Ok I have sent stories in the past, but its been roughly 6 years ago.  I have been working in our local McD’s for almost 4 years.  I have noticed a few things but wrote them off for the most part.  I have a few so bear with me.  One night we were closed and I had already killed the lights to the bathrooms and lobby etc.  we were getting ready to leave.  One of my crew had to go to the bathroom so I asked him if he need me to turn the bathroom lights back on, he said no and then went to take care of his need.  Not 2 minutes later he came flying from the bathroom, pale white and shaking.  I asked him if he was ok and he said no, he then asked if I was sure everyone was out of the store but us closers.  I replied yeah why?  He said he was standing at the urinal and he felt like someone was staring at him.  He said when he turned around there was a little boy around 9 years old that was sitting by the dinks, just watching him.  I looked and no one was there.  Another time, we were all closed and locked up.  One of the girls had cleaned lobby & playland, I remember looking through the glass door into playland and seeing a mess on the floor.  I said Hey I thought you had mopped in there.  She said yeah I just got done.  Why?  So we both walked over and checked it out.  In the middle of the floor, by the door was a huge boot print.  Nothing else just one single print, we shrugged it off and sprayed it with cleaner.  We then all went outside, all of us were outside and no one had been up front except her & I.  when we came back in 5 mins later the boot print was gone as well as the puddle of cleaner we sprayed on it.  It was bone dry and as I said before none of us were in there.  It was weird.  One of my favorites was one night we were all getting ready to leave, and we were all up at front counter clocking out.  All the doors were locked and everybody was right there with me, in the back of the store I heard a female giggle.  I looked around to make sure we were all accounted for and saw that yes we were all right there & then I heard it again.  There were 3 females working that night and 1 male, no one else was in the building.  I looked around again and said hey did anyone else hear that.  Everyone of them had heard it and we all went together to double check everything.  Of coarse nothing was found.  I have since been tapped on the shoulder, had my hair tugged and I have seen things out of the corner of my eye.  I have also had alarms go off when no one but me is in the building.  Its not scary at all, (Except the alarm, that freaked me out) it just doesn’t feel right.  All the newbie’s laugh when we talk about it but within a matter of weeks they approach me with stories.  I actually don’t mind.


My New Apartment

By: Anonymous

It was the year 2000, me and my two daughter’s moved into our first apartment on our own. The apartment is located in the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles, two bedrooms and fairly large. The apartment was situated at the base of a hill with an alleyway running the length of four blocks. At night as you look from end to end, it is very still and silent with dull lighting. Although I was newly divorced and my daughter’s pretty young, we were all excited with our new adventure. The apartment was full of light, fun and love :) My daughter’s shared the master bedroom in the front of the apartment and I the smaller bedroom in the back next to the alley. I never closed the doors to my daughter’s room, or mine, allowing me to hear if they needed me. I also either kept the bathroom or hallway light on for security incase I had to beat the hell out of someone breaking in. One particular night, I was lying in bed while my daughter’s slept. I was watching television, the volume really low as not to wake my children, as I talked on the phone with my sister. My head resting against the headboard, laughing hysterically with my sister, the glow of the television and the soft lighting from the hallway made for a comfortable setting; until something made me look towards the doorway of my bedroom. Standing there was a woman dressed in black. She stood at least seven feet tall (my door jams were seven feet high) long, slender with black shoulder length hair. So pale she was almost translucent, with full, almond, pitch black eyes (no pupils) a long bird like nose. Her arms were so long, when her hands rested against the door jam, arms bent, her arms seemed to run the length of her thighs and her elbows parallel with her knee’s; almost like a mantis. I could not see her feet even though her dress did not touch the floor. She stared at me with her head tilted in a questioning manner and a slight smile/smirk distorting her already unreal face. The moment I looked straight at her eyes, they seemed to say “I’m going to kill you now”….I panicked!! Of course and in a split second I thought of my babies!! Then I heard my sister still talking and laughing on the phone and I began to stutter and breathlessly explain there is a friggin demon/ghost/dead lady in my doorway and she is gonna hurt me!! I did not take my eyes off of her as I hysterically explained what was happening (first rule of L..A. living). She was not there for more than a split second and then…….gone……nothing. All I could do is ask for my sister’s company that night and turn on every damn light in the house. The kids slept right threw it, once again L.A. you know, earthquakes and all that. Occasionally I would dream of her, the same woman, same dimensions, on the beach, in my closet, in my living room, but I refused to let her get to me. I ignored her and she went away eventually. I told my friends at work about her and one of them told me to hang the picture of my great, great grandmother. That picture is creepy enough to scare the devil himself. She was Native American and pretty stern looking. I hung the picture and no more dreams. I did not mention anything that happened that night to my girls until they were old enough not to freak out and I was surprised to find they had a few stories of their own. The only other experience I had in the apartment was the kitchen faucet’s turning on full blast occasionally in early mornings. My eldest daughter has photographs of my granddaughter and her father playing in the living room. In the photos there are a phenomenal amount of orb’s; beautiful, comforting orb’s. I know in my heart they are guardians and they stay with us to this day where ever we are. I have many other stories from my family member’s that I will share with all of you………someday :)                  





