I have always been able to sense ghosts, even when I didn't want to believe they existed. Anyhow it all started when my little sister saw a ghost girl as we called her, at the foot of my bed. She saw a girl with long blackish- brown hair sitting at the edge of my bed. She wore a white nightgown and looked very young. Later that night she saw me, only at the time I was bout 11, she saw me as I look today sitting in the corner. I looked focused. She said that morning "You didn't look like you do now, you looked alot older. You looked more grown up." not exaclty those words but that sums it up really. Anyhow so later I started seeing the girl. She knocked over a fan once, she ran past me alot through the hallway. I never really got to take a good look at her. Anyhow I moved into my little brothers room some time after that, and I could hear whispers all the time! Even my dad could, he chalked it up to the neighbors but I knew they were not the neighbors because they were in my room! I could make out what they were saying evrey so often. Once, maybe the first time I could understand what they were saying, I was falling asleep. I heard something along these lines, again not to the T. Anyhow, A women's voice said "I do think so." another women said "I can tell she listens. She looks scared" then a man said "I think she's listening now." and they fell silent. I shot up, I realized I had just heard them talking. About me I believe. I looked around my room and then chills went up my spine when a little girl laughed and said "She sees me sometimes." and the thing is although I was scared, I knew they weren't causing me any harm. I knew. So I moved out later, and then some years passed and I am now 13, I am turning 14 in two or three weeks. Anyhow, I one again switched with my brother. I was convinced that it would not be that bad, I was supposed to get less sensitive as I got older right? Wrong! This time I heard voices but they were not clear. So I was like "Ah! Finally its over and going away! YES!". I was wrong. AGAIN! Soon I started to feel an evil pressance, and my dog who ussualey slept with me, refussed to! It got to the point that I could not sleep, I was scared. I felt hatred, annoyance, anger, all types of  bad emotions. Then one night I awoke, and it was early morning so I was curious as to why I woke up. Then as I was drifting back off to sleep I felt this numb tingling sensation and I was now fully awake. I could not move, I was so so weak. I tried to call out for my mom, then my dad but I could not. I was frozen, I was to weak. Then I looked over me and saw only a black sillouette. It stood over me and I felt like I was being controlled, not possessed but like an abusive realtionship control, like man despratly wanted to control me. I was scared, so when I could finnaly move I ran to my brothers room. So those things had lessened the next night, I still felt the hatred and being watched. It went on for a little like three or four weeks. Then it changed, my dog would sleep with me again. The feeling soon changed that a person just watched me, closely, like they were entranced with me or something like that. I got used to just feeling like someone was in the bed with me, and they watched me and were always in the room with me. It started to get very annoying though. Shortly after my couzin died, which was weird by itself because it was the day before christmas and I cried but I could not understand why. I found out later that night. Anyhow, I started to feel like they were doing all they could to annoy me. They jumped on my bed, they shook it. They would fling the blanket off my back which I HATE! Then they would keep me up all night! I rarely got sleep. So I developed a strong annoyance for them and I avoided going into my room at all costs. I just moved from there to my mom's couzins house in Florida. I was beyond happy to leave the annoying spirit and the day I left I said "Thanks for evrething but I think it's best you find someone else to piss off because this house will be gone soon." It wasn't long after the house was torn down that I felt horrible. I felt like not only did that one spirit that had been sort of obbsessed with me needed my help but others from that house did. I have tried to get in contact with them but there is something like a wall between us. I can feel them trying to break the wall down but they can't so I am doing research to try and break it down. Needless to say this will continue until I am able to get into contact with them. Most of the women on my moms side of the familey have abilities such as mine but mine seem to be more able. My sister is being haunted with a symbol she keeps seeing evreywhere and I dont think it is nessacariley conneceted to me but I think it is connected to one of the spirits at the house. I am thinking of asking her to help me break down the wall, but up until recently she was a very firm skeptic on these things. I will hopefully be able to write to you on a positive outcome of being able to reach the spirits. For now though, I say thanks for reading!(:

My Brother
Me and my brother, Clinton, both enlisted into the USMC when we were 17.  May 2007 he got deployed to Iraq, and i got stationed on Okinawa, Japan.  about 9 months into his deployment i recieved news that my brother had been shot and killed.  I asked my command if i could do the honor of escorting him back home.  When i was reunited with my brother, i sank like a rock.  I got to meet some of the Marines he served with in Iraq with and they shared some brief stories.  Early one morning while i was escorting him home,i started to think of all the good times we had when we were young.  I eventually start to laugh and smile and try to think of all the good times we shared.  At that moment i felt as if i had entered a new plane of exsistance.  Everything was still the same. the road the sky the trees and the world, but i felt as if i wasnt so much "there."  I looked at the passenger seat where i had 2 folded American flags and some of my brothers personal belongings. I looked forward to watch the road and as im looking forward my brother cracks a joke about these outrageous earings my mom would wear.  He then went on about stories that had happened to him while in Iraq.  i never felt more ralxed or more at peace then i did that drive home.  He then said how he didnt want to be remembered through a folded flag, and how he couldnt get more out of life.  I kept driving forcing myself to watch the road, i didnt want to look over at the passenger seat because i was afraid i wouldnt see him, or hear him again and that i wouldnt get to say goodbye.  by the time i hit around 40 miles to my destination, he said he had to leave.  After those last few words, i never heard him, or felt his presence again.  Since then i have been to Iraq, and ive experienced some of what he told me about.  I wouldnt say this is much of a ghost story as much as is an enlightenment.  Thank You for giving me the oppertunity to tell me experience and RIP to my unforgotten brother Clinton.

