First Ghost Experience
I was 4 years old living in Austin, Texas. The name of the street is Creston Lane. I lived there with my mom, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, and cousin. My grandmother would usually make a couple slices of toast for me before I went to bed. One night I woke up late at night and I was hungry. At 4 years old, I guess you could say I was self-centered and had no qualms about waking my grandmother up in the middle of the night to ask her to make some toast for me. I remember this walk to her room that night in every detail and can visualize it right now as I'm typing this. I walked down the hallway where my uncle's room was across the hall from my mom's room, past my cousin's room on the right, and out into the living room.  Across the room to my left the moonlight was shining brightly through the sliding glass backdoor and on I walked turning the corner to my left at the far end of the house which led to my grandmother and grandfather's bedroom. Shocked isn't close to describing how I felt when I saw a woman floating in the doorway of their room.  She was an old woman wearing eyeglasses and she had on a light blue gown with flower patterns on it. She was staring right at me with a big smile.  I remember that I looked toward her midsection and I could see my grandmother and grandfather in bed asleep.  I was looking through her! I was only four, but I knew that people were not supposed to be see-through.  I looked back up at her face and her expression had not changed, still smiling from ear to ear. I remember like slow-motion I turned around and then ran as fast as I could back to my mom's room.  I dove into her bed screaming and crying and told her what I had seen. She got up to check it out and told me that I had seen a picture on the wall to calm me down.  I knew I had not seen a picture.  The next morning at the breakfast table I told my family about the night before. After describing the woman's appearance, my grandmother left the room and a minute later came back to the table with a family photo album.  She turned to a page and pointed to a picture of an old lady who was identical to the floating lady that I saw. The picture was of her mother, my great grandmother who died in 1976.I was born in 1979.That was the first of many experiences which I would also like to tell about soon.  Thanks for reading.

World famous Dubliner Pub-Old Market
In an old building in the old market. There are no windows in this basement Irish pub. I work there & have had numerous experiences with ghosts and one spirit. I am 100% positive I know the ghost & spirit. Lock up Bob is the spirit who resides here he is nice & every so often knocks stuff off he used to open & lock up the pub every night. We have a photo of him on the wall he is a protector especial for the female employees. The ghost used to work here, became a regular & stays one. His life took a turn for the worst after his wife got cancer, she passed & a family friend became close to him & his 2 children & helped care for them.  Damien is his name. He was still depressed & one Monday was at the Dubliner like usual but from other regulars accounts just was more upset & out of it than normal. He was overwhelmed with sadness & to this day if you mention anything to a regular their whole Ora changes to anxious with sadness. He went home that night after a night of drinking and took more prescription pills than prescibed, his children found him the next morning. If a person is there on a Monday and has susceptible chakras they will experience what I did each Monday until they can control their chakra. I experienced verwhelming depression, confusion, uncontainable feelings & crying. He does like to move our heavy steel sliding doors, mess with our televisions by turning them off and on and turning it to the static channel. Most of all you have the sense of being watched constantly, stared at and an uneasy feeling that can make you jumpy like your going to be attacked. A few times shadow figures cross the side of your view just enough to startle you. There are other witness' with similar encounters and feelings.

