I have a full house and children running in the hall way.  One night as I was watching TV  and it was windy there was a definite three knocks on the patio window.  I just asked they coma back later.  Then o bought a fake flower arrangement to put in the back yard for decoration.  At about 11:30pm  I saw a shadow at the sliding glass doorway to the backyard.  It was static,  I definitely looked like the shadow of the flowers I bought.  when I looked away to put a drinking glass down it was gone.  At first, I thought someone was playing a trick on me but then when I went to see.  there’s chairs and a small table this person had to hover over and make noise to get the angle the flowers I saw  show as a shadow on the door.  When my nephew and his little family lived with me I got engaged but he died four months later.  A few day later after the service for him a very good friend of his who eulogized for him wrote me a letter that said I was a very good influence on my departed Fiancé.  After I read the letter,  I was in the backyard and for some reason I decided to water the plants.  As I stood and watered I realized that I could see the color blue.  My house color is green and the grass was green , What was the blue?  I didn’t really look at it, but my eyes could make out only the front part of blue colored pants.  No feet.  Then I could make out there was a top part,  like the front of blue scrubs,  no arms and no head.  I suddenly thought,  this was the favorite scrubs my fiancé liked to wear to “ Thank You “, I really think he came back to say Good bye and that he agreed with his friends letter.More has happened but I doesn't scare me I just fell like some ones keeping an eye one me.  Thanks.



Old House In Athens, Louisiana


I grew up in an old two story house in Athens, Louisiana.  There have been several strange thins that have happened there. This is only one of them.  Several years ago my wife and I were visiting my parents.  I remember it was winter and very cold. My mother was visiting my aunt so it was only my dad, my wife and myself there.  I  retreated to "the big room" to play the  piano. The room was ice cold. I played for about fifteen minutes when I felt my wife put her hands on my right shoulder. I felt her body against my back.  I smiled and turn to look at her..... there was no one there. I quickly left the room and went back to the living room where my Dad and wife were sitting. I didn't say a word about what happened in "the big room".  Then suddenly the entire room filled with the intense fragrance of roses. We all smelt it and were asking each other where is that smell coming from. We searched the room and couldn't find a thing. Mind you this was in the dead of winter.  As quickly as the fragrance came it left.


Sleep Paralysis?


 I would like to share my Grandmother's brief story. I will write it, since she doesn't speak much English. She has always told the story, and has never found an explanation for her experience. In 1937, she was 16 years old, and decided one day to lie in bed for a while, as she was tired from the morning activities. She lay down in bed, and after a few minutes, she put her arms up and behind her head, sort of laying them on her pillow next to her head. Once she did that, she felt as though she was floating, sort of. She could not move her arms, could not scream, talk, move her head, or anything else that could let her parents know how she was feeling. She saw nothing, but felt a strong pressure on her arms, as if impeding her from moving. She felt like this for what she thought was over 30 minutes. Finally, she slowly started to regain the ability to move and speak, and got up and never told anyone but her mother, who shrugged it off and attributed it to a dream. Shortly after she was married, in 1943, she had forgotten the incident, and made the same movement of placing her arms up behind her head in bed, and the same thing happened to her. My grandfather was asleep, and again she could not move or speak or anything. It wore off slowly once again, and she never shared it with him. It has never happened again, but she has never again to this day, made that  gesture, because she has been afraid ever since those two incidents. Plus, she couldn't do it now anyway, because of a torn shoulder ligament.


Near Death Experience


How about another story?...I also had a near death experience, before kindergarten. We lived in a houseboat on the Washington side of the Columbia River and I was jumping between houses, little chunks of driftwood floated all over; I decide to add more thrill to the game and place my foot on a black plastic pipe. Then I decided to put some weight on the pipe and...SWOOSH! Down I go and I remember vividly looking up through the water and seeing the sun shine through the many small pieces of driftwood. Next thing I can remember, I'm in the extra bedroom (my toy room) in a panic because I didn't want my Mom to catch me with wet clothes on then she would know I fell in??? Also around the same age at same location, my soon to be stepdad was on the top of the bank with a friend; both had chainsaws and were cutting loose logs from high water. Well they didn't notice my five year old frame until the log started rolling down the bank as I'm toodling along the waterline! This next part happened so fast- they scream at me to move, I look up and start running back the way I had come...the length of the log. I'm watching that log get bigger and bigger and next thing I know I'm running into the river and that log rolled right over me but in the I was not hurt???I have more ghost stories if your interested? I really got a charge after reading ALL the different experiences on your Shadowlands website. A couple of those stories and many of your folks photos definitely gave me the heebie-jeebies! goose bumps! and the shiver me timbers! Kudos to you all!