The House I grew up In
A funny thing.  I was skimming the web looking for articles which dealt with end of life information (how to do it in a clean and effective manner) and I stumbled on your web site.  It's funny only because I have described myself as living in a shadowland for the better part of 2 years now - during this time it has been the people around me who have slowly been reduced to shadows as if I was drawing away from them and they from me.  Either way, this is not a lament and I am writing to recount what was a true haunting.....The house I grew up in had been in my family in one form or another since c. 1715.  I say one form or another because the materials used to make the house were originally part of what was known as the "Old Buck Inn" in Pennsylvania.  This was built by an ancestor of mine in c. 1715 (we came over to America with William Penn on the Welcome).  In the 1920's the Old Buck Inn was taken down and the land on which it was located was sold.  Much of the wood and stone which had been used to build the Inn were re-used to build the house I grew up in.How the house came to be "haunted" I haven't a clue - none of us ever did - but it was supposed that something from the Old Buck Inn came over when the materials from that structure were used in building the house.  How to explain the "haunting"?  It was at times very obvious - the sounds of murmuring and heels clicking back and forth across the attic floor, a noticeable temperature difference in one corner of the attic (cold enough for chills even in Summer and even when other parts of the attic would leave you sweating), the hair standing up on your neck when you walked through the offending area - and this was by a fair number of disbelievers as well as by those who had no doubt that ghosts exist.  A few of the less obvious - but more spectacular - events were a piano which played the beginning notes of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" the night my Aunt Carol died (before any of us knew she had even been taken to the hospital) and a 4' x 6' wall mirror that ended up smashed against the far wall of the dining room (a distance of 12 feet) on the day of my great Aunt Kate's funeral.  We all did our best to chalk up the piano to a sort of shared imagination running away with us.  But it was fairly difficult to explain how a mirror that had sat undisturbed for at least 9 years managed to make its way over a china stand/buffet, several feet of open floor, a dining room table and several more feet of open floor to be broken into a thousand pieces on the other side - all without doing so much as wrinkling the dining room table's tablecloth.  The last thing of any real significance (there have been dozens upon dozens of insignificant things done by "Helen" - the name we've all jokingly given to whatever/whomever it is that does these things) is the "death room door."  We again have always used this term in a semi-joking manner but it refers to a very real set of circumstances.  There is a back room in the house that has seen three different people die in it - two of my grandfathers and one of my great-uncles.  None of them died "mysteriously" and all three went into that room precisely because it was close to the bathroom and kitchen (making it easier for them to get to the necessary areas of the house when home alone) and the "haunting" (or whatever you care to call it) predated even the first of their deaths.  All the same, after the last of them died in the room it took on what I suppose you could call a "strange" quality in which the door to the room constantly closed itself.  There are likely dozens of explanations that make sense for this - the house settled creating an imperceptible tilt, the wind blew the door shut - to explain this.  But none of these really stand up.  Certainly a house that has existed for 80+ years is going to settle -- but it's most likely to do so within the first half-century of its existance rather than afterwards.  And while a difference in air pressure could explain it, it doesn't explain the way the door would close itself ---- we would sit there in the kitchen watching the door slowly and evenly closing itself.  There was no sudden gust of wind that caused it to slam.  Neither was there such a slow movement as to make it the result of some idle and imperceptible breeze.  We would all watch on many occasions (day or night) as the door would - for no obvious reason - start to close, close and latch itself shut (and this was, as noted, an old house - it wasn't really all that easy latching the door shut even when this was intended by one of us).  I frankly never believed - and still don't necessarily believe - in ghosts or the things that go bump in the night.  I do believe in something because I grew up with it.  I know the way it felt to be around it.  I just do not know what "it" is.

Local Story
 to tell you about a haughting local story in yakima wa  local wonder bakery shop second floor at 3rd.avenue and washington  a girls ghost haughts well known story in the area.she was in her late teens when this happened. in the 70s or before on the second story they leave on a light for her or they turn it off and she turns it back on people see people moving around up there at night. it was a office now its just storage. but now the window has been covered over.the place used to be a gas station then a convenence store now its a wonder bread shop.  it has been remodeled inside to.i've heard this from several people its a well known story  they searched up there no one was there.  what happened  she went missing for several days and they found her body up there after looking for her.but they had looked up there before and it was empty.  but they found her up there later on. her name was charice or charlene. something with char.  i remembered this in a dream. please email me if you find anymore info thanks .