The Revengeful Tree
Being a German engineer and always fond of travelling and meeting new countries and cultures I happened to work as a freelance engineer for a company in Riyadh Saudi Arabia during eight months in 2005 within a geological mineral resource exploitation project. In the office was a regular company employee, Mohammad T. who was a native Syrian; he was an engineer specialized on electricity and dealt on relating projects.  As we were busy during normal office hours we began to meet in work breaks for a chat and also in the evenings for some loner time to tell stories and exchange political ideas as well as painting our visions for the future. It was interesting for both of us to receive some insight into each other’s cultures, religions and lives. By the time we became friends and he told me about his family history.  The T. family originally came from Iran, where the forefathers had lived and worked for many centuries. Trade always had been the main occupation; the success and family wealth came along with work attitude and good personal reputations.  Due to political reasons the family had to flee Iran in the first half of the 20th century and it was his Mohammad’s grandfather who collected the entire family in cars and brought all of them to Damascus Syria. There the grandfather bought land and built a big house for the entire family, it had a rectangular design with four wings and a central courtyard in which he placed a fountain basin to give refreshment during the hot time of midday and early afternoon.  As his grandfather had loved his Iran hometown very dearly he had dug out a belt-high tree that was growing in a valley close to the old home shortly before the relocation and planted it into the centre of the Damascus house courtyard. There he regularly cared for the tree, watered it, patted its trunk, talked to it and sometimes rather cosmetically cut some of its branches, this one he did only during reduction moon phases. He always did these works himself and never let another person get near the tree with potentially menacing devices like saws or garden scissors. He was the only one to touch this tree. When he felt his end to near he instructed his son, Mohammad’s father, to take over the responsibility not only for family, business and house but also for his tree. He told him to cut branches always at a 45° angle, to ensure its regular watering and never to allow someone else, family member or not, to lay hands on the tree because the tree would defend itself and hurt the person that would cut its branches. The tree had grown through many years of careful treatment to a beautiful shape and mighty size, towering over the estate roof and shadowing the courtyard sided windows of the house. Muhammad’s father did as he was told but his own sons were a bit more disobedient and one day the younger brother collected a saw from the workshop and grabbed a ladder to cut one of the tree branches. Muhammad secured the ladder and his brother carried out his intention. As soon as he had cut the targeted branch he lost balance on his quite high ladder and fell down on the sandy but hard ground breaking his arm. When the father returned in the evening and received the report he told his sons about his grandfather’s instruction and told them to leave the tree alone. The next one to give it another try was Muhammad himself. One day he took a garden scissor to cut off a low hanging branch without needing a ladder. He felt safe in his enterprise but as he wanted to cut the branch the scissor blades slipped off and he cut deeply into his other hand holding the branch.  Again years passed by and the tree developed further until Mohammad’s father complained about the shadowy rooms and the tree that took away all the sunlight from them. He said the tree is old now and he wanted to modify the courtyard anyway. He called a local gardener and assigned him to cut down the tree completely.  Two days later the gardener at daybreak began his work and had the tree cut down, the roots dug out and everything removed until noontime. In the evening of the very same day Mohammad’s father received a phone call from the gardener’s company and was informed that this very gardener was in downtown Damascus in the afternoon and tried to cross a busy main road when he was hit and rolled over by a huge truck and instantly lost his life.  Mohammad could tell me neither the Arabian nor the botanical Latin name of this truly special tree.  Two months after I had heard that strange story I had a business trip to India to do some research about applied used oil recycling techniques and steel drum productions. Our delegation of three sat one evening in a New Delhi restaurant together with a manager of Balmer & Lawrie Co. which has been active in this field since many decades; we were interested to begin cooperation with them. As the evening grew older we talked about the unusual kind of experiences and I cited the story of my Syrian friend. The manager looked at me in a kind of amazement; after I had ended he said that his company has guesthouse in Kolkata which is also used to temporarily house new employees of the company until they found their own as constructed around exactly the same kind of tree; enclosing it and by locking the door leading to the yard the house guests are protect from the tree which is still growing there. The caretaker is the only person who has a key. The manager too could not tell the tree’s name.

Time Alone
I am a mother of five. I used to get up at 3:00 in the morning to paint without interruption from my children. I always gathered laundry first, and I would then throw a load of wash in before going down to the basement to start my work. On one particular night as everyone slept, I went into the room in which my three-year-old and seven-year-old sons were sleeping in bunk beds. Only their closet light was on and the blanket from the top bunk was hanging down so I could not see my youngest son. As I knelt in the closet to pick the laundry up off the floor, something shot past so quickly that it hit the adjacent window causing the window spring to make a loud uncoiling sound. I looked into the hallway to see if anyone was up and everybody was sound asleep. So I went to the window and knelt on the floor feeling around on my hands and knees to see what had hit the window so hard that it made the spring uncoil. When I was feeling around, I happened to look at my three-year-old who I could now see because I was at his level and blanket from the top bunk was not in my way. He was sucking on the end of his favorite blanket and the rest of it had wrapped around his neck. I believe to this day that the spirit of my grandmother who had recently passed, was alerting me to my sleeping son with a blanket wrapped around his neck which I could not see while standing in the room. I often think if that strange occurrence had not happened, my son could have asphyxiated himself while sleeping. This is an absolutely true story---no embellishment!