Humboldt Brewery Building in Arcata, CA


I am not quite sure why I crossed this topic after 20 years.   I worked at Humboldt Brewery when I was 18, bottling beer and then moving into the kitchen on dish duty, quite busy Saturday nights and I was one of two people in the place at closing.  One night my coworker was in the bottling room and I was in the dish room, on opposite ends of the building and I heard some of the cabinets closing in the employee lounge immediately next to the dish room.  I acknowledged the presence and had a conversation with a male spirit who had died in the building though the reported cause of death was not actually what happened.  He expressed his disappointment that someone he loved and trusted did not share his feelings.   I have never researched the articles but I intend to find out.   



Port Huron, Michigan Update on Mcmoran Theater


My Uncle is a Janitor at the theater, and we have had personal investigations there. Since we were beginners it was more of personal experience because the equipment that we brought, which all had full batteries and extra batteries, ended up all draining. It's said that in the left side of the balcony, there is a workers that has been seen walking around that section. When we sat in the section and started asking questions about having lost seats, my group( of 5 people) started hearing shuffling and the seats started moving behind us. We moved from that section and did not return. As we walked around the theater, my Uncle discussed how there is said that a young boy  plays tricks on the stage at night. In the first two seats in the middle section of the theater, there is said that when the theaters openig day two sisters sat there and by the end of the show, they were dead. Nothing was really felt or seen in that section. When we went into the basement into the women's dressing room we started asking questions again. As we waited there, the elevator that is no longer in use turned on and opened its doors in the basement. Obviously nobody was in the elevator cause we where the only ones there , on top of my Uncle locking all of the doors so we would not have any interuptions. Then as we sat in the dressing room, circus music  started playing, with some kind of mumbling. It lasted for more than a minute. After this my Uncle checked all the speakers and surround system, which was off.  Also because the building was once a firehouse station, sometimes pennies are heard thrown from the side balconies, people say its some fire fighters who died in the fire that hit the building. We did experience something paranormal ,but my Uncle has stories that even happen during the day. If you ask, the owners are more than welcome to show people around. Usually activity is the highest, after a play or performance.  From my own experiences, I would say this is a place that is very active. If you have any questions I am more than happy to help answer them for you.



Thank God for Our Guardians!


My husband and I bought a house through HUD in 1989. I was the only one working (which was most of the time) in Gaston, South Carolina in the area right off of Hwy 321. The house was about 20yrs old I guess and we had heard that several years ago a family lived there in which a grandmother had past in the Master Bed Room in which we were sleeping in.Of course, I am very open to Spirits, reincarnation and all of a lot of earthly incarnations that (most) people say is just in our minds.  One night, my husband was having a nightmare. I shook him several times calling out his name and all he did was just toss and turn back and forth. It took me several times trying to wake him with no luck. While he was dreaming, he kept on saying "No, I don't want to go there". All of a sudden he just stopped. When he opened his eyes, they scared the (excuse me for saying this) HELL OUT OF ME) They were wide open and fire red. At that point, a beautiful elderly lady came drifting out of our walk in closet went floating above him and I'm assuming she was communicating to him. As she stayed afloat above him, his eyes slowly turned back to the original color of brown. He said to her;Thank you for saving me.  At that time, the most beautiful smile came over her face and she drifted back into our walk in closet. It took several days for him to speak of it because I wanted to make sure he actually seen this or if he thought it was in his mind.  As we finally were able to talk about it, he (my husband) explained that the Devil was trying to turn him and with that take his life. He said he had a very strong pressure on his chest like someone was putting a clamp on his heart to stop it and the elderly lady made the Devil vanish into the Brightest Light he ever saw.  To this day, even though I am not married to this man any longer, we are still good friends and every once in a while we bring that elderly lady to mind and how she saved his life. Thank God for our Guardians.