Honeyville, UT Crystal Springs
I was just On your website reading about Crystal Springs in Northern Utah.  It was really interesting. My wife and I both worked there while attending high school, and both remember hearing footsteps on the third floor.  I and my wife saw the shadow figure in front of the blue computer screen several times. The main building is on a hill, so the second floor opens to ground level on the east and south side. While me and some friends were outside, a coworker was vacuuming the Blue room in preparation for a party. She suddenly came running and screaming out of the room towards us. She said that the swinging door going into the kitchen just started swinging back and forth very quickly. She wouldn't go back in to to finish vacuuming. This was just one story of several during my time working there.  Enjoyed reading about it=

Haunted Place: Ramada Inn Quantico - Triangle, Virginia
Good Evening,  I have an experience I’d like to share with everyone. In December 2009 I went to a conference in Quantico, Va. I stayed in the Ramada Inn that is located off I-95 Exit 150. I stayed there for 2 weeks. It is situated on Inn St., an access road that runs parallel to Hwy 619. When I got to the hotel it looked forlorn. The parking lot only had 3 other vehicles in it and I guessed that they belonged to the employees. When I checked in it seemed I was one of only 4 other guests in a 2 story hotel. I remember walking in to the main entrance and thinking it was a nice clean place. The main building is “L” shaped. After I checked in I went to my room. My room was on the first floor, all the way at the end of the hall, facing the fire/emergency exit. It was the top of the “L”.  I walked down the hallway (the bottom part of the “L”) and then turned right to get to my room. The atmosphere itself changed as soon as I made that right turn. I felt uncomfortable, weary, almost unwelcome. A feeling of dread over came me as a I progressed down the hall.  My room was Rm 149. I went in, put down my bags and looked around. The room was standard but nothing to boast about. It was the uncanny sense of not being alone that bothered me. The heater was on in the room but there was still a chill. My first unpleasant experience was when I walked in to the bathroom. All was quiet. But after a moment of being in there in silence a knocking started on the wall opposite the door, where the toilet was located. There was a room on the other side, Rm 148. Now I know that everyone will say “pipes” because pipes make knocking noises, especially in winter. But it would start and stop so suddenly that it seemed too random (coincidental) to be pipes. And it stopped as soon as I left the bathroom. I could stand by the threshold and nothing would happen. But as soon as I stepped foot in there the knocking would begin. I just let it go, tried to anyway. The first night I went to sleep real quick with no problem. The next morning I went to the desk and asked them if they would please ask the people in the room next to mine to stop knocking the wall. They said no one occupied that room. That afternoon I returned from work looking forward to a relaxing evening. The knocking was now occurring on the wall that the head of the bed stood on, as well as in the bathroom. The knocking didn’t bother me however I did notice that it also occurred in the main lobby on occasion, especially in the early morning. It was the feelings that the room gave me that started to get to me. It was an anxious feeling like I was waiting for something to happen but it never would. The feelings of being stared at. I still got those feelings of dread when I’d go down the hall to my room. But I never had them when I would leave. I found this very strange. A few days passed, nothing out of the ordinary. On my fourth night I was lying in bed working on my computer. I had the tv on for background noise to keep me company. The knocking started again. I was so immersed in work that I brushed it off. It continued, at random intervals, for an hour. The feeling in the room was one of agitation. I don’t know if it was me or something else. Suddenly the tv went to static and shut off by itself. I tried turning it back on with the remote a couple times but it wouldn’t come on. So I got up to turn it on manually and it still wouldn’t turn on. Kind of irritated I got back in bed and worked on my computer. Then, as suddenly as it went off, the tv turned back on. Curiosity got to me and a went in to the tv settings to see if a sleep timer was set. There was no sleep timer turned on. I went back to my work. Then I noticed a feeling in my foot. It felt like I was being poked on the top of my foot. I wiggled my foot assuming that it was a nerve twitching. But it really felt like someone was poking me with the tip of their finger. As soon as I moved it stopped. But then it would start again. Then it stopped finally. After a few minutes the lamp flickered. I ignored it. It flickered again and then turned off. I got out of bed and turned it back on. I was staring at my computer screen when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A blob of white. Almost like a flash. It was toward the ceiling and seemed to glide across the room and disappear. If I didn’t know any better I would say that something was trying to get my attention. I shut of my computer and went to bed with the covers pulled over my head. The next night I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle who live in Dumfries. That weekend my parents and grandparents came to visit. I was preoccupied that I didn’t notice anything other than knocking. On Tuesday something happened. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I should mention here that I am in the military. I was traveling on military business. I finished getting dressed in my uniform. I walked in to the bathroom. It was the first time I went in there wearing my uniform. The knocking started immediately and became very rapid. Then it turned in to a tapping. It sounded like whatever was in there had started to tap on the glass mirror very fast, rapidly. It sounded like a warning. It sounded very agitated. I finished getting ready as fast as I could and got out. As I was leaving for work I stopped by the front desk to request a new room. It was in a different part of the hotel and had a much different feeling. No more feelings of dread. Still I was on edge and very relieved when I got out of there at the end of the week. I have spent years researching this place on the internet. But nothing comes up. Maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe someone else has had the same type of experiences but didn’t want to post anything for fear of being called crazy. I don’t know. I’m not one to believe everything but this place and these experiences have made an everlasting impression on me. And I will not be going back to this hotel

