Marine in Vietnam



I`ve been wanting to tell this story for a while now. I was a Marine in Vietnam. And this was hill 689 overlooking the Khesan combat base. We had deep bunkers dug and trenches connecting each bunker because of artillery attacks  and took turns standing watch. I was on watch that night must have been around 1 in the morning. One side of the trench was kind of going uphill and that part of the trench is when I saw a figure walking towards me. Immediately I brought my rifle up to challenge the figure walking towards me. The only problem I didn`t hear any footsteps. It was very dark out as clouds were rolling in. The figure stopped and just stood there. I`m thinking it must be a North Vietnames. It was more of a shadowy outline. Seem like I blinked a few times and the figure seemed to just disappear. My hair stood on end and I was at the ready the rest of the night. Next day I asked around who was walking the trenches which no one did.I know sometimes tired eyes see things, but believe me I was wide awake when being approached by someone or something without hearing footsteps, crunching sounds on dirt. I believe in war strange things happen especially around the Khesan area where tens of thousands of North Vietnamese were killed. Thanks


Ball of Light

I was never much of a ghost believer or paid much interest in that sort of thing. Until I had my experience with "something". My wife and I were fast asleep with our son who was 3 at the time fast asleep between us. I was suddenly awoken by the inability to move or speak. I closed my eyes thinking i was in a lucid dream but when I reopened I knew sure as the sky is blue that I AM awake and something was wrong! I felt my hairs on my neck stand up and could sense that something was above my head. Like on the pillow or something. Suddenly a bright ball of light began to dance around the room. The ball of light was maybe no bigger than a soccer ball but could shrink and expand its size at will. I tried to track its movement around the room but was still completely paralyzed. Even my eyes wouldnt move. I began to fight the paralysis by giving my muscles everything I had. Commanding them to move! Nothing. My fear grew as the helpless feeling began to overcome me. Im a hefty guy at 6'1" and over 250lbs and Im a construction worker so you can understand why Im not used to feeling helpless or weak. Anyway I continued to fight determined to wiggle a toe or twitch a muscle. Still nothing. The ball of light then shrunk to the size of a grapefruit and stayed in the top corner of the room hovering for a bit. It then made its way around behind my head and on my pillow. This time I knew 150% i was awake. I could FEEL it. Its energy tickled the top of my head and made my hair stand up. Just like you can feel the static on your hair when it stands up from rubbing a balloon on your head. It then came around again and began darting around the room. This time my fear overcame me as I knew not what its intentions were. Is it a ghost? Alien? Strange atmospheric event? I didnt know. All I knew was that I needed to find a way to wake my wife and fast. I began to fight the paralysis even harder. I was sweating from tensing my muscles so bad but it felt as if i had a lead weight on my chest. I relized I had my arm under my sons head and my finger tips were touching my wifes hair. I tried calling her name but couldnt speak. If only I could move my finger tips enough to poke her. The ball of light seemed to sense the fight in me as it paused above my knees and expanded to the size of a small beach ball. I could feel the pressure on my chest and vocal chords increase. It was fighting back!  It began to slowly move towards my face. I was desperately trying to call out to my wife but all that was comming out were muffled groans. It began coming towards me at an increased rate. The fear gripped me. I began to feel something strange in my left arm. My finger was halfway responding to my commands! It was wiggling the back of my wifes head! I knew my opportunity had come. I was almost there. The wiggling finger and muffled groans caught my wifes attention. As she lifted her head not even an inch off her pillow i was able to suck in a large breath of air and let out a loud scream while at the same time grabbing a fist full of my wifes hair. Whatever was holding me released me and the ball of light vanished as my poor wife bolted up with my hand still holding her hair. I told her what had just happened and in a calm voice she said its ok it was a spirit. My wife has always been sensitive to spirits and I have never paid much attention to her stories about them until now. That was my first and last (to date) experience with anything alien or paranormal. After it left I felt calm and after talking with my wife about it was able to fall right back asleep with no worry or anxiety. I do not know what this was or what it wanted. I do not know if it was harmless or evil. I like to think harmless but gee it plays ruff by paralyzing me doesnt it? Lol. Just thought I would share. I hope this is the first and last experience i ever have. Sometimes people are better off not knowing about things until they are ready. And we wont be ready in this world.