Sunnyvale California 


My family moved into a new house in Sunnyvale Cca 1963. We across the street from Pippin school. The first night there was tapping on the window stills. Over the course of 22 years, my parents lived there we had activity all the time. i had pinecone lift out of a basket and were hurled at me. The door would bang and knocking from the inside of the header room. Dolls in my room would move their arms and blink their eyes. The bathroom room door would open ans shut all night by it's self. On several occasions we heard voices, once turning the day music was coming from the fireplace. The last time I was alone in that house was 1984, I went to water the plants while my folks were gone during my lunch break. I walked in sat my mcdonalds bag down on the kitchen counter, went to the back bedroom bath to water a plant. When I came back the pullout type stove top was pulled out and all burners were red hot. I shut them off close the element drawer walked out and never was alone there again. My parents sold the house in 1985, those people lasted about a year. I have been by the house several times always want to knock on the door and ask about the house. Since I moved out of there in 1970 it took almost 10yrs to get rid of ghost activity, light coming on by themselves in the middle of the night, being slapped in the back of the head and no one around, just can't risk starting that stuff up again....everyone in our house and visitor had these experiences.If anyone else in the area had a ghost, demon whatever experience would love to hear about. My house was about 1 mi from the haunted Toys are Us store.


The Lonesome Patient


I work at a hospital in N.C., about 20 miles from my home.  I work on the 2nd Floor, with 90% patients in their 80's on up.  I looked after a patient that was in her 90's for almost a month.   Eventually, she was put on "Comfort Measures", a title given to patients that were not getting any better and the move to a hospice would hurt them.  Day in and day out she lived air it seemed, not being able to eat, and seemed like she was waiting for someone.  Turned out her only son was on the other side of the world and it was taking him a couple of days to come  to say his last farewell.  The nurses said that he was coming the next day and told me a very vivid story of the lady's life.  The lady was about 4 foot 5, with a fluffy crown of white curly hair.  She had the prettiest blue eye---on one side, but had a cataract in the other eye, giving it a milky, strange hue and gruesome character---most definitely that could be described in depth in Edgar Allen Poe's THE TELLTALE HEART. Oh the lighter side, she had also been a military wife that had travelled all over the world with her husband, who had been in TWO World Wars: I and II as a pilot.  She died only 6 hours before her son finally showed up. All during her stay at the hospital, I talked to her as I turned her, gave her drops of juice, or bathed her.  I talked to her as my partner aide helped me put her in a body bag.  As her room was cleaned and made ready for another patient, I felt weird like she was still occupying that room but then pushed the thought from my mind and resumed my duties on my floor and got ready to go home. The rest of the morning was uneventful as I hopped into my car and headed down the highway to go home.  It was 7:30 in the morning and the skies were over-cast so seemed a lot like dawn instead of around 7.  I noticed a movement in my rear view mirror and when I focused in the back seat, imagine my surprise and horror at seeing the same lady sitting, and smiling at me.  Man, my arms jerked from the surprise and I almost went off the road so I had to pull over.  "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU DOING IN MY CAR?!"  I bellowed in fright to the specter. "I'm going home with you since you were so nice to me all during my stay at the hospital, " the specter answered with what she could mimic as a smile.  "You're more nicer to me than my son, you know.  He never visited me when I was sick!"  The specter looked so sad that my heart went out to her and I forgot that I almost had a heart attack and wrecked my car at the same time.  "Granny,” I said a bit more softly as she looked at me with such a sad longing.  "You do know that you are dead right?"  Granny nodded.  "When you are dead, the world is your oyster.  I have heard that you can travel all over the world in a blink and do what you've always wanted to do but couldn't in this world.  Why would you want to hang around me in a small town when you can go visit all the people you've missed in your life? "  "That's true!"  The specter exclaimed, her visage much less scary.  "You are right.  I will take your advice!"  She said and POOF--- faded away.  I had to sit there for a couple of minutes since it wasn't always that a person has a conversation with a ghost in her vehicle.  I breathed a sigh of relief, put the car in gear, and drove back onto the highway towards home and promptly forgot about the incident a couple of months later......until a patient one night hysterically called me into her room and begged me to pull back the drapes, look in the bathroom, and open the closets in her room because she was convinced that there was a person hiding in her room.  The patient had been getting alot of heavy duty drugs and knew that maybe she could be hallucinating but told me that this lady kept constantly coming up to her and waking her up, trying to tell her something.  "I know I must be imagining it but seriously.  It was just so REAL.  And the lady keeps waking me up!!"  She told me, her voice rising.  "What should I do?"  "The next time she comes, let her finish her story to you.  Maybe she feels that she needs to tell you something," I told the patient.  Two hours later and the patient frantically called me again to come into her room and search it top to bottom.  This time the patient told me that she listened to the lady, who told her that her husband had been a pilot in both World War I and II and she had a son that she had been waiting for but never showed up to see her.  WAIT A MINUTE!  "What did the lady look like," I asked (already knowing what the patient would say.  "She was a short lady with white cottony hair and had a weird eye..."I put the lady at ease by saying that the noisy visitor was a patient on the floor with Sun Downers--a kind of Alzheimer's that happens to older people during the evening and night hours-- and that I would make sure that the lady stayed in her room from then on and quickly went out in the hall to pray for the ghost, since I felt her presence and lingering anger.  I told the ghost that her son did indeed come to see her, but too late and why it took him so long to come to NC to see her and say goodbye.  I also told the ghost that she needed to get over her anger and move on, maybe visit her son to say HER goodbyes, then go from there because all this haunting was a waste of time.  I nor any of the patients on my floor ever saw the lady ghost again. 