My Strange Experience


My experience spans back to the year 2000. We live in an apartment building that is probably not more than 30-40 years old. My son was about 11 or 12 at the time and he came running into my bedroom one day saying he seen a figure in the dining room and it scared him. I of course didnt see it. Then one morning while I was getting dressed for work I was bending down to my dresser drawer and as I rose back up I glanced in the mirror thats attached to my dresser and I seen in the mirror what looked like a hooded all black figure turn into my sons room which was directly across the hall from mine. I went into his room and didnt see anything. I figured my eyes were playing tricks on me since I had just woke up and thought maybe when I rose back up from the drawer that maybe my eyes werent focused right. Shortly after this sighting, my son became very ill with a ruptured bowel and nearly died. To this day, I swear that hooded all black figure was something that was coming to take my son. About a year later, we moved into the bigger apartment across the hall and I have never had any more experiences, however, my daughter in law always says she sees something down the hall by my bedroom door when she looks down that way from the living room. She said its a shadow or a figure and it actually makes her nervous to sit in a certain area of the living room that allows her to see the hallway from where she sits. My dog has on many occasions just stared into the air and acted like he was watching something. Needless to say, if there is something in our apartment it appears to be harmless as it has never caused any noise or harm. The one thing that did scare me though was the all black figure that went into my sons room that morning. Thankfully,I havent seen it since that morning back in 2000.And my son is alive and well!  Thanks for letting me tell my story!


Not Welcomed in My Grandpa's Workroom after His Death


When I was a young man of 27, my wife, child, and myself had been invited to my Grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. My Grandfather had passed a few months earlier, and this was the first holiday without Grandpa Butch. He was one of the first television repairman in Cowlitz County, so we had T.V.s long before any of our other friends did. In my Grandparent's house they traded with one of my aunts on what I called relative row, they traded their house my aunt so she could have the larger house <---(Family disaster), my grandfather had a room upstairs that he did all his television repairs in. This was his room only and was off limits to all of us grandchildren in no uncertain terms.  After dinner that day, my two year old son had taken it upon himself to climb the stairs to that offlimits room. I noticed his endeavor after he had gotten about 1/4 of the way to the door. I called to him and ran up the ten or so stairs to catch him and bring him down before he fell. When I reached him, I felt a force eminating from the door at the top of the stairs, and it was a feeling of a force that did not want either of us even thinking about going into that room. I had never felt any feeling like this before or since this episode. I can't describe it in words, but it fully enveloped me with dread, anger, and indignation. I grabbed Scotty off the stairs and got him and myself as far away from that room as I could and still be in the same town. I never tried to go up to that room again, as my grandfather eminated his intentions to me that day, and I got the idea loud and clear. I talked to my mother about it, and she told me that a few days after Grandpa's death, my Grandmother had awoke at night with my Grandfather's apparition and the foot of the bed. She reached out to touch him, and was told by him not to try to touch him. Then, he disappeared, and was never seen or heard from again until my encounter with him that day. My Grandmother passed away quite a few years after that, but I never went to that house again. If I wanted to visit with Grandma, I invited her over to my house. I will never forget the dread and anger that feeling encompassed. I hope my passing will be one of more joy and peace than my Grandfather is apparently experiencing in his next life.