Camp Foster


In 2004, I was stationed at Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan.  I lived in barraks 473   At the time i never really believed or had any kind of experience with ghosts or paranormal activity, nor did I have any interest in that kind of stuff.  One day I had building duty, where i had to stay up for 24 hours and get maybe 2 hours of sleep.  I had gone to my room at 0100 to get some sleep and i had set an alarm to wake me up at 0300.  I remember the air being very clear that night, which A: is odd for Okinawa, Japan and B: is even more unsual for a rainy day in Okinawa, Japan. I remember in my "dream" I was watching myself sleep.  I did nothing more then watch myself what seemed like hours (which is strange for a dream).  On occasion I looked around and even opened a drawer where i had wires and rope stored. Then i continued to watch myself sleep.  I know it was me, but i know it wasnt my body i was in.  Eventually i moved closer to my body and these dark evil-looking hands came up and reached towards my sleeping body.  at the moment they had touched me i woke up immediatly, looked at the clock and right then the alarm went off.  I then grabbed my stuff and left that room as fast as i could.  I dont know if that would be paranormal or if it would be an outter body experince, but it happened every night for almost a week.  I was so traumatized by it that I talked to a Japanese (english speaking) religious figure.  He told me many things, and i was still unsure.  I experienced many other events that i can not explain, including my bathtub plugged and overflowing, (i had no head mate or room mate), and also my sink often turning on and off.  lights flickering almost every night around 2000 hours.  I eventually left the island and have recently returned for my 3rd duty station.  Sure enough i was outside a building with a few others.  I did not know any of them but i tried to make small talk with them.  One of them lives in my old room, which I found very eery.  He explained to me some unusual things in that room, none of which he can give reason to.  He also said there is still no one living in the neightboring room due to the rotten smell, and unsafe conditions. 



Dream Home

we moved into our dream farm home around beginning of october of last year. its big and plenty a rooom inside and outside for our growing family. the first night was uneventful. me, my husband and our daughter who was about four months old at the time went straight to bed. the next day my husband woke early for work and classes. later on that day i lefy my daughter downstairs since i left the diapers upstairs. as i was in the hallway about to come downstairs. i heard my daughter laughing and what sounded like a male voice talking to her. i came down asking my husband how was class and if he was going to heading to work. when i rounded the corner and just say my daughter on the living room floor where i left her alone. she was giggling as if someone was ticking her.       a week after i was walking around outside looking at the buildings and figuring out what needed to be done around here when out of the corner of my eye i saw someone standing in the doorway of the barn. i told my husband about it later and he shrugged it off. that same night as i was washing dishes i glanced up out of the corner of my eye and saw someone walk by the window. i dropped the pan and yelled for my husband, told him what i saw and he handed me the baby as he went out to look for whoever. when he came back in i told him that when he walked by the window wasnt the same as what i saw. he asked what did it look like then and i told him more of a reflection like someone walked behind me in th room. he went on a hunt checking the rest of the house ( which there has been incidents over a dozen times) that this is needed. 

we heard a little kid call out mommy. he has been hit from behind when coming down the stairs. and recently we have an electric heater upstairs, one day my husband had went and unplugged it since our daughter was near it crawling on the floor, later on during naptime, i had plugged it back in and turn it on so me and her could take a nap. i woke up about 20 minutes or so and found the heater unplugged and the cord actually wrapped around it.





Haunted By Shadow Dogs !!!