The Haunting Continues
I have been coming to this site for years now and its great to see stories that are similar to mine. Makes me feel not so alone. Well anyways my name is Ryan and I have posted on ur site before. Since then I have had little things happen to me and my wife. My son is now almost two and strange things always seem to happen around him. In my previous  posting I talked about having that being watched feeling and hearing noises. Well they haven't stopped. I hear all kinds of noises in my house anymore. Ill Be laying in my bed with my wife and the boys will be in there beds sleeping when ill hear like loud banging sounds coming from down stairs. Now I have my pit that lives down there and when I go check on these noises hes sound asleep snoring. And when I'm down there checking stuff out I always have this feeling to turn around like someone is behind me. But when I turn around of course no one is there. I still try to communicate with this spirit but yet they still don't answer. I would like to know who or what is in my house with my family. Other than occasional sounds and banging I still experience cold spots throughout the house and its mostly when I wake up at 330 in the morning to get ready for work. Ill experience them in my sons room the most and in the hallways right outside his room. I'm wondering if he has a guardian angel cause all these experiences started happening more frequently since he was born. Ill tell u one more thing before I get off of here. It was about a month ago me and my wife were having a real bad fight. After fighting we decided to go to bed since I had to get up at work at 330 and it was already 10 pm. Well I layed  my son in his bed and went to lay in my bed my wife was already in there. Well I was laying there for about 15 mins when my son started screaming and crying really bad like he was freaked out. Well I got up quick as shit went running in there to see him crying and pointing up to the vent near the ceiling. Not to mention when I walked in it felt like a meat locker. Well I wasn't going to leave him in there so I picked him up and took him to bed with me and the wife. Well I was really drained from work the previous day so I pretty much passed out right away. A little while later my wife was kicking my leg to wake me up. I rolled over to ask her what was wrong and her and my son were both looking up at the ceiling. I asked what are u guys doing she said I don't want to tell u. I knew she saw something by the way she was acting. And not to mention my son kept talking baby talk and reaching up to the ceiling. Well she eventually told me what she woke me up for. I guess after I rolled over and passed out she said she saw our son reaching up to the ceiling and when she looked up she saw what she described as shadow people crawling on the ceiling and they started to reach for her and my son while they were climbing down the wall and that's when I got kicked. I believe what she said cause she too senses stuff all the time. And not to mention I have seen my share of shadow people there just not as clear as she has seen them. Just out of the corner of my eye. Since then things have calmed down but my son is still seen talking to stuff by himself in his room.  He likes to go in his closet by himself and u can hear him chatting up a storm and when u open the door hes just sitting there pointing up and smiling. Well that's all for today. I'm sorry it was so long. Ill write more of my past experiences next time. Thanks for reading.

The Dark Orb
Hello again. This is my second encounter with the paranormal I wish to contribute. This happened in 2008 while living in Dudley, MA. I always shared a room with my twin brother and one night something very terrifying happened. I was awake skimming through my guinness world record book and bob was fast asleep. While reading I felt this very oppressive and angry energy just fill the room. Immeditely I looked over at my brothr and to my horror floating above him wa a black orb darker than blackest shadow. My door which always stayed shut was open. I didn't even hear it open! Being terrified I shouted for my mother, at that same moment the orb left the room extemely fast. As fast as you can "dog".

The Barn
    My parents had bought this property with 11 acres of land a house and barn. Before we had moved in and the other people had been moved out, I took two friends of mine to see the place and hang out there till my mom could join us. Well I was giving the girls a tour of the barn and when we got to the upstairs part we all were facing difrent ways looking around. I was facing the doors to look out side my one friend was sanding three feet away on my left looking that way tord the far side of the barn and my other friend was behind me looking into a pen where there was lots of hay at the time, she was at lest four yards away from me looking the opiste way as me. It was a nice winters day not too cold yet but there was snow every where so it was easy to see tracks that you made. I was looking out the doors of the barn when my friend closest to me said "EWWW! Rat tracks!" I look at her and she was looking at a part of the floor where some snow had goten in and told her "Those are cat tracks." She looked up at me and said "What?" I had startled her when I had spoke, she was in deep thought about something at the time. I told her what I herd her say and she swore to me she hadn't said anything. Right before we told our friend that was with us what had happend she yelled to us to check outside and see if my mom had arived. I looked out side and no one had been there. I let her know that and she thought I was kidding her. She had herd my mom say from downstairs "What did you guys do to this place!?" She said it was my mom, but when we called my mom she was realy still at the house.    The second time this type of thing happened was after we had moved on to the property. A guy friend of mine and I were hanging out in the upstairs part of the barn and him mom and my mom were in the house talking when we had gone into the barn. We were just hanging out talking and we here my mom yell for my friend, David. Then right after we herd his mom yell for him. so we both yelled back asking what they wanted and they didn't answer. So we thought they had just walked out of range. We go out side to where it sounded likr they yelled from and they weren't there so my friend David went walking around the back thinking they may have been just taking a stroll to inspect the back of the barn, while I went to see if they just went back inside the house. Well I walked in the house and they were right there at the kichen table joking about something. I yelled out side to let David know I had found them and asked them what they needed from him. They had never left the seats they were sitting in and didn't need anything.