Paranormal Experience



I do have an experience to share.  I used to live in Stevenage, Herts, England in a terraced house on a road called The Oundle. The houses were built in the 1950’s  and would have had many tenants before us.It was our first house and we started as council tenants before we bought it. The events happened about 24 years ago. When we moved into the house we noticed that 2 of the bedroom doors had screw holes on the outside where bolts had been fitted, presumably to keep children in their rooms, nothing however happened in the house until we had our two children, the girls were 1 and 3 years old at the time. Our youngest girl Amanda was put in the small back bedroom as soon as she was old enough and was fine for a while, then she started to have disturbed sleep and would wake up occasionally and would need comforting before she would go back to sleep. On one occasion she was found sitting up in bed crying and pointing to a corner of the room, quite terrified, though there was nothing there.  Our other daughter had a very different experience of the house, Kerry had a make believe friend. She said his name was Huddy and he lived on the landing, when we asked her what he was like she said he was green with black teeth and nails and was bigger than me, I am five feet eleven, he stood up like a man but had pointy ears and a tail. She even drew him a few times.  We put this down to an overactive imagination.  The main experience started late one evening sitting downstairs with my wife.  I happened to look through the doorway of the sitting room which was open and up the stairs, to see a small child’s face looking back at me through the bannister rails. The stairs went up about five steps, did a sharp turn back on themselves before going up again to the landing, this created a small landing halfway up, this is where I saw the face. I looked away to call my wife who was in the room but when I looked back there was nothing there. I told her what I had seen and we quickly turned on the hall and stairway lights and went up to see what the girls were up to, but they were both fast asleep in their rooms. I will admit to being slightly disturbed by this.   It was soon after this that my Father in Law came to stay with us.  Nothing else happened for a while though the stairway often felt chilled at times, this was the only experience that my wife had, she frequently commented on how cold the middle of the stairs were. Then one night I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. Now believe me I am not scared of the dark, even now in our third house I will still sit up late and watch horror films on my own, then turn off all the lights and go to bed. I opened our bedroom door, stepped out onto the landing and closed the door quietly behind me there was more than enough light coming in through the landing window to see, from the streetlights outside. The stairs were to my left and the bathroom door was about eight feet straight in front of me. I took about three steps and glanced down the stairs, the is a window halfway up the stairs letting in light and in the light there was a small boy about 2 years old sitting on the stairs in the same place I had seen him before, but this time he was looking up at me. His eyes were large and dark in a round pale face that seemed blank of expression, his clothes were just pale as well. I must have looked at him for a couple of seconds then I took three quick steps into the bathroom and bolted the door behind me. It took a while to stop shaking and to get to grips with what I had seen and calm down, do what I needed to do and open the door. As I did my Father in Law opened his door and stepped out to go to the bathroom, I stepped out glancing quickly down the stairs, nothing there, and hurried into our bedroom, closing the door. It took a long while to go to sleep and I slept fitfully at best.  In the morning I told my wife and was relieved that she believed me.. We spent a long time wondering what to do and in the end turned to my sister. My wife and I are not religious in any way, but my sister has a strong belief and we told her what had happened. She offered to read some prayers and to ask the presence to be at rest, we decided it could not hurt and agreed. A few days later she came to the house during the day, we made sure the children were not around and she went and sat on the step halfway up the stairs, she noticed it felt cold here, and read some prayers and asked the presence to be at rest and move on.  Nothing further happened after that, we moved Amanda in with Kerry as it was a large room, and they used the small bedroom as a play room. Kerry still spoke of Huddy, but as she got older she spoke less and less of him. When Amanda was much older she went back into the small bedroom but was fine.  We moved out of the house when they were in their early teens and when safely in the new house we told them everything. Amanda has no memories of anything bad and Kerry really remembers nothing of Huddy except vague talk about him.  I don’t know what I saw, whether it was my imagination or the spirit of a young boy, but I know I saw it as clear as day. I was scared because I knew it could not be there, it showed no fear or aggression towards me it just seemed sad. I don’t know what scared Amanda or what on earth Kerry’s “friend” was all about, but the bolt marks on the doors has always made me wonder if children were abused in the house by previous tenants. We have told a few people about this but have always kept the house number to ourselves and will continue to do so.  I am now 50 years old and writing this down for the first time has put goose bumps on me.