The Witches of Tularosa


Legend has it that Tularosa, N.M. is full of witches, witchcraft, and other assorted dark arts. There was a little girl that was so beautiful with her black hair and blue/green eyes that she looked like a living doll that went to school in 1950 to 1st grade. She was only there for a couple of months before she got very ill with Rheumatic fever. She was so ill that she was not expected to recover. For 2 years the little girl laid in her bed, loved and nursed by her family, she eventually did get better and returned to school. Because she was as tiny as she was beautiful, she fit right in with the other 1st graders on the surface. All the kids were sure that she was a witch and that was why she had survived her near fatal illness. (Back then most did die of the disease.) They gave her the nickname Wanda the Witch and there was a rumor that began to circulate that there were to be 3 "Witches of Tulie." That they would be the most beautiful girls in town born from a witch and that they would enchant all the men in town to their doom. This little girl they suspected was to be the mother of these witches. Because she had already survived the illness, they were afraid to do anything to her, so she grew up and eventually did marry a man. The first of her 3 children were all girls, and all very beautiful but very different from each other. These girl came to be know as the Witches of Tulie even though they themselves do not understand why. It is said that when their youngest brother was very ill with cancer and surviving only because of the life support machines, they went to visit him. Although hospital policy stated that only 2 people were allowed back at once, they convinced the staff to allow all 3 of them back at the same time. He wasn't responding to any stimulus whatsoever before thier visit, but he was trying to wake up before the staff came in and made them leave saying that they were upsetting the patient. The patient woke up that night and was back in his hospital room on Thanksgiving Day. He made a full recovery and is now married for almost a year. They have been seen walking in the wind all together (and seperately), with the wind not touching them in any way, they have also been seen walking all together (and seperately), with the wind not blowing but seeming to blow only them. Time slows down or speeds up in their presence, things happen around them that don't normally happen, there have been several skeptics that were far less skeptical after spending time around these women. Yet they themselves claim NOT to be witches, that they don't know or understand the why of things happening or not happening (such as the case may be), around them. The health of the oldest of them seems to affect the weather, if she is very ill, it's cloudy and cold, the wind blows and it rains. (weird for the desert). There have been people that after harming or trying to harm these women that those people's lives have fallen apart in all kinds of ways, the person might seem to profit from it at first, but it has turned on every single one of them. They are not evil women, just dangerous.