I would like to share this true story with you guys, its something that still bothers me until today !!! This happened many years ago, but I believe this was so bad, that it still has a profound affect on my life even today, forty one years later !!! When I was a little girl, I was no older then four or five years old when this horrible haunting began. I was an only child, and I was the daughter of older parents, and to my knowledge, they were not religious at all! My father was an atheist, and he was teaching me from an early age, that there was no such thing as ghosts or angels or even god himself. My mom was right behind my father in his beliefs, but I think she at least believed in God, but never talked about it, but she definitely was not a religious woman by all means! I was a very well cared for child, and my parents were good people, who treated me well, so I was not an emotionally abused child or neglected in anyway. I remember having these horrible nightmares every single night, and I call them nightmares because, this is what my parents believed they were, but to me, they were real, because they would take place right before I would doze off to sleep. I remember these grayish, black looking hounds, they were always in a pack, and they had reddish amber eyes that glowed. These shadow dogs would always be growling at me with foam around their mouths. I remember their bodies were transparent like in form, and you could see through them as if they were ghosts. I remember most of their features were dulled, but some of their features were solid, but they were always baring their teeth and snarling at me. There was at least always five or six of them in my room at once! when they appeared, I always had this absolutely horrible sense of fear, beyond description ! I would be absolutely paralyzed with this horrible fear of impending death ! I remember being so frightened that I would hardly breathe because I did not want them to hear me. I also distinctly remember the scent of wet stone, like the scent of an old damp grave yard when they were around me in my room. I remember seeing them at the foot of my bed, pacing menacingly, back and forth, back and forth, from one side of the room to the next, growling at a low and slow guttural deep unearthly growl. I would try and scream for my mom, but they were some how able to keep me from screaming, and sometimes I would just lay there paralyzed, as they were snapping at my ankles and trying to bite me. I could hear them under my bed. They would try and communicate with me, not by speaking but in a telepathic type of way. They would show me different ways that I could die. I remember they would try to pull me toward a black mass in the corner of my room. This mass was like a dark tunnel. I would be in a semi unconscious state when they would try and pull me in. I remember trying to kick my legs, and move my arms to try and fight them off, but I was completely paralyzed. It would seem like time stood still as they threatened me non stop, until finally some how I was able to scream out loud and my mom would come running into my room, and turn the light on, and I would be crying frantically and drenched in sweat ! I remember finally, my mom began sleeping in my room with me on a regular basis, because these so called nightmares became worse to the point I would cry hysterically and beg my mom not to leave because the shadow dogs were trying to kill me. I remember feeling tremendous guilt for needing my mom to sleep with me in my bed. This had became the norm, where my mom would have to sleep with me, and when I would finally fall asleep she would sneak back to bed with my father. I remember feeling as though I was a terrible child, because I was causing my parents so much grief, because of my fear of the shadow dogs was frightening the life out of me! This awful haunting went on for about three years, and then became less and less as I kept telling myself this isn’t real, and I would tell them to go away, to the point it finally stopped. The fear never went away completely, but some how I figured out a way to dismiss it, as though it doesn’t exist. I will never be sure why they were after me, but I can tell you that what I experienced was real. I can say that it would happen when I was in and out of consciousness, but Its like they would attack me when I was close to going to sleep, maybe because my defenses were down, I don’t know, and I may never know, but I pray that I never see them again ! If there is anyone else out there that has had similar experiences with shadow dogs or shadow hounds, or whatever you want to call them, I would like to know. If anyone knows what these entities are, I would love to know !