Things I have Experienced


I don't go out of my way to provoke spirits, but I do have a few stories to share. I grew up in California but my first story takes place in a rural area of Macedonia.. My parents, my brother, and myself were visiting family in Macedonia and my parents wanted my brother and I to experience our heritage.  After doing some sight seeing one day, we decided to visit the old house my dad used to live in just for memory's sake. Just getting there was an adventure as we had to travel on overgrown roads and through the forest. The house is a large two story made of wood and stone (it was rectangular in shape). All around the house was waist high with shrubbery, weeds, and grass which made it really difficult to actually get to the house. So as you can tell, just by looking at the place and the state the house was in, NO one had been here in ages. The entire area, even 'nearby' houses (the distance between houses was very great) had been abandoned for many years.  The house was old, it was built in 1898 and my dad's father bought it from some widows in the 50s. I didn't get any creepy vibes from the place, so experiencing anything supernatural was the last thing on my mind. My dad didn't have a key to the place so we had to break the doorknob and enter that way--- keep in mind that the house belongs to my dad, so it wasn't like we were doing anything illegal. My dad had let some distant relatives of ours stay in the house since no one else was there to take care of the place. Two men and their two wives had lived in the house, but to this day my dad is unsure what happened to them.  When we opened the locked doors of each room we found that everything of theirs was left behind. There were portraits, family pictures, clothing, knick knacks, furniture, and beds in each of the bedrooms. I even found letters in envelopes that were never mailed. Since the inside of the house wasn't in very good condition, we decided to open the last room (downstairs) and head out before we lost all of our sunlight. This is when things got weird. My brother had a very hard time with the last door, like it had more locks than normal. He had to forcefully kick a few times before it opened and when it did, I was unfortunately the one right in the doorway. A large gust of very, very cold wind rushed out of that room and it even lifted my hair off my shoulders and made it sway. I figured there would be some kind of draft, but the strength was similar to wind and it was odorless. You would think that opening a locked room after so long would release years of mustiness and funk, but I remember smelling nothing. After the initial gust of wind, there was no draft coming from the room.. The windows of that room were boarded up completely so it was way dark and very hard to see anything. I could only make out vague shapes of furniture, boxes, barrels, and burlap bags. I was frozen. There was so much negativity coming from that room. I had strange thoughts going through my head about how the room was a nursery and a child was in there, and honestly it really is one giant blur to me still. The timeframe between my brother kicking the door open, the gust of wind, and the fear I felt only lasted a few moments. I remember turning on my heels and just bolting toward the front door to leave. All I kept saying as I left was, "Someone doesn't want us to get close to the child, there was a child in there, it was a nursery, someone is mad at us", things like that. My brother didn't think twice and followed me as soon as I started to run, even though he said later that he didn't feel anything scary- he's the 'better safe than sorry' type. Anyways, after we regrouped outside the house I explained what happened and that I had felt the presence of a child and something/someone else and whoever took care of the child was angry that we opened the door. My mother looked upset, like, really upset. I asked her what was wrong and she said to me, "It wasn't a child. It wasn't a child." I remember doing a double take and being like, 'what'd you say?'. I had to press my mom to explain what she meant and after pressing for a bit she went on to explain that it wasn't a child that lived in that room, it was the mentally handicapped son of one of the husbands who lived there. She said the son grew up but always had the mind of a child and was always dependent on his parents for survival.. Up to this point my parents never once talked about the family that lived here so there was no way we could've known about the son. I returned the next day to try (try being the keyword here) and help the spirits move on (my dad was the only one brave enough to go back in the house with me), but I felt nothing in the son's room anymore. We still don't know what happened to the family, but I'd like to think that by opening the door, the spirits realized that it was time to move on and were free now to do so.       My next story is from Alcatraz. My brother, his friend, and myself went to visit one day and had a fun time but nothing out of the ordinary happened. Like usual, I wasn't even expecting to see something. At the end of the tour we were listening to a worker saying goodbye and talking with everyone as we all left. I remember standing waiting for my brother and his friend to come over so we could board the boat together and I suddenly felt this urge to look up. I saw this man in uniform standing on the very top 'balcony' above the gift shop (I think it was the gift shop.. I didn't pay attention when they talked about it). I have a hard time describing the details of the uniform, but he definitely wasn't a 'prisoner'. I remember the front of his coat having a single line of solid brass buttons down it. He also had some cloth wrapped around his right bicep. He was looking down on everyone/overlooking the area with his arms behind his back. He was transparent and completely washed in a yellow hue like an old faded photo and he didn't stand there for more than a few seconds. He turned completely around, took a few steps, and gradually faded away. After he disappeared I stepped backwards to see what direction he had disappeared to and to my surprise, he was heading in the direction of a closed door. It was the weirdest thing. Has anyone else seen that figure? One last story. This happened when I was around 16-17. My brother and I visited a family friend at her job one night. She worked at a nursing home. Her shift was almost done so my brother and I decided to just walk around to kill some time. Everyone was asleep and we saw the caretakers every once in awhile in the halls. We turned the corner toward a small hallway that led to the eating room but the two big doors to the room were shut. At the end of the short hallway, I saw the distinct hand of an old person reaching from the left toward one of the handles of the door. This all took place in a few seconds, so let me try to explain. When I saw the hand, I jumped because 1) it was the last thing I was expecting and 2) I was a lazy teenager and I honestly didn't want to go find a nurse to take care of the patient that wandered out of their room. I was under the impression that the person was seconds from coming around the corner but then I saw the hand disappear just as it were about to 'grab' the handle and I got really confused and scared. I didn't go all the way down the hallway, but just enough to realize it was nothing but a solid, one-way hallway. I booked it out of there to the break room so fast, my brother was following close behind. The hand was solid, not transparent, and very pale and even at that distance I could see that it was very boney. Even my brother said he saw movement down the hallway, but got distracted from getting a good look because I jumped. Creepy! 