South Africa
I visited your site recently and after reading the very first story, the one by Dave Juliano, I just felt that I have to share mine as well.  I went to college in Port Elizabeth, South Africa which is only about a half hour drive from where my parents live, so to save on costs I just stayed with them throughout my college years.  Throughout my first year I was petrified of the dark, I could not go to bed alone so my girlfriend would always stay over.  Every night I would hear footsteps, feel like something is standing in my room staring at me and even sometimes hear voices.  One weekend my parents were away and it was only me and my girlfriend.  We went to bed and almost immediately I felt this overwhelming feeling of fear which caused me to burst out into tears, because I could not take it anymore.  My girlfriend at the time was going to a Full Gospel Church and proposed that we pray to the Lord that He rid me of my fear.  So she started praying and it was not long before I heared a scream.  I opened my eyes to find that she was still praying, interrupted her and asked 'didn't you hear that?'  She said 'no, what?'  I then said the scream...  Her eyes widened in shock, the scream sounded human, but I could clearly hear that whatever it was it was being pulled away from me because at the time of the scream I saw two tall figures dressed in white dragging this thing away through the walls of my room.  A few moments later I saw another image, only this time the image was in my head.  There was a figure standing in the corner of our living room, about 8 feet tall with an over sized head, pale skin, long skinny arms with exceptionally long fingers and its legs were like a bird with the knees facing the other way.  It looked petrified and was pacing up and down on one spot.  I asked my girlfriend if she prayed for anything else, which is when she said 'yes' she prayed that the Lord would bless the house with his blood to prevent any more attacks.  I then realized that she asked for this just before the figure was dragged out of our house, she then briefly lifted the blessing and the figure was gone.  Since that night I have never again been afraid of the dark.  I do believe however that the figure from that night was in fact a demon and thanks to the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ I am now rid of that evil.     