Haunted Apartment
Here's a more recent story. My wife and I moved into an apartment complex in the town right next to my hometown back in December of last year. Things were good for a little while until I started to notice very small bright light spots on the walls and ceiling. They were as bright as a camera flash pretty much. They were followed soon after by small dark spots. Other times too I would see disfigured shadows traveling only on the walls and ceiling. I kinda dismissed it as something minor until my wife and I started to notice more things. Every morning her and I would wake up completely drained of energy like we hadn't slept at all plus every night we would have nightmares. I was talking to my best friend one night and he asked if I had any experiences yet. I told him what had been going on and he offered to come over to see if we could find out what it was. When he came over we both gathered our energy and pushed it upstairs to see if we could get it to notice us. We felt nothing so he decided to go upstairs and try to gather energy up there as I did it downstairs. He was able to gather energy but I was unable to for some reason. He called my name and told me that he sensed something negative. I told him I couldn't gether energy. I told my wife to go downstairs so she wouldn't get hurt as we continued our investigation. We oipened up all the doors upstairs then gathered energy and pushed into a separate room each time. We looked around each room and at the time my friend noticed in the second bedroom a figure that was as small as a little person with a body of a hairless cat and a head of a deformed infant. Obviously it knew we saw it and knew we weren't like ordinary people and disappeared into a different room since it never liked to get noticed. I told my best friend that and we decided to take two rooms and push energy into them on each side of us to try to push it out. We gave it our all each time 4 times. The first time I saw a flash of light on the ceiling traveling from one room to the other. The second time I felt something pinch me between my ring finger and pinky. My guess it thought we would end up being like any other person and run downstairs which we didn't. We told it how we've scene things much worse that itself then went back to pushing out our energy for the third try. This time my friend saw it on my bed looking at him before disappearing again. The fourth and final time we pushed our energy out it didn't reappear. We did look in my storage room to see a black mass of energy in the corner. My best friend told me it must be storing me and my wifes energy in that mass every night to either spawn smaller demons or produce a stronger one. We finished our investigation impressed on how we "defeated" the creature/demon. After my best friend left later during the night my wife and I went to bed with no problem. The following weekend I had my 10 year old nephew spend the night at our apartment. He slept on the couch that night anyways. When my wife and I went to bed that night she kept looking out into the hallway seeing a light on when there wasn't and there was no light on downstairs. The next morning my nephew told me he kept seeing a shadow figure travel around the living room on the wall. I told him it was nothing cause I didn't want to scare him but knew the thing had come back. My wife and I still continue to wake up completely drained and still suffer from nightmares. I still see the small dark and bright dots plus a disfigured shadow travel on the walls. I notice though whenever my best friend comes over to spend the night there is no activity. Probably the thing knows it doesn't stand a chance when we're together. I somewhat can't wait to see what else I experience here.

Grand Central Station
I am the youngest girl of nine children. My mother, while pregnant with her seventh child, needed a bigger house for the children. My mother always loved the Old Town Pasadena California area, so of course that was their first stop in house hunting. Although I was not born yet, the house was described as being massive; five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two stories, a backyard like a football field and an absolutely beautiful front yard with large cedar and pine trees. On a Saturday, my mother and father met the real-estate person to check out the house from top to bottom. While my dad talked to the real-estate person in the foyer, my mother who was eight months pregnant and holding the hand of my sister Patty who was four years old, took a slow stroll through the house. After climbing the stairs she came to a long, straight hallway with two doors on the left and three on the right. At the end of the hallway was a large picture window streaming California sunshine (she loved that the most). Taking her time and walking into each room, she fell in love with the house with each step she took. Until the last room, closest to the picture window at the end of the hall. Still holding my sister’s hand she opened the last door and stepped in without pause anticipating the same experience as the last four. Five steps into the room, light pouring from the window she heard what sounded like hundred’s of people talking at once. The walls pounded and reverberated with the presence and strength of the spirits in the room. One voice was clear and a hair’s breathe away from her face when she heard, over the deafening sound of the chaos, “OUT”!! Simply “OUT”!! She didn’t realize she was holding her breath and squeezing the hand of my little sister until she cried out from the discomfort. Needless to say my mother hauled my sister into her arms and flew down the stairs the whole time yelling for my father to start the car!!!! She literally, to this day, does not remember her feet touching the bottom four stairs in her flight to vacate. My mother and father left the poor real-estate person wondering what scared the hell out of these people. As my mother was still shaken and breathless and not far from the house, my father took her to get something to eat and drink at a drive up restaurant (the one’s where the waitress’s wore skates) in the hopes it would help calm her considering her condition. She was in no shape to try and explain her experience yet and he didn’t push her to talk. As they sat in the car, the sun a soft orange at dusk, my mother looked towards the sidewalk to her right. She saw a man walking at an easy pace towards the car. He wore a hat and overcoat and although still some distance away, this man was familiar to her. As he approached the car, he stopped and placed his left hand on the top of the car, bent over and smiled through the window at her. Once again holding her breath she starred as he continued to smile, then stood and walked away retracing his steps. It was her grandfather. She began to cry uncontrollably because she loved and missed him so much and the events of the day were, at that point, way too much too handle. My dad never noticed a thing a thought is was the pregnancy making her so emotional and crazy. My mother, through the tears and turmoil, knew it was her grandfather protecting her. You see my mother never had a chance to say goodbye to him when he past away and was grateful to have seen him one more time and to feel his protection again. My sister? She still remembers the sounds that made mom sprint like an Olympic runner and teases her to this day. But, being too young to really care, she never really thought too much of it. Mom however will never forget and get’s a lot of pleasure out of telling her 26…….yup 26 great and grandchildren.       