Hello, I'd like to report a few of my personal experiences from during my childhood, when I lived in Germany (father was in the US Army.) 1.)  Mannheim, Oggersheim suburb: Apartment towers leased by the army for US soldiers' families – 1982 I lived on the fifth floor of one of the towers and during the middle of the night, I was unable to sleep.  I started seeing dustmotes forming into a solid black shadow that leaped across the ceiling accompanied by a loud 'grunting' sound.  Scared me so bad that I stayed under the covers all night long.  2.) Wildflecken, Germany:  Apartment building on "C" street - 1988-1990  I lived in a first floor apartment build sometime before the end of WWII.  The entire base had been a secret training camp used by Hitler/Himmler for their SS officers.  I routinely heard my name called and would ask my parents if the had called for me - they usually said no. I heard the sound of rattling chains, strange shadows, and a feeling of constantly being watched.  Community Rec Center/Library (Former SS Officers' Club) I frequently visited the Rec center to either hang out or use the library, and I regularly heard footsteps even when I was the only one in the area and only the librarian was around or at her desk, and was in the library when an instance of "book-stacking" (see Ghostbusters I) actually took place, and I was blamed for it by the librarian, because nobody else had come in that day.  Woods behind the Polish Refugees' Cemetery  Because the base had been liberated by US soldiers, they actually used much of it as a sort of make-shift refugee camp for displaced Polish children.  There is a cemetery in an isolated corner of the base surrounded by woods. On a school hiking trip (Volksmarch) one of the female students in my elementary school stumbled across a partial human skeleton along with a complete spine.  Thanks!