Alabama Haunted Places
First, I know the story of Sally Carter from Hazel Green, AL.  She died at 16, I don't know what year (sometime in the early 1900's I believe), but the staff at Maple Hill Cemetery can confirm and possibly give you the dates, but I know she was 16.  She was to be married in the Carter mansion.  After putting on her wedding dress and her pearls, she started to descend the stair case with her soon-to-be husband, but she lost her footing, slipped, and as she started to fall, her future husband reached out for her, but was only able to grab her pearl necklace.  It shattered and she fell down a large flight of steps, breaking her neck and died instantly.  As far as hauntings go, inside the mansion, private tours are given and the tour guides will tell you to leave your jewelry in your car because Sally will steal your necklaces and bracelets right off of your body and hang them on the chandeliers, lamps, or curtain rods.  Also, if you're lucky enough to sleep there, Sally's original oak bed in her old room will shake violently, randomly at night every once in a while - among other things that happen.  Like you said, it's in a gated community though and you have to know someone to set foot in the house.  Confirmation of this can be found from Maple Hill Cemetery records and staff, and I also had an ex that was fortunate to go to the Carter mansion once.  Secondly, DCP (Dead Children's Playground) in Huntsville, AL. has a little more to it.  In the 1970's, a child's skull was found in the sand of the playground.  I personally, have not been able to find any proof of this, but that's the legend - that a man would kidnap children from the playground, take them to his house to torture them physically and sexually, and then bring them back to the playground, dead, to bury them.  As far as the hauntings, yes, the swings move on their own without wind.  You can hear children laughing and little girls screaming blood-curdling screams - sometimes from all around you.  If you put baby powder or sugar on your bumper, you'll see children's fingerprints in the white powder.  The powder works for the picnic tables and swing seats too; however, the playground is now gated off.  It is closed after sundown and frequently patrolled by police for fear of vandals.  There is also a little boy that physically haunts the playground.  Myself and a friend, on separate occasions, have taken pictures of the playground equipment and we have pictures of a little boy climbing the plastic rock wall or sticking his head out from behind the playground mirror, and have seen cloudy-white figures appear and disappear around the equipment.  He appears to be about 8 years old, wears a horizontal, striped shirt and shorts with half-calf socks and shoes.  He has eyes, but no mouth.  I have never seen him with my own eyes, but my camera has picked him up several times.  The original playground equipment from the 1960's has been torn down and removed because of vandalism and replaced with new equipment.  There is a large play-place apparatus with a plastic rock wall, spinning toy blocks, plastic mirror, fireman's pole, small slide, etc attacked to a huge piece of equipment and it's located where the old swings used to be that swung by themselves.  Lastly, at Maple Hill Cemetery, the lady you refer to with the rocking chair is Mary Bibbs.  She was encased in the FIRST mausoleum in Maple Hill Cemetery and in fact, buried with her favorite rocking chair.  To correct your story, if you knock on the mausoleum between 12 a.m. and 3 a.m., you can hear her rocking chair rock back and forth.  Unfortunately, I have done so on more than one occasion and have never heard it; however, in order to walk back to the rock wall closest to her grave, you have to pass a large plot with numerous Civil War soldiers - union and confederate - and I have heard footsteps in the grass next to me before in that area.  Anyway, I hope that helped!  I found your page very informative and will be looking forward to trying out these areas at some point surrounding Madison County.