My Experience
I am a widower, my wife died 5 years ago the date then was 7-2-07. My wife was in a hospice like a lot of other people with cancer are towards the end,the main nurse told us that she would not last longer than that day so we had about eight members of the family and a couple of close friends at her bedside. As my wife was obviously very fed up with how she was feeling and as there was only one end to her situation she took off her oxygen mask and said goodbye, everyone had been told by the nurse to keep telling her to let go and everything would be o.k. as she took her last breath our grandson who was eleven months old at the time looked above her bed and with his gaze slowly moving up to the ceiling said 'bye bye Nan Nan'. no one had told my grandson that there was a heaven or that it was up in the sky and just as he spoke she did actually go, we were all amazed at this but as we had just said 'bye to my wife didn't dwell on it at  that time. About one month later as I was sitting in my lounge watching the telly, my wife came in the back door, as that is the entrance from the drive, and walking past the lounge door, which was open, stopped and told me she was just putting the shopping in the kitchen and all was o.k. then walked on past to the kitchen, about two or three seconds later, when I had realised for sure what I had seen, I got up and went in to the kitchen but of course there was no sign of my wife. From that time on my grandson sees her regulary, most often at the top of the stairs where he lives in my daughters house, he says she speaks to him saying things like 'be good for your mum'  and telling him she loves him, a thing we, like most families I guess, all do to each other on a regular basis. The most impressive thing for me is that he does not see this as abnormal in any way. The family is not religous and untill he started school, this last year or so, had not been told about god or that he lived in heaven up in the sky, he now says that must have been where his Nan was going, who can say different ? 

Evergreen Inn Manitowoc WI
It has taken a long time for me to send this E-mail. I have given this more thought than anyone would believe. I've never been inside the Evergreen Inn & I've lived in Manitowoc my whole life. I heard the stories just like anyone. My boyfriend & I have been together for the better part of 16 yrs.  When he was between the ages of 8 & 10, his uncle lived there. Lets just say he's "around" 30 now. He will not speak about that place unless u were there with him or u are very close to him personally. He doesn't care much to talk to me about it either. If u were 1 of the few he would trust he would tell u that building scared the s*** out of him as a kid. He had LOTS of experiences. The elevator was 1. His uncle lived on the 8th floor across the hall from the lady that jumped. And yes she did open the door for u sometimes. A lot in fact. Him & his friends found that creepy chapel. He said it was like a million mirrors leading into it & then a little room. In the dead center middle of the building, but yet there were a few stained glass windows that looked like light was shining in from outside. At night. Right after him & some buddies found that chapel, he had a horrifying thing happen on the 2nd floor "game room". He can't even really verbalize what he saw or heard. All he says is he believes he "dozed off" or was in some kind of "trance" while sitting on a couch. He was having some crazy "dream", "vision", or "premonition". When he snapped out of it he saw exactly what he saw before he opened his eyes. He said it was like being watched & stalked by someone or something that intended to hurt u. He ran out of there. Not long after his uncle got sick n never returned to that apartment. No one would even return for what little belongings he had. My boyfriend would describe it as the most afraid he's ever been. He feels a part of it followed him. If we drive by it he says it still feels like it pulls at him.