Ghosts Above Our Bed

by: Kevin James Shay


This incident occurred about 14 years ago in October 1997 at the Chaska House, a bed and breakfast in Waxahachie, TX.  I’m a journalist who formerly worked for The Dallas Morning News and now works for papers owned by the Washington Post. So I like to get my facts straight before I write anything.I haven’t written about this before, but reading some items about the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie sort of inspired me to tell this, for what it’s worth. The Catfish Plantation, a nice restaurant that serves good food, has long been written about as a haunted site.  There are basically three ghosts seen, heard or felt there, according to reports: a farmer named Will Anderson who built the Victorian house around 1900 and died there in the 1930s; Elizabeth Anderson, the daughter of Will who was reportedly strangled in the dwelling on the day of her wedding around 1920, perhaps by her ex-boyfriend or an old girlfriend of her husband; and a woman named Caroline Mooney, who lived in the house from 1953 until 1970.  The house was also the birthplace of Paul Richards, a former manager of the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox who played for the Detroit Tigers and other teams.  Restaurant workers have reported wineglasses being broken a lot, perhaps by Caroline who didn’t like people drinking. The place burned in 2003 but was renovated. During renovations, workers said tools disappeared or were moved. As one worker put up a pane of glass, he noticed writing on dust on the window that read, “Don’t be scared.” The Catfish Plantation’s owners, customers and even police officers have reported seeing objects in the restaurant moving around by themselves, clocks resetting by themselves, and other mysterious sights.  My ex-wife and I ate at the Catfish Plantation several times when we were married between 1995 and 2006. But we didn’t see or hear anything paranormal. However, we did have an experience at the bed and breakfast not far from the Catfish Plantation that we haven’t forgotten.  In 1997, I worked for the Morning News and was writing a Halloween-themed article about how cities such as Waxahachie used haunted attractions to draw visitors and pump in money to local restaurants and other businesses. On this evening, we visited several haunted attractions, including Screams in Waxahachie, for the story I was writing. And we slept at the Chaska House, a Victorian Revival-style bed and breakfast in the middle of downtown Waxahachie that was built in 1900 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was just down the street from the Catfish Plantation.  We went to sleep before midnight not expecting anything unusual. But around 2 a.m., I woke up for some reason and looked over at my ex-wife. I was surprised to see her eyes wide open and a look of fear on her face as she fixed her gaze above the bed. Then I heard the distinct sound of laughter. It was high-pitched like an adolescent. I heard a voice say something like, “Look, she’s scared." And then laugh. I looked up and observed three ghostly figures flying in a figure eight motion above the bed near the ceiling a few feet above us. Two had female faces, with the third a male, similar to the three ghosts seen by some at the Catfish Plantation. Perhaps they had traveled down the street to our room. Needless to say, I was surprised. But I was not abnormally frightened as my ex-wife was. I had read about ghost stories since I was a kid and heard a few tales from my mom that were interesting, including she believing she had seen the spirit of my older sister, who had died when she was only nine. I had also covered stories of haunted houses, stayed in a few at night and known some psychics.  But I hadn’t really seen or heard a ghost until this incident in the bed and breakfast. I was fascinated and sat up, trying to look closer to make sure I was really seeing some ghosts. They looked like wisps of light for their bodies, with detailed faces. I then realized how scared my ex-wife was and didn’t think to ask the ghosts any questions. I just told them to leave in a fairly loud, firm voice, and they did, seemingly vanishing in the air. I looked outside the bedroom and didn’t see anything. The following morning, my ex-wife and I told the bed and breakfast host what we had seen and asked if others had ever reported any similar incidents. He said they had, but unlike the Catfish Plantation, they didn’t like to publicize their ghostly visits. He said similar reports came from several other century-old homes in the Waxahachie area.  I haven’t heard or seen anything like that since then – at least nothing that clear. But each year around Halloween, I remember the incident in the Waxahachie bed and breakfast. It helps me believe that life continues after we die.   



UPDATE on Haunted Woods in Florida


This is an update to a story I posted a while ago on here.  I have learned of some interesting information about what my haunting in those woods was and it is something that either was or is still attached to me. I have looked up demonic haunts and this sounds like it.  I had to think back and re trace steps into my child hood in N.H to really notice some interesting incidents.  When I was a child, I don’t really remember my age I was possibly 8 maybe and I used ot sneak into my