Dream of Places I had never been
Good evening. My name is Joseph and I recently discovered your website. Several of the stories that were posted related to me. I was hoping to share my stories with you. I grew up in a small town in South Jersey. When I was young, I would dream of places that I had never been, only to pass through those same locations. I would describe places that I never visited, to be told that those same places existed.  My grandmother has an old house that is spooky by nature and some of my experiences in her home didn't help matters. When I was a young child, I would have vivid dreams of what I thought were "witches," dragging me up the stairs into one of the rooms. There were many nights that I would sleep in one of the upstairs bedrooms and I would hear footsteps in the next room. Please keep in mind that I was the only one sleeping on that floor, as my grandmother slept on the 1st floor. There were times that I would hear the footsteps, a pause, then the pacing would resume. This was coming from my grandmother's old room. One night I heard the same footsteps, then I heard something fall, there was again a pause, then the walking began again. I always had an eerie feeling in that house.  One day my younger siblings and I were playing in my grandmother's room and opened one of her closets. The best way I can describe what we saw was a blue room, that had some sort of glow about it. There was a bed and a lamp. This was all located within a closet! We ran out and headed down the stairs to tell my mom and grandmom what we saw. They laughed at us and told us that, "we have a button we push to turn it into a blue room!" I have never seen that room since, but my siblings remember what we saw that day. On another occassion, my mother, grandmother and I were talking in my grandmother's kitchen. My grandmother was at the counter near the stove when an emerald green depression glass ash tray that I had bought her as a gift, flew off of a hutch and smashed within a foot or so of my grandmother. She turned and said, "who the f*** threw that at me?," as my mother and I started in disbelief. There is a laundry area located between the kitchen and the 1st floor bathroom. There are sliding doors that lead to the basement. For as long as I remember, I felt as if something was watching me and I would hurry as quickly as I could when using the bathroom. I was once asked to get something from the stairwell that led to the basement, as it was used as dry storage. I had a clear picture in my head of a body lying face down under the concrete. I remember the person wearing brown pants and a sweater. I bolted up the stairs and screamed for my mother. I told her what I had seen. She stepped back and took a breath, then told me that she too had a feeling that someone was down there. She explained that years before, that area was all dirt, which she and my stepfather had helped fill in before the concrete was poured.  I was asked a few years later to help clean out the basement. While I was down there, I had a strong feeling that someone was watching me. As I moved through the basement, I felt a cold spot which was centered in one location. As I stood there, I felt a wide range of emotions flow through me in an instant. I can't really describe what I felt in detail, other than sadness, emptiness, lonliness in an instant. Again, I felt another presence staring at me from a hidden part of the basement. I felt whatever it was was unhappy and negativity within the unseen stare (if that even makes sense?)  I lived in another house a few towns over when I was about 10 years old. My bedroom was located in the attic which had the pull down stairs. One night, we were all sleeping downstairs when we heard footsteps in the attic (my room.) My uncle attempted to pull the stairs down to investigate, but was unable to move the stairs. After he let go and stepped back, the cord retracted into the ceiling/stairs. A few minutes later the stairs lowered several inches, then slammed back into the ceiling. We intermittenly heard footsteps for the next several months.. We eventually moved several times over the next few years with no issues. We ended up in another house to where I again was sleeping in a bedroom in the attic. One night we heard footsteps in the attic. My mother took us out and called the police from a neighbor's house. The police searched the attic, but found nothing. We heard footsteps again later that evening, and the light came on in the attic. There weren't pullchains for the lights or a switch, so you had to unscrew the light just enough to turn it off. We unscrewed the lights and went back downstairs. Later on the light s were on again, so my mom unscrewed the bulbs and placed them on the floor. Some time later that evening, the lights were on again. This was just one of several creepy occurances in that house. We later found out that one of the previous tenants had hung himself from the rafters in that attic. Fortunately, several years had elapsed with no activity. I chalked it all up to a child with an active imagination. I ended up moving to an apartment in San Diego. There were times that I felt something was in the room with me. I sometimes would look over, because I felt that someone was sitting next to me. One day, I was sitting in my bedroom when I saw a figure, that I felt was a man. The figure looked more like a strong shadow that looked close to 6ft in height. The figure seemed to pass in front of my bedroom door, pause for a moment, as if to look in to my room, then walked towards my spare bedroom. I never saw anything like that again.  It's been several years now since the experience in San Diego, but I am now starting to see movement in the room out of the corner of my eye.  I have to say that I am quite content to not see, hear, or feel anything in the way of a presence. At any rate, I just wanted to share my experiences. Thank you for your website.
Antietam Battlefield
My name is Merry. I am 22 years old. I visited Antietam Battlefield when I was 10 years old. I very distinctly remember being by the Bloody Cornfield and watching a Confederate Soldier walk out of the field, look around, turn back the cornfield and disappear. I was about 10 feet from him in broad daylight. I have also felt as if a malicious presence is watching me at Fort McHenry and at the Old County Jail at Appomattox courthouse. When my family and I visited Fort Delaware, my mother and I both felt like we were being stared at when we visited the Barracks and it started getting very warm and uncomfortable. My father and 12 year old sister didn't not any change - neither did our male guide.