Fore Runners, Demons, Ghost?
By:  Anonymous
I have a large family and we all have our quirks and seem to generally be intuitive on some level. In any case I’ll start with one of the most horrible experiences I’ve had and work my way over.  One night my sister & I were driving on the highway it’s a long empty stretch but it does have an old highway which runs alongside it separated by woods, as were driving all of a sudden up ahead two men stepped out and began crossing the highway, as we neared them I noticed they were dressed in ragged older style clothes with what i describe as half top hats.  When the headlights hit them they turned and stared they’re eyes were red and i remember one word in my mind, evil, demons to this day thinking about it gives me shivers and the exact same feelings of evil. My sister and I drove on in silence neither saying a word until a few minutes later my sister casually asked if I had seen anything back there and she described in detail exactly what I have described.   When I was 16 years old my grandfather was diagnosed with Cancer, It got worse and came to the point that we expected him to pass at any time.  One night around 2 am I woke up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water as I was passing the living room I came to a dead stop there was a presence in the room, a shadowy form of a man sitting in the arm chair I had a strange feeling so i rushed for the light and turned it on there was nothing in that chair. I immediately began crying and told my bf that someone was dead i assumed my gramp had passed, 6 am I got the call A friend i grew up with died in a fatal accident, my gramp passed a month later on what would have been that friends 21st birthday.   My grandmother was in the hospital she was a very old woman, I was preparing to visit with my sister when my front door flew open with a bang It was a clear and perfect day not a breath of wind. I had a feeling when this happened and as I was driving to my sisters I
suddenly broke down in tears this was 7 pm in the evening, by the time I reached my sisters the feeling of grief was overwhelming. I got the call the next morning my grandmother had passed away at 7 am.  Im not sure if those are fore runners with the death or if its just something I can feel but ive never had that happen with anyone I was not close to.  The Demons? or whatever you would call them were not ghost the feeling I still get when I think of it is malicious, evil, bad. 