My Ghostly Experience


This a true account of something I experienced a few years ago in this  bungalow. I think I could say I have an open mind about ghosts and  hauntings, but until this happened I was sceptical about such things.   However, this really made me think.   What happened made me appreciate the paranormal incidents that  happened to my grandmother, my Uncle Maelg, and Auntie Gwen, all very  sensible, well educated and grounded people, and all under different  circumstances in different places.   Around eleven o'clock one night, I heard a strong rat-tat-tat on wood,  somewhere close to me in the bungalow. It was latew and I was  convinced they were being made by someone larking about outside, since  there is a pub fairly nearby. I forgot about it until about a month  later when it happened again in exactly the same way. It seemed to me  there was someone banging on the wood of the front door; maybe someone  urgently needing to draw my attention. But this time the taps were  louder and even more urgent than the first time. I cautiously opened  the door and peeped outside, but there was no one to be seen. The  following time it happened, I peeped out through the side of the bay  window from inside a darkened room. I saw no one there, I saw no one leave.   My husband is totally deaf in one ear, and sleeps on his 'good ear'.   He is usually asleep by 9.30 p.m. so he wouldn’t have heard it,  especially since the knocking didn't begin until about 11 o'clock. On  occasions it occurred later as well, and one time it was in the early  hours of the morning about 5 a.m. When I told him about it, he said he  didn't think it was anything for me to worry about!!! I must say that  after several times, I began to question my own hearing, and my  sanity, because by now I was kind of expecting it. By several weeks  later, it really had begun to bother me. Then I became jumpy and  startled at every little noise at any time of day.   Our front security light flashes on when even a cat crosses the  garden, but no light ever accompanied those knocks, so there was no  physical body outside causing it. I queried whether the wind was  affecting the light sensor, because that happens when the wind is  high, but I checked that, and there was no wind. Louder knocking  started to happen at intervals of a few days, and then it began to  occur more often. By this time I was waiting nervously for it.  Finally, it happened for two consecutive days, and this was always about the time I was going to bed.   At first I had tried to dismiss the knocking, thinking it could be the  water pipes. I checked them out; it wasn’t the pipes. I checked to see  if the cats were playing around in the kitchen, but they both always  were asleep and quiet each time I looked in on them.  Something I  couldn’t find a reason for had now become annoying as well as  frightening. I had become nervous because I had failed to find a  cause. I was brought up to look for a reason for anything I couldn’t  understand. My father promised there would always be a reason if I searched for it. Well, I did search, and there was no reason!   I mentioned this casually to someone who passed the story on to his  ‘psychic’ partner (not a medium). At my request she went into some  kind of trance to see what she could discover for me. She told me that  this was definitely the paranormal activity of a little boy from  around 1900, who had died at around this particular time of year, in  this area. She said he didn’t know he was dead, and that I was to help  him, rescue him, and tell him, very gently, that he had died.   She said there was nothing to fear from the child. He had chosen to  come here looking for help, and had been drawn by the light that is  always left on at night in the bathroom in the middle of the bungalow.  She said he needed to be ‘rescued’. He was, she said, about 10 years  old, fair-haired, dressed in breeches and a white shirt – and totally  lost and frightened.. She said he was knocking on our door with a  wooden toy in order to get attention for help, which is why the noise  was always so loud and urgent. Although apparently from a well-off  home, he had been ill-used in his lifetime, and appeared here because  he needed help. She said he had probably lived on this spot, either in  this house or in the wooden structure that was here previously, and this was the only familiar place he knew.   This psychic person advised me on how to do a ‘rescue’. I didn’t like  the idea of doing this. I felt self-conscious about it, but by now I  was desperate for the noises to stop, and I was ready to try anything.   So that he didn't become frightened, I was to tell him gently that he  was dead, assure him that there was a lot of love waiting for him over  the ‘other side’, and that he would not have to meet any of those  people who had ill-used him when he lived here. I was to impress upon  him not to be upset that I was telling him he had died.   When I told the psychic that the bathroom light was always left on at  night, she said the lost soul was probably trying to get to the  ‘light’. I was to tell him to think of the person he loved the most,  and this very thought would bring the person he loved to come to fetch  him and take him by the hand into the ‘light’.   To be honest, the thought of talking to 'a ghost' scared me, so one  night I thought I’d practise it first to make sure that I would do it  properly on 'the night'. I felt silly talking to thin air on my own in  the middle of the hall, but by now, I was willing to do anything to  get rid of the noise, as I had begun to question the reality of it  all. So, I said my piece, and went to bed.   Anyway, the loud banging stopped that night, on December 17th, 2001,  straight after I ‘spoke’ to the little ‘visitor’. (I have since named him George.) It had occurred about 12 –14 times over a period of 3 months.   I was more than delighted that my rescue effort had obviously worked,  and pleasantly surprised that it worked so quickly. I hoped for  continued peace here, and thus it has proved to be.   That sort of thing happens in fiction or films, or to other people –  but not to me! I’ve never before had such an experience. I've  experienced other odd happenings, like lights going on and off,  kettles switching on by themselves, clocks jumping off a wall hook,  changing television channels with a battery-less remote control, but I  always offered myself an explanation for those.   This had been no figment of my imagination. I am not that sort of person. It all seemed incredible, and I still can’t believe it happened.   It took me a while to forget it, but it no longer happens. It’s quiet  now, but I still don’t know what to make of it!   Knowing this truly happened, suggests that there really IS something  after life on earth!  Some weeks later, I was aware of something prodding me in the shoulder  while in bed. I contacted the psychic, who kindly investigated for me  again. She said it was another spirit who was looking for the little  boy. This second entity was called 'the old woman of the woods' who  healed sick animals, and she had been caring for this little lost boy.  She was upset she could no longer find him and came looking for him.  The old lady was known as the local animal healer. This bungalow is  actually built on a field named Gallows Meadow, where many prisoners  from the gaol that was once across the road were hanged years ago. I  was advised to tell her what had happened to the little boy and ask  her not to prod me any more because it was upsetting me. I did this, and in several years since, I have never felt another prod.  This a true account of something I experienced a while ago in this bungalow. I think I could say I have an open mind about ghosts and hauntings,  and until this happened I was inclined to be a little sceptical about  such things. However, this made me think.   What happened has made me able to appreciate the paranormal incidents  that happened to my grandmother, and Uncle Maelg, under different  circumstances and in different places.  