parents bed on the 2nd floor next to my room. One maybe early morn or evening I spoke to a something in that closet saying “Don’t be scared, you can come out.” Now as a typical kid I was scared of the dark and normally hide my face so this was odd. Another few happenings as I started to think back and speak of my encounter of thinking I saw my dead Dog Vixen in the house, I realized that the shadow of the dog couldn’t have been unless Vixen had learned to stand up right.  Another happening was I felt like a hand touched me in my parents bedroom I could distinctively feel four fingers and a thumb touch my back in their bed, my dad wasn’t in the room but as soon as he entered to lay down I told him what I felt, he told me it was my imagination but that feeling still stuck with me. This was the first house I lived in until I was 11 yrs old. There were some times I felt uneasy but never thought anything of it.. I was a kid so I really didn’t put much thought into it. Florida 1996 June,  I was 11yrs old and moved ot South Worth nothing really happened. I felt good until Christmas of  1998 and felt that this wouldn’t last. Now from 1999 to 2000 I don’t know why  but I really can’t get all the events in order or remember what could have really started it becoming more prominent I just know it did. I know I was in Middle school at this time in North port Middle. I had about 4 friends I hung out with when home.  I know I wrote the events in the other note I sent. Here’s a recap. I experienced our woods moving with nothing really there crashing and sounding like breaking of tree limbs in the dark, The smell of something dead only in one spot the wind doesn’t carry it. We have smelt it normally in the woods. But I have experienced something feeling like it wanted in my house. My dog would attack the windows and sliding glass door like something was there. My dog is another GSD (German shepherd Dog). I felt like something was peering into the windows from the outside. For a GSD she was pretty laid back and was friendly to all animals I had never in my time seen her get aggressive and snarl the way she did. I would feel a heaviness and a feeling of something coming if we were outside so I would bring her in with me. Once my friend of mine was over and she and I were to stay in the guest bedroom it had two beds and I didn’t like staying in my bedroom anymore the one of the windows blinds came crashing down without a slam or anything. I still was a bit skeptical in some ways of what was going on and trying to ignore it until the woods incident which caused the most fear and anxiety. I felt like I was being watched everywhere and I have seen eyes in the woods looking back at me. I even once felt as though something was behind me chasing me. My friends had accounts of a dark shadow with glowing red eyes when they came running but I really wasn’t there and don’t know if they really did or were feeding off of my fear. At some point I must have gotten a bit tired of being afraid and getting anxiety attacks when I thought something was near I guess. I found my bible I had (not very religious) and took it with me to the woods and sat down in a clearing where I read to myself.  I didn’t feel anything unwelcoming when I entered or exited I was expecting to see something but to no avail. It did go quiet for a bit. Year 2000 was when everyone was worried of the end. I then had another feeling that my Dog Star my GSD would not make it to see 2001. Who knew how right I was. She had to be put down before the year was over as her over protectiveness and a friend who didn’t want to stop taunting her and a faulty leash all came into play as she bit him. Now with no dog to let me  know of intruder at the windows I was alone. My mom feeling I was lonely go with her to find a new dog. No more of the GSD we always had but a rat terrier a puppy on my summer vacation. The first night with her I slept on the floor which was kinda where I had been sleeping for a while as I was to worried of going ot any room where a window is too close to a bed. The terrier started growling at nithing but stared out to the sliding glass door.  Before Christmas in 2000 we moved to a new home where I hoped the thing would stop. It did for a  time. Now this where I started to realize something as I went through my memories and realized that maybe something goes dormant only to come back after some time. Once again I had a lull in happenings. Not until high school when I remember my grandma came to visit one of her times to our house. My grandma stayed in my room as dad hadn’t at the time fixed up the other room down the hall to be a guest room. I was lying in bed when I started seeing this black mass over the bed that grandma was sleeping in. I thought it was my eyes I rubbed them blinked and it was still there at this time a feeling of dread came over me and chills. I ran out of the room took some water and splash it on my face hopeful it wouldn’t be there when I returned it was still there. I stayed under my covers, I didn’t want to disturb grandma in fear it was my imagination. I woke up and grandma had woken up before me to get breakfast I was relieved she was alright. I should say my terrier pup stayed with my mom and dad while my grandma stayed with us so I had no way of knowing if she saw anything. This was only one occurrence of seeing something but the feeling was back. Once again I would get feelings of something was going to happen just didn’t know what. In my last year of high school I lost my nephew to drowning in our pool. He then walked our house for some time. He followed my sister and his dad to their new home. I then went into myself and wasn’t as outgoing as I once was. Somehow got my self back with horse riding and training and got my first horse to own and train.  I haven’t experienced anything but I wonder if that’s only because I haven’t stayed too long in any place as I have now left and am living the army life. I do own a home in Texas and sometimes when home I do experience un easiness and my dogs now 2 a Chihuahua and a GSD who is the most friendliest dog I have met allows anyone in my house but  sometimes gives the scariest growl of something outdoors. We do have 8 acres and one time our Donkey who has always only bray if there is danger has done so without us finding evidence of anything outside. When riding I have a mustang that I trained and he is the first horse I owned I have taken him out for a ride and sometimes he doesn’t want to enter the back woods we have. He is never a spooky horse or scaredy cat of any wild animal we have come across a lynx and no flinch or reaction or even an alligator that has given us a growl.  He sometimes persist that we shouldn’t go back after some urging he will go back there but with veering side to side and not wanting to stop and look around. Other times we can go out there with no problems. I asked around the area if they have seen any large cats or anything but nothing in the area we are located in Texas Mountain lion or Puma are not found too much in as we do not have the right environment for them. When I am inside I do sometimes when home get the urge to leave all lights on to get rid of any shadow play. Sometimes I can feel safe and sleep peace full and other times I cannot. I am starting to notice a pattern and now trying to keep a log of events and when I am home permanently I will definitely write more on the events if any more should come up in the future.   This could be what someone called a demonic haunt as it will/can  follow a person and try to tire someone out maybe this is why it hasn’t shown so much anymore as it is realizing I am a bit stronger than I was before as well as I was told since I was a novice at witch craft and was practicing it for the first time this could have caused it to think it could get a hold of me hence why it started all the things it did. I have since that time never tried witch craft again but I am still open to all religions and never set to one.   I can tell when there is a spirit of my nephew and when something else comes in. My nephew I feel no fear come over me, I still get anxieties as I had dealt with the other, so when my nephew thought it funny to try and take my blankets off I asked him to stop as he was scaring me a bit. He stopped and set at the foot of my bed. I explained to him that I love him but please don’t scare your aunty. I am glad that what I have been learning is that it wasn’t able to get as aggressive as I heard that it could get and that I am glad that it never really or I don’t think it entered the house.  Except the time in the second house. The third place me moved into was a trailer park and we/ I didn’t live there for too long before I left for the military. I hope maybe it has been slowly getting tired of me. My parents have been oblivious to it all which has always made me feel like I was going crazy. I should say in my time in N.H I had used a Ouija board but for fun never really used it as it was to be used as we screwed around messing with it as we were kids not really thinking it could really be used in that way at the time.  I am writing everything f=down to hopefully figure this out and maybe add more to the puzzle that seems to be getting clearer. I want to say thank you to all that contacted me the last time I posted great help.