I Recognize Myself as Sensitive
 I have, for many years, recognized myself as being sensitive to spirits. As I've learned more and more about the paranormal over the past few years, I've come to realize that in the first house that I lived in, I was in a state of what one would call oppression. Not that I was possessed, but my dreams and emotions seemed to be controlled day in and day out, and I didn't understand it myself. Some of what has happened I consider unexplainable, rather than assuming it was spirits; However, let me tell you my story, and let you decide; I was born on November 29th, 1993, in the town of West Warwick, Rhode Island.. The first thing unexplainable that ever happened to me was on a summer afternoon when I was 4 years old. I was skipping around the living room, as I normally did, and before I knew it, I felt something grab the back of my shirt and shove me head first across the floor, straight into a key that was in a trunk/chest against the wall. I then needed a whole load of stitches, because the wound was nearly an inch deep. I still have a scar from it today, and I've never figured out exactly how this happened. My parents and sister were in the room with me, but they were sitting down on the couch, and said that it looked like I tripped over something; But there was nothing for me to trip on, but instead of arguing, I simply agreed, keeping what had happened in the back of my mind. After this incident, I began realizing that things were making noises without anyone being home besides my sister. The most active places were in the basement and on the second floor, where my dad's office, a bathroom, a closet, and our bedroom was (my sister and I shared it). My sister was born 8 years before me, and by the time she was 10, as she tells me, she had already known something was spooky and dark about our house. Upstairs, there were a few times where I would just stop and listen, to see if I heard anything, because I had noticed a few things when my friends were there, but never stopped to see if what I was hearing was them, or something else. Whenever I stopped to listen, I would not only hear footsteps walking towards me (in the center of the upstairs), but on an occasion, the upstairs faucet would turn on by itself. There were a few instances where I saw faces, which scared me the most. These faces were not human, but what I could consider demon in nature. If you can imagine the face of Freddy Krueger, only shaped differently and with red-skin and wearing a long black cloak, this is what I would see once every few months or so. There seemed to be a dark cloud looming over this house; once I was around 6, I realized that whenever I left the house, it felt as though a huge weight was lifted off of my chest and my back, to the point where I would want to be outside most of my days rather than inside.   The most compelling part of my story, however, are the dreams that would play through my head day in and day out; of things that would come straight out of H. P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon. These were no normal nightmares.  As a child, I wasn't afraid of monsters, or the boogie man, or anything of the sort. I knew these things didn't exist. But whatever was in my house, I knew it was there, and it was there to stay.  The older I became, the more I realized it was not normal to have the same nightmares over and over, about the same things. I didn't even know what the word "ghost" meant, never mind "demon"; nor could I have come up with what I would see in my dreams every night. The last nightmare I had there was one I would never forget, because I had it the most: I would be sitting in the living room, playing, then I would look up to my mother talking to me, but it wasn't she who was there; In fact, only half of her was there. She appeared to be carrying a box, but the entire top half of her body was invisible, while her legs were walking around as usual, and her voice sounded fine.  In my other nightmares, I would continually see demons in cloaks chasing me down Crossen Street, outside in the dark, and see white figures of women, crying tears of blood in my bedroom. Not to mention, my bedroom had an abnormal spider-infestation, that couldn't even be resolved by the exterminator, who we called numerous times.  The basement, however, is an entirely different story. In the basement, there were not so many unexplainable noises as there were apparitions and objects moving on their own. My parents would put a box down there, and the next day, it would be on the other side of the basement. Plus, we would sometimes hear loud banging sounds at night. The apparitions that my sister and I saw down there were shadow figures, with very little definition, but definitely moving where a human could not, in the midst of numerous boxes and objects.  However, in a corner of the basement was something even creepier; In the surface of the concrete floor, there was a human arm. Yes, it was the shape of a human forearm, up to the defined knuckles of the hand, seemingly floating in this concrete abyss. After my sister started speaking to the rest of us about this forearm in the concrete, of course, the banging sounds started getting more frequent, and objects in the basement were becoming more and more obviously moved on their own. One day, when I was six, my sister and I were both going down into the basement for laundry or something; And there it was, a black cross painted on the wall of our basement, with no explanation for it whatsoever.   Otherwise, we had a few instances here and there of electronics turning on and off by themselves, and by the end of our stay there, my mother would run up the stairs at night, saying that she thought she heard me screaming, when I didn't think I was, or remember having done so.  Two weeks after we sold the house, the house was owned by drug dealers, who were immediately arrested. As of last July, the house has been foreclosed on, and I have only made one visit since living there.  I visited around 8 or 9PM with my friend Ethan, who is very sensitive to spirits as well. I didn't break in or anything, but merely walked around the abandoned property. There were two instances of feelings of horror, where I started shaking; in the back of the house, and while peering through one of the windows into the hallway (the side door window). I didn't see anything that night, but then again, I didn't take any photos, either, which I regret. The only thing I noticed was that both the bathroom and the basement doors were open, which, when a house is abandoned, is not supposed to be so. Every door in an abandoned house is supposed to be locked shut. Whether this was paranormal or not, I have no idea, but the house is now only selling for $30K, and I am not going back there as long as I live.

Pecos Elementary School
My class 2010 was the last class to go to that school. After we left to the 4th grade is when they shut it down.  My experience there was really strange. I was in the boys bathroom washing my hands when i heard a toilet flush from behind me. There were 3 stalls there so i leaned down to see if i could see legs.  There was none.  So i opened the door i was closest to to see if the water was moving and it was still. no movement.  i went to dry my hands when i heard the toilet flush again, it wasnt the girls restroom because it was far from the boys.  i checked the 2 other stalls and both of the water were still. no movement.  after that i went back to get some more paper to dry my hands with when i heard a toilet flush for the 3RD time, i turned around, looked at the stalls, saw the water in the toilet was still and i left out the restroom running.  Also, a girl that was in my class told me she had went to the girls restroom when she heard a girl talking and when she looked at the window she saw red handprints on it. she left screaming