About Ghosts

hello, my name is Robert Hollis and i would like to to share a paranormal experience with you if i may, so here it is and well, i guess if you should have any questions please feel free to contact me here Today, being Halloween and all, I decided to share my paranormal experience that happened to me aobut almost 12 years ago now as I thought it might Be a little more entertaining considering the time of year and all. Well at the time period, I was still traveling around the country as a surveyor doing this that or another here and there and it was impractical for me to keep a place here in Texas as I was home maybe like a few weeks at a time then, well when I did come home it was usally in December and I would stay at my half sister’s home, you know lay some bucks on them for letting me stay and then be back on the road  around January.  So any way, I of course had met various people in my travels and kept in touch via the  by internet chatting on a chat client that I use bullshitting and such on there well, it was  man, I really do not recall the time but I do know it was very late at night after 12 for sure, and here the computer was sitting in the front corner of the living room, a very large one by the way, and I felt like something ws staring at me, now the hall way that entered the living room, was at the opposite end of where iw s sitting, it led from the back of the hosue where the bedrooms nd bathrooms are set, well, I ws thinking , as I felt someone was looking at me , tat it ws my little nephew thinking “hey, uncle Robert is home its party time!” lol well, I turned and this is what I saw, this all happened in like id say 3 seconds at most and was very stunning and a bit scary to boot, I turned and I looked and where the hall way meets the living room, I seen this, swirling mass of smoke? About a foot above the floor swirling, with a diameter of at lest 3 feet and I knew  do not ask me how I knew but I knew, it was very angry and pissed off!  Well, it kept swirling then all of the sudden rushed right at me, making me jump, tho I do not recall feeling anything, but it damn sure scared me if you follow me on thisNow at this moment I did realize  that something had happened , and no I was not drunk or under the influence of any drugs or drink at all,  now of course if I had been I would have attributed it to that but since it was not I do believe that it was of a spiritual nature!Now the next day I did of course ask questions about the history of the house as I do feel that there is more to this life then what we know or see now in front of us and I did find out that when they, brother-in-law and sister bought the house that they got it real cheap , a old man  and a woman had sold it so that they could go off and live in Florida for the rest of their lives but, the thing was this, the woman that was with the old man, was the sister of the woman who had died there at that home like 6 weeks beforehand! Yeah no shit! So my theory? It is this, that obviously the old man and sister was carrying on sometime before the older sister died form whatever disease she had, and might have helped her right on out if you know what I mean there, and know or possibly knew, that there was something going o between the two  so when she passed away she was pissed off then as she was in life and quiet possibly trapped there in that house by her hurt, anger whatever was causing her to be trapped there for god only knows how long, I am by any means a authority on such things, and later on after I had left,I did wonder till this day,  sister and bro in law have divorced  and no one lives there to my knowledge ,  if that woman’s spirit is still trapped there to this day?