Residential Haunting

Osgood Indiana, I lived with my family on Buckeye Street from 1969-1972. I was 4-5 years of age when we lived there. I am 45 now and have not had a day go by without remembering this place. Being so young I did not realize at the time what I was actually experiencing. The day we were moving in, I and my brother saw two shadow people in one of the bedrooms. Another time, I saw in my bedroom, a boy and a girl standing beside my bed. They were not much older than me. And they were not completely solid (faded or almost see-through)The girl was talking to me very low, but I could not understand what she was saying to me. I also received 3 scratch marks on my arm like from fingernails scratching down my arm. They were bloody scratch marks. I went to my mom's room and showed my mom and she said I probably did that to myself and don't remember. But then she began experiencing things. One day when the other kids were at school I was home with my mom and the neighbor lady was visiting. They heard a female screaming in the house. She ran upstairs to see if It was me and she found me asleep. Another time, she and I was in the basement doing the laundry and she grabbed me and ran upstairs. She said that 'something' was down there moving stuff. It wasn't until I was an adult that I understood what happened to us in that house. I heard, in 2006,  another person's story of being physically attacked by a ghost and when he showed the pictures of his back with the 3 bloody scratches, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I began putting all the incidents together and realized this house was haunted. I drove back to Osgood to see the house and it was gone. I have begun to do a historical research on the house. The most recent owner of the house tore it down 2 years after he purchased it and has left the land vacant since.


Restless Spirit


I work in a cultural centre on First Nations territory.  One evening last month I was hosting one of our family tree meetings.  It was a small group of five women and myself.  About 8:30 we were packing things up for the night.  We were just standing around chatting about this and that.  We had been speaking earlier about the the spirit that seems to live in the building the cultural centre is located in.  A community Elder mentioned that she has always felt uncomfortable in the building.  She said the spirit that was in the building knew who she was but she didn't know who the spirit was.  Her daughter and I were standing and shatting and I saw someone walk by the inside door.  I kind of relled my eyes and said"geez, I just saw someone walk by the door there.  They must have come in to use the bathroom"  The woman I was speaking with said"oooh, all the hair on my neck just stood up".  We went out into the hallway to let the person know we were about to lock up for the night.  We were the only ones in the building.  All the other doors were locked and the security alarms had been set.  When we got to the hallway we both heard someone walking down the stairs to the lower part of the building. I laughed and said "I'm glad it was a real person".  I called down the stairs "hello?' , no reply.  I called down again with the same results.  It's pretty unusual for someone to come in and go down stairs to use the washroom as there are a men's room and a women's room on the main floor right outside the cultural centre.  I said " I'm going down to tell them they have to leave so we can lock up"  I went down the stairs, checked the men's room, it was empty.  I checked the women's room, it too was empty.  I checked the only other unlocked door down there.  There was no one there.  All the other doors were locked when I checked them.  The door leading outside was still locked because the alarm would have sounded if it had been opened.   I called the maintenance man to come in and take a look in case someone had entered one of the other offices.  He checked everywhere while we waited at the top of the stairs.  There is only one set of stairs and no one came up while we were waiting there.  The maintenance man couldn't find anyone either.  I guess who ever it is just wanted to make himself known.  We weren't frightened by the thought of a spirit but rather by the thought of someone hiding in the building.  Haven't seen or heard him again for a couple of weeks.