My House is Haunted since Day One
We have three children living home. We bought a beautiful home in Scotia, new york. Four bedroom home with two lots attached. Well we got the home before it even hit the market. The daughter of the man that owned it just wanted out from under the house, so we got it for 49.000. We should have known something was wrong , but didn’t question it because, we wanted out of the city so bad. It was like a dream come true for me.  Things started the first night. My daughters door slammed so hard that we all jumped to our feet and were scared immediately. My now 9 year old has seen a little boy about 8, I have seen him in my room an my now 17 year old son has seen him. My 9 year old has also seen an old man an my 17 year old son has seen an old woman. This has been going on for 8 years. My husband has gotten held down in bed. It took all my husbands might to get free an he is a 225lb man. I got punched in the face in a dead sleep. My 9 year old has been woken up during the night by the boy to play with him.Resently I woke up at 3am to be face to face with a woman standing next to my bed. We have been haunted so long that im not even afraid anymore an neither is my older son. But, I wont stay in the house after 10pm by myselof cause one time I did an I heard a man yell my name from downstairs. I hytailed it out of the house in about 10seconds... Well anyway we have asked our neigboor about the house an he said you don’t know? So, he told us that years ago a 7yr. old boy fell threw the ice on the lake and drowned. The parents became very mean an stopped taking care of the house, an lost their jobs, etc. Both elderly parents dyed in the home. My neigboors house is haunted too. There is a lot more I could tell you but we would be here for hours. I,ve often wanted to contact ghost hunter or something like that but don’t know how. thanks for listening

My Ghost Experiences
Well it all started at my home a few years ago. I had to be 11/10 years old and my mom moved us into an apartment complex that seemed decent. I was just excited about moving in general.  One day my twin brother and I had gotten home from school and were talking. He was over the stove cooking while I was on the computer. I remember us talking about some funny show and laughing.  Let me explain the layout. The only thing separating the computer from the kitchen was a large counter most people could see over. Then suddenly there was like a large sound and when I looked around all of the cabinets were opened. I was shocked and my brother seemed to of jumped. At first I yelled at him thinking he did it. Later I realized he couldn't have it was physically impossible for someone to even manage to open them all at once. That apartment always seemed to scare me. I was scared to go on the first floor at night time because I felt that someone was watching me. I would see a man standing at the top of the stairs which was were my door faced. So at night my door would be open and I would see him.  When I turned twelve we moved to better home in a better neighborhood. My mother was so happy but I still wouldn't go to certain places at night time. My closet was freaky. It would open by itself. But the first REALLY freaky moment would have to be a experience my big sister had. It was dark that night and it was around midnight. She came upstairs scared to death. So scared she refused to leave our  shared room. Later she  told me she went downstairs for a snack and in our living room their was a rocking chair which started to rock back and forth. She swear to this day that no one else was down there. Also we have an alarm so when any door or window opens it will make this loud sound.  Now I'm 14. I still live in that same house I SEE things from the corner of my eyes. Like one day i was getting ready for school when i seen a white dress twirl in the corner of my eye.I looked over and it was gone. Some days I feel insane but it gets worse when I go to school and do these tricks for my friends. I tell futures and pasts and such. Lately I haven't been doing them because it only causes problems for me.

My Cat came Back
Hello, I love your website and wish to contribute. At age 10 I lost my cat Fluffy. I was devstated over her death. A few years later at age 15, my brother, my sister, and I were on the porch reading our books for summer reading. About 30 minutes into reading my sister, Kate, said "Do you see a cat in the window?" at that point I looked up and I observed a cat sitting in the windowsill that was translucent. The cat had very bright yellow eyes that was its most prominent feature. I looked into the cat's eyes and every so often around the eyes white flashes would eminate from around the eyes. Almost in rings. To make sure I wasn't hallucinating I looked the other way and closed my eyes and to my astonishment the cat was still there. I asked my brother, a skeptic, "Bob, do you see what I'm seeing?" he said "Yes.". I found this to be a very interesting encounter due to the fact that I wasn't even thinkig about the paranormal or even animals. The apparition  sort of just existed. It was almost like wathcing a still motion cat just look at her loved ones.

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