Ghost Experience

Hey, I had this experience this Wednesday (January 25th) that you might be interested in listing on your site. I don't actually believe ghosts exist, but I have frequented Shadowlands in the past and I thought this might be a nice addition. You can reword it however you like as I'm just going to try to tell it in the plainest fashion.  I go to school at Holyoke Community College in Holyoke, Massachusetts. As a music and theater student, all my classes this semester are in the Fine and Performing Arts building (formerly known as the "C" building) on the first floor.  Last Wednesday, I had my first Ensemble Jazz Guitar class in Room 137, directly across from the only elevator in the building. The room is set up like a forum with a space near the entrance for the teacher and the seats set up on risers. My class consists of about eight or nine guitarists and we were all lined up in front of the teacher. Our teacher was seated at his desk in front of us (a simple desk, just four legs and a table so nothing could be hidden under). We'd finished the first measure and we'd paused before playing the second for the teacher to talk a bit. As he was talking, all the lights in the room shut off. The six light switches are in clear view by the door. The class is held fairly late in the day and the building is basically deserted. Our teacher then told us that when the building was being built, a construction worker named Charlie was accidentally killed in the elevator shaft. The previous music department heads, a married couple, used to swear up and down that a ghost haunted the music department. My teacher reported that the elevator doors sometimes open and close by themselves and lights go on and off. He then explained that for the lights in the room to be on, all the light switches must be up. There aren't any other switches in the room, so the lights can only be on if the switches are up. He asked all of us in his class if anyone had seen or heard anyone enter the room, since we're all seated next to the door. No one had seen anyone. My teacher, who sits facing the door, also said he hadn't seen anyone. He then got up and flipped all the switches back up and they each came back on with no flickering or any sign that the lights were damaged. My teacher asked out loud if Charlie would allow us to continue and our class ended with no further incident. 


Grave of Mayhayley Lancaster 


Hello, I seen this grave site listed on your haunted places page in Heard County Georgia.  I went to high school in Franklin which is the county seat of Heard County.  I just wanted to update you some on this grave site.  This site is truly haunted by Mayhayley herself.  As a teen we use to go out to her grave to see if what we heard was true and this is what would happen to us.      One night we drove out there and after getting just so close to her grave site our car stalled and would not start back up until it was pulled back away from the grave, this has happened to several people.  My handicapped friend graduated from high school and later got married, her husband was not from there and did not believe her about the stories so she took him to her grave site.  What happened to them has happened to me and many many others.  As they drove past the site my friend was talking about Mayhayley and the things known of her, he doubted what she said and announced his doubt, he looked in the rearview mirror and seen a woman hanging onto the back of the car flying in the wind, he asked who it was and my friend turned around and seen her too, it was the ghost of Mayhayley.   Prior to Mayhayley's death it is known that she would sit in her front yard in a chair with a galvanized bucket (large) at her side and people would line up for miles to get a reading from her, they would drop money into the bucket and she would give you a reading.  Though she did not give readings of your death as to the exact time and date she would give causes.  One man did not believe the reading she gave him and told her she was a fake, she then told him that he would die of a heart attack, told him the time and date and just that happened to that poor man who was in his 30's when he died of a heart attack.   It was said that she would bury the money in quart canning jars all around her yard.  After her death, there were several people that would try to dig up her money.  Two men went there and while digging they were talking about Mayhayley, one of them knew her and the other knew of her.  The man that only knew of her told the other that he was not a believer and that he thought she was a fake, at that point he plunged his shovel into the ground again to get a big piece of ground and upon doing it he cut off the tip of his foot with the shovel and proceeded to bleed to death.   Anyone that proclaims dibelief about her while around her grave or her home site ends up either dieing or having a terrible accident.  Mayhayley was truly a mysterious lady and also at the same time was a remarkable woman in her time.