Spirit of a Young Man

By:  rosy243@aol.comSpirit

I want to share my experience, i seen a spirit of a young male sitting out front of Gator Docside in Gainesville fl. I was sitting out front of the restaurant, and I felt something coming towards me, I turn and look , I saw what to seem to be a ghost of a male but only part of him was in physical form the other hafe was energy form. He came up to me very fast and went right through me, the whole thing lasted about a min. He was wearing bluejean shorts, he had hair on his legs like a male and was wearing black shoes. He look like he recently pass. Another a experience I had, I was taking my kids to school and I stop at a Jiffy store in Williston fl. The store was right by a church. I pull up in front of the store closes to the church parking lot, my kids ran in the store and I stay in the car, something caught my eye  I look and on top of the roof of the church I saw a ghostly figure walking across the roof coming towards the corner close to me and sit down at the corner of the roof, like they were looking at me too. It look like a liquid ether form but it was outline like a person and walking like s person. I did not tell my kids I did not want to scare them. I won't forget it.


Spirit Encounters at Basic Training at Ft. Sill, OK

By:  Anonymous

My name is Michael, in 2001 I attended basic training in Ft. Sill, OK, and I had never seen a ghost or a spirit before this time.  About three weeks into training me and a fellow soldier were pulling the final fire guard of the night.  When u do  this two soldiers are always awake keeping count of the number of soldiers sleeping in bunk, who might be up at the bathroom at the time and anything else out of the ordinary so you could give an accurate head count to the drill sergeant if he asks.  During the last fire guard shift before you wake up it your responsibility to have the bathroom clean and ready for inspection.  During these last two hours mother nature better be calling like never before if u use the bathroom.  The area where we would sleep is huge, big enough for I know there was over sixty of us, and the bunks were laid out in four rows with two walk ways that lead into the bathroom at the back of the room.  The other soldier and I were walking on opposite sides of the bay(sleeping/living area) counting the number of soldiers in their bunks sleeping. We came to the end and walked into the bathroom from opposite ends.  The bathroom doors are every bit of fifty feet apart so we were not talking together or anything except making sure everyone was accounted for.  We entered the bathroom at the same time and when we did we both seen a soldier in pt shorts and shirt, which is the proper sleeping attire, go into a toilet stall. Simultaneously we called out wanting to know why he was going in there.  I think we had half hour till inspection and surely he could wait we had just finished cleaning.  When we approached the stall there wasn't another living person in that bathroom but he  and I.  If I had been alone I probably would have figured I was seeing things but we both seen the same thing at the exact same time.  It wasn't scary and I dont remember being cold or anything weird.  Another time after that I was on guard and when I was doing my head count I swear someone was standing at the end of his bunk at attention as if waiting for bunk inspection. I seen this out of the corner of my eye as i passed and when I looked back there was nobody there.  I was alone that time and might have been that I was just sleepy, I was pulling the middle of the night guard and had just woke up, but I really dont think so.  The soldier I seen standing there was dressed the same as the one I seen in the bathroom.  Those were my only encounters I had and have not had one since.  I'm just curious if you have ever heard similar stories, cause I know that soldiers have died during training, its rare and tragic.  I also never felt like I had anything to fear from them, if they were ghost or spirits I believe they are just souls that might be stuck having had their lives end before their time.  They were my fellow soldiers, still training to protect our country that will never see a graduation ceremony.  Thank you for taking the time to read this I know my punctuation is horrible and I lack storytelling skills but if you have ever heard of similar stories I would appreciate it if you could possibly let me know.  Thanks again.





Things Continue to Happen!