Always Being Touched
By: Anonymous
WARNING: (This is a little long, so please bare with me).  About 8 months ago, i moved into this unit with my fiance and my son.  We moved in on a Saturday.  On Sunday morning, i awoke to the sound of boxes being shuffled around in the living room just outside my bedroom door.  My fiance was beside me asleep.  Not wanting to wake him, i got out of bed to check the room.  I found nothing out of place... though the room was packed with opened and unopened boxes.  I searched the house regardless and checked on my son, who was sound asleep.  I know i didn't imagine it because i could hear a box sliding, as if someone was moving it.  I thought nothing more about it. The next morning, on Monday, my fiance had left for work at 6:00am.  I couldn't sleep anymore, probably due to the excitement of finally having our own place.  I got up, and went into the kitchen. I made sure that the door on the opposite side of the room was closed, that lead into the hall where my son was asleep. I didn't want to wake him, though i usually don't make too much noise.  I decided to do some of the dishes.  As I was washing up, a hissing sound directly behind me startled me so much so, i turned completely around, nearly expecting to see my son.  But there was no one there.  The sound definitely came from within the room.  The door on the far end of the room was still closed.  I entered the lounge room, walked through my bedroom and joining bathroom that lead into the other hall. My son's door was still closed.  I opened it quietly to check on him. He was sound asleep.  That sound left me completely baffled and somewhat shook up.  As time went on, living here, sometimes i would get a feeling of being watched. We have solid concrete walls, but sometimes we would hear some banging inside. But if you tried to mimic it, its impossible to recreate that sound using your fist.  One morning, i was typing an email to my sister. And in that email i was telling her about the feelings i sometimes get, and not to mention, my fiance's mother came by to visit and blurted out that something is with me. It is following you. But she cannot say for sure if it is a positive or negative energy.  She considers herself to be a little psychic.  She suggested i get sage and bless the house, and wear a black stone to ward of negative energy. I ignored this advice for the time being.  But going back to this email.  I am typing away when all of a sudden, the colour of my text changes from a pink to a darker reddish pink.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but it was a definite change in colour.  I noted that also in the email to her in real time what had occured.  Fast forward to last January 2012. That same sister along with her son 23 and daughter 12 came to see me. Its been 9 years since we have seen one another. One particular night, we were discussing several things, from all my haunting experiences in the past (have posted here on this website more than once), and also talked a bit about the 2012 Doomsday, and how we have a documentary on Nostradamus and 2012. We have seen that about 3 times, and we wanted to watch it since they haven't seen it. For some reason it refused to work. Fiance downloaded another fresh one. Again, it still didn't work. But it worked fine on his computer. He was baffled. It made no sense.  Then our DVD player,  which we don't use all that much was acting all weird.  Out of frustration, i cursed the spirit that was causing it, (though i wasn't sure it did or it didn't) but i was so frustrated at the time.  Well.. i regretted having done that.  After fiance went to bed less than half an hour later, things started occuring.  At first, my nephew commented that sounds were coming from the computer room.  And then we both heard sounds in the dining room, but no one was there. Then we heard a coin or what sounded more like a set of keys drop, but no one dropped anything.  We were starting to get a bit edgy.  Note that my nephew had never experienced anything paranormal and he wanted to experience it really bad.  Me on the other hand did not want to.   This was around 11:00pm at night when this all started.  My sister and my niece were in the living room.  They came over when they heard my nephew and i talking excitedly what has happened.  We told them that there are noises and then a chair by
the kitchen table make a creek sound as though someone had stood.  We were all huddled together when about 2 metres away, something banged on the walls really hard, like three loud banging sounds.  We all screamed and jumped. But now we were ALL freaking out.  We checked to see if son and my fiance was asleep.  They were.  I tried to wake my fiance to tell him about what was happening.  He woke but went straight back to sleep.  And then.. the touching occured.  As i was walking around in the kitchen, i felt pressure around my chest area.  It was  perverted kind of touch.  And seconds after the feeling left me, as i said outloud i am being touched, another bang by the door as if it had left the room.  I went into the living room, quite scared now.  And i felt something tug on my tshirt from behind and i jumped. No one was there. Then my sister freaked as something pressed into her back. My niece was close to tears with fright because she felt something touch her too on the upper back.  Needless to say... more noises and touching was felt and heard.  Around 2am, (yes.. we were still too afraid to go to sleep) we sat around the kitchen table talking about our experiences.  We discussed that my son, has been making keys out of his lego and a hand gun.  Also, that same night when i was getting son ready for bed, he seemed uneasy and blurted out, "what about the man?" i wasn't sure what he was talking about. Please NOTE that, in Nov the previous year, my brother came down to visit me. We went to the Fremantle Prison on a tour. We had a paranormal experience there.  Loud bangings came from inside one of the cells. People freaked. No one was inside, we looked.  Only a bunch of boxes and furniture.  Anyway, we found it strange that my son was making keys and guns. Prison keys? He thought we heard keys drop earlier. Also, days later.. my nephew was teaching my son to play chess, when my son says "I'm going to shoot myself" and did the pretend action of blowing himself in the head. We never let him watch violent movies. He also has mild autism too, so i am careful with what he watches. My sister was concerned maybe something attached to my son, because he also went to the prison with us... even though he is only 9.  And my son was called out once to demonstrate kids as young as him have done time there.  Back to that night, this talk was really scaring me.  And then we started noticing the smell.  It was so putrid. It was strong in the kitchen. We decided to check on my son again.  The smell was stronger in the hall but the most potent in his room.  He was fast asleep.  It was the smell of death, like rotten eggs and farts all rolled up into one.  It lingered for a couple of hours.  It was now past 4am. And we were STILL awake. Finally we went to sleep after 5:15am.  But as days went by, we continued to feel touching. My nephew claims he saw a male shadow in the living room. I could have sworn i saw a dark mist move past an open doorway.  Another freaky incident happened 3 days before they went back home. We found tiny scratch marks on our kitchen wall near our pantry. It wasn't there before.  And we heard sounds and my sister noticed more scratches on our portable pantry too.  And i never noticed them there before.  My sister, nephew, niece, my son and i looked on as we saw a scratch appear and get longer.  We were freaking out BIG TIME, and my sister yelled from being startled as something violently grabbed her shirt from behind, and later that same day, felt a light push. I also felt touchings afterwards for quite some time.  One thing that probably freaked everyone out was the fact that an F appeared in the pantry.  We all muttered "Fremantle!!"  Needless to say, we got rid of the pantry.  My sister and I both witness a receipt move clockwise on a table. There was NO window, and it moved ALL by itself. It did a complete circle, and a bit more.  Then it stopped.  I even tried blowing on it.. it wouldn't move. But it moved so smoothly.After they left.. a few nights alter, i was laying on my left side and i had my eyes closed.  I wasn't asleep yet but i was drifting. I was startled out of sleep because something pressed me into my hip.  The describe what it felt like.. it's like a bit of pressure from fingers, and it feels tingling, sort of electricfying.  The sensation lasts for around 5 or so seconds.  I sat up with a jolt, saw nothing and lay down on my opposite side, only to have that same touch on the opposite side of my hip.  Since this night, i refuse to sleep in a dark room.  We ended up getting sage and doing the ritual the night before they went home, but it is evident that it is still around.  The activity had died down a LOT from that night. But i still do get touched, and just before, i sensed something come into the room briefly.  It was a bit unsettling.  And we have had odd smells come and go. Smells like a bad fart, and it lingers.. and soon disappears.  Unexplained.  Well.. thank you for reading. I do apologise for this being so long.  I haven't covered everything, but i did cover most of it.  I don't know if this entity is the one i had experienced when i first moved in. Could have been followed from Fremantle, since i was the one who knocked back challenging the entity who knocked on his cell door in the first place.  And with the stuff my son has done. Also, his computer switches on by itself.. and has happened quite a few times.  And both my computer and fiance's computers will act peculiarly and sometimes at the same time.  It's weird. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read.