Haunted Farmhouse


Alright its been a while since I posted one of my experiences with the supernatural. Last year my mom and I moved to Augusta, Maine to live with my step0father and his daughter. I was told we were gonna be living in an old farmhouse that is dated back to mid 1800s and has had a lot of residents. I was thinking it was gonna be a big place but I found out it wasn't. I told my stepfather I could see spirits which he thought was interesting. I was just glad he didn't think I was some mental case. He gave me a heads up.that there was a ghost of a farmer that once lived there and his son once saw him walking up the stairs. Already I was excited to see what else I could find in that house. After settling in and getting used to the place I figured i'd go spirit hunting. I had heard another story from my stepfather that when my mom's ex was visiting(he and my stepfather are cousins) he went into the cellar and had the light mysteriously turned off on him. Nobody was near the light switch at the time and him being afraid of the dark he ran up the stairs. He told my stepfather about it and he told him it might have been his deceased wife who died that year on Valentines Day. She didn't like him when she was alive and was most likely playing a prank on him. When I was down there I really didn't see anything and went back upstairs and looked around the place with no luck. One night when everyone was sleeping I was in my room on the computer. I looked out into the living room to see a small shadow figure of a woman looking into my room and walking around the living room. I knew it was my stepfathers deceased wife from seeing pictures of her. Her ashes are in the living room since her dying wish was to be home. She was most likely just looking over the place and going from room to room checking on everything. One day I was able to catch a lone white orb floating around followed by a white figure which looked like an old woman with scraggly hair. I always updated my stepfather with anything I found and he told me one day when he was going through the kitchen one of the cupboard doors opened by itself and he wanted me to find more. So I called my best friend up since we've always been able to see more stuff when we're together not to mention call out a lot of spirits when we wanted them to appear. He was excited to jump on it and came over the next day. We used our energy to search all the rooms downstairs. Sadly we had nothing since there was too many people around. We both were sensing some stuff down in the cellar and went down there to investigate. We kept the light off and walked down the stairs as my stepfather closed the door and locked it so no animals would get down there. We started pusing our energy out into different parts of the cellar trying to get the attention of any spirits plus try talking with them. Already we had brought out the old lady I saw before who was walking around. We tried communicating wiuth her with no luck. My best friend turned around to look at me and told me not to move because behind me was a 7 foot figure behind me with brood shoulders and seemed to be wearing an old fasioned suit. I told him it was either the farmer or a priest that once lived in the house according to neighbors. We took a break and went upstairs to tell of our findings then went back down. We pushed our energy into a small area in the cellar and to our surprise a pink figure came out stoppping in front of us then came a little closer before running around the corner and disappearing. Obviously the spirits knew they were noticed and disappeared. I told them though that I would be here to stay and have no problem with them being there. I also brought up I wasn't here to harm them and that if they needed to communicate with me they could. I told my stepfather about the pink figure and he told me the priest that lived there kept small animals down there and we most likely saw one of his pigs. My best friend left really impressed what we saw and wanted to come back again. During my stay there we never heard the last of my stepfathers ex wife who was seen by mom. She saw a figure walking towards the front door outside which was where she liked to be when she was alive. My stepfather also saw her as he woke up one morning near the window looking after him. She did communicate with us once by moving a wind chime we kept in the living room. It had an angel on it and whenever my stepfather mentioned doing any changes to the farmhouse tha this ex wife wanted him to do when she was alive she would make the wind chime move in approval. One night when I was brushing my teeth I felt something poke the back of my neck to the point where it hurt a little. I was thinking something was gonna appear in the mirror with no luck and the pain disappeared when I turned around. No clue on what it was. Not to mention when I was down cleaning the cellar out with my stepfather something kept tugging the back of my shirt. Either a spirit was trying to get my attention or play a prank. After that I really didn't experience too much. I ended up getting married and moving back right next to my hometown to an apartment complex where i've experienced stuff along with my life. That's a story for another time. For now thank you for letting me share this and i'm sorry for the length of it.