I have sent in a couple of instances that have made me stop and say “WHOA!” and smile…except for the lengthy one I sent in a long, long time ago when I was a child growing up.  But I digress…this is my latest happening that makes me grin and say “I am not going crazy!”  Awhile back I sent in that about 4 years ago, my husband was sitting downstairs in the den watching TV when he happened to look up at the door (it has a solid bottom with 9 panes of glass on top) and saw a man standing there under the yellow bug light.  He yelled at me (I was in the next room) that someone was at the back door and before he could get up to answer it, he suspected the man was going around the front to knock there.  Beings at the time we had 3 large Mastiffs and 2 small Pugs (they make an awful lot of racket when they all decide to get excited and bark all at once) I ran up to the ground level to open the door before this man could knock.  I opened the door, and no one was there.  So I walked out, no one was in the front yard. I walked to the side yard to where you can see the entire front/side/ and back yard and there was no one there.  The rest of the property is fenced in by a privacy fence so there was no way someone could have been at the back door and “vanished” without someone seeing them.  It has been a running joke now and then if/when something happens we always say “Well, maybe it is The Man.” This past Christmas we had 12 people and 4 dogs in this house. Yes, it was rocking off its foundation.  But anyway…my brother  was put downstairs in the den so he could have privacy…his own bathroom and go outside for a smoke if he felt like it.  On the third night down there…he got up around 3:30 AM to use the bathroom.  Beings no one was up at that hour…he didn’t close the bathroom door all the way.  He stood there doing his thing with the door slightly closed behind him to his left when he said all of a sudden he heard this little girl’s voice say “Oh, wow!  Hi!” and he panicked, thinking it was my 7 year old granddaughter, took his left foot and slammed the door closed hard.  He said sharply, “I am in here, I’ll  be out in a moment.”  He said he finished, washed his hands, and went to look for her to apologize for being so short with her.  He finally realized NO ONE was up but him. He said it scared him so much he went upstairs, grabbed a mug of hot coffee and sat in the living room with the TV on until we all got up at 8 AM.  I was cooking breakfast when he sidled up to me with a funny smile on his face and said “Did you know your downstairs is haunted?” and proceeded to tell me what happened.  I nodded and said “Yes,” and told him about “the Man”.  My mum got all upset and told us to stop talking about it, it unnerved her terribly.  BUT…I run an in-home daycare and I have a little girl in my care (since she was 2 months old and she is now 4) and she just now started using that bathroom because before she’d kick and cry “No…that man always watches me!”  Imagine a 4 year old 40+ pounds sitting on a tiny potty chair…you better believe I finally made her go and use that bathroom!  Her younger sister once in awhile says “I saw my friend”   when she uses the bathroom…so I can only assume she has seen “the Girl” too.  Christmas Day when my brother told me of his experience, I again went next door to my neighbor whose house was the second house built in this development and asked if anyone had died in this home, and she said no.  I told her about my brother’s experience earlier that day and she said the only man who fit the description of The Man was the father of the woman who had my house build….he always stayed at the house when his daughter had to travel for business because her husband was a mean drunk and he was always drunk.  They had a 5 year old daughter who was a normal, happy, squealing, laughing little girl.  My neighbor told me more than once her husband and her witnessed the husband being drunk and cursing, using foul language and throwing empty beer bottles at his little girl.  She mused “I don’t know if the little girl has passed as I know her mother and father went on to have twin boys after they moved from your house…I know her father passed….the description you give of The Man you see now and then  sounds like her father…but I have no clue who the little girl is.  I hope nothing bad happened to her.” So there you have it.  Another person besides my husband, me, and a couple of daycare kids have witnessed “something strange” in this house.



Unusual Activity


I am writing to describe some unusual events at my place off employment.  I work at a funeral home which is located in a building that once housed a local Baptist church.  I have only been employed at this funeral home for about three months.  There are three entrances to the building, a main set of double doors through which clients enter and two side doors.  On numerous occasions I have experienced unusual noises; the sound of someone knocking on one of the side doors.  Each time I check to see if anyone is outside.  Invariably there is nobody visible.  I am not alarmed or surprised by these events; the nature of my job means I deal with the dead on a daily basis.  I just thought others might be interested.  I am going to do some research in an attempt to determine if any deaths have occurred in the building.  If I have further information to contribute I will write again.

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