Retlaw Theater

Nothing listed on the "Retlaw Theater" Fond du Lac, Wisconsin posting is true.  First, Bravo Theater and Fusion opened at the same time.  Second, I was in charge of the Bravo Theater (look me up).  I opened it in the late afternoon and locked it for the night.  Many nights I was there until 10:00pm-midnight.  I was physically there in the theater directing musicals and preparing the stage, cleaning the dressing rooms, etc.  I am sensitive to paranormal activity (and work for a paranormal investigation team) and in the theater there were no footsteps, clapping, chairs creaking or stage doors left open...I know because I opened and closed the building and checked it daily.  The owner made up a story that there was a ghost there named "Walter" to scare the kids, but never (for years) did myself or my staff witness any activity even though we would have liked to.  I have never in the years that I was there heard any of these rumors, or heard any of my staff talking about it, so I don't know who would post something like that.  I currently have no attachment to the building, but it bothers me to see non-factual statements.  I would remove the posting, because it's not true...If it were true, I'd be the first to give you better insight.


Something Evil Inside the Attic


To start of I was never a believer of ghost stories until it happened to me... I live with my mother and older brother and one nigh my mother was away in a trip so I decided to sleep in her room since her bed is very comfortable anyhow it was around 2:00am and I was reading a book when I started to hear steps coming from the attic which is above my moms room . That alone was not scary but then I heard bags being moved around ( my mom has plenty of stuff inside bags in that

attic) in my head I thought it might be an animal so I continued with my read after a few minutes heard knocks small at first but they grew louder to the point it seemed someone was really trying to get my attention so I started to pray and asked to be left alone and it seemed my wishes had come true for a minute there but then I heard a laughter and words in another language  at that instant I was scared out of my mind and called my brother from my cellphone even though he was inside his room in that same house . He said it had been him making those noises but he was still trying to calm me down when the attic door started to move up and down like there was someone trying to get out  at that moment my brother and I looked at each other and made a run for his room after that I had the house blessed and everything stopped until recently my step sister moved in with us and she all of a sudden suffers from " seizures" that throw her into walls , she burned herself once and my mom still doesn't believe there's something evil inside the house