Childhood Experiences
Hi my name is Erin I live in South Africa City: Cape Town and Area: Fish hoek there are a few times in my life where I believe I've had experiences with the paranormal and after reading quite a few stories I've now plucked up the courage to share a few that stick out the most for me..My 1st encounter happened when I was about 13-14 don't remember the exact time but I know it was very late everyone was asleep including me when I woke up and heard a scratching noise coming from the corner of the room its sounded like a cat when it claws on a mat so immediately I reached over to see if my cat was laying next to me but he wasn't that when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I broke out into a cold sweat after a couple of seconds it start to walk from the corner and along the one side of bed to the other I think after I could follow its movements because I could hear what sound like claws picking at the carpet after the third time I found the courage to turn on my lamp at the side of my bed and I heard it run out of my room.  Second encounter was 2 years after that my parents were going through a divorce I would lay in bed at night and just as I'm about to sleep I would feel this immense pressure on my chest couldn't move or call out eventually I just learnt to stay calm and ride it out it would feel like forever before I was released but really it was just a couple of minutes one night it got so bad that it felt like I was dragged from one side of the bed to the middle but when all was over I couldn't remember if I was laying in the middle originally.  The next Experience freaked me out a lot! By this time my parents were divorced and remarried I was living with my dad my stepmother stepbrother and sister and then my own youngest brother in a house just down the road from the home I grew up in when my parents were still married I was 20 and on maternity leave so 8 months pregnant in the middle of summer it was about 10am and I was laying downstairs with the back door wide open watching tv and waiting for the washing to finish evrybody had gone to work and school so it was just me and my dogs who normally race into the house as soon as I've opened the door but that morning they wouldn't come in so I wrote it off as the reason for it might be the heat and the were cooler outside.So I'm laying on the couch and I hear the floor boards upstairs which are wooden start creaking I wasn't to freaked out thinking that wood contracts and expands when it gets cold then hot so I continued to relax till it was ready to hang up the washing..when you enter my house through the front door you will immediately see the stairs leading up to the bedrooms upstairs at the top of the stairs is a window and in front of the is a small side table with a vase and the obviously the curtain over the window hanging off to the I'm outside at the washing line and I look up at the window and there this face peering out of me from behind the curtain I looked away and the looked back again in totally shock and horror but it was gone even though it happened so fast I can still remember every detail about the how the face looked hair color everything..later on in the year I mentioned it to my siblings and my brother asked if I could describe what he looked like (it was clearly male) and half way through my description he told me he's seen the same thing and finished my describing it exactly as I saw it.  Anyway I know that was kind of a long story so thank you for reading it if you do.   

Bridge Experiences
I am from that area lived there doing my teen years both are in Montgomery County I have never heard of any haunting's at either place. Now I have heard about the slaves being sold on the rock. But as far as ghost never heard of it now about where the rock is at there is a river and people do go there at night to catfish it could be by passers in cars see flashlights in that area. Nine mile bridge don't know why they call it that there is no bridge that long lol Auxasse is a very small town. My mother grew up in that town and when she was very young she told about a house she lived in that was haunted but the house burnt down long time ago i think in the early 60's and nothing was every rebuilt there. Now from some personal experiences there is a city called Mexico about 30 miles from Montgomery county. I was told about a road called pollock road where two young girls was killed and thrown over the bridge on their prom night. I was told this by a girl i was dating at the time that was from there. She took me and my friend there and we did everything we was told to do go over the bridge turn around and stop right before you cross the bridge again it is down a slight hill. story goes if you get there at the right time around midnight you can see the girls cross the bridge (never seen that) every time we went there and parked we was there for about 5 minutes and a car came over the hill so we always left the car was a late model ford LTD. we went there every night for a week and the same thing happened every time with he car we would turn the car would not and we would never see the car the rest of the night. well the last night we was there same thing happened we turned the car did not this time we turned into the first drive way and turned back around to go to the bridge did the same thing stopped and 5 minutes here comes a car from behind us we left and as i looked back it was the same ltd that was behind us the first time we was there that night I never went back after that. I did some asking around and it was said to believe that the girls was killed by 2 guys that escaped from the state hospital about 50 miles away and that they was caught by the local people driving a 79 ford ltd story I was told that the local people took the law in their own hands and hung the men off the same bridge that the girls was killed on.

Allatoona Lake Experience
I wanted to get this out as this to me was a really interesting experience not to mention one of the most unique in my life and i wanted to share it with even a few who could understand what I felt at that moment. I didn’t know anything about the area i lived in until this happened, I basically thought it was just another normal place to live before this but one night me and my younger brother had fallen asleep on the couch and later that night I was woken up by my dog where he was climbing onto the couch and being somewhat fat he could easily wake anyone up. This might make what I’m saying here sound somewhat like a fake but stiking with the truth of that night, it was a full moon and the moon itself gave of somewhat of a glow that illuminated the area, my backyard, but at the same time made everything seem so much darker. I think if it wasn’t for the moon I probably wouldn’t have seen what I saw but the moment I saw it I pretty much froze, the figure was like a liquid gel, less firm and fluid in movements, only what i can describe as what looked to be water itself. The moonlight like I said was the only reason I saw it and basically it seemed that this figure not only dimmed the moonlight in the area exactly around it but also it absorbed it, giving off it's own bit of a dim light which in turn is what gave it it's form, it looked like it was just a simple person walking through my backyard but you could clearly see it wasn't. It moved slower than normal people do, you could see right though it while still seeing it, I felt I was froze with the fascination and an odd fear like no other from what I was seeing with a chill where i couldn’t really even move let alone speak. The memory of what I saw even years after is still as clear as it was then like when an image is burned into your mind only this time not in a bad way.

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