Haunted Doll


When I was about 5 years old I was at my cousins house with my brother and sister. The three of us were playing in my cousins room along with my cousin. I really don't remember what we were doing at the time (coloring I think) but we were called to come for dinner. Everyone jumped up and went out of the room except for me. I wanted to finish up what ever it was I was doing. In my cousins room she had a good sized plastic doll that sat at a desk similar to a school desk but on a smaller scale. For some reason I had this strong urge to look at the doll. When I did I got the scare of my life.  One of the dolls arms was pointing up in the air. I saw the arm move down, the head turned to look at me and the plastic eyelids started opening and closing so fast I could hear them clicking! The doll was next to the doorway to get out of the room so I had to run past it to get out of there. I got up and ran out of the room as fast as I could and was scared out of my wits! I told everyone what I had seen but no one believed me. I didn't go back in the room for the rest of the time we were there that day. This really did happen. I have no reason to make it up. I am 51 years old now and remember it like it was yesterday.  The only other spooky thing that has happened to me is having the feeling of an evil presence in the room with me. I was reading the bible at the time while I was in bed. I started getting  the feeling I was not alone and it was evil. I started praying for it to leave me alone and the feeling faded away. All of this is the truth so you may as well believe it. There are things going on around us that sometimes we just don't understand. I am still afraid of dolls!





In Addition to New Hartford High School in NYS


Hello. I wanted to add to the info about New Hartford High School in NYS.  I am a former student and also participated in sports. One summer(I believe it was 2004), my cheerleading team had practice outside. At the time they had been doing some construction so the normally open outdoor facilities had been closed. I really had to go ad the only bathroom open was the girls room in the 11th grade hallway.  I had gone in and sat down. Suddenly I felt an eerie feeling and it got very cold, mind you it was summer and very hot. I had all of the sudden felt the urge to run like hell and get out. I don't think I even flushed, yanked my pants up and ran down the stairs that come out by the office as fast as I could. As I ran I could hear footsteps following me and felt like I was wing chased out. I was so shaken up I ended up calling my m to take me home. I was terrified to go in to school alone.   A year or so later I found out it was an old Indian burial ground. I can to this day vividly remember the incident.


Keaukaha Hilo, Hi


If only your company was around when I was 9 years old.. I am now 46 years old and my memories of this home are still fresh in my mind.. This home is in Keaukaha hilo.  I remember my mother looking through the Hilo News Paper trying to find us a big place to live when she had gotten so excited about this 4 bedroom home that was renting for just $200, which was unheard of! Thinking it would have been already rented, a lady answered and said come and see it, its yours.  What! Happily we rushed down to see it and it was more than perfect, it was across the beach and the house was big and I got the biggest room. Now, it was only day’s; maybe a week that I started hearing noises, but at 9 years old, ghost was far from my mind and I went about my days (2-3 months of it).  This house was being haunted by a little girl who only seemed to haunt girls and not boys; she was a jealous ghost and didn’t like people in her room (my room). She would pull my hair and MANY times give me a shove.. she would purposely get me in trouble with my mother about a messy room.. I would clean it and come back to stuff flown all over the place???  I caught a glimpse of this trouble maker on my way home from school on the school bus as it past by my house. She would be standing in the window as if to be waiting for us to come home.. That day when I saw her the bus driver said “someone is home?” with a smile on his face.  After that day I wouldn’t go into the home until my mother got home from work.  I remember when my dog ran away from home.. He would come inside at night, but after a week he would claw at the door to be let out and run far from the house.. I remember tying him to his chain near our tree and he would literally hide behind it as if to be hiding from someone???  After awhile when our god would run away from us, he wouldn’t come to us when we would call to him… as if he knew we were taking back home… I never saw him again.  Over time the haunting would get worse. The Day We Left!  We were in the living room watching TV (evening) when the window in the dinning room started shaking; my mother told me to go up there (second floor) and fix it.. Reluctantly I went up there and it suddenly stopped on its own, as I turned to walk away it shook with a vengeance and then ALL the windows including the one I saw the little girl in shook so hard it was very loud!!! There was no wind and very still outside and the neighbors dogs could not stop barking… we ran from the house leaving our things behind..We tried many times to get movers to pack our things but no one would go into the home; we eventually had to pack stuff up ourselves making sure to leave the home before dark.

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