Spirit Activity In Viola Wisconsin


The little town of Viola in SW Wisconsin has some strange things happening there.  For one thing, their population hovers around 666 people.  They use to have that on the sign as you entered town, but people use to crash their cars near the sign.  Now the sign reads 667.  From Sept - December 2009, I lived alone in apartment B above the Henthorn Memorial Center (funeral parlor) in Viola.  All was peaceful there at first but after the only funeral service while I lived in that apartment, things were never the same.  The funeral was sometime in late October / early November.  I was alerted there would be a funeral in the building, so I left for the weekend.  My apartment windows sealed up tight.  When I returned Sunday evening, I found at least a dozen dead flies on the kitchen window sill.  None anywhere else.  That was the beginning of bizarre activity.  At first I started thinking I heard footsteps in the living room at night.  I started leaving the living room light on all night.  The apartment had no stove so I had a toaster oven and a microwave.   One evening I cooked a pizza in the toaster oven, then sat and ate my pizza at my computer desk in the front bedroom.  I've always been very  careful to turn toasters and heating appliances off when not in use.   As I ate my pizza I heard what sounded like glass drinking glasses clinking together in the kitchen sink, but the only drinking glasses in the apartment were plastic.   I went to the kitchen to investigate the noise, thinking maybe a mouse was running around.  No mouse, but I found the toaster oven was turned back ON. My apartment had electric heat with a dial in every room.  I never had electric heat before and because I was afraid of fire, I never left it on when I wasn't home.  One day I came home from work to find my bedroom was warm.  I was certain I'd turned the heat off before leaving for work, but it was turned ON.  I contemplated turning it off but because the sun was going down I knew it would be getting cold in the apt soon so I left the heat ON, but later that night when I went to bed, I found the room ice cold and the heat turned OFF.   Another time I left for the weekend and double checked to make certain everything was OFF when I left.  I returned home to find my bedroom heat was turned ON and the room toasty warm.   Once I woke up in the middle of the night.  My eyes were closed but I was fully conscious.  I heard an audible voice with a Minnesota type accent say "Hello there!".  I laid very still and thought to myself "I'm not going to acknowledge hearing that."  I use to listen to Christian broadcasting on the radio.  One night I was listening and the radio reception was clear as a bell.  Then Charles Stanley's "In Touch" ministry came on the radio and his topic was Demons.  The radio reception grew increasing static and remained that way until his program ended.  Once that show was over, the static left and the radio returned to normal.  I kept my winter coat on the back of the desk chair in the front bedroom where it stayed for 3 weeks because the weather was still warm that fall and I hadn't needed it.  I was leaving town for Thanksgiving weekend and forgot my coat.  When I went back to get my coat, it had been moved to the back bedroom.   I only went back to that apartment once after that....the day I moved out!  When I rented the apartment, the landlord told me that the apartment had been vacant for a year, she said the previous tenant had disappeared and never came back for his belongings.  Now I understand why!  The groundskeeper of the funeral home told me the assistant funeral director had lived in the apartment at the back of the building, but he moved out because things in his apartment kept moving from where he'd left them.  My first thought was "It has to take A LOT to frighten a FUNERAL DIRECTOR!"  PS.  The groundskeeper also told me that during singing practice she's seen the ghost of a little girl at the Viola Methodist Church. 



True Story--Roman Catholic Saint

By:      Anonymous

Hi, Shadowlands readers, I'm contractually obligated to send you this story, which regards Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of lost items.  I've got to preface this by saying my credibility is very, very high. I spent many years as a newspaper reporter, then college professor, now mom of four and minister's wife. I've never tried illegal substances--not even a cigarette--though I'll have a glass of wine now and then. As you'll see, though, that's not a factor in the occurrences I'm about to describe.  This morning, I saw my husband and kids off to work and school and was rushing around, getting ready for my own PTA meeting. The house was empty except for me. The night before, I'd loaded my purse with everything I needed for the day and placed it in the driver's side seat of my car (where I can't possibly miss it!). So I'm running around, running *late*, and finally I open the door of my car--and my purse was missing! My kids had strewn the contents of my purse around the car to find snacks and candy, and my driver's license and credit cards were *gone*. I absolutely needed them to buy groceries and for errands. I threw the purse in the *passenger's seat*, for sure, and made sure I hadn't thrown the cards/license in the driver's side seat anyway-- it was completely empty. I'm sure. I ran around the house to find the cards and license, ransacked the car, my purse, everywhere. Nothing. In exasperation, I muttered, "Saint Anthony, if you help me find my license and credit cards, I'll tell more people about you."  I'd run out of places to search, so I returned to the car, figuring if the license and credit cards didn't turn up, there was nothing I could do. I opened the driver's side door--and there were my license and credit cards, neatly and squarely placed on the seat. It wasn't a creepy experience, just matter-of-fact, Saint Anthony's way of saying, "I'm here."  So here I am, writing this, interested that more people don't submit stories about saints to The Shadowlands. Whenever I talk shop with priests, if the subject of Saint Anthony comes up, I'm pleasantly surprised how many laugh knowingly and have their own stories about how active, helpful, and odd to say, sociable he is.  When I was eight or nine, I remember lying in bed and praying. I reached over to grab a pillow-- and brushed the coarse folds of a hanging fabric. My eyes flew open--my hand had been feet from any fabric, certainly none that was coarse. But I *had* been praying to Saint Anthony, who is always depicted wearing a monk's robe. Back to the issue of credibility--I could've been sleeping, right?  Sure. But a couple days later, I was in church at Communion, kneeling, waiting for the priest to come my way. I shut my eyes to get some prayers in--and the same loose, coarse garment scraped my hands! I opened my eyes, and there was absolutely freaking nothing that could've created that sensation nearby. The priest was yards and yards away, and his robes were a smooth and fine fabric.  I'd be interested to hear if other Shadowlands contributors have had saint experiences. Saint Anthony is an entity that people usually report feels very *there*, like a flesh-and-blood human, and I've always been very grateful for his help and companionship.

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